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[on why she departed Neighbours] I didn’t want to play the same role for too long of a time. Because I could already tell within myself that I was starting to play myself a little bit, and I didn’t think I was going to grow as an actor if I just started reacting the way I would in real life. So, I wanted to go to America because there was just more opportunity.

Talk shit again

(A/N): Awww, Timid and shy Bucky gives me so much life

Request: Hi! May I request one where the reader is an Avenger and, while training, hears one of the new potential recruits badmothing Bucky, so she kicks his butt majorly going from calm to scary in a second. James is a cinnamon roll who should be protected!

Warnings: some swearing, poor Bucky

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   Bucky had always been a bit more shy and timid since coming out of Cyrofreeze, which was understandable given everything he’d gone through. But with that timid and shyness came a level of pushover to be honest. Bucky was too shy and a tad too broken to take control of his life just yet, thus leaving everyone else to boss him around and make demands of him. The poor guy was a walking doormat and no matter how much you tried to help it never seemed to work. You knew this shy Bucky was going to end poorly, he was too nice, too quiet, too timid for his own good, and you just knew it was going to get him in trouble.  

   Bucky was the only person who trusted you, which is most likely why he spent ever given moment by your side. The two of you trained together, ate together, slept together, you were the closest two human beings could be and that’s why you were so apprehensive about letting Bucky train today without you by his side. Fury had instructed him to help train the new recruits, claiming it would help him with his rusty social skills but you knew Bucky better than that and having to socialize with some unknown kids was not going to help him. 

   “Bucky I can train them for you-” 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky stated as he gently cupped each of your cheeks in his hands, staring at you with softly shining blue eyes. “It’s gonna be fine, it’s just a few kids, nothing I can’t handle,” You sigh as Bucky leans forward, pressing his lips against your forehead in a semi comforting kiss. 

   “They’re not kids,” You grumble as you glare at the ground, “They’re worse than that,” 

   “Oh come on,” Bucky smiled at you, his smile lighting up the room, making it a thousand times brighter, “Teenagers can’t be that bad, at least not as bad as Stevie was,” To this you chuckle, your spirits only slightly higher. 

   “Well,” You sigh, already eyeing the new recruits entering the room. “Guess we’ll have to wait and see,”  

   You lingered around the gym the entire training, and you were glad that you did. There was no way in hell you were going to let poor shy Bucky try to train these kids alone, not with how disrespectful some of the recruits had proven to be. So instead of leaving him to his work as Fury had so directed you had lingered behind, walking around the gym as you carefully listened to what Bucky and the recruits were saying. 

   It had been going rather well, the recruits seemed fine, Bucky was doing an excellent job at teaching but it went way down hill when one of the recruits decided to get smart with Bucky. 

   “You’re an Avenger right?” He asked, folding his arms over his chest as he surveyed Bucky. Bucky eyed him suspiciously before nodding, muttering a ‘yeah’ as he does so. “Don’t they do background checks on you guys?” To this Bucky shook his head, his expression that of the utmost confusion. “That’s a shame, considering how many people you’ve killed, how many lives you’ve destroyed,” At this Bucky’s face falls, a look of pure and unadulterated sadness and depression taking over. 

   You could see all the hard work the two of you had accomplished slowly dwindling down the drain at this trainees words and you were having none of that. With an almost animalistic growl you stomp up to the trainees, grabbing the smart ass one by the back of his suit and dragging him away from the now quivering Bucky. 

   “What the fuck did you say to him?” You growl into his ear, dark and intimidating. The man claws at your grip, demanding you let go of him but your grip remained stead fast upon him. “I asked you a goddamn question,” You growl once again, shaking the boy lightly. “What the fuck did you say to him?”

   “N-nothing! I said nothing!” 

   “Are you sure about that?” 

   “Y-Yes! I promise!” 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky whispers, not knowing what to do about the scene unfolding before him. “Stop,” 

   “Bucky, this little asshole,” 

   “Please?” He asks timidly, knowing that you can’t resist his sweet pleading tone and damn near heart melting puppy dog eyes. With a sigh you hang your head, already knowing that Bucky was going to win this little fight. You give him a look before turning back to the trainee, gripping him a bit tighter as you growl out one more thing. 

   “If I ever hear you talking like that to Bucky again I will personally rip off your dick and shove it down your throat do you understand me?” The trainee nods, whimpering as you harshly shove him forward, leaving his knees to buckle as he nearly fell over. “Training’s over for now you ass, get out of here,” You shoo him away with a threatening glare before turning back to Bucky who was still quivering on the spot as though he were freezing in the more than hot room.

    “Buck, I’m so sorry-” You’re cut off when Bucky surges forward, wrapping his arms around your waist in a tight, nearly breath taking hug. His scruffy faces finds its home in your neck and you can’t help but hug him back, keeping him as close to your body as you physically could. “Don’t listen to that kid, he’s just that, a stupid kid,” Bucky whimpers softly and it damn near breaks your heart to have to hear him sound so broken. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, okay?” 

    “He was right,” Bucky whimpers, “He was completely right, I’ve murdered so many people, messed up so many lives,” 

    “Bucky, it wasn’t your fault-” 

    “It was my hands (Y/N), it was my body, my weapon-” 

    “It was your orders, it wasn’t you,” You sigh softly, pulling back just enough to cup Bucky’s cheeks in your hands, just as he had done only a few hours prior. “Bucky, we acknowledge that what happened during those 70 years was horrible but no matter how hard you try to convince us we aren’t going to believe that it was you, okay?” Bucky sighs softly, attempting to hang his head but your hands stopped him from doing so. “Please don’t let that little dickhead ruin all your hard work,” You whisper, gently running a thumb along his cheekbones, smiling softly when Bucky cracked a faint smile of his own. 

    “I will admit seeing you get all angry is rather sexy,” You chuckle softly, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss to his lips before pulling away, much to Bucky’s dismay. 

   “That’s the Bucky I know,” You smile as Bucky’s smile grows a bit, little laugh lines starting to become apparent once again. 

   “You do realize that Fury’s gonna kick your ass when he finds out what you said,” You only continue to smile, almost nodding proudly to yourself. 

   “Well, what is he gonna do about it?” You ask, “Try to get me to stop sitting in on training sessions with you?” 

   “He might,” 

    “Then he might lose another eye,” 

Caught in the act (SMUT!)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Christmas break was unusual at this year. You always went home to your family, but now they went to America, visiting your aunt and her family. You’d loved to be with your parents, but being lonely at Hogwarts was far more better option than spending the holidays with your insufferable cousins. You said your mother that you have a lot of to study and she didn’t pressure you, but maybe it was just because she thought you’ll going to be with your boyfriend. You woulnd’t mind that too, but go and visit the Malfoy Manor was more than a little bit frightening to you.

You spent a lot of time at the library, so you didn’t really waste your time. After a long, all-day study session you retired to your room. Since you were bored and very much missed your other half, you undressed, lied down on your bed, and slowly started to playing with yourself. 

Maybe because you imagined it’s Draco beneath you, maybe because you were tired and stressed, or maybe because you haven’t slept together in a while, but you felt yourself growing wetter and wetter every minute as you pleasure yourself; fingers in and out slowly while your hips was moving eagerly. You let out a few quiet moan into your pillow, now playing with your clit when you heard a familiar voice.

„Need any help, love?”

You immediatly jumped up even if you recognized the voice. Draco sat down next to you with a big smirk on his face and a cocked eyebrow.

„What the f—what are you doing here? I mean, how did you get here? And why? A-and since how long you been there?” – you stammered nervously and a little bit angrily, knowing your boyfriend just sneaked upon you while you playing with yourself.

„I missed you. And, long enough to know you missed too…” – he kisses you deeply and you don’t resist. „My girl is horny, isn’t she? Lie down there, I’m gonna take care of you, yeah? Good girl.” – he says while you obey and lie down on the bed. He take of his shirt and jeans and you stare at him – the sight of his skinny, pale and muscular body always been a big turn on to you. He leans over and kisses your stomach, go down on you very slowly, driving you insane. He takes his time on your inner thigh, which cause you to let out an angry whine.

„Yes? You want something?” – he asks with an innocent tone. Yes, and you need it so bad. But that was Draco’s way, teasing you until you beg for him.

„Draco, stop teasing me, or-” but before you can finish your sentence, he already dive into your heat with all of his mouth. He can see that you don’t need to a slowly starting. You feel his tounge all over your pussy and inside you, before he adds a finger and an another one a moment later, doing it just the way he knows you love it. “Open your legs, you’re so tight. There we are. You taste so good.” You can hardly control yourself now; your eyes roll to the back of your head and your body tightened, before your thighs and stomach start to shake.

Draco presses a few kiss on your thighs, before lying on top of you, kisses your sweet spot and you can feel his hard member through his boxer, which made you instantly eager for more. „Fuck me.” – you whisper. You can feel his smirk on your collarbone.

„Ask nicely.” he commands with a slow, husky tone.

„Please, Draco, please fuck me.” – you breath.

„You beg me so nicely, how could I say no to you.” – And he thrust into you slowly but deeper, all the way, causing you to moan into his ear. „Good girl.” – he praises, slowly pulling in and out. Your whole body is so tensed up by now, you pulsate everywhere; you scratch his back, probably leave marks everywhere.

„Draco, faster.”  

„What did I tell you about asking for something, huh?” – he said with a made-up strict voice.

„FUCK, please, please faster, Draco.” – and he’s grinning, see you like this, completely obeyed to his will.

„M’good girl.” – he said and he’s going faster while your wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him deeper and deeper inside you. He cannot help himself either, loudly moaning into your mouth as he kissing you. Your hips moving beneath him when you start to feel a knot in your stomach - “Draco, I-I’m close.’ - you moan. 

“Let it go, love. I want to feel your cum around me.” - he says he going even faster; and your body tightened with a last, long, trembling moan. You feel him too, coming inside you before he collapses in top of you, trying to catch his breath.

“I should catch you more often while you’re doing that darling.” - he smirks.

“No need for that if you’re here though.” He chuckles, lie down next to you and pull you on his chest. “I love you so fucking much, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”


The sheer amount of Understatement both American political parties use to defend their representative is staggering.

Donald Trump is racist, sexist, bigoted and idiotic individual who would deport thousands, if not MILLIONS of innocent people, make the country a living Hell for even MORE, and is a rallying point for some of the worst of humanity.

Republicans: Okay, so he’s a little bit rude. At least he’s not HILARY!

Hilary has twisted America’s sacred democratic system to her own purposes, uses feminism as a buzzword for her own purposes, spied on her own citizens, armed the Muslim Brotherhood and hired them in the White House, Contributed to massive amounts of DEATH and destabilization in the Middle East and North Africa, caused the deaths of American citizens due to negligence and gave funding and weapons to Syrian terorists.

Democrats: Okay, so she’s a little bit corrupt. At least she’s not TRUMP!

And now I’m going to sit back and laugh as everyone who reads this focus’s only on the criticisms of ONE party and ignores the flaws of the other.

Face facts people. No matter how you want to twist it, this election is Evil vs Evil. It’s just Stupid Evil  vs Pragmatic Villainy

“On the first day of shooting, Alicia Silverstone was going to debate whether immigrants should be able to come into America — what we call the Hate-e-ans Speech. It was written and spelled correctly, but that’s just how she pronounced it. After she did the first take, everybody wanted to rush up to her and correct her, and I had to hold them off because I liked the way that sounded, and I didn’t want her to have any knowledge that that was not absolutely correct. I wanted her to feel completely confident.

With ‘Sporadicus’ [where Cher mispronounces Spartacus] — by that time, I wanted to sprinkle a little bit of that stuff throughout the movie. And it’s not to sound stupid, it’s just that if you’re young, you maybe don’t talk to people about political things or titles of movies you haven’t seen. It’s not stupidity, it’s just that you haven’t been exposed but still have the nerve to talk about something anyway.

– writer/director Amy Heckerling (Variety)

My feeds for all of today and yesterday have been full of imagery of Holocaust victims - particularly those who were turned away on the St. Louis. And considering so many of the sources making those posts, I have to think:

“Yes, those luckless Jews had to go back to Europe to be murdered. But if any of them had instead made it to British Palestine and picked up a rifle, would you still feel sorry for them? Would you even still fault America for rejecting them?”

That goes for Anne Frank too. Bet your ass that if she’d been smuggled into the Haganah and lived, they’d hate her.

A lot of leftist goyim only like dead Jews, who they can compare to themselves, as part of comparing the Holocaust to other problems.

My sympathies go out to the desperate and pitiful refugees from the Middle East today, especially Syria. But it seems a bit sour to honorarily Judaize them, what with how Syria has been an explicitly antisemitic state basically forever and loved the Holocaust ever since they first heard of it. Why can’t their own lives be worth preserving just because their own lives are worth preserving? Why do they have to be Just Like The Jews?

Someone write this who isn’t me since I don’t have the chops to do it justice:

Darcy gets kidnapped sometime after Age of Ultron but more than a bit before Civil War and she’s taken underground.  Like completely isolated from any sort of society.  So she has no idea what is going on in the world, especially what happens with the Avengers, how they break.  Eventually this underground base/bunker or whatever is abandoned, but they somehow leave Darcy behind.  Still, Tony searches and searches for her (headcanoning that she’s his daughter), and he thinks he’s got her, but he needs backup.  And Rhodey is still recovering.  So he finally uses that phone to call Cap.  They rescue her, and just as she passes out in relief, she keeps whispering “I knew the Avengers would come for me.  I knew the Avengers would come for me…”  Which breaks Tony’s heart because the Avengers are really no more.  So, once again, he enlists Steve’s help, to pretend that everything is fine, that the Avengers are still a team (since Steve is so good at keeping secrets).  To protect Darcy while she recovers.  Insert FEELS here.

A Civil War fixit?

Newt Scamander x Reader- Only You

Requested- So it’s basically Newt already having reader character as a love interest but she doesn’t come with him to America (like in the films) and as he’s saying goodbye to Porpentina (again like in the film) the reader sees them because she’s come to America to find Newt, bc he’s taking so long releasing the Thunderbird, and sees this.

A/n- I hope this is okay. Had a bit of a writers block so sorry if the ending isn’t that good.

Warning- hints at cheating (not really though) and fluff.

You paced around the deck of the ship as it pulled into New York, trying to keep your excitement in check so you didn’t look like an idiot. You were coming to New York to get Newt back.  A little while back, he told you that he was going to America to release Frank and that he wanted you to stay in England since it wouldn’t take long. That was five months ago and you were tired of waiting. You wanted to see him again.

You walked off the boat as soon as it stopped, ready to start your search for your boyfriend. You knew that he wouldn’t be hard to find. He kinda sticks out from the crowd with his personality and how he thinks, your favorite thing about him. He was unlike anyone you had ever met. He was different, in a good way, in a lovable way. Thankfully, you didn’t have to search.

As soon as you got off the boat, you saw him in his bright blue over coat with his old and beaten case. You were about to run to him until you saw he was with someone, a women with short black hair.

You watched as they talked and felt a surge of anger go through you when he lifted his hand and push some hair behind her ear, letting it linger there for a split second. He gave her a little smile and walked away then ran back to her and said something before actually heading onto the boat.

You stood there dumbfounded for a minute, staring at the women as merrily skipped away. You snapped out of it and bolted onto the boat, ready to yell at Newt and ask him what the hell all of that was about.

Newt walked into his room on the boat and put his case on the bed, happy to finally be going home. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of you, a loving smile on his lips from the thought of seeing you again.

He put the picture back in his pocket and turned to leave the room and saw you in the door frame.

“(F/N). What are you doing here?” Newt smiled, walking over to you to bring you into a hug, but stopped when he saw your expression. You looked angry but you were trying to suppress it.

You said nothing as you walked past him and over to the case, opening it and heading down. You came up a few moments later with the Niffler in your arms.

“(F/N)? What’s wrong?” Newt asked you, becoming frightened by your silence.

“Who was that?” you asked as you patted the Niffler, the only thing keeping you calm.

“What?” he asked, confused.

“That girl you were with before you got on the boat. Who was she?” you asked again, sending a slight glare his way.

“Oh. Her name is Porpentina Goldstein. There is so much for me to tell you. So many things happened while I was in New York and she helped me with a few of them.” he replied excitedly. He couldn’t wait to tell you about all that happened and the friends he made.

You could feel yourself twitch a bit at that last part about Tina. You knew you shouldn’t be, but you were analyzing every word Newt said, making your mind go crazy with ideas.

“Why were you so……close to her.” you continued to ask, your anger level starting to rise as one idea kept coming back. You tried to push the idea back down. Newt wasn’t the kind of man to do that, was he?

“I don’t know what you mean.” Newt replied, becoming extremely confused by your constant questions about Tina.

“Yes you do!” you yelled, your anger boiling over. The niffler jumped out of your lap as you suddenly stood up and scurried into the corner, afraid. Newt was just as afraid as the niffler by your outburst.

“No, I really don’t!” Newt yelled back. You were both froze a bit when he yelled at you, something he had never done before.

“But you have to! With the way you pushed her hair back and smiled at her, how could you not?! Are you that much of an idiot!?” you yelled, trying to hold back the tears you knew were coming. As Newt looked at you, he finally understood what you were trying to say, which broke his heart.

“It’s not what you think, it can never be what you think. I love you (F/N), only you. Don’t you know that?” Newt asked you, breaking you.

“I know, I know you do. I love you too Newt, it’s just, you don’t know how that looked. I’m sorry for calling you an idiot.” you said, staring to cry, ashamed of yourself for thinking Newt would do that to you. Newt quickly ran over to you and brought you into a warm embrace, holding you as close as he could.

“It’s okay and your right. I don’t know how that looked and I never will, because I will only ever look at you like that. You are the only one for me and will always be the only one. Besides, you’re the only person who understands me and my creatures.” Newt reassured you, giving you a loving smile. All you could do was smile back at him like a big idiot at his words.

As you smiled at each other, you felt Newt bring his hand to the back of your neck and pull you into a gentle yet passionate kiss. You automatically wrapped your arms around his neck, running your hands through his hair, something you’ve been wanting to do ever since he left. Newt pulled you closer, trying to tell you how much he loved you through this one kiss so you would never think differently.

Eventually, both of you pulled away, resting your foreheads against each others.

“I love you.” you said.

“And I love you.” Newt replied, laying a light kiss on your forehead.

“Now, tell me about New York.” you smiled, pulling away and leading Newt towards the bed.

“With pleasure.” Newt said, beginning to tell you about his adventure. When he was done telling you everything, night had already fallen and day was starting to break.

“Wow. You are definitely taking me with you to New York next time.” you said, laying down to maybe get a little shut eye.

“Don’t worry, I am never going anywhere without you ever again.” Newt smiled, laying down next to you and bringing you close to maybe sleep a little as well.

EXO Reaction To DO’s Friend’s Sister Staying With Them At The Dorm

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Hey bae! I love this blog! Could you write a long reaction were Exo meets a foreign 04 liner that has to stay with them because her elder sister is friends with D.O and she has to go America due to an emergency and can’t bring her smol sister so D.O brings her (the 04 liner reader) to the dorm, and how would the other members react? Thanks! I love your blog!

Xiumin: *Initially is not at all thrilled about a twelve year old girl staying with them, there’s barely any room for her in their dorm considering all the members and their managers but eventually he comes around once the little girl calls him cute. How bad can she be after that?*

Originally posted by xiundeer

Luhan: *Just a bit awkward. He doesn’t have little siblings or cousins and it’s not like the other members are fourteen years younger than he is. He’s not used to having to be around someone with such a big age difference all the time. He’d probably just be polite and make small talk but otherwise do his own thing.*

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Kris: *While filming Somewhere Only We Know he did spend a lot of time with a little girl, he too wouldn’t be all that used to it. He’d probably feel like it cramps his style a bit, having to really watch his behavior so he doesn’t say anything inappropriate and having to give up the TV to her children’s shows is definitely not his favorite thing. It’s not that he’d be mean or even harsh, just cold.*

Originally posted by jinful

Suho: *he’d be taking the chance to hone his mom skills. A twelve year old wouldn’t find as cheesy as the other members and definitely wouldn’t tease him as much. He’d probably be one of the ones who’s most comfortable with her, probably getting some toys or games for her to entertain herself with while she’s with them.*

Originally posted by wooyoung

Lay: *I think he’d be comfortable with having her around but he wouldn’t actively seek out spending time with her, he is busy and has his own stuff to do but if they were in the same room he’d interact with her and play with her, do whatever, share his food. She could probably convince him to play a song or two for her.*

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Baekhyun: *He would definitely enjoy messing with her and playing with her, probably doing it for at least an hour every day. He just likes making her laugh and she would laugh very easily with him. He’d just have to filter what he says. I have a feeling sometimes he doesn’t say things that are G rated.*

Originally posted by sebaeked

Chen: *Another one who’d have to make a lot of effort to keep from saying or doing something inappropriate. He’s used to being around other guys that are adults, the proper behavior when one is around a little girl is very different. He’d also probably enjoy spending time with her like Baekhyun.*

Originally posted by luedeer

Chanyeol: *He’d be just awkward and weird around her, just way too aware of his own behavior, language and even his size given that he’s a giant and she would be a lot smaller than him. He’d probably let her play with or borrow some of his plushies and watch her movies on his TV. Another one who’d definitely write a quick and cheesy song for her*

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

DO: *Stressed mother. Since it was his friend who needed him to watch the girl, he’d just be very stressed trying to make sure she was ok and had everything she wanted and needed and hadn’t been exposed to too much inappropriateness all in addition to his schedules*

Originally posted by v-dyo

Tao: *He’d probably butt heads with her because he’s kind of used to being the resident baby that can get away with anything and when she’s around, that role becomes hers not his. If she started playing with Candy or borrowed some of his stuff, he’d probably snap at her, especially if the tensions and stress of suddenly having a girl around had been mounting for a while.*

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Kai: *he’d be pretty good with her, making sure she had everything she needed and wanted. He’s used to taking care of others, starting with his dogs.I picture him reading her stories at night and making her simple meals if DO had personal schedules that kept him very busy.*

Originally posted by jongxuns

Sehun: *He’d be using her as a sort of candy-shop, bubble tea, ice cream beard, using her to go into the sweet shops without looking really sugar obsessed himself. He also wouldn’t mind that she’d get hyper afterwards and start messing with the other members. Hell, he’d probably give her tips on how to mess with them more effectively*

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She’ll regret it.

Author’s note: Part 5.5. I AM SO SORRY GUYS FOR THE PAIN I’M ABOUT TO INFLICT ON YOU ALL. Missed out on Part 5? Here ya go.

Do you think she’ll come back?’ 
Steve asked as Tony hung up the phone.

He bit his lip and shrugged. ‘I don’t know, but she’ll regret it if she doesn’t’


‘Steve? Where are we going?’ You asked as you walk down the long sullen corridor.

You both stopped in front of a room, blinds in the window shut. Steve sighed, opening the door leading you in.

Your hands clapped over your mouth, your eyes started to well with tears at the sight before you.


Bucky was unconscious in a hospital bed; tubes and wires coming out of him. His skin looked so bruised, he looked so broken. You saw his left arm was missing again. Machines all around him, beeping consistently. You noticed the apparatus he was hooked up to.

‘He’s not breathing on his own’ Your voice said defeatedly. 
Steve took your hands and clasped them amongst his own.
He looked down at you, eyes red-rimmed. 'They don’t think he’s going to make it’ He whispered.
You shook your head 'He can beat this’

He can’t leave me. Your internal monologue screamed.
But you left him, your brain argued. 

Your sadness and shock soon turned into inevitable anger
'Why the hell did you let him go on this mission!?’ 
'He wanted to do it, he needed to do it to-’ Steve trailed off. 
'To forget me’ you finished. He nodded.

The machine started to beep uncontrollably. 
'What’s happening?’ Steve panicked.
Nurses and doctors rushed into the room, crash cart on hand.
The doctor used the defibrillator on Bucky. 
No response.





And he tried again. 
No response.

The line on the machine made one monotone noise.

You screamed as your legs gave out beneath you. Tears streamed down your face. Steve, holding you close, as you watched Bucky’s lifeless body failed to resuscitate.

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Help Me: Part 4

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky has a bad nightmare which causes him to relapse, forcing the team to take action. The reader calms him down the only way she can

Word Count: 3,848

Warnings: Sad, slight angst, tiny bit of fluff,

Notes: Sorry for the long wait on posting this, but here it is! I’ve decided to go more into the reader’s background story and how everything clicks together. So there will definitely be more parts to come. I’m just loving this series way too much to stop it at only four parts :)

Part 3

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(GIFs not mine, credit to owner)

“Why do I need to tell you? It’s not like you need to know anyways.” Without a looking back, he slammed the door shut.

The dams broke then. Your legs gave out as you crumbled to your knees in despair. Tears flowed down like rivers as you cried on the matt. You wrapped your arms around yourself, emotions welling up inside you. So lost in the pain that consumed you, the feeling of strong arms fazed right by you.

“(Y/N), what happened? What did he do?” Turning to face Steve, you broke down again when you saw a hint of rage behind his eyes.

“He hates me, Steve, and it’s all my fault.” Steve held you as you cried. No amount of comfort could take away the pain that you felt inside.

You couldn’t tell how long you were there on the floor, time wasn’t important to you. What was important was the fact that Bucky left without giving you a chance to actually tell him about what just happened. All you could do was let Steve hand you over to Nat when she came running in after Steve had FRIDAY call her in. As soon as he placed you in her arms, he stormed off to confront Bucky.

Keep reading

Drugged Up On You

Prompt - Reader and Bucky haven’t been on the best of terms ever since she arrived. What happens when they’re trapped and injured and have no place to go but to each other??

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warnings: arguing, yelling, cursing, killing, violence, a bit of fluff at the end :)

A/N; This is my first imagine so expect it to probably be complete shit, just saying xoxo.

F/D=favorite drink


The day started just like every other day. Get up, get ready for a mission, go downstairs and eat breakfast, then leave. Except, two things went wrong and you haven’t even ate yet. One, your favorite suit ripped where your breasts are, and two, someone had ate all of your to-go snack bars and drank your [F/D]. Your sighed in frustration and grabbed a granola bar and a water. 

“Going grey?” Steve asked as you hurried on the jet. You rolled your eyes as he smirked and sat down next to you. 

“My black one ripped and i only had this left so…” You said, taking a big bite of the granola bar. The mission is in India, and Fury felt the need that since it was a quick get intell and go, you’d only need four people. You, Steve, Bucky, and of course Nat. She was the pro at extracting data secretly.

By the time we got there, it had turned night time and Fury instructed us that the base would be too guarded to just walk in and to do it tomorrow.

“So we sat on the jet for 17 hours in our suits to be told to go to bed? Bullshit.” You mumbled as Nat opened the door to the dirty hotel. Steve thought it’d be smart to stay more undercover and not get a top notch hotel and go small, so here you were. Sitting on a very rough bed with sex stains on it. 

“That’s fucking gross!!” Nat yelled from the bathroom. You ran to the bathroom and almost threw up on site. Blood, you could handle. Pubes and semen and dirt, AND blood mixed together? No. Absolutely not. You grabbed Nat’s arm and pulled her out, locking the door before shutting it. 

“We’re gonna have to use Steve and Bucky’s bathroom because i’m not doing that.” Sure, you were being a bit of a bitch today but where would your dignity be if you showered and pee’d with someone else’s pubes? Gone, that’s where.

The next morning, you dressed in the same suit and walked out of the dirty room with Nat while putting your hair up. “I swear, if we have to stay at another disgusting hotel, i’ll-” “You’ll what, throw a fit like always?” You rolled your eyes when you heard it was Bucky’s voice who interrupted you. You ignored him and continued your talk with Nat as you all got back to the jet. 

“So you’re saying a little bit of man pubes freaked you out? That’s stupid.” Bucky mumbled. 

“But it’s okay for you to get grossed out by period blood? Okay, because that makes perfect sense.” You said sarcastically. 

“At least I don’t have the trouble of ripping my uniform.” Bucky started laughing, but not with you, at you.

“At least I don’t need my boyfriend making sure I sleep b-” “ENOUGH!!” Steve interrupted. Bucky glared at you for your words, but stopped talking. You rolled your eyes and looked away from Steve’s disapproving look.

The Jet landed in the middle of the forest near the base and you all walked out of it with your gear. You were trained similar to Nat and Bucky, but not as good seeing as the organization you were in were trying to copy the red room’s style. 

“[Y/N], you take the West and North wings with Bucky to clear them. Make sure there aren’t any hostages, Nat and I will go get intell from the South wing. Sorry to put you two together but we need our two groups to be equal.” You could tell Bucky would have fought him on it, but we didn’t have time for that. Steve and Nat started running down the hall. I sighed and kept quiet as we made sure the hall was clear. 

We turned back, me behind Bucky, and started walking back to go down the North wing. It was silent. I mean, it’s suppose to be, but he didn’t trust me to have his back and vice versa. Which causes stress and tension. 

A bang was heard in one of the rooms we had passed and i instantly turned, Bucky pointing his gun towards it. He slowly walked towards the room with his gun up and finger on the trigger. We both walked in and separated to explore the room. You pulled my knife out, but put it back after seeing nothing in the dark, almost impossible to see room. You looked for Bucky, and found him peering in a closet with a man trying to sneak up on him. 

You failed to notice the bomb in his hand as he got closer until he took the pin off. “BUCKY!!” You yelled, shocking the agent and Bucky. He turned and punched the agent immediately. You ran towards Bucky and pushed him in the closet he was looking in and shut the door. He fell on the floor, but quickly stood up. You tried to reach him before the bomb went off, but didn’t succeed.

You didn’t hear him scream your name, or your own scream. You only heard the ringing in your ears and felt the pain in your side. 


You woke up to someone touching you. You groaned and tried to sit up, but hissed in pain and laid back down. “Stay down. You got really injured on your side. Can you hear me?” Someone asked. You nodded, but kept your eyes closed. You couldn’t tell who it was, but you could tell that you couldn’t feel your whole body without pain.

After a couple of minutes, you opened your eyes and came face to face with Bucky Barnes. You coughed and groaned again before closing your eyes again. 

“No, no, no. Keep your eyes open, okay? Keep those [E/C] eyes on mine. Can you do that? Please?” You opened your eyes slowly and sniffled. It hurt. It hurt to move, to think, to breathe. It hurt to be awake and be alive. But you need to. You really need to live through this. So if those blue eyes saved you, then god damnit you weren’t about to take your eyes off of his. 

“Bucky?” Your voice was barely recognizable as you pushed through the pain. It hurt like hell, but you need to tell him. You shakily breathed in and coughed once again.

“I’m right here, doll. I’m right above you. Don’t worry. Save your energy and don’t speak. You’re gonna make it out of this. I swear.” You believed him and stayed quiet. You couldn’t tell him. He doesn’t feel the same. Who would, honestly? No one.

The floor above the two of you had collapsed and the only thing holding it up was the door from the room you had pushed him in, making the space smaller than you both could fit in. Bucky was sitting underneath you, giving you a spot to lay your head as you faded in and out of consciousness, trying to stay awake.

“Steve! Nat!” We’re in here!! Hurry! She’s lost a lot of blood and I don’t think she’s waking up!” You faintly heard Bucky yell as two more voices kept talking to him. You once again fell asleep, not waking up until the next day. 


The beeping of heart monitor and a faint snoring had woke you up. You made small noises of pain as you tried to open your eyes and move your head. The snoring stopped, but the heart monitor sped up as you pushed yourself to wake up. You’re eyes slowly opened, not used to the bright above them. The warmth you had barely noticed on your hand had left, but the lights had went down. You sighed gratefully and turned to look at the person who was holding your hand once again.

Bucky Barnes sat there with two stitches on his cheek bone and a couple of other scratches on his face. He sighed in relief and kissed your hand multiple times. You were awake. You were okay. Well, other then the gash in your left side that was throbbing with pain. You groaned in pain, tears catching in your thrown. Bucky grabbed two pain killers and a small glass of water. You down the pills and water and lightly grabbed Bucky’s hand to show your gratefulness.

He smiled and kissed your forehead, no conversations happening as you adjusted to the hospital. 

“You scared me doll. Thought you left me.” His voice cracked at the end, squeezing a bit tighter to my hand. 

“Bucky, i’m gonna tell you something. If you feel differently then cool i guess but i just gotta tell you that i do like you. Like, a lot.” You said quietly, your voice raspy and almost disappearing. Bucky snorted and shook his head.

“You’ve been knocked out for three days and i’m the first thing you talk about? You must be really drugged up.” Bucky said in disbelief with another laugh. 

“Drugged up on you.” You said, with a sloppy smile, trying to act as if you were fine. Bucky smiled and leaned forward, kissing you despite you being extremely sleepy. 

“I like you too.”

Not Alone | 11th Doctor

Title: Not Alone
Author: Clara
Character: 11th Doctor
Trigger Warnings: -
Prompt: “Can you do a 11th doctor imagine where y/n is a time lord and doctor finds out. They are travelling with Amy and Rory. Thanks!”

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Making it Canon

PAIRING- reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS- use of some bad language but what ya gonna do, tiny bit on angst but mostly fluff :D 

Request from Anon-  Hey cutie May I request Bucky x fem!reader one shot, where reader was an HYDRA agent but left and joins the Avengers. She develops a schoolgirl crush on Bucky and Clint takes notice that they like each other and makes sure the otp becomes canon

This was really fun to write, I like writing Clint as a bit sassy and snarky, I hope you like it


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The most important turning point in your life so far was the decision to go against Hydra; you knew that fighting alongside an organization that had seeped its way into very government agency in America was never good. Hydra was like poison that suffocated you in every aspect of your life. So when you decided to help Captain America become a fugitive you knew for once in your life, you were doing the right thing. It also helped that you knew quite a lot of information about Hydra that you could use against them. Of course Steve and Natasha didn’t trust you at first, who would. A double agent always had his or her own agenda what’s to say that you didn’t. But when you take a bullet for the super soldier it’s hard for them to find reasons not to trust you, after you risked your own life. You fought alongside the Avengers in Sokovia you faced metal robots and fought along side the Hulk for Christ sake, you were a feared and respected member of the Avengers. So why did Bucky god-damn Barnes reduce you into a pathetic gigging school girl.

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Danielle is smart to volunteer to be nominated. It means she can’t be America’s nom. She knows being America’s nom gives you a much higher chance of going home, that America is likely going to nominate her, and that if she wins veto from the block she can be replaced (not so if she’s america’s nom.) which gives her side another target put up. She’s relying a bit on America’s nom being the one who will likely go, but so far 4/5 evictions have been america’s nom, so she’s likely right

I’m rdy for Dani to win this season!

Don’t Have To Like Him - Jason Todd x Reader

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Request: Hey I love your Blog ^_^. I was wondering if you could write a story where the reader moved from  Manhattan to Gotham to go to college. She’s dating Jason Todd, but the reader is like a little sister to Captain America and the other avengers and they don’t approve of the relationship when they find out because of how Jason deals with criminals.

Being an young Avenger did seem cool, you got to save people’s lives and while doing so felt good about it as well. But it was also a bit annoying since you treated like the little sister of the group…more so to Steve then others but still.

Even though you loved them like family there worries still go annoying…just like how the voiced out their worries for you dating Jason Todd, no one other then known as Red Hood.

At first Natasha found out and you begged her not to tell anyone which in the end she agreed, even though she didn’t approve she still couldn’t really keep you from the guy.

“Whats wrong babe?” Jason asked.
“I really would love to tell my family about us…but they don’t see your work the way I do…” You frowned.

Closing the fridge door he walked towards you and cupped your cheek with his left hand.

“I know, but you do realize that to me it doesn’t matter who accepts me or not. I’ll still be with you.” Jason told.
“That I know, I just want to be able to tell them so I don’t have to avoid the subject…” You sighed.

Not that you two were hiding your relationship it was just since Natasha found out and soon Clint did they would make sure Jason knew not to hurt you and to keep you protected when you weren’t in there line of sight.

Course Jason wouldn’t ever let someone get their hands on you.

“Now come on, we gotta go out tonight, you know date night I promised.” Jason smirked.
“Really?! Don’t you have work though?” You asked.
“Nah, Roy said he’d take over for the night.” Jason told you.

Smiling you silently thanked Roy for that and went to go get your coat and shoes, date night with Jason rarely happened but when there was time to do so you both would go take that time as much as you could take.

It was just how your relationship worked to stay active.

**Time Skip**

Walking hand in hand to your favorite cafe you both sat down cross from one another and began talking, few minutes or so later the team of yours walked in as well as they were all gonna have time together as a group to talk about random things.

Giggling away that so happened to reach Tony’s ears he quickly started to hit at Bruce’s arm.

“What?!” Bruce sighed.
“Look! It’s (Y/N)!” Tony poked at the couple.

The team turned their heads at the couple and some of their eyes widen, they knew of Jason Todd being Red Hood and didn’t really like how he took care of the criminals in his city.

“I don’t like this…” Steve mumbled.
“What is she doing with him?” Sam asked.
“Who knows….” Bucky mumbled.

Looking over at his best friend Bucky raised an eyebrow at the stare Steve was giving off, he knew that (Y/N) meant the world to him as a younger sister so it was to be expected to see this reaction out of him.

“I’ll have a talk with her.” Steve told.

The team nodded there heads leaving it to the Captain to do the talking, you did listen to him much better then the others…well Bucky as well but more so on Steve’s side since you both treated one another as siblings.

“Wanna head back?” Jason asked.
“Yeah I want to spend as much time as I can with you.” You smiled.

Paying for your food and drinks you had both walked out once more hand in hand and headed back home. Together.

**The Next Day**

Today was a mission that you had with Steve and Bucky, you three were to get information on the enemy so you all could make a quick move without anyone getting hurt or killed.

Using the jet you sat in the back as the two adults got everything ready. But what Steve saw last night still bothered him so he decided to speak it out before the mission would start once they all arrived.

“Alright..(Y/N) we need to talk..” Steve sighed.
“About what?” You asked.

Bucky just sent a silent look as if telling Steve not to upset you to much about it.

“I saw you with him last night, in fact we all did.” Steve told.
“Wait you mean….” You started.
“Yes I saw you with Jason Todd…” Steve sighed.
“I was gonna tell you! I swear!” You shouted.
“I don’t like him, (Y/N) He doesn’t do well with criminals.” Steve tried to reason.
“But he’s doing what he believes is right, I know it’s wrong myself but I’m trying to help him see that as well.” You told.
“I still don’t like him.” Steve shook his head.
“You don’t have to like him….but you still can’t stop me from dating him.” You told.

Silence was in the jet, it was proof you were finished talking about it and was indeed rather hurt that your older brother figure had voiced out his bad feelings to your boyfriend.

“He protects me despite knowing you all wouldn’t like him….he makes me more happier then I’ve ever been…” You mumbled.

Steve could tell that was the truth, cause at some point he did indeed remember that there was the one day you came in at the Avengers base with more happiness in your eyes then you used to. At that time he wasn’t sure what to think it could be.

“Steve let’s give the guy a chance….if he hurts her then we bring hurt to him.” Bucky sighed.
“Your really gonna let this happen?” Steve asked.
“She seems to really love the guy, besides didn’t you say she’s like a little sister to you?” Bucky mentioned.
“Yeah…” Steve sighed.
“Then you can just look out for her like always, and make sure he doesn’t hurt her.” Bucky explained.

Bucky was right, if Jason did in the end hurt you in anyway he would be there for you, at your side without a second thought. And to be honest he also knew he wouldn’t be able to keep you from him cause the more he would voice out for you not to be near him…you’d just be falling more and more into his arms.

“Alright fine…I’ll accept you dating him..but it will be much more then this for me to accept him as your boyfriend cause of the things he’s done.” Steve told you.
“Thank you, Steve! I promise you wont be disappointed! I mean sure he does handle things differently but I hope one day you’ll see him how I a way..” You smiled.

Finally they accepted him, may not accept how he handles things but still counts to you.

||A/N: Ahh sorry for the long wait! I’m gonna be starting on these requests rather slowly, I got some personal stuff to handle and it doesn’t look to good for us at the moment. But I hope you still like this one and I hope the wait was worth it! Enjoy!!||

On Wanda Maximoff’s Skill Set and the Matter of Practice

The other day, I took a long look at the MCU wiki listing of Wanda Maximoff’s powers. It was impressive to say the least. 

It also made me have an epiphany which in hindsight, is a bit dumb to even call that.

Wanda has a lot of abilities, that’s true. But she’s not practiced at all of them.

The favorite go-to defense of Wanda is that she’s very young and she has no control over her abilities. That’s actually half true.

What is actually the case is that she’s simply made more use of some things than others. 

It’s kind of like in the case of a dancer. This dancer - let’s call her Scarlet, for the purpose of this exercise - practiced one particular dance, let’s say the tango, very much. She’s perfect at it, flawless. A+. But when dear Scarlet is asked to do the samba, she’s not so great. She stumbles. Technically, she has the flexibility and the necessary skill for the dance, but it takes time to actually learn the steps. 

You know what Wanda Maximoff she made most use of? The mind-rape. 

Case in point. When she tries to defend citizens in Sokovia using her magic, she’s clumsy and she gets shot down. When she uses her magic to force them to run away, it works like a charm. She literally just stands there, and they do her bidding.

She’s comfortable with the mental manipulation. She’s done it before, many times. Either that, or it comes very easy to her. She frees Dr. Cho from the hold of the Mind Gem, and in CW, takes control of the Gem while forcing Vision to release Clint. This shows a tremendous amount of control.

Mental manipulation is what she EXCELS at. And it does make sense. A Nazi organization ending up with an enhanced individual who can control someone’s fears? They’re going to milk that for all it’s worth.

She knew exactly what she was doing in Age of Ultron. She was perfectly aware of the consequences of her actions, and of what she was doing to the Avengers. Because this is the skill which she used the most.

She has other skills - the telekinesis, flight etc. But a lot of that is probably new to her. She’s not used to them, and not used to working in the field thinking about anyone else save herself and Pietro–thus the disaster in Lagos.

In other words - Wanda is excellent at being a villain. She’s not so great at being a hero. Who is surprised? I’m not.

I know most people think Yuuri is Mama’s boy. That’s why half of the random Headcanon him as someone who can’t cook.

But to me, BECAUSE Yuuri is Mama’s boy that’s why Hiroko won’t let Yuuri go unhealthy when he ready to live alone in America!

So if Yuuri didn’t learn how to cook before, a month or less or more before Yuuri go to America especially without any member of his family come with him, Hiroko would immediately teach Yuuri how to cook so he won’t have to always eat take out food, especially Junk Food when he finally live alone.

At first she would teach him how to cook simple meal. Then she would teach a little complex but still easy to grabs. And the last but not the least, she would teach him how to make his favourite Katsudon so when he win something, he could always eat the food that taste a bit like home.

And that’s help Yuuri when he finally in America. If he was too stressed to study or skating, he could just prepare food for him and for Phichit. And when he go to Russia with Victor, Hiroko is more at ease than the first time she had to let him go.

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Gom's S/o is a famous basketball player and she just cama back from six months training in the us. They don't know she's back, and she decides to surprise them (bonus points if someone from their team is a fanboy of hers)

Akashi: he’s very tempted to go over to America with you, because he’s not too sure how he’ll cope without seeing you for so long. In the end, you persuade him that it won’t be that bad (you lied - it was terrible for both of you). He wants to know all the details of your arrival, so it’s a bit annoying when you won’t tell him anything. When he goes in for practice the next day, it’s utter chaos; Hayama is jumping up and down, Nebuya is shouting about meat and even Reo is blabbering on about something Akashi can’t quite catch. He should’ve known you were behind it all, but he’s over the moon. All he sees is you, and he wants to make up for lost time.

Aomine: he fills the days you aren’t around with basketball, and you’re surprised to hear he’s actually been going to every practice and then some. You’re too busy to talk regularly, but he makes sure that he gets to hear your your voice at least once a week, and sends a lot of texts, too. One day he’s late for practice and can already hear Wakamatsu moaning in his ear, but turns out it’s Sakurai apologising for god knows what. Aomine turns the corner and sees you telling Sakurai, yes, you’ve missed him too, now please stop with the apologising? Aomine sweeps you up and you laugh - it’s not the surprise you’d planned but it’s good enough.

Kise: it was pretty common for you both to be away, with various schedules and such, but six months was a damn long time. Kise would tell anyone and everyone about how much he missed you, and would always make sure to call you at night. When you burst in on practice one day, he has to rub his eyes to make sure it’s actually you, and earns a basketball to the head due to his awe. He’ll immediately go and hug you, and may even shed a tear (or five).

Kuroko: no one would have known, but your absence had really affected him. He would think about you a lot, especially when he sees something that he thinks you’d particularly like. When he walks into the gym and sees you shouting at his teammates to train harder (they were super happy to see you so didn’t mind so much), he smiles so much - you’re home.

Midorima: he definitely does not miss you, not at all. He doesn’t text you your ranking on Oha Asa every day (because you won’t check otherwise) or buy your lucky item when he’s getting his own. The rest of the team have noticed how weird Midorima’s acting, even for him. So they decide to plan a little thing with you for him upon your arrival. Takao and Miyaji persuade Midorima into going to Maji Burger with them, and guess what? You’re sitting there, ever so casually, sipping on a milkshake. Ootsubo and Kimura are there too, and you manage to pull a party popper. Midorima’s shocked that a) you’re here, and b) his team would do such a thing, no matter how small it seemed. 

Murasakibara: he’s gotten so used to your presence that it just feels weird when you’re not around, but as long as you come back soon, it’s okay, right? Well, that’s what he tells himself at least. One time he catches Himuro speaking to you over Skype, and he gets a bit jealous because why weren’t you talking to him? It’s only when you come back with half a suitcase full of American sweets does he understand, and kisses you instantly, because “(name)-chin tastes much better than any sweet~”