she's got no flaws


You just don’t know you know it.

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Oh no, pretty little thing like her doesn't have the nerve for murder. But we're all fucked up clown, don't you see? She's got everything going for her, the only flaw about her is that she's stuck in here with us and it's only a matter of time before one guard slips up and someone traumatizes her enough that she runs for the hills. And then no one gets the satisfaction.

No one is going to slip up and do anything. You may think she’s not capable of murder, but I am, and I’ll cut down anyone that tries to harm her. Fuck, if I hear anyone is talking about her, I’ll cut their tongue out. If anyone looks at her wrong, I’ll cut their eyes out. Everyone has been warned. No one touches her.

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is it just me but wouldnt it be better narratively if pearl was actually a villain? Like, bad? she obviously doesnt care abt humans or steven really at all, and her actions are all really crappy, if she was a Villain it would give a sense of. idk threat to steven granted they actually wrote her well (which lbr isnt gunna happen)

(keep in mind im drunk right now so this might be incoherent and rambly)

tbh i like pearl as a hero as a concept? she’s flawed and she’s got reason to be. she’s halfway to a good example of what ptsd and mourning death can do to a person. she falls flat on the other side of that ptsd and mourning because she 1. doesnt learn from her mistakes and 2. doesnt apologize when she hurts people. its realistic that she might hurt someone, man. she’s been thru some shit. it just sucks that she doesnt . like. do any of the learning and rehabilitating that real people do.

idk i feel like using her as an example for representation of mental illness is shitty b/c it’s breeding this idea that people can blame their abusive and dangerous behavior on mental illness? like, its a reason but its not an excuse and it sucks that she’s the one that gets the most screentime and yet she never gets any development lol

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This is one of my arguments *against* Rarijack. Or rather, when people point out how AJ is always there helping Rarity out when she faints (in Magic Duel, for example), they don't realize that AJ does that for EVERYONE. It's not aimed at a single pony. Heck, in season 6 finale, once they got out of their cocoons - she left Rarity shivering in changeling goo and instead went to help her girlfrie- er, she went to help Rainbow Dash stand up. AJ is just such a good horse <3

AJ deserves a lot of love and I can’t understand why even someone would hate her?? She got her flaws like everybody but at the end of the day she’s truly an extraordinarius pony, girl, you name it

Oh and yes I get what you mean, even if I am a doomed rarijack shipper it’s true there are some appledash moments which can’t be really be argued (but so there are indiscutible rarijack moments too hehe :P) It’s good to think that, not just with appledash or rarijack, we all get our fair cute moments with the ships we love, bless this show and bless the movies ♥

30-Day Kill la Kill Challenge
Day 1: Ryuko, Satsuki, or Mako?

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I miss babe and Harry 😭😭 will we ever get closure on what happens with them?

oh God, Oh Jesus…Listen…Babe probably blushed a lot when she had to leave Harry’s room, not only because her mom was there, drinking tea with Anne in the middle of the kitchen, and she was wearing a ratty old shirt that was clearly Harry’s, but because she had made a whole point about bringing his stuff back, made a whole point of forgetting about him, even though she knew that was simply not possible. Harry was on her fingertips, and the slight swollen pain of her lips, and the way her fingers would grip on the sheets whenever she would wake up from a lovely dream about him. But she was weak, and at some point, people have GOT to accept their own flaws. She was weak for Harry, had a huge soft spot for his goofy grin and the cherry sweetness of his lips. And honestly, what a better fucking thing to be weak for?

And Harry, Harry would probably be a lot less embarrassed, cause you see, he probably doesn’t know how, and God knows he doesn’t know why, but she is it, the woman he doesn’t have to dream of, cause she’s his. He had literally torched the haystack and had found the needle, or whatever it is that people say in moments like that. And he loved every piece of her. So what if his mom raised her eyebrows, and her mom looked at them wide eyed? He was alive and happy, and his smile was real when his mom silently pushed the cup of coffee to him, while Babe hid behind his back. 

“Wut?” he would ask, watching his mom roll her eyes as she leaned a little to look at Babe, to beckon her to show her face and join them in the morning coffee ritual. “I was a gentleman, I gave her my bed.”

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A lot of people don't like Kendall bc of stuff she does. Same with Taylor. Everybody who hates has their own reasons right or wrong. But when Harry dates a lesser known person, people aren't so dramatic about it most of the time. Unless they are just jealous and hateful.

look people are literally always dramatic when it comes to harry being seen with a girl. literally. always. 

i get that there are some kendall issues, she’s got her flaws and like, no one’s denying that. i don’t even care about her if we’re being honest here i’m basically indifferent, personally. tho she is very pretty. 

the point is more that like…people freak out because he’s seen with her. every. time. even tho…they’re definitely at least friends? like. he’s been seen with her several times in the last year, he went to her birthday party and we’ve known that for literally months. and yet a picture of them together shows up and suddenly it’s panic stations again? 

like…why? why are people so upset that harry could be in a photograph with a girl? even this particular girl? they’re not making out, they’re literally just chilling, there is 0 reason to freak out and yet here we are

tldr; everyone needs to relax honestly who has the energy to get stressed about this shit. seriously. you could be using that energy for something else? read a book go outside teach yourself how to play guitar watch h2o just add water. all better things to waste ur time on than freaking out over who harry styles sat with in a picture at her birthday party.

I wont say Taylor is Ms.Perfectionist because I have accepted her as my Idol with her flaws.Honestly I dont know if she has got any flaw or not but if she makes a mistake..I wont stop loving her for that one thing.She has got a million good qualities.I wont stop loving her just for any one flaw which I havent found yet. @taylorswift

Because I
have chipped nails
and messy hair..
I’m aware I cannot compare.
She has an innocent laugh
and I’ve got pitiful eyes.
I have flaws
that run deep
while she is seemingly perfect
I am reminded
I cannot compete.
—  Savannah Black
The Mirror

I stare
At the petite stature
In the mirror.

Her smile shining,
Her laughter resonating,
Her humor genuine,

Yet she is despondent.

Her hips, too wide.
Her thighs, too bulky.
Her shoulders, too broad.
Her face, too round.

There she stands,
5'5, 135,
Feeling deprived
Of a childhood,
Only wishing to thrive.

For she spends hours
In front of that mirror.

That mirror, which has seen everything. That mirror, which has seen her
Grow and shrink,
Indulge and starve,
Laugh and scream,
Socialize and isolate,
Fall and tumble
Into a hole that no one can escape.

That hole
Of never being enough,
Of never exceeding expectations,
Of never pleasing anyone,
Of never getting it right,
Of never loving herself.

herself for all that she is.
that there is much more than what meets the eye.
What she has and how she’s got it.

All she sees
the flaws,
The pain,
The errors,
The nightmares,
The jealousy,
The lobotomy,
The weight,
The surface,

The darkness.
Nothing beyond.

For there is no light at the end of the tunnel
Because she’s trapped
Inside of the mirror.

Please, get me out of here.

I mean, who even knows what this is? It could be a positive power, it could be a negative power, it looks pretty dark and evil but - Waverly is the only one that doesn’t seem to have something supernatural going on about her through the first season. And it’s actually what I loved most about Waverly, is that she was like, you know, the Hermione Granger ‘cause she’s like the Muggle that everybody feels like, “come on, you gotta root for her” 'cause she doesn’t have the gun, she can’t use the gun, all she can use is her brains. And so it’s a bit of a bugger, but actually it might be like, “Well, she’s part of the gang now! She’s a bit flawed, she’s got something going on, let’s use it, you know, for good.” Who knows.

I was going to do the OC challenge for October but honestly I have 0 time for that it turns out so all I got done was a cool picture of Tara.

She got so much better as a character when I moved past “generic righteous demon-slayer lady” and it turned out she was a stubborn, loud, prideful, emotional mess who honestly just wants to do good and help people.

Plus she looks a lot less anime now that I have my own art style.  That’s also cool.

That was not Peggy Carter.

That was not the woman who told Steve that Bucky knew the risks, that it was his choice to put his life on the line, to respect him.  It wasn’t the woman who understood what Steve was saying when he echoed that back to her, and respected it, even though it hurt like hell.

I don’t give a shit what you say about Peggy being allowed to have flaws.  Sure, she can have flaws, she’s got plenty.  That’s not one of them.  Jason knew he was fucked, and told her to go.

She risked EVERYONE by refusing Jack’s plan in an effort to save Wilkes, taking that choice from him.

Peggy has all sorts of flaws; she’s moody, she’s obstinate, she tends to isolate herself at the worst times, and is AWFUL at accepting help.  She is not an idiot who loses her head at the wrong time.  She’s someone who cries about it later and blames herself for a lifetime, sure, but she is not someone who will put thousands of people at risk to save one person who already said he was gone.

Every time Rose isn’t flawless on screen it is a little shocking. We spent season one only knowing Rose as a beautiful, and powerful leader. So now she’s in episodes being a big dork, or being insensitive and it always throws me off for a second. Like “wait no… this isn’t Rose”. But really it is Rose, she’s got flaws. I’m glad she’s flawed because I think perfect Rose would be a little boring. I also feel like it makes sense that the gems and Greg remember her as perfect. Can you imagine how much pain they went through? How could they see her as anything less.