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BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jimin

Fatherhood BTS Series 

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  • his babies inheriting his chubby cheeks and adorable smile
  • it would be such a cute family in general like wow
  • smol and soft dad
  • they would also probably inherit his smol hands too
  • his babies doing the thing were they latch onto his tiny fingers with their even tinier ones

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Request: Can you do one where the reader is Bucky’s own personal medicine and the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used her to keep him in line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Avengers Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her.

Word count: 770

Warnings: Eh, none really

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I loved the idea of this!! – Lucie

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Bucky’s breathing was heavy as he came in through the double doors to your medical room, body aching, blood staining his skin. At the sight of you, his mind seemed to rest a little, falling into the chair and looking up at you expectantly. You smiled warmly at him, sitting beside him and taking his hands and massaging them gently, like you did every time he found himself in your medical room.

“Hey, Bucky. Where have you hurt yourself today?” You asked in your usual soothing tone, people leaving the room. You were the only one they trusted him to be alone with.

“Everywhere hurts.” He mumbled, and you chuckled under your breath, standing up and filling a bowl with warm water and soap, using a cloth to wipe away the blood and dirt staining his hands and arms and face.

“Did they give you chance to eat this morning?” You avoided the topic of the mission, which Bucky liked. He wanted his mind distracted from the terrible job he had.


“What did they give you?” You moved onto cleaning any cuts, dabbing them with paste and stitching any that were deep.

“I can’t remember. I think cereal.” Bucky replied, wincing a little as you finished off a particularly large cut on his forearm.

“The cereal here is bad.” You explained. “They don’t have much choice in food, do they?” You stood up, cleaning away your things and collecting the usual drugs from around the room to give to him. The worst part of your job was giving him the pills, the ones that prepared him for a memory wipe.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.” He watched you closely, and smiled a little as you gave him the pills, handing him a large glass of water. You looked away as he swallowed them, guilt swamping you. “Do you think I’ll ever get to leave this place?” Bucky’s sudden question made you freeze.

“I hope so, James.” You breathed, leaning over to kiss him lightly on the head. “Good luck.” You stood back up for the doors to open, people marching in to take him away. His limbs where already moving slower, his eyes tired as they looked back at you. You gave him your warmest smile, staying like that until the doors slammed shut.

You didn’t see Bucky the next day. Or the next. Or the next.

You waited for days to see him coming in with his best smile for you, battered and bruised. You sat at the chair and waited.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months.

You worried that something terrible had happened; that HYDRA no longer needed him and disposed of him some how.

But soon enough, he was back – but this time, he had people with him.

He burst through your doors, eyes brightening at the sight of you. He was panting – but not covered in blood. He ran over and grabbed your hand.

“We have to get out of here.” He told you.


“No, I’m taking you to the outside world again. To safety.” He explained, not giving you chance to say anything before pulling you out the room. You ran down corridors, sneaked past soldiers, anxiety pumping through your veins. You were a healer, not a fighter.

Eventually, you got outside, your arms cold from the fresh air, eyes wide to collect in the light your craved for so long. A helicopter waited for you, along with another guy who spoke to Bucky easily.

You were hauled onto the helicopter, your body shaking, hand gripping Bucky’s as you were flown away from the place you had known for so much of your life.

“HYDRA were bad people, Y/N.” Bucky explained softly. “They were going to kill everyone, and used me for it.”

Bucky explained the situation as the helicopter flew. You were shocked, guilty that you had nearly helped the end of the world.

You began to live with the Avengers, with Bucky, in his apartment. When he had nightmares, you soothe him, and when you couldn’t sleep, he’d hold you and promise no-one would get you.

Around the mansion, you were quiet. Bucky and Steve were the only ones you could talk to properly, but Wanda and Natasha made an effort to make you feel welcome, smiling at you all the time, making small talk. Bucky was very protective over you, and usually were always together.

SHIELD eventually employed you as a doctor, and you worked on healing the Avengers when on the journey back to the mansion.

You had an eventful life, but that was how you liked it.

12x03 Coda: Jet Lag

After Mary leaves, Sam calls up Cas. Sastiel friendship, Destiel

Sam didn’t really expect a heartfelt, grownup conversation about this—having Mom back has made kids out of both of them—but he’d also hoped that Dean would at least say something.  No such luck.  As soon as the door clangs shut behind Mom, Dean darts for his room without a word.

Great.  Sam sinks into the nearest chair, massaging his temples.  Too good to be true has always been too good for the Winchesters.

As much as it hurts, though, he gets it.  Why Mom had to go.  He understands the itch to escape, the conviction that there is something better out there somewhere.  Mom is chasing a pipe dream, a mirage.  He’s going to let her, because he chased the same one a long time ago.

She deserves that, at least.

He knows Dean is going to take this hard, though.  His brother has a way of taking each and every blow and stacking them on his shoulders, refusing to let anyone else take the weight even though everyone can see how his frame is shaking.  By the time he reaches his room, Sam knows, he’ll have constructed a million different reasons why this is his fault.

He did the same thing when Sam left for school, but there’s someone who wasn’t around when that happened.

He picks up on the third ring. “Sam.  Is everything all right?”

Sam could have prayed, but frankly, he’s done with his prayers being intercepted.  The last thing he needs right now is for Lucifer to find out that his vulnerable, totally possess-able mother is alive and kicking.

“Yeah, we—we’re fine.  No missing limbs or anything.”

Cas’s sigh of relief is audible through the phone. “Then what is it?”

“Mom.  She, uh.  She left.  I’m okay, I think, but Dean…Dean’s taking it a little hard.”

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Things Garrus does that Shepard loves

- when hes stressed and just grabs and pulls her over, even if he doesnt do anything and just wants her for comfort
- when he curiously starts to play with her hair because it looks fun
- sometimes he starts massaging her scalp and she really loves it oops
- he isnt always fun and fluffy bunnies but when hes especially playful they have the most fun together (even with hardass renegade shep goddammit)
- oh and he’ll cheer her on sometimes even if shes just beating the fuck out of some dudes (“go get em honey” (zaeed is done with your lovey dovey bullshit))
- whenever he says “calibrate” she just laughs
- yes EVERY time he says it
- she also likes to be a little feisty shit and mess with him and likes to see how he messes back
- what HE likes to see is when a krogan starts ranting bullshit about murdering the turians and salarians for the genophage and she just. Slowly. Turns. “You keep your fuck ugly hands off this one or so help me I will headbutt someone again you bitches.“
- they are the most supportive couple in the galaxy ^-^ and you know it

Curiosity (III) – Kim Seokjin (M) | Teaser

Pairing: CamBoy!Seokjin x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: smut, duh

Other parts: Curiosity (Part 1) | Curiosity (Part 2)

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“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, isn’t that right baby boy?” Jin raised his hand and ran it down the curve of your breasts, making you suck in a sharp breath. “Yes daddy…she’s so stunning,” he whispered out, mouth going dry at the sight, his cock getting harder if possible.

Seokjin moved the cup of your bra down, his tongue coming to flick over your left nipple. You gasped and wrapped your hand in his hair, tugging slightly. He smirked before wrapping his hot, wet mouth around it and massaging your other one as a low moan escaped you. He let go of your breast with a small ‘pop’ and stood up straight before pressing his lips to yours again, his hand trailing down to your lower region and ran his fingers over your wet panties. “Fuck…

“You like that princess? I’ve barely touched you and you’re so wet.”

“Only for you, daddy,” you purred back, running a hand down his chest making him groan a little as your nails dragged down his nipples. “Do you know what I want you to do princess?”

“What can I do daddy?” You raised your head and looked up at him. “I want you to ride Jungkook’s face, let him make you cum with his tongue. You’ll let him do that, yes?” you took in a sharp breath before whispering, “Of course daddy,” and turning to face Jungkook who was looking back at you with eyes full of hunger.

Within a few moments your panties and bra were on the floor of Seokjin’s bedroom, legs either side of Jungkook’s head as his soft hair slightly tickled your thighs. He looked up at you eagerly before turning his head to face Jin, “Daddy, can I make her feel good now please? She’s so fucking wet…”

“Go ahead baby boy, daddy’s not gonna stop you.” He groaned, wrapping his own hand around his swollen cock, glancing back down at the two of you on the bed, god he could just cum at the sight.

i’ll try my best to finish and post the full part of this in a few hours! but for now, it’s almost 1am and i’m running on three hours of sleep so i’m going to sleep.

feel free to send anything into my inbox i dont bite

the countdown to seokjin’s birthday starts! 

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Friends with benefits with Steve...???

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I reckon Steve is the kind of person who prefers friends with benefits. It’s usually with someone that he can trust, and someone who he’s comfortable with. After spending long enough with the company of a woman, it can scare him to be intimate with someone. 

With his best friend, he knows he can trust her. That she won’t mind if he needs to stop or if he needs to slow down. Usually, she’ll try and set the mood, to make him calm and comfortable. It’ll start either with a gentle massage or with a makeout session on the couch, just to get him going. There’s a lot of time spent on foreplay. 

What he prefers most is that there’s no commitment. No expectation for him to pour his heart out or expect her to do the same for him. It’s affection, love and occasionally sexual intimacy. It makes him feel loved. 

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what if harry was so incredibly anxious to know what the gender of baby was, but at the ultrasound, he/she was making it difficult to tell? like moving around too much, crossing it's legs etc.

God, can you imagine it though? 

The both of you would wake up and the first conversation you’d have would be about the baby and what your predictions would be about the gender, and, he’d shoot right into the topic about names and going shopping as soon as you find out because he wants to start getting clothes as soon as possible to fill the empty wardrobe up in the nursery. And, when you’re showering together and you’re washing shampoo into his hair and massaging at his scalp, his hands are roaming your body and he’s rubbing your bump gently with his thumb and he’s just got that massive grin on his lips.

But, when you get to the hospital and you’re waiting outside for your appointment, his knee is bumping up and down and his hands are sweating in your hold and he’s biting his lip and suckling on his flesh as his ears stay alert to your name being called out. And when he hears it, he’s standing up on shaky legs and following you towards the room as he holds your coat and your handbag in his hands, taking a seat beside the bed as you climb up and lay comfortably upon it to start the appointment and ultrasound. 

His eyes would lock on the screen as the movement of his baby would appear and his hands would hold the closest hand of yours to him, as you listened intently to what the midwife was telling you.

“there’s the head of your baby. they’re still quite small, but, you can see their arms and legs forming here. they’ll soon get ten fingers and ten toes and be kicking a lot stronger than the slight bubbly flutters you feel at the moment.”

“that’s so amazing.”

“and, they’re sucking their thumb. can you see? right here.”

“oh, my god. Gorgeous, look a’ that.”

“are we ready to find out the gender?”

“it’s all Harry has spoken about this morning. we’d love to know. i don’t think he could wait until the 9 months is up.”

But when it comes to trying to see what the little baby is sporting between their legs, you can’t help but giggle because they’re playing around and being cheeky and it’s making Harry a little more nervous because he’s desperate to know whether his little baby is a little boy or a little girl. The midwife would be chuckling away and you would be giggling and playing with Harry’s fingers and Harry would be too focused on the screen. 

And when he hears the midwife cheer lightly and move the wand around your belly a little more, he can see clearly what the midwife is looking at.

“she’s goin’ to be a mischievous one when she’s older.”

“we’re - it’s a - a baby girl?”

“congratulations, Mr and Mrs Styles. you’ve got one very healthy, very cheeky, but developing very well baby girl on your hands.”

“oh, my god. Harry, we have a daughter.”

“we have a daughter, Gorgeous. a little girl.” xx

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andy/haley <3

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: andy <3
  • Gets jealous the most: haley, even when she doesn’t want to or doesn’t notice
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: lmao, haley. she can take her alcohol most times.
  • Takes care of on sick days: andy :’) and he is a cutie while doing it
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: both, they like the beach just find and they like playing together in the sand
  • Gives unprompted massages: andy!
  • Drives/rides shotgun: haley lol
  • Brings the other lunch at work: andy <33333
  • Has the better parental relationship: haley, ofc
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: haley, sometimes it gets them going and sometimes it just makes them cry out of laughing
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: andy lmao (and haley films him while pretending she’s embarrassed, but she is actually pretty much having fun)
  • Still cries watching Titanic: both lol
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: bOTH, haley actually loves it
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: haley, she gets extra™ (more like, she gets very phil) when it comes to give presents
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: andy
  • Remembers anniversaries: both :) which makes haley happy because she used to not remember her ex’s especial dates
  • Brings up having kids: even though he loves kids, haley is the one who does it and it makes him very happy

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For the shipping ask Ariel and Moana please!

  • who hogs the duvet: Ariel
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Moana.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Ariel. She gives Moana art pieces made from her collection of human things.
  • who gets up first in the morning: Moana
  • who suggests new things in bed
  • who cries at movies: Both
  • who gives unprompted massages: Both
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Both
  • who gets jealous easiest: Ariel.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Ariel. She likes all kinds of music and some of it is…odd.
  • who collects something unusual: Ariel.
  • who takes the longest to get ready: Ariel.
  • who is the most tidy and organized: Moana is better at this. Ariel leaves her things lying around a lot and has to be reminded to pick them up.
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: Both.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: They take turns.
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Neither.
  • who starts the most arguments: Neither.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: Both. Ariel wants to save all the fish at the pet store, Moana wants to protect pigs and chickens.
  • what couple traditions they have: 
  • what tv shows they watch together: Ariel’s favorite show is the Antique Roadshow, and she gets Moana into it. 
  • what other couple they hang out with: I don’t know about couples, but they’d hang out with Maui and Ariel’s sisters a lot.
  • how they spend time together as a couple: Moana likes sailing and swimming, and Ariel likes exploring the land and collecting odd treasures, so they do it all.
  • who made the first move: Ariel. Kiss the girl!
  • who brings flowers home: Moana.
  • who is the best cook: Moana. Their meals are mostly vegetarian.
Massage Therapist Saitama AU

AU where instead of Saitama being listless he becomes a massage therapist who specializes in unique and hard to relax bodies with a focus on heroes. 

  • Mumen comes in once a week because no one can avoid every single new painful break and bruise like Saitama (and his body tenses terribly without help otherwise - Saitama gives him a discount because he’s such a regular and genuine friend)
  • Zombieman comes in because his body is always regenerating and it needs outside maintenance to relax itself and no other therapist can make the new bones crack as nicely
  • King only likes getting his back done but the knots are many and awful and only Saitama can make them all go away
  • Tatsumaki admits that Saitama gives the best massages and only goes to him and it’s the only time she’s quiet for more than an hour
  • Metal Bat visiting because he carries so much tension in his hands that Saitama’s strong yet gentle work keeps them in perfect working order
  • Amai Mask visiting because Saitama is the best but also because his discretion is absolute and so uses his hour to unload his problems on Saitama who only hums in response
  • Bang going in because he’s getting up there in years and his back isn’t what it used to be
  • Saitama being one of the only people who has met Blast but still can’t remember what he even looks like
  • GENOS eventually going because he needs to be “assessed by an HA regulated therapist” and chooses Saitama because he thinks that a massage therapist will prove that only Dr. Kuseno can do his therapy
  • Saitama asking really intelligent but simple questions to Genos before they start and ends up giving Genos the most relaxing massage of his life
  • Saitama knowing and tailoring a special massage for every single hero because their needs are diverse and necessary
  • Saitama deciding to put his incredible strength and ability to read people to use but still keep a quiet and eventful life

DA:I Companions react to the Inquisitor having a chronic illness.

Cassandra: She is surprised at first; the Inquisitor hides it well. But once she realizes, she does watch them more carefully, and she does notice how it affects the Inquisitor. She makes a point not to say anything openly, and when she can get the Inquisitor alone, she hesitantly asks them questions about their illness. She wants them to feel that they can confide in her if they need anything, and she promises to do all she can to take some of the load off of them. Being the Herald is hard enough as it is, after all. If romanced, she tries to force them to take it a little easier, going so far as to lock them in their quarters when she thinks they’ve outdone themselves. She even tries to massage them once or twice, but she is absolutely horrible at it (Although the Inquisitor never tells her that, they just happily oblige with a smile on their face.)

Varric: He figured something was up, but he could never quite put his finger on what it was. He remembered how Fenris used to get body aches from the lyrium infused in his body, and so whenever he notices the Inquisitor having a difficult time, he instantly starts up with a constant stream of jokes and stories that get the Inquisitor laughing and smiling. He knows it isn’t much, but he knows that it takes their mind off of things, even if just for a minute. And when the Inquisitor is having a rough night and can’t sleep, he is always there to keep them company with a mug of ale or a round of Wicked Grace.

Solas: He could tell that something was wrong with them from the start, but he knew it was not his place to say anything. At first he would covertly place helpful lotions and herbs in their quarters, and eventually (When the Inquisitor had opened up a little) he began to recommend other helpful remedies. His knowledge of the world was quite extensive. If romanced, he would spend his evenings pouring soft, cool magic through the Inquisitor’s body, helping to ease as much of the pain as he could, and trying to help them get as much sleep as their body needed.

Sera: She doesn’t really understand the illness, but what she does know is that the Inquisitor hurts, and all the noble pickiness and bickering wears on them a lot. So her friends tend to hit a lot of the people that have had bad dealings with the Inquisitor a little harder than before, and anyone that is rude ends up paying for it in the most humiliating ways possible. Her room in the tavern is also very comfortable with pillows everywhere, so she makes sure the Inquisitor knows that at any time they can come and relax in the fluffy softness. If romanced, she will literally drag them to her room and make them as comfy as possible (surrounded by pillows!), and bring them as many sweets and goodies as she can steal from the kitchens without getting into too much trouble. She wants to do everything she can to make her Inky feel better.

Vivienne: She was Imperial Enchanter, and it just will not do for anyone to think that the Inquisitor has some kind of weakness. So she is constantly dragging the Inquisitor to her quarters to teach them how to covertly hide their pain, how to pass off a twinge as nothing. If they are going to be the leader that Thedas needs, then they need to learn how to be an expert at the game, after all. And the first step is making sure no one can even have an inkling of their illness. If Romanced, she will even procure some of the most expensive and rare poultices you can find, and diligently makes sure that the Inquisitor keeps up on their health.

Blackwall: Being the gentleman that he is, he doesn’t bring it up until the Inquisitor does. But he is awful observant, and so he tends to try and take on a lot more of the manual labor when they are out and about (Carrying things, setting up camp, taking more blows). When they are having bad spells, he takes them down to the stables to pet the horses or takes them for a walk across the ramparts, nice and slow to try and ease some of the stress and pain. If romanced, he stays up with them at night when they cant sleep and they watch the stars together, holding hands and relaxing in the hayloft.

Iron Bull: He notices right away, thanks to his Ben Hassrath training. All the soft winces, how they try to hide it, how they walk even. He constantly offers to give them free massages to work out all their kinks and stress (with a wink, of course), and he offers them some of the lotions and creams that he uses on his own aching muscles. There have even been a few times where, when he notices how they are hurting, he will just pick them up and carry them, ignoring their complaints with a chuckle. If romanced, the Inquisitor takes him up on the offers for a massage, and is pleasantly surprised when the Bull turns out to be very gentle and very talented at it. Bull can have the Inquisitor sleeping soundly within a few minutes, and Bull will lay with them and rub their back the whole time, smiling down at them.

Cole: He can feel their pain, all the hurts and twinges and burning. It’s like a headache that is constantly lurking, hiding in the dark corners, waiting for a change to leap out. He always keeps himself tuned in to the Inquisitor, and when things are getting too bad he is there with encouraging words, and a little push from him, trying to make the pain a little easier to deal with. There is always a soft chair when it’s needed, a cool glass of water within reach. At night, when they can’t sleep, he will step into their dreams and chase away as much of the pain and hurt as he can, allowing them to actually rest their hurting body. It isn’t much, but he knows the extra sleep helps the Inquisitor a lot.

Dorian: He scoffs at the Southerners ways of handling illness. Haven’t they figured out all this by now? He jokes and laughs with the Inquisitor, but within a few weeks quite a handful of books from Tevinter end up in his quarters, and he digs up as much information as he can from his homeland about their illness. He shares all of this with them, along with some of the sweetest wine from Tevinter (That just so happens to put a happy buzz into the Inquisitor that chases quite a bit of the pain away.) and some of the softest blankets, pillows, and clothes he could get his hands on for his best friend. If Romanced, he is more than happy to set the Inquisitor down in his comfiest chair in the library (Preferably on his lap) and he loves to read to them and lull them off into a happy, blissful nap while he draws circles on their arm.


Cullen: He is shocked and impressed at how well they handle it. He knows all about dealing with illnesses, and he hesitantly shares his own experiences with Lyrium withdrawal and how he has been coping, and how a lot of other Templars coped with theirs. He invites them to join him in the cool hours of the morning and evening, where he teaches the Inquisitor a lot of good stretching exercises that help with a lot of bone and muscle pain. If they aren’t up for it, he is more than willing to keep them company with a good game of chess. If Romanced, he will take time out specifically to draw the Inquisitor a nice, warm (or cool, depending on how they are feeling) bath in their quarters, and he lovingly helps them rub their back and wash their hair, and helps them drift off to sleep.

Josephine: When she finds out, she does everything she can to keep the long politician visits to a minimum. If the Inquisitor doesn’t absolutely have to deal with it, she will deal with it herself to spare them. She makes sure that the Inquisitor has one of the best beds that good money can afford, along with other comfy furniture so they have somewhere nice to relax. She only brings the important things up to the Inquisitor when they are having a good health day. If Romanced, she will lovingly bring the Inquisitor to her couch in the evenings and she will sing softly to them in Antivan in front of the warm fire, sharing some of their favorite chocolates with them.

Leliana: She makes sure that no word of it gets out of the Inquisition. Some take this to mean that she cares only for the Inquisitions reputation, but she actually does it to keep the Inquisitor safe. Any word that got out would be seen as a weakness, and that would open up a large door for assassin attempts (More than there already are). She gets any information she can from her network of spies about the illness, and she sets up a secret group of herbalists and mages to research more about it and try and find, if not a cure, at least better remedies for it.

Mercy Valentine's Day HC

Genji  |  McCree  |  Pharah  |  Reaper  | Soldier:76  |  Sombra  |  Tracer

Bastion  |  Hanzo  |  Junkrat  |  Torbjorn  |  Mei  |  Widowmaker

D.Va  |  Reinhardt  |  Roadhog  |  Winston  |  Zarya

Ana  |  Lucio  |  Mercy  |  Symmetra  |  Zenyatta


  • Most might think she would be all over Valentine’s Day, especially because her outfit is based like an angel but she would totally forget

    • She’d get so caught up in work that Valentine’s Day is at the back of her mind

    • Would only remember the day of when you say Happy Valentine’s Day, and give her a gift

    • Would feel super bad about forgetting, even if you told her it was okay


  • Would be super pleased if you did the planning for the day

    • She’s always taking care of others that someone pampering her would be a nice change

  • Couples spa day!

    • Slight jealousy when someone else is giving you a massage

    • Until she’s getting hers then all thoughts go out the window

    • There will be accidental moans

    • Matching manicures (if you’re into that sort of thing)

  • Late dinner at a fancy restaurant

    • You both get super dressed up for the occasion

    • She’d get tipsy and a little handsy

    • Many confessions of love to you, sometimes to her meal as well

  • Will sober up on the way home but still be inebriated enough to the point of giggling a lot

  • Butterfly kisses all over your face
what nathan would be like during that time of the month
  • cuddles all of the time
  • nice soft tummy rubs when ur cramps act up
  • him being willing to cook u anything u want even if it’s ridiculous
    • “okay so i’ve never really made macaroons before… but how hard can it be?”
  • gives u space when u need it
  • randomly bringing u home little gifts to make u smile 
  • skips swim practice the first day so he can just lay in bed with u 
  • him going to the store to buy u tampons/pads and getting so proud of himself when he finally picks the right ones (after the 4th try) 
  • massages :) 
  • watches sappy romcoms with u and holds u when u randomly start to cry
    • “shhh it’s okay. It’s just a movie.” “but she’ll never know that HE wrote the song for her!”
  • he always makes sure u have some advil and a glass of water to wake up to in case cramps happen agAIN
  • having junk food with u even though he shouldn’t bc training
  • always asks u what he can do to make u feel better :’)

cute Ranya HC of the day:

Anya never treating Raven like she’s somehow fragile because of her leg or heart. Anya getting absolutely furious when people imply Raven shouldn’t do something because she ‘can’t’. Anya getting Raven the kindest, smartest and safest horse that understands what she wants and having a special saddle made, and teaching her how to ride it until Raven’s good enough at it that they can go on trips, and this way allowing Raven to move about without having to think about her leg. 

Anya giving Raven piggyback rides when she gets tired and giving her some excuse like ‘let me carry you, it’s a good workout’ so that Raven doesn’t feel like she’s dead weight. Anya learning how to massage Raven’s leg so it hurts less. Anya learning the signs of Raven growing tired so that she can decide that they should take a break before Raven has to ask for her to slow down.

Anya acknowledging that Raven’s not whole, but refusing to treat her like she’s any less for it - this is my aesthetic.

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Thanks for picking me for the smut prompt! I'd like one where Darcy has a migraine/headache and while trying to help her get rid of it (neck massage?) things get sexy. I mean, they say orgasms relieve pain, right? I'm not particular about the pairing, although if you were in the mood for femslash I wouldn't say no.

I decided to go femslash, and I hope you like Helen Cho!

Story under the cut because it is NSFW

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okay but picture this:

season one of friends, but from carol and susan’s point of view

  • susan has such sass i need so much more
  • carol’s whole journey of discovery while being cajoled into trying to make her marriage work with ultimate “i’m a nice guy i promise” ross
  • casually eating dinner at monica’s restaurant (it’s here that carol tells susan she’s pregnant)
  • getting pre-natal massages from phoebe (the champion of “be yourself, whoever you are, and don’t give a fuck what people say) 
  • going to see a play and giggling at the lead who is this joey tribbiani guy anyway he’s a part of this terrible storybrooke thing but totally endearing
  • running into chandler at ray bari pizza (carol knows him from college, since that’s when she and ross started dating)
  • bonus points if carol knows chandler’s job by name and asks how it’s going
  • and finally, carol being the one who gives rachel directions to central perk before the start of the pilot — after all, she understands what it’s like to leave a sure thing marriage for the unknown

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Can you do headcanons for Kurapika with a pregnant s/o

- Very gentle and caring, he will fetch things for his s/o but make sure she gets some exercise in there

- He has special remedies to stop stretch marks that he knows from the Kurta and he has a habit of massaging his s/o stomach when he can (so whenever hes within arms length tbh).

- Hes so supportive and hes got everything planned for when you go into labour because he doesnt want to miss anything and wants to help as much as he can.

- Hes great through the labour too though hes not too glad that you end up focusing your aura into your hand and crushed his but hes not too bothered when hes holding his child and totally not crying.

Massage (Peter Parker)

When you show up on the front steps of the apartment with your beach bag, Aunt May starts to laugh. “Thanks for coming.”

“When Peter texted me offering to go to the beach with you two, did you think I was going to say no?” You inquire instead, stepping into the apartment and turning to face Aunt May just as she’s closing the front door. “I need to go outside and get sunlight at some point.”

Aunt May is still wearing her smile. “True. Peter’s still getting ready in his room.”

With a nod, you make your way over to his room. As soon as you reach his door, you knock twice before being immediately greeted with Peter. The boy is already dressed in his swim trucks. His smile is brighter than starlight and makes you smile as he greets you with his signature smile and gently pulls you in by the wrist.

“Hey you. Are you dressed already?”

“Nope.” You hold up your beach bag. “I’ll be in a sec. Can I use your bathroom?”


You disappear into the bathroom and appear a moment later in your bikini and the figure he’s only pictured in his mind.

So that’s why Peter perform what can only be politely called a stare. You start to laugh.

His lips curl up into a small smile. “What’s so funny?”

“You always have the same look whenever you see me with practically nothing on.” Your hand almost unconsciously goes to rub at your shoulder muscles.

Instead of playing along with your little game, his eyes narrow in on your fingers. “What’s wrong with your shoulders?”

“Huh?” You look before managing a laugh. “Oh, it’s nothing. My shoulders hurt, since I’ve been hunching over trying to do homework and finish projects.”

Peter nods in understanding and suddenly looks nervous. “Do you… well, I mean, I could give you a massage?”

You raise your eyebrow, looking amused. “Are you asking me or telling me?”

He scoffs a little at your sarcasm. “Just get over here.”

Your grin merely widens as you approach him with slow intentions. “What? Just a massage?”

Peter laugh thinly. “What, are you 12 now? Lemme just help you out, okay?”

You settle with just one more laugh before sitting on the edge of the bed, your back facing him. “Okay, work your magic, Peter.”

Swallowing thickly, he gingerly reaches over to lightly run his fingers across the bare skin of your back. Despite having dated for a few months, your relationship has yet to cross that dreaded point of no return.

And although a massage shouldn’t really even have to compare to sex, there’s something about having to massage your bare shoulders while both of you are practically half-naked that fills him with a vague sense of nervousness and apprehension.

Trying not to think too hard about the current predicament going around in his mind, Peter presses his fingers into the tense muscles of your shoulders.

Your sharp intake of breath does wonders to the already erratic sense of his heartbeat. “That feels really good.”

Peter is glad he has the distraction of performing a massage, because he’s sure that if he didn’t have something to grab onto, his hands would be shaking with nerves at this point. His eyes trail down to the clip that’s holding the top piece of your bathing suit together, his fingers about to reach down and pull that piece of string away.

“Hey, are you guys ready?” Aunt May inquires suddenly, bursting into the bedroom without even bothering to knock.

Peter jumps back, as if his touch against your skin burns.

Aunt May stops. “Uh, what’s going on?”

“Peter was giving me a massage,” You fill in smoothly, straightening and slinging your beach bag over your shoulder. “Sorry, my shoulder’s have been hurting.”

Aunt May stares for a moment before she grins. “Yeah, of course. I got it.”

You smiles a little. “I’ll be in the living room to put on sunscreen.” You look over at Peter. “You coming?”

“Lemme put on a t-shirt first.”

With one last nod, you disappear down the hall, leaving Aunt May alone with Peter. The former is still wearing a coy grin. “That didn’t look like a massage to me.”

“Shut up, Aunt May.” The flush on his cheeks don’t help.