she's got no flaws

anyways i’m tired of ppl complaining about how selfish/hypocritical/aloof bluestar is in BP and how the erins should have wrote her “this way” instead to make her more sympathetic with the audience like girl!!! the erins wrote her like that in BP as foreshadowing!!!! how are u all so blind 

Forever LOLing at the idea that Sansa inherited her interest in fashion...

…from Catelyn.

Sansa’s POVs almost always begin with a description her carefully picked-out outfit. She also pays much mind to what others are wearing.

Catelyn details her own clothes maybe two or three times in the entire series. She also rarely go into what others are wearing*.

You know who does mentions what they’re wearing in nearly evey POV chapter? Ned.

You know who’s POV noted what exact shade of green Cersei was wearing when she arrived in Winterfell? Remembered the fine detail of the golden stags Renly liked to embroider in his capes and doublets? Explained to us the modest colours and small mockingbird pin that Littlefinger affects when Renly is teasing Baelish’s plain clothes when really the teasing should have been enough to illustrate that Littlefinger doesn’t like ostentatious clothes, but I guess the details and fabrics of court worth mentioning anyways? Fucking Ned.

Ned kinda thinks dismissively about showy dress, but he that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about fashion. His own personal taste is just more polished and subtle**, which serves the narrative function of highlighting the wasteful pomp of King’s Landing. Someone who doesn’t care about fashion period, probs wouldn’t have noted these differences at all.

Sansa totes inherited her fashinonista ways from Ned, guys.

*[aside: tbh the only time I explicitly remember Cat going into detail about others’ clothes is when meeting Roslin Frey, whom she notes is wearing a fine light blue and delicate lacey dress. You could argue she only even noted this for practical reasons; Roslin is marrying her brother politically and Cat is instantly measuring the Frey’s motives behind this by assesing how well they’ve bothered to present the bride. Cat is actually far more ‘meh’ of the trappings of traditional noblewoman-dom than we give her credit for: she’s not snobby or uncomfortable talking to smallfolk, getting upset at Edmure for not remembering the name of the old village woman who gave them treats as kids. She directly challenges Robb for unconsciously thinking that daughter are less important than sons. In AGOT, she’s all 'fuck modesty’ when walking naked around Maester Luwin (I mean, he delivered all her babies, he’s seen it all so what’s the point of airs???). long aside done]

**(I remember a lotta greys and silvers, but with nifty capes and belts. Smoky chic, ned!)

boyyy it still amazes me how much kat loves adena, it’s actually unreal. this girl is ready to show up in the middle of the night, giving the most romantic speech - confessing her feelings, punching dudes to protect her bby, she’s willing to spend thousands of dollars to see adena, she’s ready to enter a real relationship even though she’s terrified of commitment, she’s willing to leave everything behind for adena???? kat legit treats adena like a princess 😭 kat is the best gf you could ask for. I hope adena is aware of what an amazing girlfriend she has!!! I expect adena to be the first one to say those 3 words in the finale because kat really deserves to hear them!!

One thing that ocurred to me as another reason to love the writing in MHA is

Bakugou has a bunch of attitude and emotional issues, he’s definitely a Problem Child. While his parents are far from perfect, they are clearly well intentioned and care about their son. He doesn’t have a troubled past at all, he had a normal childhood.

Meanwhile Todoroki is a very polite if aloof person, he’s well behaved and well regarded. While of course he absolutely has struggles, he doesn’t make problems for others, and HE is the one from an unsupportive abusive household, HE is the one with a troubled past.

Like so often you see in these series this Broody, Mean Jerk who then gets his behavior excused because he SUFFERED SO MUCH and had such a TRAGIC PAST. Especially by the fandom, but also often by the narrative. Having bad things happen to you doesn’t have to turn you into a jerk, it’s not an EXCUSE for being a jerk, people are way more complicated and resilient than that. They’re both absolutely troubled kids but in wildly different ways for wildly different reasons.

I don’t really have a cohesive thought here, I just really love how much care is put into these kids and the ways they’re growing over the course of this series because growing and changing is what teenagers DO.

anonymous asked:

One thing I don't get is how Lily took James word so easily against Snape's. The thing I got was that she thought he was stupidly sneaking around and James saved him from the goodness of his heart. She knows James bullies people and that he's a braggart. Why didn't she say "Sev, Potter was going on about how he saved you from something? What happened? Are you okay?" She was ready to believe the worst of him and was influenced by her house. People don't want to believe it but she had her flaws.

I’ve got to be honest, this is the thing that I find really difficult to deal with when it comes to the Potter series; I think I’ve written about it a few times before.

To be clear, this is not criticism of Lily for not continuing to be friends with Severus - it is more an investigation of ‘what was their status as friends’ during their years as friends.

I am uncertain as to how deep the friendship between Lily and Severus was.  I think it’s plausible to argue that it was very strong, and perhaps waned over the years as they drifted apart whilst at Hogwarts.  Equally, I think it’s also possible to argue that it was convenience, and Severus’ actions were a perfect excuse for Lily to finally wash her hands of him.

I think there are several other very plausible readings of their friendship - but the only one that I give zero credence to is the one we see in canon, where Lily reassures Severus that they are indeed best friends…because in that very scene, Lily proves that they’re not.

Of course, it is important to recognise and appreciate that by this point in canon, Severus was already behaving in a way that was causing Lily concern.  I think that no matter how strong their friendship had been previously, she was bothered by the people he was apparently socialising with, and given the way Severus throws the Marauders back at her as a retort, it seems that he probably felt the same about her.  It is clear that from both sides, they are being affected and led by others in their house.  By Snape’s Worst Memory, Severus has been using slurs to refer to Muggleborns and in this scene itself, we see that Lily has sided with James’ version of events.

As you say in your ask, and it’s something I’ve lamented before, I do not understand Lily’s reaction to the werewolf incident.  Importantly, it is very plausible that Severus didn’t explain to Lily the depth of how the Marauders were bullying him - it’s perhaps logical to think that she only knew that James et al were generally troublemakers, and she didn’t know that the extent of their behaviour towards Severus.  …because Lily berates Severus for not being grateful that his bully saved him from ‘whatever’s down there’ by the Whomping Willow.

Something doesn’t quite add up.  If that was my best friend, I wouldn’t have waited a few days to catch up with him to see if he was ok.  I wouldn’t berate him not being grateful at being saved; I would’ve been concerned about his health and wellbeing.  …if that was my best friend, I would’ve been asking him for his version of events, and not relying on information from people I know he - at best! - dislikes.

The fact that Lily does none of that suggests to me that they’re not best friends at all, despite her early platitudes.  She has already pitched her wagon to Gryffindor and James by taking his version of events as gospel.  In itself, that’s not a crime.  It is, perhaps, unfortunate that she does so in the same conversation where she assures Severus that she’s his best friend, because her actions speak louder than words.  Of course, what’s most pitiful of all is that Severus doesn’t seem to register any of this - he has so few frames of reference for friendship, love and appreciation that he doesn’t seem to question Lily’s reaction and see it for what it was.

Lily didn’t have to be Severus’ friend; when you’re friends with someone, it doesn’t mean a lifelong commitment to be their friend forever, and I think given the circumstances (the background of war, the rise of the Death Eater rhetoric, the animosity between Gryffindor and Slytherin), their friendship didn’t have a chance.

However, all that considered, I think that whilst it’s important to recognise that Severus’ behaviour wasn’t stellar and Lily was within her rights to call the friendship off, it’s equally important to recognise that Lily’s own behaviour was hardly wonderful - it’s just that Severus has no grounding to recognise it, and be able to call her on it.

Best friends?  Quite possibly in the past.  
At that point in time?  Most definitely not.

Write On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]



Mr. Shue thought the girls should have a chance to do a performance when a few of the schools had a little ‘get together’. So, you, Brittany, Santana, Rachel and Tina decided to do a Fifth Harmony song. Quinn politely passed at the offer. Nervously, you play with your black off-the-shoulder shirt; matching collar snug around your neck. “Guys, I don’t know if I can do this…” you bite your lip, watching Sebastian straighten his striped tie from behind the curtain.

Santana smirks, fixing her tight knee-length black dress, already in her chair next to Brittany. A hand guides you and you straddle the back of your chair, squinting back at the small girl. “It’ll be fine, Y/N. Just do what we rehearsed.” Rachel grins, sitting down as the curtain opens. You gulp, noticing the Warbler’s lime green eyes are on you. “Pick up the pen, put it on the paper… Write on my skin, bring me to life…” she starts singing, letting the blond take over.

Brittany stands up with her girlfriend, running her hands down her black crop top, eyes closed as she hums. “Can’t start again, there ain’t no eraser. All of my flaws, you got them so right.” she moves around when Santana joins her in the bridge. “Everything is blank until you draw me, touching on my body like you know me…” they harmonize together perfectly.

Write on me…” you belt out, staring straight at Sebastian, standing up slowly. He leans forward, smirking up at you, winking. “Color outside the lines… Love the way you tear me up! Baby take your time…” you sing directly at him as the other girls join in. “Write on me….Give me some wings, I’ll fly, love the way you tear me up!I’ll never change my mind… Write on me, write on me…” you repeat.


Sebastian lies you down in the backseat of his mustang, hands roaming up your stomach as he smiles. “I think I’m gonna write on you tonight…” he muses, attaching his plump lips to your collarbone, pushing up your shirt. Gasping, you hook your fingers in the knot of his red and navy tie, undoing it. “You’re so beautiful, mon bebe…” he praises, tugging off your shirt.

His palms explore every possible place of your body; mouth following. Those long fingers pop the button of your black shorts, pulling them down your legs, along with your panties. You breathe his name, punctuating the French, knowing it drives him mad. He slips his blazer off, yanking his tie too, finally shimmying his trousers and boxers down to his knees.

Cradling your face in his large hand, the Warbler kisses you deeply, distracting you momentarily. A gasp of air exits you when he enters you and you arch your back against the sleek leather seat, pressing your boobs to his chest. Sebastian leaves hot, opened mouth kisses down your neck, rocking his hips with yours at a slow pace.

“I know your body so well…” he pants against your skin; hands gripping your hips, guiding you further into him. You card your fingers through his slicked back brown locks, yanking on them when you grind up. “You were thinking about me all night, weren’t you?” he smirks, green eyes darting to your face while he smacks your ass. You moan, nodding. “I was too…” he admits breathlessly, focusing back on thrusting.

Your stomach tightens and you pant, pulling at the back of his crisp white button down. “Sebastian…” you gulp, watching his eyelashes flutter at the sound of his name. “I-I’m s-so close… please.” you beg, shouting when he hits your g-spot as well as your ass.

Sebastian’s hair is messy, partly in his face, partly slicked with sweat. He thrusts, blunt nails indenting your hips, marking your skin. “Go ahead, babygirl.” he hums, feeling you cum around him, making him groan. His cum shoots out and he bites your neck harshly, sucking on it, creating a bright purple hickey.

When the both of you come back from your high, the Warbler pulls out, moving underneath your naked body. “Did I write on you enough?” he whispers in your ear, fingers mapping out the string of different shades of purple scattered across you.

“Yes. You can write on me anytime, Sebastian. I love you.” you say quietly, kissing the mole on his left cheek.

OK, Game of Thrones does have a lot of terrible writing, but the degree of vitriol directed toward Dany and the show for “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms and I will” seems a bit over the top. There is more than one way to interpret that line, and I do not believe it was ever intended to be interpreted as “I was born to inherit the seven kingdoms”. That’s obviously wrong, Viserys came before her, and Dany knew it.

My interpretation of that line from the moment I heard it was along the lines of I was made for this, as in I was born for this moment, “I was born to rule.” I know Benioff and Weiss don’t do themes (themes are for 8th grade book reports according to them, sigh), but there has been a emphasis on show!Dany being the one fit to rule according to people on the show, with Jorah and his “you would not only be feared, but loved” and Varys with his “a ruler stronger than Tommen, gentler than Stannis, loved by millions etc. etc..”

This line isn’t all that bad, it fits with what came before it on the show, it fits with show!Dany, and I can think of far worse lines to get worked up over than this.

early morning sunlighta mix to wake up to and breathe easy

01. You Are Enough - Sleeping at Last
02. Promise - Ben Howard
03. Man on Fire - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
04. Beautiful Day - Joshua Radin
05. She's Got You High - Mumm-ra
06. Flaws (Acoustic) - Bastille
07. Home - Gabrielle Aplin
08. Don't Find Another Love - Tegan and Sara
09. When We First Met - hellogoodbye
10. Chocolate (Acoustic) - The 1976
11. Ends of the Earth - Lord Huron
12. I Wanna Go - Tuna
13. Give Up the Ghost - Rosi Golan
14. Old Pine - Ben Howard
15. Can't Help Falling in Love With You - Fleet Foxes
16. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

30-Day Kill la Kill Challenge
Day 1: Ryuko, Satsuki, or Mako?


You just don’t know you know it.

Good Kitty Joker x Reader

A/N: This is part two of I know it’s three in the morning but I can’t find my cat, since some requested this. Hope you guys had a great New Years!

Y/N stuck out her tongue and tasted the sauce she made, immediately scrunching her face up in disgust.
“Oh, that’s bad. That’s really bad. Floyd!” She called her cat, knowing he wouldn’t mind the taste. He came around the corner and hopped up on the counter. She smiled at him and then did a double take when she saw what he had clasped between his jaws.
“Floyd! You’re gonna get shot, I swear.” She grabbed the fabric he held and her eyes widened. It was a man’s underwear, purple silk with intricate stitching, a J in the middle.
“Mr.J. Floyd if he doesn’t kill you, I will.” She knew she wasn’t going to walk up there with his underwear in hand, so she wouldn’t say anything. At least it was recently washed, he must have just left it out to dry. To her amazement he was still living in that crappy apartment, even though she knew he had another place fit for a king. They were a nice pair of underwear though. Too nice to throw out.
Later she went to sleep, only to be woken up in the middle of the night by knocking on her door. She blindly fumbled for her pants, only sleeping in her underwear and a shirt. When she slipped them on she ran to the door, hurriedly opening it. She was met with the sight of Mr. J. Does this man ever sleep?
“Um, Mr.J? What do you- what do you need?”
His eyes stayed on hers until they drifted down her body, his glare coming to rest on her eyes again. She was confused until his eyes glanced at her crotch again, and she looked down. Floyd must have put J’s underwear next to her bed, because in her exhausted state she put them on.
“Fuck.” Was all she could say as she slammed the door. When she realized what she done, she swore again. She only made it more suspicious, when she should have explained. Her brow furrowed in confusion as her doorknob jiggled, twisted, and then opened. He flung the door open and looked her up and down again.
“ I can explain. Look, my-my cat brought your, um, panties-UNDERWEAR-your underwear, to my house. I was going to return them, but-but I decided to do it tomorrow-today? And I-”
“Take them off.”
“Of course! Of course-” She started towards her room until he held up his hand.
“Take. Them. Off.” Her mouth opened and closed, but eventually did as she was told, leaving her in her boy short panties. He nodded, grabbed his underwear and left. Then he opened the door a second later and said, “You might want to invest in a new lock.”  

“Uhh, you broke my door?” His response was to slam the already broken door and she sighed.

The next morning she saw her cat trying to get in the window, a large piece of paper in it’s mouth.

“Aw no, Floyd.” She whined and grabbed the paper from his jaws and shut her window after he was in. They looked like blueprints for a building, with scribbles, that she assumed was writing, all over it.

A day later she sat down at her table and sipped her coffee as she deciphered them, and she even made her own markings, pointing out the flaws in the plans.

Is there guards there? There’s also the matter of shifts.You should wait until they switch off. Aren’t you forgetting the Bat? Your pilates may have done you good, but he’s stronger, taller, faster. Are you trying to get killed?

Her head snapped up at the knock at the door, and she scribbled one last note before rushing towards the door. When she opened it she saw J standing there, Floyd tucked under his arm. Both him and the cat looked grumpy. Floyd let out an unhappy ‘meow’ and she couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of their similarities.

“Hi.” J’s eyes focused as if seeing her for the first time.

“Hi.” He held Floyd out to her. “For you.”

“Oh! Yeah, same.” She took the cat and held the prints out to J. His eyes narrowed and she smiled as if she hasn’t been reading his evil schemes like the morning paper. He took them, eyeing the teeth marks at the bottom.

“Thank you.” She gave him a cheery smile and let her cat down, who immediately ran back to J.

“Mr.J, would you like some coffee?” J looked down at the cat that was now rubbing itself on his legs. “Oh, I’m sorry. Floyd!” She knelt down to pick up the cat, who now retreated behind the Joker. J shifted when Y/N reached between his legs to grab him. Realizing what she did, she came up fast, her head brushing against the fabric of his pants. In shock she jerked her head up and he let out a soft grunt. She was mortified, her face as red as a tomato and she was sure she just saw Floyd roll his eyes. Mr.J had an amused smile on his face, but he fortunately didn’t make a comment.

“Uh-I-uh, see you later.” She mumbled and slammed the door in his face, still in shock that she had just headbutted the Clown Prince of Crime in the crotch.

J smiled as he looked over the plans, taking in every note, and noticing how her elaborate handwriting became messy the more she got involved with the plan. Her notes were useful, pointing out flaws that he was too tired to notice, or things that he thought could be dealt with only to realize how risky that would be as she gave examples. The last note on the page made him feel something he didn’t like, and it made him growl. His chest twisted uncomfortably as his scowl darkened.

Be careful.

“Frost.” J called, rubbing a hand over his face. “I need you to take care of something. I need you to kill-” A meow cut him off and he glanced over at his bed. There Floyd sat, purring softly. J growled and walked over, aggressively rubbing the cat on his head.

“Her food that bad?” The cat nuzzled against him and he noticed Floyd dropped something on his lap.

“HA!” J guffawed, picking up the silk red panties. He praised Floyd, making sure to scratch behind his ears.

“Good kitty.”


Alright, Clue Crew, here it is- the villain ranking nobody asked for!  This was harder than expected, and I tried to make a logical way of ordering things, but who am I to judge who was the best ne’er-do-well?  If you have any questions about my ranking, want an explanation, or just want to yell at me, shoot me an ask.  


33. SCK- Mitch Dillon

Do I remember much about this guy? No, no I do not.  I remember that he was a drug dealer and wasn’t in most of the game, so I never felt anything towards him.  That being said, he did kill a high school student, so I wouldn’t mess with him.  As far as character development goes, I give him an F.  Sorry not sorry Mitch.

32. MED- Sonny Joon? Or Kiri??? Who tf knows???

The real culprits of MED are the people who thought this game was a good idea.  All jokes aside, I don’t know if I want to list Sonny Joon as a villain, because he’s been such a cool character that has reappeared (but never actually appeared) throughout the games.  I don’t like how they introduced him- a game show?  Really?  It sounds fun in theory, but it doesn’t logically lead to finding that Annunaki shit he was looking for, in my mind at least.  He could have easily found Nancy (they have enough mutual friends by now) and been like “Hey what’s up hello I wanna find this shit help me out”.  Anyway, I think his character design for the game was sloppy- they spent so much time hyping this guy up over the course of the games, and then we meet this purple-haired guy who only speaks in riddles that try to make him sound edgy?  That’s like half of the people on tumblr (no offense to tumblr lol).  This game lowkey pisses me off, and they could do better with Sonny’s character.  As for Kiri, she was just kinda there until the end when she was like “lol okay i’ll be the bad guy in this competition” no thanks.

31. SCK: R- Detective Beech

I was hesitant to put this game into the mix, but it’s only fair, because it has a different ending than the original SCK.  Detective Beech seemed weird from the get-go, but I wasn’t ready for him to pull a fucking gun on Nancy.  And if you choose the wrong things, he will legitimately kill you, and it’s extreme.  It was cool that they changed the ending, but let’s get real here, when they said there would be a different ending and then Detective Beech showed up, did anyone not think “yeah it’ll probably be him”.  There were enough turns to get me to doubt a bit, but it was pretty obvious.  So, yeah, points for pulling a gun on Nancy, deductions for being obvious.

30. TRT- Lisa Ostrum

Oh, Lisa- what a chatty character.  She literally never shuts up in the final tower scene, and then decides to momentarily incapacitate Nancy for her big escape instead of trying something more permanent.  That pepper spray had the most extra name ever, like you could have just said “pepper spray” to get the message across.  Also- since everyone is snowed in, she wouldn’t have anywhere to go once she got away.  Flawed plan aside, she always bugged me.  Sorry Lisa, take your catchphrases and bobblehead somewhere else.

29. CLK- Jane Willoughby

CLK is fine as a game, and I love the aesthetic, but it’s not one of my favorites.  I thought Jane was an okay villain, with identity theft and attempted robbery and all that jazz, but she doesn’t really stick out in my mind, save for the plethora of “you betcha”s.  The endgame was also weird to me- I wouldn’t expect a game set in the 1930’s to end in a car chase that causes a pie explosion, but less believable things have happened to Nancy Drew.  I don’t hate Jane as a villain, but this game came right after some really stellar games- some of my favorites (DDI, SHA, and CUR)- so I can see why this one felt a little flat to me.  Jane’s plan was actually pretty good, and it’s something that couldn’t be pulled off today as easily as in the 30s, so props to her.

28. STFD- Dwayne Powers

I honestly have mixed feelings about Dwayne because of everything that has transpired with his character, but attempting murder out of jealousy? That’s extreme, and I feel like it was a well-done crime, all things considered.  Plus, I didn’t notice until after playing the game a few times that Owen W. Spayder is an anagram for Dwayne Powers.  Very sneaky, HeR.  While I’ll cover Dwayne in RAN later, I do think that he would be one to seek revenge, so his return almost made sense to me.

27. SSH- Taylor Sinclair

This guy seemed overly nice from the beginning.  Cookies from Oaxaca?  You know he’s hiding something.  He was too nice to make me feel comfortable when talking to him, and locking Nancy in a grave with a corpse? Eek, no thanks.  I’m kinda peeved that we never got to really catch him, because while we were trying to get out of that stone death chamber, Taylor was captured, Henrik regained his memory, AND all the other characters decided to get all chummy with each other.  Pretty convenient ending, if you ask me.

26. RAN- Dwayne Powers (again)

Oh god, here we go.  RAN is not a loved game by most of the Clue Crew (there are some outliers who like it, no shame to them), but in all honesty, I liked that they brought back an old villain.  I don’t like this game at all, and I think they could have done something waaaay more creepy with a returning villain (it’s clear Dwayne has been tracking Nancy- he could have played so many mind games with her regarding past cases), but yeah, bringing back Dwayne wasn’t a terrible idea at all, they just went about it wrong.  His nefarious acts were more villainous to me in this game for whatever reason- maybe it was his hiding in plain sight (or hiding Bess in plain sight for that matter), or his strategic planning that showed just how far he’d go to get revenge.  It makes sense that he got away tbh- I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him again.  If we do, can I ask HeR to make that one extra scary- he could set up a series of events that play out like all her past cases leading up to that one, and make references only she could know about, and damn this is a good idea someone hire me.

25. HAU- Fiona, like kinda

Can I put Fiona down as the culprit here?  Like, yeah, she kidnapped a guy and pushed Nancy down a hole and caused some havoc, but she’s also a feral old woman on a jet pack, so is it her fault she’s this way??  Who’s the real culprit of this game, a society that will accept this and say “ah fuck it she’s a banshee that dude’s gone pass the non-alcoholic drinks”?  Anyway.  While I like HAU and it’s quirky puzzles and charming atmosphere and gorgeous music, that ending is so out of left field it’s kind of funny to me- like suddenly the game just goes “HERE HAVE AN OLD WOMAN GIVE YOU A JUMP SCARE THEN SOLVE A HARD CHEMICAL PUZZLE”- it seems so out of place to me, but it made for a relatively pleasant ending for all, so no harm done, I guess?

24. TRN- Lori Gerard

Lori is another villain that doesn’t stick out to me, because I honestly see her as an accidental villain.  I don’t think she wanted to hurt Nancy, I just think she wanted to prove everyone wrong and show herself as a smart and capable woman.  However, the way she went about it wasn’t cool, so yeah, villain status for her.  I thought her disappearing act was clever, and her character as a whole is hilarious to me, so she’s not on the rotten side of villains in my perspective.  Lori is dramatic as hell and super spoiled so that always makes for an entertaining character, and it wasn’t SUPER obvious that they would make the hostess the culprit, so she’s not too high on the list, but it doesn’t make her bad.  Honestly, she and Tino Balducci deserve each other.  

23. CRE- Mike Mapu

Big. Island. Mike.  The man, the myth, the legend.  The Clue Crew’s fascination with this character will never cease to amuse me.  And yet, while I think he’s a fine character, I’m not thrilled by his role as a villain.  His reveal at the end just seemed so…anticlimactic?  And he seemed to quickly change his mind?  One minute he was all “we have angered Kane Okala oh nooooo” and then the next he’s like “y’all can die for all I care” and peaces tf out of the volcano or wherever they were.  This whole game was just very “eh” for me.  Big Island Mike is a great meme, and good on him for going all “fuck you” to capitalism and whatnot, but I wasn’t thrilled by his ENDLESS parade of chores and the random-ass snowcone guessing game annoyed me more than Fox & Geese (hard to believe).  Still, I’d stay at Mike’s resort if I went to Hawaii, because I think he’d be a fun guy.

22. ICE- Yanni Volkstaia

Now, I don’t want to come right out and say that ICE was made in the Cold-War era as a thinly-veiled anti-USSR game, but nobody’s believing that Yanni is really from “motherland Fredonia”, amiright?  All jokes aside, I like ICE as a game (with the exception of fox and geese jfc), and the ending had you believing there was a different villain every minute (or like, every five minutes), but I was kind of disappointed that one of the wisest, most intriguing characters in the whole game was the villain.  That being said, if you go back and play the game, you can see how Yanni is constantly talking about how wolves are bad omens and this one is a sign of evil aaaaaaaah and it makes sense that he’s trying to get people away from the lodge that way.  Also, this guy is a pro athlete.  Do you really want me to believe that Nancy Drew can run him off the snow and force him to confess??

21. TOT- Scott Varnell

TOT is kind of a breath of fresh air as a low-stakes internship simulator where you can run stoplights and take pictures of clouds and trap mice a thousand times.  That being said, I don’t feel threatened by Scott, so he seems like a more casual villain to me, if that makes any sense.  Nancy kind of inadvertently saves his life, right?  Like kind of?  So I’m pretty chill with this whole game and with Scott- at the end of the game, it really feels like nothing big was lost, but nothing big was gained, which is honestly a nice break from the mindset of “do this or you DIE BY THE HANDS OF THE VILLAIN”

20. FIN- Joseph Hughes

Why does Nancy trust this guy so much throughout the game??? It annoys me to no end that she tells him e v e r y t h i n g.  But really, I couldn’t help but feel bad for this guy.  You find out that his brother died, so he might be in denial or in the early stages of dementia.  Still, he kidnapped Maya, and almost got her and Nancy killed (whether that was intentional or not), and that last scene with him when Nancy was trying to tell him what was really going on was terrifying to me when I was younger.  He seemed sorry though, so he’s not a ~hardcore villain~ in my eyes.

19. DAN- Minette

I feel like making Minette the villain was a really predictable move, but there needs to be a predictable character every once in awhile, right?  I loved her erratic and aggressive character, but the endgame was so weird to me that it kind of spoiled the game for me.  However, I liked that HeR made Minette a designer for plus-sized women, and that plot to bug the First Lady’s dress?  Clever.  The ending with blocking Minette’s attacks will forever confuse me- it seemed very out of left field and honestly, I want Nancy to beat someone up, not just block their sound-specific hits.  I was also disappointed about Minette’s reason for her mask- they couldn’t have tried a little harder and made it some botched plastic surgery or something??

18. WAC- Corine Myers

The roommate trope!  Love it or hate it, it’s here.  I have mixed feelings about WAC- I generally like it, but the characters’ oversized eyes bug me to no end, and I feel like there could be a little more Edgar Allen Poe mixed in there, but overall it’s a solid game.  I can’t stand some of the characters- Leela is so fucking annoying (I think it’s her voice that gets to me), and the twin reveal makes absolutely no sense (how’re you gonna live two lives if you only have documentation for one person??), but they’re not the villains, so I’ll gloss over that.  Corine had a well-thought-out plan and stuck to it, even though she came close to killing a few people.  She’s a wickedly smart girl, and she knows it, and I think that’s what made her so dangerous.  Also, did Corine not go to jail for what she did?  I get that she’s a minor, but she caused some real damage to these people.  Whatever- I don’t think she’d come for Nancy for revenge, but I wouldn’t want to room with her again.

17. TMB- Abdullah Bakhoum

I’ve loved learning about Ancient Egypt since I was little, so TMB was really fun for me.  I liked Abdullah as a villain- it certainly made sense why he did what he did- but again, it felt a little obvious.  He’s too self-centered and abrasive to let anyone else get that much attention, even an unnamed villain.  Anyway, I think TMB gets a lot of flack for being forgettable, and yeah I can understand that, but it’s a solid game and that end puzzle was really fun for me, so I’m still rooting for this game!

16. MHM- Louis Chandler

Louis is a pretty tame villain, in my opinion.  I love MHM, but I never felt like the villain in that game was out to hurt me.  If anything, I was more worried about the mansion itself, because I still believe that it was actually haunted (fucked me up as a kid).  Still, he did a good job of trying to steal the treasure, so props to him.  He did kind of creep me out, and it always bugged me that he kicked Nancy out of the mansion for literally reading the same book he read.

15. ASH- Brenda Carlton

Brenda Carlton is so fucking annoying to me, let’s get that out of the way.  She’s such a slimy reporter that will do anything to get the story she wants (she is willing to dress up as Nancy and set a historic building on fire just to ruin one person’s reputation jfc).  I’m starting to notice a theme of pettiness with these villains, tbh.  Anyway, I commend her dedication to her cause, that’s something I can always respect, but if Nancy Drew can solve your crime from a jail cell, is it really that airtight of a plan??  Tbh I think the reason why I dislike Brenda so much is that she somehow gets everyone to turn on Nancy, a girl that has helped countless people and has a shining reputation.  Also she takes advantage of Ned, who is a naive sweet boy and he doesn’t deserve that!!  I really like ASH, and bringing down Brenda is so satisfying, but I can’t rank her much higher due to my bias.

14. CAR- Elliot Chen

Right off the bat- being strangled by Elliot was traumatizing, like holy shit are these games really intended for children???  Now that I got that out of the way, I liked Elliot’s subtle actions that sent Nancy off the case- helping her with Joy’s different riddles so she wouldn’t look into the accidents both played into the plot and supposedly threw you “off the case”- although it ended up helping you in the end.  Also, props to Elliot for using his talents to make forged art- I’m not saying I agree with it, but if I were a starving artist (and with my major, I’m on that track) I would get where he was coming from.

13. VEN- Helena Berg

It’s always the fun roommate with these games, isn’t it?  Anyway, I think it’s cool how Helena gets all chummy with you then turns out to be il Dottore, but in all honesty, it didn’t come as a surprise to me.  It did seem kind of weird that in a game set in Italy, the German is the culprit- I don’t see where they were going with that one.  And that final chase scene on the map was soooooo pointless- it could have tested some actual skill picked up in the game, like dancing in a cat suit.  Nancy and Helena could have had a dance-off, but nooooooo.  Also, the puzzle at the end. No.  Tbh Helena wasn’t that memorable to me, but good for her for having a crime ring, sothereyougo.

12. SPY- Ewan Macleod

Right off the bat- who in their right minds takes a letter a dead woman wrote to her only daughter and takes notes on it???????  That makes Ewan at least five types of rude.  Anyway, I liked how you start the game on his side and he’s all “oh I’m just here to help tell me what you find and we’ll get this together” and at the end it’s like “haha SIKE BITCH I work for the other group”.  That being said, I don’t think Ewan is very high-up in Revenant because Nancy could have easily killed him (though idk if she would kill anyone… that’d be an interesting concept to look into in future games).  Still, I like Ewan as a character and a villain, but maybe that’s because I like SPY so much.  It’s an emotional game- she’s literally looking into the death of her own mother- and while I don’t like parts of it (Nancy was like 3 when her mom died okay not 10 don’t tell me otherwise), I think Ewan was just enough villain for a game so invested in the past.

11. CRY- Renee Amande

One of the few villains that is truly completely off their rocker, I didn’t realize until my second playthrough that Renee probably killed Bruno Bolet with some of that voodoo hoodoo whatever you call it.  I love CRY and it’s ambience, and I think Renee fit right in with the aesthetic.  Also, you can eat all her chocolate and make Nancy hella sick, which is always a plus in my book.  The way I see it, tbh, you can play CRY one of two ways: either you can believe that Renee is completely crazy, or you can suspend your disbelief (which is fun for a few of these games) and believe in this crystal skull magic, which makes Renee far more powerful and terrifying.  Either way, she was willing to lock Nancy in a crypt and throw away the key, so this woman was willing to do whatever it took to get this damn crystal.

And heeeeeeere’s the top 10!

10. SEA- Soren Bergusson

Poor, sad, villainous Soren.  Nobody likes him so he plans to steal some treasure and possibly kill some people in the process.  In all honesty, I liked Soren as a friend and suspect, and I understand why he hates everyone in Skipbrot: they all hated him first just because he grew up a bit out of town.  While I sympathize with him, he was willing to let Nancy and Magnus just kinda die- like I don’t think he really cared what happened to them.  That’s not the way to make friends, Soren!  He had a solid plan going- he essentially let Nancy do all the puzzle-solving and hard work, which kind of happens in every Nancy Drew game when there’s treasure involved.  I really like SEA, even the sideplot about Ned and Nancy (attack me all you want), so I think Soren is an understandable and solid villain.  I especially like how you can choose if he gets a hard punishment or a more gentle one.  Also, is it confirmed that Soren was the cause of that screaming heard in the ice caves?  Does anyone have an explanation for that? Pls let me know k thx.

9. DED- Victor Lossett

Most phone characters stay in the phone, but not this guy.  He feels it necessary to arrive on the scene halfway through gameplay and turn Nancy’s suspicions on their head.  Iconic.  Honestly, Victor had the right idea by subtly hinting that other suspects could be guilty, and I love that HeR made the very guy that hired Nancy be the culprit.  It was a refreshing twist on the games!  Victor straight-up is not against frying Nancy to a crisp at the end there, whereas some villains try to kill her in less painful ways or even just incapacitate her.  While I can’t forgive him for killing Niko Jovic, one of the raddest characters we never get to meet, I applaud his villainous works.  You go, Victor.  You go.

8. DDI- Andy Jason

And here we see another wonderfully-made double persona in the form of Andy.  I’m honestly surprised he didn’t try to kill Nancy on that whale-watching tour, but his front as a marine life geek who yells “Whales rule!” at you is pretty convincing.  I was also impressed at the lengths he went to in order to frame Katie (he even tied her to a chair to make her look evil!!), and his nefarious acts hide as three separate mysteries.  I hope that hit to the head messed with his memory, because he’d definitely come for Nancy if he got out of jail imo.  I like Andy, although he kinda acts like in the end he sold his soul to the devil to run this crime-rig.  Also, he got this orca from the Russian military- I wanted more on that, that’s wicked!  I definitely think DDI happens when HeR is figuring out what makes a good villain, and while they miss the mark in later games, I think this one was pretty appropriate for its time- and I love replaying it, the atmosphere and villain and endless clam chowder really tie together nicely.

7. DOG- Emily Griffin

DOG wasn’t a scary game in the typical sense, because there really weren’t any jump-scares that made you freak, aside from the dogs in the beginning.  However, the ambience made me feel like someone was watching me, and knowing that one of these nice, quirky people was trying to kill me shows the psychological games DOG played.  I really think this was the beginning of HeR unlocking their potential for terrifying sequences, and they begin to show off in later games.  Also, while MHM and TRT had some ambience, this was the first one that really gave me ~vibes~ that added to the game.  FIN and SSH kinda did, but still.  With all of that in mind, Emily is super creepy to me- knowing that she could do all of those things and keep a facade of a chipper shop owner shows how two-faced people can be.  That endgame was so terrifying- how did Nancy manage to get a picture of Emily coming after her with a random-ass bone??  Also, I loved her little cameo in DAN.

6. CAP- Anja Mittelmeier

Alright.  I’m not crazy about CAP, but someone recently pointed out to me that it echoes past games (not sure how, but it makes me want to give it a second look), so I like it well enough.  That being said, I really think Anja is a great villain here.  She poses herself as a “let’s talk about guys and I can give you advice” kind of person, someone Nancy can relate to, especially with her guy troubles in this game.  Not only that, but Anja purposefully piques Nancy’s interest by feigning concern at first, being all “oh, I don’t know if I should tell you this” to make her more interested.  A+ psychology right there.  While I’m not totally sure most people would go to this much trouble over one guy, I applaud Anja’s pettiness and readiness for revenge.  Speaking of which, I have a sneaking suspicion we haven’t seen the last of her.  Her last line was ominous as hell and I loved it.  I’m here for more Anja screentime (gametime? What’s the phrase here?)

5. LIE- Literally everyone in that dang museum

I love Greek mythology, so I have a bone to pick with LIE.  FIRST OFF- there was no Labyrinth in the story of Persephone, y’all are thinking about the fucking Minotaur.  SECOND OFF- that stage made no sense (I made a post about it earlier, salt salt salt).  I’m not gonna spend this time talking about my problems with LIE, so I’ll leave it at those two examples.  Problems aside, I thought having all the suspects be a part of the art theft rig was… kinda cool?  And I like the characters by themselves: Niobe is sweet and unsure about her part in the group, Grigor is a classic narcissistic actor (I can relate to that 100% lol), Thanos is intimidating but under the surface… he’s still intimidating, and Xenia HOLY SHIT.  Like in that last part with the throne in the underworld won me over for her.  She could come to my place of residence and beat me up and I would thank her (honestly same for Thanos too).  I like the mix of less into the crime-y stuff (Niobe and Grigor) to a whole ‘nother level of criminal (Xenia and Thanos).  Also you know Thanos is coming back with the people that helped him escape- I’m looking forward to it.  So, yeah.  Not my favorite game, but I love the villains here, and I think they did a pretty stellar job.

4. CUR- Jane Penvellyn

CUR is a favorite of mine- it gave me legitimate nightmares as a kid and I was scared to finish it for a long time.  I love how there are miniscule clues scattered around the game pointing to Jane- the subplot about her deceased guinea pig proving her dishonesty (and I think the guinea pig might have died from Jane testing either the hair growth or the pills on it, but who knows), and Jane’s dialogue always trying to steer you away from an answer (she’s always like “I don’t want to talk about this” like okay let’s play skull and bones you macabre child).  This is one of my favorite storylines because it’s so well developed and thought-out, and making the child a culprit was such a good move in my opinion.  Jane’s got a bright future if she was clever enough to do all of that on her own.  However, I think Jane should have gotten a punishment more severe than a strict talk from her father- maybe some family therapy or losing her game privileges or something??  She could have really hurt Linda like jesus don’t give people random-ass pills.  Still, brilliant planning and performance on her part, and brilliant writing and execution on HeR’s part.

3. SHA- Shorty Thurmond

Listen, I love SHA so much- it was one of the first games I played, the book version will forever hold a place on my bookshelf, and the backstory of Frances and Dirk is iconic in the Nancy Drew world.  So, since I had read the book, I knew that Shorty was the villain from the start of the game, but that didn’t stop me from liking him as a character.  He gossips to invite suspicion about other characters and is generally a hilarious character to talk to.  That makes the endgame so much more dramatic and urgent when he reveals himself as the culprit and actively comes for you.  Also, I will never forgive him for the ENDLESS chores or the “heeeeere’s shorty”.  It might be bias, but I gotta put Shorty high on the list just because I love SHA and his character is no exception.  Excellent planning, quality execution, and he almost got away with it (I mean, all of them almost do).  I kind of wish that it was more like the book tho, because he had a little group working for him and he could imitate animal calls that they used to pull off sabotage- still an excellent villain, but some more book stuff would have been cool too.

2. GTH- Clara Thornton

One of the many reasons I love GTH so much is that there’s no real clear villain.  Sure, you can blame Clara for Charlotte’s death, but after looking into all the rich and subtle history of the Thornton family, I don’t think I want to blame Clara.  And who’s to blame for Jessalyn’ disappearance?  Jessalyn?  But I digress on that point.  Let’s say Clara is the villain- she is a fully-dimensional, multi-faceted character that has as many demons as any other character in this game.  The ending of GTH is one of my favorites because you can choose what happens to the supposed “villain”- she can “disappear” and presumably die, making a full circle from Charlotte’s death, or she can be saved, breaking the vicious Thornton family cycle that took so many ancestors.  I could go on and on about GTH and what it means to me, but I won’t bore you all.  Let me just say: I don’t think there is a real villain in this game, I think the blame can be placed just a little bit on everyone, even Nancy if you’re not careful.  

And drumroll please for my top villain thus far!!!

1. SAW- Rentaro Aihara

First thing, SAW still has me shook to this day- I will not look in a mirror at night because of this game and everyone here knows why.  As if SAW weren’t creepy enough, replaying this gives me even more of the creeps because of Rentaro’s character.  Part of me wants to like him, because he’s socially awkward and gives Nancy puzzles because he knows she likes them, but let’s break this down: he is pushing for Miwako to close her family’s business so she can move with him to the city, which she doesn’t like that much, and after he upsets her to tears, he gives her gifts to make her like him again.  I’m no expert, but that is not what a healthy relationship should look like.  Also, he tries to kill Nancy (more than once if I’m not mistaken), and his only punishment is that Miwako dumps him? Blegh, he’s a creepy guy who tries to scare you away and earn your trust.  Try as I might, I cannot like this guy as a character- though he makes for a great villain.  Rentaro- abusive boyfriend, tries to kill people, doesn’t really get punished for anything- shit, was he actually sorry at the end or was he faking it????? We may never know.

So there you have it, clue crew! Did I piss anyone off? Was I wrong? Will MID have an amazing villain that questions my tentative order of villains? Will MID ever come out? Let me know!

arizona:  mistreats april for taking a job bc of minnick,  who she banged
april:  is there without apology/expectation of apology when arizona is ghosted

nathan:  ignores april as if she’s not the reason he’s at the hospital to pine after meredith
april:  is there without hesitation when megan returns with coffee + advice

jackson:  insinuates that she’s not good enough to be a department head,  is a dick
april:  is there without second thought when he confronts his father

april is one of the most amazing,  supportive friends ever:  a case study

assorted tidus/yuna post x-2 headcanons.

(psshhh part 1/??? cuz I didn’t even get to the stuff I initially wanted to talk about loool)

- tidus takes up Wakka’s old job as captain/coach for the Aurochs. I mean, WHY WOULDN’T HE. like on day one on Besaid he was already coaching them with all that ”victory!” pep talk; not to mention how he encourages them to practice the Jecht shot on S.S. Winno; the position’s open (Beclem who?); he’s young and talented with youthful new ideas so therefore a dream employee (GET IT? CUZ DREAM and yeah); blitz is pretty much his only area of expertise in Spira (as of yet); and he totally doesn’t mind playing for a less-than-sovereign team; and he wants to do everything the opposite of what Jecht did so; asfgasfdjhgsah no one ever talks about Tidus’s relationship with and general amazing attitude towards the Aurochs. plus he’s like the only person on the planet (the world? the Spira?) Wakka would HAPPILY pass the mantle to, the nepotistic lil’ shit

- it’s not an easy road to the top tho; the Aurochs still pretty much suck oft to the frustration of their new boss; but he’s ever-patient with them and this is actually the one aspect of his life where he shows patience lol

- somewhere along the road; they do take the Cup (again… depending on what you consider to be canon in FFX). that’s when he steps down as captain/coach (mentally exhausted) to pursue new adventures. Wakka doesn’t approve; he’s like ‘quitting at the top, ya? way to copy me, man’ BUT the team keeps him as occasional reserve and he never misses an Aurochs game and in fact kinda steps on the toes of the new coach at times (who’s a total rando, but a nice and capable rando)

- he and Yuna study Al Bhed together. Rikku tries to help, but isn’t really cut out for teaching (Rin does a better job, and so does Paine, even. Gippal tries to slip in indecencies, and at the beginning of their acquaintance does manage to trick Tidus into using them as openers) fool me once, and all that

- let’s get this out of the way: Tidus DOES NOT DISAPPEAR AGAIN; prematurely at least (hello biased Tuna trash here *zuko wave*)…. or does he??? I mean, given the extremely questionable state of his existence, I could see it happening, even just kind of randomly one day (and heartbreakingly so); I mean it’s even implied in the so-called Perfect Ending (the one in Zanarkand). BUT THIS IS MY HEADCANON IT’LL GO THE WAY I WANT IT OR I’LL END IT HERE. so yeah. for the first few months of his renewed existence, Tidus and Yuna both kinda fret about it actually, like not that they’re in an acute state of worry at all times but they just kinda do and they both have nightmares about it happening (which they don’t share with the other…… cuz they don’t want them worrying and aasgfdg those dorks learnt nothing) 

- and while I’m at it, TIDUS & YUNA STAY TOGETHER. yeah… I dunno about you guys but I didn’t spend thousands upon thousands of hours falling in love with and producing content of my OTP to have Tidus end up with Rando and Yuna with… Andom, I guess. so yeah, same biased logic applies here

- plus I seriously think they just… would. Yuna’s got like no character flaws (yes she does) and she wound up falling for his, so… AND AFTER EVERYTHING THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER??? AND NOT-TOGETHER??? pls they’re like the healthiest couple ever to grace our hearts & souls just let them live

- I could see Yuna getting (warily at first) involved with politics at some point. after the whole corrupt maester-led government/religious indoctrination mess, AND then the New Yevon vs. Youth League fiasco, idk, I think Spirans would just kinda naturally gravitate towards her, the High Summoner and all-around heroic figure, for wisdom and guidance. I could see her gradually growing into the role of Spira’s very own Padmé Amidala with soft yet firm values and an iron will. and without the dying + homicidal maniac boyfriend (ily, Anakin) and I think her title would just be High Summoner. (kinda like how any elected president of Finland will forever keep the ‘president’ title – but there’s only one current 'President of the Republic of Finland’. wow didnt expect to make this completely relevant comparison) but yeah it’s not like she’d be a ruler or anything… just an important political figure and consultant adssgdghj I haven’t completely figured out the Spiran state system post-X-2

- at some point, Tidus and Yuna go visit their parents in the Farplane… and as they both try very hard not to think about a certain blue-haired menace, they end up getting quite the jump scare and completely embarrass themselves (or they would’ve if anyone saw) then they in perfect synchrony pull themselves together and defiantly look their former nemesis in the eye and say absolutely nothing

Post Season One Character Analysis: Amethyst

Loud-mouthed and brash, the funny man with a tragic past, Amethyst is my favourite purple gremlin. She starts the season as the comedic relief; she has funny one-liners, throws playful jabs at her peers, breaks out into dance now and then, and is generally very laid back and carefree. Amethyst serves both as an older-sister role to Steven as well as the foil to Pearl, but as the season progresses we find that there’s more to her than goofs and gaffs.

It’s not until “Tiger Millionaire” that we start to see any depth to Amethyst’s character. Always treated as the immature baby of the group, Amethyst channels those frustrations into a wrestling career, arguably a constructive focus of her negative emotions. It’s here that we first get a glimpse of her self-image issues, but it’s not until much later that we see the full extent of her insecurity.

From early season 1 to later on, Amethyst doesn’t get much explicit development. What we do see, though, is how well she and Steven play off of one another, although this development is subtle and almost glossed over. “Indirect Kiss” may be the most forward example, but others include small moments - for example, in “House Guest,” when Steven loses his healing abilities, Amethyst is the only one to take a moment to console him and reassure him. In “The Return,” Amethyst is the one who is genuinely happy Steven decided to return. In “Alone Together,” as Pearl is trying to get Steven to take fusion dance practice seriously, he and Amethyst are giggling and have a good time together - they’re more in sync in that moment than they would be if they stuck to the regimen Pearl is pushing. Not to mention that Amethyst and Steven were both made here on Earth, and Amethyst has a more natural connection to humanity than any of our gems so far. I foresee Amethyst and Steven being driving forces for one another; they can both offer each other unique support that no one else can.

It’s not until “On the Run” that we see the full extent of Amethyst’s insecurity and self-loathing. She has a tendency to bottle up her emotions, allowing the pressure to build, allowing everything to stew and fester, until it eventually becomes too much and everything spews everywhere, creating a huge mess. Amethyst spends a good deal of her energy building up walls and using jokes and off-colour comments as defensive tactics, being very careful not to let anyone get too close. The fortress she’s built isn’t very strong, though, and once it crumbles it crumbles hard, and when Amethyst is vulnerable, she’s vulernable. Returning to the Kindergarten is the catalyst that sets everything off. Amethyst has a deep-seated hatred for things that she cannot change: she has trouble separating the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her “birth” from her own personal identity, and fails to realize that the cruel intent of the Kindergarten does not define her. In her eyes, if the Kindergarten is bad, then she must also be bad. Having the others (most notably Pearl, we’re led to believe) constantly paint the Kindergarten in a negative light only reinforces this belief in her. But I believe the Kindergarten is only one of several factors that contribute to her self-doubt.

Then “Maximum Capacity” comes along, and along with it the knowledge that Amethyst seeks out the approval of others to bandage her own feelings of poor self-worth. Rose was most likely a mother-figure to Amethyst, and when Greg came along, suddenly Amethyst had to share Rose’s attention with someone else. When Rose was gone, Amethyst found a close friend in Greg, and once again had someone giving her attention and approval; she and Greg used “Little Butler” as common ground to cope over their loss. But Greg was a father, and eventually his responsibilities to Steven probably drove a wedge between their relationship. Once again, Amethyst was sharing her attention with someone else, and Greg was to blame for it. After all, he stole Rose away in the first place - if it weren’t for him, none of this would have happened. So she lashed out against him, probably similarly to the way she lashed out when he insisted on leaving her for Steven. Is a cheap frame and an old photo enough to make up for what she did? No, but it’s a start. I doubt what happened that night will ever come up again, and that’s probably for the best - she acted in a moment of hurt and frustration, and while that’s no excuse for her actions, some stones are better left unturned. Hopefully she and Greg can put their issues aside and rekindle their friendship in a healthy manner.

A puny, overcooked runt, Amethyst is not the gem she was meant to be. From the short line we get here, we can infer that Amethyst took too long to grow - why is unclear, but it left her small and weak in comparison to what she should have been. And if the similarities between Amethyst and Jasper are anything to go by (similar hair, same Sonic spin dash attack), along with the fact that Amethyst, Jasper, and Rose are all types of quartzes (so I’ve been told), it’s not a far stretch to imagine that Amethyst is meant to be somewhere around Jasper’s size. I’m not sure if Amethyst is aware of this fact or not, but if so, it undoubtedly contributes to her issues of self-worth.

Moving forward, I hope Amethyst is able to confront her demons. I hope she’s able to start weening herself off the need for other’s approval and find it within herself to love who she is despite the her “flaws.” She’s got so much potential - the only thing holding her back is herself.

Is it weird that I’m conflicted about additional Wayhaught digital content after this episode? But like I want to see Nicole’s constant texts to Waverly getting unanswered or her talking to Wynonna perhaps. I’m still so shook. I didn’t see this angst coming at all. It’s one thing for Nicole to have the DNA results but then to find out she opened it already. Yikes, Nicole! Our perfect Nicole’s got flaws y'all and I love it! Someone talk to me about this, I need to process.


It’s been a few episodes since we’ve seen the fairy tale opening, and I do always find it interesting to think about when and why the show is opening with it. On the one hand, the regular, if somewhat infrequent, reminder that this show’s central question could very well be ‘was it such a good idea for the princess to try to become a prince?’ should signal to viewers that our heroine’s story might not be as simple as we imagine. By this point, we’re rooting for Utena - there’s no question about it, I think, and even though she’s got her flaws and shortcomings, she is still deeply endearing and we want her to keep winning. But why? Is that really a good idea? The beginning of the Black Rose arc calls some things about the duels into question, and now her continued victory is a matter of Anthy’s survival. She’s closer to being an actual Prince than ever before - the duels of the Student Council arc were truly just a game in comparison, and now she must protect her Bride. 

There’s another way to think about the fairy tale’s presence here, though. If I am remembering correctly (and I may not be, truly), Nanami episodes almost always open with the sequence. We’ve been encouraged to read Nanami’s character and arc up to this point as a mean girl who’s got inappropriate feelings for her big man on campus older brother. But Nanami, who I adore in large part because I believe that, in many ways, she holds the most ‘revolutionary potential’ after Utena, is a little Princess who admires a Prince just like the girl in the story. What does that lead her to, though? It’s unusual, and perhaps unwise, for the Princess to try to become a Prince in the eyes of the narrator - who in this read is likely less concerned about Utena’s safety being on the line in Ohtori, and more thinking about ‘the order of things,’ the roles of the Prince and the Princess and how they relate to gender and to each other. Nanami, wise to these conventions and deeply invested in retaining her social status (one of the greatest motivators for her behavior, as this episode demonstrates particularly nicely), never considers becoming a Prince. But she, like young Utena, is so impressed by her Prince that it feels like he is her raison d’être. Nanami interprets this as romantic love for Touga, but we’ll come to find out that’s not what she wants at all. Nanami’s lesson, in the end, is about letting go of the roles proscribed by society for your relationships and path. She doesn’t need a Prince, and she doesn’t need to be a Princess or a Student Council Member or a Duelist. She might not even need to be a Kiryuu.

You can be just the way you are.
You don’t need to change anything.
Say what you want to say
Do what you want to do
Just be smiling by my side.
Marry me.