she's going to look so adorable with a baby bump

Just a Dream.

Dreams are a series of thoughts and visual sensations that we experience while we are asleep. We dream every single night, though we may not always remember them. What we dream about can sometimes be illustrations of what our futures may look like, giving us a feeling of wonder and thus making us wish they were a reality and not simply a manifestation of what we want.

Justin’s Point of View.

The warm, summer radiance from the sun shining brightly at its highest point in the sky, reflected down upon her tanned ivory skin; the white floral dress she was wearing made her complexion shimmer so elegantly.

She had her natural sun kissed brown hair pinned up into a loose bun, letting a few strands hang down. I admired her from afar as she stood under the glow of the mid-July sunlight, wondering how someone could be so perfect in every way imaginable.

“…Five…Six…” (Your Name)’s ringing voice echoed from across the yard as she counted to ten with her right hand covering her eyes, her left hand was gently pressed against her stomach, circling her tiny baby bump that had only recently began to show.

Standing behind the huge camphor tree that grew in the garden behind our house, I carefully peeked around the corner to avoid being spotted by her.

I hear the quietest and most adorable little giggle come from my right. Looking down, I see my four-year-old daughter, Charlotte Jade, looking up at me with a smile on her face. “Mommy isn’t going to find us, Daddy,” she said in a whisper but with so much energy as she jumped up and down.

She was just like (Your Name) in every single way; her hair was the same shade of autumn brunette; her eyes were the same unique combination of green and brown; she even had the same dimples in both of her cheeks.

She also had (Your Name)’s personality; she was very smart and very polite for her age, she was always full of energy and she always has a smile on her face. I was so happy and proud to be her dad, she was the most beautiful little angel, just like her mother.

“We have to be very quiet, baby girl, or else Mommy will find us,” I smiled at her while reminding her the rules of hide and seek, I gently brushed my fingers through her tangled curls, tucking a loose strand behind her left ear. “Okay, Daddy,” she nodded her head and moved closer to me, peeking around the side of the tree trunk just as I was doing before.

“…Nine…Ten!… Ready or not, here I come!” (Your Name) opened her eyes and carefully pushed herself off of the side of the gazebo where she had been leaning on. She began walking around the garden, checking behind the pool house, the gazebo, as well as every tree and bush.

When she turned around and looked in our direction, Charlotte and I quickly ducked behind the tree before she could see us.

With caution, I peeked around the side of the tree again and saw (Your Name) standing just a few feet away with her hands on her hips. “Mhmm” she pondered out loud. “I wonder where they could be.”

Charlotte’s high pitched squeal nearly gave away our position. I immediately looked at her with a grin and pressed my index finger against my lips, she mimicked my action before covering her mouth with her hands to keep herself from laughing.

Before I knew it, my entire body jumped as I felt a soft pair of hands grab both of my shoulders, followed by Charlotte’s cute and captivating laugh. “Mommy! You found us!” she rushed to (Your Name) and wrapped her little arms around her leg. “Of course I did, baby.” (Your Name) kissed the top of her head before smoothing her hair down with her hand. She then turned her focus to me, I couldn’t resist but to kiss her sweet lips.

My left hand rested on top of her little bump, rubbing it in circles ever so tenderly and lovingly. My lips curled into a smile as I felt a light kick against my palm, the first real connection I had to my unborn child.

“Daddy, it’s your turn to count! Mommy and I will hide now,” Charlotte cried with excitement as she tugged on the end of my shirt. For her age, she was a very energetic little girl, she definitely knew how to keep (Your Name) and I on our toes.

“Slow down, my sweet,” I said before lifting her up off the ground and held her with one arm against my hip. “Remember, Mommy is still taking care of your little brother.”

(Your Name) and I had initially agreed to wait until the baby was born to find out if it was a boy or a girl. However, my heart keeps telling me that we’re having a little boy.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl; having another baby girl would make me so happy, I would then be in a house full of girls, my girls. As long as the baby’s healthy is what matters to me, but having a daughter and a son with my beautiful wife would make my life complete.

When I imagine having our second child, I imagine having a son, who is just like me. I’ll teach him how to play hockey and how to ride a skateboard. I’ll take him to every kind of sporting event and one day show him how to drive a car, but most importantly, I’ll teach him how to be a good person; how to be respectful, just as (Your Name) and I have been teaching Charlotte Jade. I’ll show him how to be a good man.

I can see my daughter having a little brother and she would be the best big sister. She would play with him and read him bedtime stories every night and they would be so close as they get older. The more I imagine it, the more joy it brings me.

“Sorry, Mommy,” Charlotte was quick to apologize and she said it so innocently. I placed her back down on the ground and she hugged (Your Name)’s waist, resting her little head against her stomach. “Sweetheart, there’s nothing to be sorry for,” (Your Name) smiled before lifting her chin up and kissing her on her forehead.

Grabbing a hold of (Your Name)’s hand, I led them both to a soft grassy spot in the middle of the garden where the sun was shining down, I sat on the grass and held out my hand to help (Your Name) sit down.

She carefully lowered herself down and sat between my legs. Charlotte sat in front of us and placed both of her tiny hands on (Your Name)’s belly.

She was so excited for the baby to come; every night she would kiss him and tell him how much she loves him. Both myself and (Your Name) already knew she was going to be an amazing big sister.

“Hello, little brother,” she whispered with her lips pressed against (Your Name)’s stomach. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist, letting my hands rest over Charlotte’s as they gently pressed against her tummy. “I love you.” (Your Name) and I looked at each other and almost melted as Charlotte placed a soft kiss on her stomach.

Never in a million years would I ever imagine my life to feel so incredible. I married my best friend and the love of my life, who is more than just my wife; she’s my soulmate; she’s my heart and soul and she’s the mother of my children. We have the most beautiful and precious daughter and a little boy [hopefully] on the way. They are the two - soon to be three - loves of my life.

“I love you, so much,” I whispered to my wife, leaning in closer and resting my forehead against hers. “I love you, so much more,” (Your Name) smiled at me as she too leaned closer, bringing her lips to mine. I closed my eyes to savor the moment, my heart began racing with every beat.

If there was a time that I wished time would stand still, it would be right now.


I opened my eyes, only to see nothing but absolute darkness. Confusion immediately washed over me as I blinked my eyes several times. I slowly sat up as my eyes began wandering from left to right, trying to make sense of my surroundings.

How did I get here? One minute I was sitting in the backyard with my wife and my daughter and the next I’m sitting in the dark, trying to comprehend what was happening. I took one last glance around, trying to make out any shape or form. My senses instantly kicked in upon realizing I was in my room.

“Justin?” I heard a fatigued and modulated voice from my left side. I quickly turned my head and saw (Your Name) laying beside me. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, then she looked at me. A look of concern was written on her face. “What’s the matter?”

“I-Uh-Umm… Nothing,” I don’t know why my words came out the way that they did. From her point of view, I probably sound like I had just seen a ghost, or that I’m losing my mind. I felt her hand grab my shoulder. “Did you have a bad dream?” my eyes widened as the last word left her mouth.

A dream? Was everything I just saw nothing more than a dream? It felt so real that when I opened my eyes I almost believed that I was still dreaming. (Your Name) and I wasn’t really married and we didn’t have any children. Charlotte - my daughter - my beautiful princess - yet nothing more than just a figment of my imagination.

Did it mean anything? Was it an insight into our future and that one day it’ll come true? I hope to God it does. Seeing (Your Name) be the mother of my children strengthens my hopes of having a family with her one day.

“Justin?” (Your Name) tightened her grip on my shoulder, her voice sounded more concerning as she desperately wanted to know what was wrong. I looked in her eyes and gave her a small but reassuring smile. “No,” I said and took a deep breath, exhaling through my mouth. “It was actually a really good dream.” My smile faded.

“Then why do you seem sad?” (Your Name) moved in closer to me and laid her chin against my shoulder. Taking in another deep breath and letting the air fill my lungs, I gave her the most honest answer that I could.

I just wanted it to be real.”

(Your Name)’s honey emerald irises became washed over by sadness as I could feel her heart aching for me. I didn’t want her to feel sad for me. Though I desperately wanted my dream to be a reality, it gave me such a wonderful feeling of love and happiness that I couldn’t begin to describe.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked me innocently while her hand circled my bare back. Not wanting to keep her up any longer, I shook my head and smiled softly to assure her that everything was okay. “No, it’s okay, baby. Go back to sleep,” I said and kissed her lips before resting my head against the soft, plush pillow.

(Your Name) nodded her head and laid down beside me, she turned onto her left side so that her back was facing me. I heard her say to wake her if I wanted to talk, no matter what time it was, then there was nothing but pure silence.

I laid on my back and stared obliviously at the ceiling. The images of (Your Name) carrying my unborn child and my four-year-old little girl running around were still imprinted in my mind.

I have never in my life thought so much about having a family but that dream has given me a whole new perspective and it makes me look more forward to the future.

After staring at the ceiling for about fifteen minutes, I finally closed my eyes and let myself fall into a sleep induced state. As I began to drift off, I hoped that I would once again visualize the same, beautiful illusion that I had witnessed before. An illusion, that’s all it was. Just a dream. Nothing more.

The End

Family (Jacob Frye)

*Warning: Very Lengthy! 3144 words. Lengthy…*

London’s usual gray blanket of clouds were replaced with a soothing baby blue sky and the sun’s warm rays gracing your skin. The gentle breeze ruffled your dark admiral gray skirt of your fitted dress. The smell of iron and coal was heavy in the air, making your nose scrunch up in displeasure, yet some part of you did not mind the smell as it was a usual occurrence around the city of London. Your (H/T) (H/C) hair became slightly disheveled as you continued your mid day walk through the crowded, busy streets of London. The throngs of people seemed to be endless as you and Evie, your sister-in-law and close friend, made your way to Henry’s bookshop. It had felt good to leave that fast paced train for once and get some air.

Evie stood near to your side, watching people carefully go around you as you waddled through the streets. Her piercing blue gaze drifting to your bulging abdomen every five minutes, silently checking your bump for any physical damage. You cradled your bump as men, women, and urchins gave you small smiles; your instinct was to return the kind gesture.

“(Y/N), you do not look the slightest bit comfortable. I can fetch us a carriage and when we get to Henry’s bookshop, you can rest inside it while I talk with Henry,” Her hands took a soft grip on your forearm, making you stop walking, “I promise that the conversation will not last long and I can soon get you back on the train to get some more rest, if you would like.” Her voice was filled with concern as she eyed you up and down.

Your feet were swollen and your lower back ached from the constant pressure on your small feet, but you continued to walking. The gentle breeze suddenly started to chill your clothed skin; it only added to what the baby was contributing too. Just a couple minutes ago, you were basking in the warm sunlight, now your whole body was cold to the touch, all because of your baby. You would not admit it out loud, but fetching a carriage sounded delightful, but you barely got use your feet anymore since you had found out you were pregnant due to Jacob’s protective orders.

“Oh Evie, that is very kind of you, but Jacob has me resting way too much and this walk is giving me the fresh air I need. Henry’s bookshop is only a couple more blocks north of here, I think I can survive until then.” You caressed your bump through your clothing as you gave her a gentle smile.

“I am slightly cold. I do not know how you are fairing with this gentle breeze, but may I possibly borrow your coat? This child is turning my body temperature.” She gave you a big grin and quickly took off her long coat and draped on your shoulders. It was warm and her scent of flowers surrounded you. “Thank you”

“You are welcome. Jacob will murder me if he was to hear that you and your child are not being treated kindly,” She let out a slight chuckle as she started to move, “I can tell you that Jacob’s brashness lessened and he has become more meek ever since you had told him that you are expecting his child. I can not tell if it will become a curse or a blessing.” Evie spoke her true thoughts about you and Jacob expecting your first child together.

“Jacob has become more meek, I can not argue that, but it must certainly benefit you both when it comes to more cautious missions. He has expressed his fears of becoming a father to me and I can understand them completely; they are no different than my fears of becoming a mother. He has told me that he wants to give our child every little thing in the world that he never had.” Your voice grew quiet as you felt slight pressure on the crown of your belly, making you stop.

“What is wrong? Is it the baby? Are you alright?” Evie’s blue eyes grew wide as you rubbed the area.

“The baby was just moving around to get comfortable. The space inside is no doubtingly getting smaller and It should be any day that we will get to meet them,” You smiled as you started to walk again, “Just curious, Where is Jacob? I thought he would be accompanying us?” You pulled the coat tighter against your frame, trying to capture any heat radiating off your body.

“He will meet us at the bookshop with Henry, from what i have been told they had some other important matters to attend to. They might be waiting for us.” She smiled at you as you returned it.

“You Know, I have never thought much of it at first but do you and Jacob have some names picked out?” Evie was curious to see how you and Jacob would name your first child.

“Well now that you brought it up, we did decide on a selective group of names for both parties. I wanted to use your name if you do not mind. I think your name is so beautiful. For the boy’s name, we decided it would be Daniel, but it might change due to my undeceive mind.” You shrugged your shoulders as you looked at Evie with a grin.

“Of course you can use my name! I thought I was going to have to convince you with chocolates and trips to the theater. I also adore the name Daniel, how did you come up with that one?” She questioned as you both turned the corner.

“Well I had this friend - ” A single gunshot rang through your ears and pain erupted throughout your baby bump. Your hand quickly ran over the area; your hands felt warm and sticky as you saw your crimson blood cover your small hands. People nearby screamed with terror as the fled from the scene while other stayed in their spot due to shock. You became unbalanced and you legs had given out under you; Evie caught you just in time before you made impact of the cobble stone street. She quickly laid you out with your head placed gently in her lap as you cradled your bleeding bump.

You saw the culprit. He was younger man, maybe in his late twenties, standing a couple feet in front of you with a sliver revolver in his left hand. He wore blighter’s colors and bore the Templar insignia on a band on his right arm. His dull gray eyes made contact with your pain-stricken (E/C) eyes and terror was evident in both of your eyes. He dropped his revolver and slowly back away in fear as he had realized what he had done.

“I-I thought it was the assassin. I-I did not mean to.” He stared at the two of you on the wet, cold stone street and right before he was going to run for his life, Evie quickly took it from him with one quick flick of her wrist; The man had collapsed backwards into a small puddle, motionless. She let out a fretful cry as she turned her attention back to you. You let out your first cry of pain.

“Eve - Evie. Help… Help me…” You rasped out as you did your best to apply pressure to your wound and stop the blood from flowing out. Your body grew stiff as you felt your baby’s rapid movements inside you; it only added to the physical pain your were experiencing at the moment.

“(Y/N), you are going to be alright, you hear me? Just hand in there for me and Jacob, okay? Tell me more about what you think about your baby.” She applied pressure to your belly, but blood kept oozing from it. You could hear her heart thumping in her chest as she slightly leaned over you. You were trying your best to keep calm, but nothing was working.

“Well I-I can picture Jacob playing wi-with our baby - I think it will be a girl, but Jacob hopes for a boy - wearing his top hat. Oh I just know J-Jacob will be a great father, despite his fears… Oh lord!” You grabbed Evie’s forearms and squeezed as hard as you could, you just wanted to get rid of the pain you were feeling. Evie’s eyes met yours and she momentarily froze. You wanted your baby to be okay and if that means that you would have to die, then so be it.

“Please (Y/N), just hold still. Try not to move as much.” She looked down at your face and then at her bloodied hands on your bump. Your blood stained her hands and your dress. Evie looked into the small crowd that had formed around the two of you. She spotted to urchins and called them over quickly.

“You boy, run to a bookshop at least three blocks north from here and look for two men: Jacob Frye and Henry Green. You are to deliver the news of his wife and child and bring them here immediately,” She quickly ushered him away and turned to the girl that stood quietly, “I need you to help me keep her calm.” Evie hugged your upper body closer to hers.

“(Y/N), Jacob is soon going to be here, do not worry.”

“My baby, Evie, My baby!”

“I know (Y/N), I know.”

“(Y/N) is your name, am i right miss?” The urchin girl spoke up as she studied your facial expressions. She scanned your belly seeing your deep crimson blood being soaked up in the fabric of your dress and Evie’s coat.

“Yes… that is my name. Wh-what is yours, child?” You tried your best to mask your pain with a half-hearted smile.

“Audrey. I must say that your name is quiet pretty.” She grabbed your bloody hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Thank you.” You groaned out as you were beginning to feel tired. Your vision was fading black at the edges as you did your best to fight it.

“(Y/N), please stay with us. What are you planning on naming your child? I am sure it is a fancy name.” The urchin girl stared up at Evie with a worried expression. Evie looked down to see your eyes barely open.

“I am… I am trying… Jacob… Tell him…” You did your best to stay awake, but you couldn’t. You didn’t find the strength to finish your sentence before everything went black. ________________________________________________

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”

You did what the voice asked and you squeezed as hard as you possibly could. Pain lingered on your abdomen, but it wasn’t as severe as it was when you were shot. Your body ached all over and was cold to the touch, but that was from the blood loss. Blankets covered your body to keep you warm. You fluttered your eyes open to see Jacob’s hazel irises staring right at you.

“(Y/N).” His voice was raspy and his eyes were slightly puffy. His top hat sat on the window sill, leaving his deep brown disheveled in the natural light. His big paw-like hand engulfed yours and had a firm grip on it. A gentle smile replaced his frown when he caught a glimpse of your eyes.

“Jacob?” Your voice was hoarse, it was painful to speak. Your mouth dropped open. Jacob’s smile grew as your face stood like that.

“(Y/N), love, please close your mouth. We both don’t want your beautiful face to stay like that, do we?” He chuckled as you closed your mouth and smiled at him. You could tell he had been crying, that was something he never really did. You took your hand to rest it on your stomach, but as you went to rest it, it only felt air. Your eyes looked at your once bulging belly to see it flat with a little hump in it’s place. Worry and fear began to run through your body.

“Our baby. Jacob, d-did our baby make it? Where is our baby?” Your wide eyes scanned the room for any type of proof that your baby made it, but there wasn’t a trace. Jacob’s smile slightly faded and tears formed in his eyes. Your pain faded as your instinct to look for your child made you stronger; you threw the blankets off of your legs and sat up, ignoring the increased pain in your abdomen. Your eyes turned back to Jacob’s as you saw him shed a couple of tears.

“Jacob… o-our baby…” You began to sob and Jacob quickly took you into his warm embrace. His smell of stale alcohol and leather comforted you, but not enough to make you find peace. You buried your face into the crook of his neck, balling up the fabric of his long coat in your fists.

“She’s fine. (Y/N), we have ourselves a baby girl.” He pulled away to look you in the eyes. His smiled returned and a steady stream of tears trailed from his eyes. You smiled through your tears and punched him in the arm.

“That was for not telling me right away! Where is she?” You looked around the room once more - nothing. “Evie and Henry have her. Let me bring them in here.” Jacob rose from his chair and left the room and soon returned with a peach colored blanket in his arms and Evie and Henry trailed behind him.

Your whole body froze as you watched Jacob cradle the little babe in his arms. He gently rocked her back and forth - he looked like a pure natural father to you. A big goofy grin graced his lips as he held out his pinky finger for her to grab. A little chubby hand reached out from the blanket and latched onto his finger. A smile formed on your lips as you turned to Henry and Evie.

“Evie, its nice to see you again. Come here.” You motioned her over and she quickly came to your side, greeting you in a warm tight hug. “Henry, nice to see you too.” You gave Henry the same treatment as you gave Evie.

“Oh, (Y/N), thank god you are alright. I told you were going to be alright.” She smiled at you and rubbed your shoulder.

“May I ask, what exactly happened. An urchin told me that something terrible happened to you.” Jacob spoke slightly above a whisper while he rocked his baby to sleep.

“A bloody Blighter came to kill me and shot (Y/N) thinking it was me. He must have gotten thrown off by my coat. She was wearing it because she was cold.” Evie explained, getting a little angry at herself as she thought more about it.

“Well, what happened to me? And that little urchin girl, Audrey?” You looked between Evie and Jacob, Jacob was half aware of the conversation at hand, he was too busy being marveled at his daughter’s beauty, but he answered,

“Me and Henry reached you and you were unconscious and bleeding out. Me and Henry carried you to a carriage and got you to the nearest doctor. We saved the baby first and closed you up just in time. The doctor said it was a miracle you both survived. That happened two days ago.” He stared at Evie then adverted his gaze to you.

“I was out for two days?” You questioned them as they only nodded in response. You let out a heavy sigh and turned your gaze to the little babe in Jacob’s arms.

“Can I hold her?” You asked shyly as Jacob looked up at you. He looked down at the girl and them back at you. It looked as if he was hesitant to give her up.

“You most certainly can.” He walked over and placed her gently in your arms. You adjusted your arms so that she molded right into them.

Your eyes scanned over her the little babe’s features. Her hair was dark just like Jacob’s; as you looked more closely, you saw more of Jacob than yourself. The only thing that your baby had inherited from you was your pink plump lips and long black eyelashes.

“She looks just like you, Jacob,” Your voice was hushed, “She got her father’s handsome looks.” A smile found its way to your lips as you looked at everyone.

“I know, that’s why she is astonishing; she has my good looks that no one can deny,” He looked down at you, “Don’t frown, love, She does have your breath-taking eyes and long eyelashes, and i shouldn’t forget your plump lips.” His whole demeanor had changed. He looked so upset, but when he saw you hold your daughter, he felt complete.

“I know she will have admirers. I fell prey to your looks as well, but i also fell prey to your rantipole antics, as well.” The baby stirred in her sleep, but never opened up her eyes.

“She’s beautiful.” Tears formed in your (E/C) eyes as you placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“What are we going to name her?” Jacob sat in the chair next to your bed, waiting for your answer.

“Audrey. That’s her name, Audrey Frye.” You turned to Jacob and motioned for him to lean in. You meet Jacob’s lips with your own; it was tender and sweet.

“Evie, Henry, come here. We are all family here.” You spoke to them as the quietly approached you and Jacob. The hugged each other and came down to hug you and Jacob.

“We are family, nothing will ever change us.” Evie spoke as everyone came closer to one another.

You couldn’t believe that these people who surrounded you were in your life to stay and they care for you, and for that you were entirely grateful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am sorry about the length if you read it all! I am also sorry about the lack of updates. I have been swamped with lots of homework, family issues, and massive writers block! I haven’t played Syndicate yet, i don’t even own a PS4. I am also still on the beginning of 3 so I am blindly following what i have observed. I don’t want to spoil the games for myself more than i already have. I promise that i will do my best to at least get 3 updates in a month, just until my writers block actually lets me but something down on paper that i like. I wrote this one right after thanksgiving too! I am not really proud of this work as i am of my others, but feel free to leave comments about what you think of my work. Please no negative comments, i am already my own worst enemy at the moment.

MSB Pregnancy Head Canon Request

A request from a lovely anon! MC finding out that she’s pregnant with triplets, her MSB guys reaction and how they treat her throughout the pregnancy.

Sora - When you had discovered that you were pregnant; you knew that Sora would be thrilled. He loved kids and constantly demonstrated how good a father he would make when he was around them. Though you had not been anticipating what happened at your latest scan.
Sora was there with you of course, holding you hand as though he could barely contain his excitement at seeing your baby on the screen.
Leaning your forehead against his as the doctor looked over the baby’s progress, she seemed somewhat satisfied as she turned to you both.
‘Well, all the babies are healthy, their heartbeats are strong. You have nothing to worry about,’ she smiled brightly.
‘Erm…babies?’ you repeated, turning the words over in your mind as you tried to make sense of what she was saying.
‘Yes, you’re expecting triplets,’ she smiled, turning the screen to you both as you unintentionally gripped Sora’s hand tightly. You knew that expecting a child would make Sora happy, but three?
Feeling your breathing deepen slightly as you took in the news, the doctor said she would give you a moment and left the room, leaving you feeling scared to look at Sora.
‘We’re gonna have three adorable kids! Wow!’
His giddy reaction was enough to almost make your heart leap in your throat as he threw his arms around you, while remaining careful of the growing bump.
‘Thank you so much for carrying our babies. I just know they’re going to be as cute as you are,’ he beamed brightly, kissing you on your cheeks and forehead before pressing one against your lips.
‘Thank you for being so supportive,’ you responded, taking him off guard as you hugged him closely, with Sora returning the comforting gesture.
It was now seven months into your pregnancy and having triplets was beginning to take it’s toll on you somewhat. As your bump grew steadily, you had been sat on the sofa reading when you felt a baby kick and gently brushed your hand over your stomach.
Catching sight of the white gold band on your ring finger that accompanied the beautiful diamond engagement ring, you felt as though you could cry.
You hadn’t gained much weight throughout your pregnancy, with the exception of your and Sora’s growing children, but it left you feeling self conscious, especially when you knew Sora was constantly coming across attractive women in the police department and as a part of his work.
Sora had been undoubtedly amazing throughout your pregnancy. He looked after you when you were unwell, took care to ensure that you never did any heavy lifting and began taking on more tasks around your apartment as you got farther into your pregnancy.
You knew he would never cheat, but it still broke your heart to wonder if he wished you were more attractive.
Hearing a key in the lock, you tried to wipe your eyes at Sora’s cheerful voice.
‘I’m home!’
‘Welcome home,’ you responded, trying to sound upbeat, though your voice cracked as Sora came into the room.
Upon looking into your eyes, you couldn’t help but let the tears flow freely as Sora dropped everything he was holding and came to wrap you in his arms.
‘What is it? What’s wrong?’
‘I hate it…I hate feeling so unattractive while I’m like this…you must see girls that are so much prettier and-’
Looking into Sora’s unusually serious expression, he gently cupped your face with his hands as his gaze softened.
‘You are my wife. You are the only girl I have eyes for and no one could ever compare to you. You’re beautiful and you are doing an incredible thing by bringing our three children into the world. I love you…and I just know I’m going to love our children because they will be a part of you.’
Smiling through the tears at his sweet words, Sora reached into the bag he dropped and produced a beautiful album.
‘What’s this?’
‘I bought it today, so that from the moment our little ones come into the world, we can have something to keep all the photographs of us as a family,’ he admitted shyly, making you heart melt as you kissed him deeply, with all your worries forgotten.

Mizuki - It had been one thing to discover that you were pregnant. You hadn’t experienced any of the usual side effects that often came with early pregnancy. Though you had been a little unwell for the past few days and with a little encouragement from your concerned husband, you went to the doctors.
Walking out however, you felt so surreal, as though all the early symptoms were rushing to you at once. Making your way outside somewhat unsteadily, you sat down on a nearby bench and tried to let it all sink in.
From the moment you had told Mizuki that evening, he pulled you into a long embrace, thanking you over and over for the gift he was giving to you.
Over the next few months, he had become even more attentive than you believed were possible. The first couple of months, you had struggled a little with the effects of pregnancy, but Mizuki was there through every step. If you couldn’t sleep, he stayed awake with you until you felt able. He did everything that he could to make things comfortable for you and was more than happy in helping to plan out the nursery.
He was beaming with pride when you asked him if he would record a CD of lullabies for your little ones to listen too.
‘For you, and for them, I will always sing,’ he smiled.
You had it all worked out. The nursery was a beautiful combination of pink and blue, ready to welcome your children into the world with an array of wooden toys set about the room amidst their new crib.  
Though as you got closer and closer to your due date, Mizuki had noticed that you seemed to be more unsettled than usual. While you tried to deny it, Mizuki kept a close eye on you, worrying about your welfare as you tried to continue your day to day life.
Truth be told, as you grew closer to the end of your pregnancy, the thought of giving birth was overwhelming you, but you were concerned about bringing the subject up.
However, your concerns were soon brought to light when Midori and Kosugi visited you and discussed your pregnancy. Mizuki noticed how quiet you went when the subject of birth was brought up, though your friends seemed so wrapped up in excitement to notice.
Once they had left however, you repeated their words in a quiet voice. Seeing the colour drain from your face, Mizuki was instantly at your side, taking your hands in his as he gently soothed you.
‘Mizuki…what if…what if I can’t do this? I’m scared…’
‘I’m going to be right here beside you, you have nothing to be afraid of because I will keep you safe.’
Kissing your forehead softly, Mizuki took you gently in his arms and rocked you softly as he crooned a gentle melody in your ear, knowing it would relax you.
‘I promise you, everything is going to be okay,’
Holding onto him as if Mizuki were your only lifeline, he took a few days off work in order to spend more quality time with you and try to ease your worries.
Hearing the way Mizuki talked so happily about all the places you could take the little ones, the idea of getting them a puppy that would grow into a loving family dog and maybe a cat as well if Noin would accept one, you couldn’t help but feel so lucky.
‘You’re really excited about our new additions aren’t you?’
‘Of course, because they’re going to receive all the love in the world. They’re going to have a wonderful childhood, with both their parents and all the love they could ever want.’
Smiling warmly at your husband, you could feel the tears sparkling in your eyes as you reached up to kiss Mizuki.
Seeing the darkening colour on his cheeks, you couldn’t help but giggle as he squeezed your hand.
‘That’s not fair…being so cute like that….and in public as well,’ he remarked.
‘I can’t help it when you’re so incredible,’ you responded gently, it bringing Mizuki to a stop as he pulled you in his arms and stroked your hair gently.
‘I’m the lucky one,’ he whispered, kissing your hand and brushing his lips over your ring finger with a loving gaze in his eyes.

Daichi -  You thought Daichi was about to faint when he received the news. Not just one baby, but three. Triplets.
You knew the news would come as a shock to Daichi, but, to your relief, he enveloped you in his arms with a loving kiss.
‘I can’t believe it, we’re going to be a family,’ he breathed, whispering loving words in your ear.
Over the next few months, Daichi was in his element with planning for the arrival of your new babies.
He was forever looking at new electronics that would be beneficial for the nursery and monitoring the little ones.
‘Look, this has a monitor that goes under the crib to keep a check on the babies breathing and this ensures the formula is mixed just right and it’s self cleaning…’
Giggling softly as your husband immersed himself in catalogues, he glanced up to you with warm eyes before resting a hand on your growing bump.
‘How do you feel? Do you need anything? Can I get you something to drink?’ he offered.
‘Actually I was just about to go and start preparing dinner…’
‘No, you rest here. I’ll cook for us tonight.’
‘But that’s the fourth night in a row and I know you’re tired from work…’ you responded with a slight frown, though Daichi just continued to smile at you as he kissed your forehead.
‘What you are doing for us and our family is enough. I want to do all that I can for you…’
Smiling warmly at his words, you placed a chaste kiss on your husbands lips before taking his hand in yours.
‘I love you…’
As you drew closer to your due date, you felt more restless and enjoyed being able to do things rather than sitting around resting. So, deciding to make Daichi a nice lunch, you took a walk to the residence and enjoyed the feeling of the fresh air on your skin.
Heading to the residence didn’t take long, though you found yourself greeted by Kenta who smiled kindly at you as you walked inside.
Hearing the familiar voice of your father, you walked down the corridor, only to hear your husbands voice as well.
‘I just hope that I will make a worthy father…’
‘I have no doubt that you will! I am very excited about becoming a grandpa myself, and to three grandchildren no less! I am very lucky indeed.’
‘I consider myself just as lucky for having the chance to have married your daughter.’
‘She made a wonderful choice,’ your Father smiled as his eyes fell on you.
‘Hi Dad,’ you smiled, hugging him gently as he looked over you. ‘You’re practically glowing, just like your Mother,’ he remarked, stroking your cheek gently before standing aside and letting you reach up to kiss Daichi on the cheek.
Chuckling at Daichi’s embarrassment, the Prime Minister seemed to find it very amusing that Daichi still got nervous around his father-in-law. Nodding to you both, he then left you with Daichi who looked at you in surprise as you produced the homemade lunch you had prepared.
‘You shouldn’t have gone to such trouble…’
‘It’s just a small thank you. I really appreciate all you have been doing for me and I just wanted to let you know…’
‘Well as you’re here, I have a surprise for you while the other bodyguards are on duty.’
Following Daichi to the SP room, Daichi ensured you were settled comfortably in a chair before disappearing out into the back.
Catching a glimpse of white as he returned, you saw a beautiful bouquet of white lily’s mixed with delicate white roses.
‘I wanted to surprise you later, but as you came by, I thought I’d give them to you now.’
‘They’re so beautiful,’ you breathed in awe, when Daichi set them beside you with a smile.
‘I wanted you to know how much I loved you,’
Kissing him lovingly, you whispered sweet words in your husbands ear, feeling happy to be by his side.  

Kaiji - When Kaiji had found out that you were pregnant, he had been shocked, but soon enough happiness took over.
While you were happy, you struggled initially with feeling unwell. Though Kaiji remained by your side to ensure that you had everything you needed.
When you discovered it was triplets, the news had brought you to tears. You could hardly believe it. Thinking it over afterwards, you knew of course, that Kaiji’s sisters were triplets. So it had always been a possibility.
Though as you walked to the residence following your appointment, it only seemed to sink in as you repeated the news to Kaiji. Yet you were entirely unprepared for his reaction.
‘Are you serious?’ he exclaimed in excitement, picking you up and hugging you close as tears began to slip down his cheeks.
‘I’m gonna be a daddy to three babies?’
‘Yeah…’ you nodded, joining him in crying as the news really set in for both of you.
Though it was in that moment that sounds of excitement came from the doorway and you found yourselves being embraced by Katsuragi’s team with warm well wishes.
From then on, time seemed to fly by. With Kaiji’s sisters all ecstatic over becoming aunts to three nieces or nephews, they spent a lot of time with you during your pregnancy.
They were forever buying adorable outfits and you found yourselves overrun with gifts for the little ones by the time you were six months pregnant. Though with their continual company, that also meant catching you on a bad day with Kaiji. You knew he didn’t mean it when he teased you, but lately, certain things hit a nerve.
One of his sisters had commented on how tired you seemed that day, though Kaiji had cut in without thinking and offered a joke in response.
‘No, she always looks like that without make-up.’
‘That’s not funny,’ you snapped, feeling self conscious as you stood from the sofa and brushed past your husband before heading into the kitchen in frustration.
After getting reprimanded by his sisters as to why his comment had been wholly inappropriate, Kaiji came in quietly, uttering your name softly as he placed a hand on yours.
‘I’m sorry…’ you began, though Kaiji shook his head and wrapped his arms around you from behind.
‘No…you’re right, that was wrong. I shouldn’t say things like that when your carrying our children. You’re putting yourself through so much and yet you’re still the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.’
Looking into his eyes, you seemed to be somewhat doubtful as you looked down at your growing bump.
‘I’m not that pretty…’
‘You are more beautiful than any woman I have or will ever meet…I promise you that.’
As his hands intwined in yours, you thought you heard something as Kaiji quickly explained.
‘My sisters decided to give us the apartment to ourselves. They thought you might like some time with me,’ he smiled, leaning his forehead against yours. Kissing you lovingly, Kaiji looked over you with a lustful gaze.
‘Allow me to show you how much I love you…’

Subaru -  When you found out the news that you were expecting, it all made sense. The thing you hadn’t been expecting was the scan results.
‘It’s triplets.’
‘You’re sure?’
‘Yes, congratulations Mrs. Ichinayagi,’ the doctor smiled brightly.
Trying to wrap your head around the news, you rested a hand over your slightly swollen stomach, and began to envision it. Three tiny babies. As a warmth spread through your heart, your worries disappeared with the overwhelming love that surged through you.
Getting home a little later, the welcoming aroma of Subaru’s cooking drifted through from the kitchen as you called out to him.
‘Welcome home,’ he smiled warmly, coming out to greet you with a warm smile as he kissed you.
‘How long until dinner?’
‘About fifteen minutes,’ he responded, glancing at the clock as you nodded.
‘Okay…good, come and sit down I have something I want to tell you.’
‘What’s wrong? Did everything go okay at the doctors?’
‘It’s all fine, actually…I’m…I’m pregnant. With triplets.’
As you watched Subaru process the news, you felt as though your hands were suddenly beginning to tremble slightly when he caught sight of it and clasped your hands in his.
‘Are you okay? Do you need anything?’
‘I need you to say something,’ you responded in exasperation, seeing surprise in his expression before he broke out into a smile.
‘You need me to tell you how excited I am that the woman I love isn’t just carrying my baby, but three?’ he returned, the relief that washed over you bringing you to tears as you threw your arms around him.
‘I will do whatever it takes to make this as easy for you as possible,’ he assured you, holding you tightly. ‘I will do everything to give our babies a wonderful life to come into.’
‘They will already have that,’ you responded, clutching onto him warmly.
Throughout the duration of your pregnancy, Subaru became even more protective of you than you could imagine. It was so endearing to know that his love for you was so strong and passionate.
You noticed that you seemed to be off limits to the other bodyguards. Even Sora did not attempt to hug you while you were pregnant, though he insisted it was due to wanting you to be careful.
‘You must be so excited though right?’ he beamed,
‘I am,’ you smiled softly, sitting down in the SP room with the others as Katsuragi spoke with you.
‘Subaru has been so concerned over you. He’s always checking his phone to ensure that you’re alright.’
‘I know he’s been a lot more attentive lately,’ you agreed, when something Katsuragi said caught you off guard.
‘He really loves you, you know…’ he remarked shyly, when Subaru suddenly appeared at the door, loosening his tie when he caught sight of you.
‘You’re early,’ he remarked, walking straight to you and taking your hands in his. ‘Is everything alright? Are the babies okay?’
‘We’re all fine,’ you responded with a giggle, seeing the relief spread across his cheeks as he ran a hand over your cheek.
‘Wow, you’ve got it bad for her haven’t you?’ Sora smirked, Subaru shooting him a glance as you laughed.
‘You shouldn’t worry so much,’ you encouraged when you suddenly felt the babies kick for the first time.
‘What?! What is it?’ he began, though you answered by taking his hands and pressing them to your bump.
‘Just-’ you began when the kick struck again.
Looking at the awe in his eyes, you thought Subaru might cry as he suddenly wrapped you in his arms.
‘God I love you…’ he remarked so that only you could hear… 

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Day 8: Drunk Taylor


“I think we should go home, baby.” He squeezed her waist as she leaned into him. “Don’t you think?”

“No, it’s so fun to be here.” She slurred and he shook his head, smiling a little. She was so wasted.

“But maybe we should go baby.” He told her. “It’s already a little too late, you know?”

“Baby!” She whined, kissing his neck. “I want to stay, we can dance all night long.” She grinned, looking up at him. “Pretty please?” She pouted and he laughed.

“I don’t think so, baby. Let’s go home, alright?” He kissed her cheek and she glared at her. He leaned in so his lips were against her ear. “We could do something else all night long.” He whispered. That was a good way to convince her to go. Sex. Drunk Taylor would definitely play along.

“That’s a very good idea.” Taylor giggled, running her hand down his abs. He smiled, taking her hand and intertwining their fingers before making their way out of the door. They said goodbye to their friends and in a few minutes they were in the car. She leaned in him, resting a hand on his chest and started kissing his neck slowly. He took a deep breath.

“Baby, I’m driving.” He warned her, as her hands travelled lower down his abs, to his thighs getting dangerously close to his crotch. He gulped. “Baby…”

“Mmh?” She hummed smirking.

“Stop.” He mumbled and she giggled.

“You’re so pretty, Adam. The moonlight makes you look even prettier, you know? It’s like…so heavenly, babe.” She rambled and he laughed as he heard her speak, going on and on about how pretty he was and how much she loved him.

She kept talking as they walked inside their house, well with Calvin dragging Taylor because she could barely walk without bumping into something.

“And you’re so adorable when you wake up. Have I told you that? You’re also sexy. How the fuck are you adorable and sexy at the same time? Is that possible?” She furrowed her eyebrows and he laughed at her words again. He guided her to the kitchen, one arm secure around her waist. He helped her seat on a kitchen stool while he went to get her a glass of water. “Adam baby, you’re the sexiest man on this planet and you should ditch your t shirt more often.” He handed her the glass of water, unable to stop himself from laughing. “I’m just saying, you would save the world.”

“You’re crazy.” He shook his head, wrapping his arms around her. She looked up at him.

“Crazy in love.” She winked. “We should have sex right now.”

“I think we should go to bed.” He told her. He wouldn’t have sex with her when she was drunk.

“To have sex?” She smirked, standing up and he lifted her onto his arms, bridal style to carry her upstairs.

“No, to sleep, Taylor.” He said.

“Adam!!” She whined, pouting her lips. “Why not?”

“Because you’re drunk.” He answered, pecking her lips.

“But you’re sexy.” She argued as they reached the bedroom. He put her down on the bed and went to get one of his tshirts, because she always loved to sleep in the them.

“Can you undress yourself, love?” He asked her and she smirked.

“I want you to do it.” He smiled, shaking his head. She turned so she was lying on her belly. “Unzip it.” He did as he was told and she turned around again so he could take her dress off.

He looked down at her body, trying to think of something else other than how hot she was. He gave her the shirt.

“You forgot the bra.” She whispered and he sighed as she sat up. He decided that he would do what she was asking him to. He kneeled down and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She took it off her body and threw it to somewhere around the room and pulled him down to her, joining their lips together. He laid on top of her before pulling away. “Adam, please.” She bit her lip.

“No, no, don’t. We’re sleeping.” He told her and she groaned. He got off of her, so he could get ready for bed and she put on the tshirt he had given her.

“You’re mean, Adam Wiles.” He walked over to her and kissed her head, helping her get under the covers before getting in himself after flicking off the lights. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him.

“Good night, baby. I love you.” He whispered.