she's freakin' adorable

Laying in bed Hcs for Gency my boys

- mercy is nice and cuddly with robo boy
- he finds it adorable
- he has his visor off;)
- I wish smut but no :(
- she gives him light little kisses
- he’s just laughing bc he finds her so freakin adorable
- she loves that he’s a cuddly cyborg bc that means he’s forever the cooler side of the pillow
- he notices when his angel is about to fall asleep
- he lets her
- watches her for a bit just taking in thy beauty
- falls asleep as well

I’ve been thinking about this for three days but when it finally came down to doing it my brain shut off this is my life enjoy this goodbye people


Rapunzel and Flynn being adorable
requested by @lilacfrostprincess

Watch on

how is she even real??

A quick Felicia doodle bc I should teeeechnically be doing homework and also my tablet driver is being screwy.

In other news, she miiight just be my favorite Corrin retainer so far? Idk, we’ll see. But, she’s just so freakin’ adorable. Since 90% of my runs will probably be with F!Corrin though, I’m going to have to wait around forever for her… You’re not wanted here Jakob I just wanna be gay with my maid why is that so hard