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Oh my goodnesssss I'm so in love!! It's only been 2 weeks but they have been like the best 2 weeks of my life!! I love my gf so much! She's so sweet, caring, funny, and she sends me good morning texts and stuff and ahhhhhhhh! It's just the best! She's freakin adorable too even tho she doesn't believe it ;) I'm sorry for just blurting all of this our but my heart is exploding with love for herrrrrr <33333

This is why I started this blog djdjfjjf

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is your background photo your puppy?? He/she is so freakin adorable!!!!!! What kind is he/she? :0

Oh I wish! I cant have pets so I befriend (and steal, and fail) other people’s pet. He is @humbella’s! He is as cute as his human dont you think?

Totally forgot: he is poodle mixed as I assume that’s what you meant?
Laying in bed Hcs for Gency my boys

- mercy is nice and cuddly with robo boy
- he finds it adorable
- he has his visor off;)
- I wish smut but no :(
- she gives him light little kisses
- he’s just laughing bc he finds her so freakin adorable
- she loves that he’s a cuddly cyborg bc that means he’s forever the cooler side of the pillow
- he notices when his angel is about to fall asleep
- he lets her
- watches her for a bit just taking in thy beauty
- falls asleep as well

I’ve been thinking about this for three days but when it finally came down to doing it my brain shut off this is my life enjoy this goodbye people

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Reading about your awkward work romance and thinking of a WinterShock fic where Darcy tries to awkwardly compliment a newly returned Bucky and it just gets progressively worse and even though Bucky doesn't say anything he thinks she freakin' adorable...

“So, you know, it’s nice that they gave you such a buff arm and all.”

Jane gasped.

“Darcy, you can’t just say something like that!”

She raised her hands defense.

“What? I’m not saying I’m happy they made him use the arm for villainy and all that. I’m just saying it’s nice that they chose to give him one with such symmetry and aesthetics.” She paused as she turned to the man in question. “Although, what happens if you stop working out? Will your real arm get all small and puny and look completely ridiculous next to your jacked metal arm? Or does the brooding keep you naturally fit?”

Her boss groaned, covering her face with both hands. 

But that just meant she didn’t get to see the corner of Bucky’s mouth ticking up, or how his eyes had gone kind of squinty. And not in the “I’m calculating the quickest method to kill you,” way, but more in the “I shouldn’t be amused but I kind of am” way.

So she proceeded, linking one of her arms with his real one, making sure to give his bicep a squeeze, for research and all. 

“Because there’s only so much hero angst this tower can take. So you’re gonna have to keep up with the work outs.“

She could still hear Jane’s groans as she kept talking, leading Bucky from the room.

“Your face is pretty and all, but I’m all about symmetry.”

The chuckle he let out, and the fact that he was most certainly flexing under hand, let her know she was onto something. 

Something good.

SophiaBush: when you’re trying to FaceTime bae from the hotel to tell her all the things, but she isn’t picking up 😂 #SendAwkwardScreenshots #BreytonFeels #AboutLastNight

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Hi could i request gif reaction of ikon when their gf cut her hair from very long to very short 😍 please

Hi there! I’m so, so, extremely sorry for the late reply T^T I still hope you’ll see this and enjoy it. Sorry once again!

Hanbin: “Baby, no matter what you do you’ll always be just my style!”

Bobby: “Look at her turning into a very cute pixie!” *insert heart eyes*

Jinhwan: “Who’s that cutie? Oh, yeah, she’s my girlfriend! :>” *extremely proud*

Junhoe: *when he meets you for the first time after changing hairstyles* “Have we met before? HAHA! Gotcha there for a minute! Kiddin… I know you’re my adorable gf <3″

Yunhyeong: “How can she be so freakin’ adorable no matter what she does?!”

Donghyuk: *keeps on staring* “You’re beautiful… so beautiful…”

Chanwoo: *when you stress that he won’t like it* “Why wouldn’t I? It’s still you and you look great no matter what ^~^”

My Reaction to how every DBZ Canon ship started

GokuxChichi: He thinks marriage IS FOOD *sobs* She says she loves him and he thinks ‘What does that mean?*okay, i seriously don’t know whether to laugh or cry*  

VegetaxBulma: HE TRIED TO DESTROY THE WORLD AND *INDIRECTLY* KILLED HER FRIENDS AND BOYFRIEND...but damn, there is chemistry  *also, this one completely blindsided me and xxxx years later, I’m still reeling* 

KrillinXAndroid18: She’s such a sassy ex-villain who can kick ass but she likes him. She freakin likes our adorable, brave and loyal, no-nose baldy. *AKIRA TORIYAMA, I HATE YOU FOR CREATING UNLIKELY SHIPS THAT SOMEHOW WORK!* 

GohanxVidel: Oh thank God, this is much more natural and believable. FINAL-fucking-LY 

Breathless Part 5

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader

Music : Never Stop by Safetysuit

Summary : Being at a SPNCON, Jensen was up to perform a song. But once he laid his eyes on you, he couldn’t stop himself from staring. After, as everyone made their way to the lobby, you had realized you left your phone somewhere. While calling it, in hopes you could find it, Jensen answers.

A/N : I am so amazed by how well this series is going! Thank you all for the positive feedback. It makes my day !! Also, play this song. this is what jensen sings in the story! Enjoy!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

The night was young, and you and Jensen were hanging out with Jared and Gen at their house, to watch the game.  

It was a normal routine. 

You four always got together every week and it felt like home. They felt like home.

Everything was moving fast, and time was beyond your reach. It’s been 6 months since you and Jensen made it official at the awards show, and it was beyond the best months of your life. 

He took you to places you’ve never been. Made adventures with you. Memories you hope to never forget. 

During his off time, he would either stay at your place or you’d stay at his. He showered you with love and it was something you weren’t used too. But on his busy days, when he either had work or conventions, he always made time for you. No matter what. 

You felt special. Even hd to pinch yourself because it seemed too good to be true. 

Everything was great, until your pictures were plastered all over Twitter, and some fans began to throw some hate your way. 

You tried to keep away from those things, too ignore them. But it was hard. Especially when you were alone. 

“So I am throwing Jared a surprise party for his birthday next week.” Gen muttered, holding the wine glass up to her face so the boys couldn’t see what she was saying. “And I was wondering if you could help?” She batted her eyes and smiled. 

“Of course! Anything for you.” You stammered. “Maybe we could get male strippers. I’m sure he’d love that.” You winked. 

Gen laughed, louder than expected, causing the boys to snap their eyes on you. 

“What’s so funny?” Jared smiled. 

“Oh nothing, just making jokes about stuff.” She cackled. 

The boys both furrowed their brows and nodded. 

“Yeah okay.” He stammered. “Bet they’re plotting on how to murder us.” He whispered to Jensen. 

Jensen chuckled to himself, and turned to look at you.

He enjoyed watching you smile. Seeing you and Gen grow closer. It meant everything to him that you two got along. 

“Come on, it’s about to start.” Jared yelped. 

You and gen made your way next to the boys. 

Gen sat on Jareds lap while you snuggled up next to Jensen. 

You felt his lips press firmly on your head, as he tangled his hands into yours.
“Come on!! I don’t give a shit about commercials. I want to see the damn game!” Jared grunted. 

You felt Jensen chuckle as he looked at his best friend. “Eat a snickers you old man.” He teased. 

You looked at the smiles on their faces, and felt at ease. They were family. 


Both you and Jensen were exhausted from your evening at Jareds.
Finally making it back to your place, Jensen decided to take a quick shower. Leaving you alone. 

Your phone kept going off through the night. But you were too busy to notice. Until now. 

You could feel your stomach churn as you read the notification. It was messages from people on Twitter. 

You took in a deep breath and opened the app. As you read each tweet, ‘He deserves so much more! She’s nothing’ ‘She isn’t even cute’ ‘Why is he even with her? Is he blind?’ ‘Bet this won’t even last another month.' 

You felt your heart drop and a knot form in your throat. Tears welled in your eyes, and it was excruciating. 

You threw your phone. As the words stitched into you. 

“Hey baby. Where’s the lotion?” Jensen muttered, walking into the room in nothing but a towel that was wrapped around his waist. 

You wiped the tears away and sniffed in a deep breath. Trying to hold your composure. 

“Here.” You whispered as you handed him the lotion. 

He flashed a smile and met your gaze for moment. Taking another look, he furrowed his eye brows and pulled your face up to his. 

“What’s wrong babe?” He asked, looking concerned. 

You tried to laugh it off, but the tears were overbearing. “Nothing I’m fine.”
“Something is bothering you. What is it?“ 

You let out a long sigh and dropped your head. Your body began to shake as you wept into your hands. 

“I’m not good enough for you!” You finally let out.  

Jensen was baffled. Hurt even. “W-what? Where is this coming from?“ 

"Does it matter?” You asked, meeting his gaze. “I’m not rich, I’m not in movies, I’m not pretty like a model, I’m no one. Nothing." 

Jensen pursed his lips together, and knelt down in front of you. Cupping your face, he wanted you to know so bad of how he felt. "You’re the most beautiful person I have ever met. You know that? Whenever you look at me or smile or even laugh, I lose my breath. You have no idea how much you mean to me.” He whispered. “I don’t care about your money, or the fact that you aren’t rich and famous. I care that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside." 

You felt your stomach flutter as your lips slowly curved up.
"You’re amazing.” You smiled. 

“I know.” He smirked. 

You rolled your eyes as you both chuckled. 

“I’m going to take my makeup off and brush my teeth.” You exclaimed.
He nodded and gently pressed his lips to yours. “Hurry up so we can go to sleep, cause I’m beat.” He cackled. 

“Okay old man.” You teased. 

As you made your way to the bathroom, Jensen slipped into his boxers, and hung the towel on the rack. He noticed your phone on the floor and picked it up to place in on your nightstand. Until the screen lit up like crazy.  

“What the hell?” He whispered. Opening the app, he read through the nasty messages, that she was tagged in. 

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially since they were from his fans. He felt sick. Annoyed. 

And he knew exactly what he had to do. 

“Hey babe. Don’t make plans this weekend ok?” He stammered.
“What why?” You yelped through the door. 

“Because, im taking you to the convention okay? It’ll be fun! It’s the thing that brought us together in the first place.” He smiled as the images of that night flooded his mind. 

You felt the blood rush up to your cheeks. “Sure. Yea that sounds fun.”

You looked into the mirror, and your lips slowly fell. You were a mess, and it made you feel even worse. Even making you second guess the decision to go. But it was too late to change your mind. 

"Awesome.” You sighed. 


(The weekend of the con)

The room was crowded with fans. Some cosplaying as the characters as other dressed normally. You haven’t been to one in months, not since the night your life changed. 

You sat in the very back with Felicia and Gen. As the boys were on stage, singing and dancing. Making fools of themselves.
It was hilarious. 

But as the night rolled in, Jensen decided to do a solo.
He took a seat as he held the guitar close to him. 

“So this song-” he paused looking up at you, as he began to play the cords. “This song is for my girlfriend.” He flashed a smile. 

Your stomach fluttered as the blood rushed up to your cheeks.
Jensen kept his gaze on your for a moment, until he leaned in to the mic. 

This is my love song to you. 

Let every woman know I’m yours. 

So you could fall asleep each night babe. 

And know I’m dreaming of your more.”

Your eyes began to well with tears as you watched your boyfriend dedicate a song to you. Gen and Felicia were in tears as well, as a smile plastered on their faces. Lingering on every word he sang, you were mesmerized. 

You’re always hoping that we make it. 

You always want to keep my gaze, 

Well you’re the only one I see and 

That’s the one thing that won’t change." 

Gen slipped her hand into yours and squeezed. "This is so freakin adorable.” She whispered. 

I will never stop trying. 

I will never stop watching as you leave.

I will never stop losing my breath-” Jensen looked up, and locked his gaze with yours. 

Every time I see you looking back at me. 

I’ll never stop holding your hand. 

I’ll never stop opening your door. 

I’ll never stop choosing your babe. 

I’ll never get used to you." 

The tears streamed down, staining your cheeks. Your heart raced as your smile grew more and more. 

Jensen couldn’t keep his gaze off you, as he sang each word. He had been extremely nervous, especially since he wanted it everything to be perfect.
You still get my heart racing, still get my heart racing for you.“ 

The fans were in awe. You could hear people sniffling, and other crying as he came to the end. Some even looked back at you then back at him, recording you both. 

It was like something out of a movie. 

As he played the last chord, everyone jumped up and cheered. Felicia and Gen mirrored their actions as you kept your gaze on him. 

He looked around the room, his smile was big. Like a little kid on Christmas morning. 

And when he looked at you, he grabbed the mic. 

"I’ll never get used to you Y/N.” He stammered. “Well thank you all for an amazing night! See you guys tomorrow!” He smiled. Waving goodbye to the crowd. 

You watched as he made his way to you. Cameras followed him, pictures were being taken. But he was the only thing you saw. 

Your cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, but you couldn’t help it. You were filled with nothing but happiness. 

He cupped your face, and crashed his lips to yours. Echoes of people screaming and pictures being taken. And even Gen and Felicia were ecstatic.
“Come on let’s go.” He whispered. 

You felt him guide you out of the room and into the back where all the other cast members waited. 

“Well wasn’t that just so romantic!” The boys teased. Pretending to seem touched, as they pressed their hands to their chest. 

“You’re just so dreamy!” Richard croaked. 

“Oh shut up.” Jensen chuckled, wrapping his arms over your chest as he rested his chin on your head. 

“So what’s the plan? Are we going out to eat or what?” Jared asked, sitting on the couch. 

“We are going to get food. Because after that performance, well let’s just say I worked up an appetite.” Misha flashed a dirty wink. 

Laughter filled the air as you all gathered your belongings. 

The crew made their way out of the conference room and you were two. Until Jensen pulled you back into him. 

“Come on. We’re going to be late.” You muttered. Still smiling like an idiot, or so you felt. 

He pushed your hair behind your ear, his eyes were soft as the locked into yours. “I know, I just want to tell you something." 

You furrowed your brows. "Okay? What’s up?" 

Jensen was quiet for a moment, keeping his gaze on you as he felt his palms begin to sweat and his heart race. He was extremely nervous. 

"I-i love you.” He exhaled. 

You grew bashful. Your tears fell from your eyes. This was the first time he has ever said those words. And honestly, you were beginning to think he was never going to. 

And now here you are. 

“I love you too.” Your voice shook. 

He gently pressed his lips to yours. He tasted of something sweet. Just like the night you two met. 

“Okay. Enough chick flick moments.” You flashed a wink. 

Jensen belted out in laughter, throwing his head back as he cackled. “Oh God. You are such a fan girl." 

"Shut up, Dean. Now let’s go, before Jared eats all of the food.” You chuckled.
Jensen nodded and lead the way, his hand holding yours. 

“Want to race? Bet I can beat you.” He challenged. 

You raised an eye brow and nodded. “Ok. Loser has to pay.”

"Great. On the count of three.” You muttered.  

“One, tw-" 

You pushed him down and began to run toward the lobby. 

"H-hey that’s cheating!” He grunted as he propped himself up and followed behind you. 

“Can’t hear you! I don’t speak loser!” You cackled.