she's fun to draw i should do it more

Lisitsa, the fox miraculous wielder from @wintermoth‘s fic, Guardians! she asked me a while back if i was interested in doodling this chara and sent me her mockups and i was like hell yessssss and so this happened and I think I took a lot of liberties lmaooo… i wanna draw her more, she was fun ;0;

anyway she makes an appearence in the new chapter finally, so y’all should check it out 8D!!

more sketches of my version of countrybat (bc shes still rly fun to draw) ((also i changed her bat ears so now theyre flying fox ears HA))

Sirius Black x Reader FANFICTION- A Lovely Night

Request: Ok. Can you like either do where like one of the marauder is hosting a party and lily drags the reader there, when she doesn’t what to be, and like vents about how much the party sucks to the host. And then lily comes back introducing them as the host. I like thought of it, and I really want somebody to write it… PLEASE- @livingalonewithonlymyfanfiction (I changed it a bit, Sirius isn’t the host)

Warnings: drunk wizards, people getting frisky (nothing involving the reader)

Word Count:  1271 (it’s long to make up the amount of days I’ve missed posting)

A/N: (lol, miss me?) I recently saw La La Land and I had to take up this request and write it up! Also, in no way is there spoilers about the movie in the fic. I felt simply ~INSPIRED~. ALSO WATCH LA LA LAND, I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT (Also all lyrics are used from La La Land’s A Lovely Night by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone)

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(Sebastian is my favorite character, no doubt about it)

  Your nose was buried deep into a book, your glasses nearly slipping off. You were reading a book on Charms in your room. Someone abruptly rips the book from your hands. You sigh and look up. Your friend, Lily Evans, was standing in front of you, reading the title aloud. “Quintessence: A Quest” she took one look at you then burst out laughing. “Why are you laughing?!” you cried. You haven’t done anything wrong or embarrassing, so why would she be laughing?

  “Oh, Y/N, you’re spending all this time with this book. instead of living. Take a break, have a little fun, won’t you” She pleaded. “Lily, I’m having great fun doing…” the end of your sentence trailed off. You actually couldn’t think of anything you’ve been doing recently “fun”. Lily finished your sentence “doing nothing. You keep reading books, not interesting books for that matter”

  You gave a sigh, you don’t know what else to do. “Look, there’s going to be a party tonight and I want you to go,” she demanded. “You’re going to be the only person I know that’s there,” you grumbled. She scoffed “You know Marlene McKinnon” You snorted “Yeah, but she’d rather hang around someone else.”  “Then you’ll get to meet someone new!”

  A few moments later, Lily was doing your makeup. “I didn’t exactly agree to this” you murmured. “Don’t talk or I’ll mess up your eyeliner, besides it’s gonna be so much fun” After she was done hitting your face with brushes and drawing on your eyelid, she went over to your trunk. “What’re you doing?” you questioned. “Picking an outfit for you… Oo, this is cute!” She answered, holding out a simple yellow dress. “You should wear it more often, ” Lily said and threw it to you.

  Now, with your makeup done, your dress on, your hair falling loosely around your shoulders, you were ready to leave. Lily was dressed in more casual attire of jeans, a crop top, and a long cardigan. Both of you were wearing heels. You were taking one last look at yourself in the mirror. You looked prettier than you could’ve ever imagined thanks to Lily. “Let’s go” Lily yelled from the door. “Coming!” you said and smiled. You felt good.

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Okay so I came up with this idea for a Star Wars (TCW) 90s “Full House” AU and I literally couldn’t stop myself from drawing my headcanons….,,

Ahsoka’s parents passed away when she was very little so her uncle Plo brought her to live in California with him. They don’t all live together in the same house but they’re at Padme and Anakin’s house 95% of the time because Plo has a busy schedule and Obi Wan doesn’t trust Anakin with fathering Ahsoka alone. This au is fun and nothing hurts I’m gonna draw more of it

The model sheet for my Katella redesign.

This redesign was commissioned, but I had fun with it. Her body type is based on Madonna and other women drawings you can find on Naoto Ohshima’s Facebook, plus a few hints of Lupin III. The outfit’s roughly the same, the dress is now more a jacket, and she has a Samus-like Zero Suit under it, skintight, basically a blue version of Eggman’s pants-shoes thing.

Being some sort of space amazon, she’s taller then Eggman, which then combined with her heels, means she towers over him.

If I feel like it I should do additional appointments about her technology.

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Hey, I saw what was going on and I just wanted to say that I am sorry. You don't deserve this like anyone else, and I really think you should just ignore the person, she's just feeding off of you at this point. Again I'm so sorry and you deserve better. I hope you have a great day!

Don’t apologise :)

I had my fun showing her up and I reported all of her abusive BS. So although it was tiring to stay up later than I usually do to tackle most of it, it was worth it for all of the displays of her making an ass out of herself and me drawing more notice to it so that people can point and laugh at her XD

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Did you know that dirty laundry is going to have only one last update now instead regular ones? Because of stupid people who aren't able to shut up!?!? I'm really sad, it's such a great fic... Glad the author is still gonna finish it, yes, but sad that it will probably never feel the same for her. I mean, she was supposed to have fun writing it :/ I love tumblr but sometimes...

I tried to avoid the hate and negativity that stemmed out of dirty laundry because i am an extremely sensitive person and I cannot handle seeing negativity without getting emotional myself. It’s incredibly sad what had happened and terrible what people have said to gib. You can’t just… fling hate around and not realize that people have FEELINGS… Constructive criticism is a thing, having feelings for something you worked on is a thing. Trying your best is a thing. And these things, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, someone unrelated to the work in question, is extremely important to creators. 

Dirty laundry was a good fic, it had a good premise and contained some very emotional scenes that struck a chord. And criticism aside, everyone starts from somewhere, whether it’s drawing or writing fanfiction. I hope for the best for gib because i know she is doing her best, and writing is a learning process. It is so sad… extremely sad, that this project has become more of a burden for her than something that should have been fun. I am glad she’s finishing it, because I wouldn’t want her to give up on something that she’s put a lot of work into.

For @gibslythe, i hope you are doing well. Please continue writing because you are good at it. You are growing. This is only the beginning, and i hope you keep writing and drawing in the future. 

To everyone else out there, please be kind. 

what have i done? i don't know. *runs*

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 //warning for mentions of nsfw? last time i did any of this it went horribly wrong//

Nacho chuckled as she glanced at the next goal. Oh, this is going to be fun!

Tablet in hand, she quickly posted a link to her Picarto. Everything seemed to be going fine so far…

Nacho glanced at the sketch and tried to go over the rough lines. Nothing happened. She tried again several more times to no avail. Screeches of the damned echoed through her room. “WHY?”

“This sin should be saved only for me.” A lenny face was drawn on the glowing screen.

“Dude. Since when do you speak?”

“Since you introduced me to this magic called ‘nsfw’.”

Great. I have a sentient tablet, sin to draw, and homework to do. What can go wrong now? “Hey, uh… tablet? If you let me finish this, I will draw a special Charataker x Tablet sin for you.”


“Great! I’ll be back after dinner. You better be calmed down by then.”

When Nacho plugged the sentient tablet back into the computer, it didn’t realize she had replaced the cord with a sentience-binding USB cable created from the tears of filthy sinners smh y'all there are smol children here Frisk’s leftover determination until it was too late.

Alas, the Charataker x Tablet sin was never created.

//ripperonis how would that have even worked (don’t answer that)//

Hum your nose… could you. By Memoria Caelestie
I did another bad pearl, It was fun to do! That day she was rather happy and did not tell the photographer to fuck off. She had “fun time” with amethyst before posing.
Just check Amaet art of pearl and amethyst to guess what type of fun time that is.
I really should try to draw amethyst, though I am no use to drawing that body type but even more of a reason to do it! I really want to see where this story that people are creating of bad pearl and stuff. I did a little bit a redesign of amaet version because I can’t give her high heels. I just can’t.
Fanart of steven universe

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Idk I think you'd look cool as a Apocalypse person. Like a badass 😂 You should draw yourself more often too. Your really pretty!

THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL COMPLIMENT thank you for inspiring me to draw myself as an Apocalypse person!!

More than Life {sorta requested shawn imagine}

A/N: so I got an imagine request from a sweet girl, Carter and she said do a shawn imagine and I had a cute idea, so I hope you like thisssss and there are lots of feels in here just saying. And it’s Shawns POV cause that’ll make it BETTAH and Magcon days aka the better days carterlorraine hope you love it!

She was wonderful. Perfect even. She was always doing funny things and making me happy. I was staring at her as she looked out of the window of the hotel room for the magcon event. She asked to come for a while and I let her. All of the other boys were older than me or were too immature, I needed someone like her with me. I was barely fifteen. I watched her and she stared out the window and watched the raindrops collect. Her eyebrows furrowed and she took a notebook and pen out of her bag. I walked over to her and moved around so she could sit in my lap.
“Hey.” She smiled at me and kept writing.
“What are you drawing?” I asked and looked down at her notebook seeing a sketch of someone I didn’t recognize. I frowned uncertain of what she was drawing this time.
“I saw that girl on the sidewalk outside of the window. She looked like she had a story. Which I will write after I draw her.” She said and kept sketching away in her notebook. She was adding details so small. She added the freckles of the girl and she made sure to detail the cigarette in between her lips and the vodka bottle she was holding. It was absolutely beautiful.
“I wish I could watch you draw all day.” I said and lightly kissed her neck. She laughed a little as she closed her notebook and got out of my lap.
“Well guess what, you can’t. You have fans downstairs and you need to go in like twenty minutes so go downstairs.” She says and throws a t-shirt at me. I sigh and slip it on.
I loved the fans so much, but I loved her more than life.
“I know. I’ll be back later.” I sighed and grabbed my guitar.
“No shawn you won’t. You are going out with the guys after this cause I know you usually don’t. I will be here drawing and watching movies which I am perfectly content with. Please have fun.” She smiled at me. I nodded knowing it’s probably what I should do. I grabbed a pen and bag with a few things I needed for meet and greets.
“You know I love you right?” I said and stared at her beautiful face.
“More than life now go or you’ll be late.” She smiled at me and I nodded, closing the door.

••after shawn went out and MAGCON stuff••

I walked back into the hotel room at like twelve thirty very carefully knowing she was most likely asleep. As I looked in I realized I was right. She had a sketch pad on her lap and the television was on to some rerun of a sitcom she loved. I closed the door quick knowing the boys would make noise to wake her. I was out for a long time afterwards at a roller coaster park and then we went to an all night diner. I was basically gone for twelve hours, seeing I left the hotel room at ten o clock. She was gorgeous. I took off my shirt and put on some sweat pants and turned off the television. I crawled into the bed with her and she moved around so we were cuddling.
“I love you.” I sighed.
“More than life.” She finished for me.



For the webcomic I’m planning called Parilyne! The MC is Parilyne, and I’ll have choices where the readers vote on what she should do next, changing the story that I draw/write (and also voting will choose which guy she ends up with!!)…!

The story is about parallel worlds… Neirrei and Ierrien are the same person but from different worlds. But in the entire universe, Parilyne has no counterpart.

I hope this comic turns out to be a fun experience for everyone!! I don’t have a date planned for when I’ll start making it yet…



Day 7: Cooking

Yuu trying to cook dinner (curry?) for the two of them. Mika can’t decided if Yuu-chan looks so cute with those clips on his hair or his attempt on cooking (I say both and he can thank Shinoa for those clips and Yuu was too lazy to take them off).

Also I’ll be hiatus this week due to a collab zine project that I’m working on with my friends. That should be wrapping up.soon. So next week I’ll double up on the advent calendar. So there would be double posting next week for the advent calendar. 

For the next 25 days I’ll be speed drawing these advent calendar prompts by@seitosokusha (who idk how she convince me to do so.)  These drawings may be refine later when my schedule isn’t crazy.  Feel free to join the fun if you guys want.

Art Prompts done: Holding Hands |  Pillow | Socks | Yogurt | Weapon | Lantern

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I just wanted to thank you for helping me feel more comfortable with my body. I recently went on vacation and the only swim suit I own is from two years and thirty pounds ago, so it's super big on me. The bottoms especially like to poof out. At first I was really sad because it made me look much bigger than I am, but then I realized the bottoms made me look like I had Anne Iver hips and she is a cutie. I ended up flaring my shorts out so I could have bigger hips and look more like her :3

While I do draw some of the pretty unmistakable body shapes I do because they’re fun to draw and I rather fancy them, it’s also because representation is important. I’ve gotten notes like this on other websites in the past and I’m so glad that I can positively impact other people with the characters that I have. 

No matter who you are, every person deserves to feel confident, powerful, and beautiful in their body. Nothing or no one should ever work to tear that down.

This is really what it’s all about folks. I’m so glad other people can enjoy my work simply for it’s aesthetic, but I’m overjoyed when I can make someone’s life a little better by doing the very thing that I love!