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So, you know the thing about Lydia not wanting to call Stiles because she's afraid she's gona lose him in the ensuing fight? Ok, Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills, and at some point has a quite moment alone with Lydia, where they start arguing about Lydia not calling Stiles, because he wanted to be there for her and Scott and the pack, and the argument is starts getting pretty heated and they start shouting and then she goes that she didn't want to lose him again, which she knows it's selfish -

“Because I can’t lose you again Stiles, I would go out of my freaking mind if that happened again!”. At that they both stop, breath haggard and that, and look each other in the eyes. And then they bang.

UGH that’s so so so cute. UGH! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD


Preference #12 He comforts you about your stretch mark

Bellamy Blake: Whenever Bellamy said you subconsciously covering or staring at your stretch marks he’d sigh.
“Baby. Why?” He asked as he pulled your hands from their tugging. You’d look to the ground before taking a deep breath. Closing your eyes. Only for them to fly open when you felt his long fingers tracing them.
“You know what I think your marks mean?”
“I think it means that you’re human. Because people who are human have marks. No ones flawless. Well…in my eyes you are but that’s not the point,” you giggled as he grinned. Leaning up to peck your lips. “point is…” He played with your hands. “You’re beautiful (Y/N)…and I don’t want you to forget it. Okay princess.” He reached up to caress your face. You blushed and looked at him before he leaned up and kissed you sweetly.
John Murphy: Murphy rolled his eyes when you wrapped the towel tightly around your body. He playfully tugged it but you let out a gasp and stared at him with wide eyes.
“Woah…calm down babe. It’s just me…” He stared with furrowed brows. This time you only nodded when he slowly pulled the towel down. The one luxury of the blasted lighthouse and here he was pulling it off you. You were caught off guard when his hands traced those blasted marks on your body. You flinched wildly.
“You’re kidding me right?”
“I don’t like them Murphy. You know that.” You squirmed uncomfortably as he rolled his eyes.
“I don’t understand why you hate them. They’re what make you real. I’d rather have a real, beautiful girl, than some plastic doll on the Ark. Everybody has marks. I’ve told you this a million times. They make you beautiful. And if I have to say it a million more times. Then I will.” By now you stared at him with doe eyes. He kneeled down and started to place gentle kisses onto the marks before you giggled.
“You’re a cheeseball.” She muttered.
“Really. I got all sentimental and shit and i get called a cheeseball for it?” He scoffed when he scooped you up.
“Cmon. You can’t be such a bully to me.”
“I do it cuz I love you.”
Jasper Jordan: Jasper watched your sleeping form early one morning. Tracing shapes on your half naked body. Your stretch marks on display and despite Jasper constant attempts to reassure that he found them beautiful, you were still weary about them. You stirred as your hand shot down to grasp his wrist. He gasped quietly.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She murmurs as she looks at him through her lashes.
“You scared me half to death.” He muttered.
“Why are you touching my stretch marks? They’re gross-”
“Dammit (Y/n) how many times must I tell you?!” He sighed.
“They make you real. You’re real. I think your marks are signify how beautiful you are. They’re like…zebra stripes….” He murmured.
“I’m a zebra?” She giggled. He rolled his eyes with a smile before sitting up and straddling her legs and his fingers danced onto her belly as she screeched in delight. For once actually believing her dorky boyfriend.
Monty Green:
“Monty?” (Y/n) asked and she sat across from him.
“Yes sunshine?”
“Is there anyway you could…get rid of my stretch marks?” She asked as she walked over to him. He spun around. Setting down his tools to look at her. He tugged the loopholes on her jeans. Pulling her close to him.
“Not saying there is…but why would you?” He asked with a raised brow. She went back to playing with her fingers.
“Because their gross.” She murmured. He shook his head before kissing her forehead.
“I don’t believe you.” He shook his head. “It’s ridiculous that you don’t look into the mirror and see the same, beautiful, human women I love so dearly.” He said as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Well when I see you, I see a beautiful human. A little flower who has marks, you remember the one I saw when we landed?” She nodded.
“It has marks-”
“But it was beautiful-”
“And so are you.” He smiled. He leaned in and kissing her lips.
Lincoln: Lincoln watched as (Y/n) stood up from their ‘cuddle session’. She immediately put on a shirt.
“Why do you do that?” He sighed as he lifted himself on his strong arm.
“Do what baby?” She asked as she laid back down.
“After I get done…worshipping your body…you always put a shirt back on…why?” He sighed as his hand placed itself on her thigh.
“I just…no reason.” She blushed.
“They’re badass.”
“Your marks. They’re badass. They show you’re only human. And while your perfect in my eyes…you’re human and can’t alway be perfect. Even if you have the body of an absolute goddess.” He smirked as he bit her lip. She moaned slightly.
“My gona.” He whispered as he cradled her face.
“Your gona.” She murmurs in agreement.
Roan: She sat as tears threatened to spill. She heard some of the women in the camp discussing her stretch marks. The cut offs of her outfit suddenly became her enemy as she sat on her and Roan’s bed.
“My princess…what is wrong?” Roan crouched in front of her. She sniffed as she stared at him.
“My prince…what is wrong with my stretch marks?!” She whispered.
“Absolutely nothing my beautiful gona. Who has told you otherwise?!” Roan filled with rage. He knew how she was insecure of her body, which he found absolutely worshipful.
“Just some women-”
“Who were they?”
“I don’t know.” She sighed.
“Then why listen to them? I love you. And your beautiful marks. They signify beauty I believe. Which is what you are. Please believe me my princess. Or…you can let me prove it?” He smirked.
Funny. You know It’s funny…those girls? Never saw them again!

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I liked the panel's joke that Madi was going to be "so disappointed" when they came down because Clarke built them up so much. I totally disagree though. Madi is going to be thrilled to meet her new family. New dad Bellamy, new genius aunt Raven and genius uncle Monty, new sweet aunt Harper, new "I'm going to teach you how to deal with boys" aunt Emori, new weird uncle Murphy, and new overly protective aunt Echo. The girl's going to have everything.

SAME. I couldn’t stop laughing when Eliza and Lindsey started joking “is that Bellamy? and WITH THAT MOUSTACHE??” hahahahahaa

But I agree she’s gona love them so much

god im so annoyed by my instructor like cnskoqkfjwoowjfjoqw im actually kind of paranoid shes gona fail me last minute bc i nvr check in with her….she was like “mia i feel like out of the whole group im the least connected with u!"like bitch hell ya we r disconnected bc i avoid ur annoying ass as much as i can….jus let me do my thing n work w my primary nurse lol

When Daisy Becomes Director
  • Mack: "Hey, Tremors I.."
  • Daisy: "It's director, now.."
  • Mack: "Okay, Director Tremors, I have that report you needed"
  • Daisy: "Much better. Good work, Agent Teddy Bear."
Why so much hate for Jason??

It’s kind of sad to see how people talk about Jason Rothenberg and are so convinced that he had malicious intent to queerbait and mess with the LGBT community. The fans should be a little more forgiving because everyone makes mistakes and it is evident that he had no bad intentions. I’m a huge fan of Lexa and very sad to see that she is not gona be on the 100 anymore but I don’t let my feelings cloud my judgment. I do see how her death fit in the story and at the end of the day she was a guest star so her time was limited. Even so, I’m grateful that Jason offered us such a beautiful love story with two very well written characters which is not something that you see a lot on the media when it comes to queer characters. Keep in mind that on the book, Clarke and Lexa are not even mentioned to be together from what I heard, so Jason’s decision to have them together was a gift to the LGBT community. I like to take it as a nice gesture of him to make the characters more diverse rather than malicious queerbaiting. For that I give him credit and I’m thankful for his decision. As for the love scene a few minutes before her death, it appeared to fit well with the story line since Clarke was leaving and they weren’t sure if they were going to see each other again so it only made sense to express their feelings. Personally I would be more sad if it didn’t happen and Lexa died without knowing if Clarke loved her. This is just my opinion because I see a lot of hate towards him and fans seem to not accept any apologies or explanations whatsoever. No amount of hate will change the storyline anyways. At this point with the fandom reaction, he probably regrets for ever making them gay rather than that he killed her. He could have moved the story without them being together easily. That’s all my personal opinion of course so please no hate. I love Clexa just as much and I’m devastated by her death because I have nowhere else to turn to and this one the only show I ever bothered to watch but I don’t let that cloud my common sense.

my mom invited me n my brothers over 2 her house at 6:30pm for “pizza” … and her boyfrnd is going to be there too n she txtd me “try to be @ house b4 6pm” …. …………….. ……. ……. im suspicious  think’n f what is actually  going on here … my mom inviting both her sons over is weird, wanting evryone to be 2gethr for “pizza” with her boyfrnd is even weirder …. her n her bf BETTER NOT be up to anything i s2g ………..i S-2-G !!!!!!