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Name: kit
Age: 24
Preferred Pronouns: she/her or they/them 
Zodiac Sign: capricorn
Taken or Single: single
Three Facts: i watched the live-action peter pan film so many times when i was younger that i can still recite the words. i forgot my key once and while i was waiting on the doorstep, about 3 cats just appeared from the bushes up the street and sat with me so obv im a cat whisperer. im the kind of idiot who reads angsty fanfics at 3am and then regrets it when im too sad to sleep.


How long? (months/years): i have not actually bothered to count how long ive been inflicting myself on various sites lmao. 7 years maybe?
Platforms you’ve used?: skype, aim, forums, and uh. there was this site but i forget the name tbh.
Worst experience: idk, most of my experiences have been p chill. the time a ship partner got scarily attached and jealous was mildly traumatising bu that was years ago.
Best experience: the memes, ofc


Female or Male: i tend to gravitate toward male muses but it’s not like i have a specific reason
Original or Canon: either. i write mostly canon currently.
Favourite Face: idk.
Least Favourite Face: don’t knooooooow.
Multi or Single: always multi for me.


Fluff, angst or smut: any of the above. 
Plots or memes: meme me up real good and then plot once we’ve got a feel for our interactions. 
Long or short replies: either B)
Best time to write: either early morning or the middle of the night seems to be when i get the most done :|
Are you like your muse(s)?: i have abt 10 vastly different muses. there’s maybe similarities here and there? 

Bloody Hell

The whole “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” thing…..

If Alison is supposed to be Holly, and ‘A’ is supposed to be Paul Varjak.. then Ezra looks an awful lot like 'A’, doesn’t he? 

For those who are not familiar with this classic by now, Paul Varjak is Holly Golightly’s (Audrey Hepburn) neighbor. He’s a forgotten writer who hasn’t been published for years. Paul, nicknamed “Fred” after Holly’s brother, and Holly become very close as the story goes on, and Paul eventually develops long lasting feelings for her. But when Paul’s wife confesses to him that she thinks she is being followed, he investigates and finds deeper truths than he imagined. He learns that the person following his wife is in all reality, Holly’s husband Doc Golightly. Holly’s real name isn’t Holly, it’s Lula Mae Burnes, and her and her husband have been married since Holly was almost 14. Doc gives Holly an ultimatum asking her to move back home to Texas with him and she refuses, wanting to stay in New York City. They then separate and Holly sets her sights on a rich friend, Jose, which angers Paul. Holly and Jose begin their relationship but it hits a rough patch when Holly finds out that her brother, Fred, has died while in the Army. Holly lashes out destroying her apartment in grief and it frightens Jose. After this, Paul moves out of his apartment and separates himself for months until Holly invites him over for one last dinner, since her and Jose have plans to go to Brazil and be together. Only, Holly and Paul are both arrested for their connections to a drug ring and Holly ends up spending the evening in jail. The next morning once Holly has been bailed out by a friend she finds Paul awaiting her beside a Taxi with her cat and a letter from Jose explaining the end of their relationship. Holly is upset and insists on going to Brazil anyways and lets her cat out of the taxi, all the while Paul is confessing his love for her and begging for her to rethink her life and leaves her with an engraved ring and runs after the cat. She then runs after him and they kiss and live happily ever after.

If 'A’ is remaking this story and is acting as Paul and treating Alison as Holly, then what does that mean? What would be his motive? Love? Revenge? Hatred? 

Back when Ezra was still a suspect Mrs. Grumwald said that someone that has also touched one of the Liars is the one that Alison fears the most. That he’s the one who is looking for her and hoping one of the Liars would lead him in the right direction. Once Ezra’s name was cleared for only being a writer, I think everyone forgot about this little clue that Grumwald gave us. 

What if Ezra is Paul Varjak? A mysterious forgotten writer who hasn’t been published in years? In the film, Holly even gives Paul a typewriter as a gift. And we know that Marlene has hinted at the typewriter being an 'A’ clue and Ezra is the only character in possession of one that we’ve seen. 

Alison even says in “A is for Answers” that Ezra told her that she reminded him of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and that he said he was going to write a story about her..

I find this connection very, very intriguing. 

Ezra might not be Big A but he is certainly guilty of something. He has a hidden agenda. He knows more than he shows. 


Before and After WIP

Help Her Find a Name

She still is not finished yet but here are some before and after shots of the faerie I am working on. Since I am not able to film myself creating my faeries because my camera does not last long enough so I was supposed to do a set of photos instead…..but I forgot :( so here is a photo of where I am at so far.

She is unfortunately suffering from amnesia so if anyone wants to help me name her by dropping some suggestions please feel free :)

She will then choose her favorite name suggestion to call herself



Recap of Crystal Reed meeting room

Team Wolf Convention (Day 2 - 06/07/14)

First, I want to say that Crystal is really pretty and sweet with everyone. She is quite shy and people didn’t understand that at the convention… All day I heard mean things on her just because she didn’t feel confortable for kissing and hugging them in the pictures… But fortunately, some few found her really nice and lovely and she truly is !

She first talked about her new movie ! She plays a stripper of 26 years old, who was first a ballet dancer and fell in love with some guy but Crystal couldn’t say much more. It’s a thriller and there is a lot of stories in it but everything makes sense at the end. It’s a little like a Tarantino movie (for the multistories reference). And it’s the first film of the director but I forgot the name, I’m sorry ! But it was shot on film (not numeric) and there were some 20 minutes takes (Woody Allen apparently also loves to do that) so as a theatre actress like her, she loved that and it was very different from TW.

During the panel the day before that, she told that she’s currently reading books to have some rights for adaptation (OMG I’m sorry I don’t think that’s how we say in english, I hope you understand it…). So we asked her what book she’s reading and would want to have the rights. She said she’s trying to go other than the bestseller list, although she really likes the novel “Room” by Emma Donoghue. It’s the story of a 5 years old boy who lives in just one room and it’s his whole world. It’s written like it’s the boy speaking. She absolutely loves this novel and she says that she would need a great screenwriter and also a VERY GOOD 5 years old actor. And she would like to play the “deranged” mother ^^.

I asked her which directors she would love to work with. Despite everything that was told lately, she would really love to work with Woody Allen. She also loves Darren Aronofsky, Clint Eastwood (she loves the fact that he rehearses a lot but does only one take) and Ben Affleck, she thinks that he’s the best director lately (but not quite the best actor ^^). Since she said she loved Marion Cotillard, I asked her if she loved some french directors, but she couldn’t think of one so she asked me which one I was thinking about, and all I could think was “De Rouille et d'Os” so I mentioned Jacques Audiard, and she loves him too, loved “Un Prophète”.

She talked about how she became an actress, and she had quite a difficult life. She grew up in Detroit (which already says it all…) and although her parents aren’t divorced, they had a lot of trouble in their family. She was really saved by art when she took some acting classes. She started on acting on stage and theatre, and even if some people said to her that it was a bad choice she didn’t listen and did it anyway. But then, her acting classes was very strict and was always told to do this one way, “like this” or like “that”. She didn’t like it because she thinks in the contrary of Art, Art and acting isn’t black or white. So she quitted her theatre school and went to Chicago. She auditioned for The Dark Knight and was really really close to get the role but didn’t in the end… She even saw the shooting by her window of her appartment, and was really sure that she wanted to do that. So she decided to go to LA with only 1000$ in her pocket and without knowing anyone she went there by herself alone. 

About her audition for Teen Wolf, she was the very first one that the producer and casting people saw. They called her for a second audition that’s called chemistry read with Posey, and here they are ! She says they casted them because they have the same dimples ^^

We asked her if she wanted to go back on stage and she really wants to, even if people don’t want her to. She would love to play some Shakespeare, Cleopatre or Hamlet (and being Hamlet ^^).

We asked her if she wanted to change anything about Allison. She wouldn’t change a thing.. Yes Allison was quite naive, but that’s the beauty about her, that we find humanity in the imperfections. During season 2, she didn’t quite love/understand why Allison wanted to kill everybody, or at least how it was shot, but now, years after, she understands and likes Allison arc.

About leaving the show, how did she told the rest of the cast. She really wanted to tell personnally to everyone of them that she was leaving, but Jeff told them without her being even there. So the next day, the cast was coming to her and she was surprised like “Wait, you know ?”. But in the end, everybody was really sweet to her. It’s always weird because they all are in a age where there is a lot of competition in Hollywood, but not between them, they are all so lovely and adorable and she loves them so much.

About as an actor, you do one take for you and one take for the producers. She talked about her death scene, how could she just kept saying “I love you” to Scott, and the director/producer was kinda angry to her and told her that she couldn’t say that because she was supposed to love Isaac. But she did it anyway. She loved that Scott didn’t tell her “Love you too”. She said that Allison says “I love you” not in a way “we should go back together” but more in a way “I love you as a person” and not in a way that would diminish what she felt for Isaac.

We asked her what did she think of Isaac and what Allison felt about Scott and Kira. She said that Allison and Isaac were more like friends and they didn’t have the time to really work on the evolution of their relationship. But it wasn’t love as deep as Allison’s feelings for Scott. For Scott and Kira, she talked about the shooting of the Party in Derek’s loft, when Allison saw Scott and Kira. The producers made her shoot an “angry take”, but she didn’t feel right about that. She really loves the one they keep (and what she feels true), that Allison saw them, realised what’s happening and accepted it. Because Allison loves Scott and just wants him to be happy. That’s the reaction she prefered.

If Allison didn’t die, she would have loved to see her smile and have hobbies. In the last seasons, Allison’s life is quite serious, she’s always trying to protect or investigate on magical serious deathly stuff. She would just love Allison to have more of an happy life and do some stuff and just smile.

If she didn’t play a hunter in Teen Wolf, she would have loved to play an animal or a creature, because of the make up : when an actor doesn’t recognize himself, something always happens and she would love to experience that, but only like in a dream sequence because the make up hurts the skin too much ^^

So that’s all I can remember… Anyway, I found her so brave and interesting, and she’s a real cutie, smiling like a babe. Yep, really adorable.

Atonal #4

Title: Bless the Telephone (Kelis)
Pairing: MCxHunt
Warnings: None
Summary: A series of drabbles/one-shots based on songs. For full effect, listen to the song in the title while reading. (Or not, it’s your life.)

She lets out a sigh as she collapses onto the hotel bed, another long day of filming complete. The rest of the cast had wanted to go out and celebrate, to unwind from the twelve hour day. Beryl had opted out, saying she was too tired and would rather just get as much sleep as possible before the six o’clock call time tomorrow.

But now her body decides that it’s wide awake and aching, but not just physically. Her chest clenches, and as her eyes drift around the room, she becomes distinctly aware of being absolutely alone on a Friday night, in a hotel room that she’ll have to call home for another week, with nothing to do.

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