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PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Steve realized he is an idiot but, he matters. 

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



A/N:  Okay, this is one of the only chapters that, after I had finished it I thought there needed to be more. And lemmie tell you - I’m glad I felt this way. This chapter gives you one of my favourite StevexReader moments to date. It just makes me feel all types of ways. Literally the moment I added it, the whole basis for everything just felt right. I’m really excited to see what you guys think. I could have probably cut this chapter into two parts because of the added scene but decided I made you guys wait long enough and already told you there were going to be eleven chapters soooo… enjoy the longest chapter. 

“ Yea, let’s go towards the beings from another dimension. Sure, sounds like a fun, safe thing to do. No danger what so ever. ” You mumbled to yourself and you and Steve led the group of kids back through the train tracks. Steve rolled his eyes and shook his head, with a smile on his face he told you to shut up.

“ If we didn’t come along they would have gone on their own. ”

“ Why? What do they gain from this? Why wouldn’t they just try to avoid the danger and stay safe… and let the professionals handle it. ”

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not jealous {j.v}

forever tag:  @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

request: “Hi!! If you’re still doing requests, do you think you could make one where the reader is apart of the maniax but recently a new member is recruited and she’s in love with Jerome and he finds it amusing how jealous the reader is! ♥️♥️” - Anon

word count: 737

warnings: jealous reader, smug ass Jerome, also Jerome talking about hot girls in front of you.

yessss. btw, this is before Jerome dies, because the Maniax still exist. see if you can find the reference to another fic of mine. ;)

Loving Jerome was no simple task. While out and about planning your next heist, he’d often comment on other girls’ appearances.

“Babe, isn’t she hot?”

“Ooh, baby, look at her!”

“Gotham’s not the only thing that’s gonna be on it’s knees tonight.”

It was… frustrating, to say the least. Of course, J always made it seem like he was joking, but it got really confusing when he flirted with other girls. When you’re literally right next to him.

Either way, you knew you loved the ginger bastard, and there was almost nothing that could stop you from loving him. Almost.

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Dirty Thoughts

A/n : This is my first smut ever. Also I am Indian and we don’t actually get sex ed in general so all my knowledge comes from smut fics and porn( which i find scary af cause god that looks painful). 

Thanks to @the-resident-wallflower for encouraging me to do this <3

Also credits go to @reidbyers aka the queen of nsfw head cannons. Thanks for being kind enough to let me elaborate on this idea. 

Also @sassygeek77 who was a darling and edited it <3

Pairing : Luke Alvez x reader

POV: Third but it shifts occasionally

Word count : 1104 words of hotness and sin

WARNING :  Sexual themes and well sex.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

All he wanted to do was sleep. He was gonna take his shower, and sleep. Simple plan, right? It would have been if he hadn’t heard her voice. It was when he stepped out  of the shower. Wet and half naked, nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

It was only then could he hear her moaning : sweet soft and breathy. He could tell she was trying to be quiet. His face heated up and he backed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and turning the sink on to let the water run. He rubbed his hand over his face and paced the floor.

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2p Allies&  2p Axis x (s/o):Mommy and Daddy

2p Allies:

2p America: “YOU LET THAT FUCKER IN OUR HOUSE?!”, Allen furiously threw stuff around as (s/o), his wife stood there crying.Their dead neighbor laid on the floor, his head had cracked open by a big hit they got on the head.That injury was made by Allen who threw his bat aside as he glared at (s/o).His wife, the women expecting his child. “ANSWER ME!”, he slammed a vase at the wall as (s/o) jumped a bit and looked down at the ground.He watch her breathe harshly, as his gaze slowly look down at her big tummy, his child was soon to be born.Only 7 months.He sighed as he pinch the tip of his nose. “Doll face, come over here”,when he spoke those words she  hesitated to come towards him as she was few inches from him.He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a hug, she felt tears go down her face as she broke down. “Sssssssshhh I’m sorry doll.I didn’t mean to yell but you know when you’re trying to leave with someone.It’s just no good doll.”He rubbed her stomach as he grin to feel little kicks, causing (s/o) to stop crying and moan a bit by the kicks the little one was giving her. “Now let’s get you back to our room”,Allen carried her back upstairs, leading to their bedroom.His eyes trail to the chain that have been unlock, he tsk and laid her in bed as he grabbed the chain and locked it in her ankle as he look around to see the key, picking it up and looking at it. “….why”, he looked at (s/o) who had fear in her eyes. “Aww doll don’t look at me like that, you know how much I love you babe.”He put the key in his pocket as he lean towards her and gave her a kiss in the forehead. “You know babe, if I would of lost you I think I would have gone mad, but luckily I didn’t and now we will be a happy family.You my beautiful wife, and the best thing you could have gave me, being a dad.~”

2p England: “Oh deary, I made you another batch of cupcakes”, Oliver walked towards (s/o) who sat in a wheelchair.She was staring outside as she watch the wind blow the leaves of the tree. “Poppet, I know how you been craving for sweets, just try one dear”, he insisted as (s/o) didn’t move.She was in a frozen state.She felt pain in her back, as she found out she was soon to give birth to twin boys.Oliver placed the tray next to a small table, he was happy really.He never expected to have a family but (s/o) had gave him the best thing.He got to his knees as he laid his head on her legs as she slowly move her head. “P-please”, (s/o) trembled a bit as she wrap one of her hand in her stomach. “Take the c-cuffs of m-me”, he felt the tears drop on his face as he shook his head. “You know I can’t poppet, I need to keep you and the little ones safe. “Oliver pl- she was cut of by Oliver showing her a cupcake, he grin as he tried to move the conversation to another subject. “Eat up dear”, Oliver wanted her to eat, but she will not give in. “N-no….I-im not h-hungry”, she clutch on her stomach as Oliver insisted her more. “OLIVER!PLEASE!I DON’T LIKE IT HERE!I’M ALWAYS LOCKED UP AND ……..”, she cried as Oliver’s reaction didn’t change as he stood. He cupped her face as she flinched, by the touch of his soft cold hands.She knew what he can do and what he has done to people she love but she fear for hers and her children’s future. He smiled warmly “Poppet, I could never give you up easily, I’m a daddy now, and you’re a mommy, don’t deny it.We will be together forever, so (s/o).Thank you for making a daddy.~”

2p France: “I’m back….”, Francois came back from the store, he brought some milk, eggs and some cigarettes.He didn’t smoke much even if he had the desire too, he will smoke sometimes but he tried not to as he knew he will have a baby girl on the way and to his little boy. “I brought milk and eggs”, he sighed as he closed the door behind him.A little fire truck crash to his feet as he watch his 4 year old boy giggle and grab the little toy. “Papa”, they hug his leg as he ruffled his hair. “Mon petit garçon”,Francois spoke as the little boy smiled, he grasp his toy tight and  ran to the kitchen.Francois followed behind as placed the bad on the table, he looked towards the kitchen.Spotting (s/o) who was cooking but showed less emotions.He noticed that for a while.  “Maman maman”, her boy cried out as he touched her stomach. (S/o) smiled and turn around to let her boy touch her stomach, he wow at how big her stomach has gotten. “(S/o), mon amour…”, Francois wrapped his hand behind her as he snuggled his face into her neck.She tried to push him of, but their little was watching them. “Get of me now, you smell like cigarettes and I don’t want nothing from you”, she whispered as she gritted her teeth. “(S/o)…..”, Francois rubbed her stomach as she whimper. “S-stop”, she whimpered as their son tilted his head, he smiled and pounce at them. “Family hug!”, their son squealed as he hugged both of their legs.Francois smiled as (s/o) couldn’t help but smile.Francois kissed her jawline as he gaze at her  “I think I’m the happiest dad alive Mon amour.~”

2p Canada: “Fresh air will relax”, Matt held his wife’s hand as he they were walking in the woods he knew.He knew a trail and he’s been there a lot so he thought it’ll be a great idea for (s/o) and the baby to breathe some fresh air.She had one arm behind her back as she tried to walk calmly. Matt hold a arm around her waist, not losing his grip on her.  “I wonder if the little guy will like hockey?”,Matt rubbed his chin as (s/o) shot a glare at him.Her to give birth to a baby boy but she didn’t want him to be the father.He looked at her as he noticed her glare, “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong?! You, that’s what’s wrong! You force me! You did things to the ones I love!”, (s/o) was bursting out of tears as Matt just stared. “I want to go home!”,she cried out as Matt rubbed her back with his other hand. “You’re already home”, Matt cooed at her as she grew furious and smack his hand away from her and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!”,she backed away as she held her stomach. “Stay away from me!”, Matt had enough and walked towards her and cupped her face roughly.She yelped and whimpered as they look at each other eye to eye.He pounces at her, he started kissing her roughly.Their tongues fought together but he overpowers her as he explored her mouth, making her whimper.She struggles for air as he finally pulled away, leaving saliva falling out of her mouth. “(S/o) I’m your husband, the father of the child, it’s better if we stick together because you need as I need you too.~”

2p Russia: “Where is my wife and child?”, Viktor gaze at the nurse, who jump a bit by his seriousness. “Ah M-mr. Viktor, your  w-wife  ga-ave birth t-to your little b-boy we were going to call you but you already c-came”, they smiled nervously as Ivan looked at their bedroom.There stood the doctor waiting for him , he ignored the nurse and walked up the doctor. “Oh Mr. Viktor, congratulation s-sir, it’s a boy”, the doctor pushed the door open to reveal (s/o) tired and holding her baby boy in a blanket. “Sunflower…..”, he walked towards beside the bed as he looked at the newborn baby boy.The little newborn had his eyes and his mother’s hair, Viktor couldn’t stop smiling, the child just brings him to tears a bit. “(S/o)~”, he tried to caress her face but she flinches and looks away, “(s/o)…..”She didn’t respond to him and he grew serious. “Leave us alone.”, he demanded as the doctor and nurse nodded and close the door behind them. “Please look at me (s/o)”, she shook her head Viktor asked her over and over again. “Please I love you (s/o), I love you sunflower and our little boy”, he kissed the forehead of his baby boy.The baby boy moved around and wrap his tiny hand around one of Viktor’s fingers. “There no us Viktor, only me and my child”, (s/o) spoke up as she looked at him with disgust. Viktor smiled and shook his head, “No my dear, you’re just tired and grumpy, you don’t know what you’re talking about but you gave me a child and now I’m a Father.~”

2p China: “What are you doing?”, Zao stood there looking at (s/o) who was holding a phone. “I I w-was …….”, she was trembling with fear as she watches him walk towards her, he snatched the phone and looked at it.She tried dialing 911, she tried to get away from him the hard way and this was unacceptable. “YOU TRIED CALLING THE DAMN POLICE ON ME?!ME?!”, Zao threw the phone against the wall as (s/o) scream in horror as she wrapped her arms around her stomach protectively. “I-im s-s-sorry”, she stood still not knowing what he will do to her. There was nothing but silence.She looked up to see him grinning.He laughed a bit as he walks towards her and hugged her.He rubbed her back gently “what a funny joke  you did to me (s/o).”He kissed her forehead gently as he brushed her hair. “What a funny joke right, ha ha ha ha, but let’s not mess around like that.Now let’s see, oh did you tried to take off your chains”, he looked at the keys that were thrown around. “Silly you, you’re safe here, we don’t need no one (s/o)”, he picked the keys back and put them in his pocket. “Let’s get you to bed, you must be tired , remember the baby”, he smiled as he push her gently to the bed. (S/o) knew she was lucky that he didn’t hit his breaking point. “ Z-zao you c-can’t k-keep me l-lock up p-please”, Zao shook his head as he giggled by her protest. “You know (s/o)~”, he brushed her cheek as he blushed, “You look cute like this.I think it’s better for us to be together, after all I’m a daddy now.~”

2p Axis:

2p Italy: “Bella I’m back~!”, Luciano held bags of gifts as he saw (s/o) sitting on the sofa as the servants gave her tea. “Here miss to relieve the pain”, the servant smiled s (s/o) accepted the tea and took a sip of it. “My little princess and my dear wife”, Luciano chuckled as a little girl playing with another servant with toys looked up and smiled. “Daddy!”, the 4 year old girl stood up and ran to Luciano and hugged him. “Hello princess, I got you a gift”, he handed her a gift bag as her eyes grew in excitement. “Thank you daddy”, she open the gift to reveal a new doll, she squealed and went back to show the servant her doll. Luciano chuckled and looked at (s/o), 5 months pregnant with his kid and it’s a boy this time. “Bella, how much I missed you~”, he lean to kiss her but she toss the cup of tea to his face.The servant next to her looked shock, even the one playing with their daughter.Their daughter looked confused and worried. “Take the kid to her room now”, Luciano didn’t took his glare of (s/o) as the two servant took their daughter to her room.Until they were left alone. “Look (s/o) I love you but you can’t keep denying our love”, Luciano brushed his hair back as he grabbed some tissues and tried to wipe some of the tea of. “Love.There is no love.”, (s/o) looked at the chain that was  in her ankle but it was being covered by her long dress he got her. “You must be moody”, Luciano smiled and sat down right beside her, he brushed her hair as he stared at her big stomach knowing he will get a son sooner. “Don’t touch me, I h-hate you”, (s/o) mumbled as she felt two hand massaged her stomach. “Gah! What are yo-st-top it!”, (s/o) was frightened by his action. “Sssssssh”, Luciano laid his head against her belly and listened, “he’s moving around how cute.”Luciano looked at (s/o), he smiled and rubbed her stomach , “You gave me the best thing (s/o), to be a father and your husband.~”

2p Germany:

“We’re back!”, Lutz yell with happiness as his 7 year old boy held a new toy. “Mommy I got a new toy!”, the little boy ran to his mother who was in a rocking chair. “That’s nice sweety…”, (s/o) smiled a bit as she rock back and forth.Lutz walked towards her and got on his knees and stared at her stomach and cooed. “How’s my little strong boy”,Lutz kissed her stomach sweetly as he chuckled to feel little kicks. (S/o) stared as tears started falling out of her eyes slowly.She hiccuped and covered her eyes with her hands, Lutz looked at her and smiled. “I know baby you’re so happy aren’t you~”, Lutz tried to pull away her hands from her eyes as their boy watch both of them. “What’s wrong daddy?”, the little one question but Lutz looked at his boy and smiled. Mommy is tired , let’s take her to bed.”Lut’s grabbed (s/o) gently and lifted her up bridal style, their little boy smile and giggled as he ran upstairs.Lutz chuckled as he went upstairs and went to their bedroom.He kissed her cheek as he whipped her tears of her face, he laid her on the bed as their boy laid next to her. “Aren’t we such a big happy family”, Lutz brushed her hair as she stared in horror as he had his eyes half open. “You (s/o) as my wife and me the daddy.~”

2p Japan:

“What a lovely dress”, the servants fixed her hair as (s/o) stood there with no words.She looked at her stomach, now pregnant with a baby boy, the father , Kuro. “Where is my wife bring me to her”, a demanding voice echoed the home as the servant back away as Kuro entered. The servant bowed as he signaled them to leave.They were left alone.Kuro slowly walked up to her and brushed her hair, gently taking some of it to his nose and smelling her hair, he smiled. “Beautiful, you’re everything I treasured my dear”,Kuro slowly place his hand on her stomach. “Better too I will have a child and my own wife”, he brushed his finger at the fabric of her dress. He lean with a smirk on his face, “How about we enjoy the moment, yes?”He kissed her lips slowly as he moved his hands around her back.(S/o) slowly was awakening of what was happening, she wasn’t in that frozen state she was, she was full of fear.She whimpered and push him of, “NO!”She breathe heavily, “Y-you t-took everything from me !E-every-ything.” Kuro shook his head, “(s/o) no need to get mad dear, remember it’s bad for the baby.”He tried to touch her shoulder to calm her but she yanked away. “D-don’t touch m-me!I wa-ant to go home, I w-want to see my friends and family!”Kuro stood silently and tsk , “(s/o) there is no home for you know, this is your new home, we are family now, I love you!”(S/o) shook her head as she threw herself at the door trying to open it but Kuro followed “(S/o) stop.”She didn’t stop she kept trying as Kuro was getting furious, “(s/o) stop, stop now.”She cried out of fear for help as mumbles were heard out of the room, the servants were hearing. Kuro burst out of anger, “(S/O)! I SAID STOP GOD DAMMIT!STOP GET OVER HERE!”,(s/o) froze she was frighten by the burst and didn’t hesitated. She slowly walked toward him and had her head hanging down. “(S/o) I don’t like it when I yell at you”, he sighed and wrapped his hand around her. “Please, aren’t you happy you will be a mother and I will be a father a big happy family.~”

Clown Princess Headcanons: Diagnosed

Request: (anonymous) Hey I’d like the request some headcannons on what the Joker/Harley would do if CP was diagnosed with Autism. 

  • If she doesn’t smile then Joker and Harley won’t smile so she doesn’t feel out of place or alone, they let her draw lipstick smiles on them and they will draw one on her.
  • When she finds an interest in something they will get anything and everything she needs for it to master it, dedicating an entire room or part of the house to whatever it is.
  • She get’s a particular interest in jesters, crafting statues and string puppets to decorate the house in. It’s where Joker got the inspiration for the golden ones on his car and the tattoo on his back.
  • Joker and Harley refuse to ever let her consider changing the way she is and acts, that being against everything they are and think themselves. Any doctor who tries will be found in the Gotham harbor with every piece of medical equipment they have in their gut.
  • They help her cope with the things she has trouble with, reminding her their clown family is above everyone else and they’l be damned before they change her.
  • Her comfort items include Joker’s gold dice bracelet, she is the only one with the freedom to take it off his wrist when she needs it.
  • When she feels overwhelmed and anxious in situations she carves into Harley’s bat, it’s how it got the markings it has today. 
  • She never has to worry about going unnoticed or worry about how she will get attention for herself because Joker and Harley don’t feel complete unless she is included.
  • She’s more literal in her approaches vs Joker and Harley’s figurative.
  • Has a hard time making friend which hurts her self esteem, Joker and Harley remind her she doesn’t want the friends who don’t recognize her greatness and never let her feel like she doesn’t have them.
  • Any goon that says something bad to her will have their skin peeled off and placed on top of a mannequin to decorate the club with.
  • She’s eccentric in what she does, her parents always encouraging her never to tune it down because it’s exactly how they want their family to be.
  • She get’s sensory overload at the club with the loud music and lights so Joker has a sound proof room decorated just as she likes which connects to his VIP booth. So she can know he’s there but also relax away from that environment.
  • They won’t touch her unless she gives the go ahead, being in her presence is enough for them, reminding her that she is royalty and what she says goes.
  • When she gives permission, Joker takes the opportunity to the fullest and holds her and kisses her cheek where the ends of her smile come.
  • She will always either have Joker to drive her in the purple lamborghini or Frost to drive her behind them, never having to second guess or worry about her motor skills. 
  • When she get’s frustrated or impatient in situations with other people Joker will pull out his gun and shoot them ending it for her so she doesn’t have to deal with it.
  • They don’t want her to feel self conscious when she blurts things out or is very blunt, they remind her how proud they are seeing her be tough and speak up.
  • When she get’s anxious and over thinks, Harley sits with her like she used to do with Joker in arkham and talk it out with her.
  • She has hyper-empathy which acts as the contrast to her parents lack of empathy, she helps them see the other side and conquer situations they otherwise couldn’t. The goons and business associates greatly appreciate her for this.
  • When she has trouble understanding something, Joker is always a master of finding a difference way to phrase it or explain or twisting things to her to help understand and see side she didn’t before.
  • She wants to dance but isn’t confident in her skills or abilities at all, so Harley takes her to the club when it’s closed and teaches her and dances with her however she wants to.
  • When she struggles with communication, Harley will write down what her daughter could be thinking because she’s always the best at guessing. She shows it to her and points until CP signals she has it right.
  • She’s nervous to reveal her big interest in painting things gold, so Joker asks her to paint all the batman masks for his dancers to wear in the club showing her she doesn’t have to be afraid or embarrassed of what she likes.
  • Joker and Harley always leave their door open a crack for when she has difficulty sleeping, she can climb into their bed and wake them up. She usually finds her dad waiting unable to sleep himself.
Isaac- It Scares Me Sometimes

Request-  Can u do an imagine where isaac and the reader are besties and the reader tells him shes in love with him but hes scared to ruin the friendship but then during a pack fight the reader almost dies and isaac tells the reader he loves her

A/N- Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been working on Shake It Off (which the first chapter of is almost finished!!) and been busy with school. Enjoy!

“What’s that one?” Isaac asked you, pointing to the stars above you.
You were camped out on the roof of your house with your best friend by your side, picking out the constellations. Normally you would have been inside watching a movie for your friday night hangout, but it was getting warmer, so you had pulled him out the window, nearly giving him a heart attack.
“Ursa Minor,” you explained.
“What’s it supposed to be?”
“A bear,” you told him, pulling your thin cardigan tighter around your shoulders.
Isaac glanced over at you, his blue eyes concerned. “Are you cold?”
“A little.”
“Come here,” he said, holding out an arm.
You swallowed and wiggled closer, pressing up against his warm side as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He leaned down closer, talking softly in you ear and unknowingly allowing his breath to tickle your cheek. “How is that supposed to be a bear?”
“It’s from a myth,” you said. “Something about a bear and a jealous goddess. At least I think so. Stiles would know the whole thing.”
“Since when do you spend time with Stiles?”
“Well I had to find someone to entertain me while you were in France for a year.”
“Y/n,” he said quickly. “You know I-”
“Relax,” you told him softly. “You know I don’t hold that against you. You did what you had to do.”
“So while I’m gone my best friend replaces me?”
“Temporarily,” you told him with a grin. “But you’re back, so it doesn’t matter now.”
Isaac smiled, raising his eyebrows at you. “Don’t act like you didn’t miss me.”
“Mm, I don’t know,” you said, pretending to think. “I mean, like, sometimes I noticed you weren’t around, but-”
“Y/n!” he whined. “You are so mean to me.”
You laughed. “Cry about it Lahey.”
Still laughing, you wriggled out from under his arm, heading back toward your open window.
“Where are you going?”
“Oh I don’t know,” you told him. “I was thinking I might go find Stiles and ask him about the-”
You shrieked as Isaac’s arms wrapped around you from behind, his fingers dancing across your ribs. “Ah! Stop!”
Isaac paid no mind to your half-hearted protest, and soon you were on your back on the roof, squirming as he tickled you.
“Okay! O-okay! Jesus, I-I was kidding!”
Isaac chuckled and pulled his hands away, placing them on either side of your head. “That’s what you get.”
“You are so cruel,” you whispered breathlessly.
“You’re cruel,” he fired back. “Ditching me for Stiles. As if I could ever live without my best friend by my side.”
“I was just going to leave,” you said with an eyeroll. “I mean, not really, but what if I had?”
“My heart would break,” Isaac told you seriously.
“You’re a dork,” you said, moving to get up.
You thought Isaac would understand and move away, but you found yourself rising and almost headbutting him.
“S-sorry,” you stuttered, well aware of how close you were.
Isaac shook his head slightly, not saying anything, and glanced down at your lips. As if pulled forward by the gravity of the moment, you suddenly leaned in and pressed your lips to hiss, having no idea what you were doing.
Isaac melted into you for about two blissful seconds, and then he suddenly jerked away as if you had stabbed him. His blue eyes had taken on a wild, terrified quality, and you flinched.
“Isaac? What’s wrong?”
He backed away from you, suddenly feeling trapped on the tiny roof. “We…we shouldn’t have done that.”
“Oh, okay, sorry,” you said quickly, your cheeks burning with embarrassment. “That was my bad, you don’t have to-”
“I’m gonna go,” he interrupted, glancing down at the ground. “I need to go.”
“-worry about it,” you finished softly, but he was already jumping straight off your roof.
You watched him hit the ground with grace and take off down the street, jogging away as if he wasn’t leaving you behind. A sick feeling began to wash over you, heavy and dreadful in your gut, and you fought the urge to cry.
“What the hell did I do?” you wondered to yourself, but you already knew the answer.
You had just ruined everything.

“Lydia, I don’t know what happened,” you told her the next day, trying to fight tears in the passenger seat of her car.
“I do,” she said. “You kissed him, he freaked, and then didn’t know how to respond and just left.”
“He hates me,” you groaned. “God, he’s my best friend, and he hates me.”
“He doesn’t hate you,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Anyone can tell he’s adored you for years.”
“As a friend.”
“As more,” she insisted. “And honestly, do you think the best time to talk about your relationship problems is right before we go into battle?”
“Now or never, right?” you asked.
“I guess so,” she said with a sigh. “He probably just didn’t know how to react. I mean, maybe he was worried about ruining your friendship.”
“I think I have that part covered,” you grumbled.
“Stop feeling sorry for yourself,” she scolded. “Isaac will get his head out of his ass eventually. For now, we can try to save Mason from crazy werewolf-druids.”
You nodded, and sobered up at the thought of what was to come. The sacrifice Scott, Stiles, and Allison had made over a year ago had woken up the nemeton, which was now acting as a Beacon for every kind of supernatural creature imaginable. It had drawn things to Beacon Hills, one of those things being a pack of werewolves who were heavily involved in some ancient occult practices.
It just so happened that these practices were neither peaceful nor friendly, and not the kind of thing you wanted in your quiet hometown. After Lydia dug up some old text claiming that cult power could be drawn from sacrificing an advisor of a local pack, the pack had rushed to protect Deaton, not realizing that Mason had been a pretty vital advisor himself.
Scott knew that this whole thing, meeting them in the woods to “negotiate”, was probably nothing more than a trap, but if things ended badly, you figured you could all fight just your way out of it. That was how most of your plans ended anyway.
“Okay,” you told Lydia. “I can do this. This is about saving Mason.”
“Right,” Lydia chirped. “And you don’t even have to look at Isaac. Besides, it shouldn’t take long, and then we can focus on you.”
You nodded, wholeheartedly believing her words as you headed toward the preserve. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

“Y/n, get Lydia out of here!” Scott roared to you.
You ducked a blow from a druid and darted your eyes toward the Alpha, but he was already wrapped up in a fight of his own. You snapped your leg up and kicked the druid in the face, all the while scanning the forest for Lydia.
The whole clearing was alive with chaos. Stiles and Liam were going two on one with claws and a bat a few feet away from you, and over by the giant tree stump, Mason was struggling to break the rope around his wrists and ankles. Malia was brutally breaking the arm of a druid close to Scott, but another one was headed right for her. Isaac was fighting hand to hand with one too, but every spare second he got, his gaze would flick to you. You finally found Lydia, and you heaved a sigh of relief.
She was limping from a cut on her leg, and backing away from a curly-haired druid with glowing yellow eyes. You sucked in a sharp breath and pulled a knife from your boot, sending it flying toward her. It hit her square in the back, apparently in the perfect place, because she dropped to the ground in a heap.
You landed another hit to the guy you were fighting, hard enough to cause him to drop to his knees, and then you ran. You headed toward Lydia, breathing heavily, and snatched her by the arm. “So much for not taking so long.”
“Poor choice of words,” she remarked weakly.
“Come on,” you ordered, pulling her to toward the cover of the trees.  
You hurried as fast as you could, but a sharp, tearing pain in the side of your leg caused
you to scream. You dropped to the ground, almost taking Lydia with you as you clutched at the arrow in your leg with shaking hands.
“Y/n!” Lydia cried.
“Go!” you shouted at her, yanking the arrow out of your leg.
Normally you never would have pulled it out. Arrows did more damage going out than they ever could going in, but if you were going to fight the druid coming toward you with a crossbow, you had to be able to move.
“But-” Lydia protested, her green eyes wide.
“I said go!”
She took off limping through the trees, thankfully out of view of the druid.
You stood up, gritting your teeth against the burning pain in your leg and cracking your knuckles. The druid who had shot you, a tall woman with blonde hair and a sick grin, walked toward you. You expected her to come closer and start fighting, but instead she pulled the trigger on the crossbow.
You gasped as you felt the arrow going into your stomach, and you looked down in shock. Your fingers moved to the wound, soon staining red with the blood pooling through your shirt. You dropped to your knees, just as you heard someone scream your name.
Isaac was running toward you, having knocked out his own adversary, and he took down the woman who had shot you in about two seconds. You heard the distant snap of her neck as you slowly slid to the ground.
You were lying on your back when Isaac loomed into your vision, crying out your name frantically. “Y/n?! Y/n?!”
“I-I’m sorry,” you managed to choke out. “I ru-ruined e-everything.”
“No,” he whispered, placing his hand over your bloody, trembling one. “You didn’t. You didn’t. I was the one who ruined things. Please, Y/n, just-just…Y/n?”
But he didn’t get to finish what he was saying. You wanted to listen, to hold onto the hope that maybe he was right, and maybe you hadn’t lost your best friend, but you felt yourself fading. You knew you were losing a lot of blood, and you just couldn’t stay awake anymore.
You drifted off listening to Isaac’s frantic voice, and the last thing you saw was his terrified, blue eyes staring down into yours.

You were dying of thirst. That was your first thought when you opened your eyes, and when you tried to take a dry, choked breath from where you lay in your hospital bed.
“Lydia-” you croaked, your eyes landing on her pale face.
She sucked in a breath and jumped out of her chair, grabbing for a pitcher of water and a cup from the nightstand. She quickly filled it and placed it in your shaky hands, and you took a large gulp.
“Thanks,” you whispered, shooting her a soft smile.
“You scared the hell out of us!” she cried, softness empty from her voice. “What the hell were you thinking?”
“I was thinking I would fight for my life,” you told her, cocking an eyebrow. “Is Mason okay?”
“Yeah,” she breathed. “Isaac slipped out of there before they saved him and found me by the cars. God, I can’t even imagine how I looked when I saw you in his arms. You didn’t even look like you were alive.”
You swallowed. “And the others?”
“They managed,” she told you. “It also helped that I called Satomi, and her whole pack showed up to help.”
“That’s awesome,” you said with a grin.
“Liam wasn’t too happy that Brett helped save his best friend’s life, but I’m sure he’ll get over it.”
“So…where’s Isaac?”
“He’s pacing outside in the hall, probably listening to everything we’re saying.”
You frowned. “Why?”
“He feels guilty,” she explained. “He thought he made you hate him.”
“Hate him? Why would I hate him? He can’t help how he feels.”
“See, that’s the thing,” Lydia continued. “He doesn’t actually-you know what? He should explain this to you.”
She sighed and stood up. “I’ll be back later.”
“Wait, Lydia-” you protested, but she was already heading out the door.
If you listened carefully, you could hear her talking quietly, and then, you didn’t need to listen at all. Her angry voice rang out through the door, clear as a bell.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you could hear her demand. “Go talk to her, you idiot!”
Seconds, later, a sheepish looking Isaac shuffled in, flashing you a small smile. You sat up, letting out a hiss of pain, and he was instantly by your side. He placed his hand over yours, veins turning black as he took your pain, and you sighed.
“You don’t have to do that you know,” you told him.
“I want to,” he said softly. “I hate seeing you in pain. You know that.”
You were silent, and you looked away, pretending that the threadbare hospital sheets were a lot more interesting than his guilt-ridden face.
“Y/n,” he whispered. “Please, look at me.”
You glanced up. “Isaac, you don’t have to-”
“I’m not going to say anything I don’t want to say,” he cut you off. “The other night…I freaked. I’ll admit it. When you kissed me, it wasn’t like I didn’t want you to do it, but I realized that if it went that far, it could go farther. What if we dated, and then-and then we broke up? I’d lose you, Y/n. I’d lose my best friend.”
“You were scared of losing me, so…you ran away?” you asked.
Isaac looked away. “Seems like I do that a lot.”
You sighed. “Isaac, I’m not mad at you.”
“You’re…you’re not?”
You shook your head. “I’m not. I just…I want you to tell me how you really feel.”
Isaac sank down on the side of your bed. “Okay. I’ll tell you. When I ran away from you that night, I was scared, but not as scared as I was when I saw you with that arrow in your stomach. I was terrified, Y/n. I thought you might die, and that if you did, you’d die thinking that I didn’t love you. But I do love you. I love you so much that it scares me sometimes.”
You stared up at him, speechless at his words. You had spent years imagining all the ways Isaac could tell you how he felt, never once believing that it would actually happen. Yet here you were, sitting in that hospital bed, listening to him gush about the things you had always dreamed about.
Before you could finish, he reached out and tilted your mouth up toward his, and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips. Whatever you were planning on saying flew straight out of your head, and you closed your eyes as his fingers roamed over your cheek. When you opened your eyes and parted, a smile graced your lips.
Isaac tucked some hair behind your ear, and kissed the top of your head. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you against his chest, tucking your head under his chin.
“Isaac?” you whispered, causing him to pull away and glance down at you.
“Me too,” you told him, snuggling back into him. “I love you too.”

Not Infected (The Walking Dead Group x teen! Reader)


Y/n - your name   Y/l/n - Your last name  Y/e/c - your eye color  Y/h/c - your hair color

Prompt - She burst from the tree line and the moment she saw the group, she put her hands up and shouted “Not Infected!”

Word Count : 1,569

Warnings : cursing, blood, gore, mentions of death, its the fucking walking dead what you expect? (Takes place in Season Four. Terminus)

Originally posted by raylangives

She put her head in her hands and sighed, tears streaming down her face as she realized her entire family was gone. Though it may have been a week since it happened she felt sick, when would they just end her suffering by killing her. Y/n knew they had lured more people in which meant her time would come soon, but that didn’t mean she’d go out without a fight. “Zip ties. They tied mom and dad up with zip ties” She exclaimed in a whisper, she had been taught how to free from a zip tie in case she was kidnapped so she needed to be careful. She looked down at the laces of her converse high tops and sighed, she needed the plastic part at the tip of the lace to do this and those were long gone. Impatiently tapping against the support beam in the corner she thought of a way to get out of her mess, flinching when something poked her finger. Looking down at her finger Y/n realized she had a splinter, the old wood could help her loop her laces through the zip tie and she could get free.
She crawled over to the beam and ripped a section of her hoodie’s sleeve off, it had worn out and torn anyway so she could find another use for the useless fabric. Y/n stuck the fabric, that had become stiff and rough with blood, in-between the pillar and a piece of wood that poked out before sawing. When she deemed it lengthy enough she yanked it off, being careful of hurting her finger any further and using the back of her nail to scrape it down a little. Y/n pulled her finger away when the splinter was thin enough but still looked somewhat sturdy, she took the end of one shoelace and stuck it through the fabric until it looked like a sewing needle with thread. She tucked that safely away into her shoe only minutes before the smoke bomb came in and she was dragged out by two men, slowly losing her consciousness. Y/n was the first to wake up, she was on her knees in front of a trough with her legs and arms tied behind her back with a dirty rag in her mouth.
She discreetly looked to either side of her body, on one side there was a young Asian man and the other was a slightly older man with longer hair. There were more men around her, all lined up in front of the same thing she was and all a significant amount of years older than her. Y/n shook her head a little to move some of her y/h/c hair from her y/e/c eyes, seeing the rest slowly wake up she decided she should most likely start working on breaking out. Feeling around her shoe she looked for the point, wincing slightly when it poked her hand but ignoring the pain so she could work on her plan. She stuck the wood through the small opening of the zip tie around her feet and used her other hand to pull it through, beginning her sawing through the plastic as the thump of baseball hitting head rang through the room. Y/n clenched her eyes shut trying to block out the noises and focus on the task at hand, gagging a little as she hears the man’s throat is sliced open and his blood spraying against the metal trough.

Wrinkling her nose and breathing through her mouth she began sawing faster, not catching the attention of the two men doing the acts but the older man with long hair to her left. Daryl had seen the young girl struggling and cringing beside him, looking at her without moving his head he saw she was sawing through the plastic that bound her feet. She ignored him after his eyes burned holes in her skull, internally screaming in triumph as the zip tie gave and broke when another guy walked in. Y/n blocked out that conversation as well, quickly shoving the stick in the zip tie and sawing quicker in a more creative way because this was much more difficult. Her breathing quickened when they moved onto the guy next to the Asian guy next to her, her flesh burned from the friction and her heart pounded in her chest. When Glenn noticed her moving he tried not to acknowledge her in case she could actually make it, images of Maggie flashing through his mind before their eyes met.
The look in his eyes only made her move faster and try harder, feeling the pressure relief from her wrist as the zip tie finally broke. Now all she needed was a chance to attack, she wasn’t going to be able to take the three men present in the room. All she needed was for one to leave, that was all she needed to save Asian man’s life and it was as if someone read her mind. A boom sounded and the earth shook around them, a series of gunshots later and the third man left the other two to continue the festivities. Just as baseball bat guy got ready to swing Y/n grabbed knife guy’s arm and brought her knee to his face, when he went to touch his face she took the knife from him and stabbed him as hard as she could in the stomach. And repeatedly. She pushed him to the floor and turned to the other guy who had a surprised look, he went to swing but she used her first instinct and kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine. He doubled over in pain and she shoved the knife in his neck, pulling it out and shaking the blood from her hand with a sigh.
She ripped the makeshift gag out, stuffing it in her pocket because in the apocalypse you never know when fabric will come in handy. Y/n walked over to the men, beginning to cut the two who hadn’t gotten free already free and ignoring the inquisitive looks “You’ve got to hurry, with that amount of noise all the biters within a mile’s radius will come running”. They ran to the weapons and the older man who was on her left dragged her along, she grabbed her parent’s weapons and hers along with everything they had with them. Once outside the men ran one way and Y/n ran the other, this place was going down in flames and there was plenty of stuff that she could take. She took all of their zip ties, even the ones on the now reanimating dead bodies that she gave mercy to and walked into another room to witness a woman shooting another. The woman attempted to call out to the y/h/c haired girl but she ran before the woman could, trying to wade through the biters and get away from people.
She may have been young but Y/n knew that people weren’t to be trusted, this was the reason she was so confused on why that man’s passion made her want to save him. She climbed the fence and hopped back down, trying not to cry out as she landed on her ankle wrong. The fence behind her collapsed and she groaned “Fucking awesome!”, limp running away from the many walkers behind her as she tried to navigate through the thicket. Her ankle screamed in protest and tears pricked her eyes, she pushed faster as other zombies in the woods noticed her. She had learned that the creatures mostly relied on their smell and hearing, if she hid in a smelly bush and threw one of her popping noisemakers in the other direction they’d be distracted enough for her to escape. Now all she needed to know is what bush to hide in, a grotesque sight told her what she’d be hiding in. A biter must’ve been blown up or something in front of a holly tree and it’s remains were splattered all over it, though absolutely revolting this was the only thing that’d save her. She pushed into it and calmed her breathing, watching the biters sniff around clueless made her believe she truly made it.
She picked a handful of the noise makers out and chucked them against the furthest tree she could reach, just as she had hoped the brainless idiots all groaned and searched in that area leaving her a chance to book it. Y/n pushed through the branches and bit her lip to yet again keep from hissing in pain as the leaves poked her, it was painful but not as bad as her ankle. She advanced to a road, hearing somewhat familiar voices of people she couldn’t name and just realizing any familiarity right now would be perfect. She burst from the tree line and the moment she saw the group, she put her hands up and shouted, “Not Infected!” so they all lowered their guns. “What’s your name?” One of the men from the lineup asked as he looked at the younger girl “Y/n Y/l/n sir”. “How many walkers you kill?” “Too many to count” “How many people you kill?” “Four” “Why?” “They were bitten and begged me”. “Well Y/n Y/l/n my name is Rick Grimes and welcome to my group” He said, sticking his hand out that you shook. Maybe you should scream not infected at strangers more often…

Essays in Existentialism: Punches

Do you have a Clexa boxing fic? If not, prompt? Also your writing is terrific <3

Sore and still fuming, Lexa sat, stoic and agitated behind the blue curtain of the emergency room exam table. She did not move save to look at her knuckles and try to flex them despite the growing bruises and cuts. The pain made her wince, but she kept gingerly testing her hands. She swished the bit of spit around in her mouth, swallowing the blood and copper taste as something so familiar. 

“The doctor is going to be right in, Miss…” A deep voice accompanied the screeching of the curtain as it was pulled back. The cop licked his thumb and flipped through his notepad. 

“Woods,” Lexa offered, clenching her fist and letting her hands rest against her lap without a second thought. 

“I just have a few questions, if you think you can answer them.” 

“Alright.” Her head throbbed  and she tasted blood on her teeth but she agreed to get it over with as soon as she could. 

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Always Mine - Chapter 15


A/N: Here is the new chapter guys! I have decided to split episode 11 of season 7 up into two parts. One reason is because I thought where I ended would be a good lead up to the next chapter. So the next part will be posted probably Sunday since I am still having troubles with TSOSC. As always, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think!

“What the fuck do you mean she’s gone?”

Katherine’s head whipped towards the bathroom door when she heard Negan yell. She had been in the bathroom trying to make the dress she was wearing show less of her cleavage. Negan had woken her up, telling her to get ready for the day. Katherine wished Negan would just let her be alone for once but knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. So she reluctantly rolled out of bed and walked over to get a fresh set of clothes.

Negan however had other plans and threw her a spaghetti strap black dress that stopped mid thigh. She was pretty sure it was the same one she wore when her and Negan slept together for the first time since she agreed to be his wife.

She tried arguing, saying she was much more comfortable in her jeans but when she went over to her bags and opened them, she realized all her jeans and tee shirts were gone and replaced by black dresses and heels.

“Well fucking say something! When the fuck did she go missing?”

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Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby // Poor Baby

Per request HERE, re: One of Nevada’s men hurting Crybaby.
Referencing back to THIS tale.

Originally posted by sarahgracej

Okay this is actually pretty dark considering what I usually write so that’s a warning, and there’s violence as in Nevada pummels someone to a bloody pulp, but that’s pretty predictable considering the request.

Nevada had been out of town for about a week now, had planned on it being another before he’d get back.

They knew. 
Caroline knew they knew.

She got dumped out of their dingy car by her apartment, the one they all knew Nevada paid for, late at night after the nice old ladies turned off their hearing aids and the dogs had all been brought in for the night. Delicately, sniffling still, she trotted up the stone steps and slid her key into the door.

They hadn’t even robbed her.
Just tore her down.

Once making it through the heavy double doors and hearing the lock click behind her; poor Caroline cried, moreso than her little Crybaby heart had ever done before. Oh, she wept, so broken there was no strength to muster sound. Silently, she slid up the staircase, hands wringing nervously through the material of her cotton kimono. With shaking fingers, she managed to force the key into the knob.

As soon as she was in, she slammed that door shut.
The lock; the slip chain; the dead bolt.

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Taming Her

Totally rabid warrior reader who can’t even speak because she’s been alone in the woods for so long, encounters negan after trying to stab him. She a total savage who can do matrix shit 👌 and negan is just like ❤😚❤ I love your blog! Keep it up 😊❤

I’m so sorry for the long wait! But hopefully it was worth the wait! <3

Negan didn’t go on runs alone very often. He didn’t necessarily need a group of people surrounding him like bodyguards. He had his trusty baseball bat named Lucille with barbed wire wrapped around it. One hit to the head and whatever enemy tried to take him down would regret it. He was confident in that. All else fails, he has his beautiful Lucille.

Today was just one of those days though. Negan just needed some time to himself really. If he found something he could bring back to The Sanctuary, then of course he would. But in all actuality, he wasn’t on a mission to find anything. Well, except for peace and quiet. Sometimes it was chaotic at The Sanctuary and he needed time away to forget his responsibilities. Even he needed time to relax. He just didn’t like to admit it to anyone. Any sign of weakness could ruin him.

It was a calm afternoon. Not many roamers were hanging around the woods today. Negan had only killed maybe three or four during his travels. But it could all change once night came. It usually did.

As Negan turned a corner, he was greeted with a kick to the face. He fell back into the crunchy, dead leaves. The leaves were flying all around him, slightly disorienting him as the owner of the foot the kicked him in the face. It was a young woman, covered in dirt, which made her large, murderous eyes pop even more. Her hair was stringy and dirty, her clothes grimy with dried blood caked all over. He wanted to be furious about this complete stranger kicking him down and trying to kill him but he was simply too impressed. Not many people could sneak up on him like that. She was nothing like anyone else he’d ever met before.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Negan finally said. The girl responded by pulling a knife from its holster and lunging for Negan, her knife raised and ready to stab him. It was already stained with the blood of many others she’d taken out before him and it had never been cleaned, “Hey!”

The girl snarled, almost like an animal as Negan grabbed her wrists, focusing on keeping the blade away from his body. The girl was freakishly strong but it didn’t stop him from pressing his boot into her gut and kicking her off of him. As he got back up, the girl jumped back onto her feet with ease, kicking Negan’s bat away before he could get to it.

The girl was more flexible than Negan would’ve expected. The way she twisted her body just to get Lucille away from Negan was insane and it shocked him long enough to allow the girl to get a few more punches in before he finally snapped out of it and fought back.

Negan kicked the girl to the ground, pouncing on top of her and pinning her arms down. She groaned and writhed underneath him, her face burning red with fury. Negan chuckled at her struggle and shook his head at her, “You need to relax darlin’. I’m not the asshole here ya know. Who kicked who in the face? I should be crushing your skull with Lucille right now but I’m not gonna.”

The girl continued to thrash around like she hadn’t heard a single word he said. He frowned and continued, “Are you listening to me, little lady? Can you even understand me?”

The girl nodded but still said nothing. He sighed, shaking his head, “Now listen, girl. I wish I could trust you and let you go. But you’re gonna have to come back with me.”

That just made the girl thrash around even more but Negan still lifted her onto her feet effortlessly, pinning her arms behind her back. With his free hand, he picked Lucille up off the ground and waved it around in the girl’s face. He hated to threaten her since he had a feeling underneath this animalistic behavior and killer instinct, she was probably a decent person. But she was unstable and needed to be calmed down.

“Try anything, and this is what you’re gonna get,” Negan said. The girl still breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling quickly as she stared at him, wanting so badly to break free and completely destroy him but she had no choice but to agree and start walking.

Negan took the girl with him on the long walk back to The Sanctuary. Every now and then she made a small attempt to wiggle from Negan’s grip but he wasn’t about to let his guard down around this girl.

When Negan arrived with the girl, they both got strange, confused looks from everyone working the gates. The stares coming from all of the saviors made the girl visibly uncomfortable and she tensed up in Negan’s grip. One of Negan’s men, Dwight met up with him and frowned at the girl, scrunching up his nose like she was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

“Who’d you find?” Dwight inquired. He looked up at Negan’s bruised, bloody nose and the black eye forming under his right eye, “Did she do that to your face?”

“She did,” Negan said, “She’s a feisty one. I need you guys to take her to get cleaned up and get her some new clothes to change into.”

Dwight looked at the girl up and down and she growled again. Her reaction to him made him step back and laugh, “What is she, a dog? Why’s she growling at me?”

“I have no idea,” Negan replied. One of his men handed him a rope, which he used to tightly bound the girl’s wrists behind her back. She grunted as the rope scratched her skin which was just making her angrier. One more thing could set her off and Negan was almost tempted to do it just to watch her move again. But he wouldn’t provoke her. She wasn’t always like this. Something had to have happened to her to make her this way. Whatever the reason may be, he’d rather help her than hurt her, “Just don’t piss her off, Dwight. Alright?”

Dwight nodded but grabbed the girl roughly anyway. Negan would’ve stopped him but after just warning him to not make her angry, he felt Dwight deserved anything the girl would do at this point.

“You don’t fuck with me, you got it?” Dwight said. The girl was silent as usual, abruptly throwing her head back and slamming it against Dwight’s head. He groaned as she kicked him, knocking him down and he slid across the floor, hitting the wall hard. He groaned, rubbing the back of his head. With her hands tied behind her back, the girl took on five different guys and was holding her own. When one man finally got his hands on her, she actually bit down on his arm. Even though her bite was painful, he wouldn’t let go until she actually broke the skin and blood was running down his arm. After that, no one else would approach her.

“Dwight, what the fuck did I tell you?” Negan snapped. The girl didn’t have the same rage in her eyes that Negan had become so impressed with. She was fighting and keeping it together but now she just looked terrified being surrounded by these strange men. Negan handed his bat off to someone else and slowly approached the girl. She turned to him, ready to attack him even though she was visibly shaking, blood drying on her chin. Negan held up his hands, gesturing for his men to move away from the girl, “Listen, it’s okay, alright? No one here is gonna hurt you.”

The girl glanced at Negan’s bat in someone else’s hand. It did make sense that she didn’t trust him. He did say he could’ve crushed her skull but he didn’t want to do that now. This girl was worse than anyone he’d ever seen. He wasn’t one for mercy but she broke his heart.

“Forget what I said,” Negan said, “I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanna help you, okay? I’ll untie you if you just calm down, okay? I won’t let anyone here hurt you. We’ll clean you up, get you clean clothes and a warm bed, a hot meal. That sound okay?”

The girl was hesitant, grunting a little under her breath. Finally, she relaxed and nodded, turning around so Negan could untie her. She appreciated his gentle touch and kept close to him.

“Are you gonna tell me your name?” Negan inquired. The girl was silent but he didn’t know why he expected anything different. Although, this time it looked like she actually wanted to say something. But it seemed like something was stopping her. Negan sighed and placed his hand on her shoulder, “Alright, we’ll get to that later. Let’s just get you cleaned up. Without beating everyone up if you don’t mind.”

The girl scoffed but nodded. Negan brought her into his bedroom and sat her down on the sofa, “I’m gonna get a bath ready for you. Will you still be here when I come back?”

She nodded and Negan smiled, “Good. I’m trusting you, girl. Don’t fail me now.”

Negan expected the girl to be watching the door, as if waiting for him to disappear so she could sneak away but he was surprised to see that she was watching him leave like she didn’t want him to go. Was he the first person to take care of this girl? Was he the first person to help her? Was that why she was suddenly attaching herself to him? It didn’t matter Negan realized. It had been a long time since someone genuinely liked him and wasn’t just scared of him. The girl didn’t seem to be frightened of him at all.

As Negan was getting the girl’s bath ready, he heard the sofa creak from the next room and then footsteps coming towards him. If the girl was coming to try and kill him again, what would he use to defend himself? Someone else had Lucille. The girl had distracted him and he didn’t get his bat back.

But when Negan turned around, he saw that the girl was just standing in the doorway watching him. He raised his eyebrow as he pulled his hand from the warm water, “I thought I told you to stay there.”

The girl shrugged. Negan sighed, hanging his head as he stood up, “I hope you use your words soon, girl. I still don’t know your name. Do you even remember your name?”

The girl nodded.

“How long have you been out there in those woods?”

The girl shrugged.

“Well, the bath is ready for you,” Negan said, “Here’s a robe for you until we can find some clothes for you to wear. Think you’ll ever speak to me?”

He earned another shrug but he didn’t mind. The girl trusted him enough not to attack him again. Instead, she grabbed a rag, dipped it in the water and grabbed him by the shoulder to pull him towards her. She wiped the blood off his face, being gentle around his sore nose. Her finger grazed the black eye forming underneath his eye as if to say she was sorry.

“It’s fine,” Negan said, “My nose isn’t broken so I can get over it.”

Negan took the rag from the girl’s hands and started wiping the dirt off her face. He didn’t expect the face underneath all that grime to be so beautiful. She touched her now clean face and smiled, her cheeks turning red.

“Yeah, might need to get you a new rag after this,” Negan chuckled, showing her the filthy rag. The first friendly sounds that came from her mouth were giggles as she pushed the rag away from her. Negan laughed with her and started for the door, “There’s more rags in that cabinet there. Help yourself.”

As Negan shut the door, he felt a tap on the shoulder. He could never get over how quick she was on her feet. Negan turned, “You’re fast. You know that? What is it?”

“T-T-T…” she stuttered, pressing her hand against her chest.

“Stop,” Negan said, placing his hand on her shoulder, “I don’t know why you can’t but I do know that it isn’t something you should force.”

The girl shook her head and continued with her struggle, “T-T-Th-tha…thank y-y-you.”

Negan smiled, rubbing the girl’s arm, “You’re welcome. Now hurry up and bathe. You’re disgusting.”

The girl playfully punched him on the arm and shut the door. Negan shook his head in disbelief. This girl already had him wrapped around her finger and she hadn’t said more than two words to him. This girl was more than just an expert fighter. She really did have a heart of gold underneath that animalistic exterior.

Like Him

Imagine Harley and Joker’s daughter and Dick are in love. Batman and Harley make a deal not to drag them into their fights.

Relationship: Family and Lover

Character: Bruce, Joker, Harley, and Dick


A/N: I know the request said Dick gets the parents together but as I wrote I couldn’t see that happing. If you don’t like it tell me, and I will do my best to write the story you want. 

Giggle was the name you took running with your father, Joker, he always said that after a joke there has to be a laugh. When you were younger you would do anything to please him. Because of that, you ended up in Arkham more time than you could count. You got out every time on good behavior. This time when you were getting out you saw your mother in a cell, in a full body cast.

“Mom!” You rushed past the guards and to her cell. “Mommy!” Harley moved her head to see you.

“There is my little pumpkin.” You smiled lightly as she spoke to you.

“Mom, are you ok? Who did that to you?” Harley didn’t answer only looked away. The guards quickly grabbed you pulling you away.

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This is Why Heroes Can’t Go On Blind Dates-Joker Imagine

Warnings: Mild violence and it’s a pretty long imagine

Requested: No, but requests are open

Y/S/H/N:Your super hero name

A/N: Since I didn’t use any imagery for Harley Quinn, just imagine the Margot Robbie/Suicide Squad version. Also, I might do a Part 2 if anyone asks for one.

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“Y/S/H/N, where are you?” Bruce asked through your earpiece.

“Tailing Quinn,” You huffed as you ran across roof tops in order to keep up with the mad woman who was dressed up as a harlequin.

One would think that it would be difficult to keep up with one of Gotham’s most infamous villains underneath the pitch black night, but with her bright clothes it wasn’t a hard job. You let out another puff of air as you landed on the roof just a few feet behind Harley.

“Come on, Y/S/H/N! You’re lacking!” Harley called over her shoulder. 

“Please tell me that you’re beating her master in this fight,” You sighed in to the earpiece.

All you got in reply was a series of grunts as well as kicks and punches along with the Joker laughing hysterically at moments. Finally, you caught up with Harley and snatched her wrist. She turned to you with a crazy smile on her dark lips.

“You caught me, good job!” she cheered in a mock happy voice.

You narrowed your eyes at her under your mask. “Yeah, and you’re going straight back to Arkham where you can get some professional help.”

“I don’t think so!” Harley whipped her bat at you with her free arm but you managed to dodge it but released her wrist as you did.

She ran at you swing the bat each time, but you managed to block it and kick or punch her to keep her back. Fighting Harley Quinn was exhausting because she was always energetic and wanted to please Joker in whatever insane, crazy thing they were doing in order to keep Gotham in havoc. However, you were extremely motivated to stop all of their schemes to keep the city safe. So. you fought through your fatigue until you finally managed to knock her off her feet and take her bat. She gritted her teeth and squirmed but you put your foot on her stomach and added enough pressure to keep her down but not harm her.

“I’ve got Harley, Bat.”

“Good, and I have the Joker. Meet me in the alley across from the police station.”

“Can do.” I helped Harley to her feet and ziptied her hands behind her back. 

“Back to Arkham again? Don’t you get it by now? There’s no point since J and me will break out and we can all get together again!”

“Shut up,” You hissed as you dragged her away from the building.

Ten minutes later, you were standing in the alley, clenching your fists in a vain effort to keep from strangling Harley so she would stop talking about Mr. J and taking over Gotham. She knew how to push your buttons since Batman and you have been fighting her and the Joker for years now. 

“Awww, is someone upset that Batsy isn’t here yet?” Harley pouted. “Mr. J never keeps me waiting long. He’s the best.”
“Yeah, that’s why he’s going to Arkham because that’s where all the best people go,” You mocked back.

Harley opened her mouth to continue but was cut off by Joker laughing as Batman hung him in front of the police station with one of his many bungee-like cords. Quickly, you marched across the street with Harley in tow, barely missing being hit by a taxi. Joker grinned at you, an act that repulsed you because of that red slash of a mouth. 

“My, my, Y/S/H/N, don’t you look ravishing this evening,” he cooed.

“Save it, Joker. You wouldn’t want Harley getting jealous would you?” You shot back.

“Yeah! How do I look, Mr. J?” Harley batted her eyes.

“Fine, fine.” Joker’s dark eyes turned back to you and you looked away. “Until next time, Y/S/H/N?”

“Y/S/H/N, escort Quinn inside. I’ve already notified Gordon of Joker,” Batman said from the roof.

“Got it.” You quickly obeyed his commands, excited to get the insane girl off your hands. An officer was ready for you as you handed Harley over and gave her bat to an evidence officer.

“Thank you, Y/S/H/N. We couldn’t have done any of this without you or Batman,” a blonde female officer gushed.

“Really, it’s nothing. Just make sure  I don’t have to see her face any time soon.” 

Before they could reply, you exited the police station and met Bruce outside in the alley, where he was waiting on his BatCycle. Under the mask, you could tell he was solemn as you got on behind him and wrapped your arms around him. He roared the engine before pulling off into the night and speeding towards Bruce Manor.

“You did a good job tonight, Y/N,” Bruce said.

“Thanks, but you know they’ll be out again next week,” You said.

“But we still stopped them from robbing that bank.” 

“Yeah, is there a way you could possibly go faster?” 

“No, I’m going as fast as I can. Why are you so anxious?”

Your eyes widened and you looked at the passing view. “What are you talking about?”

“Y/N, you’ve been anxious all day. I almost had to send you some sort of Y/S/H/N signal in order to get you out here tonight.”

“I don’t know, I guess I’m in a mood or something.”

Thankfully, Bruce let the whole thing go for the rest of the ride. You couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. There was no way that you could tell Bruce, your friend, coworker, and sort-of sidekick of your plans tonight. They were way too embarrassing and even though you knew Bruce since you were ten and he was fifteen, there was some things you could never bring yourself to talk to him about. 

Finally, you arrived at the BatCave and you almost got in trouble for getting off the bike before the platform finished rising into the cave. All of Bruce’s technology and tracking gear was hidden underneath Wayne Manor in a dark cave that he had dubbed the BatCave. Alfred stood from the control area to greet you as you quickly stripped off your mask. 

“A job well done, Miss Y/L/N,” Alfred said.

“Thanks, can’t talk right now.” You went into your own section of the Cave—-which was mostly just a place for you to change into your superhero uniform—-and began peeling off your black latex catsuit. You kicked off the boots you wore with the uniform and pulled on the jeans and sweater you had worn to the Manor. 

“Y/N, what’s going on with you? I’ve known you for more than a decade and I know when you’re lying to me.” 

You gulped as you hopped around on one foot in order to slide on your Converse sneakers. It was kind of weird for an almost thirty year-old to wear sneakers for teenagers but they had been the only kind of athletic shoes you had when Bruce summoned you to the Manor. But he did have a point, you were friends and you were always honest with each other.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’ve been anxious all night and now that we’re back here, you’re moving like a bat out of hell, pardon the pun,” Bruce said.

You sighed as you put your uniform away and opened the screen door that lead to your section. Bruce was standing only ten feet away, mask off, with Alfred next to him.

“Sir, perhaps you shouldn’t pry,” Alfred said.

“It’s alright, Alfred, I’m an adult and I’ve been acting like a child.” You turned to Bruce. “Promise you won’t laugh?”

“No,” Bruce said.

“I…I have a date tonight.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow out of curiosity. “Oh, that’s nice, Y/N. May I ask who it is with?”

“It’s with this guy one of my coworkers, Susan, set me up with. He’s a cousin of hers and she says that he’s a nice guy.”

“Oh,” Bruce said. “Why would you think that I would laugh?”

“Because ever since this superhero thing started, you’re the only one who still goes out on dates and I’ve been stuck just showering the night away and reading with my puppy.”

“Now that last part is kind of funny, but you deserve a night out, Y/N, you’ve earned it. I won’t even yell at you if you’re late for work tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Bruce, but I only have thirty minutes until I’m supposed to meet him.” 

“Then you better hurry. I’ll have my driver take you home,” Bruce said.

“Thanks, you’re the best!”

“I know.”

Fortunately, you walked through the doors of the fancy Italian restaurant five minutes early. You had rushed through getting ready at your apartment but you thought you looked decent. You wore a green silk romper, strappy black heels, and matching earrings and ring. Your y/h/c hair was pulled into a cute but messy topknot and your makeup was simple save for the red lipstick. You were seated quickly since Susan apparently made reservations for you because she wanted to keep your date’s whole identity a surprise. Honestly, you could have just searched for her whole family history online until you found him and then delete your history without a trace, but you didn’t mind a little excitement in your life. In fact, you were glad Susan was nosy and pitied you enough to set you up because you had begun to feel quite lonely, minus seeing Fletcher, your chocolate lab puppy, when you got home, but you needed real human contact.

You nervously tapped your hands against your clutch as you waited for your date to show up. On the inside, you were terrified that you would be stood up since it had happened before. The first time was in high school and when you had called Bruce, crying your eyes out as you had explained your horrible night, he ended up beating the boy up so much that he apologized. It was funny to think about.

“Y/N?” a soft voice said behind you.

You turned slightly only to have the man walk around so that you could get a proper look at each other. He was extremely handsome with shoulder length, curly brown hair, dark eyes, and killer bone structure. He was tall, taller than you from what you could tell, and he looked good in his white button-down and slim black pants. 

“Yes, you must be Susan’s cousin,” You said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m Jack.” He shook your hand and grinned widely. There was something off about his grin but you didn’t pay it any mind. 

You made a mental note to thank Susan tomorrow as Jack sat across from you. You took a sip of water to help calm your nerves. 

“So, Susan told you my name but she didn’t give me the same luxury,” You said.

“Oh, so what did my favorite cousin have to say about me?” Jack teased.

“Just that you were really nice and that you hadn’t met anyone in Gotham yet, but I can’t see why.” Your eyes widened at your statement and Jack seemed to grin wider. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.”

“No, it’s fine, but I have to say that I’m shocked that a stunning creature like yourself wasn’t snatched up sooner,” Jack said, making you blush.

“Thank you.”

“Really, why hasn’t anyone snatched you up sooner?”
“Well, um, honestly, I’ve been really busy with work right now which is pretty much every young single person’s excuse for being single.”
Jack laughed a little. “What do you do?”

“Well, I used to be a Marine but I finished my last tour in Afghanistan a couple years ago. Now, I work for my friend, Bruce Wayne, in communications.”

Jack’s eyes twinkled with curiosity. “That must be nice working with a friend. What’s he like?”

“Broody, playboy, pretty much as he seems. But he can be nice.”

We continued talking for most of the date. Jack was really funny, sweet, and smart. He mostly traveled for work and ran a small company but he would be in Gotham for a while. After dinner, we went on a walk outside which you thought was insane to do since you were in Gotham. He walked you home and you turned to him.

“It was nice meeting you, Jack,” You said with a small smile.

“You too, Y/N. We’ll have to do it again soon.”
“You have my number.” 

Jack nodded and leaned in towards you. You froze, worried that he was going to kiss you. You had been out of practice for a while and you didn’t even think that you remembered how to. Jack pressed his lips against your cheek.

“Until next time,” he whispered in your ear.

As he walked away, chills ran up and down your spine at his words. Except they weren’t the good chills, they were the chills of deja vu and you didn’t think you like this flashback. 

Over the next month, you saw Jack nearly every day. He took you out for breakfast, coffee, lunch, or even just a nice walk. Being around him made you feel normal but you couldn’t help but sense that something was off. It all came full circle one fateful night. It was your birthday and since things were quiet around Gotham, Bruce decided to throw you a huge birthday party in the city, claiming that you only turn twenty-nine once. You knew he was using it as an excuse to meet Jack, your maybe boyfriend, since he was protective, but as long as cake and booze was involved you didn’t care. So, you happily took the day off from Wayne Enterprises—with pay—-and spent that time getting ready via spa treatments and getting your hair done. Jack had promised you up and down that he would be your proud escort at your party and that he wouldn’t miss your birthday for the world. It was easy to say that you were falling for him and you didn’t know whether you liked it or not. The only men in your life were Bruce and Alfred since your father died long ago in combat. But now this stranger who seemed almost too familiar, had worked his way into your heart as cheesy as it sounds.

When you came back to your apartment, you were pleased to find a clothing box wrapped in shimmery gold wrapping paper sitting outside your apartment door. You grabbed the box and let yourself inside, making cooing noises at Fletcher as he jumped at you and nipped at your shoes. You set all your things in the living room and opened the box to find a card with your name on it in Bruce’s handwriting.

‘One of my last of many presents on your special day.


PS You’re definitely wearing this tonight’

You opened the box to find a gorgeous silver halter gown with a small cutout in the front. It was backless and absolutely perfect for tonight. You took your time getting ready, making sure your hair was perfectly straightened and your eyes were the perfect amount of smoky. You kissed Fletcher goodbye before heading outside for the limo Bruce sent you. When you got in the car, Jack called you.

“Hey, Jack,” You said. “Tell me where you are so the limo can pick you up.”

“I’m so sorry, dollface, but I won’t be able to make it until later. Work’s got me backed up right now.”
“Oh,” You said a little deflated. 

“Don’t sound so sad, dollface, I’ll still make an appearance at your party.”

“Okay.” You hung up the phone and dropped it in your clutch.

You weren’t so sad that Jack would be late, you were too busy being disgusted with yourself. It had taken you this long to figure out just why you felt as though you met Jack before, and he had been doing so well this entire time. Your stomach churned at all the things you’d done with him especially now that you knew who he really was. 

The limo door opened and you smiled nervously at all the reporters who were taking your picture. As per usual, they demanded to know just how you managed to be with the orphaned billionaire for so long and not end up in his bed. It made you roll your eyes a little as you hurried into the apartment building and up to Bruce’s penthouse. To your horror, the penthouse was filled with Gotham’s richest and most influential citizens all in black-tie. They all greeted you kindly and Bruce handed you a glass of champagne, grinning widely.

“You look great, as I knew you would,” he said.

“Thanks, you look good in a tux, as per usual.” You took a sip of champagne. “Bruce, we need to talk—”

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” An elderly man in a tux said as he handed you a gift.

“Thank you, sir.” 

He continued walking past and tried to cop a feel but you dodged it just in time. 
“What do you need to talk to me about?” Bruce asked.

“It’s about Jack.”

A reporter stepped up to you. “Smile for the camera.”

Bruce wrapped his arm around you and smiled and you did the same. As soon as the reporter was gone, you turned back to your friend.

“Yes, where is the mysterious Jack?” Bruce asked.

“He claims he got caught up at work which makes me nervous, Bruce—”

You were forced to take another picture.

“If he’s smart, he wouldn’t stand you up,” Bruce said.

“That’s the problem, he is smart, really smart. He tricked me for a month into a relationship and I’ve been compromised.”


“Because Jack is actually—”

“Hors d’ouvre?” a server asked.

“No thanks,” You said, growing more and more irritated.

“I’ll have one.” Bruce grabbed one and popped it in his mouth. Once the server left you sighed. 

“Now, what is it about Jack?”

“He’s the Joker, Bruce, I’ve been going out with the Joker for the last month and telling him, well, a lot of things,” You hissed.

Bruce’s expression grew solemn and he was no longer the fun-loving Bruce Wayne; he was in calculating Batman mode now. “What do you mean? Does he know about you and me and what we do at night?”

“You make it sound so wrong when you say it like that, but no, he doesn’t know about that. He knows about other things, he got close to me and made me vulnerable, Bruce.”

“How do you know all this?” 

“Well, I’ve had my suspicions for a while now, but he messed up when he called me ‘dollface’ and there’s only one person on the face of this earth who calls me that.”

Bruce’s expression darkened.“And you’re sure he’s going to make an appearance tonight?”

“Yes, you have invited Gotham’s finest to be under one roof, it’s like giving candy to a demented baby,” You said. 

“We have to get these people out of here.”

“I’ll call Gordon.” 

“Okay, but we have to remain calm and natural or else these people are going to panic.”

You nodded and grabbed your phone from your clutch, texting Gordon a 911 message along with Bruce’s apartment address. Then, you heard someone clinking a glass and looked up to see Bruce standing in the center of the room with a flute of champagne. The guests grew silent and smiled at the richest man in Gotham.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me tonight in celebrating my best friend, Y/N Y/L/N’s, birthday,” he said. “I’d like to raise a toast to Y/N.” He held up his flute of champagne towards you and you smiled nervously as everyone else did the same. “To Y/N, my very best friend, may you continue having as many great birthdays so I can continue forcing you to wear a gown and making you attend adult birthday parties.”

You blushed a little at his toast as everyone echoed your name before drinking. As they did, you began combing the place for Joker, Harley, and the other clown-disguised goons. However, all you saw were people in black tie. 

“Now, my lovely guests, I’m afraid the party will have to be cut short since I was just informed that someone is going to try to attack Y/N and me tonight. The police are making their way up so if you could please remain calm and—”

“But why ruin all the fun?” The sick voice made your skin crawl and you looked up to see the Joker, dressed in a purple suit and all made up, emerge from the crowd across from you. “This is a party, right? And for a  very special woman.” He looked right at you and you felt nauseous.

You managed to keep a strong face as you stepped forward to stand next to Bruce. “It’s over, Joker. The police are on their way this very minute to take you and your goons back to Arkham.” 

Joker licked his lips and slicked back his tangled green hair as he walked closer to you. Bruce pushed you behind him more and pushed Joker away.

“Don’t touch her,” Bruce said angrily.

“Ooh, someone’s protective or maybe a little jealous.” Joker looked you up and down. “You look lovely tonight, pumpkin, but I would’ve preferred it if you wore my favorite color like you did on our first date.”

Your eyes went wide as guests began whispering about you. You could only imagine what they were saying about you, Y/N Y/L/N, Bruce Wayne’s good friend and coworker, dating the Joker. You wanted to scream that it was a lie, you wanted to strangle Joker, and beat Harley over the head with her own bat. But you weren’t able to do any of that as the police burst into the room.

“Everyone out, now!” Gordon yelled.

The guests immediately began pouring out of the room, leaving you, Joker, Bruce, and Joker’s goons there. The police were still standing by the door, ready to shoot, but your eyes remained on Joker, furious that you had let yourself have any kind of feelings for him. 

“If you come in now, Joker, there won’t be any trouble,” Gordon said. 

“There will always be trouble as long as he,” Joker gestured to Bruce, “stands between me and my pumpkin.”

“I’m not your anything, Joker, and wouldn’t Harley be hurt if she knew you were saying all these things?” 

“Yes, she is!” You turned just in time to dodge Harley hitting you with her bat. You backed up a few feet and she charged you, initiating a fight for everyone in the room.

All of Joker’s goons either went for Bruce or the police force while Joker walked on with that sick smile on his face. You fought Harley harder than you ever had when you were Y/S/H/N, but this was because you were angry. All you saw was red and you wanted to hurt her just because you knew it would hurt Joker. So, every hit you landed on her made her spit blood and she only ever grazed you with her bat. You were faster, smarter, and stronger than you ever were before. You had managed to knock her onto her back and turned to see how Bruce was doing. Considering that he was fighting three of the six clown-masked goons Joker brought with him, he was doing well. Speaking of Joker, he was standing by the large window, watching with that twisted, bloody smile of his.

All of the moments you shared with him as Jack, all of the things you did, and all of the affection you had accumulated from him came bubbling to the surface and the fact that it was all a lie just to get into your head fueled even more anger. You marched towards him and wasn’t too far from him as he turned to you and smirked at you. He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted when something hard slammed against your head. You screamed out in pain as you fell to the ground, curling up into a ball, and cradling your head. Blood poured out of your nose as you rolled onto your side. You looked up and saw Harley standing over you with her bat, the tip of it tainted with blood. 

“That’s what you get when you go after Mr. J,” Harley said.

“Y/N!” Bruce called.

Joker was the one to move quicker as he bent over you and reached a gloved hand out towards you. You jerked away, glaring at him. You wanted to claw, kick, scratch, and punch him but you couldn’t move. You felt paralyzed. A pained expression crossed over his made up face, but it was replaced with an angry one as he stood and turned to Harley.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO HURT HER!” Joker yelled.

Harley’s eyes widened in surprise and fear. “But, you said I could—”

“I said you could fight her but never, ever draw blood.” Joker ran his hands through his hair. “Enough of these games.” Joker pulled on a gas mask. “See you around, Bruce.”

Joker and Harley blocked your view of Bruce as gas filled the room. You began coughing and screaming for Bruce. You tried to fight back as Joker helped you to your feet, but the gas was making you weak. You slumped forward and felt someone lift you into their arms.

Before you lost consciousness, you heard him whisper, “Finally, you’re coming back where you belong.”

Dirty Blackinnon Headcanons, for anon.

  • Sirius and Marlene were both found of public affection.
  • They did it in cars, in restrooms, in an airplane (it was the only way Marlene managed to get Sirius to calm down) in elevators, in the middle of the dancefloor, anywhere they were most likely to get caught.
  • But the most dangerous they ever did was at a dinner which reunited a bunch of pureblood families, including the Black and the McKinnon.
  • Marlene slipped a hand in Sirius’ pants under the table, just as the desserts were served. 
  • They were both laughing at how Walburga Black kept complaining about Marlene’s blood traitor family and at how she was actually complaining to Sirius.
  • So Sirius spent ten minutes casually listening to his mother, resting his chin on the palm of his hand with a wide grin while Marlene was giving him one of her wonderful wrist work, and occasionally letting out “yeah” and “abso- shit! *cough* absolutely, mother.”
  • When Sirius finally got off under the table, he didn’t have any strenght left to hold back his low groans.
  • Everyone heard it of course, and Marlene smirked, letting go of him.
  • “what’s wrong, Sirius, darling?” she asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes
  • sirius glared at her and faked a stomach ache.
  • after succeeding to convince everyone, he excused himself and went straight to the bathroom, giving a pointed look at Marlene.
  • not a minute later she had joinded him and Sirius had her up on the sink.
All I Want For Christmas

I don’t know how I keep ending up posting these Yatori oneshots at one in the morning but here we are, enabled by @lunar-resonance​ also being up late and around to beta for me. Have some Christmas fluff inspired by that old manga extra. Also, I’m working on doing actual cross posting so I have this fic, along with my other Noragami oneshots over on AO3 here

Also I’m still looking for more prompts… just putting that out there. Enjoy. 

“I don’t know why he’s so excited about Christmas – he’s a Japanese god,” Yukine huffs, flipping over onto his stomach with his legs still under the kotatsu. 

“You know how he is.” Hiyori fidgets. She wishes she was back at home, there’s only two days until the holiday itself and she’s only half finished with Yato’s present; after making his shrine, thinking of something else to make him was a bit of a challenge. But Kofuku had called her that Yato was in distress about decorating properly, and the usually patient god had sounded so at her wit’s end, Hiyori had to come over.

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you’re killing me, smalls.


A/N:  This is for @bellakeyblake because I promised her a The Sandlot-ish AU and I had to deliver. If you guys want to watch a really cheesy movie about friendships and baseball watch The Sandlot. Super super cute, one of my favorites. Enjoy!! (also the title is from the movie!)

Summary: “So you just like, pretty much broke some kind of legendary baseball record and you’re telling me you care more about finishing the game?” Wells asked, eyebrows furrowed.

Everyone looked to Bellamy for an answer. He shrugged.

“Records aren’t what’s important to me, anyways. I don’t care about being a legend. I just wanna play ball.”

read it on ao3

The summers Clarke spent in that old run down sandlot with her friends would go down in history as her greatest summers ever spent.

That first year she moved to the little neighborhood of Walden, it had just been her and Wells, sneaking over to each other’s houses in the dead of the night, reading books under blankets with flashlights and quiet voices about how much Clarke missed her dad. Her mom had just gotten remarried to Marcus Kane, and they had moved in with him. She was both happy, because she got to be closer to Wells, but she was kind of sad, because it had only been two years since Jake passed, and it was hard for fifteen year old Clarke.

The next year they get out more often on their bikes, because Wells just got a new one and Clarke is a little less afraid of the world. That’s the summer they stumble on the sandlot, that’s the summer they met the people that would change their lives forever.

Clarke remembers that day well. She’d just turned sixteen, and she was feeling larger than life, riding her bike standing up with eyes squinted shut, her dad’s old long billed hat sitting tight over her unruly golden curls. Wells was laughing, before he shouted her name, and an unidentified flying object came hurtling towards her.

It was a baseball. An incredibly dirty baseball. And it had nearly given Clarke a shiner.A small brunette girl, probably two years younger than them ran up to collect it.

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I Never Told You

Request: Hello, sweetheart! I would like to request a 10. with Derek from the one-line prompt list! c:

10. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Authors Note: I’ve been SO excited to write this one, thank you anon for sending this and THANK YOU to @derekhaleimagines for inspiring me :) (seriously after you’ve read this you should SO check her out)

Warnings: Angst; implied breakup; major soppiness; ovary explosion may occur  

Word Count: 1,590

As always, requests are open! :)

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It’s funny how slight shifts in interactions can change how you are as a person.

For example, how if I were to stop any and all interactions with my younger sister Cora, I would either A) Rip someones throat out with worry or B) Drive all night to make sure she was safe. However, if I was to stop any and all interactions with Stiles, I would either A) Have less headaches or B) Have more headaches worrying about whether he’d got himself killed yet. 

Probably both.

But when you stop having interactions with someone you once shared everything with…Well, that’s something different all together.

Chimneys fall and lovers blaze, thought that I was young. Now I’ve freezing-’

Stupid radio,” I mutter, shutting it off as I fix my gaze on Lydia making her way up the garden path. Her garden was like a shrunken paradise, wildflowers spilling out of neatly kept beds and sunflowers growing so high you’d believe they were the sun itself. 

Y/N always loved gardening, it was one of the many things we would argue about. It was always the same argument, the same phrases leaving our lips in the same order. 

Why do you have to do that today? The pack-’

‘Because I care about it Derek! Just like you care about the pack!’

She always smelled of flowers, she loved them so much she opened Beacon Hills’ most popular flower shop. She’d bring home the ones that were left after she brought new ones from the market in the city, somehow reviving the limp flowers that looked beyond saving.

But yet she always did, every time that I doubted her she always did.

My eye snapped into focus as I heard Lydia say her goodbyes. Y/N was lingering against the door frame, her full body bracing itself against the cold weather in nothing but all too familiar boxers and vest. Was she asking for a cold? I shifted in my seat, longing to be wrapping my arms around her waist before kissing her freckled shoulders.

I had to wait until Lydia was gone before I could make my move. If I tried to speak to Y/N with her there I wouldn’t get very far, despite the age difference there had always been a sort of bond between Y/N and the pack.

She was the matriarch, and you were the patriarch but you messed that up. Just like you always do.

I had to talk to her.

Grabbing the handle I locked the car, storming my way over to her house before I could give myself the chance to back out like a coward. As soon as I was at her garden gate you could smell the flowers, the familiar scent invading my senses before I could brace myself.

I nearly crushed the gate under my palm as I forced it away. I could hear her inside, she was pottering about as usual. I couldn’t help but notice how there was a wilting rose on her rose bush, or how there were the start of weeds growing in-between her peonies and lavenders. All too soon I was facing her front door. I didn’t need to knock, I could only just hear her breathing on the other side of the door. Only just hear her over my own heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“Y/N,” I croaked, my fingers brushing the door “Y/N I know you can hear me.”

I can hear you trying to silence your cries with your hands.

I clamped my eyes shut at the thought of her crying and braced my forearm against the doorway. “Please, I just want to talk.” 

“I don’t think there’s anything left to say,” Her breath was shaking from the tears.

“I have plenty to say to you-”

“Derek I can’t-”

“Just let me in, Y/N.” Silence. “Please.” I pleaded.


I dropped my gaze down to the door handle, hope rising in my chest. She would be in the kitchen, that’s where we would always go when we needed to talk. She’d sit on the counter, and I’d make her hot coco with all the trimmings in her favourite mug, and she’d always get cream on her nose and-

Stop it. You don’t have that anymore. Stop it.

I kicked off my boots in the hall, not wanting to tread dirt into the house since I heard her chiding Lydia earlier. I placed them neatly next to her ballet pumps, the size difference dropping another weight into my stomach.

She was there, right where I knew she would be sat with her knees folded beneath her and her fingers splayed in her lap, waiting patiently. It took everything I had to not run over to her and just show her how I feel. 

But I didn’t. Instead, I walked in calmly with my mothers words ringing through my head with every step. ‘Be a swan. Stay calm on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath the water.’

I sat myself down in my usual seat at the breakfast bar. I’d rehearsed this a million times, played this exact scene over in my mind more with every possible outcome dissected down to every moment. But now? Now I’m lost for words.

“Y/N,” I started, my hand rubbing over my stubble.

Don’t Y/N me Derek,” She spat, “Don’t think you can just waltz back in and say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘we can fix this’ cause we can’t, okay? I thought we’d covered that last time. We just-” She sighed and shook her head, “we just want different things.” She mumbled.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t do much but sit like an idiot and just watch her every movement. 

“I never told you enough when we were together,” I started, “and I need to say it before I go and then I swear I won’t bother you anymore if that’s what you really want.”

Without giving her a chance to object I sucked in a breath and ploughed on.

“I never told you all the things I should have. I never told you how I loved the way that you care for the pack like a mother. I never told you how I loved how brave you were to cut off your long hair so you could donate it, and I loved how you didn’t care what people thought of it.” I smiled, “And I loved how secretly  you cared so much, but you cared what you thought more.”

“How you love your flowers so much that you opened up a flower shop, or how you have a talent for making even the ugly ones look beautiful.”

“Hey, none of my flowers are ugly.” She sniffed.

I fidgeted on the edge of my seat. “How I love it when you do that silly face just to prove to everyone that I can smile. How I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. How I only really smile around you, how you can make me smile without doing anything.”

“I love how you accepted me,” I stood up, “how you know everything that I’ve done in the past and how you didn’t care.”

She let out a sob as I slowly started to pad over to her.

“I love, how you put me in my place when I’m being an ass.”

“You’re an ass most of the time.” She spoke quietly, her eyes fixing on her knees.

“I love how you can hold your own,” I gulp, “how I can’t imagine my life anymore without you in it.” My hands start to shake, “how I can’t imagine not kissing you everyday-”


I placed my hands either side of her thighs, her tear soaked lashes batting her cheeks.

“How I can’t imagine not having kids with you, having our first baby.” More tears were falling now as she scrunched her eyes up, her head falling forwards to rest against mine. “How I can’t imagine wanting a family with anyone but you.” I continued as my voice got thicker and my eyes blurrier, “How I just want you, Y/N.” 

I lifted my hands to rest on her thighs, just as her small hands circled my wrists. God she was so beautiful, even with her eyes puffy and cheeks red she was gorgeous. 

“I knew from the moment I saw you,” My voice dropped, my own eyes growing red from the saltiness “from the first moment I saw you I knew I was in for the long run.” My voice was shaking now, my emotions betraying me.

“But y-y-you said…you said that-” 

“Yeah I know but I’m an ass who doesn’t know how to keep something great when they have it,” I mumbled, grinning at her small smile.

She laughed quietly between us, her tiny hands moving up my arms to rest either side of my neck while mine settled in the valley of her waist.

“So,” she sniffed, her pulse quickening.

“So,” I muttered, watching as her eyes flickered down to my lips and her tongue darting out to wet hers.

“Does this mean-”

We moved in closer.

“Yeah…” I whispered, our eyes half lidded.

“Hmmm?” She hummed, the vibrations flowing through me as our lips connected halfway. I’d gone too long without her, like how the sun goes too long without seeing the moon, always each just missing the other but finally, we were the perfect eclipse.

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Jily soul mate tattoo au.. sry if you've already done this

sorry it took me forever to post this i procrastinate too much with writing also i hope this isn’t bad 

plot: all wizards and witches have a mark on their wrist of the patronus of their soulmate, this is a jily fic based off that


James Potter’s hair was just too damn distracting.

               Separate clumps of it flew in different directions as though they were competing for who would fly off his scalp first, and it seemed that none of them would never win. And the fact that it was stark black just seemed to illuminate his skin a little too well. And his eyes seemed to do that too. And it was a bit cute how the git would never stop fiddling with things in every free second he had, as though he couldn’t bear to waste any second not meddling in something. And how the blue of his veins popped against his skin whenever he wrote with his quill. And how whenever he got especially involved with an essay he would look at his parchment with a frown on his face as though he disapproved of his work then tuck his quill behind his ear, lean back in his chair, cross is arms, and just think. And how-

               “Are you still awake, Evans?”

               Lily felt like she had been caught in a compromising position. “Hmmm?”

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hold me closer

a/n:  This is literally just me being garbage because I cannot accept the Dread Doctors ruining that sexually charged training session. I CAN’T. Tbh they better make up for that distraction in canon because if not, I’m gonna need to have a serious talk with Jeff Davis.  (read on ao3)

Lydia gets to his apartment around 3 in the afternoon, her (recently bought) sweats clinging nicely to her body as she strides up to the com at the gate. She brushes her hair back and, with a deep breath, presses the button. It buzzes for a moment, and then—

“State your name and purpose for being here, please.” A monotone voice crackles from the speaker, and honestly, it’s a little surprising that Jordan lives here, seeing as he’s probably the exact opposite of the woman speaking to her currently (the landlady, she correctly assumes).

“Lydia Martin. I’m here to visit Jordan Parrish?” There’s silence for a few moments after, and then the gate clicks, allowing her to swing it open with a mildly disturbing creak. Next time they do this, she thinks, it’ll be at her house, where she doesn’t have to deal with…this. Absentmindedly, she runs a hand through her hair again, allowing it to fall over her shoulders just the way she wants while she’s approaching the front desk.

To her surprise, though, Parrish is standing there, that intoxicatingly bright grin splitting his face. He looks a little red, though.

“Did you run all the way down here to meet me?” She asks incredulously, noting the way his chest is only slightly heaving. He shakes his head quickly (maybe a little too quickly) and continues to beam at her.

“Nah, I was actually just getting back from the gym. You know, rentals for today and stuff.” The landlady sitting in the lobby rolls her eyes, and Lydia knows he’s lying about that. It’s okay, though—he’s cute, and he means well, and that’s all that matters.

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He feels Janel tense, the arm she’d flung casually over his body thirty minutes before now clutching desperately at his ribs.




“Yeah, baby, I know. I heard it too.”


“Val, someone’s-”

“In the apartment. Yeah.” He tries to reach over the side of the bed for his pajama pants, but she’s holding onto him like a spider monkey, so he wraps his arm around her and pulls her onto his body so she’s lying directly on top of him, rolling them a little so he can reach his arm off the side of the bed.


Her whispered voice is strained. “Val! You have to do something.”

She grabs on tighter and he resists the urge to tell her that he’s trying, but if she keeps tightening her arms around him like that, getting up is gonna be pretty fuckin’ hard to do.

He smoothes the hair back from her face and says, “J, I gotta get up.”

She nods and reluctantly pulls her arms from around his body, slipping out of bed and pulling on her pajamas. He pulls on his pajama pants then drops down to his knees next to the side of the bed, reaching under and pulling out the Louisville Slugger he put there three years ago that he’s never had a reason to use. Until now.

“What are you going to do?”

“What do you think I’m gonna do, Janel? I’m gonna hit him with a baseball bat. Hard.”

He starts to move toward their bedroom door and she says, “What am I supposed to do?”


He turns his head in the direction of the sound briefly before he looks back at Janel. “Stay here. And don’t make a sound.”

When he sets his hand on the doorknob he feels her hand grasp his arm, her fingers digging into his bicep. “But what if it’s a serial killer? Or a rapist?”

"Then I’ll hit him harder. Bastard’s not comin’ anywhere near you, alright?”

She tugs on his arm. “But what if he does? What if he slips past you and somehow makes it into our bedroom without your knowledge?”

He turns and looks at her, and it’s pretty obvious that she’s really, really freaked out right now. And he wants to reassure her, wants to make her feel better, but he’s not sure how to do that and take care of the noise in the family room at the same time. Odds are, it’s not a serial killer or a rapist. It’s probably a burglar. And he’d tell her that if he thought it would do any good, but telling her it’s a burglar isn’t much better and it doesn’t really matter, ‘cause he can tell that any attempt at reasoning with her isn’t gonna work. Not right now.

So he looks around their room for anything hard and heavy, and when his eyes land on the statues on their dresser, he walks over and picks one of them up, holding it out to her. “Hide behind the door and hit him over the head.”

She gasps and crosses her arms over her chest. “No! Absolutely not! I refuse to wield my Mirror Ball Trophy as a weapon.”

He tries to stay calm, but shit…doesn’t she get it? “Why?”

“Because Valentin, as you well know, that award means a great deal to me. I worked very hard for it. And I refuse to taint my memories of that lovely night by using it to brain someone.”

Crazy fuckin’ woman. As if her life isn’t worth more than some stupid award.

He huffs out his frustration, sets the award back down on the top of the dresser, and holds out the bat to her. “Here. If he slips by me, hit him with this.”

She holds onto the bat tightly and looks at him wide-eyed. “But…what are you going to use?”

“I don’t know, J. I’ll figure it out, okay?” He starts to open the door but stops and looks back at her. She’s standing in the middle of their room gripping the bat so tightly she’s probably cutting off the circulation to her fingers, and she looks so damn tiny and scared. He whispers, “Stay here. Be careful. Smash anything that moves. Got it?”

She nods.

“Repeat it, Janel.”

She swallows. “Stay here. Be careful. Smash anything that moves.”

He gives her a kiss on the forehead then takes one last look at her before he slips through the door and into the dark hallway, shutting the bedroom door gently behind him.

He has no idea what he’s gonna use to protect himself now that Janel’s got the bat, and he admits he’s getting more and more nervous the closer he gets to the family room. At the speed he’s going, he’ll run out of real estate in about twenty seconds and last he recalled, there isn’t anything hanging around in their hallway that can really be used as a weapon. He could pull a picture off the wall, but he’d probably only get one good shot with that before the frame and the glass fall to pieces, and if that doesn’t knock the guy out, Val’s out a weapon and pretty much up shit creek.

He passes by the linen closet (towels and sheets and first aid stuff – no help there) but stops when he gets to the coat closet. If he’s lucky there might be something useful in there like a broom or their spare fire extinguisher, but at this point he’d take anything remotely hard or heavy. He opens the door slowly, hoping it doesn’t creak (‘cause it would just be his bad fuckin’ luck that the only door in the whole apartment that never squeaks would pick now to start), and rummages his hand around inside until his fingers collide with something hard.

A bottle of wine.

Not the most helpful weapon, but it’s hard and kinda heavy, so as long as it doesn’t shatter the first time it hits skull, it’s better than pulling that picture of Janel’s great-grandparents off the wall. Less likely to cause him to spend some quality time with the couch, too.

He holds the bottle upside down by the neck and inches quietly down the hall, pausing at the edge of the family room when he hears a grunt. He tries to make out the burglar/rapist/serial killer/douchebag, but the room is pitch black, so Val stands still for a few seconds, waiting for his eyes to adjust. A few more seconds go by before he hears another groan and sees a body shift on the floor near the sofa, and Val almost scratches his head ‘cause the guy’s just sorta laying there. Like, he kicks out a couple of times with his legs and his arms are trying pretty damn unsuccessfully to lift his body off the floor, but other than that, he’s not doing much.

So basically, this dude is like, the worst burglar/rapist/serial killer ever.

He’s still a douchebag, though.

Val lowers the bottle and walks over to the guy, switching on the lamp next to the sofa. When he looks down, Val rolls his eyes and swears under his breath, setting the wine bottle down on the end table.


He is going to fuckin’ kill him.

“Dude…what the fuck are you doing breaking into my apartment at one in the morning?”

Maks tries to lift himself off the floor one more time but only manages to reach out and punch Val square on the left shin.

“Ow! Shit!” Val falls back on the arm of the couch, reaching down and rubbing his shin with his hand. “You fuckin’ asshole.”

“Don’t you hurt my Val!”

Janel comes running down the hallway and, just as Maks has managed to lift his upper body up, Janel brings the bat down on his back, sending him crashing back down to the floor.

He groans and Janel jumps up and down and says, “Oh! I got him! I got him! V, did you see that?”

“I did. Good job, baby. Even though you couldn’t follow a simple instruction and wait in our room.”

“Well, I couldn’t let him hurt you, could I?” She looks down at his shin and frowns in concern. “Are you okay?”

He nods. “Yeah, fine.”

“We have to call the police.”

She hands him the bat and moves toward the phone and he stops her, grabbing her wrist and pulling her back toward him. “No, don’t.”

“Why not?” She gestures down at the floor. “This…man…broke into our home. He deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law.”

"Did you look at ‘im?”

“Of course I did. Even though I was caught up in the emotion of the moment, I still had to know where to aim.”

He rolls his eyes. “Look closer.”

She looks down and it takes a few seconds, but Janel finally says, “Maks!” She looks back at Val and claps her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. “I hit Maks!”

“Yep. And he totally deserved it too.”

“How can you say that? He’s my friend and your brother.”

“He scared the shit out of you, J. And he punched me in the shin. Like I said, dude deserved it. ‘Sides…not like you hit him that hard.”

She sighs and looks down at Maks. “Well, clearly something is wrong if he’s lying on our floor at one in the morning. Drunk, no less.” She wrinkles her nose. “Has he told you his troubles?”

“Hasn’t said anything so far. Just groaned a bunch.”

Janel kneels down and pulls on Maks’ shoulder and leg until he flips over onto his back. He groans something that sounds like “Meryl”, so it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out where this is going.

“Maksim…what about Meryl?”

“Hates me.”

Janel lays her hand on his shoulder and says, “Why would she hate you?”

But she can’t get anything out of him after that other than some mumbles that aren’t quite words and a few groans here and there, so she stops asking him questions and starts lecturing him, like she thinks he can hear her.

“Makism, while I’m not sure what happened between you and Meryl, judging by the severity of your drunkenness, I’d say it must have been something quite serious. And while I sympathize with your problems, this hardly seems the appropriate response to your situation.”

“Baby, you’re just wastin’ your breath.”

She sighs and frowns. “What do you suppose happened between them?”

“I don’t know, but whatever it was, I’m sure Meryl will call you in six hours or so to bitch about it.” He stands up off the arm of the couch. “C’mon…let’s go back to bed.”

“We can’t just leave him here in the middle of the floor.”

“Actually, that sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me.”

He takes her hand and starts pulling her toward their bedroom but she resists, pulling back on his hand to try to stop him. Just before she’s about to speak, Maks says, “Meryl hates me.”

Val lets go of her hand, groans, and sits back down on the arm of the couch. Shit. He was really hoping to go back to bed. But since his girl’s gonna want to be all sweet and nurturing and fix whatever shit is wrong with his stupid brother, he has a feeling that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

Janel tucks her hair behind her ear and says, “I’m sure that’s not true.”

“Nope.” He pops the P and opens his eyes, shifting his head to look at them. “Totally true. She thinks Imma bad, baaaaaaaaaaaaad boyfriend.”

“Now, why would she think that? Meryl loves you.”

“ ‘Cause she thinks I don’t wanna marry her.” Maks suddenly lifts his upper body up off the floor and grabs her on the upper arms, his eyes wide. “But ‘s not true, Janel. You hafta believe me.”

“Of course I believe you, Maks.”

“Yeah?” She nods and smiles at him and his whole body relaxes and leans into her, like it was just waiting for one person to confirm that he isn’t a complete nutbag.

His hands start climbing up her arms, toward her shoulders, using her body for leverage to lift himself a little further off the ground so he can sit and not fall over (he hasn’t seen Maks this drunk in a while). But his hands are getting a little too close to Janel’s tits for Val’s comfort so he says, “Hey! Брат (brother)! Hands off the merchandise.”

Seriously. Dude’s his brother, but that shit is non-negotiable.

Janel glares at him and purses her lips, but even as fucked up as he is, Maks still has the sense to take his hands off Val’s girl.

That’s right. Dude knows what’s up.

Val says, “So what’s the problem? If you wanna marry her, just ask her. Not like she’s gonna say no to you.”

Maks keeps his eyes on Janel and says, “I’ve tried!”

She says, “Have you?”

“Yeah! Or…sorta.” He groans and squeezes his eyes shut briefly. “I’ve come up with plans, you know? Lots and lots of…plans. But none of ‘em are good enough for Mer. She’s so…awesome.”

Janel smiles at him. “She is.”

"Right? She is. And she deserves the best proposal ever in the history of…ever. So I can’t ask her to marry me ‘til I come up with the most awesome plan ever and all o’ my plans are crap. They’re crap, Janny.”

"Maks, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, okay?”

His eyes go wide and he looks up at her full of hope, like she holds all the answers to the universe or something. “Kay.”

“Most girls don’t care how elaborate their proposal is. They just want to be proposed to by a man they love, who they can see themselves spending the rest of their lives with.”


“Really. Tell you what…why don’t you get a good night’s sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, I will make you a large breakfast and you and I will sort this all out and come up with the best proposal possible for Meryl. She won’t say no, I guarantee it.”

Maks lunges forward and wraps her in a hug, catching her off guard. “Thanks, Janny! You’re the best.”

“Well, it’s the least I can do after I hit you with Val’s bat.”

Maks pulls back and furrows his brow. “What?”

Val stands up off the couch and says, “Nothing. Alright, can you stand up or do you need help?”

“I think I got-” He tries to stand but his legs won’t hold him and he falls back down to his butt. “I don’t got this.”

“Yeah. Obviously.” Val rolls his eyes and pulls Maks up off the ground. He wobbles around for a bit and Val stands behind him with his hands out, but he eventually manages to keep himself standing. “You good now?”

“Yeah. Yeah…’m good.”

“Good, ‘cause once you start movin’, you’re on your own.”

“Yeah, no…’m good.”

He starts to make his way down the hallway to the guest bedroom and Janel says, “Don’t you think we should follow him? Make sure he doesn’t injure himself?”

Val snorts. “No. Dude broke into our apartment at one in the morning and, one more time…scared the shit out of you. He’s already gotten all the help I’m willin’ to give him tonight.”

“Val, he didn’t break in, he’s our family. I’m sure he just used a key.”

“What key? Our parents have our only spares. And you really think he would have gone all the way over there to get it just so he could come to our place to collapse in the middle of our floor?”

She gasps. “You’re right! But how on earth did he break in? We have an excellent security system.”

They do. Her parents insisted on paying for it themselves. No price is too high to make sure their precious star is safe in the big city. “I’ve been tryin’ to tell you for years, baby. Dude’s a fuckin’ sneaky.”

They hear a boom and a thud from the guest bedroom, followed by a strained, “Sorry!…Sorry!” and Janel sighs and goes to help him while Val looks around the room, trying to figure out how Maks got in. One of their windows is cracked, but only a little, which means drunk as he is, he still tried to close the window after he fell through it. That’s something at least. Doesn’t mean they won’t be havin’ words tomorrow, though.

(Seriously…all it would have taken was one damn text to let Val know he needed a place to crash for the night. One damn text that would’ve saved Janel a shitload of worry.)

When he makes it to the guest bedroom, Janel is pulling a blanket over Maks. She looks over at Val and smiles and he smiles back and waits for her to finish. He crosses his arms and leans against the wall across from the bedroom, watching as she brushes the hair back from Maks’ forehead and switches off the lamp next to the bed.

(And no, that doesn’t stir up any thoughts of Janel putting their future kids to bed, tucking them in and kissing them goodnight. None at all.)

When she closes the door behind her gently, he says, “So…if most girls don’t care how elaborate their proposal is, does that mean I didn’t have to organize that flash mob in Central Park?”

She smiles and pats his chest with her left hand and before she can pull it away, he brings his hand up to cover it, fingers slotting between hers. She rises to the tips of her toes and leans in to kiss him.

“I said most girls, Valentin. Most girls.”