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Say You Love Me (AU), Part 4 - Jake x MC (NSFW)

Hello, fandom friends! This is Part 4 of the continuing AU story of Jake and my MC, Lanie. This is more or less a sexy interlude in the story and I promise Part 5 will feature actual plot. :D

This is definitely NSFW - Look away, children!

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Jake arrives at the tiny island airport in the late afternoon. Even as it’s setting, the sun still shines bright and warm and all around the palm trees sway lazily in the breeze. Almost anyone would think this is paradise. Jake doesn’t disagree…in principle, but honestly he can’t wait to leave this place. The cold Chicago autumn is where he wants to be and he can’t wait to get home to his two beautiful girls.

The last couple months have gone by faster than he thought they would. The couple who chartered them are actually pretty down-to-earth, easy going and friendly. They wanted to be able to fly around Asia without an itinerary and so that’s what he and Mike have been doing for them. Mike has been in heaven, lounging on beaches in between flights and exploring the beautiful cities they’ve visited. And Jake has enjoyed himself to an extent, but every day the ache to be home, to be with Lanie and Livia has grown. He misses them desperately. Skype calls and texting across the world only goes so far. He longs to kiss his little girl’s chubby little cheeks and hear her bubbly laugh, to hold Lanie in his arms and tell her he loves her, to just be home.

Stepping into the airport, Jake walks through the security line on autopilot. His mind is elsewhere, thinking of all the things he wants to do when he gets home. Just as he hefts his duffle bag from the conveyer belt and onto his shoulder, his phone buzzes. Pulling it out of his pocket, Jake grins at Lanie’s gorgeous face on the screen. He thumbs the phone open with one hand and lifts it to his ear.

“Hey there, darlin’.”

“Hey, Jake. You at the airport?”

“You know it. How’s your day been?”

“Well, let’s see,” Lanie says and Jake can picture her in his mind’s eye. It’s late in Chicago, so she’s probably already in bed, leaning back against the headboard as she talks to him. One more day and I’ll be there beside her. The thought fills him with a rush of untamed joy.

“So Liv and I watched Moana this morning” Lanie tells him, “and I made the grave mistake of telling her that you were flying around places kinda like that and so she decided we need to watch Moana…on repeat…4 times in a row, Jake! I think ‘You’re Welcome’ is going to be in my head for the rest of my life. And she asked to watch it again tomorrow,” Lanie gives a fake sob and Jake chuckles even as his heart aches. He’s missing so much. Even though it’s just ordinary little things, he wants to be there. He wants to watch Disney movies and snuggle with his daughter. He wants to sing along in an off-key voice until Lanie throws popcorn at him. He just wants to be home.

“That kid has an obsessive streak a mile wide,” he says.

“Yeah, she does. It’d be annoying if she weren’t so freakin’ adorable.”

“She gets that from me, you know,” Jake teases.

“Oh, I know. Believe me, I know,” Lanie says flatly and Jake’s sudden loud laughter causes a few strangers to give him looks as he walks through the airport, but he ignores them all, focused on the woman he loves on the other side of the world. Pushing through a door, he walks out onto the concrete airfield and toward the hanger where the plane is parked.

“How about you? What are you up to tonight, darlin’?”

“Just laying in bed…thinking about you.”

“Well, what a coincidence,” Jake drawls, a sly smile on his face, “I was just thinking about you before you called.”

“Oh, really? And what exactly were thinking about, Mr. McKenzie?”

“You, me, a bottle of whiskey, and a warm bed.”

Lanie sighs and Jake can hear the longing in her voice, “God, that sounds perfect.”

“Doesn’t it just?”

“I can’t wait for you to come home, Jake. I miss you so much and…” Lanie hesitates.

“And what? Is everything okay?” Jake asks worriedly.

“It’s just that these last few weeks have lasted way too long” Lanie continues casually, as though she was talking about the weather, “and it’s been ages since I had anything but my own hands and my vibrator between my legs.”

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Boruto ep. 15 recap

“A New Path”

•Shikamaru, Sai & Naruto are literally 3 of my favorite male characters so it made me really happy seeing them take a stroll through the park.
•That girl with brown hair, in pigtails, that wears orange is so freakin adorable. She has a beauty mark under her eye. Omg.
•I love that Mitsuki loves Boruto & refuses to leave his side.
•I’m screaming at the fact that these kids haven’t graduated yet & people are shook that they are finally forming InoShikaCho. Legacy! Impact!
•Metal Lee cracks me up! His faces. He’s just a baby.
•I respect the shit outta Boruto’s no snitching policy.
•Shino is such a good teacher. There really needs to be more Shino’s in the education system tbh!
•I almost pressed the button on my life alert bracelet when I saw Naruto reading a book to Himawari. HALP!!!
•Inojin just be knowing all the tea & spillin it. I live.
•That goth girl did not disappoint me. This creepy ass doll jutsu is everything I’ve ever wanted.
•That brolic ass man with the skin tight white shirt that delivered Shino news had me in tears! Who is he?! Why does he look like that?!
•Now Inojin. What we won’t do is refer to ChoCho as chubby for the rest of the series. My girl has a name! Keep it very cute.
•Mitsuki really asked Boruto for permission to use a new jutsu & shut shit down.
•Did these kids really have a productive day at school if they didn’t fuck up the school itself???
•Sumire is better than me. I would have transferred somewhere else.
•I was really hoping Sumire’s outfit would evolve after the incident but her new hair clips are cute.
•Naruto, his shadow clone or whatever is out of shape. That ramen is catching up!
•So, I’m guessing Toneri embedded Hinata with some weird ass chakra or whatever & it’s the reason that Boruto has this eye.
•All this shit with Kaguya, the shorty Kaguya & the big one doesn’t make sense to me so Ima just wait til its further explained. I know they came out in the Boruto movie but idc about that.

Thoughts on next Ep:
•I don’t care about no damn Denki or Iwabe. These background characters don’t need stories like that.
•Gimme an Inojin centric episode or Metal Lee, whoever of the kids kids’

This is a comparison of May’s Japanese dub and her english dub and let me just tell you that she sounds so freakin’ adorable even though she literally makes only sounds and grunts. 

In english, she sounds more tough (really subtle tho) like she’s could kick your ass and like i love both versions?? i just really like may okay 


As a Special Request from a Nonny:

Here are some screenshots of Dottie Oasis when she’s an adult.  I cannot get over how freakin’ adorable she is.  It really makes me want to continue with them. Maybe in the future if i have time i’ll pick this blog back up :) ♥


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