she's good at hiding this shit


- Aedion and Dorian bromance. I want that Aedion apologize to Dorian for being a jerk and I want them sitting by the fire and talking about good old days. And Dorian being like “Damn Aedion, you mocked me for eating like a lady while you looked like an actual girl with that pretty hair of yours. Half of the boys were in love with you.” Aedion would just grin

-Thirteen scaring the shit out of Chaol. He’s left his prejudices down in the Southern continent but he’s still low-key terrified of witches and Asterin likes to hide in dark hallways and when Chaol walks by she just says hello from the dark and Chaol collapses every time

- Nesryn asking Lysandra if she can borrow one of her dresses because she wants to be pretty for Chaol. When she put a dress on she’s anxious and she doesn’t feel herself at all but she’d do it for him. When Chaol sees her he tells her that she’s beautiful but that he likes her better when she’s herself, in her leather fighting gear. She never wear a dress again

- Lorcan teaching Elide how to write and read Feysand style but instead of Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord, he writes Elide is the most beautiful girl Elide is the smartest girl, Elide is the bravest girl… After a month, super nervous Lorcan gives her a paper to read and she wants to snap at him because she’s tired of reading how perfect she is but instead she’s a sobbing mess because it says Elide, will you be my wife?

- Aedion calling Gavriel “dad" for the first time, Aedion telling Gavriel he loves him for the first time. Gavriel’d play it cool but later close himself in a room and cry all night because he’s not worthy

- Gavriel and Aedion bonding time. I want that AEDION IS OBSESSED WITH GAVRIEL. Not the other way. Them going on a trips together, going on the Southern continent, to Wendlyn.. one day Aedion asks Gavriel if he’d tell him how he and his mom met. Gavriel tells him everything and all of their adventures and how she was like, what’d she liked. They’d both cry at the end.

-Manon seeing Aelin’s soap collection for the first time and being like “Aelin you’re disgusting you don’t need all that”. She’d secretly steal one and Dorian would later ask her why she smells like Aelin

- it’s Manon’s birthday tomorrow and Dorian and Abraxos fly all night to get to that place that sells the only cake Manon likes. In the morning when they get back Manon is furious and she wants to cut Dorian’s neck open because no one rides her wyvern but then Dorian shows her the cake. Something obviously got stuck into her eye that’s why she’s crying

- Vaughan and Connall being boyfriends

- Fenrys saying that he’s the fastest wolf alive. Lysandra would chuckle in a background and Fenrys would be like “Lys, you and me, outside, now”. Everyone put their bets on Lysandra, Fenrys is offended, Lysandra wins

- Evangeline being obsessed with Rowan. She wants a story a day. Her favourites are about Fenrys falling off the ship while trying to impress ladies or about Lorcan climbing a tree to get a cat down because this old man couldn’t do it himself

- Aelin is walking in a park in Terrasen and this old lady comes to her and tells her that they always knew she’s alive and that she’ll come back and that whatever she’d done, it doesn’t matter, that her people are proud of her and that they’ll never forget Evalin and Rhoe. In that moment Aelin realizes that it’s all indeed been worth it

a slip of the tongue.
  • when james deflates his head and matures a bit, he actually manages to become friends with lily evans
  • like, really good friends who have comfortable conversations and make each other laugh, and it’s great, really great
  • but there’s a problem: james is still in love with her
  • like, crazily in love and he tries to hide it, but he automatically smiles when she walks into the room, and his eyes soften when he sees her, and his gaze flickers to her lips when she speaks and he cannot help it
  • and it is painfully obvious to literally everybody… except lily
  • she somehow remains oblivious to the fact that the boy who is quickly becoming one of her closest friends just wants to hold her and run his hands through her hair and tell her every day how desperately in love with her he is
  • (he also wants to push her against a wall and snog her senseless, but that’s neither here nor there)
  • and james can accept things as they are because lily really doesn’t see him in that way and he’s not going to risk losing what they have
  • so he just swallows his feelings and feels like he’s dying a little every day, no big deal
  • but then they’re all in the three broomsticks, squeezed into a smaller booth than normal, and when james ends up next to lily, he’s positive the universe hates him and he’s going to go mad because he’s never been so close to her in his life and it’s simultaneously ecstasy and torture
  • but he manages to play it cool because lily seem completely unperturbed by their proximity (damn)
  • what he doesn’t realise, because she manages to play it cool too, is that lily is actually very aware that james is pressed up against her; they’re literally shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, knee to knee
  • and it gives her tingles
  • ‘oh,’ she thinks. then it clicks. oh. oh no
  • because it suddenly hits her that maybe the way she’s been thinking about james lately, like admiring his physique in his quidditch uniform or the cute way he adjusts his glasses or the captivating way he runs his fingers through his hair, hasn’t been exactly platonic
  • and now it’s all she can think about; he’s all she can think about
  • and suddenly it’s her turn to try and hide the fact that she’s in love
  • she does about as a good a job of it as james does
  • and he does about as a good a job as her at being oblivious
  • (everyone else in the school is going mad)
  • at the next hogsmeade visit, when they somehow end up alone together because everyone else is conveniently busy, they both try not to make too big a deal about it and fail horribly because it’s a massive deal when you’re in love with the person sitting across the table from you and shit, did this count as a date?
  • but they’re still friends, so they somehow manage to get through lunch despite the romantic and sexual tension between them
  • then james steals some of lily’s food
  • “oi!” she moves to slap the back of his hand, but it’s too late and he laughs as he comes away with a handful of chips
  • she shoots him a murderous glare which just makes him laugh harder and she adores the sound of his laughter so she laughs, too
  • she shakes her head. “you’re incorrigible!”
  • “you love it,” he jokes
  • “i love you,” she says

  • shit
  • shit shit shit
  • they’ve both frozen; james has forgotten how to breathe and lily is wishing she could sink through the floor
  • “do…” he starts, but trails off because he’s scared, terrified, of finishing the question, because maybe she’ll give him an answer he doesn’t want to hear
  • and lily does briefly consider taking it back; she knows she could add, ‘as a friend!’ to the end of that sentence and they could pretend it never happened and everything would go back to the way it was and they could stay friends
  • except she’s so bloody sick of being his friend, she’s so tired of pretending that friendship with james potter is enough for her when it isn’t, it’s never going to be enough
  • so she takes a deep breath before whispering, “yes.”
  • she watches in awe as a familiarly warm grin spreads slowly across his face
  • “you’re the only person i’ve ever been in love with,” he finally admits and when her face lights up, it feels like he’s swallowed a sun
Bear’s Story (part 2)

Outside a desecrated temple of Pelor our new Half-Orc Barbarian (who believes she is a bear) steps forward to challenge them.
Bear: (angrily) “My sorcerer doesn’t like you here. You guys leave now, or Bear mauls you!” And then I roar at them shaking my battle axe over my head.
DM: Roll intimidation.
Bear: Uh, crap, I have a -2 on charisma checks. (Rolls a 2) Alright, then after Bear says that, she looks back to the sorcerer and asks (in a fairly high pitched and happy tone), “Was that good? Bear practic be scary all night.”
Sorcerer: He smiles weakly in thanks of her attempt.
Bear: She does a happy ‘squeeee’ and steps back and forth on her toes shaking arms next to her body.
The sorcerer’s player facepalms to hide a smile.

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a prompt; jughead and betty are dating but given his new southside status, betty doubts that he'll ask her to prom, and he doesn't. but he realises midway that he forgot and then gets all ready in a tux, only to see archie and betty be crowned prom king& queen. can we have some sort of a jealous jug and reassuring betty plz? and oblivious archie whose just really happy he won


“It’s fine Ronnie, you really don’t have to do that, I promise I’ll be fine without one.” Betty Cooper spoke softly, tripping over her own feet as Veronica dragged her through the florist, her eyes determined as the raven haired teen held up a swatch of fabric.

“I don’t care what you think B, the corsage is one of the most important pieces of the entire Prom ensemble, leave it to me, I’ll find the perfect one, it’ll match your dress, stop questioning me, this is what I was born to do.” Veronica gave a dramatic flourish and tugged Betty through the next aisle.

The blonde smiled gently at her best friend
“I really appreciate this V but won’t it be a little weird for me to show up with a corsage when I don’t even.. I don’t even have a date.” She swallowed thickly, the hurt evident in her voice.

Veronica turned around quickly, her arms wrapping around the defeated girl next door.
“Listen to me Betty Cooper, you’re beautiful and strong and kind and jug because you’re stupid gang banger of a boyfriend forgot about prom doesn’t mean I’m going to let him ruin this for you. I mean come on, you’re pretty much a shoe in for prom queen.” She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed at the stray tear sliding down Betty’s cheek.

Betty sniffled, wiping her nose and groaning
“I don’t understand that, I don’t want to be prom queen. You would be so much better at it than me, or even Cheryl.” She picked up a yellow daisy and brought it to her nose, inhaling the sweet smell. “I love daisies” the teary eyed blonde sighed dreamily.

Veronica pulled the bouquet from its stand
“You’re going to be prom queen because you deserve it, you’ve saved Riverdale more times than I can count and there’s not a single person more selfless than you. Don’t worry I’m sure my boyfriend will be standing right beside you, remind me to Thankyou again for beating out Valerie Brown, no way I’m letting her slow dance with Archie.” Veronica growled.

Betty giggled
“I haven’t won yet.”

With a lazy wave of her perfectly manicured hand, Veronica brought the daisies to the counter
“Make these into the most beautiful corsage you have ever seen, wrap the rest up.” She slid her black card across the counter. “Facial time!” Veronica pulled the giggling blonde through the store as Betty rolled her eyes lovingly.
Jughead rubbed his eyes, instantly annoyed at the invasion of his sleep. He hardly got any as it is, he wasn’t in the mood for some old man Serpent coming over and asking for another favor.
Ripping open the door he raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Arch? What are you doing here?”

Archie Andrews was standing on the front porch of F.Ps old trailer, his hand stuffed in his pockets as he looked at Jughead sadly, it had been atleast two weeks since he’d seen his best friend.

“Hey Jug, I was on my way to the shop and figured I’d come check up on you. Sucks about you and Betty, I’m real sorry man.” The redhead reached out and clapped a hand to Jugheads shoulder.

Jughead shifted uncomfortably in his leather jacket
“What about me and Betty?” He asked confused, his chest tightening in worry.

Archie nodded in understanding
“Yeah I get it, break ups are pretty hard to talk about, it’s best to just ask like they didn’t happen.”

Jugheads eyes went wide and he gripped the door frame
“We didn’t break up? Who said we broke up? Betty did?!” His eyes searched Archie’s face desperately as the quarterback seemed taken aback

“No, I just.. I assumed since you’re not taking her to prom and she’s going on her own… wait a second you’re still together? You didn’t ask your girlfriend to her senior prom? Dude what’s the matter with you?!” Archie’s eyes were angry now as he crossed his arms over his chest, disappointment evident.

Jughead wasn’t paying attention anymore, he felt sick to his stomach.

He had forgotten.

He had completely forgotten to ask Betty, he hadn’t even realized, Jesus he was the shittiest boyfriend in the world. “I’ll see you later tonight..” he mumbled, leaving his trailer door swinging open and Archie standing on
the porch.

“Looking good B Coops.” A deep wolf whistle came from her right and Betty smiled as Reggie Mantle stood beside her, slinging around her shoulders.

Betty laughed shoving Reggie away
“Thanks Reg.” Her smile was still fairly sad no matter how hard she tried to hide it, Reggie caught on quickly

“Hey, the dorks been through a lot of shit, word around town is he’s been busy with the gang, he probably just forget. I doubt he meant anything by it.” The jock shrugged his shoulders as Betty looked up at him, her eyes softened and she went on her tippy toes, pressing a feather light kiss to Reggies cheek.

“Thank you Reggie.” She spoke earnestly, shoving him gently “now go spin Josie around on that dance floor, she’s looking ready to bust a move.”

Reggie grinned,
“That’s my girl.” He ran to the dance floor lifting up his girlfriend and spinning her around.

Betty smiled and glanced down at the light yellow, strapless dress flowing around her ankles, the silver heels she wore made her teeter a bit but they looked good, her long blonde hair pulled up in a curly updo leaving her neck bare, a small silver chain with a tiny crown resting low on her chest. Betty’s fingers curled around the crown, her heart aching at the absence of her boyfriend.

Veronica chose that moment to come over and excitedly whisper in her ear
“They’re crowing prom king and queen! Come on, let’s get to the front.” Once again the beautiful dark haired girl in the deep purple dress pulled Betty through the crowd, where she listened to then dub Archie Prom King.

Betty clapped and whistled, her heart swelling for her childhood best friend, Veronica was shouting “that’s my boyfriend Baby, that’s right prom king?!”

“And now for our prom queen of the Riverdale Senior Class… Betty Cooper.”

An eruption of cheers overtook the auditorium and before she knew it she was being shoved into Archie’s arms, a crown being placed on her head as the pair was pushed onto the dance floor, a slow song playing on the speakers, Archie’s hands finding her waist as hers draped around his neck.

“Deja Vu” the red headed boy smirked

Betty laughed,
“I always knew this would happen, I mean not this way obviously but ya know. Wouldn’t it be funny If Jughead were here, he always used to call us the prom king and queen.” She giggled

Archie’s eyes found something above her head and he laughed under his breath, his hands tightening
“Looks like he is here.” He nodded behind Betty and spun her around, her eyes catching on the dark haired boy as he stood next to Veronica, his hands shoved in his suit pockets, he looked angry.

“What’s he doing here? And why does he look so mad?” Betty looked up at Archie and raised a brow at his wicked smirk.

“He’s jealous, let give him something to talk about shall we?”

Betty’s eyes widened before settling in understanding as she smiled

“We shall.”

Archie swung Betty around and she giggled loudly, the crowd awwing

Suddenly she was being spun out of Archie’s arms and into a very familiar pair of hands.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?” Betty asked confused as the raven haired boy tugged her tighter to his chest, Swaying gently to the music as he buried his face in her neck, inhaling the vanilla perfume.

“What? I can’t dance with the prom queen?” He pulled back and smirked nervously.

Betty tried to tamper down her smile but felt the corners of her lips pulling up
“I’m in high demand.” She teased, resting her head on his chest as fingers toyed with her neck, pressing gently on the pulse point.

“Bets.. I’m so sorry, I forgot. I wasn’t thinking, I’ve been so busy with.. ya know. And I know that it’s no excuse to neglect you, you’re the most important person in the world to me, I don’t want to lose you, I just.. I feel like I’m drowning here. I’m trying to balance these two lives and I’m failing, I don’t care about anything else.. I just..”

Betty cut him off, pressing a kiss to his lips and smiling when she felt him let out a breath of relief

“I get it. I’m not mad, but don’t ever feel like you have to choose okay? I’m here for you. Through everything.” She pressed her palm to his cheek and he sighed, pressing against her.

“I love you Betty Cooper.”

She grinned back

“Jughead jones, I love you.”

He spun her out and pulled her back in, her laughter filling the auditorium, his lips danced against her ear

“You look beautiful by the way Prom Queen.”

Betty laughed
“Whats a queen without her king?”

Jughead eyes shifted to Archie who was kissing Veronica on the dance floor beside them

He felt Betty push tighter against Him

“I prefer the Serpent King to The Prom king.”

A Total Mess

Who: Tom Holland
Tom receives a slurred text that doesn’t make sense, so he goes to investigate and finds you drunk off your ass. 

A/N : This so rough, I just threw it together. Hopefully, it’s okay. 

Bloody Hell, [Y/N].” 

Tom stood at [Y/N]’s doorway, shocked to see her sprawled out on the floor with two empty wine bottles lying next to her. She looked an absolute mess. Her hair was disheveled, makeup smeared around her eyes, and her flannel buttoned wrong. Quickly shoving the spare key he had to her apartment into his pocket, he shut the door and waltzed over to her. Picking her up from the ground, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Tom!” [Y/N] slurred happily, she clawed after him when he propped her against the couch. “Where you going?” She frowned as he walked away from her. Swaying, she put her hands on either side of her to keep her from toppling over, “I’m so glad you’re here, Tom. I missed you!”

Shaking his head, he grabbed both bottles and showed them to her, “Did you drink both of these by yourself?” His voice was stern, he had never seen [Y/N] like this before. She was always so well composed. He could only ever recall one or two times when [Y/N] was drunk and even then she was completely coherent to answer questions. 

Shrugging, [Y/N] hiccuped. “Give or take a few glasses.” She waved one hand towards the wall that Tom now noticed had stains of red with broken glass on the floor. “I may or may not have, not have, thrown a few glasses.” [Y/N] giggled but it wasn’t anywhere near the kind of giggle, Tom was used to hearing. “I’m so fucking stupid.” 

Sighing, Tom decided that he’d deal with one thing at a time. Setting the wine bottles far from her reach, he sat down in front of her. Crossing his legs under him, he held her shoulders, forcing her to stare into his eyes. “What happened?” 

She inhaled, “Well,” [Y/N] started, hiccuping again. “[Ex’s Name] broke up with me after three years of being together and get this,” she hiccuped once more, “you ready for this? Over text. Over text, Tom. Who the fuck does that?” Running both hands over her face, she groaned. “You were right.” She stated, “I never should have dated him.” 

Tom frowned, “I’m sorry, [Y/N].” 

Shrugging, she laughed but not in a happy way. “I’m an idiot.” Pointing downward at herself, she shook her head at her flannel. “I’m a fucking mess. Always a fucking mess.” She tore at the buttons, getting frustrated, she yanked on them causing it to fly open and expose her bra and mid-section. “You know what he told me, Tom?” Running both hands through her hair, she laughed again. “That I’m, I’m clingy. And I expect too much from him.” Throwing her hand in the air, she leaned forward, “Well no shit! I only just spent three years wasting my fucking time on him. Of course, I’d be, be clingy and expect things from him. That’s what you do in relationships.” 

Tom tried really hard to ignore the fact that his really good friend was sitting looking pitiful as ever with her upper body on display. Running his own hand through his hair, he cleared his throat. “I think you’ve had enough to drink and it’s time that you go to bed, yeah?” 

“Pfft.” Waving Tom off, she turned around against the couch and dug in between the cushions and pulled out a fifth of Jack. 

“Did you? Did you hide alcohol in your couch?” Tom asked in disbelief. 

“Uh duh.” [Y/N] snapped. “I’m treated like shit, might as well act like it too. And I’m going to start by finishing this whole entire thing.” 

Tom lunged forward, yanking it from her hands. “No, [Y/N].” He snapped. 

“Give. Me. Back. My. Booze. Holland.” 

He couldn’t believe this. Out of all his friends, [Y/N] was nothing like this. She would occasionally have a glass of wine or perhaps a beer if someone could convince her. She was so proper and sophisticated. It blew his mind to see her a complete and total wreck. “You are not doing this to yourself. I refuse to take you to the bloody ER to get your stomach pumped. You’re fucking insane, [Y/N].” 

Tears started to fall down her cheeks, “You don’t understand, Tom.” She squeaked. “It hurts. I want it to stop. I’ve never felt this broken before.”

Tom felt like an asshole for snapping at her. Of course she was hurting, she had been madly in love with the bloke. Tom hated [Ex’s Name]. He was moody, incredibly cocky, and always talked down to [Y/N] as if she was a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe. She deserved much better and he thought he had gotten through to her a few months ago but even he knew deep down inside he couldn’t fight the feelings that had already settled in her bones. 

“Come on,” Tom quietly spoke, ushering her to take his hands. 

Frowning, she shook her head. “Just give me the bottle and let me drink myself into-”

“-death?” Tom snapped. 

Squinting her eyes, she looked away from him. “I was going to say oblivion but that could work too.” 

“Oh for fucks sake!” Tom half way yelled. He stepped forward, yanking her up gently but firm enough for her to be unable to fight back. He looked her dead in the eyes, “I understand you’re hurting, I can see it written all over your face but he’s not worth it, [Y/N]. No one is worth this,” he started to speak softer. “I can’t stand to see you like this, you’re an absolute wreck, it’s breaking my-it’s upsetting.” 

“What else am I supposed to do?” She cried. 

Letting go of her wrists, his hand quickly buttoned her shirt. Pulling her into a hug, he held her tight. He half smiled when she hugged him back tighter. He pressed his cheek to her head as she cried into his chest. Tom had never thought of [Y/N] anything more than just a friend until she started to date [Ex’s Name]. It opened his eyes that the reason he didn’t see her as anything more was because he had just gotten into the habit of always being with her and enjoying her presence. It was a weird battle he had with himself on whether or not he should express how he felt for [Y/N]. But, he wanted her to be happy and if happy meant being with that arrogant asshole, then so be it. He would just be there when it came tumbling down. And now that it was happening, it made him feel like an asshole because looking at her now with tear streaked cheeks and puffy eyes, he could have avoided all of this. 

She wouldn’t be feeling like it was necessary to drink herself into the grave or feel so broken. Tom would never make her feel that way if he would have just sucked it up and told her how he felt. Even he could read behind her joke of always saying that the two of them should just get married and live their lives happy whenever she’d get into a fight with [Ex’s Name]. It could have worked out between him and her. But, again, Tom couldn’t bring himself to admit his feelings when she’d seem so happy. Because he could never admit his feelings when she was crying on his shoulder, it was never the right moment and Tom was all about the right moment. 

“Let’s get you in bed, watch a movie, and get you to sleep.” Tom guided her to her bedroom. He watched as she climbed into her bed, “I promise it’ll get better.” 

[Y/N] felt so empty, it was a feeling she couldn’t explain. “Will you stay, Tom? I’m afraid once you leave, I’ll go back out there looking for something to numb me.” 

Tom nodded, “Of course, [Y/N]. You know I’ll always stay.” He kicked off his shoes and climbed in after her. 

friends forever part x

see end of chapter for author’s notes

She does that thing, you know, the kind of sexy thing where you press the flat of your foot to a man’s chest or face and push him away from you? Like Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street. That’s the one. She decides to do that.

Shawn’s watching her, still on his knees at the foot of the lounge chair, staring up at her as she flips herself around so she can look back at him after the world’s most mind-blowing orgasm. She’s still hazy from it, still can’t really believe that he’d whisked her away just to get his mouth on her pussy, but she’s absolutely not complaining. He’d given her the orgasm she’d been so desperately chasing the night before.

For about the 20th time that day, she curses herself for running away from him. She wants to stop running.

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Don't bother with faces [AU]

Pairing - Jason Dean (J.D) x Female Reader

Word Count - 577

A/N - this is kinda shit sorry 

J.D stepped off his motorbike, taking in the new scenery around him. It was your stereotypical high school, and he should know, seeing as he’s been to at least fifty.

He glanced around at all of the students. Most in little groups with their friends, laughing and talking about the latest gossip. A sigh escaped his lips. Nothing was different. Everything was the same.

He kind of missed Veronica. The thrill and chase she had given him. It was a bummer when she managed to shoot him down and defuse the bomb. Oh well. Maybe he’ll try again some other time.

The boy walked up the steps to his new school, his black trenchcoat flowing like a cape behind him. Maybe students were looking and pointing. He didn’t care. He’d be gone in a week.

That’s when he saw her.

She was sitting under a tree with a book in her hand. Her forehead was crinkled in concentration. Her Y/H/C hair was practically shining in the sunlight.

His breath hitched and his heart seemed to be a million miles an hour. Oh no. Not another girl. Not another Veronica.

As if sensing his anxiety and panic, she looked up, making eye contact with him. J.D quickly turned his head and walked into the school building. He was just going to have to avoid her.


The day seemed to go by slower than normal. He had fallen asleep in third period, gotten a detention. The teacher already hated him. Just the regular cycle.

By fifth period, J.D was practically itching to leave the school. He hated doing all of this. Sitting in a small classroom and forced to work.

Sixth period came along. He thought about skipping, running straight out of the back doors. Then she sat beside him.

“Hi,” Her voice was soft and welcoming. “I saw you this morning and figured that you’re new.”

J.D nodded, trying to be as distant as he could.

She smiled and stuck out her hand. “I’m Y/N.” After waiting a few seconds for him to shake it, she slowly pulled it back. His copy of Moby Dick shined into the corner of her eye.

“Moby-Dick? That’s what I’m reading.” Y/N said. “It’s one of my favorites. When did you start reading?”

J.D sighed. This girl wasn’t going to leave him alone. “About a month ago, back at my old school.”

“Where did you go?” She asked.

“Westerburg High.” He replied.

Y/N nodded for a few minutes. “Would you have happened to have met anyone named Heather McNamara?”

“Yeah, I think I heard her name once of twice.” J.D was confused on how Y/N knew Heather. Wait. Did she know Veronica?

A smile stretched across her face. “That’s my cousin.”

Oh shit. Of course it is.

J.D plastered a fake smile on his face to try and hide his now decreasing panic. Veronica hadn’t told anyone. That was good.

For the rest of the class period, Y/N kept managing to find new things to talk about. At first, it annoyed J.D to his core. This girl just really knew how to make his stomach flutter and he hated it.

But then, after a while, it was nice.

She wasn’t like Veronica. She wasn’t gloomy and depressed. Her outlook on life was the most optimistic thing he’d ever heard. This girl still had hope. He had never seen that before.

He liked it.

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Sooooooo I was thinking what would Shiro do if his s/o showed up to party in a sexy black dress just to get him back for spending so much time with Voltron P.s I love your Blog!

I like the way you think! I do love me some petty revenge.

Originally posted by lanceville

“Hey Shiro! What are you up to today? Cause I was thinking–”

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I need to go over Voltron’s last battle and come up with some sort of game plan,” Shiro sighs and glowers at the screen in his hand, “We should have taken that Robeast out before it had that chance to knock us down. Maybe if I had had Lance and Hunk move us–” He’s talking more to himself now so you just cluck your tongue and walk away. Maybe next time.

You paced back and forth on the observation deck, growing increasingly agitated with every slowly passing minute. Seriously? He’s thirty minutes late! Where the hell was your boyfriend?!

You stop and loudly vent your frustration before storming storming towards the training deck. God help Shiro if he’s still training during date night because oh…he’s not here. None of the paladins are. So, clearly they finished? 

You sigh and head towards the rooms. You can hear various showers running and the thought of scaring the crap out of Shiro while he’s showering brings a skip to your step. But when Shiro’s door opens, you can see him laying face first in bed with his armor still on. You deflate and let his door shut on its own. If he’s tired enough to sleep in his armor then there’s no point in waking him. 

And so it keeps happening. Every time you think you finally get Shiro on his own he either has Voltron related business, extra training, or is passed out in places he shouldn’t be. It’s frustrating. It’s vexing. It’s starting to piss you off

Of course, you don’t think you’re more important than defending the universe from evil purple aliens but dammit, it hurts to be pushed aside so easily! 

But tonight…oh-hoho, tonight you were going to get back at the Black Paladin. 

You see, Allura, Coran, and Shiro have been in negotiations for the last week or so with the twin High Priestesses of Il’rea, who have long been fighting the Galra in their own quadrant of space. They’ve been highly successful; due to the combined power of Lady Arcadia’s tactics and Lady Selena’s bloodlust and frankly, Team Voltron needed help from people like them if there was any hope to defeat Prince Lotor. 

Tonight, the whole planet was celebrating the new alliance in Voltron’s honor with a huge party. Food, music, pretty girls, pretty guys (just pretty people in general), and displays of power and magic promised to be a fun night.

But there was a small problem. The problem was, as Lance put it: “Those Priestesses are total babes! They could literally crack my skull between their thighs and I would die happy.” Whether he was on duty or not, Shiro was spending a lot of time with beautiful women that were not you and tonight was the night you were going to drag his attention back, Voltron and the Alliance be damned. Especially since it’s been a good two weeks since you two had some true alone time. 

You smiled triumphantly at the sexy little black number hanging on the back of your door, ‘Watch Shiro ignore this.’

Shiro missed you. God, he missed you so much it started to hurt and the guilt he was carrying about temporarily pushing you aside to focus on Voltron was starting to haunt his nightmares. He was determined to fix it tonight. He was going to apologize for being a shit boyfriend, apologize for overworking himself, and apologize for making the love of his life feel like she no longer mattered to him. 

Keith had made it a point to find Shiro tell him that last little tidbit last night. It hurt. It hurt so bad Shiro actually spent most of the night crying and beating himself up mentally for that one. He royally fucked up, and he knew it.

So when the shuttle carrying you and the Paladins arrived, his heart began racing and Shiro felt the telltale fluttering in his stomach that told him he was nervous. But there were only four bodies on that shuttle and none of them yours. Concerned, Shiro pulled Keith aside to speak to him in a low whisper, “Hey, Keith. Wh-where’s Y/N? Isn’t she coming?”

Keith pursed his lips and glared. Shiro dropped his hand from Keith’s arm and took a step back, caught off guard by the uncharacteristic hostility in his friend’s eyes. He waits and Keith looks away before clearing his throat, “She’s not coming. She said she has a migraine so she’s going to take advantage of a silent castle and sleep it off. She doesn’t want you there.” He walks away with a final glare, making sure to clip his shoulder against Shiro’s. 

Shiro rubs his shoulder and glances towards the other paladins. He blanches as they quickly turn away to hide their glares. Crestfallen, Shiro swallows the lump in his throat and blinks back the tears that threaten to spill. He has a job to do tonight so he steels himself and turns around, stepping out of Takashi Shirogane - the failing boyfriend, and into Shiro - the Black Paladin and Leader of Voltron. 

He doesn’t see Lance and Hunk sharing concerned glances as they wonder if they took their glares too far or Pidge and Keith giving each other a thumbs up. He also misses you slipping out of your hiding place in the pod and moving to the next hiding place, shoes in hand. Allura, who has been your silent partner in tonight’s shenanigans, gives you a wink as she steps in front of your new spot, further hiding you. Bless her. She’s just as petty as you are.


There was a time in his life that Shiro once enjoyed a good party and the chance to get shit-faced drunk without a care in the world. Now his anxiety was acting up, telling him there were too many people, too many points of entry, too many chances for an assassin to sneak in, this is was just another chance to get Lance blow–no. No. He needs to stop. There’s no point in thinking like that.

God, he needed a drink.

Luckily, Il’rea has alcohol, or something like it, and Shiro grabs a glass from a passing waiter and downs it in one gulp. Much better.

He grabbed another drink with every intention of downing that one too but he was stopped when he saw you flitting through the crowd. But it couldn’t be you, you were in the castle. Right?

He drops the glass from his mouth and moves to follow what he swears was you. His searching is fruitless and Shiro gives it up as a bad job only a few minutes later. He was looking for a black dress in a sea of black and white with little variation. Why couldn’t the woman have been wearing a red dress? That would be so much easier!

Like Allura! Shiro could make her out easily since her dress started as a bright yellow and faded to a soft orange. She looked like an Earth sunset was easily the brightest person in the room. Shiro smiled as she laughed at some aristocrat’s joke, happy to finally see her so carefree after the stressful week they had. He wished he could be like that.

He watched for a few more moments and was about to turn away when Allura hooked her arm through the arms of another woman and they turned as one to move together. His heart stopped for a split second because he knows that face. He knows that face.

Where Allura was as radiant as the sun, there you were, looking like the human embodiment of the night. Your hair was pulled up and artfully messy, lips painted a deep purple to match purple eye shadow, the front of your black gown draped over you to deeply expose your breasts and Shiro swallowed when he saw the long beautiful silver necklace he found for you sitting innocently on your chest. The last time he saw it he was watching it shimmer and shine as it moved with every thrust of his hips against yours.

You looked like Sin. And when your eyes locked Shiro swore then and there to have you underneath him before the night was over. He continued watching with hungry eyes as Allura twirled you two around and revealed the (pretty much non-existent) back of your dress and he changed it to within the hour. The wink you gave him over the shoulder as you disappeared into the crowd gave him the fuel he needed.

But it wasn’t that easy. Every time he got close to you, Hunk or Lance would whisk you away for a dance and pass you off to someone high ranking enough in the Il’rean hierarchy that Shiro knew it would cause tension if he just cut in, so he was forced to wait. 

And wait.

 And wait. Prowling like a panther at the edge of the dancing crowd, waiting for his chance to snatch you up.

Eventually there was a lull in the music and Shiro used it to beeline towards you, determined to have you in his arms and screaming his name in one of the smaller rooms next door. But he was stopped by Keith shoving a plate of food in his hands with a cheeky grin. “You haven’t eaten all night. Here. It’s delicious.”

“I-Uh…What? Oh,” he looked down at the plate just long enough to loose you in the crowd again and he cursed his luck. And his crew, the shits. He could spy Pidge up on the balcony, no doubt keeping an eye on the situation and instructing each of the Paladins to intercept him every time he got too close. He should have known they’d be in on this. They do like to stir up trouble. 

Well. There would be no getting to you this way. Not with Pidge directing them. And he couldn’t just run up there like a psychopath and stop her. She’d see him. He popped some of the food Keith brought him into his mouth and saluted Pidge. If this was his punishment, it was his punishment. But he could spoil their fun by giving in. His own private revenge on his crew for their mutiny.

“Surprise, surprise. You didn’t come for me,” you sigh as you lean against the balcony entryway. Shiro turns towards you with a bittersweet smile, “Would you have let me?” He leans against the balcony, doing his best to appear nonchalant even though his heart was hammering in his chest because there you are! His beautiful girlfriend! The light of his life! The woman he would willingly risk life and limb for! Dear god, he could see how pissed you were.

You fake thinking for a moment, making sure to bring a finger to your lips, just to enjoy the way Shiro’s eyes darken at such an innocent gesture. “No, not really. I was enjoying myself soooo much. I didn’t want to distract myself with my significant other.” Your pointed glare hits home and Shiro drops his gaze to the floor. You do nothing but wait, letting his shame settle in.

You soften as his shoulders drop and he slowly walks towards you, frightened that with each step closer he moves, you will bolt. You both release the breaths you didn’t know you were holding as Shiro slowly brings his forehead to yours. His large hands feel so right as snakes them around your waist and just holds you, taking a moment just to savor you in his arms before he can gather the courage to speak. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to push you away. I didn’t intend to make you feel like you don’t matter to me, because you do. You are–I love you,” you gasp at his confession and the urge to scream ‘I love you too!’ is almost to much to bear but Shiro isn’t done talking, so you bite your tongue. Literally. “I made a mistake. I need to try harder. I will try harder. For you and Voltron.” 

The kiss he gives you is so tender and so sweet it nearly brings tears to your eyes. You pull him down for another harder kiss as he pulls away, wrapping your arms around his neck for leverage before pulling away enough to mumble against his lips, “You beautiful idiot. I love you so much but you’re too hard on yourself. I just…I missed you.”

You buried yourself into Shiro’s chest and squeezed him tight, enjoying the way his arms tightened against you and the gentle way he nuzzles into your hair. He was so warm and comforting and you couldn’t believe that you had gone nearly two weeks without this. These were the moments you lived for: domesticity in a universe at war.

“I’m going to fuck you in that dress the moment we get back to the castle,” his voice is low and gravely in your ear and you shivered. Moment ruined. 

“I’ve had to watch you prance around in that sorry excuse for a dress all night. Did you even see how much people wanted you?” A moan escapes as Shiro mouths directly against your ear and he moves his cool metal hand up your exposed back. You can feel his half-hard erection against your hip and he grins wickedly against your ear as he lightly rocks against you, “You naughty thing, I’m going to–”

“Sorry to interrupt,” you and Shiro jerk apart as Lady Arcadia glides by, her sister in tow, “but might I trouble you to use one of the rooms down the hall? As lovely as public displays of affection are, surely you two would enjoy privacy?” They quirk twin eyebrows and smirk, gliding away the way they came. 

You adjust your dress and hair, thankful that you were interrupted before anything else started. You share a bashful look with Shiro and clasp hands before re-joining the party; putting a pause on your libidos to play ambassadors. There would be time to play later tonight.

Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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The best Overwatch experience I’ve ever had.

OK so, I’m answering this on its own post because this is one hell of a story. SO.

I am a console main, all of my best friends play PS4 OVW with me, and we all know there are some few people who will do mouse and keyboard on the console cause it is EASY to tell.

So we’re attacking on Numbani. There is a Widowmaker on the enemy team that NO ONE of us could take out - even as her counters, like even /I/ was switching off of Pharah to try and get her, but no. Its to no avail. ONCE WE HAD A JUNKRAT RIP TIRE HER WE GOT TO TAKE THE PAYLOAD AND START MOVING, IT WAS INSANE.

Hope was looking grim the instant she came back. It’s literally insane because this Widow should NOT be as good as she is. She had to have also put on an Aim-Bot it was rediculous. We get to the second checkpoint and we’re held there.

I go McCree to yippe ki yay the mf, but it fails. A lot. We even had a Reinhardt to hide behind, but the enemy Bastion made our lives miserable with the Widow at the second choke point.

After I High Noon the Bastion, someone who went Genji reflected her shot ONE HIT K-Oing her, AND WE FINALLY BEGIN PUSHING AGAIN. ON OVERTIME.

We are ALL freaking out because holy shit holy shit holy shit WE’RE MOVING AGAIN. We’re just MOWING it by, all 6 of us behind Reinhardt’s Shield. I went back to Pharah, and as we approached the end checkpoint, I bumped the Widow away from Head-Shotting our Zenyatta and got them to Transcend the Bastions damage away.





W O N.


Muse - “No Skills”

hi guys!!! here’s the next part to the series :))))))

i’m about to put a link to a masterlist so it’ll be easier to navigate

ANOTHER HEIGHTS REFERENCE TITLE i know guys it’ll make sense the further along we get (unless ur already onto me)

anyways - like i said i am a newbie so any and all feedback is appreciated (roast me if u want)

summary: man, he was cute. right? he was so cute! he was sweet and tall and so so so cute and his name was… oh my god what was his name?

word count: 3150+ lmao

warnings: swearing bc i’m a sinner and even more motherfucking smiling (lin’s smile makes me weak in the knees and that translates in2 my work sorry about it)

oh god here we go

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What the Hell? (1/???)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

A/N: This is my first imagine and it’s not the best and probs a little out of character for our friendly neighborhood vigilante but I live for the best friends fighting angst and the teenage drama so sue me

She doesn’t exactly know when her feelings for Peter Parker began or how. All (Y/N) remembers is looking at her best friend one day and liking the way he bit his lip as he worked on his geometry homework. Then she found herself staring at his lips entirely too long. She brushed it off until she found herself liking the curve of his nose and the light spray of freckles that ran across it and that the one piece of hair that was always out of place was falling in his eyes. And it kept happening with every single little detail she already knew so well but somehow never thought was special before.

(Y/N) ignored every single one of these things, writing them off as teenage angst bullshit. She’s known Peter since she was three years old; she was well aware that these feelings were bound to happen in a friendship as close as theirs but she knew she’d be able to push them to the back of her mind until she was sure they would never come about again. 

But here she was, six months later, and still feeling everything and more.

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Title: What I Hide By My Language, My Body Utters

Rating: Mature

Words: 9,047

Summary: Based on a prompt from Tumblr user thetwogaydetectives - “fake relationship that ends up being so real, they finally realize they are in love.”

Probably not EXACTLY what she was looking for… but, eh, my muse has its own kinks to fulfill.

so a good while after rose and kanaya start dating on the meteor rose comes up with a plan to try and get kanaya to spend the night with her. she relays her plan to a very distracted and Definitely Not listening dave who at the end of it tells her how great it is.

Her elaborate plan immediately goes to shit since it relied on her asking kanaya to cuddle and kanaya Was Not Sure What That Meant thus leaving rose to  decide if kanaya was trying to pull something on her but she eventually explains, while trying to hide how embarrassed she is, thats its sort of like a hug but longer. kanaya agrees because Hugs Are Very Nice I Will Give It A Shot but she also asks where exactly this is going to happen because she cannot so a pile anywhere that you can lay rose,who doesnt want to make kanaya uncomfortable, grabs as many blankets and pillows as she can find to make a pile from them.

when kanaya puts her arms around rose and rose has another little gay breakdown because she Is Not Used to hugs and she’s afraid but after a few minutes of talking rose falls asleep in kanayas arms hoping she doesnt mind.

kanaya doesnt and she thinks rose is very cute when shes asleep.


Out here professing his love for a quarter cent Ho

His no good uncle couldn’t teach him the rules of engagement when it came to women.  That was a part of his responsibility when his daddy died.  But NO!  Now he fleeing the brothel like a cockroach when the kitchen light turn on.

I’m angry at him for even thinking this ho wanted to be with him… Baby I need you to be smarter than that.  Just cause she showed up for the wedding it don’t mean the bitch came for you.  She came for the food!

I had to let my anger go though… That run to Rosaline’s house released the blood flow to his brain to make him start thinking right… Bless you Friar, on your last night still working miracles.

He realized the only love he has, the only partner he can count on in his entire life is Rosaline.  It took a trauma for reality to set in and he’s finally seeing clear.  She is good, she is fair.  She is all that you have…  All.

Chile… she’s all he got that they’re dressing like twins already come next week.  Relations new new yah heard and they dressing alike, hiding in the closet and shit side by side.  Just as it should be written.

Minutes By Minutes

Summary: You come from France and you’re lucky enough to study during a year in an American High School. You’re trying to study in the library but Clay catch you reading and then everything get out of hands.

So this story is completely based on what I know on American High School : nothing except what I see on TV. So I’m sorry if it’s wrong, or completely judgemental, tell me I just want to do good, and because Jeff Atkins Deserves Better.

Love you

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader(you)

Y/N: Your Name

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Words: 4820 (so looooong, i almost die.)

Originally posted by demon-of-deathlyrose

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re sitting in Liberty High School’s Library for more than an hour. But your math’s book is still not open because you’re distracted, by the book you’re reading. The book you know by hearts but still, it’s to powerful to let it down. And it’s almost the end so why stop now?

You’re so taken by the scene that you don’t see someone approaching your table. You don’t hear them either. So imagine your surprise when suddenly your book his taken away from your hand.

“Hell no! What the…” You’re looking at the person who standing next to you.

“Clay? Why do you just stole my book. I was reading!”

“I saw that, thanks Y/N. You’re supposed to study maths. You know, for the test. Tomorrow?”

“I know that Clay. I’m French, not stupid. Now, p give me my book back.”

“No please?”

“Pleaaaase.” You give him you puppy eyes trying to catch your book but Clay just put it behind his back.

“No Y/N, you have to study. So no book for you.”

“Why everyone is always stealing my books. Between Skye, Tony, Zach, Hannah and you I can’t even read one word.”

“Probably because you asked us Y/N.”

“I knooooow, but i was joking Clay.”

“Really? Because you ask five differents person to do the same things. To take away the book you were reading when you were supposed to study. So, if you ask me, I think you really meant it. So here I am, stealing your books till you’re capable to do this exercise.” You’re trying to find an argument who could force Clay to give you back your book but you know he’s right.

“Fine.” You read the page Clay just give it to you when you exclaimed “Jensen, there five of them! It will take me hours!”

“You can do it Y/N.”

“Stop doing the Yoda things, it’s not helpful. And how do you know I have to study this chapter Jensen?”

“My girlfriend is in your math’s class Y/N. Sitting right next to you. It’s incredible how you, french people could have so little memory of basic things.”

“I hate Hannah Baker so much.”

“Stop saying shit about my girl. You love her. Almost much as I do. And now study.” Clay open you book and throw him just in front of you.

“Yes daddy. But please, pay attention to my book alright. Skye always hide them in the school and i spent hours trying to find them. Zach put them in is basket ball bag and if you want my opinion, it doesn’t smell good in there. Tony put car’s oil all over it and Hannah read them and only give them back to me when she finished it. Please Jensen, take care of my child, it’s one of my favorite.” Your voice broke dramatically and you put your right hand on your heart for more impact.

“Yes Y/N, I will take care of your book. What is it anyway? Antigone, never heard of it.”

“Oh my… Such despair in this country. Antigone is a tragedy written by Jean Anouilh during WW2. It’s inspired by another tragedy write by Racine but that not the point. Antigone go against the rules to make sure her two oldest brothers gets the funeral they deserves. Even if her uncle, the new king forbids it, promising her she will die, she still doing it because it’s the right things to do. She was scared and in love but she ready to sacrifice it for her brother. She was brave. But that not the only things that matters, it’s also why the author decide to write Antigone in 1942. In 1942, France is occupied. And even if the President Petain ask to the people to stop fighting, there is others, who ask to keep fighting till they get their freedom back. That’s why Antigone is so good. She’s ready to die for the right things, she’s a hero.”

Clay look at you a little surprise and you know you just probably sounds crazy but you love this story so much that you couldn’t stop.

“I need to read it. Can I borrow yours Y/N?”

“If you capable to read it in French, go ahead. But I think Skye have it in English, she would probably lend it to you. If you ask her gently… Or offers her Reese. She’s crazy about them.” You smile at him.

“I always offer her Reese when I did somethings stupid and I need her help. Since she knows the tricks now, I can’t used it for anything else Y/N. But I will ask her with my puppy eyes, if Tomy can say no to this face I can’t see how Skye can say no to it.”

“You such a demon Clay Jensen.”

“I learn from the best Y/N Y/L/N.”

“You know how to speak to women Jensen.”  Clay sit next to you and you play with your sleeves smiling how lucky you are to have find so good friends in this school in such a little time. “You know if Hannah wasn’t dating you, I probably would.”

“Not possible, there’s Tony and Jeff who already put an offer on me in case Hannah break up with me.”

You laugh a little before remembering you’re in the library and peoples are trying to study all around you.

“You are the most perfect boy I ever met Clay Jensen but I need to study now and if you stay here, you’re only going to distracted me. I love youuu.” You try to push him away but he only laugh by your antics.

“I’m not studying, I’m tutoring and since have issue in math I could help you, because, I pretty good in math.”

“Okay, okay, the whole world know how good you are in everything. But you’re tutoring, and I don’t want to bother you or the student you tutoring.”

“Y/N you’re not a bother and jeff will specially not mind if you’re here.” Your heart stop for a second.

“You’re tutoring Jeff? Jeff Atkins?”

“Erh yeah, since I don’t know? Six months? Do you pay attention when I speak Y/N or you just love ignoring me.”

‘No, Clay. i know you’re tutoring Jeff, what I mean is that you’re tutoring him right now. In this Library?”

“Yes Y/N, I going to tutoring Jeff here, in this library. When he will show up obviously. Where do you except I tutor him? In the baseball fields? In the bathroom?”

“Stop messing with me Clay. It’s not funny, not right now.” You’re trying to gather your things before the baseball player decide to show up. You’re also trying to keep your breathe under control.

“Y/N, what’s happening, what are you doing.”

“I’m getting out Clay.”

“No, you have to study.”

“I know, i know.” You sit back, and take deep inspiration to control your heart. “Then you have to go. You have to tutoring in another place.”

“What? You’re joking, I not leaving if you’re in this state. What’s happening Y/N?”

You know you have to tell him, you already find it magical that Hannah or Tony still haven’t told him but he is one of your best friend.

“Can you remember the last I could stay next to Jeff more than five minutes?”


“Can you remember it Clay? No, right? Because it’s true. I never spent more than five minutes with Jeff since my first few weeks here.”

Clay looks at you a little lost. “Did he hurt you?”

“Come on Jensen, beside you he’s probably the nicest guy in school. He didn’t hurt me I just develop an huge crush on him. And I thought he was interested but then I learn I was just dreaming.” You try to push your hair away, distracting yourself.

“What do you mean Y/N?“

“You know, we were always together. He take me to school in the morning, he take me back to my home. He always eat with me, us. I used to study while he was practicing and  was always with him the weekend. It was like a dream, you know. When I first came here, I was so scared. Away from home, away from my friends, from all the things I know about life. So I decide to go to a movie. I met you that night, with Hannah. I wanted to talked to you, ask you something but nothing came out of my mouth. But then, when the movie end my car just broke and you saw me there, trying to understand what happened, and you said you knew someone. You called Tony and Hannah and you stay with me till Tony appears. I will never have enough word to thanks all the three of you for how much I owe you. Hannah bring me back home, and Tony give me his address for the next day.”

“I know that Y/N, I was there.”

“I know you was here Clay but you need the entire pictures to understand. The three of you became my friends, a week before school starts. The three of you save me. But Jeff make me love USA so much. I fell in love of this place like I kinda fell in love with Jeff. You were like the fantastic four, you still are. But I had to just stop. With Jeff. We were nothing, but it was like we were. And now, I can’t be close to him without my heart going crazy, and if he’s in the same room I can’t even concentrate. That’s why I can’t study here if you tutoring Jeff.”

“Why do you never tell us about it. We always thought you were going to become a couple. So what happened?”

“I met Sara.”

“Sara who?”

“Sara Daxton, Jeff girlfriend. With whom he have an on/off relationship since Junior? You don’t know who she is? God Clay, blonde, the same height as me and an amazing  bitchy smile she always wore.”

“Ah yeah, always trying to steal Sheri’s place right?”

“Yeah this one, you’re so slow Jensen. So after she threaten me I start avoiding Jeff and it’s was as the same time that I miss France and my family. It was harder, it’s the moment I pulled away, you remember right.” He nod his head and you keep talking. “I felt so lost and sad that I ask to came home, I pack my things and that’s when Zach saves me. I know you never understand how we became close or how we stay friends but he saves me. I was drowning, of fears, loneliness.”

“You weren’t alone Y/N, we were there."Clay looks so hurt that you hate yourself.

"I know Clay but I didn’t want to tell you how much I miss home you know, I thought you would think or believe I didn’t want to be here, or with you anymore. Zach find me, one night crying outside in a park. He sit next to me and hold me. I never speak to him before that night but he hold me and let me cry on his shoulder. He listen to me. After that night, it’s him who bring me to school and back home. He make me laugh, he try to learn french and I try to learn basketball. We get closer each day, that’s why I’m always in school the saturday. He always come playing in the morning, and then there the game in the afternoon. So I’m always there. And then I’m with you and Hannah or sometimes with Tony who teach me about car but I’m never with Jeff now. Not since Sara Daxton ”

“But you know Jeff and Sara..” But Clay never had the chance to finish his sentence because a large book of history fell on our table

.“Clay, I’m waiting for you in our usual table, why are you here. Oh hey Y/N.”

”Hi Jeff” Your voice sound so shy that it must be like a little girl just talk.

”You’re staying with us?”

Clay looks a little alert by Jeff’s question but you offer him a reassuring look.

”No, I have to go I can’t stay here.”

”Why? Because it’s looks like you’re studying maths for what it’s look.”

“Errrr. You see I…” But you can’t find anything who could be plausible.

“I have her book. So it’s actually us who have to move.”

“Clay, her book is just in front of us.”

“Not this book, this one” he show Jeff Antigone, the tragedy you were reading before everything.”You see Y/N ask me and a few other people to away take away the book she was reading when she was supposed to study. And that’s what she was reading when I came here waiting for you. And since I wanted to be sure she study we need to go somewhere else.”

“Okay, I think Y/N is capable enough to be able to study in the same room as the book. We just have to go at another table.”

“NO!” Clay and you screamed at the same time. It’s amazing how he try to help you on this.

“It’s her favorite book Jeff, she knows it by heart but she always get to deep in it. She even get exclude in some class because she didn’t want to stop reading. So yes we have to study somewhere else because I would like to keep my head on my neck thank you very much Atkins.”

“Really Y/N? What’s this book talk about.”

“I already tell Clay, I’m sure he can give you summary.” You turn your head to Clay and smile at him “So i do this five exercises and then I give them to you and you give me back my book?”

“Deal. You text me when you’re finished and I will text you our location.”

“See you later boys.” You put your headphones and try not to look at Jeff leaving the library. It was close by still four month to go.

You spent two hours trying to understand maths and you succeed to do the five exercice Clay give to you. Even if you would have prefer to go through hell you still did it. You grab your phone and find Clay’s number.

To: C Fucking Jensen

Done, where’s my baby Jensen. mama wants to read.

From C Fucking Jensen

I take it back from Jeff who stole it from me and then read it and then completely ignore me till he suddenly notice your books was written in french. And then he was sad because he couldn’t read it so he makes me called Hannah to know if she had it in comprehensive language. So, I hate Antigone so much that I don’t want to give it back to you.

From: C Fucking Jensen

Sorry, forgot, we’re outside, on the table you always sit when you’re waiting for Zach

To: C Fucking Jensen

on my way BOY

You see them pretty quickly, Clay is at the table, like he told you reading Jeff’s paper and playing with his pen at the same time. Jeff on the other side is a few meter away, doing push ups, shirtless. It’s been so long that you didn’t watch him train that you (almost) forgot what he looks likes. Even if he’s away you can perfectly see his abs. Holy hell.

“Can you make sure I did them right please? I know you already have so much to do but please.” Clay looks at you and offer you his special smile that you always loved.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I will look at them tonight and I call you if you need help. And take back your books back please.”

“Thanks Clay, see you later.”

“Where are you going?”

“Zach is waiting for me, he got practice. See you tomorrow, Love you. Bye Jeff.” You look back at the baseball player really briefly before heading back inside trying to go the gymnasium without thinking about a shirtless Jeff Atkins.

Obviously, you fail. You hear the main doors opening but you’re not br

ave enough to look at who it is, scared of being let down by your fucking dreams.

” Y/N, wait!“

"Oh Jeff, hm, I’m sorry but I really need to go, like I said I promise Zach I will cheers him during the practice.” You smile at him.

“Like you used to do it for me.” He almost whispers it, and you’re not sure you were supposed to heard it.


“Why did you stop coming to my game Y/N?” You’re so taken aback by his sudden question that you start choking.

“What? What are you talking about Jeff?”

“You stop coming Y/N. During practice and for the game. Why?"He could almost think he’s hurt by your absence bit you can still hear Sara’s voice on your head. She’s the only one for him and that’s okay, you only have four months in this school before you have to get back home.

"I didn’t stop coming to the game. I’m always here Jeff, even if it’s raining or snowing. I would probably be here even if zombie decide to kill us all. You just doesn’t notice me. It’s okay, I always hide myself”

“But why did you stop talking to me, or hanging or even smiling Y/N? What did I do?”

Why do you always want to kiss him? Why Jeff Atkins had to be so cute? Why do the world hate you that much?

“Because of Sara.” You don’t even know how the get out of your mouth but they’re out and you can’t stop the disaster now. And you’re not running away either. So better come clean right.

“Your girlfriend threaten me. That’s not your fault Jeff, that’s mine. I have this crush on you and I guess I wasn’t discreet as I thought I was. And Sara discovered it. So I’m sorry, I’m…”

“God, Y/N you’re here, I been looking for you for so long. Justin want to beat me but I can’t win if my lucky charm is not with me.”

You didn’t even notice Zach was here. He question you with his eyes, trying to know if you’re okay.

“I’m sorry Jeff, I really have to go. We will talk later okay.”

You go to Zach trying not to look back at the boy who doesn’t understand why he have to let you go. You already to deep to do it yourself, you need him to push you away.

“What was that about?”

“Despair from my part. Lack of understanding from him. It’s like he doesn’t know, like he have no idea how much I love him.”

“You know Y/N from what I saw, I almost sure he loves you too.”

You sigh “ It’s not possible Zach.”

“Why are you always saying that when we talk about Jeff’s feelings for you? Why?”

“You know why Zach, Jeff cannot have romantic feelings for me. Change of subjects.”

“No Y/N, I’m not letting you keep living miserably because you do not believe me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you Zach, it’s just impossible.”

“WHY Y/N?” Okay, you didn’t expect him to scream.

“Zach, Justin he’s waiting for you. We need to get there before he start saying you get scared by the little challenge.” You walk past him, try to put some distance between the both of you but his hand find yours and hold you before he force you to looks at him.

“Y/N, you’re going to talk to me, right now, right here. No more excuses, no more changes of subjects. Just you, me and your feelings for Jeff Atkins.”

You tried to push him away, to get away from his embrace but he’s to strong and a little part of you wants him to know.

“He can’t have feelings for me because of Sara Daxton, his girlfriend. She threaten me when we were really close, with Jeff. She said she could make my life a living hell in a few seconds. So, I stay away from Jeff, like she asked me.”

“What, but why do you believe her?”

“Don’t you see how student treat each other here? Did you ever get into the girl’s bathroom? Do you know what’s written on the walls? How many’s girl’s name are next to the word bitch or whore? Do you know how teenagers are judgemental, how girls are always judging? For everything? Do you remember the list that travel through the entire school in Sophomore year?”

“Yeah, but, but you weren’t…”

“I weren’t here Zach but I still heard about it, I read it for God’s sake. I see how girls has been treated by boy. How Hannah been treat. And before we become friends you were part of the stupid jocks who can’t show a piece of respect. That’s why i believe Sara, i fell in love of her boyfriend and she was right, I needed to back off.”

“Jeff Atkins never date Sara Daxton.”

“What are you talking about?” You ask not sure if you heard right was Zach just told.

“I didn’t have a girlfriend since freshman years.” A voice said behind your back. You don’t have to turn around to know who it is. You know this voice by heart. “ And if I was dating Sara Daxton ,and I’m not, i assure you, I would have break up with her the moment I start having romantic feelings for you.” You did turn around at the end, because you can’t keep yourself to look at him. Zach moves from behind you and walk to Jeff. “Don’t hurt her or I will break you man even if you’re the freaking Jeff Atkins.”

“Don’t worry, not happening. But I hope you’re ready to share her.”

“If I can have her in saturday, and bring her back from school two day/week?”

“Deal Dempsey.” They smiled at each other, completely ignoring you.

“Boys, I’m right here and I decide with who I want to spent time.”

“I need to go lovebirds, I have to win a bet!” Say your best friend  before running away. Okay, did he just ignore you? again?

“So Sara really threaten you?”

“Yes. She scared the hell out of me.”

“It’s one of the biggest rumors of the school. And I don’t even know how people can believe it!”

You looked up at him trying to know if he’s messing with you “Really Atkins? Everytime I look at you, she’s close to you. During the break, the lunch, even the night when you’re out. To the movie, to Rosie. So, either you’re dating her and you’re lying to me right now or she following you all day and all night. And if it’s the last, then you should pay attention. She could kill you without anyone seeing it.”

“I never noticed it.”

“Maybe you should try to pay attention to your environnement Atkins, you could miss something.”

You turn you back at him, walking to your car and planning to drive far away from here ‘cause everything just come to shit.

“Y/N wait! Where do you think you’re going.”

“I’m running away Jeff, can’t you see it? I need to breathe”

“Then I’m coming with you!” God, what does Life hate you so much.

“Jeff, i want to be alone.” You try to make him understand that you need a break, but he keep following you.

He grabs your left wrist making you stop in your walk “Wait Y/N, you think I’m will let you run away from me for the second time this year? Now that I know why it’s happened the first time. No, not going to happened babe.”

“I’m not your babe Atkins.”

“I assure you that you, Y/N, are my babe. I’m not going to lose anymore days is this fucking things. You have a crush on me, maybe you even love me Y/N and you know what? That’s perfect, because I love you too. So screw Sara, the other students, everyone. Screw them. I want you and I know you want me too.”

He is so close to you that you can smell is perfume and his eyes are so bright that you forget how to breath. His lips looks so attractive that you forget where you are, or who you are because the only things that matters is that Jeff Atkins is looking at you. And that’s when you decide it’s the perfect time to kiss him.

Exactly at the same time that the Liberty High School Bell’s decide to ring. So, here you are, in the middle of the High School’s hall, kissing the boy you love since the first weeks at school and every students are looking at you.

But you don’t care. You can’t, kissing Jeff is all you ever dream. it’s perfect, sweet, fierce and strong. You both tried to be the stronger one, taking the power. But it doesn’t matter who win or who lose.

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“Get away from my man bitch! How many times do I need to tell you to back off?” Someone push you away from Jeff, making you felt on the floor. The shock from the fell make you feel dizzy and you take a moment to get your breath in check before you stand up again.

“Seriously Daxton! Why? I’m not your boyfriend, we never go out for a date, I never kiss you. Can you just leave me alone? I let this stupid rumours about both of us travel in the entire school for two years. I let you spread lie because I didn’t care. But now I learn that you threaten Y/N if she try something with me! Are you crazy? No, actually, I know you are but that’s bad. Sara, you can’t do that! You can’t threaten people even if the like someone you liked too! And you can’t force me to like you. I like Y/N, god, i love her. And I could have been with her for month now but you threaten her and she listen to you.”

“Jeff, stop, please listen to me…” She doesn’t looks so sure of herself right now, in front of Jeff, you, her entire cheers squad and all of the student who stay for the show.

“I don’t want to listen to you Sara. I always been nice to you, never ask you to stop the rumours. But you need to stop now. I love her, and she loves me. And I don’t want you to make her doubt, I don’t want her to start asking herself if this, us, worth the pain.”

You go to Jeff side, putting yourself in front of him facing Sara. When Jeff talk to her you saw how her face fell. You understand why Sara act like that, you can guess.

“Sara, it’s okay to feel alone. It’s okay to wake up in the morning and feel bad. It’s okay to want to cry someday, it’s okay because we are human. We’re not perfect, no one is. You don’t have to act like a bitch. So yeah, I understand if sometimes you want to make the world see how bad you feel. To want someone to notice you. And you know, no one care if you date someone. No one forces you, and no one expect you to do it. You’re eighteen and free. You can do everything one you want.” Her mouth is wide open and you don’t know what you’re saying but you can’t stop now. “You know, I think we could have been friends if you’ld have give me a chance. But you didn’t so… But just for your info, I love Jeff and I will not let you scare me. Once, I let you take away my chance to be with him but I’m not going to do the same mistakes. So either you threatening me or you finally let us live in peace.”

You almost catch your breath when you stop talking. When you wake up this morning you didn’t expecting this.

You can feel Jeff breathing in the crook of your neck and gently stroke your arm.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Y/L/N” Spit Sara and walk pass you with her entire squad.

You look back at Jeff, smiling at him. “Did she just walk away from us? Did she finally leave us alone.” the baseball player nod before you jump in his arm and kiss him on his lips.

When you finally broke apart your smile is so big that you scared it will be stuck on your face for ever.

“Are you ready for our first date Y/N Y/L/N?”

“You have no idea Jeff.”

“I love you so much Jeff Atkins.”

You are lying on the floor, watching the star on the sky, holding Jeff’s hands. You can’t believe you’re here with him.

“And I love you so much Y/N. More than you will ever know.”

important thing abt the ho who runs this blog

so maybe a few of u know that i started this blog bc i had a “friend” who i honestly despised and i didnt want her to know i was into yoi bc she liked it too so i made a blog where i can cry in peace (very petty i know but she was Not A Good Friend plus she was an anti too so like. that was a pile of shit i didnt want to deal with) and i used an ~online alias~ ‘olivia’ to cover my tracks

but i cut her off a few months ago so i have no reason to really hide this blog anymore and i dont have much reason to continue using the nickname plus it started feeling weird being referred to as olivia??? its weird idk

so uh tl;dr i guess im asking yall to stop calling me olivia from now on??? and refer to me as 'missy’ which is like my actual nickname and smth im much more comfortable with lmao

i still rly love being called 'liv’ tho so if ur uncomfortable referring to me as anything else then just use that

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After ROTS, Obi-Wan gets really sick. Knowing that he won't survive, and also can't be on his own, Obi-Wan heads to some mid rim planet and checks himself into a hospital. He goes under his own name because he's already dying, and Vader shows up - only to be confronted by a delirious Obi-Wan who thinks he is a hallucination, and apologizes and says he loves him, and says he knew about Padme but just wanted Anakin to be happy...Vader decides to take Obi-Wan with him/save him. Vaderwan please!

Of all the ways he thought he’d catch Obi-Wan, this had not been one of them.

Not because Obi-Wan had checked into a hospital in need of service under his own name as if he didn’t have a Sith lord and an Empire hunting him down.

Not because Obi-Wan looks like a wreck of a man, pallid and skeletonish with labored breath.

“…Well?” He looked at Kix who was standing with the medical information.

“Bulb plague sir.” Kix said around the mask he was wearing.

“Bulb plague, are you serious?” Anakin blinked at him, glancing quickly down at Obi-Wan and then back at the medic. “Where did he even pick it up? Not to mention why didn’t he get trea-treatment…” Of course Obi-Wan didn’t go get treatment, wherever he had been hiding had a thriving strand of bulb plague which meant limited medical help and the help Obi-Wan would have needed would have brought him into the Empire’s light.

“How far advanced?” He settled on asking.

“He’s dying sir. He’s reached stage four. Puss and blood filled bulbous, fever close to fatally high, blood filling his lungs, coughing fits and advanced state of dehydration and starvation as we can see.” Kix made sure his mask was properly on. They had the meds to prevent it but he didn’t want to catch it in the first place.

“So he’s dying…” Anakin mused quietly, feeling a pang of disappointment and old fear.

A soft tug on his cloak made Anakin look down, Obi-Wan’s skeletal hand wrapped in the black fabric.

“Ani…” The other rasped, blinking up at him before smiling, lips cracking and bleeding but smiling up at the Sith. “Hi.”

“…Hello Obi-Wan.” Anakin returned.

The Jedi stared up at him, still smiling faintly.

‘He doesn’t think I’m real.’ Anakin realized, Obi-Wan’s lowered barrier showing all his thoughts as Anakin sat down on the bedside of the other. “You look like shit old man.”

“Uhu. Tatooine sucks as much as you said.” Obi-Wan confessed, rubbing the cloak in his hand.

‘Of course that’s where you went hiding.’ Anakin shook his head.

“I’m sorry about Padme.” The copper haired Jedi whispered, swallowing heavily as he gave the fabric a tug. “She loved you. Always knew she did. Was good someone did. Someone could.”


“Obi-Wan?” Anakin shifted, reaching out to touch his old master, cupping his chin to make sure the other was looking at him. “What do you mean?”

Dazed green eyes stared at him. “Always knew. She was good for you.”

No, no that wasn’t…Padme and he had been so careful. Obi-Wan couldn’t have known and yet…

“Sad I didn’t get invited to the wedding…” Obi-Wan mumbled then groaned, twisting a bit out of the Sith’s grip as a bloom of red and yellow appeared on the thin medical gown he was wearing.

“Popping bulb.” Kix offered quietly and unasked.

“…Can he be saved?” Anakin questioned, staring down at the man on the bed as Obi-Wan panted in pain.

“I…I’m not sure sir. We could prolong his life? If we bring him to Coruscant and place him in a bacta tank sir but Bulb plague in stage four doesn’t have a cure.” Kix hesitated. “Isn’t he a traitor lord Vader?”

Anakin looked up then down again, reaching out to stroke Obi-Wan’s lank hair of his sweaty forehead. “I don’t think this man is any danger to the Empire.” He offered quietly before looking back at the medic. “How do we transport him without causing an epidemic?”


Sick as he was, Obi-Wan only had the barest of shields that was easy for Anakin to slip past and inside to catch every thought and memory the other had though he resisted the urge to delve deep. He didn’t want to harm the other after all.

Not anymore.

Obi-Wan had known.

About Padme and about the babies. He had even suspected that Anakin was married and said nothing to anyone because he had wanted the other HAPPY.

And speaking about babies…

Anakin glanced down at the vid monitor, smiling as he saw both Luke and Leia still sleeping peacefully in their cribs, both twins unaware that they had been taken from and then reunited with their father.

“It was foolish of Yoda to request them separated.” He murmured and looked up at the bacta tank that contained Obi-Wan’s thin, floating body. At least the bacta had healed the bulbous growths and sedated Obi-Wan did not radiate pain. “But then again you already thought so when you took Luke to Tatooine.”

Obi-Wan didn’t respond, just slowly breathed.

“We may have a solution to the plague Obi-Wan. Soon.” Anakin rested his hand on the tank. “You’ll be able to join us soon hopefully.”

Obi-Wan made no response and Anakin sighed before reaching out, sliding in past the others mellow shields. -Obi-Wan?-

There was silence and darkness before something dazed sparked. -Anakin?- Soft and confused and it made Anakin smile a bit as he followed the trail to Obi-Wan’s consciousness.


A soft glowing ball that softly pulsated. Anakin wondered how he felt compared to the light as he wrapped himself around it carefully, caressing the light gently.

-Anakin?- Another soft confused thought floated.

-Its alright Obi-Wan, you’re safe. You’re on Coruscant.-

A quiet spike of panic and dread.

-Shhh no, the Emperor is not going to touch you Obi-Wan.-


Anakin carefully stroked the light he had wrapped himself possessively around. -Because you’re mine. The Force gave you to me and I will not let Sidious take you from me. Rest Obi-Wan, your body needs it.-

Uncertainty lingered before the light settled, exhausted in his grasp.

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Hiiiii! Your imagines are rlly cute! Can I have an RFA + Saeran where they accidentally find out MC has a crush on them? Like they overhear it or something. How would they react?

Thank you so much! That’s so cuuuute, here we go… (sorry it took so long, it’s been a crazy week for me…)

RFA + Saeran reacting to finding out MC has a crush on them


  • When he flirted with you, you would giggle and get really blushed.
  • But he thought you were just shy or get flustered easily, he would never think you were falling for him, you were always so nice to everybody, how could he tell?
  • He appreciated your friendship and how you were always willing to help him with rehearsals, you were not a good actress at all, but you read the lines to help him memorizing his
  • You really tried, but bless your heart, you were so stiff and sounded so uncomfortable. He didn’t mind, it was cute to watch you do your best to help him. And you would do anything to him, anyways
  • One day, you were  watching him on stage during a rehearsal. The musical would still take a few weeks to debut, but the director insisted on rehearsing like it already was the real deal
  • His co-star was a little late to this particular rehearsal, so Zen suggested you filled for her
  • You got desperate, you read the lines with him, but of course you didn’t memorize it, you were just helping him remember his
  • The director didn’t mind, it was more about adjusting the lightning and the markings, you could even improv if you wanted to
  • You went up on stage, you felt butterflies on your stomach, he looked so fucking handsome under this light, with that costume… it was too much for you to handle
  •  The director explained that was the scene on which the girl confesses her feelings for the guy before he gets on a plane for a trip who knows how long it could last (lololol so cliché, I’m sorry)
  • “What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore” he said, acting as he was shocked
  •  You gulped as your eyes locked “I… I couldn’t let you go without you knowing how… how I truly feel.”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • You took a deep breath, here it goes: “ It’s just…  there wasn’t a single day ever since we met that I don’t think about you. I wake up thinking if you slept well, if you had good dreams, dreams about me. I go to sleep thinking how was your day, hoping we can meet in my dreams, and… I… dream about the day you’ll accept me and will rush to my house, take me in your arms, make me hop on your bike and we’re gonna go to a very beautiful place, as beautiful as you and… we’re gonna dream together, and make those dreams come true, Zen.” Then you remembered the plot “ So… so… don’t go into that plane, or… take me with you.”
  • Wow, he was impressed, could it be that helping him practice make you act like a pro too? And how did you manage to blush like that?
  • He hugged you, your heart was ready to come out of your mouth, and he leaned for a kiss… closer and closer… until you heard a “Cut!”
  • “That was good, although his character doesn’t have a bike. And you shouldn’t have called him Zen, but overall that was… interesting.” Said the director, you weren’t paying attention because you just wanted to kill him for interrupting!
  • “Wow, MC! That was so cool! Where did you get that dream thing from?” he was holding you by your shoulders
  • “Well, you always say things like that to me, about meeting in my dreams, I just… never really forgot about that…”
  • “Oh… really?” “Yeah…” and then there’s that awkward silence. “Oh, your co-worker is here, I should get going now” you gave him a soft smile and got off the stage, your heart was racing so much, you headed to the bathroom, trying to compose yourself
  • “Good, you’re finally here. If you have a crush on him too, this scene would be amazingly believable” the director said to the actress
  • And Zen was like… “Say what now?”
  • “Oh for God’s sake, Zen, that girl clearly can’t act! She wasn’t acting!”
  • “I just got here and I noticed too, how couldn’t you, dude?” said the actress
  • HOLY SHIT… you had so much to discus once this rehearsal is done


  • You weren’t even trying to hide, he was just too oblivious
  • You two were always hanging out at your place or his. You would help him study or try cooking new dishes , and sometimes play LOLOL
  • That night, you were at his house, you helped him study and now you were off to play LOLOL, but the doorbell rang
  • It was his mom, saying that he should watch his sister because she was busy (I know he cannonly has a sister, but I don’t know her age, let’s say she’s 9)
  • He whined a little, saying he already had plans with you, you said you would love to help, his mother smiled and said this could be a good training for both of you
  • You gasped in embarrassment, Yoosung didn’t get it oh my God…
  • She was soooo cute, like a girly brunette younger version of him, the same violet eyes you admired so much…
  • And she was adorable too, you took care of her while Yoosung just cooked . You helped her with homework and let her braid your hair.
  • Yoosung looked at you and said how good you looked with your hair like that, you should show off your ears more, they were really cute. And now you were a blushing mess.
  • His sister noticed and giggled a little. “Yoosung got a girlfriend~~~~” she sang
  • “Stop blabbering nonsense and get ready to bed!” he nagged. You couldn’t hold back your frustration, you knew it was just a joke, but hearing the possibility of you being his girlfriend was just blabbering really got to you.
  • She got ready to bed, but who slept was him, he was just so tired from all the studying and taking care of such an energetic child.
  • He dozed off on the couch, you and his sister made him company in the living room coloring some drawings
  • “Can I tell you a secret?” she said, you said yes
  •  “I have a crush on a boy in my class. He has black hair, blue eyes and he has a Ben 10 backpack!  But he doesn’t like me back…”
  • “How do you know, did you ask him?”
  • “No! I could never!” “Well, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…” you were giving relationship advice to a 9 years old kid, what were you doing with your life?
  • “Did you ask my brother if he likes you?” you gasped and coughed “W-What? Why… why would I ask him that?”
  •  “I’m not stupid! You like my brother, don’t you? You like him! You like him! You like him!” oh god, she was being so loud, he was going to wake up!
  • “Yes, yes! I like him! Ok? I like him very much! Please keep it down!”
  •  “So why are you not being a couple?”
  • You sighed “Because adults are complicated and weird. And your brother is the weirdest of them all…”
  •  “And you still like him?”
  • “I’m complicated and weird too… Oh! Look at the time! You should go to bed, young lady! And I… should go home…” you were so embarrassed you just had to get out of there
  • You tucked her in and before you left, you planted a soft kiss on Yoosung’s forehead
  • After you left, she went back to the living room: “You are so dumb, you know that?”
  •  “Yes… yes… I know.” He said, running his fingers through his forehead


  • You two were always so busy because of the cafe, you didn’t actually expect her to notice your feelings with so much happening on the business right now
  • But your clients noticed, and boy, did they shipp you
  •  There was this elderly lady who would always come every morning and she was trying so hard to be your wingman (woman?)
  • “You and your friend are so adorable, young lady. Don’t you think she’s a doll?”
  • “Yes… she is very hard working too.” Wow… thanks Jaehee
  • “Is she taken? My son would be a perfect match for her.”
  • “Oh, I don’t really know, you should ask her that, although I don’t think it’s very appropriate” Well… she didn’t want you to meet the guy, that was already something… right?
  •  This lady would just give you that look, you were so embarrassed and frustrated
  • One day, she actually brought his son to meet you, he was really polite and cute, but yeah… you were not feeling it
  • She watched as you serviced him and got curious, he didn’t seem your type of guy, I mean, if you have one type, would it be like him? You never really talked about that stuff, actually, she would much rather avoid these topics, and you were so understanding you didn’t insist on,  she really appreciated that, she really appreciated how you were doing your best to make her feel comfortable with whatever
  • Your shift ended and you were about to close, you were cleaning the balcony and she was going to the stock room, but she freezed when she saw that guy coming in, she hid herself behind the door.
  • “Oh… we’re already closed, sir.”
  • “Yes, I know. I just wanted to talk to you, I won’t take much of your time, I swear. You see, my… mom kept talking about you, and… she was right, you must be the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Oh… that’s really sweet, thanks.”
  • “Yes, so… I was wondering if I could take you on a date someday, you know…”
  • “Oh, I’m really flattered, but I… kinda already like someone?”
  • “You do?” he said and Jaehee thought the same. “Well… he is a lucky guy.”
  • “Girl, to be honest”. HOLY SHIT! “And I’d be the lucky one if she actually… noticed me, but I think her biggest love is coffee, as she always says.” Were you really opening up with this random fella? Girl, these feelings were really getting to you, huh?
  • “Well, good luck to both of you.” And he left.
  • “Her biggest love is coffee, as she always says”? Were you really talking about her? She really did say that a lot, so… no, it can be, can it?
  • You two were gonna have a long talk after you closed, and not even coffee could make her feel the excitement she was feeling right now


  • He invited you to some business party, these events were incredibly boring, but he said you had the ability to make things interesting somehow, so inviting you was just a logical conclusion. Okay…
  •  And he was right, it was really boring. You almost felt resting your head in his shoulder and just taking a nap right there, he was so warm, his suit was so soft, and he smelled so good… focus, MC!
  • He introduced you to a lot of people, and his father asked him where did he find such a treasure for a girlfriend. “She’s my friend, don’t make her uncomfortable, please.”
  • “Oh… I’m not uncomfortable, don’t worry.” Take the hint, Jumin
  • Mr. Chairman just giggled, his son was such a smart man, he couldn’t even noticed this big crush right there?
  • You were really tired and couldn’t hold back a yawn, Jumin smiled softly, his smile was going to be the death of you someday
  •  “I’m sorry I kept you for so long, I’ll just say goodbye to an acquaintance, but you can wait for me in the car, I’ll be there in a second. And… here, you look cold” he put his jacket on you and patted your shoulders before nodding and making his way back to the party, you let out a deep sigh and went to the car
  • Driver Kim was waiting for you with the door open, you said you were gonna wait outside
  • You started talking about whatever with Driver Kim, you were just trying to distract yourself from the alluring smell in the coat on your shoulders
  • “Mr. Han will not be happy to see you standing  here in the cold, miss MC, you should wait inside the car.”
  • “Don’ worry, I’ll tell him you tried to make me go inside, but I’m too stubborn.”
  • “Just like him, huh?”
  • You giggled, a little surprised: “Yes, like him. But that’s the only thing we have in common, I guess…” you closed your eyes and leaned your head on the car’s  window “I mean, he’s so elegant, so calm, I’m so sloppy and desperate… desperate for him to notice how crazy I am for him…” you were very sleepy and kept on mumbling about your feelings
  • “MC?” you heard that deep  low voice and raised your head, you didn’t want to open your eyes, but you did, just to find him looking at you curiously… oh fuck!
  • “Let’s go inside, it’s cold and we can talk more comfortably. Driver Kim is already set.” Were you that sleepy that you didn’t even notice Driver Kim gooing to the car or was this man a fucking ninja?
  • You two got into the car, you had no idea what was this cold he was talking about, you were sooooo hot, your face was burning
  • Driver Kim warned: “Buckle up, it’s going to be a very long ride” Yeah, no shit…


  • You knew you should back away since now he was dealing with all his brother’s problems, yet you kept catching yourself going to see him in the hospital
  • He didn’t mind, seeing you always made him feel sitting under the sun, anyways… and now he really needed some light to help him
  • The nurses loved seeing your interactions,  you looked so cute together, but you always had to tell them you were just a good friend…
  • Sometimes you would come and watch Saeran while he would go home and take a shower
  • But he couldn’t stop worrying. Saeran wasn’t stable, what if he hurt you? So he managed to install a camera and a wire on the hospital’s bedroom
  • Saeran was always loud and would never stop tossing and turning on the bed, but when you were there, he would just be quiet, like he was in some catatonic state
  • But one day he spoke to you: “Why you keep coming here?”
  • “I’m worried… about you and your brother.”
  • “Yeah, right… you just care about him, don’t need to lie to me.”
  • “Why would I lie to you? You are a big part in Saeyoung’s life, everything and everyone who are important to him are important to me too.”
  • Saeyoung was watching this, did you really mean that? That  was so considerate…
  •  “Oh… so cute… you have a little crush on him or something stupid like that?” he said sarcastically
  • “Definitely something stupid like that.” Saeran scoffed, but that almost sound like he was genuinely laughing. With just one sentence, you were able to amuse both the twins, you were really something…
  • He came back to the hospital and could not look you in the eye without blushing, you just smiled and waved a goodbye to Saeran. Then you lightly squeezed Saeyoung’s arm and messed his hair a little. “Take care, Choi boy.” The nurses were shrieking so much awwww
  • Saeyoung followed you with his gaze until you reached the elevator.
  • “I have no fucking clue which one of you it’s the biggest idiot here”  Saeran glared at him


  • He was trying different kinds of therapy  since he was released from the hospital
  • You found out he was really good at painting and drawing. Watching him so concentrated trying to find the right color was just… hypnotizing.
  • So once in a week, you would take him to a painting class and then to the park so he could practice with more freedom
  • One day, a big dog ran to you, he had a leash, but you couldn’t see the owner, so you let Saeran drawing and went to look for the dog’s owner
  • You walked a lot and got really tired, so you sat on a bench, sighed heavily, and looked to the dog and laughed
  • “You remind me of someone, you know?” the dog had these beautiful acqua eyes, they looked mysterious and a little intimidating, but yet… so mesmerizing, exactly like Saeran’s.
  • “Why can’t it be easy for humans like it is for you, mr. dog? You see the dog, sniff her butt and that’s it! But with us humans, is so… tough. I like this guy, I like him so much I can just watch him paint clouds and trees and flowers all day, I like him so much I don’t even care talking about him to a dog, because every human I know tells me to get away from him. What do I do, mr. dog?”
  • The dog start shaking his tail and licking your hand, you laugh. “Yeah, if I do that, he’ll probably think I’m crazy.”
  • “MC?” Saeran appears behind you, a guy is with him. “This is… mr. dog’s owner.”
  • “Her name is actually Priscilla” and he takes the dog away from you, you freaking weirdo
  • As Saeran referred to Pricilla as “mr. dog”, you could only assume he heard good part of your “conversation”, but you weren’t sure, so you just avoided any visual contact.
  • “Come on, I’ll buy you ice cream” he said and started walking, you ran after him. “And in exchange, I’ll let you sniff my butt.” God, just kill me now