she's going to be like the most beautiful of them all

Okay but 

  • Shay and Hunk laying out to cloud gaze and picking out shapes in the clouds and Shay just gets so excited because she’s missed out on this stuff her whole life.
  • Him learning how to make her Grandma’s soup for her, and making it if she’s feeling a bit down.
  • Little forehead touches.
  • Them like basically adopting 10 kids once everything’s settled down and being like the coolest, most supportive parents and being really excited over everything they do.
  • Also them picking each other up and him giving her piggyback rides and vice versa.
  • STARGAZING. Like Shay’s so amazed by stars and she wants to learn about all the different stars and Hunk tells her about the ones he’d see from earth and the constellations and she loves hearing about them and he loves how her eyes just light up with learning about these things and seeing them and just she thinks they’re so beautiful and he thinks she’s far more beautiful than any star.
  • Also he’s that guy that would get a star named after her and she’d hug him and kiss his cute face and never let him go.
  • Singing the lullabies their parents sang to them to each other, especially on rougher nights.

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Genuine question, why do you like Taylor Swift? (I love her too)

Her beautiful lyrics

Her songwriting skills

Her work ethic

Her involvement in all stages of musical production

Her ability to write meaningful pop music without resorting to the tropes of sex drugs or bodily functions

Her ability to write meaningful country music without resorting to the tropes of trucks beer or girls

The fact that I can listen to her albums thousands of times and still not get sick of them

She’s a ridiculously talented and experienced musician (just listen to her Grammy Pro sessions)

Her humility in all things she does

The fact that she donated over $55,000 to early childhood education

How she supports “unsexy” charities and causes rather than the ones that would get her the most good press

Her political neutrality and how she understands the disproportionate influence she has as a celebrity

the dozens and dozens of friends I’ve made because of her

all the other countries i’ve learned about because of her

The care she puts into her tours and performances

The level of involvement that she keeps in her own management

she is basically the last artist who still has free meet & greets

she invited fans into her fucking house (which do we remember how crazy that is for a celeb to do?!)

she hasn’t given in to the “anything goes” mentality of modern pop culture

her class when dealing with drama

my own disdain for gender norms

She doesn’t take selfies often (not that i dislike people who do take a lot of selfies)

She’s an adorable dork

But can kill a man if necessary

Her enormous vocal growth in the past 10 years

Everyone who has ever met her has only good things to say about her

She twice said if she could have one superpower, it would be healing people

my conservatives’ sympathy for all the shit she’s endured from the media

The fact that she has avoided being absorbed into this social media-centric culture we have today

She has good fashion sense (which is surprisingly rare among singers)

I’ve watched her grow and mature all these years so i’m invested in her well-being

She visits hospitals and supports rape victims legal defense, which few people know about because she tries to keep it a secret

She’s a genuinely good person when no one’s watching, and especially when no one’s watching

Her parents instilled good civic values in her

She, an international celebrity, has interacted with me more than many people who go to my school have

She knows how to stay in her lane and doesn’t insert herself into issues that don’t involve her

idk something about her voice just makes me smile when i hear her

she has all the right friends and all the right enemies

she is extremely self-aware which is why sometimes people accuse her of being “calculating” even though that’s not the same thing

she is easy to defend (ok most of the time)

i would never have learned to code if it wasn’t for her ****friend karlie kloss

she is proud of her business acumen, but at the same time doesn’t make it an overpowering part of her identity

she’s a night owl like me

she was considered a “child prodigy” (yuck) like me and seems to regard it in the same way as me

she generally reacts to things the same way I do

we both have conservative dispositions

she has no allergies like me (thanks meg for that random fact)


she enjoys staying home and lurking the internet like me

people expect her to be perfect and sometimes she fails and i understand what she’s going through

she fucks up like the rest of us



For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet, our girl needs our help! Dodie is, as she has put it, “saving up to buy something for people I care about to help them” and she is asking that we people help her out by watching her videos, and buying her merch. If you’ve been waning to purchase her beautiful “She” t-shirt for some time and haven’t found a good enough reason to, then this is it. Dodie explains it better in her lil message found in the description of her most recent video:

“okay, right
so although sponsored content is in my opinion, all well and good and perfectly fine, I have been doing quite a bit more than I’d like to usually. There is a personal reason for this, and it involves a very long and complex story, and my family. Like I said in my “what’s going on video” it’s not appropriate to share it online, really. But, in really REALLY basic terms, I’m saving up to buy something for people I care about to help them. Also PLEASE NOTE that this is not meant to be a pity message, not is it a cry for help. If you want to help, just watch ma vids, or buy a tshirt if you want one (lol plug
I just wanted to give some sort of hint as to why I’ve said yes to a lot recently.
ALSO that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do them (like I said, I’d never take up any that I didn’t think was good for me or you, or didn’t like)
LOVE U THANK U xoxoxoxoxoxo”

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some modern octaven headcanons?? c:

rachel … bbgirl … here you go

1. They’ve known each other since Octavia was like 15 and not all the way through her emo phase. Really. Dyed black hair and badly blended gray eyeshadow. Raven didn’t mind. Raven just didn’t let her have the AUX cord when she drove anywhere.

2. They hold hands on the Fourth of July. Raven is explaining what chemicals are typically used for each color firework and Octavia is watching each one explode into a thousand colorful sparks, listening intently. They feel each explosion in the hollow of their chests. They feel the ash raining down on them. Their hands find each other and didn’t let go.

3. They’re just friends, really, that’s what they keep telling themselves. until they’re at someone’s house party and the air is too close and everyone’s pressed together and octavia keeps thinking how raven is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. it was now or never. and O chose now. she took raven’s face in her hands and kissed her best friend full on the lips.

4. “I love you” seems too temporary but they say it anyway. I love you so much. I love you more than I ever loved anything. I love your smile and the way you talk.

5. Octavia sleeps in late. Way after sunrise, the curtains pulled over the windows, she sleeps beneath her down quilt. Raven lets her be. Raven brews coffee and sits on the couch reading until her sleepy gf wakes up.


What My Everyday Looks Like 

I need to start posting more man. It’s just that if I’m not working or sleeping, this lady right here @qxeenkj has all my time. So just know, most of my post you will see her rude ass in them. Seriously don’t let her sweet face and the beauty fool you, she abuses me every chance she gets. Them hits sting cause she aim straight for the spine. 

This is what we usually do. Besides eat and…. Anyways freshness wants to go to the beach so thats on tomorrows agenda. Today I’m gonna show her how to make a cake Island style… yes theres a difference. 

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maya and lucas' honeymoon head canon?

  • ok maya just wants to go on a quiet holiday, quite close to here, and spending as little money as possible
  • ‘i mean, philadelphia would be suitable, right lucas?’
  • maya, we need to go somewhere with fun things to do!’
  • ‘okay, maybe not phili but how about texas?’
  • ‘with my family? really, maya?’
  • so lucas doesn’t tell maya but he books them a week in the caribbean
  • the caribbean
  • but he tells her he booked a weekend in washington dc
  • and he doesn’t tell her where they’re really going until about a week before the wedding
  • she protests, but he says his parents insisted they pay for most of it
  • and he convinces her by telling her about all the beautiful paintings she’ll be able to do when they’re there
  • ‘fine, huckleberry, but expect your parents’ house to be decorated in them because i don’t like being in debt’
  • and she’s kind of excited now
  • she gets riley’s help to pack - ‘riles, what do i bring?!’ - and manages to do it without buying too much new stuff, just the essentials
  • (bikinis and dresses and shoes)
  • (lucas isn’t going to want to go outside the entire trip)
  • so the time comes for them to get the flight
  • it’s the day after their wedding, so of course they’re exhausted
  • they left in the taxi but realised they’d left their bags in the kitchen so had to run back, and were almost late for their flight
  • the flight is quite a long one, and maya was still sleepy fom the wedding night (a fact lucas was quite proud of)
  • so maya spends most of the flight asleep on lucas’s shoulder
  • the other passengers figure they’re going on their honeymoon and find it adorable
  • but in reality lucas has shoulder cramps and maya’s hair keeps moving into his face and man does she snore
  • he ends up replacing his shoulder with a pillow so he can eat peanuts and watch james bond in peace
  • (maya wakes up about an hour before they land and decides to watch it too)
  • finally, they’ve landed and gotten a taxi, and the hotel gives them leis to wear and cocktails to sip and carries their bags
  • lucas’s mom booked the honeymoon suite (with a smirk she’d told him she expected grandchildren before the year was over)
  • and lucas was  s o  t i r e d  but maya was feeling refreshed from her nap, so while he slept on the bed (covered in red rose petals), maya sat on the balcony and painted the view (it was pretty damn good)
  • it was mid afternoon when lucas woke up, and they decided to go explore the hotel
  • they almost got lost twice
  • once they had to run away from a security guard (they weren’t supposed to go into the kitchen but they wanted to know what smelled so good)
  • they found the pool - it was half outside, half inside, and the inside part was like a jungle
  • anyway by that time it was almost time for dinner
  • they went back to the hotel to get changed and grab their things
  • maya wore one of her new flowery sundresses, with the gladiator sandals riley had picked out
  • her hair was flowy and natural, just the way lucas liked it
  • (he considered skipping dinner and heading straight to dessert but ‘c’mon huckleberry, i’m starving!’)
  • they wandered along the streets, hand in hand, taking in all the great smells and beautiful sights and enjoying the wonderful new culture
  • they ended up trying some traditional cuisine and loving it
  • even lucas
  • and then they watched the sunset on the beach, in each others arms and happier than they’d ever been before
  • the next day was time to explore the town
  • it was a day of sun tan (maya almost got burned, but lucas remembered the sun cream just in time), stolen kisses (and selfies to make everyone jealous of course) and gorgeous views (the photos practically took themselves)
  • that evening they skyped lucas’s family to thank them and show off the views
  • the next day they stayed at the pool
  • there was a swim theough bar - not a drive through, a swim through
  • maya’s new red bikini was enough to make every guy there drool (or not enough, if you get me) but lucas glared at anyone looking the wrong way
  • ah, newlyweds
  • the rest of the trip continued pretty much the same way
  • days on the beach, burying each other in sand and drawing beautiful pictures of oceans and lucas helping a bunch of little kids with their sandcastle
  • exploring the cultures and buying lots of new souvenirs
  • making loads of new friends
  • surprisngly, they didn’t spend the entire time in their hotel room
  • when it was time to go, they stood hand in hand and watched over the beautiful island they’d called home for that past week
  • nothing had changed it, but they definitely felt different
  • they were determined to come back as soon as possible
  • although they did have to wait at least nine months, if you know what i’m saying (lucas’s mom’s wish came true)
  • and the next time they came back, six years, two babies and many bikinis later, it was exactly the same
  • it would always be the same
  • it was magical
  • (maya’s paintings got better though)

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Beautiful to me- Jack Maynard imagine

Request: Story where Jack dates a chubby youtube girl, but she’s afraid to tell his friends because they’re all typical lads. Maybe Conor is the person that outs them out but in a good way
“Jack. I can’t go.”
“Why? You always said you loved going to clubs and it’s not the first time with me.”
“But now it’s different. It’s with all of your friends.”
“And what’s wrong with that?”
“What if they don’t like me or what if they find me ugly?”
“Ugly? Babe are you kidding? You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Don’t let people’s thoughts get you.”…..
You arrived at the club and sat with Jack worried about what his friends would think of you. You looked at all of them. The girls in the club with th at slim body, that perfect makeup, their dresses, they were just perfect. You were snapped of your thoughts when Jack talked to you.“ Y/N I have to go speak with Conor. I’ll be back in a second”
“Jack please don’t leave me alone.”
“Just a sec. I’ll be back.” He said leaving. You tried to calm yourself and wait till Jack was back. You were scared what his friends were gonna say about you so you just sat there avoiding talking with them.
Jack’s POV
Y/N was staring aside and she was clearly worried about something. Conor noticed it also so he asked me what’s going on. Conor was the only one, till now, who knew about our relationship. I took him aside and told him about Y/N and that she didn’t want to announce our relationship to anyone because she was afraid of what people would think. He told me he’ll speak to her later and we went back.
You woke up like each day, got ready, and started to film your q&a. All the questions were regular questions but weirdly all of them were sent nicely with a pretty message at the end.
“You guys are so cute like literally every message I get today is so nice. Where do they come from?” You said to the camera.
After uploading the video, you read through the comments. One of the them said: “I know where all the nice messages come from” with a link to something. You clicked the link and ot was a video to Conor’s new cover of
“Beautiful to me”. You watched it till the end but you didn’t get the idea. How was your viewers’ nice messages linked with Conor’s new cover? You scrolled to the comments to find half of your fans. “Omg has anyone seen the description” You read a comment. You opened the description and there was a text written by Conor.
“Y/N I hope you’re seeing this. When Jack told me that you didn’t want to announce your relationship because you were afraid of peoples’ thought, I knew there was something wrong. Jack loves you and you love him and nothing else matters, neither size nor beauty and eventhough you’re still the prettiest. I hope I made a good job by outing your relationship in this way. Don’t worry we’re all here for support. We love you(not as much as Jack).
P.S. Jack you’re the luckiest guy.”
You read the text twice and you felt a little bit of tears on your eyes. You scrolled again to the comments and you saw all Jack’s youtuber friends commenting on the video.
“I swear if I ever meet the person who made Y/N insecure about herself, I’ll punch him in the face.” Caspar commented.
“#weloveyouY/N” Joe’s comment read.
“Told you. I have the best brother in the world.” Jack commented.
You smiled at all the people’s comments and you thought to yourself. After all, it wasn’t that bad….
Here it is! Hope u liked it. Make sure to like,follow, and message me your thoughts. Love u !!

  1. karlaromualdo: I already did this with 3 friends and both my parents… They all see flirtation, romance or unrequited love from Jon. And I just showed them all the “drinking & remembering childhood” Gif set, I just showed them a set with the reunion hug+the forehead kiss and my mom was like “how wonderful, they are finally together” I didn’t correct her cause I like the believes they are jus some random happy cute couple.

The looks on his face reminds me of like, any given teen comedy and that part in the beginning where the Nice Guy protagonist is looking over at the Manic Pixie Dream Girl that he’s tutoring or some shit  and theirs VO narration going, “That’s Love McInterest. I’ve been in love with her since her family moved here in the second grade. She’s not only beautiful but has the most amazing spirit. She listens to The Clash and makes amazing crafts projects for her friends since she’s artistic. I just wish I could summon up the courage to finally read my poetry to her. But that would never work and besides, I don’t think she sees me as anything but her [insert subject here] tutor. Still, at least I get to be close to her when we’re in the library and studying.”

The cloak/dress thing is the part in the teen rom com in the third act when they’re about perform the school play (that he only auditioned for to get close to her, despite his terrible stage fright) for the first time and she’s asking if he likes her costume and he’s awkwardly trying to tell her how beautiful she is but can’t because Nice Guy has stage fright so he just goes “I like thingy… bit… there…” Then the Manic Pixie Dream Girl gives him some kind of arts and crafts project doohicky (like a keychain or friendship bracelet or some shit) that she not only MADE HERSELF but also has bunch of things they both like because of their TRUE LOVE CONNECTION decorated on it and he’s so speechless about this unexpected declaration and token of their so-far unrequited love. (Right after that scene, awkward nice guy protagonist with stage fright conquers his stage fright and nails the performance because the power of her love token made him finally BELIEVE IN HIMSELF and then the play ends with a standing ovation and the two make out after they take their final bows and the curtain drops. Roll credits)

The scene in the tent is the second act contrived fight/misunderstanding and the scene atop the walls of Winterfell is the scene where they resolve their issues and are almost ready to admit how they feel, but Awkward Nice Guy protagonist can’t summon up the courage quite yet and Manic Pixie Dream Girl still has to finish her keychain or friendship bracelet or whatever the fuck it is to express her love.

Seriously, try and tell me I’m wrong. In every damn scene, Kit Harington is the Awkward Nice Guy Teen Rom Com protagonist going through the plot beats with his Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Sophie Turner is more along the lines of, “Um, hey could I be more of the popular-rich-girl-with-hidden-depths brand of teen rom-com love interest? Whatever, I’m flexible.”

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1) Lesbians ahoy: If fem!Oikawa is well endowed imagine them in the changing rooms and of course Seijo!/fem!Hinata would still idolize her Grand Queen but in more ways than one. So Oikawa catches Hinata staring and proceeds to tease by leaning in real close and whispers into one ear if she'd like a closer look. Hinata starts flushing all the way from head to toe while Oikawa has this mischievous smile on. Fem!Hinata thinking that whoever could see/touch those must be blessed by the heavens.

2) Fem!Oikawa putting in the extra effort to look nice for her girlfriend though. Sometimes she feels insecure because what if she’s not pretty enough or worthy of this glowing ball of sunshine. Fem!Hinata totally not taking that nonsense by telling her straight up she’s the most beautiful girl she’s ever laid eyes upon, and she’s fortunate for the fact that they’re even going out. Fem!Oikawa has never swooned harder and thinks of how lucky she is to have her.

3) The feeling is mutual when it comes to checking each other out because fem!Oikawa is in love with fem!Hinata’s well sculpted legs (and maybe her butt too ;) They also happen to be really smooth so, occasionally, when they’re alone together Oikawa kinda starts caressing them and or rubbing her face in between her girlfriend’s thighs. She basically worships them okay. Hinata appreciates it though.

4) Even here fem!Iwaizumi’s life is suffering because she has to deal with daily reminders of why fem!Oikawa’s girlfriend is the best.

5) Fem!Oikawa doing fem!Hinata’s makeup!!! Them going shopping and Oikawa picking out all the cutest outfits she would die to take an albums worth of photos for because they make Hinata look THAT good. Cuz fem!Hinata isn’t completely free of sin she secretly enjoys the lingerie trips to see fem!Oikawa at her best ;))))

6) Fem!Oikawa loving those mornings where her girlfriend is awake doing whatever, maybe watching the sun rise. So she starts hugging Hinata from behind and nuzzling into her warmth, pressing soft kisses as she murmurs how lucky she is because in that moment it feels so warm and so at home. It’s a true blessing to be together with someone like that without having to worry about anything happening.


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Where Did The Flowers Go is one of my favourite fics in the history of fic. It's beautiful. I love how you're answering questions too; it makes me want to come up with one! I haven't yet. Just know that you're doing a FRICKIN' FANTASTIC job and we're all waiting for the next chapter <3

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

omg, you just made my night 😍 

Honestly, I’ve love answering the questions this way because there’s so much back writing that goes into every chapter and fic I publish that no one ever gets to see, and I suddenly have the chance to share it! 

Any time you think of a question, just let me know, because there’s probably already something written to answer it 😂

Why is she always on his left?

Are they dating?

tbh, for every thousand words I publish, there’s probably a thousand that ended up cut, so…

Send in your theories, questions, and ideas and let’s talk Where Do the Flowers Go

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So I'm a bit confused with voltron. People are referring to Pidge as she/her but in the show, they reference Pidge as he/him. Am I mishearing or is it like a trans headcanon?? just wanted to clarify

i think everyone has their own headcanons: trans boy or trans girl or nonbinary etc. and it’s fine whatever people think. that’s actually the beauty of pidge because no one really disagrees about pidge’s pronouns; i refer to pidge as they/them and you honestly are free to refer to pidge with whatever pronouns you see fit, at least. we all just collectively, too, are like, pidge’s gender is science so??? but i’m not sure how it works officially. most of it, as you can see, is headcanons, and i’m sorry i don’t know the official status of pidge! but just, honestly, hcs are the way to go!!!

Tail Troubles [a Jimmy Darling imagine]

Request(s): ‘Can I ask for a Jimmy Darling imagine, YN has a tail (cat girl) and is very wary of people,but Jimmy reasures her that she’s the most beautiful woman he’s known?’ + ‘Hi Can u please do a Jimmy Darling imagine ? Where they both have a crush on each other and the others keep wanting them to go out together already until they do eventually , please make it extra fluffy thank u ! Plus I really liked ur new Kyle imagine !’

a/n: all i could think when writing this was ‘damn it i want a cat’ i dunno man…

There is nothing you hate more than being left out. Ever since you were young, you’ve been an outcast. The long furry tail makes sure of that. It wasn’t until you stumbled on Miss Elsa’s Freak Show that you felt wanted; safe.

But today, you aren’t feeling like that. You trapped yourself to get away from the crowd. Tonight is the debut of ‘Cat Girl’, meaning it will be your first time on stage. In front of a tent full of people you didn’t know. Could you handle all the stares?

Moving your legs up, your arms huddle your knees; tail flopping around. You stare at it intensely, trying to make the damn thing go away. It doesn’t; it never does. The creak of the door startles you and you wipe tears that must have escaped your eyes from your cheek. Softness of your orange tail rubs your thigh.

“Y/N?” Jimmy cocks an eyebrow, taking off his news hat as he squats down; his flannel bunching up at his stomach. “What’cha doin’ in here, doll face?” He asks, frowning when he sees the glossy tear streaks that run down your chin. “The others are all worried about you… Said I should talk to you…” He mumbles, sitting next to you.

Sniffling, you motion towards your tail. “I hate this! It’s so ugly and always in the way! Why can’t I be normal; not have this stupid thing in between my legs! It makes me feel so-so…ugly!” You screech, covering your face with your knees. No, you can’t let Jimmy see you cry.

Jimmy clenches and unclenches his ‘fucked up’ hands, staring down at them. There is no secret that he despises his lobster hands, everyone knows; much like his crush on you. Opening and closing his mouth, he blinks; thinking of the right thing to say. He should tell you what he told the others. “I like you.” He breathes out; like a breath of fresh air. “Ever since you came here, I’ve been head-over-heels in love with you. You are so beautiful, you make me nervous! I can’t tell you how many times I gushed about you to everyone! And you know what I tell ‘em?” He asks, now facing you, brushing hair off your forehead, “You’re the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. That includes tail and all.”

Your jaw almost drops to the floor. Did he just say he likes you too? “Jimmy…  I like you too! I-I….” You are speechless.

Finding your lips, he kisses you; hands trailing down your back, soon playing with your tail. Woo’s and shouts interrupt you, making both of you pull away. “They were watching from the window, weren’t they?” He sighs, looking down.

You nod, giggling as you grab his hand. “I don’t care. Let ‘em watch. I wanna kiss my boyfriend again.”

anonymous asked:

‘I usually put my bags on the seat next to me to stop strangers from being next to me, but there you are, beautiful as hell, most seats are taken, so now I’m dropping it all off to the floor and my lap to free a space for you before you find another one, shit why do I travel with so many things??’ Swan queen!!

Thank you for the prompt! It was a funny one to write ;) Hope you like it!

The sound of the pre-recorded voice of the woman indicating the next stop was what made Emma open her eyes and leave the world the music she was listen to created. Blinking sleepily, she frowned as she realized that she had just been away for two stops, meaning that she would need to keep in the subway for seven long more before she reached hers. Yawning and already cursing the late hour she eyed the three bags she had left the moment she had reached the seats. Two of them, filled with what was going to be her dinner that night, were still on place. Her backpack, however, had moved dangerously close to the edge of the seat and she proceeded to rearrange it, not losing the distasteful look a man dressed in a suit threw at hear, clearly judging her decision of occupying another seat with her things.

However, instead of saying anything to him, - or maybe blush ashamed like the man probably wanted, she merely blinked tiredly and seated comfortably again as new people entered in the wagon; she hated public transport. For her walking or using her bike was always far better than anything else. However, as clean and comforting for her those ways were her job was quite far away from her home and she had been obliged to take the bus the days she worked long hours. Which didn’t stop her to, at least, try to find her ways to be as alone and with as much space as possible.

As the doors closed and the sub continued her journey she flexed her long legs in order to make easier for the newcomers to find their own seats in the already more than a half-full wagon. About as she was to close her eyes once again she caught the silhouette of a woman walking slowly through the wagon clearly searching for a place to seat.

Emma had always hated power and the people who smelt like it. Power and money were two things she hadn’t had when she had been a child and as an adult she had learnt that what the two things gave were nothing but headaches and the apparent idea that the rest of the world were less for just the apparent random thing of owning said money. The brunette woman dressed in a power suit -vest that peeked from the blazer she wore included, was exactly the impersonation of that and she wondered for a second why such an obvious wealthy woman would have decided to take a subway like this one.

Until she focused on the face of the woman that’s it, her green eyes taking almost every detail in the millisecond the brunette needed to face on her direction, see the bags on her seat and make a face, clearly displeased.

Later on, Emma would admit that she didn’t know what happened, that at any other moment she would have never acted like she did. However, despite of her usual timid self, she found herself looking mesmerized to her, completely transfixed by the obvious beauty of the woman; the way the brunette’s brown eyes shone something the artist part of her mind itched to jot down as quickly as possible.

Forgetting about the prick that had looked at her earlier, she turned toher bags and directed a hand towards them, stopping herself as the brunette continued to walk down the wagon, clearly having decided that Emma wasn’t going to move up the bags. Which, even if it had been true for the man earlier, was an idea Emma suddenly found inconceivable.

She made the decision in a second.

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Top 15 Kpop Songs Tag

Tagged by the gorgeous, the amazing, the wonderful @chasing–starlight because we’re all spreading the love around!!! Also, I love K-Pop song tags. Give them all to me!!! HERE WE GO~~~

  1. She (Vromance) - This song just came out like… what… last week? It’s so amazing. The vocals are on point. The rest of the album is beautiful. They’re beautiful. I love it.
  2. Ribbon (Beast) - This song is absolutely amazing. It’s stupid catchy and the outfits are great andandand… yeah… If you haven’t listened to it, do it. Do it right now.
  3. Why So Lonely (Wonder Girls) - Can we talk about this song for a second? It’s gorgeous and very different than most songs coming out right now and it was just really well done. Go Wonder Girls!!!
  4. Amy (Jung Joon Young) - I was listening to his new stuff from his band Drug Restaurant and found this song on Spotify and it’s so beautiful. His vocals are already my favorite but this song but the cherry on the top of my life.
  5. Monster (EXO) - This song changed my life. Father Suho double dab. That is all.
  6. Save Me (BTS) - When I first heard this song I had it on repeat for like a solid 20 days straight. This song overthrew Fire by 10000x over for me. Gold.
  7. Letting Go (Day6) - I know all the words to this song. I sing it practically every day. It’s beautiful. The music is beautiful. The boys are beautiful. Them singing it live is beautiful. The music video is beautiful. It’s just beautiful. I cried.
  8. NO F.U.N (Seventeen) - This song is my absolute jam on this album. SO FREAKIN GOOD.
  9. Let Go (Taeyang) - I found this song on Spotify and it’s literally one of the best things I’ve ever heard. Taeyang is beautiful in the first place but this song kills me.
  10. Apology (Changmin of TVXQ) - I didn’t realize how much I needed Changmin’s voice constantly in my life until this song walked into my life. Listen to it. Love it. Live it.
  11. Betting Everything (Royal Pirates) - This group literally kills my soul. All of their songs are unbelievably beautiful but this song specifically kills me every time I listen to it. 
  12. 41 Days (Sunggyu of Infinite) - Beautiful. The end.
  13. Baby I’m Sorry (B1A4) - Okay so I had to throw in one of my favorite oldies. I’ve been in love with this song for years. It was the only song I used to listen to when I first got into K-Pop. B1A4 owns my heart.
  14. Can’t Help Myself (Eric Nam feat. Loco) - I just listened to this song today (because it just came out) and I literally can’t. It’s such a great song. Eric Nam’s stuff is usually pretty mediocre for me (I like it but it’s not 1000% ya know?) but this song and his voice… just yes. Yes 10000%.
  15. I Know (Jungkook x Namjoon of BTS) - Don’t even get me started. The best non album song they’ve ever done. Do you hear that? It’s my heart crying.

Anyway! This was fun! I tried not to do a lot of title songs because… everyone loves title songs. Trying to mix it up! Anyway!!! I tag @colorfuloblivion @jacksunshinewang @stormof497swords @exoticelfs-everywhere @gyu-booty @yohosh @eternally-beloved @etherealay @kpoptrashokay @fuckstarship @nam-cute-joon @se-panda @jeoneun-tay-eyo @jiminbuns @england-makes-me-even-worse​ and anyone else who fancies this!!! <333 ^^

I just don’t get why I’m getting hate for liking Donald X Shrek. It’s a beautiful, supportive pair and Donald really brings out the best in Shrek’s ogre side. When Farquad sold Shrek to Donald Shrek thought his life was over but Donald saved him and gave him a place ( and more importantly a person ) to call a home. To show Donald his appreciation, Shrek built Donald the wall he’d dreamed of ever since his father gave him a small loan of 1 million dollars.

They built an empire together. They’re happy. They might have arguments but don’t all couples? And talk about bringing out the best, most powerful qualities in someone! Fiona’s crucifixion scene was a masterpiece and so satisfying. She redeems herself for what she put Shrek through by dying; it works for her storyline. Shrek eats his children to be rid of that life. He used to love them but now all he can see is Fiona’s face and they need to go.

They even help poor orphans killed by Lorf Farquad get into higher education! They create an army of intelligent super ninjas prove they’re living in a fictional reality.

But what I love… Is seeing how much they can withstand in AU’s like the 100 or the walking dead. It really shows how they support each other and their qualities match perfectly to lift each other up. It’s just so supportive and real and I can really see why they work together.

I just don’t get why people can’t respect that and see what I see.

P.S. Far Far Away was a shithole anyway. Donald and Shrek having sex right next to the nuclear strike button made up for the death and destruction.

I saw her for the first time today,
she is the most beautiful person,
inside and out.

She was tall, slim, but not too thin.
Her eyes, oh her magestique eyes
looked as if it held all the secrets,
Her shoulders looked as if it held
the world on them.

She looked sad, and happy at the
same time. She looked insane and
coherent at the same time.

She looked as if she would burst
into tears right in the moment.
She looked as if she could end all wars.

Her lips looked like rose petals,
rosy, delicate and soft.
Her jaw looked stronger than any
bond between man, her cheek-
bones, higher than an towers, and
her nose, sharper than any knives.

The first words she said to me
was: “You’re going to be okay.”
She placed her delicate, tiny
hands on my shoulders, looked
at me dead in the eyes and said it.

The more she said those five letter
words, the more I believed her.

But I was not going to be okay.

She looked almost murderous:
eyes squinted, lips pursed.

I describe her as if I am in love
with her. But I am not. I am in
love with the idea of her. I am
utterly in love with the fact that
there is someone out there, just
like her.

Small, but strong.
Sweet but mischievous.


—  Aanissah Lallmahamood
The Carlos Case - chapter 1

Mal and Jay had been the ones to found the three person team. They had meet Evie on their first mission given to them by Mal’s mother to retrieve a thumb drive with an important virus Maleficent called ‘The Dragon egg’ Neither really knew what importance then small green device held, but they had both learned early on not to question their clients. Evie had been a bartender of the inn they chose to stay at, beautiful and full of gossip. She got where they were going and why out of them in a matter of seconds. Needless to say, they all began to form a bond since then. With Jay being the brawn, Mal the planner and Evie as their information they had the perfect team.

They had been partners in crime for a year now, and practically professionals. Being raised on the streets can do that. Create a criminal out of nothing, that is.

Not that all their jobs were dirty work of course. Although most of them were ‘steal this,’ 'ruin him’ , 'destroy evidence’…unlike the rest, the Carlos case had been a rescue mission. They were approached by a middle-aged man with red whip marks scaring his wrists, ankles and neck. He said he had been prisoner of Hell house, a main base for the infamous Dalmatian gag rumored to be ruled by the mad women Cruel Di Vil.

The man, whose name was Hank, spun his tale to them in a great mess of stuttering explaining how in an attempt to pay his daughters dowry, he had borrowed money from Cuella- who was indeed real and everything the rumors had said- when he couldn’t pay it back because he was laid off from his job, her goons had taken him down enslaving him to her to 'pay off’ he debt. The conditions were rough and most days she kept him chained to a wall surrounded by bear traps taunting, others days she put him to work assistanting a young boy she called 'pup’

The boy was mute, never spoke a word, never made a sound. Hank  proposed that the boy must have been in Cruella’s clutches for a long time-perhaps since he was a young child because he was the only one who Cruella allowed to touch and care for her furs. 

'Pup’ had been he one to save him, unchain him the wall, pushed him out of Hell hall’s balcony window to where he could safely climb down. But when he turned around to offer his help to get 'pup’ down, there was Cruella half out the window he had just escaped gripping the boy by his collar as he’s face sheared in pain and fear. Her first rang in the wind as she shouted out “GAURDS!!!”

Hank had barley made it out alive, running from crazed guard dogs snapping their jaws and bulked goons with guns. He didn’t have much to offer as payment, but he had thrown in enough groveling and begging to boast Mal’s ego high enough that she accepted the case of saving the boy.

Jay didn’t like the case at all. Any kid who put a middle-age man who was being punished for breaking his word, above his own was an idiot. But there was no arguing with Mal once she made up her mind. 

The plan was anything but simple, but it mainly evolved around getting Jay in as a prisoner, getting close to 'pup’ and then getting him out. They didn’t have much time to plan or come up with anything they needed because Hank kept crying out about how Cruella would kill the kid if they didn’t hurry.

Getting in was easier than they had originally thought. Jay had barley touched the gate in front of the demon castle when he had been attacked and overpowered by five men- all twice his size. Which was saying something, if you asked him.

They had his hands chained and throut collared before he could even through his first punch. Two men on his sides, griped his arms as they dragged him into the house. They forced him into a large room that resembled a parlor, and dragged him toward the hot fireplace chaining his hands to a hook welded on the side of the wall.

He stayed like that for a bout half and hour, kneeling on the floor and getting licked by the flames as one of the guards stood watched. Jay had just begun to entertain him self by picking and then re-locking the cuffs the twined his hands when the doors flew open with a loud bang

The women’s hair gleamed white on the left lightened by the now roaring fire.
“Well! What do we have here?” Her voice was sickening. Running like honey but bitter with her obvious plans of torture. She began stalking over to him, red heals so bright Jay began to wonder if she dipped them in the blood of her victims to get that color.

“Found him trespassing on the land, Miss di Vil.”

“Is that so? Well boy,“Cruella crouched down eye leveling herself with the chained teenager "Do you know that trespassing on another person’s land is illegal?”

“I wasn’t trespassing lady. I didn’t even go through the gate" 

"Really? Because you seem to be through the gate to me.”

The prince of lies glared

“No matter, I know just what to do with you…” standing up and turning away from Jay, cruella cupped har hands around her mouth 


Footsteps could be heard runni g across the ceiling as 'pup’ answered the call, sound came raining down the stairs before the door was pushed open.

The boy was small for his age-that much was obvious the only hint to why his footsteps had been so loud came from the heavy combat boots he appeared to be wearing. Unlike the goons that had dragged him inside 'pup’s was decked in a white shirt styled to appear to be splatered with paint. Hanging from the belt loops of his black shorts was a chain with a falk-at least Jay hoped was fake- dog tail. His face was covered in more freckles than jay thought possible to have and abnormal hair that appeared to be growing black to blonde. However, the most interesting thing about the small blond dark rooted boy was the dark collar strapped to his neck.

It resembled a dog collar, although upon closer inspection later Jay would realize that it wasn’t a stylish ensemble resembling a collar, it WAS a collar. It was the Kind you’d buy at Pet Smart or something. 

“Pup, meet….” the guard shoved Jays shoulder “Jay.” He finished for cruella.

“You remember last week when you were a bad dog and let mommies new prize get away?” 'Pup’s flinch at the memory did not go unnoticed to anyone in the room

“I thought so, well, mummy had a new idea. Mummy thought that in order for you to understand why mummy cares so much for prizes would be to give you one!”

The boy stiffened and Jay dreaded what would happen next

Upon Cruella’s snap of fingers, troll man unlocked Jays wrist from the wall and forced him to stand up. Cruella smirked in a way that made Jay shutter and leaning in Jay saw why. In her hand was a leash, and she happily clicked it into place on the strip of leather around his neck. 

Oh this was not that he signed up for.

She gave it a quick tug, yanking him forward in the process. Before stuffing the leash into the wide eyed boy’s hand. 

“There. Now I hope, you won’t be trying to let this one go, will you?” The last two words came out with a bit to them that made the smaller boy shake his head feverishly in response.
“Good. Because if I find him missing. Well be having a very, very long talk. Is that clear?" 

Jay sent a sideways glance toward the smaller boy who was nodding his head with a look of dread on his face.

"Well, not that that’s settled be a dear and GET BACK TO WORK!!!! I WANT  THE BACK STAIRS SCRUBBED SO CLEAN -” 'pup’ quickly became scrabbling toward the doors accidentally choking Jay in the process.

“-I CAN SEE MY REFEC-” the two wooden doors banged shut muffling the rest of Cruella’s long and shrill shrieks of stairs.

Jay realised for a moment to late that the younger boy intended to keep running. A mistake that almost made him trip once again as 'pup’ raced upstairs with him trying to keep up with the five foot leash yanking by the throat

“Would you slow down!? Your killing me here!

Turning his head the boy gave him a look that made Jay scowl as it seemed to say "hurry up”. But the boy did slow the pace down. Although, not by much.

When they got to what appeared to be the back stairs, Jay had a hard time believing 'pup’ even had any work to do. The stairs were spotless. In one  fluid movement, though. 'pup’ tied the leash to the banister and began pulling out certain cleaning equitment.

Sweeping came first although what there was to be swept, Jay didn’t know.
He kept quiet for a few minutes although pretty soon the silence got to him.

“So what’s your name?”

He received no response, which he supposed was expected since the boy was mute.

“Is this really, Hell hall? Home to the infamous gang leader 'Cruelly di Vil”
Jay, of course already knew the answer to the questions, but as Mal had said he had to be his character.

No response. Not even a head tilt. It was if the kid was full blown ignoring him.

As Jay pondered this with frustration well 'pup’ made a grab for a small brush and a substance that he began spraying and scrubbing of the already polished stairs.

“How long have you been here?”

Nothing. Jay frowned again. He hated silence. Always had. As a kid he had grown up near the busiest part of town and often slept under a loud television display 

“You don’t talk much do you?
A shrug

"You mute?”
No response.

Again, nothing

Jay decided to give it a rest. If he came on to strong, he’d be disposed as annoying and he’d never get this kid out without force. Something he’d bet his own lucky lamp on this kid had had to much of.


Cleaning the stairs took at least 10x as long as it did at Jays house. Which only took 7 minutes at max to be done since rugs covered most of the shops floor. However, he had to admit the stairs shone clean in a way he never knew existed. 

He had hoped that that would be all but it seemed Pup had other planes in mind. After the back stairs, there was washing the walls, polishing the furniture, dusting the rooms…If Jay wasn’t so tired from helping (finally) he’d be impressed that the kid was able to have done all this work at an expert level in such a short amount of time.

This fantasy didn’t last long as  all too soon jay found himself on his hands and knees scrubbing what appeared to be blood of the dark wood that made up the hallway. Beside him the platinum blonde worked furiously as if he somehow believed that he could dig his way out of hell house by scrubbing away at the wood.

“Hey look Patch! It’s the freak.” At the sound of rough laughter, Jay couldn’t help turning his head, only to be yanked by his collar forcing him to look back Pup. Pup dropped the leash shamefully but motioned him to keep his head down. Jay fought down a glare at the kid. Ignoring the fact that the other kid hadn’t touched the leather strap since the stairs…

“Hey doggy, you working hard? Or hardly working?”

Pup remained silent and ignored him. Still scrubbing at the floor.

“humph.”  The Gang member and his companion turned toward Jay who at the time had stopped his work to stare up at them. “Hey dog treat, didn’t your mutt tell you it’s not polite to stare?” Jay glared at their laughing figures. “Come on, get back to work dog bone. You don’t want me to bite you do you?”

Jay scowled holding his tongue. It was obvious Pup didn’t like conversing himself with these losers, but still. He could take these guys down no biggy. Their arrogant egos would be a major asset to him all he had to do was…

*Clank! Swopch*


The laughing members stalked away leaving the two teenagers to stare at the new mess of cleaning the dirty water of the floor.






Jay started mopping up the water with his rag

“Are they always like this?”




No response.

“I’m going to take that as a yes skwirt.”

This time Freckles raised his head and shot him an amused smile. Jay smiled back. The job took a lot longer, but, neither boys really minded.


It was after many more jobs and as the moon had risin leaveang the hallways empty of gang members when a small hand gripped his wrist and 'pup’ began to guide him up the stairs and through many twisting hallways “Where are we-” his voice echoed through the corridor, and with a quick glare and motion from 'pup’ Jay fell silent. Where ever they were going now, He had a feeling that it was either very close to Cruella or a forbidden room they went supposed to enter.

Looking down at his wrist, Jay realized for the first time, what kind of risky move this kid was taking. Or, maybe he was just stupid…after all, he only need to make two moves and he could be home free if he really wanted, leaving the kid to whatever horrible fate Cruella had planned for him.

'Pup’ stopped walking and dropped Jays wrist turning his attention toward a large window that sparkled eerily with the dark sky. The smaller boy quickly pried it open and to the master thief’s surprise climbed out onto the slanted roof outside.

“Are we escaping?”

'Pup’ turned his and sent another look his way before rolling his eyes and disappearing across the roof.

“Hey! Wait up!" 

Jumping out the window onto the awaiting roof outside the secret agent whipped his head around trying to catch sight of the kid. His eyes quickly fell to a part of the roof a bit higher from where he was standing. 'Pup's face smirked down on him with triumph before disappearing from view. Jay was just about to climb up to where he had been when suddenly pups small figure reappeared…soaring over him in one epic leap.


*SWIsh! Chish! SWitch*

Pup smiled at the shell shocked Jay from his branch. A branch that he jumped to from the roof of Cruella Da Vil’s mansion, a jump most certainly could have resulted in his death. He quickly motioned Jay to follow him.

Jay shook his head. Pup frowned and repeated the motion. Jay shook his head more violently. There was no way this kid thought he was crazy enough to just eagerly follow him to his death. No thank you. Jay knew that when a crazy kid jumped off a roof, you do NOT follow him. Even when there is a tree to grab on to. No sir’re. 

Pup glared and motioned again.

“Dude. I am not jumping.”

Pup waved his hand furiously 'come on!' 

“No. Unlike you, I prefer my brains inside my head.”

The other boy scoffed 'you don’t have any brains’ his face said. He shook the tree branch.

“I don’t care if there’s a tree or not. I jump, I fall. It’s basic science!”

Pup rolled his eyes as he blew a piece of hair out of his face. Giving Jay a look, he turned and scampered into the leaves out of jay’s sight.

The tan boy growled. This kid…
Grumbling to himself, he started to climb up to the higher roof. He was going to die. Screw this mission. Screw Mal. Screw the kid. Jumping from buildings, babysitting and getting collared were not in his job description.

Beating up bad guys. THAT was his job. Plain and simple. Just throw a punch. That was it! Not risking his life following some wirdo that jumped of buildings.

Ok, one….he could do this
Two….no problem, it’s just like the long jump in gym

Turning from the edge of the building Jay tried to calm his nerves, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was “Nope. I can’t do this, I can’t do this…”


He turned. There was pup, on the branch again. Pup tossed another stick, it clanked against the roof tiles. 

The blond looked at him with eyes that seemed to stare straight through his soul. He wave his hand (in a more friendly way) toward Jay 'come on' 


Pup pointed to his eyes. 'Just keep your eyes on me.’ Jay nodded and backed up, preparing to get a running start. 

One…deep breath, deep breath..
Two…this is crazy, absolutely crazy…
Three…look at pup, look at pup, look at pUP!!!!!!

*SWicsh! Thump! SwicSh!!

Jay spit leaves out of his mouth as he pulled himself onto the tree branch. He felt Pup grab his arm and try to help, but pup, he realized was pretty weak.  Jay laughed to himself as he situated himself on the tree limp.

“Now what?”

The smaller boy stood up, using a higher branch to balance and began walking toward the trunk. Following his motions Jay kept in step trying not losing him from his sight. Pup turned around smiling and made a 'shhh’ sound as he pulled Jay closer inside the tree to where a small little wooden house sat amount the branches. Jay was pulled inside through the door- or was it a window? To where Pup let go of his hand he had been holding and began scampering around turning on lanterns. Normally, sunlight would light tree houses, but seeing how many leaves and branches were able to block it from view, Jay realized that the amount of sunlight that was able to reach the small house was limited.

The room was small, and plain, there were was a little book self full of old torn textbooks and plenty of glasses with strange looking liquid in them on top. Next to them was a cardboard box overflowing with mechanical pieces and a table full of what appeared to be unfinished science experiments.

“Nice. This yours?”
Pup shrugged, but his face betrayed him by smiling.

“Uh-huh. Thought so.” After scanning the room again Jay said “you like science?”
A nod.

“What kind?” Pup looked at him confused. “You know, like what kind of science do you like? Biology, chemistry, physics, technology…you don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?”
Pup shook his head sadly. 
“That’s ok.” Jay said trying to cheer him up “I’m sure you know all sorts of stuff and just didn’t know that it was classified as certain things!”

Pup looked a bit hopeful, but not by much.

Jay decided to sit down and avoid messing up anything else. Of course, not being conferrable with silence , that didn’t last long. 

“So….how long has this tree house been here?”

It’s nice. Did you build it?“

Really?! That’s amazing! How’d you get the wood over here?”
Pup smirked down at him 'how do you think?’

“Don’t tell me you jumped them over…”
“ you’re kidding.”
“No way! How are you not dead!?”
Pup just shrugged. But his face was burning red in pride. Something told Jay this kid didn’t get a lot of attention. At least not a lot of POSITIVE attention.

The kid shifted awkwardly for a moment, not sure what to do before sitting down across from Jay. Jay smiled. Pup smiled nervously back. It seemed like Pup was a lot less guarded in his own area than he was in Hell house. Even if they weren’t THAT far away.

It was then that Jay’s eyes caught a hold of something hanging from pup’s collar. 'Dog tags.’ Without a second though he found his hand reaching forward to grab them. Pup started to pull away, but he held on, an action that made Pup reconsider and instead lean closer so Jay could read them easier.

“How long have you worn these? They’re ancient.”
Jay let go if the rusted tags for a moment and ran his fingers along the collar. Despite the fact he was wearing one as well, pups collar was an actual dog collar. Not some piece of leather with a key ring and leash attached. Pup’s head quickly came down on his hand and rubbed it against his shoulder. Until Jay remove his hand.

Jay looked at his hand and then back to the Dark Rooted blonde

“Are you…ticklish?”
The freckled face boy wouldn’t look at him. But his blush was enough evidence to answer his question.
Jay smirked and leaned closer “You ARE aren’t you?” Pup tried furiously to shake his head but Jay quickly launched himself on the other running his fingers across all exposed skin. 

Pup squirmed under him but it wasn’t any use, the moment his head protected one side of this neck, Jay moved to the other side and the neck lead to the shoulders where it was revealed that along with being covered in MORE freckles they were also extremely ticklish. All Jay had to do was poke a piece of skin and Pup lost it.

Oh, Jay was going to have LOTS of fun with him.

Jay was prepared to keep torturing the boy until dawn tomorrow when he heard the bark. He stopped and saw Pups face fill with terror.


There it was again. From the sound of it, the dog had to be at the base of the tree. Was it one of the guard dogs? Had they been caught?


“Hey, is that- Dude, are you ok? ”

Pup looked like he was ready to have a panic attack. Jay quickly climbed off him and tried to help him up but as soon as he got the kid to his feet, he found himself holding the boy in his arms as  the barking got louder. 


“More dogs?” He wondered out loud. This simple idea seemed to send Pup into fanatics as he began shaking gripping at Jay’s neck for dear life. 

“Hey,’s ok…pup, Pup are you alright? Pup?”

A whimper reached his ear.

Jay looked at the boy trying to hide in his arms and listened to the insane dogs at the base of the tree.


Rubbing his hands against the others back he started talking
“Hey, it’s going to be ok. We’re all the way up here. Dogs can’t climb trees. And besides no one knows about this place right? You’re good, you’re ok….”

“Blood sucker! Flesh peeler! Brain chopper! Get over here you mutts!!" 

"Are those seriously their names?” Muttered the larger boy

The barking died away as the dogs returned to their trainer, but pup still help on. 
Jay sighed and removed his hands from under the boy, dropping pup to the ground. However, still clinging to the thief’s neck the kid helped himself to sticking close on the others side. Jay frowned and gave freckle face a light shove distancing them just a bit.

“You’re fine.”

“Good."Jay sat back down "Now my bet is that you’ve got some thing in here you want to work on right? Otherwise you wouldn’t have dragged me over here.”
Another nod.

“Ok, well, you do that. I’m going to sit here and wait.”
Another nod.

With a bit of caution the small boy continued pulling out chemicals, books and machine parts assembling them in strange ways on the table. The noise he created was just enough to calm Jay’s subconscious and allowed him lure himself to sleep.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious! How did you meet mrsmon and donewithjeon?

that is such a beautiful question :’)

well, it all started when I found Rike’s ( @mrsmon) fake texts and I fell in love with her sense of humor, so of course I followed her. And when I got an ask where someone wanted me to recommend blogs to them, I added hers, which in return made her send me a message going “OMG SENPAI NOTICED ME OMGOMG” or something like that ≖‿≖

so we got to talking and our messages on the tumblr messaging system would be so long that we would have to scroll up for a while to get to the beginning of the message, and ever since about 8 months ago, we have been talking each day every day and she’s my best bro :’)

as for Michelle ( @donewithjeon), I actually found her on Rike’s blog bc she was tagged in a post, so I got curious and clicked on her URL, liked her blog and followed her and about 15 seconds later I got a message from her going “OMG SNEPAI NOTICED ME OMGOMG” (¬‿¬) and I also love her very much and she’s my twin and my other best bro

but yeah, we also started talking and I knew that they knew each other so one day I sent a picture of Tae’s crotch to both of them (in a group chat that I made) and ever since then we’ve been THE BROS :’)

so now Rike and Michelle are gonna see each other in good ol’ asia (still salty that I won’t be there ;_;) and then after that, Rike is gonna come visit me for half a day in Austria WHICH I’M VERY EXCITED ABOUT :’)

smolangstycrow  asked:

Boku no Hero Academia !

hell ye!! but it’s gonna be hard to choose

  • favourite female: agg, choosing is so difficult. but i’d have to go with momo! 
  • favourite male: a difficult choice one again, because i love almost all of them. but deku was the one that got me into bnha soo
  • 3 other favourite characters: kacchan, todo n uraraka 
  • 3 otps: I CAN’T DECIDE. but i’d have to got with tododeku, kiribaku n kacchako
  • notp: i don’t rlly have one?? i’m pretty much ok with any ship as long as it ain’t nasty
  • funniest character: yuuga aoyama. i mean come on. he’s so fab
  • prettiest character: todo..look at him…so beautiful
  • most annoying character: mineta kinda annoys me
  • most badass character: ALL MIGHT
  • character I’d like as my bff: all of them probably tsuyu because i feel like she’d give the best advice and be a rlly good listener 
  • female character i’d marry: momo, 10/10
  • male character i’d marry: kacchan so i could fight someone everyday 
  • character I hate/dislike/least like: like i said, mineta. i also don’t like nomu

send me a fandom!