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Write On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]



Mr. Shue thought the girls should have a chance to do a performance when a few of the schools had a little ‘get together’. So, you, Brittany, Santana, Rachel and Tina decided to do a Fifth Harmony song. Quinn politely passed at the offer. Nervously, you play with your black off-the-shoulder shirt; matching collar snug around your neck. “Guys, I don’t know if I can do this…” you bite your lip, watching Sebastian straighten his striped tie from behind the curtain.

Santana smirks, fixing her tight knee-length black dress, already in her chair next to Brittany. A hand guides you and you straddle the back of your chair, squinting back at the small girl. “It’ll be fine, Y/N. Just do what we rehearsed.” Rachel grins, sitting down as the curtain opens. You gulp, noticing the Warbler’s lime green eyes are on you. “Pick up the pen, put it on the paper… Write on my skin, bring me to life…” she starts singing, letting the blond take over.

Brittany stands up with her girlfriend, running her hands down her black crop top, eyes closed as she hums. “Can’t start again, there ain’t no eraser. All of my flaws, you got them so right.” she moves around when Santana joins her in the bridge. “Everything is blank until you draw me, touching on my body like you know me…” they harmonize together perfectly.

Write on me…” you belt out, staring straight at Sebastian, standing up slowly. He leans forward, smirking up at you, winking. “Color outside the lines… Love the way you tear me up! Baby take your time…” you sing directly at him as the other girls join in. “Write on me….Give me some wings, I’ll fly, love the way you tear me up!I’ll never change my mind… Write on me, write on me…” you repeat.


Sebastian lies you down in the backseat of his mustang, hands roaming up your stomach as he smiles. “I think I’m gonna write on you tonight…” he muses, attaching his plump lips to your collarbone, pushing up your shirt. Gasping, you hook your fingers in the knot of his red and navy tie, undoing it. “You’re so beautiful, mon bebe…” he praises, tugging off your shirt.

His palms explore every possible place of your body; mouth following. Those long fingers pop the button of your black shorts, pulling them down your legs, along with your panties. You breathe his name, punctuating the French, knowing it drives him mad. He slips his blazer off, yanking his tie too, finally shimmying his trousers and boxers down to his knees.

Cradling your face in his large hand, the Warbler kisses you deeply, distracting you momentarily. A gasp of air exits you when he enters you and you arch your back against the sleek leather seat, pressing your boobs to his chest. Sebastian leaves hot, opened mouth kisses down your neck, rocking his hips with yours at a slow pace.

“I know your body so well…” he pants against your skin; hands gripping your hips, guiding you further into him. You card your fingers through his slicked back brown locks, yanking on them when you grind up. “You were thinking about me all night, weren’t you?” he smirks, green eyes darting to your face while he smacks your ass. You moan, nodding. “I was too…” he admits breathlessly, focusing back on thrusting.

Your stomach tightens and you pant, pulling at the back of his crisp white button down. “Sebastian…” you gulp, watching his eyelashes flutter at the sound of his name. “I-I’m s-so close… please.” you beg, shouting when he hits your g-spot as well as your ass.

Sebastian’s hair is messy, partly in his face, partly slicked with sweat. He thrusts, blunt nails indenting your hips, marking your skin. “Go ahead, babygirl.” he hums, feeling you cum around him, making him groan. His cum shoots out and he bites your neck harshly, sucking on it, creating a bright purple hickey.

When the both of you come back from your high, the Warbler pulls out, moving underneath your naked body. “Did I write on you enough?” he whispers in your ear, fingers mapping out the string of different shades of purple scattered across you.

“Yes. You can write on me anytime, Sebastian. I love you.” you say quietly, kissing the mole on his left cheek.

Forever LOLing at the idea that Sansa inherited her interest in fashion...

…from Catelyn.

Sansa’s POVs almost always begin with a description her carefully picked-out outfit. She also pays much mind to what others are wearing.

Catelyn details her own clothes maybe two or three times in the entire series. She also rarely go into what others are wearing*.

You know who does mentions what they’re wearing in nearly evey POV chapter? Ned.

You know who’s POV noted what exact shade of green Cersei was wearing when she arrived in Winterfell? Remembered the fine detail of the golden stags Renly liked to embroider in his capes and doublets? Explained to us the modest colours and small mockingbird pin that Littlefinger affects when Renly is teasing Baelish’s plain clothes when really the teasing should have been enough to illustrate that Littlefinger doesn’t like ostentatious clothes, but I guess the details and fabrics of court worth mentioning anyways? Fucking Ned.

Ned kinda thinks dismissively about showy dress, but he that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about fashion. His own personal taste is just more polished and subtle**, which serves the narrative function of highlighting the wasteful pomp of King’s Landing. Someone who doesn’t care about fashion period, probs wouldn’t have noted these differences at all.

Sansa totes inherited her fashinonista ways from Ned, guys.

*[aside: tbh the only time I explicitly remember Cat going into detail about others’ clothes is when meeting Roslin Frey, whom she notes is wearing a fine light blue and delicate lacey dress. You could argue she only even noted this for practical reasons; Roslin is marrying her brother politically and Cat is instantly measuring the Frey’s motives behind this by assesing how well they’ve bothered to present the bride. Cat is actually far more ‘meh’ of the trappings of traditional noblewoman-dom than we give her credit for: she’s not snobby or uncomfortable talking to smallfolk, getting upset at Edmure for not remembering the name of the old village woman who gave them treats as kids. She directly challenges Robb for unconsciously thinking that daughter are less important than sons. In AGOT, she’s all 'fuck modesty’ when walking naked around Maester Luwin (I mean, he delivered all her babies, he’s seen it all so what’s the point of airs???). long aside done]

**(I remember a lotta greys and silvers, but with nifty capes and belts. Smoky chic, ned!)


Alright, Clue Crew, here it is- the villain ranking nobody asked for!  This was harder than expected, and I tried to make a logical way of ordering things, but who am I to judge who was the best ne’er-do-well?  If you have any questions about my ranking, want an explanation, or just want to yell at me, shoot me an ask.  


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i never really got that impression. whether she intended it or not, her spiel about taking the war to homeworld seemed to imply there would have to be casualities on all levels. the stone statues she was shattering looked a little too much on the level of quartz soldiers, and she seemed ready to shatter steven at the end of their battle. 

also the diamonds are gems, and just personally, i think i agree with rose in at least the regard that shattering gems, even the diamonds, isnt the best course of action. 

early morning sunlighta mix to wake up to and breathe easy

01. You Are Enough - Sleeping at Last
02. Promise - Ben Howard
03. Man on Fire - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
04. Beautiful Day - Joshua Radin
05. She's Got You High - Mumm-ra
06. Flaws (Acoustic) - Bastille
07. Home - Gabrielle Aplin
08. Don't Find Another Love - Tegan and Sara
09. When We First Met - hellogoodbye
10. Chocolate (Acoustic) - The 1976
11. Ends of the Earth - Lord Huron
12. I Wanna Go - Tuna
13. Give Up the Ghost - Rosi Golan
14. Old Pine - Ben Howard
15. Can't Help Falling in Love With You - Fleet Foxes
16. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Good Kitty Joker x Reader

A/N: This is part two of I know it’s three in the morning but I can’t find my cat, since some requested this. Hope you guys had a great New Years!

Y/N stuck out her tongue and tasted the sauce she made, immediately scrunching her face up in disgust.
“Oh, that’s bad. That’s really bad. Floyd!” She called her cat, knowing he wouldn’t mind the taste. He came around the corner and hopped up on the counter. She smiled at him and then did a double take when she saw what he had clasped between his jaws.
“Floyd! You’re gonna get shot, I swear.” She grabbed the fabric he held and her eyes widened. It was a man’s underwear, purple silk with intricate stitching, a J in the middle.
“Mr.J. Floyd if he doesn’t kill you, I will.” She knew she wasn’t going to walk up there with his underwear in hand, so she wouldn’t say anything. At least it was recently washed, he must have just left it out to dry. To her amazement he was still living in that crappy apartment, even though she knew he had another place fit for a king. They were a nice pair of underwear though. Too nice to throw out.
Later she went to sleep, only to be woken up in the middle of the night by knocking on her door. She blindly fumbled for her pants, only sleeping in her underwear and a shirt. When she slipped them on she ran to the door, hurriedly opening it. She was met with the sight of Mr. J. Does this man ever sleep?
“Um, Mr.J? What do you- what do you need?”
His eyes stayed on hers until they drifted down her body, his glare coming to rest on her eyes again. She was confused until his eyes glanced at her crotch again, and she looked down. Floyd must have put J’s underwear next to her bed, because in her exhausted state she put them on.
“Fuck.” Was all she could say as she slammed the door. When she realized what she done, she swore again. She only made it more suspicious, when she should have explained. Her brow furrowed in confusion as her doorknob jiggled, twisted, and then opened. He flung the door open and looked her up and down again.
“ I can explain. Look, my-my cat brought your, um, panties-UNDERWEAR-your underwear, to my house. I was going to return them, but-but I decided to do it tomorrow-today? And I-”
“Take them off.”
“Of course! Of course-” She started towards her room until he held up his hand.
“Take. Them. Off.” Her mouth opened and closed, but eventually did as she was told, leaving her in her boy short panties. He nodded, grabbed his underwear and left. Then he opened the door a second later and said, “You might want to invest in a new lock.”  

“Uhh, you broke my door?” His response was to slam the already broken door and she sighed.

The next morning she saw her cat trying to get in the window, a large piece of paper in it’s mouth.

“Aw no, Floyd.” She whined and grabbed the paper from his jaws and shut her window after he was in. They looked like blueprints for a building, with scribbles, that she assumed was writing, all over it.

A day later she sat down at her table and sipped her coffee as she deciphered them, and she even made her own markings, pointing out the flaws in the plans.

Is there guards there? There’s also the matter of shifts.You should wait until they switch off. Aren’t you forgetting the Bat? Your pilates may have done you good, but he’s stronger, taller, faster. Are you trying to get killed?

Her head snapped up at the knock at the door, and she scribbled one last note before rushing towards the door. When she opened it she saw J standing there, Floyd tucked under his arm. Both him and the cat looked grumpy. Floyd let out an unhappy ‘meow’ and she couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of their similarities.

“Hi.” J’s eyes focused as if seeing her for the first time.

“Hi.” He held Floyd out to her. “For you.”

“Oh! Yeah, same.” She took the cat and held the prints out to J. His eyes narrowed and she smiled as if she hasn’t been reading his evil schemes like the morning paper. He took them, eyeing the teeth marks at the bottom.

“Thank you.” She gave him a cheery smile and let her cat down, who immediately ran back to J.

“Mr.J, would you like some coffee?” J looked down at the cat that was now rubbing itself on his legs. “Oh, I’m sorry. Floyd!” She knelt down to pick up the cat, who now retreated behind the Joker. J shifted when Y/N reached between his legs to grab him. Realizing what she did, she came up fast, her head brushing against the fabric of his pants. In shock she jerked her head up and he let out a soft grunt. She was mortified, her face as red as a tomato and she was sure she just saw Floyd roll his eyes. Mr.J had an amused smile on his face, but he fortunately didn’t make a comment.

“Uh-I-uh, see you later.” She mumbled and slammed the door in his face, still in shock that she had just headbutted the Clown Prince of Crime in the crotch.

J smiled as he looked over the plans, taking in every note, and noticing how her elaborate handwriting became messy the more she got involved with the plan. Her notes were useful, pointing out flaws that he was too tired to notice, or things that he thought could be dealt with only to realize how risky that would be as she gave examples. The last note on the page made him feel something he didn’t like, and it made him growl. His chest twisted uncomfortably as his scowl darkened.

Be careful.

“Frost.” J called, rubbing a hand over his face. “I need you to take care of something. I need you to kill-” A meow cut him off and he glanced over at his bed. There Floyd sat, purring softly. J growled and walked over, aggressively rubbing the cat on his head.

“Her food that bad?” The cat nuzzled against him and he noticed Floyd dropped something on his lap.

“HA!” J guffawed, picking up the silk red panties. He praised Floyd, making sure to scratch behind his ears.

“Good kitty.”

Post Season One Character Analysis: Amethyst

Loud-mouthed and brash, the funny man with a tragic past, Amethyst is my favourite purple gremlin. She starts the season as the comedic relief; she has funny one-liners, throws playful jabs at her peers, breaks out into dance now and then, and is generally very laid back and carefree. Amethyst serves both as an older-sister role to Steven as well as the foil to Pearl, but as the season progresses we find that there’s more to her than goofs and gaffs.

It’s not until “Tiger Millionaire” that we start to see any depth to Amethyst’s character. Always treated as the immature baby of the group, Amethyst channels those frustrations into a wrestling career, arguably a constructive focus of her negative emotions. It’s here that we first get a glimpse of her self-image issues, but it’s not until much later that we see the full extent of her insecurity.

From early season 1 to later on, Amethyst doesn’t get much explicit development. What we do see, though, is how well she and Steven play off of one another, although this development is subtle and almost glossed over. “Indirect Kiss” may be the most forward example, but others include small moments - for example, in “House Guest,” when Steven loses his healing abilities, Amethyst is the only one to take a moment to console him and reassure him. In “The Return,” Amethyst is the one who is genuinely happy Steven decided to return. In “Alone Together,” as Pearl is trying to get Steven to take fusion dance practice seriously, he and Amethyst are giggling and have a good time together - they’re more in sync in that moment than they would be if they stuck to the regimen Pearl is pushing. Not to mention that Amethyst and Steven were both made here on Earth, and Amethyst has a more natural connection to humanity than any of our gems so far. I foresee Amethyst and Steven being driving forces for one another; they can both offer each other unique support that no one else can.

It’s not until “On the Run” that we see the full extent of Amethyst’s insecurity and self-loathing. She has a tendency to bottle up her emotions, allowing the pressure to build, allowing everything to stew and fester, until it eventually becomes too much and everything spews everywhere, creating a huge mess. Amethyst spends a good deal of her energy building up walls and using jokes and off-colour comments as defensive tactics, being very careful not to let anyone get too close. The fortress she’s built isn’t very strong, though, and once it crumbles it crumbles hard, and when Amethyst is vulnerable, she’s vulernable. Returning to the Kindergarten is the catalyst that sets everything off. Amethyst has a deep-seated hatred for things that she cannot change: she has trouble separating the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her “birth” from her own personal identity, and fails to realize that the cruel intent of the Kindergarten does not define her. In her eyes, if the Kindergarten is bad, then she must also be bad. Having the others (most notably Pearl, we’re led to believe) constantly paint the Kindergarten in a negative light only reinforces this belief in her. But I believe the Kindergarten is only one of several factors that contribute to her self-doubt.

Then “Maximum Capacity” comes along, and along with it the knowledge that Amethyst seeks out the approval of others to bandage her own feelings of poor self-worth. Rose was most likely a mother-figure to Amethyst, and when Greg came along, suddenly Amethyst had to share Rose’s attention with someone else. When Rose was gone, Amethyst found a close friend in Greg, and once again had someone giving her attention and approval; she and Greg used “Little Butler” as common ground to cope over their loss. But Greg was a father, and eventually his responsibilities to Steven probably drove a wedge between their relationship. Once again, Amethyst was sharing her attention with someone else, and Greg was to blame for it. After all, he stole Rose away in the first place - if it weren’t for him, none of this would have happened. So she lashed out against him, probably similarly to the way she lashed out when he insisted on leaving her for Steven. Is a cheap frame and an old photo enough to make up for what she did? No, but it’s a start. I doubt what happened that night will ever come up again, and that’s probably for the best - she acted in a moment of hurt and frustration, and while that’s no excuse for her actions, some stones are better left unturned. Hopefully she and Greg can put their issues aside and rekindle their friendship in a healthy manner.

A puny, overcooked runt, Amethyst is not the gem she was meant to be. From the short line we get here, we can infer that Amethyst took too long to grow - why is unclear, but it left her small and weak in comparison to what she should have been. And if the similarities between Amethyst and Jasper are anything to go by (similar hair, same Sonic spin dash attack), along with the fact that Amethyst, Jasper, and Rose are all types of quartzes (so I’ve been told), it’s not a far stretch to imagine that Amethyst is meant to be somewhere around Jasper’s size. I’m not sure if Amethyst is aware of this fact or not, but if so, it undoubtedly contributes to her issues of self-worth.

Moving forward, I hope Amethyst is able to confront her demons. I hope she’s able to start weening herself off the need for other’s approval and find it within herself to love who she is despite the her “flaws.” She’s got so much potential - the only thing holding her back is herself.

Phoebe Halliwell Defense Squad!

I’m not the only Charmed fan who still loves Phoebe, right? RIGHT?! ;) It’s true that during the second half of the series, the writers lost sight of a lot of the traits that made her uniquely lovable, but overall her strengths still outweigh her flaws for me and always will. Phoebe is actually a major reason why I fell for the show during those early seasons: her warmth, optimism, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, humor and compassion delighted and inspired me—and still do. Despite her flaws, she’s got a loving heart, an open and resourceful mind, and a strong spirit. Like and reblog if you, too, are still pro-Phoebe! And even if you’re not, thanks in advance for respecting that this is a Phoebe positivity post and not the place to trash her ;) xoxo  

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Today I want to rant about my favourite character of all times, Maki Harukawa. Yes, laugh at me as much as you want, but now listen. If you’re not willing to listen, don’t even bother and read this. I’m gonna defend Maki with everything I have. This will get long, so I’ll put it under cut.

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Zoe Ryder

(full name: Zoe Ellen Ryder; her brother is Zachary Harlow Ryder)

Combat Class: Sentinel (usually)

Personality Profile: Casual / Logical (increasingly Emotional in the late game)

Love Interest: Liam Kosta

Major Decisions: Did not destroy the facility on Voeld; saved the krogan scouts; supported Sloane Kelley; gave Remnant drive core to the krogan; nominated Moshae Sjefa as ambassador.

Zoe grew up precocious, competitive, and seeking to achieve, not least to acquire the paternal approval that she never quite got enough of, even though she also recognized her father’s flaws. His death was pretty devastating for her, nonetheless. Becoming Pathfinder was a shock to her, and she distinctly did not feel up to the task, but she was determined to do whatever she could to help.

To a significant extent in the early going, she regarded SAM as the important one, and herself as simply SAM’s carrier. She felt very uneasy about having so many decisions dumped on her, and she made a few decisions impulsively. Her confidence increased gradually, built up by her team’s confidence in her, and by demonstrated success. Once Prodromos was a going concern and an angaran alliance was developing, she started to feel a little more comfortable with her role. By the time they take Meridian, she actually feels relatively comfortable and confident as Pathfinder. Validation from her peers, teammates, mentors, and even the likes of Addison, who didn’t believe in her at first, helps dramatically to build up her belief in herself and her mission.

Zoe’s genuinely technically inclined and interested in science; she’s a little sorry she can’t spend more time trying to understand Remnant tech. Her biotics manifested along with the connection to SAM, and she had to work fairly hard to get an adequate degree of skill with them. She’s very protective of the angaran alliance and works hard to make sure that angaran territory and culture are respected by Nexus personnel. Zoe’s fairly idealistic – one of the reasons she and Liam are a good match – and genuinely committed to trying to create community for everyone. Her brand of humor doesn’t always sit well with everyone, but most of her allies have come to trust in her personal integrity and good intentions, at least.

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If you want to love a girl and she’s a blogger, read this:

If you are going to love her, prepare to be treated as a masterpiece. But before that, you are going to face a few struggles and it will teach you on how ti win her.

If you’re gonna love her, you should know first how to love thorns, storms and hurricanes. She’s far more than that but if you can’t learn how to love those, then how can you love her?

You see, she’s like a thorn in a rose. She’s maybe pretty and funny and lovable but she got her own flaws that adds to her charms. If you wanna love her, you should know how to hold a flower with thorns, because if you can’t, don’t start with her. You will only let the garden inside her die if you’re too weak to even hold a flower with thorns.

There will be times her attitude will change from 0 to a storm-like mood and I know gap is too big from zero but seriously, she can make you go crazy and annoyed but that’s how she shows her love for others. She’s used to people telling her how bad she is in everything so she act like a storm, she started acting like everything she touches get destroyed. Not knowing she is really a sunrise. An epitome of someone who is really worthy.

Lastly, you should know how to handle a hurricane because that definition is just ¼ of her, she’s more than these words, she’s more than these description.

If you are not brave enough, I repeat, if you are not brave enough, do not touch her. Do not make her fall for you because she do not deserve and she will never deserve a guy who got no guts.


You just don’t know you know it.

You can be just the way you are.
You don’t need to change anything.
Say what you want to say
Do what you want to do
Just be smiling by my side.
Marry me.

SQW day 3 - Falling off trees (Medical AU)

Hi Swen lovelies! Here’s my entry for day 3 of the Swan Queen Week, in which Regina is a pediatrician and Emma an EMT. As usual, I own nothing and I’m just having fun, blablabla.

I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing it :)

Emma Swan’s life was going pretty well at the moment. She loved her job as an EMT, she got along perfectly with her partner, she had loyal friends whose only flaw was that they all worked at the hospital, and most importantly, she had the world’s best girlfriend and unofficial stepson: Regina was an exceptional pediatrician and geneticist, with a strong personality and an unsuspectedly big heart, and Henry, eleven years old as of the previous weekend, was a smart, kind and overall great kid. Yes, life could hardly get any better for Emma, and she had been feeling so optimistic lately that she didn’t even want to think about her happiness derailing.

She was just walking out of the bathroom and on her way back to the break room to grab some coffee when David, her partner of two years now, came hurrying towards her and tossed her her jacket.

“We’ve got a call! A 5th grader fell during recess, looks like his arm’s broken, according to the teacher. She’s also worried about a commotion. Apparently the kid fell from a tree” David said the last part disbelievingly – what kid still climbs trees in this day and age? – and Emma nodded and followed him to their ambulance. She jumped in the passenger seat, leaving David to drive them to the school.

On their way, they exchanged a few pleasantries and jokes. David told her about his wife’s newfound obsession with getting pet birds, Emma laughed about Henry’s miserable attempt at sneakily staying up past his bedtime the previous weekend, and they complained about the shift schedule for the upcoming month. Emma was in the middle of laughing at one of David’s incredibly lousy impression of one of their coworker when she noticed the turn the ambulance took.

She felt her stomach dropping as they neared Henry’s school.

“Hey Emma, you okay? You’ve just gotten a couple shades paler.”

“It’s nothing, it’s just… It’s Henry’s school.” There was an instant of silence as David parked on the playground. “They haven’t mentioned any name, by any chance?”

“No. They just said…” David bit his lip and looked worried for a slight moment. “They just said ‘a boy’, but it doesn’t mean it’s him, Emma. There are plenty of other boys in 5th grade.”

David was right; there was no reason why Henry would be the injured kid. Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that had now taken over her mind.

Her fears were confirmed as she and David arrived where a few adults, including the school nurse, were gathered around a child-sized lump on the ground. She recognized Henry’s sneakers and his sweater and took off running towards him.

Emma heavily dropped to her knees by the little boy’s head. His eyes were closed and he looked in pain, but she was relieved to see he wasn’t covered in blood.

“Hey there, kid.”

His eyes snapped open and he had a small strained smile. “Emma.”

“Shhh, it’s okay, kid. Me and David are going to take care of you, okay?”

Henry nodded miserably. “It hurts, Emma.”

She could see he was trying to be brave and not openly cry on the playground, just a few feet away from all his friends. She signaled to David to go kneel on Henry’s other side, to block him from view. They completed the routine exam on Henry and quickly came to the conclusion that his left arm was broken, but he didn’t look to have a commotion. At this, Emma sighed in relief. David went to get the gurney as she explained Henry and his teacher that they would need to transport him to the hospital for x-rays. She squeezed Henry’s right hand in her own, and she briefly wondered who she was really trying to comfort.

The drive back to the hospital was uneventful. Emma rode in the back, never letting go of Henry’s uninjured hand, and David kept making his deplorable impressions to distract the little boy.

They were bringing Henry in through the ER when Emma’s stomach dropped for the second time that morning, as she heard a cry resonate through the room.

“Henry!!” Regina, who was always so calm and composed, sounded hysterical and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown right there in the middle of the ER. She ran towards her son and collided with Emma in the process. She didn’t even acknowledge it, rather focusing on her son.

“Oh, Henry! Oh, my poor baby. Your arm – how bad does it hurt? What about your head? Did Emma check you for head trauma? How did you fall from a tree? How high was it? What happened? Can you move at all? Don’t be scared, you’ll be fine. Oh, my little prince –”

Regina was now proceeding to smother him in kisses and flatten his hair on his head.

“Regina, we’ve booked him for an emergency x-ray… We have to take him” Emma gently whispered.

“Of course!” Regina seemed to snap out of her trance. “I’ll go with you –”

“Actually, Dr. Mills…” Mary Margaret, a nurse at the hospital and David’s wife, cleared her throat.  “We’ll need you to fill in some paperwork about Henry. I’m sorry.”

If looks could kill, Regina would probably have taken down everyone in the vicinity. She still surrendered and let her son go for the x-rays, to the condition that the radiologist personally showed them to her afterwards.

A couple hours later, Henry was laying on the couch at home, his left arm in a bright green cast and his mother lovingly stroking his hair. Regina had been allowed to leave work early, as it was clear she would not let her son out her sight for the rest of the day.

“You’re so brave, my little prince. I’m so proud of you, you didn’t even cry.”

“Mom, I’m eleven. I’m not a baby anymore” Henry protested weakly, though he was clearly enjoying the compliment.

“I’m still proud of you. And you’ll always be my little prince.”

Just as Regina was pressing a kiss to Henry’s forehead, Emma walked in the living room, having just arrived home from work.

“How’s my favorite chimpanzee?” She asked, dropping everything on the floor to go crouch by the boy. Henry shrugged and extended his hand to grab Emma’s. They stayed huddled like this for a few moments before Regina spoke again.

“Thank you for taking such good care of him, Emma. I’m sorry I freaked out earlier, it’s just – he’s…”

“Your little prince” Emma completed, nodding knowingly. “I know.” She turned to Henry before adding “You’re pretty lucky your mom loves you so much, right?”

Henry hummed in agreement. “I’m lucky to have both my moms, Emma.”

The statement brought tears to Emma’s eyes. It wasn’t the first time Henry said something about having two moms, but it still made her emotional every time. As she squeezed Henry’s hand and felt Regina rub her back, she wondered how she had gotten so blessed. Her life was actually going wonderfully right now.

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Akamatsu is basically a more well-written and implemented version of DR3!Nanami TBH.

I wouldn’t have thought of it, but that might be one of the better comparisons.

The two (arguably) biggest problems with DR3′s Chiaki was that she got way to much focus and DR3 glossed over/corrected any flaws while bloating her positive traits. With Kaede, it makes sense if she’s a little too focused on - you watching the story through her eye so she has to be in every important scene. And due to her talent, she dosn’t have the same room for being ‘overpowered’ with good traits (fighting games so can fight, puzzle games to be smart, murder mystery games for being good at solving murders).

I think the big difference is how the cast treats them: With Kaede the characters and the story aren’t afraid to occasionally make her look silly or poke fun at her. Chiaki is only bad-ass/cool, sympathetic, inspiring, or cute/sweet. And not everyone like Kaede - Ouma cracks jokes at her expense like he does with everyone and people like Maki are still aloof with her. With Chiaki cruel people like Kuzuryu become friendly and loners like Gundam are willing to let her in.

Somebody at @dr3discourse submitted this I and thought it was a great comparison:

For the ‘Chiaki is a sue’ debate, look at Komaru. She’s nice, but can be selfish/cowardly / Chi unites everyone devotedly. K’s design is nice but plain / Chi is waifu bait. K’s hopeful but hope isn’t her talent so she only can do so much / Chi inspires people with words even though she’s supposed to be an introvert. K saves the day in a kind-of-silly way but it is built up to make as much sense as it can and does it with help. Chi’s noble death that is the most important event in the plot. See?

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NAME: Courtney
GENDER: Female.
HAIR COLOR: Blond (mostly with currently some pink, purple and blue thrown in my undertone but that’s going away very soon).
FAVORITE COLOR: shades of pink
FAVORITE SEASON: spring/summer since it’s basically the same thing in North Carolina
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Ehhhh - Halloween or Christmas
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Pokemon Go since it’s all I play. That counts right?
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: Milady is equal parts badass female, victim of an unjust world (i.e. writers who ruin shows) and sassy shit. I could give you a 100 page write up if I felt like it explain why she got screwed and every flaw in her character and every advantage and why she was the dare I say it - the best female in the gdmf show but I won’t bore you. Milady is Queen is all you need to know.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: Threads that allow for character development and headcanons to be crafted. I love good angst and heartbreak.
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?:  I wouldn’t say I am. I’d roleplay with just about anyone so long as I have time to figure out how the two characters could relate.
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?:  A friend who had started watching the Musketeers went “hey, there’s this character in this show I think you’d be great at roleplaying” and shit has never been the same since.


Because I
have chipped nails
and messy hair..
I’m aware I cannot compare.
She has an innocent laugh
and I’ve got pitiful eyes.
I have flaws
that run deep
while she is seemingly perfect
I am reminded
I cannot compete.
—  Savannah Black
Liar, Liar

So I wrote a thing. A one shot about post 700 NaruSaku. Just a heads up it’s not exactly a happy ending and it’s not exactly an affair fic. I don’t know how I feel about doing a full blown affair fic but I am more intrigued than I was before. Anyway if you read it let me know what you think

Its not something he wants to acknowledge. The implications are troubling but its too obvious to ignore. Here she is sitting across the table from him, many things at once a woman in her mid-thirties, a ninja, a wife, a medic, a mother.,,,,

And beautiful to him, still, after all these years

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