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Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!


Getting to help stitch up a cheetah @ethicaltaxidermy is mounting for the Booth Museum! This cheetah died of abscess in her spine and jaw back in 1980, and has been sitting in a barrel in the museum ever since. Her skin is tough and brittle, as she is been in formaldehyde for 30 years - but she is looking good. So very soft too.


Writing Made-up Settings

Anonymous asked: “Would it be okay to write a YA story in a setting that the I, the author, just made up? For example, a made up name of a city, the school there, etc. I tried researching a certain place I desired for my story but it is so complicated because I’ve never been there.”

Someone correct me if I’m wrong - but I’m pretty sure I’m not- but aren’t most stories set in fictional towns? Not necessarily cities or metropolises, but small “no-name” towns? That might not always be true for mysteries and thrillers, but generally in YA, or fantasy, or even a lot of times in literary fiction too, the towns are made-up. 

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Can we all agree that the true, definite, defining feature of a Best Friend™ as an adult is the ability to literally not talk/barely talk for over a year and then immediately pick up the friendship again as if no time has passed?

OKAY SO wol and i made this really cool au where kairi gets her keyblade when she was protecting shadow!sora and so she goes with him after they close the door and on through CO and winds up waking up at the beginning-ish of days because her memories are easier to re-piece than sora’s because there aren’t any xion shenanigans to deal with

she and riku set out together to help sora from the shadows because she wouldn’t LET riku run away all by himself and also it’s the three of them! to the end! she and riku keep an eye on sora together and like. since she was there leading up to CO, sora is freaked out that she’s missing so he’s desperately looking for BOTH of them and the reunion scene is WAY better okay

I really loved the execution of the last Alice episode. How the things Keisha said at the beggining come back at the end, only expanded and more detailed. 

The episode begins with 

This wasn’t in my plan. It wasn’t anything I thought I would ever do. [sighs] You won’t hear from me, not for a long time.

Alice, how did it get from there to here? What were the series of events? I see each moment as a knot in this link of time, and it feels like if I tried hard enough, I could unwind them.

And, almost at the end (the part Keisha thought would be the end), we hear them again, this time with the context of Keisha’s plan to leave the country, to wait. 

This wasn’t in my plan. It wasn’t anything I thought I would ever do. There is nowhere I can go in this country that she cannot follow. She can smell me, she said. And maybe she can. 

My role in this war will become apparent with waiting, and it is better I wait somewhere anonymous and safe than continue to play dice with the universe looking to see me dead.  

You won’t hear from me, not for a long time.

Alice, how did it get from there to here? What were the series of events? I have no particular plan for when I will return. Maybe it will be a few months from now but – more probably years. 

Not only that, but the whole episode works through bringing back old themes, recontextualizing and getting deeper into them. Keisha’s connection with other truckers brings back a number of moments from this season she’s talked about traveling, and its beauty and loneliness. Her progress from the first season, when she saw her work as only a mean to an end, is huge. She values what she does and relates to the people who share it in a deep level. 

There’s also this part in particular, where she brought back one of my favorite monologues from season one.

Some of these towns are so small. A few houses, a bingo hall, a church, and a huge adult store. They are very open about their adult stores out here. Big billboards, huge barn-like structures, packed parking lots in the middle of the day…and across the way, the churches. Two gathering places to service all your needs. And the bingo hall for recreation. It’s not a bad setup. Every axis of life, and beyond that grass on and on and on, until not.

Oh, god, am I being condescending? I am, aren’t I? Shit.

I’m still so fascinated by the approach to sex stores in places that identify as conservative. Because they are really in your face with the sex stores. There’s a huge one right by the highway, with big signs advertising showgirls and men’s spa. How does that kind of open attitude translate with the proudly conservative culture of the rest of it? It’s a strange dynamic.

It’s funny how her shock comes stronger this time, after seeing it again and again, and now actually voicing the contradiction it is. 

I’ve always loved this sort of cyclical narrative structure AiD has in showing Keisha’s journey. The frustration and eventual understanding and advance in her search. This episode was fantastic in the execution of this, with Keisha accepting the vicious cycle she’s stuck in, and showing a deep reflection about what surrounds her and her role in the war. And, along with her understanding, this strange woman always coming after her. Closer and closer every time, acting incomprehensibly in her persecution.

We’re led to the end with Keisha trying to take the reins of her journey and the mysterious woman coming after her. “Will Keisha’s conscience of her ignorance and resolve to wait work?”, we ask ourselves, a little worried about how long she might be away. 

The answer comes in the most exasperating of ends, and that thanks to the structure of the narrative itself. The moment she tries to break the cycle, it comes crashing down on her. There’s no escape to this situation, and now she must face (one of) the killing forces that move it. 

What will happen now that the cycle of no confrontation and understading has come to an end in the most terrible of ways? 

I have no ideia, but I can’t wait to discover in the season finale. 

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you sound like you live in my girlfriends town 👀 she's from nj and she's talked about a big neighborhood drug bust and said there's been a bunch of heroin deaths too

i mean im in the middle of new jersey. like,, rich teens with coke and then poorer teens are heroin. drug busts are like,,,, not common but not surprising u know

Pale Faced Boy- Take A Chance

A/N: Here you have the next chapter to Pale Faced Boy! Hope ya’ll’s like it.

The next morning I laid in bed, I had been tossing and turning all night. At some point I just gave up on trying to sleep. I stared up at the ceiling for hours, as my mind replayed the events of yesterday. For serving reason I couldn’t get that boy put of my head. I could see his grin perfectly in my mind as he said, “See you tomorrow, sunshine.” All I wanted to do was take that stupid, gorgeous smile and slap it off. Part of me didn’t want to go to school today knowing that he would more than likely be waiting for me. The other tiny part of me wanted to go and see him for some reason. What do I do? I haven’t had this much interaction with anyone besides my parents in a while and I’ve forgotten what it’s like being around people.

Truth is the last time I had a friend was in freshman year. We had been friends since third grade, and all through middle school. During the summer before we became freshman we had hung out quite a bit and then when school started we no longer had classes together, she started making other friends. I tried to make some too but as time went by they only wanted to be friends with her. They only wanted to eat with her, and because they were older, she lost interest in me. That was the day I realized I didn’t want to get that close to people again. They make you promises but they never hold up there end, so all that effort you had made for them eventually all goes to waste.

So now here I am stressing over whether or not I was gonna go to school and face Stiles. I sighed, and sat up while my alarm finally going off. I grabbed my phone turning off my alarm and looked at my notifications. I scrolled down seeing the comments likes and reblogs from the story I had updated and there had been quite a few of them. I smiled feeling content with the outcome, maybe one good thing has come out from this weirdness with that kid.

I kept scrolling down my notifications while walking to my bathroom to see that I had received two text messages. One was from my mom saying that she and dad would be out of town for a few weeks for work and the second one was from a number I didn’t recognized that read, Morning Sunshine, I knew exactly who it was. It was none other than Stiles Stilinski. I promptly texted back How did you get my number? I put my phone down on the counter of my bathroom, I began stripping down so I could take a shower when my phone buzzed again.

555-7603: I have my ways ;)

Me: I think it’s called stalking in the real world

555-7603: Ha ha you’re so funny . Are you coming to school today?

Me: Is it a school day?

555-7603: Yeah?

Me: I will be at school . Idiots these days I swear.

555-7603: Sunshine :( that hurt right in the feels. I just might cry.

I rolled my eyes smile ghosting upon my lips,I didn’t bother replying and took a well deserved shower. When I got out I grabbed my phone and walked into my semi messy room, I walked to my closet looking to see what I would wear today. I decided on a plain grey dress that fell mid thigh and a green and red plaid shirt tied around my waist. I put on a pair of black converse, threw my hair into a messy bun with a pair of earrings. I grabbed my phone, making sure to grab my headphones and backpack while walking out of my room. I passed by the kitchen grabbing a water bottle then made my way out the front door to my car.

I got into my beautiful black jeep wrangler turned it on to hear her purr softly, Oh how I love this car, I thought to myself. I plugged my phone into the aux cord playing a playlist I had made last night called Just Ugh, it fit perfectly to how I felt about Beacon Hills High, I pressed shuffle and reversed out of my driveway. As I got on to the main road Ride by Twenty One Pilots started playing, it brought a smile to my face.

“I just wanna stay in the sun where I find. I know it’s hard sometimes. Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind, I know it’s hard sometimes. Yeah, I think about the end just way too much, but it’s fun to fantasize. All my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was but it’s fun to fantasize. Oh, oh, I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ride. Oh, I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ride. Taking my time on my ride.“ I belted but when he started raping quickly I stopped singing and just listened happily, drumming my fingers to the beat on the steering wheel.

When the song ended I realized that I was half way to school, ugh am I right? I only got halfway through the next song before I pulled into the parking lot. I was about twenty minutes early which was nice because that meant I could organize my locker and my thoughts. I parked my car, grabbed my bag and headed into hell… I mean school. When I got to my locker, I opened it grabbing things that I would need for my next few classes.

I then tried to organize the miscellaneous things that were messy when suddenly a pair of hands covered my eyes. I felt a warm breath by my ear sending a shiver down my pine. As I struggled against these hands, I heard a voice say, "Guess who?” I have to be honest I screamed, as lame as that sounds. The hands immediately fell from my face,I was turned around to see Stiles laughing so hard he almost fell to the ground.

I punched his shoulder so hard he fell to the ground, I slammed my locker door closed and made my way to my first period class and of course I saw the one person I didn’t want to see, Lynn Grace, my former friend.

I stopped in my tracks looking at her, her face was plastered thickly with make up and she was wearing a pair of super short shorts and a low cut tank top, she had this surprised look on her face as I stood there. She quickly masked her reaction with a smug look. She walked down the stairs coming towards me leaving her friends, I was suddenly grateful that I had decided to look decent, to show her that I was fine without her.

“Well look who we have here, the high and mighty biatch who think she’s better than everyone. Definitely too good to talk to anyone, isn’t that right old friend? You’re so perfect that we peasants aren’t worth even talking to? Funny ‘cause I’m pretty sure I got hot and you’re just not. Who’s on top now?” She asked feeling confident.

“See that’s funny when you were the one who ditched me to be popular. It doesn’t really matter because the girl I made a promise to, doesn’t exist anymore. She was buried a long time ago under all that make up. I guess even that much make up can’t cover up the ugly inside of you. anymore. I don’t talk to you but that’s for obvious reasons. I doubt you could keep up with the conversations I tend to have. They’re quite intellectual and your boobs hanging out might distract you.” I gave her a pointed look at her shirt and she glanced down pulling her shirt up a little. I kept my facial expression blank, but inside all I wanted to do was run to my jeep and cry.

Suddenly Stiles appeared next to me he started to speak as put his arm around me, “Hey Sunshine,you waited-” I shifted my attention to Stiles my expression guarded, he noticed the change in my expression and his demeanor changed to a concerned one.

“I ditched you because you were no fun. You would rather write a story then go to a party, you had were such a dork, that when I saw my chance to move up to bigger and better things,I took it. I never wanted to be friends with you in the first place, the only reason I hung out with you is so that I could get rides home from school, that and my mom made me.” Lynn laughed. I have to admit that my heart cracked even more when she said those things. I looked around and noticed that a crowd had gathered around us.

His eyes squinted as he looked back in the direction I had been looking at and then back at me, he then glared at the girl I thought I knew, “You’re the one who lost out on the amazing person Sunshine is. You might see a dork, but I see someone who is strong and knows what she likes and what she wants. She has class, more than I can see you have. ” He glanced down at me seeing my façade falling quickly then continued, “I’m glad she’s not friends with you anymore, you’re just a user, you always have been. Don’t you dare talk about her like she’s below you, ‘cause she’s not. I despise people like you, always trying to tear others down. So sad.” He shook his head disapprovingly.

Stiles moved his arm that was wrapped around my shoulders, so he could intertwine his fingers with mine pulling me in the direction of our first class. I was in a daze and I let him lead me away but not before I looked back at the one person I could barely recognize. Her mouth was opened wide as she looked between me and Stiles. I looked into her eyes and I saw no remorse but she did look sad and unhappy with where she was and who she was. I have to admit that I felt pretty happy she seemed as unhappy as I felt.

For the first time in a long time I was glad he was around as he led me away. Inside I was breaking, I hadn’t seen her in forever, mostly because I was always in the library and if I did happen to see her back facing me, I’d walked in the other direction. It’s been two years since I’ve seen her, face to face at least. I came back to my senses when finally we stopped, I looked around to see that we were inside an empty classroom. I gazed up at the boy who literally pulled me away from breaking down and who defended me.

He seemed as if he was studying me, to see what I was going to do. He looked prepared for anything in that moment, his hand squeezed mine gently. I looked down at our hands intertwined, my hand fit perfectly in his,almost if they were made for each other. I squeezed back gently giving him the smallest smile I could muster.

“You okay Sunshine?” He asked slowly, scanning me carefully.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for taking me away and for standing up for me.” I looked down at the ground embarrassed that I showed my weakness for a measly moment.

His free hand outstretched to my chin and he pulled it up gently so I was looking at him, “I read somewhere that when women say 'I’m fine’ they’re really lying.” He offered a small smile to which I had to chuckle.

“You’re right,” I sighed then continued, “I’m not okay, but class is starting soon and I don’t really want to talk about it.” I stared back into his eyes, his chocolate brown eyes, they looked back at me with a certain kindness I didn’t really understand but deep down appreciated. He nodded and led me to my usual seat in the front and sat next to me, our hands still intertwined placed on his thigh. Stiles typed away on his phone texting someone, and every so often he would squeeze my hand.

Just then the bell rang and people started filing in to the classroom including his best friend Scott. He looked between us and he nodded understandingly, to my surprise he sat on the other side of me. I peered up at him and he gave me a kind smile, “Hey, I’m Scott, although I’m pretty sure you know who I am since we’ve practically grown up together.” I laughed and nodded, “Yeah I live like four houses down from you.”

“You live how far from Scott?” Asked a stunned Stiles. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Four houses, duh.” I responded grinning at him. Then the teacher walked in and I heard Stiles whisper something to the effect of, “How did I not notice her before,” I laughed quietly glancing at this boy who seemed like an anomaly to the formula of life I had come up with.

Stiles eventually let go of my hand so we could pull out or things from our bags and my hand immediately felt the warmth dissipate, but I turned my attention to the teacher as he started the lesson for today.

When the lesson had finally ended I was suddenly glad because I couldn’t focus at all. I kept thinking about what Lynn said and I kept hearing Stiles words firing back at her. I also couldn’t focus because Stiles and Scott kept glancing at me almost as if they were trying to make sure I was okay. I hated feeling so fragile and being treated as such however it was nice that they cared, even though I wouldn’t admit that to them. I gathered my things into my backpack while standing up, as I looked up Stiles had his hand already outstretched for me to hold onto.

I didn’t know if I should hold onto his hand, I still didn’t know this boy and I felt insecure for obvious reasons. He seemed to see that I was undecided so he said,"C'mon Sunshine,“ I reluctantly took the hand, craving the warmth his hand provided even if it was a little sweaty, I didn’t mind too much. His face lit up as he led me to the next class we both have together, I even saw Scott’s face light up a little with a smirk and he walked in front of us.

In a weird sense Scott seemed like he was a leader, maybe it was because he was the Lacrosse captain or if it was something else, but he had a strange air of authority, I shook my head ridding myself of silly thoughts. When we got to our next class Scott said he needed to talk to Stiles for a second.

I let go of Stiles’ hand, walking to my seat, sitting down while glancing to the doorway where they were talking. I caught myself trying to hear what was being said but I couldn’t. I couldn’t believe that yesterday I had screamed at this pale faced boy and today I’m grateful for his presence. What the freaking hell? I did not expect this at all. Me hanging around with McCall or Stilinski? What is going on? Am I losing it? I thought to myself as I pulled out my notebook from my backpack, shaking my head.

Stiles entered the room with a grim expression, he walked over to me, crouching so he could talk to me. He said, "Hey something came up,I have to leave with Scott. I’m so sorry Y/N, we’ll try to come back but I don’t know how long it’ll take.” He looked annoyed and I didn’t know how to feel or how to respond so I put on my blank stare and nodded. After I glanced at him I stared straight ahead, looking at the board.

He stood up, “If you need me just text me, okay?” I just gave him a curt nod to which he sighed then walked out of the classroom. I had built these walls around me for so long that I thought they were strong but just one look at my past and the help of a boy and they’re slowly coming down. I balled up my fist tightly, how could I let that happen?

At lunch time, I wasn’t feeling great, wanting more than anything to be done with school so I could go home and sleep. It was so bad I didn’t want to stay the rest of the day and write in the library. I felt nauseous and dizzy so I called my mom. The phone rang a few times and she answer, “Hi, baby,how are you?”

I responded, “Hey mom, I’m not feeling too great mom, I’m feeling nauseous and tired. How are you and dad? ”

“Oh no my mija is sick, should I come back?” she asked concerned.

“No, I’m okay can you just call the school and let them know I need to go home please?”

“Of course. I’ll call right now, make sure to text me when you get home okay? ”

“Okay. Love you mom, ” I muttered weakly.

“Love you too baby,” and with that she hung up.

I made my way to my locker to see the sillouhette of the girl I once knew. I groaned making my way to my locker. She turned and looking at me smugly she started to open her mouth but before she could say anything I put my hand up cutting her off.

“I don’t have the energy to deal with you right now, can you please just leave me alone? ” I looked at her tiredly.

“Your looking pale, are you okay? Are the headaches back?” She asked feigning concern.

“’m not your problem anymore so don’t worry about it,” was all I said, before grabbing my bag and closing my locker. With that I made my way towards the office leaving her behind like she did to me. Before I got to the office the P/A system called my name asking me to go the office. Relief fled my system as I reached the office.

“Sweety your mom called and she said you need to go home. Are you okay? ” The sweet lady from the office asked.

“I’m just not feeling all to well is all, ” I plastered a smile to my face.

“Sorry to hear that, well I got all your homework from your teachers right here. All you need to do is sign the sign out sheet and get some rest. ” I nodded, signed the sheet and put the materials in my bag.

Once outside, the cool October breeze hit my sense making me feel less constricted. I made my way to my beautiful car, unlocking it and getting in. I turned it on and drove to my salvation, home.

As soon as I got home I dropped my bag on the ground, walking upstairs and into my bedroom. I texted my mom to say that I had gotten home then I stripped down into just my bra and underwear grabbing a oversized shirt and collapsing in bed, immediately falling asleep.

When I woke up, I felt super drowsy still but the nausea had gone away. I picked up my phone to see 20 missed calls from Stiles and 7 texts from him.

Stiles: Sunshine where are you?
Stiles: Why aren’t you in class?
Stiles: Are you ignoring me?
Stiles: Are you mad that I had to leave earlier?
Stiles: I’m sorry, Sunshine. Look just let me know that you’re okay?
Stiles: Y/N, I’m worried about you, you aren’t responding and you’re not at our table.
Stiles: Goddammit Y/N what the heck is going on?!

I felt a tinge of guilt that he was so worried that he called me by my name, so I called him back. It rang twice and then I heard the voice I was growing to know well, “Hello? Y/N where have you been? I’ve been worried sick,” he exclaimed sounding relieved yet tired.

“Yeah sorry about that I went home 'cause I started to feel sick around lunch time. I didn’t sleep well the night before. What time is it by the way?” I asked looking at the darkness outside my window.

“It’s like 1am right now,” he yawned. I began to felt bad that I had called him right now.

“Oh gosh I’m sorry that I called you this late I didn’t even look at the time, ” I rushed, all he did was chuckle saying, “It’s okay, really I’ve been because Scott snores like you wouldn’t believe.” He yawned again, it was almost as if I could picture him rubbing his face tiredly.

“Sunshine, how are you? You know, after yesterday?” He asked suddenly. I didn’t say anything at first, I haven’t really processed anything that had happened. I was kind of void of emotions especially now when I had just woken up. I’m definitely not used to telling anyone my feelings or revisiting my past.

“Y/N? You there?” He asked. The way he said my name sent a flutter of something, making my stomach sink.

“Stiles I don’t think I even know how I feel about what happened yesterday, let alone, in all honesty, be able to communicate that sentiment with someone I barely know.” I croaked out, feeling a lump grow in my throat. It was quiet for a while, so much so I thought he fell asleep but then I heard shuffling and a door close.

“Stiles?” I inquired, suddenly worrying if my honesty was going to finally send this strange boy packing. Why I suddenly cared about this kid I barely knew beat me.

“Stiles?” I repeated.

“Uh, yeah, I’m here. Sorry I couldn’t really hear you over Scott’s snores, so I left the room. That and uh Scott threw a pillow at me.” He explained.

I nodded like an idiot almost as if he could see me and I internally laughed at myself for being momentarily dumb, “Sounds like something Scott would do.” I snickered and rolled my eyes.

“Well he did it, and it’s my room. Anyways, you uh were about to tell me how you felt about yesterday. That girl was such for the lack of a better word jackass.” He said, I could hear him walking somewhere as the wind brushed against the speaker.

“Where are you?” I asked, smoothly changing the subject.

“I’m at home, duh, and don’t change the subject and answer the question.” He retorted. Damn, I thought he caught me. I’ve been trying to evade this conversation but nothing was working.

“Stiles-” I groaned.

“Don’t Stiles me. Talk to me Y/N.” He retaliated seriously. For the third time during this phone call he called me by my name, the way it rolled of his tongue made my heart race. For a second I thought I heard an engine roar to life, but I quickly shoved the thought away.

“Stiles, it’s not easy for me, opening up, not to anybody not even my parents. I’m used to dealing with things on my own, I’m not used to someone caring about how I feel about things. It’s easier this way and I don’t get hurt in the process. That’s how I deal with things. I’m sorry,” I murmured the last part quietly. Then I heard the door bell ring which seemed weird since it was you know almost two in the morning.

“Hold on, I think someone just rang my doorbell.” I said.

“Really, what if it’s some murderer?” He quipped.

“It’s not funny, I could be killed and my last conversation would have been with you, how unfortunate, really.” I growled, really hating the fact that no one was home.

I quickly put on a pair of shorts grabbing my bat as I made my way quietly downstairs. As I got to the front door I could see the porch light on and a shadow in front of the door. I peered into the peep hole seeing Stiles’s face with his phone to his ear. I unlocked the door cursing under my breath.

When the door opened and a smiling Stiles was revealed, I wanted nothing more than to punch him again. He put down his hand ending the call as I did the same, “Sunshine, fancy seeing you here,” he laughed, what an a hole, I was genuinely freaking out and here he was at my doorstep joking around.

“What the hell are you doing here Stilinski? Mind you I am holding a bat,” I asked upset. He rolled his eyes and gave me a look asking me if he could come in so I stepped to the side letting him enter my humble abode. Once inside, I closed the door, making sure it was locked.

“Look, I couldn’t sleep with Scott snoring and you clearly need to talk aboutwhat happened, even though your trying desperately to act like it didn’t phase you, when I know the truth because I was there. I’m here to ask you to take a chance, a risk albeit and trust me to be here for you and to listen to you.” He stepped closer to me, looking me dead in the eyes with an expression I couldn’t really place.

“ Take a chance? On who? On you? Someone I barely know? Trust is earned not given freely Stilinski, I don’t really have a lot in supply.” I chuckled bitterly, gazing at him incredulously, stepping away from him while making my way upstairs to my room.

“I don’t need a lot of your trust, I just need a bit so I can prove to you that I’m real, I want to be here for you but I can only do as much as you let me.” He retaliated confidently. As I entered my room, I set down my bat by my bed and I sat down on my bed with my back against the headboard while he mimicked my movements. I stared at him for a while , deciding what I was going to do and if I was going to share things with this kid I was beginning to trust.

“So what will it be Y/N? Are you going to let someone in or are you going to run and hide behind your computer screen again.” He pressed.

I sighed, feeling tired, “Where do you want to start?” I yawned, relaxing against the headboard.

“From the beginning, obviously.” He replied in a smart butt way that only Stiles could pull of so I rolled my eyes and begun my tale of why I refused to be around people and why I don’t get close to them.

The next morning I woke up with my head resting on his chest with his arm wrapped around my waist. His mouth was open a little and soft little snores were vibrating from his chest as he inhaled. As I watched him sleep peacefully, a piece of me never wanted to wake up from whatever unreal dream this was.

A/N: I hope you have a good day or evening and remember that you are lovely and perfect to me.



Just a heads up to the AC:NL community

Animal Crossing is a great, relaxing, cute game, which is why it’s so disappointing when people turn out nasty.

Last night a girl named Anna from town Cutopia showed on the online island asking to trade for golden tools. I told her I’d sell her some rare flowers, then decided to go ahead and give them to her for free. She came over to my town and promptly collected two of every color rose, including rares like black, blue, and gold that I had bred, and two of each carnation color as well. She was really sweet and thankful, I thought she was a young kid playing, so I was happy to give. She suggested we best friend e/o and I said fuck it.

Today she messaged me asking for help: she said it’s her sisters’ birthday and her sister wanted a crown - she asked me for one. I told her sorry, fresh out. What else does she want? She then said she wanted bells - at least a million. I thought this would be no problem since 1mil was what she was offering for golden tools the night before, but she said she could only give 300k. This is where I started to get suspicious.

She then immediately asked to come over to my town. I said yes (mostly because I want to upgrade my station) and she immediately took a ‘famous mushroom’ and a hammer (the rare island item) from my town. I asked if she did as soon as I saw they were missing and she denied having taken them. They were there before she visited - gosh, what a coincidence. Well, anyways I said we couldn’t be friends and errored, but unfortunately the two (at least, to my knowledge, though she may have taken more that I haven’t noticed yet) things she took were picked up before my sister came to visit, resulting in a save, so she got away with the goods. I know that this is hardly any offense, and others have done worse. Frankly I’m upset about the principle of the matter, but I want everyone in the community to be aware, because I love the game and I love the nice, cool, chill, fun, and generous people I meet as well.

Anna from Cutopia will steal from your town and beg for money or rare items and try to be sneaky about it. Please be aware of her, and if anyone has similar stories, please share names to be on the lookout for.

there’s a reason why waverly’s story is about coming out of her shell and wynonna’s is about learning to deal with her inner demons. that’s all i’m sayin. 

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I can't tell if the person I love hates me or not. In fact, I'm not even sure that I love them, or if I'm just so desperate for affection, but at least she makes me feel something no one else does, y'know? She recently moved to my town from Germany after living there for most of her life. I really care about her, but she's always so brash I don't know how to act around her. But we've had our nice moments, we've even kissed in my kitchen, though admittedly it didn't turn out well.

im so sorry that sounds like a rly confusing situation :(

anonymously tell me abt the person ur in love with

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Do you know any more of the woman named Borbora? :D I'm super curious now! And I might be moving to Spain sometime this year or next!

Really? I am going back to Spain again the next year too 💓 

Well she was an older lady and was not married, that is why people thought it was weird because they said she was lovely. The little town my grandfather was from is a small place where everyone eats what they plant and her, even though she was alone and older, was able to always keep a nice house with delicious food. My grandfather used to say that her and his parents would spend hours talking about the civil war, politics, economy, and all that adult stuff. So in my perspective she was a witch, a really nice educated green witch. 

That is all I know, the things my dad remembers  🌱

She was funny. She was cute. She laughed at my jokes.

I am a relatively shy guy, so it took me a few days before I finally asked for her number. I couldn’t have been more excited when she responded by giving me her number and telling me to ask her to dinner.

We go out to dinner, and it is magical. We went out to sushi and laughed through the entire meal. We ended up sitting at the table for two hours. We talked about everything and anything.

We head back to her apartment to “watch a movie”. Thank god I am a shy guy. We end up only making out for a bit. You’ll understand later.

At about 1 am we head back out to the bars. The date was going so well that she invited me to go out and introduce our friends. I invited my friends. She invited hers.

We start doing shots. Telling each other stories about our past and our families. I live in a large city, but my father is from a tiny little town. She lives in a large city, but her mother is from a tiny little town. The same town.

Long story short. Over shots I discovered that I kissed my cousin. I have become a kissing cousin.