she's from my town

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Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!


Getting to help stitch up a cheetah @ethicaltaxidermy is mounting for the Booth Museum! This cheetah died of abscess in her spine and jaw back in 1980, and has been sitting in a barrel in the museum ever since. Her skin is tough and brittle, as she is been in formaldehyde for 30 years - but she is looking good. So very soft too.




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you sound like you live in my girlfriends town 👀 she's from nj and she's talked about a big neighborhood drug bust and said there's been a bunch of heroin deaths too

i mean im in the middle of new jersey. like,, rich teens with coke and then poorer teens are heroin. drug busts are like,,,, not common but not surprising u know

OKAY SO wol and i made this really cool au where kairi gets her keyblade when she was protecting shadow!sora and so she goes with him after they close the door and on through CO and winds up waking up at the beginning-ish of days because her memories are easier to re-piece than sora’s because there aren’t any xion shenanigans to deal with

she and riku set out together to help sora from the shadows because she wouldn’t LET riku run away all by himself and also it’s the three of them! to the end! she and riku keep an eye on sora together and like. since she was there leading up to CO, sora is freaked out that she’s missing so he’s desperately looking for BOTH of them and the reunion scene is WAY better okay

I just got back from having breakfast w/ my mom before she leaves town, and now i’m sitting on the couch getting ready to write while a poultice/bouquet garni/satchel(?) of lavender, vanilla bean, and rosemary simmers on the stove and it smells heavenly

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Captain my captain!! I'm just going home from this queer group meeting(we're trying to come up with ways to help queer kids accept their identities and basically writing something like a pamphlet and I can't believe I am helping to do something like this)and there was this really really really cute girl and she's apparently from my town and oh my god I can't?? I was brave enough to small talk with her tho😁(sorry I needed to get it out lol)rant done.hope you have a lovely day*virtually hugs you*

Omg yessssss you are soooooo amazing!!! I am sooooo proud of you darling!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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She was funny. She was cute. She laughed at my jokes.

I am a relatively shy guy, so it took me a few days before I finally asked for her number. I couldn’t have been more excited when she responded by giving me her number and telling me to ask her to dinner.

We go out to dinner, and it is magical. We went out to sushi and laughed through the entire meal. We ended up sitting at the table for two hours. We talked about everything and anything.

We head back to her apartment to “watch a movie”. Thank god I am a shy guy. We end up only making out for a bit. You’ll understand later.

At about 1 am we head back out to the bars. The date was going so well that she invited me to go out and introduce our friends. I invited my friends. She invited hers.

We start doing shots. Telling each other stories about our past and our families. I live in a large city, but my father is from a tiny little town. She lives in a large city, but her mother is from a tiny little town. The same town.

Long story short. Over shots I discovered that I kissed my cousin. I have become a kissing cousin.

why are geminis insane lmao. dont get me wrong i fucking adore geminis. but they are all insane. last night my friend invited a visiting friend from out of town to my dinner. she was really cute and fun and charismatic and within 5 seconds she had stolen the limelight from me (and i was fine with it???) and was making us all play some fucking batman card game and we all like…loved it…? only a gemini could come into someone elses party and be like hello we’re playing a batman card game and you’re going to love it. and we all did. how.

Not All Spirits Are Good

There is a redheaded spirit that has been bothering me since I was around 11. She has tried to open portals to the astral and would pull my hair and scratch me. I banished her from my house. She still follows me around town sometimes when my companions aren’t with me, or I am having a bad patch with my sheilds. She has an odd facination with my hair going so far as to pull out chunks of it. I have told her to leave. She refuses. She has hurt my pets. She has hurt me.

Not all spirits are good. Spirit work is not always flowery and nice. Please set up protections for your self.


i love wegmans yo. my mom is from NY and she screamed when they put one in my town in MD. now there’s a few around here


i miss it so much there aren’t any where i live. if they put one near me i’d scream too. but i don’t think they ever will.

tbh i feel like yes, wegmans has a very intense fan base, but it’s for a good reason. it’s not for nothin, man.

i’m going home in may for a visit and that is the only place i’m gonna shop i’m tellin u right now.


I wanted to share this since it’s black history month and this has some interesting stuff in it. It’s a documentary that was made by high school students in Flagler beach Florida. It exposes some of the historical and continued racism in this small town.

My mom sent me this video because even though I grew up in New Jersey, my family is from this town. The reason my mom says she moved up north was because she didn’t want her kids growing up in that small town, ignorant environment. My family is white and my mom claims she didn’t even know how racist the area was until she was 18. 

There’s some iffy “colorblind” rhetoric towards the end and of course it’s not perfect but it’s definitely worth a watch.

I really want to draw attention to the interview about 20 minutes in with Maxine Kronick. The farmer’s market she went to is the same one my grandmother went to every day for years. Then there’s the bridge. The documentary doesn’t really make this clear, but Flagler is on an inter-coastal. That bridge was at that time the only bridge into town. And if you were black and went over it past 8pm you would immediately be arrested. This didn’t end in the 70′s this was in the 90′s. My mom has told me before that she once had a police officer pull her over and yell at her for letting a black man drive her home once. The only reason the man didn’t get arrested was because my mom was there. I want to repeat that this was happening into the 1990′s. 

I want to spread this around so what was going on here and what is still going on here isn’t forgotten or swept under the rug. In black history month I know it’s important to make sure the past is remembered and the struggles of the present are discussed, so I want to contribute this to that discussion.

The Gray in Girl

I found a girl while I was out driving my truck. She was lying on the side of a dirt road with her sundress hiked up. I screeched to a halt and pulled over. Her breath was shallow. I tried calling 911 but there was no cell service this far away from town. She wheezed something - maybe a word. I put my ear down by her mouth and heard her choke out, “in me.” Her mouth opened again, but her breathing stopped. She didn’t say anything else.

I ran back to the truck to grab the emergency medical kit, like I had any idea what the hell I was doing. When I turned back around, she was standing. Her yellow sundress was on the ground around her feet and she was naked. Her mouth gaped open like she was screaming and her eyes were closed. Not even closed tight; closed like she was sleeping. Her mouth opened wider and wider and I heard some pops and crackles. Like her jaw was breaking. Her eyes were still closed so peacefully. I stared and thought about approaching her until gray vomit starting pouring out of her mouth. The whole area was dead quiet aside from the splashing when it hit the ground. No bird sounds; no insects. Her eyelids didn’t move.

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AC Drawing Challenge: Day O1 ♡ Draw one of your dreamies

I drew Chrissy and Francine! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ I have a few dreamies, but the most important to me is Chrissy. I had her in my town from the very start, but she moved out without warning… I can’t wait to have her back, and reunite her with her sister Francine.