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Lost - The Forgotten Series - Pt. 3

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Rowena, mentions of Crowley and Cas

Warnings: All the Angst

Word Count: 2.6k (hey look, it’s the longest of the series)

A/N: I know that it’s been a while. I had to wait for this one to come to me. I thought it was going to be the last one, but it turns out this Series has other plans. So, I bring you third installment of The Forgotten Series, Lost. I really hope you guys like it! Catch up on Pt. 1 & 2

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I think Topanga is 100% sure in Sweet Sixteen after Riley wanting to give up a good school for Maya like she did for Cory. But which part of Hone for the Holidays? Cause i watcged it a few days ago and nothing stands out. Cory on the other hand we can totally see him shipping them in Mr Squirrel and Belief

Oh yeah, she definitely knows in Sweet Sixteen. I was just talking about near the end where Riley says she doesn’t go anywhere without her best friend and Topanga gives that knowing smile and links arms with Cory, looks at him, and says “That’s not a bad way to live” or something like that lol. Like “yes, children, be like me and my husband”

For those who are saying Sabrina is more into her music than GMW - I have news for you. You are wrong.

I just want to put this out there because I feel the need to defend @sabrinacarpenter after something I read today. Those of you who think Sabrina cares more about her music career than she does Girl Meets World and that she doesn’t want to be on the show anymore couldn’t be more wrong. My friend attended the tapings of World Meets Girl, Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen, and Girl Meets Goodbye. She told me that there is an upcoming Bay Window scene with Rowan and Sabrina that was filmed for Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen that was done in one take and is even more emotionally gut wrenching than the ending scene between the two in World Meets Girl. I will not give away dialogue but you will see the scene I’m referring to next week and you will see how emotionally affected Sabrina(as well as Rowan) was in the scene. I’m told that she was absolutely hysterical crying by the end of it and that it was done in one take because Michael said they wouldn’t get a better take than this one. My friend said it is a gut wrenching scene and that if you think the one in World Meets Girl was emotional to just wait until you see this one. I’m sad to see this being said about Sabrina as it couldn’t be more wrong. She, Rowan, as well as all the cast have been very upset by this news of the cancellation and every single one of them wants the show to continue. 

-Mar Owner

My transgender timeline

So I feel like i’m at a point in my life where i can share these pictures and put them out there and not feel bad about it;
i can’t lie to myself and pretend that the first 15 years of my life never happened, because they did. Looking back at the person i was, i’m not ashamed. My life is where it is because of that person i used to be, even if i was unhappy. If things had been different, I wouldn’t have the life I have now, which, i must add, is not perfect, but its pretty good.
Here we have pictures of me from the end of my 8th grade year to today (end of 11th grade)
Hopefully my transformation could help some people and give them hope, or just give people an insight to how different life becomes once you come out as trans*

8th Grade Year; Often thought about the possibility of being trans but pushed it out of my head for fear of what that would bring. I had really low self esteem issues because of bullying in elementary, but after i got this haircut i felt a little better. The year before, I had tried to kill myself. Even though it was over a year before this picture was taken, I still hadn’t fully recovered. Something kept me going this whole time, and I’m glad it did.

Summer before 9th grade year; Got highlights! :’-) After my extremely uncomfortable 8th grade prom and my tragic poofy black dress.

9th grade year; Dyed my hair completely blonde.

9th grade; At this point I knew I wasn’t 100% female and it scared me to be honest. I tried my best to rule out the possibility I was trans, so I tried to convince myself to settle for androgyny.

9th grade; managed to convince my mom to let me cut my hair off. I took this photo right after. Even though I had eyeliner on in the picture, I fell in love with how masculine I looked and used this picture for my profile on every website.

9th grade; dyed my hair back to brown. The first time I dyed it, I somehow managed to get my original hair color and had a breakdown. I didn’t know why I was so upset about it but after I dyed it to dark brown I felt a lot better.

9th grade; Still not sure how to go about the androgynous thing. I told people that any pronouns were fine but obviously only got refered to as ‘she’. I just tried my best not to think about gender and just try to not look hideous.

9th grade; Got a pixie cut and tried the androgyny thing again. After much deliberation, I decided to ask my mom if I could wear a suit to my friend’s sweet sixteen. After lots of back and forth argueing, i managed to get her to say yes. Here I am trying on a blazer and feeling really confident for the first time in a long time.

My friend’s sister said I wasn’t allowed to show up in a suit to their sweet sixteen. However, my friend told me to do it anyway, so i did. My mom however told me that I /had/ to wear eyeliner and lipstick if i wore a suit, so i did. Besides this, though, I still felt like I was finally getting somewhere in terms of gender identity.

Summer before 10th grade; I was fighting a lot of internal battles at this time. I knew i wasnt androgynous. I wasn’t female. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I couldnt ignore the fact that every time I heard my birthname or ‘she’ it hurt me. I’m not sure what I would have done if I didn’t have my best friend with me :’-)
(Isn’t she cute? I was totally crushing on her but didn’t know it yet~)

Summer before 10th grade, stopped wearing eyeliner and doubled up on sports bras. When I finally accepted the fact that I was trans, I tried my best to lose all the femininity I had.

Summer before 10th grade year; Got another haircut! I told my friends to use male pronouns with me for the first time. It felt so right, that I no longer had doubts in my mind. I knew that I didn’t want to live as female, so I decided to tell my mom the August before 10th grade year.

Beginning of 10th grade year; After coming out to my mom, I asked my best friend to be my girlfriend. Although a lot of things seemed to be going right, I became very anxious and depressed. I was put on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication and was doing okay, although in this point of my life I began cutting myself for the first time. It was a hard and stressful time in my life, probably because of the changes going on around me. I had horrible dysphoria, and coming out to my teachers and classmates wasn’t easy.

10th grade; Dyed my hair pink while i was more comfortable with myself. It didn’t last long because I didn’t like all the negative attention, but I actually really did like it.

End of 10th grade; Prom with my gf!! It was the first time I got fitted for a tux and it was just really great all around.

End of 10th grade year; went pastel purple! I also started using editing apps, lmao. I was digging the hair (should have kept it, tbh)

Summer before 11th grade; went to trans camp. Met awesome people and felt really good for the first time in a while. I was diagnosed with PCOS and started developing really bad acne, which sucked, but I lived with it.

(For all those who didn’t believe that I had white hair!!!)

Aaaand a collection of 11th grade pics!

And most recently, here I am 2 weeks on T, happier than i’ve ever been. I’m still with my girlfriend and we just hit 1 year 7 months~ How time flies, huh? ;v;

I know this was long but I really wanted to post this, partly to pick myself up and see the progress I’ve made.
Here’s to proving that it really does get better.

The Wedding

Teddy was only nineteen when he decided he wanted to marry Victoire, but it took him three years to work up the nerve. He was twenty two and she was twenty one. He invited the entire Weasley-Potter family, along with a few of his and her school friends from Hogwarts and his grandmother, Andromeda Tonks, to enjoy dinner at a large dining table behind The Burrow. His hair was bright blue since he was so happy that day and Victoire didn’t have a clue what he was planning. Some of the Weasley kids did and Teddy had had to bribe them to keep their mouths shut, but all seemed to be going well.

After dinner, he went into the kitchen and carried a batch of cupcakes. He handed one to everyone and they were all real, except one. He handed Victoire a plastic cupcake that was well-decorated and looked fairly real. She pulled it up to bite it, but was startled by how tough it was. He took her hand and guided it to a little silver latch, which she opened slowly with her gentle slender fingers. Inside was a beautiful gold band with a little sparkling diamond. She gasped, her hands covering her mouth after she put down the cupcake. The kids cheered and the adults grinned at the two as Teddy took her hand and got her to stand. He took the ring from the box and held it tightly as he knelt down, looking into her bright blue eyes, the same vibrant colour as his locks.

“Victoire Marguerite Weasley,” he began, feeling the heat creep across his face. “I love you very much and I’m pretty sure you love me too. We’ve spent our whole lives together. Will you do me the honour of letting me spend the rest my life with you and letting me be the husband of the most amazing person I could ever imagine?”

She didn’t even respond in words. She couldn’t speak. Her hand in his and the other on her mouth, her whole body quaked with laughter and joy as she nodded at him. She couldn’t stop grinning and neither could he. He picked her up by the waist and spun her, yelling “She said yes! She said yes!” Everyone was clapping and laughing and cheering. As he placed her gently to the ground, she pulled his face to hers and kissed his lips, as Molly II and Lucy yelled “Ew!” as they always did when the two kissed.

It was a beautiful day. They didn’t do much planning for the rest of the evening, but two days later they decided to have a few people over to Teddy’s flat to discuss the wedding plans. Rose, of course, was invited, but what really surprised everyone was that Scorpius was, too. He felt a little awkward as it was the first time he’d been to Teddy’s flat before and sat on the couch with his hands on his knees, listening. Rose, Albus and many of the other cousins who were older sat with them - at the table, on the floor and on the kitchen counter. Teddy offered them all drinks and Victoire told them what she and Teddy were planning.

“Ted and I have decided to tell you guys who are our bridesmaids and bridegrooms,” she told them, smiling as she stood beside Teddy, who was sipping a cup of tea. “We’ve chosen Dom as our Maid of Honour.”

“Thank you, Vic!” her sister squealed, getting up to hug her. They were very close.

“Rosie, Lil, Roxie, Winnie and Liz will be the other bridesmaids,” she continued after her sister sat down.

Liz was her best friend since they were at Hogwarts. A true Gryffindor, just like Vic, they’d all say. She was very dauntless, always trying to do stunts, like standing on her broom while flying or holding on to the railings off the sides of the staircases that moved at Hogwarts. Both of which were dumb ideas, but she wasn’t too hurt - nothing more than a broken arm. The Weasley-Potter family considered her family. Her father, a wizard, died when she was young, so she lived with her mother, a kind-hearted muggle who let the Weasleys and the Potters guide her in her journey to becoming a great witch.

Winnie was one of Teddy’s really close friends. In fact, there was a point in time where a lot of people thought they would date, but Teddy soon after confessed his love to Victoire, saying he’d had a crush on her since they were about twelve or thirteen. Winnie was in Teddy’s year at Hogwarts. She was muggle-born and a Hufflepuff. She was soft-spoken and gentle and loved to read. She reminded Harry of Luna Lovegood, with her blonde hair and sweet nature, but she was different, because she was not at all as secure in who she was. Her anxiety made her very nervous growing up, but Teddy helped her through it. Even Victoire helped her when she was getting ready for her first trip and date to Hogsmeade, which she strangely enough, wouldn’t go on till she was about sixteen. She was currently dating another of Teddy’s friends, Eric, who was there with them. She was one of those people Teddy was very comfortable talking to and Vic never, ever felt jealous of them, because they had such a sweet friendship, like Harry had with Hermione.

“Choosing my Best Man was really difficult, since I consider all six of you guys my bro’s. We decided Louis, since’ he’s gonna be my actual brother-in-law, but Freddy, James, Hugo, Albus and Scorpius are the other bridegrooms,” Teddy told them all, grinning.

“Wait… me? Really?” Scorpius asked, genuinely surprised. “I didn’t think you’d-”

“Of course, mate,” Teddy told him, smiling. “You’re a part of the family!”

“Well, thank you,” Scorp replied, gratefully, feeling sort of like he belonged. “I’m honoured.”

“Besides, you and Rosie are paired together,” Teddy added with a wink, making Rose groan and roll her eyes.

“Oh! This is so important, I almost forgot this - Freddy, James - please please please, no hijinks at the wedding!” Victoire begged, looking nervous.

James and Freddy laughed, saying they would be perfect gentlemen, but winking at each other as though it would be a bit different. Victoire showed them all the designs for dresses and suits, as well as the sort of setting they wanted - a nice, cool afternoon behind the Burrow, where they could have the wedding under a tent in the fields. That summer had been one filled with little rain and beautiful days and most of those days were spent with the Weasley-Potter kids running outside and playing Quidditch.

“Who’s going to be the flower girl? And the ring bearer?” Rose asked.

“Oh, right!” Teddy said, rubbing his blue hair, “Molly and Lucy can be flower girls, I guess?”

“And the little boy I used to babysit? Mum’s friend’s son? Jean Luc?” Victoire said, talking about a little French boy.

They both nodded. The group continued to talk about the wedding and how wonderful it would be. Eventually, they all left. It took two weeks to get everything planned, but they were happy with it. They settled on a week before the children had to leave for Hogwarts, since it was Rose, Scorpius and Albus’ fifth year and OWLs were supposed to be very tough this year since the slight syllabus change.

Each girl was clad in a different colour, with the same pattern- a beautiful white ribbon around their waist. Rose was in sky blue, Roxanne in yellow, Lilly in orange, Winnie in lilac and Liz in bright green. Interestingly, they were all in their favourite colours. The boys were put into suits with ties of the same colour as their partner’s dresses. Scorpius and Rose were of course put together, since the whole family wanted them to get together, even, quite strangely, Ron. Teddy was the most annoying about it, always teasing them mercilessly and trying to nudge them closer together whenever they sat beside him. Louis and Dominique were paired, but since they were sister and brother it was a bit weird for them.

Liz and Freddy were paired as well as Winnie with James. Both Winnie and Liz were annoyed with it, since Freddy and James kept trying to flirt with them and wiggling their eyebrows in silly ways. Winnie found James funny at first, but eventually they both begged for a change. Eventually, the boys were paired with their little sisters, who kept them in check by threatening to tell their mothers about the time they blew up an entire broom closet at Hogwarts. So, Liz and Winnie were paired with Albus and Hugo respectively, who were both much younger than them. Liz found Albus funny since he was so sarcastic, while Winnie found peace in the fact that Hugo was so quiet. Molly and Lucy loved being flower girls. They both were dressed in little white dresses, while Jean Luc was upset that his suit itched, but Teddy offered him a whole tub of ice cream if he didn’t scratch throughout the wedding. All was well.

Not to be cliche, but the wedding was beautiful. After the bridesmaids and bridegrooms walked arm in arm down the aisle to a gentle song, Bill walked his daughter down the aisle making everyone tear up as he kissed her forehead. He had tried to cover his scars, but they were evident on his face and hands and Fleur had told him not to be nervous, but he was.

“You look handsome, Daddy,” Victoire murmured to him. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Peaches,” he murmured to his daughter, looking lovingly down at her as he used the nickname he’d used since she got peach juice all over herself as a baby.

As the two read their vows, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Even Scorpius cried, although he never thought he would. The ceremony only lasted about half an hour, maybe forty five minutes. The reception was the really fun part. The whole family gathered in the large tent. It was somewhat like Bill and Fleur’s wedding, except they had a pellyvision which played pictures of the pair and their family and friends. They even played pictures of Teddy and the Malfoys, who were at the wedding, since he’d gotten to be friends with them since he was related to them through his mother. Even Lucius was there, although he refused to dance.

Draco and Harry talked at a table where Victoire had put the Malfoys, Potters and even Ron and Hermione. Ron didn’t talk to Draco much, but Ginny, Hermione and Astoria got along splendidly, so he sort of had to be polite. He was still upset about how he’d acted at Hogwarts, but he accepted the fact that Rose and Scorpius were friends now. The kids all danced and laughed together. Albus danced with Rose since they were such close friends as well as cousins, but it was playful and silly. Hagrid was invited too and even he was seen spinning a giggling Roxanne on the dance floor, because they got along splendidly. Lysander Scamander danced with Lilly, but it was a bit more of a slow dance and he couldn’t help blushing. When Victoire and Teddy’s dance came up, they swayed slowly to a lovely muggle song they both loved and the family was extremely happy. It was warm and bright in the tent and no one even noticed when night fell.

After a few hours filled with speeches and dances and good food, Scorpius gained the courage to whisper something to Rose.

“Posie, want to dance?” he asked, a bit nervous.

“I’ve never danced before… like, slow and stuff,” was her reply.

“I’ll teach you. Mum made me learn when I was younger,” he murmured, He took her little, soft hand and they walked away from the table.

They were next to Victoire and Teddy at the table at the front of the room and though most people were dancing, the lot of Weasley-Potter kids all stared somewhat discretely at the pair. Rose looked up at him as he put his hand on her waist and his other hand into hers. She put her hand on his shoulder, looking a bit concerned. Scorpius nodded, to say she was doing the right thing and smiled down at her. He explained that all she had to do was look down and follow the movement of his feet. She nodded silently, looking at his dark shoes, well-polished, as he stepped backwards and forwards. She giggled when he spun her around and pulled her closer to him. He kept staring at her bright blue eyes, with her light red hair naturally curled around them.

“Posie, have I told you you look really, incredibly, completely, unprecedentedly beautiful tonight?” he asked her, softly.

“How long did it take you to memorize that?” she asked, loudly and laughing at him.

“About thirty seconds after I saw you in that dress,” he murmured.

She was silent, which was strange for her, because Rose Weasley was one of the biggest chatterboxes in her entire family. She was more than that to him, though. In his eyes, she was so intelligent, even though she was a Gryffindor. In his eyes, she was braver than he could ever be, because she was such a strong advocate for S.P.E.W, which he wasn’t because of his father and grandfather. In his eyes, she was so funny, with her silly jokes and occasionally clumsy nature. In his eyes, she was beautiful, in fact, the most beautiful person he’d ever met. Not just in how she looked, but in how she moved. Strange, to think it was beautiful the way someone moved. She wasn’t necessarily graceful, but just so free. She did what she felt, she was jumpy and quick when playing Quidditch, but gentle and soft when she was reading. She’d turn the pages as though she were holding little birds between her fingertips. Her handwriting was impeccable. Her hair was flawless, in his eyes, even though most people thought it ghastly to have such thick red curls. In his eyes, her nose was cutest when it was red and her eyes were brightest when she was laughing and they’d crinkled round the edges and her cheeks were dotted with the most amazing little freckles and her lips….

Her lips…

“Is that lipstick you’re wearing?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered, giggling, “Why do you ask, Mr. Malfoy?”

“Well, Miss Weasley-Peasley, I’ve never seen you in lipstick before.”

“Dominique did it,” she told him. “She made me wear lipstick and make-up and stuff. She even loaned me some perfume.”

“Funny, I’m wearing cologne,” he told her, after spinning her another time.

“Okay, well, I’m going to sniff you now,” she murmured, before nuzzling her nose into his chest.

Rose was a lot shorter than him, so he couldn’t smell the perfume on her up close, but the aroma hinted from her arm around his neck. He smelled something like flowers, a whole bundle of them. She smelled something like the aftershave that her father used and pine trees. She wondered if this is what Amortentia would smell like and she leaned her ear to his chest and closed her eyes. They weren’t really dancing so much as hugging and swaying to the music, his arms around her waist and hers around his neck.

“I can hear your heart beating,” she told him, quietly as they swayed.

“I can smell mangoes in your hair. It’s really sweet,” he replied, then said goofily, “I wonder if it tastes like mangoes.”


With that, he pulled a lock of her hair into his mouth. She laughed loudly as he spat it out, saying how it was a terrible idea and he didn’t know why he’d done it. She giggled against him and he could feel her stomach move as she laughed and looked at his face, her chin boring into his chest a bit. He looked at her pursed lips yet again and she wondered what he was thinking.

“You’re too silly, Scorpius,” she said, playing with the little blonde hairs at the back of his neck.

He was really thinking of all the times she’d said she hated him as they were growing up, because he teased her loads. Those words really stung him, because he’d always loved her, secretly. The teasing was more of a mechanism for her to notice him, because she was so wrapped up in her schoolwork and her family that he felt invisible. In the past year they’d become close, but he had to ask what she thought of him.

“Rose?” he murmured, softly. “You don’t really hate me, do you?”

“Well, for such a smart guy, you ask a lot of dumb questions.”

“That’s true.” He chuckled.

“Do you like me?”

“Yes, you’re my best friend. Of course I do.”

“Do you… think of me as… just your best friend?”

She was nervous and frightened. She knew this would come, because she had noticed how he’d treated her lately. He’d wait in the doorway when she was the last one in class even if it meant he’d be late too. He’d send her owls every day in the summer, telling her loads of things. He’d make her laugh all the time when she was sad or in pain, like when she had her period and had stomach cramps. She trusted him. He trusted her. But they weren’t sure at all what their relationship could become. She put a hand to his face. She didn’t notice, but her family was holding their breath. She’d never done anything like this with Scorpius before. They all wanted to see and even little Molly  and Lucy, who hated kissing or dating or any of those things, were craning their necks around the crowd to see.

“I think of you as my Scorpius,” she told him, with her cheeks tinted red.

“And I think of you as my Rose,” he replied, blushing as well.

With that, he leaned down - mostly because she was tugging at his face gently - and pressed his lips to hers. It was a soft kiss and Rose felt like she was melting. He’d never kissed anyone before and neither had she. They were so, so nervous, both of their stomachs filled with swarms of fluttering butterflies and both their hearts beating erratically. Their eyes were shut tightly. They’d stopped dancing entirely now, they were so still as they moved their lips against each others. Rose’s face was bright red, even her ears felt warm and Scorpius’s hands were trembling. When they pulled away, Rose’s nose was pressed against Scorpius’s and they giggled at the sight of each other’s faces being so close.

It took a minute for the two to realize that everyone was staring at them. Teddy had one of the widest grins on his face that they’d ever seen, second only to how he looked when he finally saw Victoire in her wedding dress. Lilly and Albus were clapping and James walked over to pat Scorpius on the back. Ron seemed nervous, for some reason, but Hermione gently stroked his hair to comfort him. He’d just watched his little girl kiss the son of a boy he’d hated growing up, but was accepting the concept of them dating. Molly and Lucy didn’t even think it was gross and Lucy, who was only seven, decided to kiss poor Jean Luc, who didn’t speak English very well and didn’t understand when she asked if she could and afterwards ran away screaming.

“I knew this would happen! Yes!” Teddy cheered, hugging Victoire tightly and cheering.

Draco laughed happily as he’d always known about Scorpius’ crush on Rose. Astoria was happy for the pair. She’d always wanted her son to find love and not to be forced into marriage, even though her arranged marriage worked splendidly. Rose and Scorpius were shy about it, holding hands even after the party was over and Teddy and Victoire went off to their honeymoon. Rose and her family were staying at the Burrow with Arthur to help clean up, but Scorpius insisted on staying for a while, deciding to let Ron take him home in his flying car later on. They changed into more comfortable clothes as it was very, very late - almost eleven o’clock. Rose wore the clothes she kept at the Burrow - some soft sweatpants and a t-shirt, while Scorpius borrowed an outfit that belonged to Albus - a white shirt and pajama pants with Golden Snitches on it.

“Was that your first kiss, too?” Rose asked him as they washed dishes.

“Yep,” he replied. “But Merlin that was wonderful.”

She laughed, splashing a bit of water on him playfully as he pushed some hair out of her face gently. He was trying to be smooth, but she was so giggly. James had told him that most of the time when girls are kissed by someone they like for the first time, they usually smile and laugh a lot even days after. Of course, he’d know, since he’d kissed tons of girls - probably half the girls in his grade and even then a few in the grade below. Scorpius didn’t care about any of the other girls in his year. They were all the same to him. Rose was different and he loved her.

They laughed as it became a little bit of a fight, with Rose throwing soap suds at him and him doing the same to her. They were covered with soap after a few minutes and had to dry up the kitchen floor, but it was so, so worth it, because they were together and happy and loved, even if they hadn’t admitted it yet. It was the most wonderful day they’d ever spent together and it was even more wonderful when they had finished cleaning at one in the morning and got to cuddle by the fire and sip hot chocolate. When Scorpius had to leave, they shared one last kiss goodbye. It was a mostly quiet ride home.

“You had fun, tonight?” Ron asked him, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I did, sir.”

“I’m really happy for Teddy and Victoire. Are you?”

“Of course!” he replied with a smile. There was a long pause until Ron spoke.

“You know I trust you with Rosie, right?”

“I should hope so, sir,” he replied, politely. Then he admitted quietly, “I don’t know if she knows this yet, but I really, really love her.”

“You do?”


“Not a lot of young men would admit that,” Ron said, looking at him with a little smile for a few seconds before turning his eyes to the road.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Still like the Chudley’s, Scorpius?” he asked with a grin.

“Not as much as Posie,” Scorpius replied, smiling back at him.

“Me too, Scorpius,” Ron murmured, as they flew off into the night. “Me too.”

The first time I ever try a cigarette, I’m 14 years old and I inhale it completely wrong.
I let the over-rated mist linger in my mouth, dreading the thought of guiding it to my lungs, and then I try to spit it out.
I guess nobody told me that you can’t spit out smoke.
I cough so much, I almost throw up.
I vow to myself, “Never again.”
God only knows why anyone gets addicted to those things. Their only gift is cancerous. So what’s the appeal?

It’s June 2013. My fifteenth birthday was less than a month ago and tonight I am drunk for my very first time. Each moment feels like the longest one of my life and during one of them, I see you in a swaying blur. Lights seem to shoot out from every pore in your body and blind me- or maybe that’s the vodka. But as soon as my eyes regain their focus, I know that you are the most significantly beautiful thing I have ever seen.
I also know that the alcohol must have hit you with less sympathy than it had on me. What else could ever have made you want to kiss me?

August 2013. I have calculated that holding your hand equals to writer’s block, but then it occurs to me that misery is my only muse. But I feel as though I need to validate my fondness of you, so I decide to show you the lyrics to the song I wrote for you about the night we first met. You hang the lyrics on your bedroom wall, and I vow to never give heartbreak the honour of my creativity again. It’s about time I re-acquainted myself with happiness.

September 2013. Until now, I have wondered why men are plagued with doubt once they’ve found something decent. When I look at you, all I can think about is the security that being with you would mean- the lack of adrenaline when we sit together in the park and make conversation about the simplest things in the world.
I am reminded of my first cigarette, and how exciting it was before it wasn’t. This feels so wonderful that I’m wondering if I want it.

September 2013. I feel invincible enough to tell you my favourite lie. “I don’t want you.”

September 2013. I notice the way she looks at you and spend hours at a time convincing you that you’ll be happier by her side than mine.
You eventually take my word for it.

October 2013. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting that your hand is not mine to hold, and that it was my decision and I’m happy with it and I think I need something to stop me from reaching out for your hand so I distract mine- I decide to give smoking a second chance.

October 2013. Drinking with you this time feels different because this time, I don’t want you.
I don’t want you.
I don’t want you.
I’m out of cigarettes, so I sing to myself; let my voice be my fulcrum.
I wonder why you’re watching me like that, fidgeting and looking away while I try to figure it out.
And then I realise I’m singing your song.

December 2013. My guitar and I are on bad terms. I play songs with no content and sing lyrics with no rhythm. I stop writing.

December 2013. I am alone in my room when I realise that I haven’t been happy even once, for 4 months, since the last time I got to hold your hand and feel you squeeze it back tightly- a confirmation.
6:30, I realise I probably won’t be happy again anytime soon.
7:00, I realise that I let the boy I love fall into someone else’s arms.
7:30, I realise that I have become the personification of the word “fatigue”.
8:00, I remember where my mom keeps the aspirin.
8:45, I’m beginning to see everything in neon colours and spinning shapes.
9:15, I feel my own hand being forced down my throat and nearly accept that I’m too high to feel it before I’m suddenly staring with settled vision on the several boxes worth of aspirin, floating in the toilet bowl and I smell nothing but the vodka I washed it down with. God is smirking at me.
I turn my head to see my mother standing over me, blank eyed, and I think I hear her tell me that everything is going to be okay.

April 2014. She was wrong.
Every waking minute without you is like running away on a treadmill- tiring myself out, but staying in the same spot, regardless of the speed my legs move at.

May 2014. Six months of therapy are not helping me fill the holes in my head, but getting drunk once a week seems to be doing the trick.

May 2014. Being sixteen is not sweet yet.

June 2014. My friends like to remind me of every time you’ve forgotten that I exist until you’re insecure enough to need my kindness. They don’t understand that you don’t mean to do it.

June 2014. I’ve probably spent enough money on cigarettes this year to pay for my fucking chest surgery.

June 2014. My last suicide attempt was six months ago, when I told the doctors and my mom that I would definitely try to make it to 18.
I’ve been doing so well until now.

June 2014. I save my own life.

July 2014. You point out that it must suck to love someone who doesn’t feel the same. I calmly replace “go fuck yourself” with “I’m happy as long as you are.”

July 2014. You tell me that I should stop drinking, that you haven’t seen me without a bottle in my hand for a very long time. And since I can never seem to tell you where to put your condescending suggestions, I promise that I’ll try.

July 2014. You’re having trouble with your girlfriend.
You ask me to spend some time with you alone for the first time, I think, ever. Hypocritically, I get drunk with you in the same park we used to hold hands in. I drink enough to remember that smoking is my medication for all the ways I’m ill from loving you.
I never find my lighter, because you kiss me.
It probably tasted like blind, drunken lust, but for those brief seconds, I could only recognise happiness. I blame you for making both things taste the same.

July 2014. My voice is ignited.
I am suddenly overflowing like a cup, when the tap is left on too long.
I tell you that being your friend is the easiest and most challenging game I’ve ever played. That you are the most perfect and awful thing in my life, and it kills me too slowly to feel like relief.
I point out how you’ve used me, let me believe I was a star in your sky, so that I’d paint roses with my compliments whenever your girlfriend won’t even try.
I remind you of every kiss.
I remind you that I am not mentally equipped for this.
There was no suitable preparation for it.
After so many emotional car-crashes and scraped knees, so many nights of drunk kisses that were so casual to you, but a miracle to me.
365 days of looking at you through a trick window, tinted with my own ridiculous idea that you cared about me. But it only takes four letters from you to make me see.
Your response to the verbal outpour it took me 12 months to say.
Your thoughts, after always watching me glue my confidence back together in all the wrong ways.
I don’t know what my heart did to deserve to break.
I remind myself, again, of my first cigarette, and how I inhaled wrong because I wasn’t ready.
I was not nearly ready enough for your accidental honesty.
So now, the word “okay” is my new favourite lie.

July 2011. I am thirteen and I have never given much thought to drinking. I see it, by default, as a rock-bottom; something for older people to do in order to feel young again.
And I will admit, shamelessly, that I have disowned some of my closest friends for smoking, I think it’s sad to see people give in to what can kill them.

July 2010. Love is my favourite idea.
My tongue itches for me to say it out loud to someone who’s listening, and I do nothing but fantasize about the perfect human being saying it back to me, so I can capture their perfect lips in my memory forever, to remind me what beauty is.
Love, to me, is the infinite field of flowers- the ones you only ever see in nature text books- except they never die, even when it snows.
Love, to me, is writing the story of your own life, and living it right up until the happy ending.
Love is what I will always wait for.

August 2014. I haven’t spoken to you in a month, and have not had a cigarette since.
The relationship I have with nicotine reminds me too much of you.
I guess I realised that I don’t need it after all. I can quit if I want to.
And quite frankly,
You don’t deserve my fucking poetry.

—  “Marlboro Love” by Cody Woods.
Sweet Sixteen

Pairing: Edwin

Rating: K

Old Edwin family oneshot I found buried in the fanfiction archives on my computer. I probably wrote this one like two years ago so I apologize if it’s actually crap. I thought it was cute when I reread it.

Edward Elric’s sixteenth birthday was uneventful. Everyone had always told him that this day was supposed to be such a big deal. The big sweet sixteen. For Ed though, it was anything but.

He had been recovering from his impalement wound in the north when he finally “reached the age of manhood” as Heinkel had put it. Ed wasn’t exactly sure how another year around the sun had suddenly made him into a man, but he didn’t question the large man.

He had almost forgotten about it all together until Darius had mentioned the date and Ed realized that it was his birthday, which he had quietly stated to himself. Both Darius and Heinkel had told him happy birthday, but they hadn’t done anything special for him.

He was fine with it though. He was still hurting from his wounds and didn’t mind letting the day pass by quietly. He always hated it when people made a big deal about his birthday. It wasn’t like he did anything special. He was just another year older. Plain and simple.

Despite the blandness of the day, Ed still would always remember his sixteenth. It wasn’t because of any big gift or party or anything. It was because of what Heinkel had mentioned to him at dinner that night.

“You know what, kid? Sixteen is a pretty special year,” he had said.

“Yeah, I know. You already told me. I’m a ‘man’ or whatever.”

“No, not that. Sixteen is one of those monumental birthdays. Like eighteen or thirty or fifty.”

“All birthdays are the same. The number doesn’t make any difference.”

“Sure it does. Ten years from now you’ll be thinking to yourself what life was like for you when you were sixteen. That’s what happened to me. Someone told me on my sixteenth birthday to picture my life in ten, twenty, or even fifty years. And that’s exactly what I did. Then, I remembered what I had imagined ten years later. I realized that I got it all wrong, though. You should do the same.”

Ed had blown him off at the time, telling him it was a stupid idea. But later that night, as he lied in his patient’s bed, he did exactly what Heinkel had told him to do. He imagined what life would be like when he was twenty-six and came up with a list.

Above all else, he and Al would have their bodies back. The country would be at peace, the enemies of their past having been beaten. There would be no Homunculi, no Father, and no corrupted military.

Those were the most obvious things. After he pictured those, his mind began to wonder to other areas.

Would he be married? And if he was, who would he be married to? Without invitation, the image of a certain blonde mechanic wearing a flowing white dress popped into his imagination. He was embarrassed to even think about her in that way, but there she was.

Then, he thought of other things. Like children. If he were to marry Winry, he imagined they would make it official early on and start having kids right away. He pictured small, golden-haired children with blue eyes running around a familiar home in Resembool.

He never in a million years would have thought that everything he had pictured would come true. Heinkel had told him he got it all wrong, but surprisingly enough, Ed had got it all right.

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Good Times Bad Times
Led Zeppelin
Good Times Bad Times

In the days of my youth 

I was told what it means to be a man, 

Now I’ve reached the age 

I’ve tried to do all those things the best I can. 

No matter how I try, 

I find my way into the same old jam. 

*Good Times, Bad Times, 

You know I had my share; 

When my woman left home 

For a brown eyed man, 

Well, I still don’t seem to care. 

Sixteen: I fell in love 

With a girl as sweet as could be, 

Only took a couple of days 

Till she was rid of me. 

She swore that she would be all mine 

And love me till the end, 

But when I whispered in her ear 

I lost another friend, oooh. 

* Chorus 

I know what it means to be alone, 

I sure do wish I was at home. 

I don’t care what the neighbors say, 

I’m gonna love you each and every day. 

You can feel the beat within my heart. 

Realize, sweet babe, we ain’t ever gonna part.

sweet sapphics and bisexual babes, ch. 1

(posting here in case people prefer to read on tumblr. read it on AO3 here)

Alya is sixteen when everyone is her friend group comes out as bisexual. Sort of.

Alya is first, though she never actually comes out officially. Which is fine with her, because the concept of coming out kind of stresses her out (and, says the reporter in her, puts a spotlight on her that she’d rather direct onto somebody else).

Besides, isn’t it obvious? Have people seen the way she dresses? What straight person dresses like this?

(Well, maybe lumberjacks, but considering that Alya literally drew her powers from wifi signals when she was akumatized, she is the furthest thing from a lumberjack.)

People still occasionally get confused, but it’s mostly just funny, like the time when an old woman called Rose and Juleka “such nice friends” when she saw them holding hands during a class trip to the Louvre.

But anyway, Alya is bisexual, and seeing as she pretty much lives in flannel and talks constantly about making out with both Leïla Bekhti’s and John Boyega’s faces, her friends think it’s pretty obvious.


Nino is next, and in true Nino fashion he is uber casual about it.

“I think I’m gonna ask Nathanaël to the winter ball,” he says one morning as they take their seats in their classroom. “I mean, since my parents now know that I’m bi and they’re cool with it, there’s no worries on that front.”

Alya, Adrien, and Marinette all blink at him, and then Alya beams and Adrien claps him on the back. Marinette squeals excitedly and asks if he’s come up with a way to ask him and if he hasn’t can she please help because she is bursting with cute ideas to ask someone to a dance—

“’course you can help, Mari,” Nino says, grinning. “I was kind of hoping you would! I want to incorporate music somehow but I don’t want to do anything too public ’cause it might embarrass him…”

(Nathanaël says yes, blushing so brightly his face matches his hair, and he and Nino make a very handsome couple at the ball.)


Adrien comes out in exactly the way anyone would expect him to.

“Hey guys, guess what?” he says, stopping in the middle of pacing around his room so he can stand in front of the bed and throw out his arms, jazz hands style. “Every time I leave I’m a walking pun! Because I’m bye-sexual!”

“No,” says Plagg from his perch on the pillow, licking camembert off his tiny paws.

“Okay.” Adrien paces for a minute, then stops and does the jazz hands again. “I guess it’s gonna be hard for me to pick what gender I like best, because I’m bi-ased.”

“Stop,” says Plagg.

Adrien ignores him and repeats his pace-stop-jazz hands routine.

“This line that divides the angle in two is just like me, ’cause it’s a bi-sector—”

“How would you even use that one organically?” Plagg interrupts.

Adrien shrugs. “Geometry class?”

Plagg rolls his eyes. “Why can’t you just tell them?”

“Because!” Adrien resumes his pacing. “Between being Chat Noir and being bisexual, I should be a master of puns! A punnoisseur, if you will—”

“That was a reach,” Plagg mutters.

“—and it would be betraying my soul, my very essence if I don’t pun when I come out!”

He spends another hour coming up with increasingly more ridiculous puns, but in the end, he goes for the basics.

“See you all tomorrow!” Nino says as the four part ways after school.

“Later!” Alya says.

“See ya!” says Marinette.

“Bye!” says Adrien, then grins and does finger guns. “Get it? ’Cause I’m bi.”

The others look at him in silence for a moment, taken aback, and then Alya cackles, Nino whoops, and Marinette groans.

(“Not because you’re bi!” she assures him hastily. “Because of the pun.”

(“You should be grateful he went with this one,” Plagg tells her, poking his head out from Adrien’s overshirt. “He wanted to try to incorporate a cat pun too.”

“I still might,” Adrien warns. “I came up with so many good ones that it’d be a shame not to use them all. I’m feline so good about this that I might do a coming out pun every day.”

Marinette just groans again.)


Marinette is last.

“I think I’m bisexual too,” she says suddenly one day after school, as they’re waiting with Adrien for the Gorilla to pick him up. When she says it she gives Alya a strange, furtive look, though no one sees it but Adrien. His brow furrows, but he can’t quite figure out what her expression means right now, so he files it away to contemplate later.

“Sweet,” Nino says, as Adrien gives her a high five and Alya hugs her.

“Now you’re not just my babe,” she says. “You’re my bisexual babe.”

“Rude,” says Nino. “What about us?”

“You’re my bisexual bro,” Alya explains, very seriously, “and Adrien is my bisexual buddy.”

“This appears to be a very specific cataloguing system,” Adrien says.

“It is,” Alya agrees. “I have spent years formulating a careful and scientific process of categorizing my bisexual friends.”

“A-Actually,” Marinette says hesitantly, “it’s possible I might be a lesbian. I haven’t figured out if my past crushes on boys were real or, you know, me thinking that I had to like boys. But I wanted to tell you all anyway.”

“No problem, babe,” Alya says, slinging an arm around her shoulders and kissing her cheek. Marinette blushes, and something about that strikes Adrien as important, though he still can’t quite tell why. “You don’t have to know right away! And if you figure out you’re a lesbian you can be my lesbian ladybug.”

Marinette giggles. There’s an accompanying giggle from within her purse. “That nickname is kind of lazy.”

“Says the girl who has yet to wake up on time for school for more than two days in a row.”

Nino and Adrien laugh, Tikki giggles again from within the purse, and Marinette pouts.


“My sweet sapphic,” Alya announces the next day, lifting her head from her laptop to look at Marinette.

She, Nino, and Adrien all blink. They’re sprawled on the floor in the Dupain-Chengs’ living room, doing (or pretending to do while actually working on the Ladyblog, in Alya’s case) their homework. The window is open to let in the May breeze, which rustles their papers and textbook pages. Tikki and Plagg act as paperweights, napping together on the chart the group needs for their chemistry set.

“Uh—what?” Nino asks.

“I was trying to think of something that wouldn’t put a label on you,” Alya says to Marinette, “and I’ve got it. You are my sweet sapphic.”

Marinette blushes. “You didn’t have to go to all that trouble, Alya.”

“Of course I did, girl! You’re my sweet sapphic, I want you to be comfortable.”

As Alya speaks she stretches, rolling her back and twisting her sides to relieve the stiffness from hunching over her laptop for the better part of an hour. Marinette watches her, eyes wide, then she swallows, blushes even harder, and looks down at her textbook.

“Th-thanks, Alya.”

Adrien isn’t sure if it’s the blush, or the stare, or the stammer, but suddenly Marinette’s behavior clicks. He looks over at Nino and sees that he’s looking between the girls with a goofy delighted grin on his face. Adrien elbows him and he starts, turning to meet his gaze.

“Don’t be so obvious,” Adrien mouths.

Nino nods and takes out his phone, pretending to check his messages. A few seconds later Adrien’s phone buzzes.

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:

Can you calm down

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:

A romance that you will scare into nothingness if you don’t CALM TF DOWN

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:
shit u right
Marinette scares easy af
I gotta be cool about this

Nino no

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:

Nino seriously what are you planning

Nino sticks his phone back in his pocket, ignoring the stink eye Adrien is giving him.

“So,” he says, so blatantly casual that Adrien has to resist the urge to facepalm, “you girls wanna go out and get something to eat, maybe some ice cream or something? I’m starving.”

Alya perks up immediately. “Ooh, there’s a new ice cream place by the park! We could go there.”

Marinette and Adrien agree, so they pack up their homework and head outside.


The ice cream shop is a disaster.

There’s an akuma attack at a store on the other side of the city (apparently the cashier told a middle-aged mom with blond highlights that she couldn’t combine two fifty percent off coupons to get a Live Laugh Love sign for free, and aforementioned middle-aged, blond-highlighted mom was now tearing through the streets in a suped-up minivan, screaming stuff like “CAN I SPEAK TO THE MANAGER” and “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”), which means Marinette and Adrien have to bail only seconds after the group arrives at the shop, and Nino has to physically latch on to Alya’s arm to (try to) keep her from following.

“It’s an akuma attack,” he says, as Alya half drags, half marches him outside. They watch their friends transform behind a large tree (“be careful!” Nino shouts, and Chat Noir gives him a grin and his customary two-fingered salute) and Alya takes out her phone with her free hand to start planning the quickest route to the neighborhood where the akuma is. “Can’t you do what normal people do for once and stay safely away and inside?”

Alya considers for a moment. Nino lets go of her arm, watching her warily.

“No,” she says, and runs off.

Nino groans, looks longingly at the peaceful interior of the ice cream shop, then sprints after her.


The akuma is ridiculously easy to defeat. Evidently middle-aged, blond-highlighted moms get very distracted by the sight of a pack of free quinoa.

(“Looks like she got herself into a starchy situation,” Chat Noir says as he snatches the akumatized coupon and tears it.

After she purifies the akuma, Ladybug rolls her eyes. “That was a reach.”

He sticks out his tongue at her. “You’re just jealous of my flour-y wit.”

“If your wit is flowery it must be full of weeds,” Ladybug deadpans, throwing the quinoa pack into the air.)

“Bien joué!” Ladybug and Chat Noir say together, beaming as they fist bump. Reporters swarm them within seconds, but they make their excuses and leap off onto the rooftops to return to their friends.

“Wait,” Ladybug says after a minute, screeching to a halt on the roof of a bank. “What are we thinking? Alya wouldn’t have waited at the ice cream shop. She’s probably back there in the crowd somewhere.”

Chat Noir looks over his shoulder at the throng of people below. “Yeah, I bet you’re right. And if she went then Nino went with her.”

Ladybug sighs and turns. “She’s so dumb,” she says, though her words are belied by the soft smile on her face. “Even the professional reporters wait until the attack is over.”

“Except for Nadja Chamack,” Chat Noir reminds her. They drop into an alley to transform and walk back into the crowd as civilians. “And seeing as she’s Alya’s hero, I’m not surprised she keeps running into akuma attacks instead of away from them.”

They walk out of the alley and after a few minutes of searching find Alya and Nino sitting on a bench and reviewing what she filmed.

“Look at all this awesome footage!” Alya exclaims, waving her phone excitedly. “The Ladyblog subscribers are gonna flip.”

“You really shouldn’t put yourself in danger like this for the blog,” Marinette says as she and Adrien sit beside them.

Alya makes an exasperated sound. “Come on, girl! When I first saw Ladybug I was way too enamored to not follow her obsessively, and now that I know you’re her I’m basically contractually obligated to document all your hero work. I gotta record you in all your beautiful city-rescuing, red-spandex-wearing, black-pigtailed glory.”

Marinette reddens, Alya winks, Nino grins, and Adrien’s phone buzzes.

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:

Nino I am literally sitting right next to you. How could I possibly not see this

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:

Do you remember what I said about being calm

Nino? more like Ni-BRO:

Adrien resists the urge to roll his eyes and puts his phone back in his pocket.


Alya wants to go home right away to post her footage on the Ladyblog, and since it’s close to dinnertime the others decide to call it a day as well. Adrien calls the Gorilla, who agrees to make a quick detour to drop off Alya. Nino’s house is in the same direction as Marinette’s, so they walk back together.

“Sooooo…” he says after a minute, a wide grin stretching his face, “is there anything you wanna tell me, Mari?”

Marinette blinks up at him. “Uh—no?”

“Are you sure? ’Cause it seems like—” Nino’s phone buzzes. “Oh, wait, hang on.”

Grandpa Friend™:
Are you interrogating Marinette? If so leave her alone

I am trying to help our best buds find true love

Grandpa Friend™:
They can do it just fine without you. Alya has spent this entire car ride gushing about the way Ladybug swung down from the roof of the library
Aaaand now she’s making me help her pick a photo of Ladybug that “accentuates her freckles, because everyone has to see how cute they are”

tell her Ladybug’s freckles are sexy, not cute
cause she gets to imagine where else she’s got freckles

Grandpa Friend™:


Grandpa Friend™:
That crossed a line buddy

yeah ur right sorry dude
I’m just excited for them thats all

“Who are you texting?” Marinette asks. “You look super intense about it.”

Nino hastily shoves his phone in his pocket. “It’s just Adrien.”

“Oh!” Marinette frowns. “But we just saw him. Is everything okay?”

“Yes! No! Yes! I mean—” Nino coughs and adjusts his hat. Way to go, Lahiffe. “It’s a personal thing. Don’t worry about it.”

Marinette just blinks.

“He’s—” Nino adjusts his hat again. “He’s helping me out with something. It’s not important.” He clears his throat. “Anyway! As I was saying—” His phone buzzes. “Sorry, hang on.”

Grandpa Friend™:
We just dropped off Alya and right before she got out of the car she showed me the photo she’s gonna use and she said that in it Ladybug looks, and I quote, “hot as hell”


Grandpa Friend™:
Do you even remember what it is like to be calm


Marinette leans over and tries to peek at Nino’s phone. “Is that Adrien again?”

Nino shoves his phone back in his pocket again. “No! Yes! It’s—he’s still helping me out with the thing.”

“Oh. It must be pretty important, then.”

“No. Yes. Sort of? Just—like I said, don’t worry about it.” He tugs on his hat. “Okay, so as I was saying—” His phone buzzes. “God dammit.”

Grandpa Friend™:
Look at this cat video I found


Grandpa Friend™:


Grandpa Friend™:

Nino growls and puts his phone away again, ignoring the constant buzzing.

“Um, is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine,” he grits out, scowling. “Adrien’s being a fucking nuisance as usual.”

Marinette gives him a curious look. “I thought he was helping you.”

“Yeah, he is helping me,” Nino agrees. “Helping me come up with reasons to murder him.”

Marinette giggles.

Anyway.” Nino takes a breath. “Mari—”

“Marinette!” Mrs Dupain-Cheng is standing in the door of the bakery, clucking her tongue at her daughter. “There you are, honey, I’ve been trying to call you for the past half hour! I didn’t know if you and your friends would be here for dinner.”

How are they already at the bakery? Had Nino really been texting Adrien the entire walk over?

“Oh!” Marinette checks her phone, abashed. “Sorry, maman, I guess my phone was on silent.” She looks up at Nino. “Do you want to stay for dinner?”

He pauses his mental annihilation of Adrien long enough to plaster a smile on his face. “Thanks, but I should probably go home. See ya, Mari!”

Marinette waves and goes inside the bakery. Nino pulls out his phone once more and scrolls past the twenty seven pointless texts from Adrien.

congrats bro
u just killed true love

Grandpa Friend™:
They’ll be fine without your “””help””” We have known about Marinette’s crush for all of two hours. We should give her time to bring it up on her own. So LEAVE HER ALONE


He puts his phone away one more time, puts on his headphones, and listens to his goopiest music. Maybe he should make a mix for Marinette and Alya? If he played it enough around them maybe they’d succumb to the romance of it all and declare their undying love for each other…

He takes the long way home, scheming all the way.

ft. @annawinters-andromeda

  so !! hal begins, getting comfortable in his seat and balancing a clipboard on his knee.   rumor has it, you’re the one planning that super sweet, sweet sixteen for that terrible teen monster, lucile weathers.  i’m just in charge of flower crowns, he says the words with some measure of distaste, for her and her very squealy friends, and i already want to pull my hair out.  how are you coping ??  something tells me you might need a drink.  in which case, i’m offering mimosas. 

Remember how we used to party up all night?
Sneaking out and looking for a taste of real life
Drinking in the small town firelight
(Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice)

Sweet sixteen and we had arrived
Walking down the streets as they whistle, “Hi, hi!”
Stealin’ police cars with the senior guys
Teachers said we’d never make it out alive

There she was my new best friend
High heels in her hands, swayin’ in the wind
While she starts to cry, mascara runnin’ down her little Bambi eyes:
“Lana, how I hate those guys.”

This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put our love first
Somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse
Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
This is what makes us girls
We don’t stick together ‘cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him, don’t cry about him
It’s all gonna happen

And that’s where the beginning of the end begun
Everybody knew that we had too much fun
We were skippin’ school and drinkin’ on the job
(With the boss)

Sweet sixteen and we had arrived
Baby’s table dancin’ at the local dive
Cheering our names in the pink spotlight
Drinkin’ cherry schnapps in the velvet night

Yo we used to go break in
To the hotel, glimmer and we’d swim
Runnin’ from the cops in our black bikini tops
Screaming, “Get us while we’re hot. Get us while we’re hot.”
(Come on take a shot)

This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put our love first
Somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse
Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
This is what makes us girls
We don’t stick together 'cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him, don’t cry about him
It’s all gonna happen

The prettiest in crowd that you had ever seen
Ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean
A freshmen generation of degenerate beauty queens
And you know something?

They were the only friends I ever had
We got into trouble and when stuff got bad
I got sent away, I was waving on the train platform
Crying 'cause I know I’m never comin’ back.

—  Lana Del Rey, This Is What Makes Us Girls
take me down (into your paradise)

Pairing: fem!nine/Rose, fem!ten/Rose 
Rating: light M (ie. blink and it’s over nsfw)
Warning: n/a
Summary: Rose kisses a girl for the first time when she’s sixteen

Notes: I’ve had this sitting around for ages and I’ve finally finished it up. Also, this is my first time writing nine, so I hope I didn’t butcher it too much. No beta so all mistakes are mine. Enjoy~

Rose kisses a girl for the first time when she’s sixteen.

It’s a dare and she’s slightly drunk, but not so much she can’t remember it the next day. On the contrary, she can’t stop thinking about it. Soft lips and gentle curves and the sweet taste of strawberry lipgloss. The way her heart had been pounding against her ribcage.

A few of her friends tease her about it. About the way she’d gotten into the kiss, opening her mouth and pressing closer. Letting her hands roam the red head’s body until she was cupping a breast.

“I was drunk,” she says defensively, turning pink. Shareen and Keisha giggle but soon enough they drop the subject in favor of talking about Keisha’s new boyfriend.

A week later she’s dating Jimmy Stone and the incident is all but forgotten.

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Lana Del Rey lyrics for the signs {BTD}

Aries: Off to the races ~ and I’m off to the races, cases of Bacardi chasers, chasing me all over town // god I’m so crazy baby, I’m sorry that I’m misbehaving, raising hell all over town

Taurus: National Anthem ~ money is the anthem, God, you’re so handsome, money is the anthem, of success // I said to “get real", “don’t you know who you’re dealing with?, um, do you think you’ll buy me lots of diamonds?”

Gemini: Summertime Sadness ~ I got my red dress on tonight, dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight, high heels off, I’m feeling alive // telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare, honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere, nothing scares me anymore

Cancer: Video Games ~ I say, “You the bestest.”, lean in for a big kiss, put his favorite perfume on // I tell you all the time, heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do

Leo: Diet Mountain Dew ~ you’re no good for me, but baby I want you, I want // maybe I like this roller coaster, maybe the speed it brings me closer, I could sparkle up your eye

Virgo: Radio ~ not even they can stop me now, boy, I be flying overhead, their heavy words can’t bring me down, no one even knows how hard life was, I don’t even think about it now because // I heard the streets were paved with gold, that’s what my father said

Libra: This Is What Makes Us Girls ~ sweet sixteen and we had arrived, walking down the streets as they whistle, “Hi, hi!”, there she was my new best friend, high heels in her hands, swayin’ in the wind // this is what makes us girls, we all look for heaven and we put our love first, somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse

Scorpio: Blue Jeans ~ you were sorta punk rock I grew up on hip hop, and I know that love is mean, and love hurts // promise you’ll remember that you’re mine, baby can you see through the tears, love you more, then those bitches before

Sagittarius: Born To Die ~ walking through the city streets, is it by mistake or design // keep making me laugh, let’s go get high, the road is long, we carry on, try to have fun in the mean time

Capricorn: Million Dollar Man ~ you got the world but baby at what price?, something so strange, hard to define // one for the money, and two for the show, you’re screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man, so why is my heart broke?

Aquarius: Carmen ~ it’s alarming honestly how charming she can be, fooling everyone, telling them she’s having fun // she laughs like God, her mind’s like a diamond, audio tune lies, she’s still shining, like lightning, ohh, white lightning

Pisces: Dark Paradise ~ all my friends tell me I should move on, I’m lying in the ocean singing your song // and everybody’s rushing me, but I can feel you touching me, there’s no release, I feel you in my dreams, telling me I’m fine

The 15 Best, Most Amazing Things That Happened in 2014

1. Went to Los Angeles for the first time and discovered that everybody from L.A. does, in fact, look like that. Tried a wheat grass shot (hated it), ate In & Out (loved it), and went to Disneyland (tolerated it).

2. Got a ***Flawless sweatshirt and skinny-armed in it during most major functions.

3. Went to karaoke more times than I can physically and emotionally remember.

4. Visited San Francisco for the first time and discovered that most men there are not, as advertised, homosexual.

5. Successfully completed the #HarryFollowMatt campaign, and celebrated the collective achievement with ice cream cake I was contractually obligated to purchase for the entire BuzzFeed office.

6. Received this profession of love from Harry himself, and subsequently framed it to commemorate our mutual affection. (Harry framed a gift of my own.)

7. Got surprised by Beyoncé on my 24th birthday Sweet Sixteen celebration.

8. Saw One Direction live in concert for the first time, and admired the majesty of Zayn’s voice carried from his mouth to my ears with nothing but the wind.

9. Went to Lollapalooza and confirmed that Lorde is as majestically beautiful in real life as she is in my dreams.

10. Continued to vie for Tom Daley’s affections. Lost.

11. Did multiple interviews professing my expert knowledge on the hotness of every man in the World Cup.

12. Ate 12 donuts in one morning and survived.

13. Didn’t get fired.

14. Met some amazing new friends and didn’t accidentally kill one of them.

15. Continued to work and laugh beside some of the best, funniest, most creative and inspiring people in the world.



Hi everyone! In the video above is my best friend Grace. Grace was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (the same cancer as Augustus  Waters from TFIOS) when she was going into seventh grade. Fortunately, Grace fought and won. But not without casualties (as you can see in the video).

Anyway, it’s her sweet 16 this summer and she LOVVVES Taylor Swift, so we thought that it would be cool if Taylor sent Grace a birthday message (or maybe even CAME to her sweet sixteen)

I have never seen so much strength and perseverance in someone and Grace deserves this so much after all the bullshit chemo treatments and terrible surgeries


Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen theories

Hints I have seen : Girl Meets Jexica and True Maya

It certainly could be a game changer of Mt Farkleuvius

 From the hints I have seen from Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen I have written up some quotes and ideas from Girl Meets Jexica and True Maya.


Girl Meets Jexica

Riley talks about a plan when she goes to school as Jexica.

The plan consists of:

A: I go to school like this

B: I claim my new popularity

C: I solve our whole love triangle when Lucas falls in love with Jexica

D: Somebody goes horribly wrong

E: I learn a big lesson

Then there is a quote from the end of the episode (can’t remember who says it): “Friends who know who you are is the most real thing there is.”

 Girl Meets True Maya:

(In true Maya, Riley keeps on thinking that Maya is doing these “bad” things)

Riley says she changed Maya back, but not too far to her “bad” ways.

Someone is going to explode like the volcano and “wipe out” the neighbouring towns, or in this sense effect everyone else.

“Things every once in a while explode, that’s nature, human nature.” - Cory

“The friends we choose can have the most profound influence on our entire lives one way or the other.” – Cory

These are just some thoughts that I have had, feel free to correct me or add!

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this is not exactly a story about malia ob*ma so much as it is a story about malia ob*ma’s bodyguard. 

malia ob*ma’s bodyguards hang out with her all the, my stepsister says she’s a pretty nice girl, so it’s probably not that much of a burden until you realise that when they hang out with her all of the time they’re hanging out with her specifically while she and her friends pretend they know how to mix vodka cranberries in the basement of her friend emily’s house. some of the agents are outside, some might be upstairs, but one of them, ah, one of them sat in the room.  

picture this, dear pals. picture my sweet stepsister and her friends, including malia, as they say typical sixteen-year-old things like ‘oh my god, this vodka is like… sooo… vodka!’ and take selfies with their red solo cups. no disrespect — this is exactly what i did at sixteen and i recommend it. anyway.

okay, now picture malia obama’s bodyguard, in this case a massive bro in his late twenties who can kill a man in like seventeen different ways using his knee. imagine him sitting in an armchair by the window, pretending to be invisible, occasionally taking a group photo when requested. this man knows so much about how katie totally likes anthony. this man listens while amy says, ‘gin is like… just like vodka, so. we can probably mix them together.’ IMAGINE THIS EXPERIENCE. it brings me joy.