she's freaking worried

Did Riordan knows what he did to me with Magnus Chase? He opened so many questions about the Chase family that I need answers for because this is what I got from Magnus Chase

  • The Chase are HELLA rich.
  • Frederick and his brother went to Harvard and were probably Harvard legacies.
  • Annabeth is a Harvard Legacy. (shout out to @rongasm​ for explaining this to me)
  • The Chase are hella rich.
  • Frederick was the only into greek mythology while his brother (and I guess his sister too) were into norse mythology.
  • All the Chase are super smart.
  • The Chase are descendants from Swedish royalty.
  • The Chase are hella rich.
  • They have a family mausoleum.
  • There is probably money to send Annabeth to college without a scholarship. 
  • Annabeth has two more cousins (girls) and she might not even know they exist.
  • The Chase are rich.

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.

Ok I see all these headcanons for Trimberly that the team is afraid to make too much fun of trini because she’s got that badass don’t fuck with me feel but hear me out:

Trini is a total passifist and anytime she actually hurts someone she feels really bad and makes sure they’re ok. (But she doesn’t want them to know that so she still pretends she’ll kick their ass when they pick on her for her crush on Kim, and that’s scares them off for a while)

Until after one day sparring she accidentally knocks Zack out cold, she freaks out and worries she really messed up and seriously hurt one of her first real friends

He wakes up half an hour later and immediately says something along the lines of “damn you really got me that time” and she just hugs him, much to his surprise, and everyone’s really, because trini doesn’t usually show her soft side like this. But they get it.

They also totally take advantage of this new knowledge and pick on her for her crush on Kim way more than they do Kim for her crush on Trini because, well, Kim’s actually knocked out someone’s tooth before. (Even if they did put it back)

I still can’t get over the part of the fandom going “OMG who knew Aquamarine would be this ~evil~?” like yes, who would’ve guessed a Homeworld Gem would be bad? You know, Homeworld, the ones who colonize planets, disregard human lives, force their own kind to live under a heavily-structured caste system? Literally the antagonists? You…you thought she’d just be a cute innocent little bean…?

Mama May and Director Dad protecting Skye. Staying strong in front of their scared little girl, even though they are worried. Even though this is something they haven’t had to deal with before. Trying to talk to her, calm her down, keep her safe. 

May and Coulson. Exemplary parents. 

Girls as roommates

This is Mod Kaede’s application, again with a few very minor modifications from me (Mod Himiko)! 

Kaede Akamatsu

  • Has a piano or keyboard somewhere in her room
  • Will likely be playing 24/7
  • Sometimes she needs the others to physically pull her away from the piano and get her to stop
  • She once played for 3 days straight because no one stopped her
  • She’s always making music puns
  • Surprisingly enough, Kaede is pretty good at cooking! She might cook Sometimes if Kurumi will let her
  • A tad bit of a neat freak, she’s worried she might lose her sheet music or anything she deems as important
  • Even if Kirumi won’t let her cook on her own, at the very least, she usually helps out with the cooking as well as any other stuff her roommates might need help with
  • Kaede enjoys getting together with the other girls and having slumber parties on weekends and enjoys the makeovers especially
  • Sometimes not home due to piano recitals
  • Overall a pretty good roommate to have

Maki Harukawa

  • Her room would have a red theme to it, as well as punching bags set around the room
  • She also has a fairly large knife collection hidden somewhere within her room
  • Maki would also help with the cleaning sometimes
  • She’s somewhat decent at cooking, she’s no Kaede or Kirumi, but she’s pretty good
  • She keeps her room fairly clean because if she doesn’t, she would likely be in danger because of all the weapons she sometimes lies around 
  • She enjoys Angie’s occasional rituals, they apparently provide peace to her in times of stress
  • She’s also an occasional reader as well, they’re mostly suspense or action books though
  • She enjoys doing hair at the occasional group slumber party
  • She doesn’t talk to the other roommates very much, she cares about them a lot though, she just isn’t very good at showing it

Miu Iruma

  • If any food or drinks are left unaccounted for in the fridge and she wants it, she’ll steal it
  • Her room smells like rust 24/7
  • Keeps spare parts and inventions all over not just her room, but the house as well
  • Her room is so messy all the time that Kurumi gave up on cleaning it
  • She’s the one roommate who refuses to participate in the rituals and weekend slumber parties, she claims that they’re dumb, but she’s really just too shy to participate
  • She often stays up working on inventions, so she’s usually the second latest one awake
  • Late at night when she’s working, you can often hear her swearing in frustration because she’s so tired
  • She also makes more dirty jokes than you could shake a stick at, they often make the other roommates very uncomfortable

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • Her room is a mess always full of fabric, anime, mannequins, and stuff of that variety
  • Poor Kurumi is in there all the time trying to keep it clean
  • Tsumugi likes to call her room organized chaos but Kurumi thinks otherwise
  • Enjoys having the other roommates cosplay as her favorite characters
  • She keeps her “commission artworks” hidden under her bed and in the deepest depths of her closet
  • She’s the makeup specialist at the weekend slumber parties
  • Is often not home because of work and cons, she’s gotta buy her cosplay supplies somehow
  • Don’t let tsumugi cook, she might burn the house down
  • Overall messy, but still a pretty good roommate

Himiko Yumeno

  • Her room would look like a witch’s lair 
  • She has a magic table in her room to do magic tricks
  • She keeps “spellbooks” and other things on her bookshelves
  • She can actually cook fairly decently, she claims she uses a “food spell” but no one believes her
  • Enjoys her frequent conversations about magic with Tenko
  • She’s 9/10 times the last one awake 
  • Her room is one of the messiest because she’s too lazy/disinterested to clean it
  • She calls whatever drinks she personally keeps in the fridge her “hp potions” 
  • She’s the 2nd earliest sleeper, only 30 minutes behind Tenko
  • Participates in Angie’s rituals because they apparently boost her mp

Tenko Chabashira

  • An overprotective mom to say the very best of it
  • If any male enters the house with any of the other roommates she will interrogate them immediately 
  • Her room is very clean and traditional
  • Tenko likes to *think* she’s good at cooking when in reality it’s not really the best everyone is just 
  • She practices her neo aikido a lot when she’s at home
  • Talks a lot about magic with Himiko while drinking tea
  • She goes to bed really early
  • Complains about it if any of the roommates are making a lot of noise at night, or if Kaede is playing piano while she’s trying to practice aikido
  • While she usually is the first to go to bed, she still enjoys hanging out with the others during the weekend slumber parties
  • She also asks for massages from Kurumi frequently

Angie Yonaga

  • Keeps a homemade Atua shrine and a lot of candles in her room
  • Sometimes asks the other roommates for blood sacrifices
  • Somehow managed to procure a separate room for her art, no one knows how she did it, but she did
  • Likes to keep her things clean and light incenses to create a good spiritual atmosphere in the house
  • Don’t trust Angie with cooking either, she puts random things in “because atua said so” when in reality it’s just random stuff and it ends up being pretty bad.
  • She likes it when the other girls join her for rituals
  • She hangs and frames her art all over the house as well
  • Does a lot of random decorating things because atua said so, to the point Where the other roommates think atua is just Angie’s mind telling her to do random things if they didn’t think that already
  • She also helps with cleaning on occasion

Kirumi Tojo

  • Often does all the cleaning, unless the other roommates force her to take some time of her own
  • Those are the days Kaede usually cooks
  • Her room is always spotless, she likes a clean room
  • She’s constantly picking up after Tsumugi and Himiko because their rooms are almost always a mess
  • Assists with snacks, drinks, and makeup when they have weekend slumber parties
  • Her cooking is 5-star restaurant quality, it’s honestly incredible
  • She’s very polite and always offers to lend the other roommates a hand when they need it
  • Whenever she’s got some free time, she enjoys reading! Nothing is better than curling up with a good book and some tea to her
things don’t always turn out that way

Sara sent him to run errands because she was worried he’d freak out – Jeff was sure of it. And, okay, yeah. Maybe he’d gone a little bit crazy on the ice. And maybe he’d screamed at a doctor earlier. But that was no reason to –

Well, okay. It was a great reason. And Jeff did feel better having checked on both Kit and Kevin. Sara’d asked him to get some shoes, too, because apparently Kent had visitors, one of which he’d thrown up on.

It irritated Jeff that Kent had visitors before he’d gotten to see him.

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“Hm…heavy… Huh? A blanket?”

“So…sleep well?”


“Gah! What is it?! I didn’t do anything wrong! I swear!”

“Oh, that’s not it. I’m just so glad to see you, that’s all.”


Boruto the movie experience

I listed down some of fun moments of Boruto- Naruto the movie.
All I can say is it is an action-packed film. I love it. 


Cute BoruHina scene:
(official english subs) 

Himawari: Brother, today is my birthday. Let’s go home!
Boruto: Yes! (and then, we saw a broad smile from Boruto, I must say, this scene melted my heart)
Then Sarada looked at Boruto, Himawari and Hinata.
Her eyes was like sparking. (shoujo eyes)
Then this happened. 

Boruto: Kaa-chan, I’ll carry those. (then he carried the groceries)
We will be having a feast, Himawari

Anndddd… Remember this pic? 

It is actually a picture of Hinata, Naruto and a young Boruto (toddler?). That’s what I saw. (maybe I’m wrong, but I’m 90% sure)

After Boruto lashed out to his mom, he went to Naruto’s study room. And I must say, there’s a lot of Uzumaki family photos. Boruto looked at those pictures carefully. There’s a new uzumaki family pic (Naruto carrying Himawa over his shoulders, while Hinata and Boruto walking). The second one, I forgot. The third one is this: 

Then… On Naruto’s table, I saw a NH picture (yes, only the two them.) Hope my eyes were not fooling me. Haha. 

Now let’s go to the chunin exams. 

This is the official sub of what Hinata said to Naruto “What’s wrong, dear?" 

And to clear things up, Boruto did not cheat in the first level of the exams (sai’s exam). 

After the second test, Boruto entered his house. Himawari congratulated him.
The Boruto said don’t worry about the dinner. Then, there’s a zoom in shot of Hinata looking worried. 

Nowww… Let’s go to the Momoshiki attack. 

The scene were Sakura crushed a roof or something…. It’s epic
After this scene: 

The camera zoomed in to Hinata and she said ”Naruto-Kun.“ (freaking worried face here). 

Andddd now after the attack, these are the exact dialogues. 

Himawari: Mama 

Boruto: Himawari and mom! (then he searched for them) 

Himawari: Can you recognize me? 

Sakura: Hinata! 

Hinata:*she finally woke up and looked at Hima and Boru* 

Sakura: She fought alongside Naruto. She tried to bring Naruto back. 

Boruto:*he ran* 

At the Hokage’s office: 

My favorite quote from Sauce. 

Sasuke: You made your sister cry, your mom was hurt, and you lose your dad….. Without your sister and mother, you are the same as Naruto before.


Sakura assisted Hinata to walk towards Boruto. Just like this: 

Yes, a SakuHina moment haha. 

Hinata said "Boruto,…. Boruto…. Boruto!" 

Then we saw Sarada looking at Hinata. (she knew that Hinata was worried)
Then these moments happened:
In the end, Hinata said "Please take care of your dad." 

In the Uzumaki family scene, here’s what happened: 

Himawari: Tou-chan, your lunch box
Naruto: Thank you Himawari
Hinata: Good grief. Boruto also forgot his!
Then they all laugh. (This is my fave scene)

In the credits.
Hinata’s name was below Naruto’s name.

Final verdict: 7.8/10

To tell you the truth, I’m hard to please. I always look at the story rather than the action. But I must admit, the final fight was amazing. The animation was superb.  

But I thought, the build up of the story was slow during the first part of the film. The movie also raised a lot of questions. You’ll crave for more. In my language, we call it "bitin." 

In terms of the story, I thought it was nice and heart-warming (esp. The scenes with the uzumaki family) 

And….. I must say… Himawari was very cute in this film. I demand a Himawari film now. 

For me, this film is the second best Naruto movie. The Last is still on top. I’m not biased because I’m NH shipper. I just felt that The Last is full of emotions. It will really give you a lot of feels. Don’t get me wrong, Boruto movie also gave me that feels, but it’s not the strong.

You can ask me if you want to

Note: Have to edit because of the pictures. 

k, totally OOC but like….what if Amelie just likes toyin with Lena but once she’s like actually hurtin she freaks out n is worried about her n doesnt know what to do cause she needs to maintain her baddy reputation  (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

also casual amelie on the side judging me for drawing such self indulgent fluffs

People: Oh my gosh Marina Joyce is kidnapped! ISIS! We have to help her!

Marina: Guys I’m fine, nothing to worry about. :)

People: She’s being FORCED to say that! Let’s follow her and see what happens!

Marina: *gets more subscribers because of everyone panicking*

People: *when everything is shown to be fine* Man, what an attention whore. This was totally a publicity stunt. How dare she pretend to be kidnapped.

The last thing that she wanted to be doing right then was sitting in the passenger seat of her father’s truck on the way to the hospital. She’d passed out, hit her head, and it was entirely her own fault, but she didn’t need to go to the hospital. David wouldn’t hear of her not getting checked out, though, no matter how many times she protested. Of course, the real reason she didn’t want to go was obvious only to her. She’d been avoiding Whale for a solid week now, pretending like that night hadn’t affected her, almost believing it, but as they pulled up outside the hospital, Emma knew it really had just been all pretend. She was completely freaking out, worried David would just magically know everything from a look or something said, even though that was utterly ridiculous. What she was really afraid of was how she was going to feel when she saw Victor, though.

“Is Dr. Whale available?” David asked the nurse at the front desk, Emma standing behind him with her arms crossed over her chest. “My daughter hit her head, and we want to make sure she doesn’t have a concussion." You want to make sure I don’t have a concussion she thought, a sigh escaping her lips as she fidgeted relentlessly. She could chalk it up to hating hospitals if her dad noticed, but he was too preoccupied worrying about her head to actually figure out that something else was bothering her. She was pretty sure she didn’t have a concussion, that she’d just been dehydrated, but if this was what it would take to put her parents’ minds at ease, so be it.