she's fun to draw i should do it more

Lisitsa, the fox miraculous wielder from @wintermoth‘s fic, Guardians! she asked me a while back if i was interested in doodling this chara and sent me her mockups and i was like hell yessssss and so this happened and I think I took a lot of liberties lmaooo… i wanna draw her more, she was fun ;0;

anyway she makes an appearence in the new chapter finally, so y’all should check it out 8D!!

Happy birthday to my very wonderful friend Zoya ( @greencheeked )! Don’t work too hard - I hope you get to have a good non-stressful birthday!!

Drew this because “well she likes ice skating… and lance… and altean lance…. !!!” (And fun fact I looked for a Nathan Chen pose for this) 

(I have been needing to draw overdue birthday drawings for few years now…. I should shower you in more drawings honestly)

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Howdy Geek, I'm Rayfe on Archive of our own and now that I'm home and at my PC I want to put in my ChloxNath drabble request. I'd like for Chloe to see the movie Titanic for the first time and then surprise her boyfriend by wanting him to draw her "like one of your French girls. Maybe at some point Nath deadpans that they're both french. Thank you!

This one was fun! I could see also having fun with a NSFW version, haha. That may have to happen in the future. Thanks for the prompt. :)

“I can’t believe you’ve never seen this,” Nathaniel grinned, selecting the icon for Titanic on the large screen. The streaming service pinwheel began to spin as it loaded.

“It’s not that ridiculous. I don’t usually have time for movies,” Chloe sniffed.

“Oh yes, I forgot how incredibly busy it is being a rich brat.”

“Watch it, Red. I’m your rich brat.”

He chuckled. “That you are. Okay, let’s do this.”

Nathaniel couldn’t help glancing over at Chloe every time a part he enjoyed came up but she kept the same mildly interested expression on her face the whole time. He slumped beside her, frowning.

“Ooo, now that could be fun,” she finally said, watching the screen.

Nathaniel shook himself to attention. “What?”

Chloe dramatically draped herself back over the arm of the couch. “Draw me like one of your French girls, Kurtzberg.”

He raised an eyebrow. “That’s really the only thing you’ve gotten out of this movie?”

“Oh, please. I see the whole parallel with the rich girl and the poor artist, but we’re much more fun than that Jack and Rose,” she huffed. “I am, however, very interested in this whole drawing thing.” She wiggled her hips, still draped across the crouch. “Come on then, get to sketching. I want to be one of your French girls.”

“You know you don’t have to keep specifying French, right? We’re both French.”


“And just how many girls have I been drawing that you’re only one of them?” He tapped his chin. “I feel that if we’re really going to do this right, I should probably go out and find some other girls to–”

Nathaniel’s words were cut off as a throw pillow hit his face. “That’s the last time I try to seduce you,” Chloe grumbled, crossing her arms.

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tfw you’re trying to be cute with your girlfriend but some douchebag interrupts

That douchebag is Bondrewd

I’d originally wanted to add more pages to this, but my shoulder blades are hurting from a table that doesn’t fit with its chair, so I think that’s a sign I should rest for a few days. Drawing this was a lot of fun, though. I’m starting to get the hang of these two in my style. I really like the thought of Lyza being sun-kissed while Ozen is sickly pale, so I made Lyza more tanned than how she is in canon.

I have so much feels for Lyzen. There will be more art of these two because I need to draw them doing cute things.

Please do not edit or repost. Thank you.

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for the art meme u should do nepeta c5 9 4! (idk about the last number but I guess her just pretending to be a cool kid is fun)

i tried giving her a personality resembling the one she has while roleplaying as equius, but it ended up looking more like regular nep lmao,,
hope you like her anyway! :B
(the challenge’s from here, in case anyone is confused about this)

 some redesign sketches of a few rivals that I felt like doing
feel free to improve on them (I can’t even come up with colours for the uniforms hedkjfjdsf)

thanks to @pirran-p I fell in love with Osana having her pig tails down djfdfj, otherwise her design is supposed to be like “a cute girl with attitude”. her original design doesn’t really have that spice yknow?

Amai is just a cutie that I used to practice the body type again hhah, nothing much changes with her tbh

Kizana was fun to draw in this, especially the hair. Other then that I think she would modify her uniform to look more fancy and probably encourage others to do so as well, might get some problems from teachers because of this (Also maybe Megami as well)

Megami is supposed to look like a mature buisness woman, but I didn’t want to give up her like for lolita stuff, tho i hate the stockings and gloves, which is why I think she should just keep that more cute side she has, in her hairstyle. Also I think Ayano and Megami should have pure black hair, since they are enemies, it would be interesting if they had similair features. Also Megami should wear glasses, they look good on her tbh, also would be funny since Ayano’s biggest ally, Info-chan, also wears glasses.

And Hanako is just here cause I don’t think her original design looks cute tbh, she and Taro should have black hair, but not as black as Megami and Ayano 

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Thanks anon !
I think I should put more emphasis and dark around her eyes but i’m still working on how I draw each character (esp their eyes & brows) and their clothing style.

I’ll probably do somekind of “fashion lookbook” (?) with a few characters at some point it could be fun.


A good friend @altermentality was drawing King Jingaling for a Twitter meme and I felt inspired enough to color in both of them. And include a doodle that…I honestly forget when she drew, but it had Klungo in it.

The three modes of King Jingaling: Friendly, caring approachable monarch that brings sunshine and warmth to his subjects, gaming pro…and horrific shambling ghoul that is cursed to an eternity of suffering.


Okay so I came up with this idea for a Star Wars (TCW) 90s “Full House” AU and I literally couldn’t stop myself from drawing my headcanons….,,

Ahsoka’s parents passed away when she was very little so her uncle Plo brought her to live in California with him. They don’t all live together in the same house but they’re at Padme and Anakin’s house 95% of the time because Plo has a busy schedule and Obi Wan doesn’t trust Anakin with fathering Ahsoka alone. This au is fun and nothing hurts I’m gonna draw more of it

Pearlapis bomb Day 1: Fusion/First Date

I’ve never designed a fusion before, so sorry if she seems a bit too simple or bland. I did a quick gemstone search and labradorite sort of caught my eye, so I based her colors off of that. Roughly.

Okay maybe I should have just picked the colors straight form the reference to have a more accurate palette.

The model sheet for my Katella redesign.

This redesign was commissioned, but I had fun with it. Her body type is based on Madonna and other women drawings you can find on Naoto Ohshima’s Facebook, plus a few hints of Lupin III. The outfit’s roughly the same, the dress is now more a jacket, and she has a Samus-like Zero Suit under it, skintight, basically a blue version of Eggman’s pants-shoes thing.

Being some sort of space amazon, she’s taller then Eggman, which then combined with her heels, means she towers over him.

If I feel like it I should do additional appointments about her technology.

more sketches of my version of countrybat (bc shes still rly fun to draw) ((also i changed her bat ears so now theyre flying fox ears HA))

Another 3-color drawing. I should do these more often, given that they’re fun-but challenging xD. It gives me the opportunity to try out the brush fill options in Paint.NET (hardest part about it was Adeleine’s hair; by this, I wanted to make it not look like one big blot, which explains the tiny dots.)

Adeleine’s my other favorite Kirby character, I personally wish she’d appear again.

…Man, that’s the fifth drawing this week. ^^”

Sirius Black x Reader FANFICTION- A Lovely Night

Request: Ok. Can you like either do where like one of the marauder is hosting a party and lily drags the reader there, when she doesn’t what to be, and like vents about how much the party sucks to the host. And then lily comes back introducing them as the host. I like thought of it, and I really want somebody to write it… PLEASE- @livingalonewithonlymyfanfiction (I changed it a bit, Sirius isn’t the host)

Warnings: drunk wizards, people getting frisky (nothing involving the reader)

Word Count:  1271 (it’s long to make up the amount of days I’ve missed posting)

A/N: (lol, miss me?) I recently saw La La Land and I had to take up this request and write it up! Also, in no way is there spoilers about the movie in the fic. I felt simply ~INSPIRED~. ALSO WATCH LA LA LAND, I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT (Also all lyrics are used from La La Land’s A Lovely Night by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone)

Originally posted by goslingsryan

(Sebastian is my favorite character, no doubt about it)

  Your nose was buried deep into a book, your glasses nearly slipping off. You were reading a book on Charms in your room. Someone abruptly rips the book from your hands. You sigh and look up. Your friend, Lily Evans, was standing in front of you, reading the title aloud. “Quintessence: A Quest” she took one look at you then burst out laughing. “Why are you laughing?!” you cried. You haven’t done anything wrong or embarrassing, so why would she be laughing?

  “Oh, Y/N, you’re spending all this time with this book. instead of living. Take a break, have a little fun, won’t you” She pleaded. “Lily, I’m having great fun doing…” the end of your sentence trailed off. You actually couldn’t think of anything you’ve been doing recently “fun”. Lily finished your sentence “doing nothing. You keep reading books, not interesting books for that matter”

  You gave a sigh, you don’t know what else to do. “Look, there’s going to be a party tonight and I want you to go,” she demanded. “You’re going to be the only person I know that’s there,” you grumbled. She scoffed “You know Marlene McKinnon” You snorted “Yeah, but she’d rather hang around someone else.”  “Then you’ll get to meet someone new!”

  A few moments later, Lily was doing your makeup. “I didn’t exactly agree to this” you murmured. “Don’t talk or I’ll mess up your eyeliner, besides it’s gonna be so much fun” After she was done hitting your face with brushes and drawing on your eyelid, she went over to your trunk. “What’re you doing?” you questioned. “Picking an outfit for you… Oo, this is cute!” She answered, holding out a simple yellow dress. “You should wear it more often, ” Lily said and threw it to you.

  Now, with your makeup done, your dress on, your hair falling loosely around your shoulders, you were ready to leave. Lily was dressed in more casual attire of jeans, a crop top, and a long cardigan. Both of you were wearing heels. You were taking one last look at yourself in the mirror. You looked prettier than you could’ve ever imagined thanks to Lily. “Let’s go” Lily yelled from the door. “Coming!” you said and smiled. You felt good.

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Did you know that dirty laundry is going to have only one last update now instead regular ones? Because of stupid people who aren't able to shut up!?!? I'm really sad, it's such a great fic... Glad the author is still gonna finish it, yes, but sad that it will probably never feel the same for her. I mean, she was supposed to have fun writing it :/ I love tumblr but sometimes...

I tried to avoid the hate and negativity that stemmed out of dirty laundry because i am an extremely sensitive person and I cannot handle seeing negativity without getting emotional myself. It’s incredibly sad what had happened and terrible what people have said to gib. You can’t just… fling hate around and not realize that people have FEELINGS… Constructive criticism is a thing, having feelings for something you worked on is a thing. Trying your best is a thing. And these things, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, someone unrelated to the work in question, is extremely important to creators. 

Dirty laundry was a good fic, it had a good premise and contained some very emotional scenes that struck a chord. And criticism aside, everyone starts from somewhere, whether it’s drawing or writing fanfiction. I hope for the best for gib because i know she is doing her best, and writing is a learning process. It is so sad… extremely sad, that this project has become more of a burden for her than something that should have been fun. I am glad she’s finishing it, because I wouldn’t want her to give up on something that she’s put a lot of work into.

For @gibslythe, i hope you are doing well. Please continue writing because you are good at it. You are growing. This is only the beginning, and i hope you keep writing and drawing in the future. 

To everyone else out there, please be kind. 


For the webcomic I’m planning called Parilyne! The MC is Parilyne, and I’ll have choices where the readers vote on what she should do next, changing the story that I draw/write (and also voting will choose which guy she ends up with!!)…!

The story is about parallel worlds… Neirrei and Ierrien are the same person but from different worlds. But in the entire universe, Parilyne has no counterpart.

I hope this comic turns out to be a fun experience for everyone!! I don’t have a date planned for when I’ll start making it yet…