she's flawless as usual

I love this pic so much

Pieter is watching the Bella’s performance like ugh hell no they better noT while Kommissar is like oh look the tiny maus is actually pretty good huh

Anyways becommissar is real and that is a fact

No Beca was not at all excited when she found out the Kommissar and Pieter had snapchats. No she was not looking forward to snapchatting them both and gloating after the after party. No she did not at all expect that Kommissar would respond looking even more flawless than she usually did.

Well… she at least didn’t expect the last one.

At first she had taken a selfie of herself and captioned it, “Learning to speak loser yet?”

Kommissar had responded about five minutes later and Beca almost fainted. She was beautiful. Golden hair falling in waves that brushed her shoulders. Beca could tell that she obviously didn’t care about her looks while doing this because a few strands were sticking out slightly. Kommissar was without makeup, all natural beauty. She had a hand covering her eye and half of her mouth/face.

“Ja. Learn what sleep is.”

Beca smiled. She took another selfie of herself laying on the bed. Captioning it with “Stop being a party pooper.” Before sending it. This time the response was immediate.

“I know how to have a good time at night.” Kommissar was giving her a smirk and a wink that literally made Beca’s heart stop. She groaned. Was Kommissar just a natural flirt or… No, Beca decided Kommissar was just one of those people who flirted with anyone.

Unable to resist temptation, Beca sent a picture of an eyebrow raised. “And how would that be?”

And she was not ready for the response.

Kommissar wasn’t wearing a shirt. She wasn’t wearing a shirt. Beca bit her lip. It was a picture of Kommissar now in a bathroom,clad in a black lacy bra and black shorts. The camera was pointing at the mirror so Beca could see Kommissar’s reflection. She was leaning against the wall, her head turned to look in the mirror, her back somewhat arched off of the wall.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Beca quickly sent a picture of the bed sheets. Not at all ready to send a picture of her flushed face.


Kommissar seemed to be playing a game. This time she was in just her undergarments, sitting on the sink with her back facing the mirror, throwing a coy smile over her shoulder at her reflection.

“Liar. Its like you want me in bed with you.”

So no more sending bed sheets. Beca hesitated for just a moment, wondering if she should stop. But then she also wanted to see if Kommissar would actually reveal herself. Not that she was at all interested in-

Her phone buzzed again. Now Kommissar wasn’t wearing a bra. The arm not holding the camera was wrapped over her chest, covering it from full view.

“In fact, your probably thinking about it right now.”

So Kommissar was into dirty talk? Interesting. Beca grinned. This would definitely be interesting. She sent a picture of her legs in the bed.

“Yes. Right there.”

The next picture Kommissar was fully nude, the counter of the bathroom covering a lot but Beca could see the outlines of her sinfully beautiful hips. Kommissar’s arm was still crossed over her chest.

“Why think when you can feel?”

There was a room number written in neat writing on the picture. Two minutes later Beca was greeted by a fully naked, fully confident Kommissar. Her smirk predatory, her pupils blown wide with arousal. She grabbed Beca by her shirt and pulled her inside, Beca kicking the door shut and locking it.


Let me just say how perfect Queen Letizia was today at Premios Princesa de Asturias. Not only she dressed flawless (as she usually does), but also she and King Felipe did a great job and looked really close. Love that she wore a pearl necklace. I love this woman, she is beautiful, strong and powerful and she knows it. Been waiting so long for this event and I’m not disappointed, definitely one of the highlights of the year. (October 23, 2015)