she's freaking worried

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also consider this a formal request for wereham and the incident with the farm

Alex doesn’t know how he ends up in these situations.

He just meant to go for a quick hunt. Full moon, so he wasn’t allowed in the workroom, and he got hungry waiting for John to finish his letters. Might as well go outside, chase some squirrels. Better than being stuck in the house with no work or space. Except he was distracted sniffing out rabbits and went a little farther than the outskirts of camp - and now he’s cornered against a barn, staring down two hounds.

His hackles brush against the barn wall. He folds his ears flat against his head, bares his teeth. The dogs continue to press on either side, barking and slavering, threat threat threat. He’s bigger than them, he can fight - no, two is a pack, he’s alone, he can’t hurt someone’s dogs, the General would find out. His fur stands on end. There’s nowhere to go, he has to fight, he has to run -

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Mama May and Director Dad protecting Skye. Staying strong in front of their scared little girl, even though they are worried. Even though this is something they haven’t had to deal with before. Trying to talk to her, calm her down, keep her safe. 

May and Coulson. Exemplary parents. 

k, totally OOC but like….what if Amelie just likes toyin with Lena but once she’s like actually hurtin she freaks out n is worried about her n doesnt know what to do cause she needs to maintain her baddy reputation  (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

also casual amelie on the side judging me for drawing such self indulgent fluffs


living with out Sam, is unbearable 

People: Oh my gosh Marina Joyce is kidnapped! ISIS! We have to help her!

Marina: Guys I’m fine, nothing to worry about. :)

People: She’s being FORCED to say that! Let’s follow her and see what happens!

Marina: *gets more subscribers because of everyone panicking*

People: *when everything is shown to be fine* Man, what an attention whore. This was totally a publicity stunt. How dare she pretend to be kidnapped.