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This is my dog. She usually sits behind me all day as I doodle, curled around my bum, occasionally putting her long chin on the arm rest or wedging her snout between my thigh and the chair. She is an old pup, so she snores heavily, sighs a lot, and sometimes hiccups. I love her a lot and she makes me happy, so here is my sharing happy thing of the day.

Sakura Haruno - From a Girl to a Legendary Kunoichi.

Sakura’s growth from a girl who is “more interested in love than ninjutsu”, to one of the world’s most renowned Kunoichi, was quite remarkable.

The catalyst for this growth, as was the case for a lot of her development, were Sasuke’s words. They were harsh, but necessary, as it made her realise that she was becoming a hindrance to her team:

Those words would resonate in her mind until the Forest of Death, where she was stuck between a rock and a hard place:

And once she had finally reached her breaking point, and could no longer tolerate being the one to always get in the way, she decided to let go of her naive desire to look more appealing for Sasuke, and cut her hair. This symbolized the start of her blossoming into something special:

At this point, even though she knew she probably couldn’t defeat the enemies before her, she was at least going to go down fighting to protect those dear to her; She had finally found her resolve as a kunoichi.

And she even opted to sacrifice her body by purposely getting hit by shurikens and kunais instead of substituting, in order to land a surprise attack on her opponent, demonstrating her physical toughness as well:

The idea was reckless, but effective, and it paid huge dividends:

Now although she was eventually subdued, as she had expected, she could at least pride herself with the fact that she had fought her hardest to protect her friends instead of doing nothing. This was a huge turning point for her.

Later on during Sasuke’s confrontation with Gaara, Sakura once again illustrated how much she had grown as a person. In contrast to what had transpired in the Forest of Death where she had been absolutely petrified in fear of Orochimaru, when she saw Gaara heading to kill Sasuke, she put her life on the line to protect him, with no ounce of hesitation whatsoever:

I can only imagine what was going through Sakura’s head when she saw Gaara flying towards Sasuke, with the intent to kill:

So she got in the way, and was literally staring death in the face, but she didn’t move an inch. Not because she was afraid, but because her love for Sasuke was that powerful. It wasn’t a crush anymore, it was love, born from the desire to ease his internal suffering which at that point, only she was aware of.

After Naruto had come back unsuccessful in retrieving Sasuke, Sakura decided that simply putting her body/life on the line to protect her comrades was no longer enough; she needed the ability to actively fight and do things on her own terms, so that she could sufficiently aid Naruto in saving their friend: 

Thus, she turned to Tsunade in order to train and cultivate her skills:

Therefore, much like Naruto with Jiraiya and Sasuke with Orochimaru, Sakura set herself on the path of becoming part of the next generation of Sannin:

Tsunade taught Sakura the fundamentals of extremely precise chakra control, and as Kakashi and Naruto learned, that training wasn’t for the sole purpose of teaching Sakura medical ninjustu:

Sakura had gained the extreme levels of chakra control necessary to amplify her strength to monstrous levels:  

And Kakashi immediately saw that Sakura was a star in the making; to have come such a long way in a relatively short amount of time, he knew that at this rate, she’d probably surpass Tsunade some day.

And then came her unlocking of the Byakugou Seal; the moment when her true potential had finally been awakened, and the chakra that she had been amassing for all that time was at last ready to be put to use. This time however, she wouldn’t just be healing from the sidelines, she’d be on the front lines, standing side by side and on equal terms with her team mates: 

And she subsequently demonstrated to the entire allied shinobi forces what she was truly capable of, and every one of them were left in shock and awe (apart from Sasuke of course): 

Her display of strength was so impressive that even Hashirama Senju, who was touted as “The God of Shinobi”, acknowledged her abilities as possibly greater than Tsunade’s:

Shortly afterwards, the next generation of Sannin were truly born, as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura recreated the “Three-Way Deadlock” summoning, with Sasuke’s Aoda and Naruto’s Gamakichi replacing Manda and Gamabunta respectively. Katsuyu needed no replacement:

They each subsequently demonstrated their prowess with their summonings, showing that it wasn’t just a case of simply being capable of summoning them; they all knew how to proficiently use them as well:

And Sakura wasn’t about to fall behind; she knew the task at hand and set about doing it with great efficiency:

It’s such a shame that a large portion of the fandom to this day, still fail to realise what Shizune was talking about here: Sakura’s growth, both emotionally and physically, was there for all to see. She is indeed a “helluva girl” :P

And several years in the future, even during times of peace, she most certainly hadn’t lost her senses for combat, as Shin found out the hard way that there were severe consequences for laying hands on her husband and daughter: 

And Sasuke, even though he hid it most of the time, had always seen her potential. He had probably remembered Sakura’s words when they were reunited on the battlefield during the war:

And at this point, he couldn’t have agreed more. No one believes in Sakura more than Sasuke:

And with good reason; Thanks in large part to his words, she had developed from a girl who cowered and cried in the face of adversity:

To a world renowned Kunoichi who doesn’t take shit from anyone:

And people say that she lacked development! :D

Wanda: Vision, is that your hand on my ass?

Vision: It was an accident.

Wanda: Vision, your hand’s still on my ass.


Vision: It’s still an accident


au where kagura actually takes kagome up on her offer to stay w the inugang and somehow doesn’t get killed by naraku


  • kagura and sango not hitting it off AT A L L and constantly making snide comments at each other, leading to a serious fight followed by kagura admitting to helping kohaku when she could and sango gradually letting her defenses down
  • kagome mediating between sango and kagura when they get too heated
  • kagura SAVING SANGO IN A FIGHT but kagura denying wanting to save her and sango initially refusing to thank her but feeling guilty and thanking her anyways
  • kagome convincing kagura to fan her off on an especially hot day, the others extremely on edge the whole time
  • kagura adjusting to being on the ground and walking more and freedom to do what she wants when they’re relaxing
  • kagura smiling at the gang’s banter
  • kagome making a big deal out of said smile and kagura getting flustered, then still smiling when she falls back behind everyone else so no one can see
  • kagura fighting extra hard when kohaku is at stake, and taking on the role of his wine aunt when they get him back
  • mad one sided tension whenever sesshomaru shows up (and u know kagome picks up on it immediately)

honestly, i don’t think we appreciate enough that ron was forced to go an entire year without being able to practically try out almost any of the magic he was learning because of his snapped wand. like he still did pretty well in school overall and didn’t suffer any real lasting set-backs from all the time he missed. that’s pretty freaking impressive. 


army challenge ; bias wrecker(s) :

↳ kim taehyung & jung hoseok

“ all the days I spent without you
I can’t even remember them..”

“They don‘t make you more valuable“

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Words: 1,131

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Today is Josh‘s and Tyler‘s first time attending the Grammy‘s. But that‘s just the beginning, who would‘ve guessed that those two dudes from Columbus Ohio are going to be nominated for five Grammys one day? The same guys, that write music, that consists of every genre you could think of, about things nobody wants to talk about. The duo representing this generation‘s local dreamers. 

The moment their feet touch the red carpet, both of them feel a rush of excitement and a hint of nervousness raging through their body. After getting some photos taken, the two are lead to an interviewer. The guy has the biggest grin plastered on his face and the most enthusiastic attitude he could pull off. 

“It‘s so nice to see you guys! Five Grammy nominees, how do you feel about that?“ the man shrieks and holds out his microphone for them to speak into. 

Just like usual, Tyler takes the lead and answers the question. Even though Josh has improved in public speaking, he‘s used to his best friend being the one in control so all he does is nodding his head in agreement. Suddenly, he recognises a familiar face in the corner of his eyes while listening to his bandmate talk and couldn’t help but quickly turns around, to see no one other than (Y/F/N). The girl he has been and still is in love with. Doesn‘t matter how cliche it may sound, but the guy is hundred percent convinced that she‘s his one and true love. 

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10| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 4282

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Jimin. He was back. He was here. He was back…

He strode into the room, his movement just as you remembered. His fists were tightly clenched. Your breath was taken as you remembered how safe and warm your hands had felt in those and how his hands had been gentle, but confident. He was wearing black track pants and a fitted white t-shirt. Somehow it didn’t look like a uniform on him. On his wrist you saw a black wrist band you hadn’t noticed before. There was something attatched to it, some sort of intricate design. You wondered what it was.

Then you finally looked at his face. His strong jaw and chiselled features were tense, but they were as you remembered. His lips were a straight, almost in line. And his eyes, the same brown as you had learnt so well in those few moments, deep and infinite. You wanted to look into them again, you wanted to explore more, but he wasn’t looking at you. You shut your eyes and exhaled, trying to remind yourself that you hardly knew Park Jimin.

He was standing at the front of the class, his hands now behind his back. Mrs. Shin was already sitting at the piano, a quiet smile on her face.

Yuna had been trying to get your attention and you glanced at her. ‘Thank God’ she mouthed then grinned. You gave her a weak smile back. Jimin was here, and so your abnormal curiosity might be satiated. But then, Jimin was here, and after all that had happened, after he’d walked out, could you even face him again?

He now cleared his throat, looking out at the class. “Good Afternoon, class.” He said. His voice was the same authoritative sound, though it seemed so business-like. The last time you’d heard him speak was when he had been talking to Taeyeon in the dining hall. Back then his voice had been angry, and tense. Now it was just blank.

Whilst you had been thinking, everyone else had stood up, and they were now chorusing. “Good Afternoon, Sir.”

“Sit for a minute.” He said. You exchanged another glance with Yuna as she sat down again, what was this going to be about? Jimin stepped forward, a serious look in his eyes. “As Jiwoo’s class I believe you have the right to know how she is.” He began in a heavy tone. You sat up straighter. He had more information about Jiwoo? His jaw was taut as he continued. “In falling she managed to break her collarbone. Normally it wouldn’t be so bad, but the bone has been displaced.” He swallowed. His expression was still calm and controlled, but you saw his tensed jaw. “She got out of surgery a few hours ago.” He rubbed his chin, as if deliberating something, then looked back to the class. “At present, they think it’ll take her four months to heal.”

You felt tears pricking your eyes. You felt sympathetic for what Jiwoo was going through. Ballet dancers were injured all the time, it wasn’t rare, even though at Amour there weren’t that many. But if you yourself wasn’t allowed to dance for four month, it would be terrible. Jiwoo loved ballet. You’d seen it on her face, and in the way she worked. And of course missing four months of classes would mean she would fall far behind the class.

Jimin exhaled and clapped his hands together. “Positions, please!” He frowned suddenly. You saw who he was looking at. “Who are you?” He asked, walking over.

Eungkwan, who you’d thought to be rather shy, now stood up straight, his chin raised. “Dahn Eungkwan.”

Jimin’s eyes narrowed. “You’re a second year. Why are you here?”

“I’m Miss (Surname)’s partner.” Eungkwan answered.

You waited for some kind of reaction from Jimin, some tiny show of something at your name, but he just looked Eungkwan up and down very slowly, studying him, then looked behind him, out the window and off into the distance. He seemed caught on a thought, just for a few seconds, then he snapped back to the class. “Hurry up!” He said, returning to the front of the class. “Promenades!”

You stood up. A horrible wave of pain crashed around your head. Your vision was shrouded again by black. You pressed a hand to your forehead. Oh God! Then it began to clear again, and the pain left with one final stab. You took one deep breath and then hurried over to Eungkwan. The piano had already started, and he quickly put his hands on your waist.

Nerves thrummed in your stomach, even though they had no reason to. It felt strange to have Eungkwan’s hands on you when Jimin was here. You knew why; everything that you lacked in your partnership with Eungkwan. The emotion, the connection, the passion. Like you’d had when you’d danced with Jimin. And now he was here, in the very same room, and it seemed as though the feeling you had had on that day was so close, but out of reach.

You swallowed, telling yourself to just forget it. “Promenades!” Jimin called. “And five six seven eight and step up two three.” You stepped up onto Pointe and your head swirled as Eungkwan began to turn you. “Miss Gwan, stand up straight!” Jimin circled Minjee and Jongsoo, adjusting their hands and pushing Minjee up taller. “One more promenade then down into courus for eight counts! Five six seven eight and down! Courus right!”

You felt dizzy as you made the tiny courus. “Where are the arms?” Jimin demanded. Eungkwan hands went away from your waist, and for once you felt like you needed them. You tried to breathe in as you raised your arms to fifth.

“And arabesque step and up! Keep control!” Jimin ordered, exasperation in his voice. You glanced in the mirror. He was looking at the whole class, his hands on his hips. You looked at them as well. Even with your horrible state, you had to admit Eungkwan and you were looking pretty sharp. Others wobbled or let down their legs. Hyeun was gripping her partner’s shoulder. You felt like slouching over Eungkwan’s hand which lay on your belly, head felt so heavy. Toughen up, (Name)! Your yelled at yourself. You took a deep breath and lengthened your neck. You had to keep the composure. You were doing okay, you were fine.

“And now down, four two steps forward and into pirouette!” It seemed like pirouettes were the worst thing you could possibly do right now, but you launched into the fast spin, Eungkwan’s hands ringing around you. Nausea was tugging at you now, in your belly and your throat.

Oh Fuck.

“And out into developpe!” You stopped the pirouette, and wobbled dangerously. Come on! You lifted your leg out in front of you, still bent. “And stretch out! Hold it! Keep holding!” Jimin gave an exasperated sigh. The piano stopped.

“What the hell.” He began, walking between the dancers to the front of the class. “Do you think you are all doing?” His lips were pursed, hands still on his hips.

After a few moments, Hyeun eventually stepped forward and said. “We didn’t really have to, you know, worry about it with Madame Zhang.”

Jimin folded his arms. “So you’re entirely reliant on your teacher, Miss Yah?”

Hyeun bit her cheek, looking guilty. “I guess.”

Even though he was only addressing her, everyone felt guilty, and he knew. Jimin sighed, running a hand through his messy hair. He looked out at the class. You’d noticed all along, but hadn’t thought personally of it. He never looked to where Eungkwan and you were standing.

“None of you will ever succeed in ballet if you have to have someone to make sure you’re keeping the standards.” He stepped forward, looking at the class. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your teacher, or if you’re tired, or if you’re frustrated.” A muscle in his jaw twitched. “There are no excuses. You dance to your standards and when you reach them you set higher ones. You never lower them, you never get complacent and for fuck’s sake, you never get sloppy!” Your class was silent, his words sinking into each and every one of you.

You looked at Jimin, feeling something stir in you. He was so very right.

He held his gaze on the class a few moments longer before letting his folded arms drop to his sides. “Rows of three.” He said. “We’re doing combinations, and if any pair performs sloppily then they will do it again until they get it right.” He raised his chin and clapped his hands. “Hurry up!”

“Someone’s touchy.” Minjee muttered as everyone went to the back.

“You in particular, Miss Gwan-” Jimin murmured from the front of the studio, looking nonchalantly at his black wristband. “-Should be thinking about standards. I’m sure your partner is sick of having to push you round your pirouette.”

You glanced at Jongsoo. He was looking down awkwardly. Minjee huffed and went to the back rows.

Jimin gave himself a little smile before looking back at the class. “Alright, first combination. Ladies courus up for eight, arms second to fifth. Then arabesque. Gentlemen run up and catch the arabesque. Ladies curl the working leg around a little. Promenade and finish.” You pictured it in your head quickly. “First line up! Mrs Shin.” He nodded to her, and she began a slow tune. “Five, six, seven, eight. Slowly, Miss Yah! Feel the music! Mister Rhee keep your feet in, good and plie down to finish. Next group up!”

Nerves suddenly shot through you. Only three pairs. Then he would have to look at you. That doesn’t matter, he’s only your teacher, just a teacher.

“And next group!” The dizziness suddenly returned as you échappéd to pointe. You raised your arms, going from outstretched to above your head and back down. You couldn’t wobble, not now. Your head throbbed. You could see little lights dancing around the room.

“Miss Price keep your posture! Arabesque!” You held your breath and let your leg up. Eungkwan gracefully ran and caught you in the arabesque, then turned you around. You had to keep your head straight, though it felt like your insides were spinning.

Remembering the next move, you quickly curled your leg around Eungkwan, effectively circling his waist. You could feel the heat from his body.

“Mister Dahn.” You glanced up at Eungkwan’s name. Jimin was frowning at you and Eungkwan, his eyes avoiding your face. It was the first attention he’d shown your all lesson. You were more excited than you should have been. He studied your position. You glanced in the mirror behind him, and saw yourself, arms reaching out, leg bend in a curl around another dancer. And you saw Eungkwan, his hands on your waist, standing with perfect posture, his eyes straight ahead, completely blank.

You refocused on Jimin. He took a breath through his nose and looked away from you, the muscle in his jaw twitching ever so slightly. “And plie.” He said to the windows, his face still tense as Eungkwan and you plied and then rose up again. You tried to work out his expression, but the sparkling lights had returned, glimmering around everywhere. The stabbing in your head seemed to go in time, as did the horrible swirling in your stomach. You shuffled to the side of the studio and back to the line.

“He missed the promenade.” Eungkwan muttered, already in line.

You nodded, but you didn’t really care. Your headache pulsed insistently hard at you, probably worsened by your confusion about Jimin.

You performed several more combinations, with many stops and starts for other pairs as Jimin went over details. But every time Eungkwan and you performed, he watched passively. There wasn’t much to correct. Eungkwan was, of course, flawless. And you were managing to keep composure. But your headache was getting worse.

“Right.” Jimin said eventually. Lights sparkled around him. You gripped the barre as you swayed.

“Now we’ll move on to four pairs at a time. Four ladies one side, four gentlemen the other. Tour jetes across, crossing over so you swap sides. Second time come halfway across to meet your partner. Sidestep into a line. Développé right, two steps and grand battement, then développé left, same thing. Leap right, leap left. Pirouettes, then finish passé out to développé.” He grinned at the class. “Now we will see who’s been listening.” He clapped his hands. “First group up!”

As soon as you could, you turned your back and fully leant on the bar. You had the horrible sick feeling that you used to get when you spun around too much on the tire swing at school. But you had mastered the dizziness from pirouettes ages ago. You tried taking deep breaths in, out, in, out.

“Next group!”

“(Name).” Eungkwan said. You turned around. You were going to be fine. You quickly recounted the steps in your head. Run, meet, développé left, battement, other way same thing, leaps, pirouette, développé. You did not feel like doing the combination but nonetheless hurried to the right side of the studio, lining up with Minjee, and Seohyun.

“Five six seven eight and running.” Hey, didn’t you know this tune? It was Alexandra something…oh crap! You flitted across the stage, way too many counts behind the others.

“And turn, yes and meet them! Good, gentlemen kneel.” Eungkwan kneeled, offering you his hand. You took it, your head now feeling extremely light. “And to the line.” Eungkwan and you skipped into line beside Minjee and Jongsoo. “And développé right, and step step.”

Oh God, what were you doing? Your legs were crossing awkwardly, almost throwing you off balance. You did a weak battement and then went back to Eungkwan for the next move.

“Good and now same thing on the left.” You did the two steps better this time, and let your leg stretch out and fly up.

“Hey!” Minjee shouted. Mrs Shin stopped playing.

What? You looked around. Eungkwan was far away on your left, and you were right next to Minjee. You’d gone the wrong way.

“Sorry.” You said to her. Even though you didn’t like her, you could have kicked her in the head if you’d been just a tiny bit closer. Suddenly pain shoved violently through your head. You squeezed your eyes shut and massaged against your forehead. Couldn’t it just go away?

You opened your eyes, the pain dying down to the normal throb again. You stifled a gasp. Jimin was right in front of you, looking at down at you with concern. Once more, he was frowning. “What’s wrong?” He asked you.

“I’m fine. You said quickly.

"Your head?” He glanced at your hand still up against the forehead.

You swallowed and repeated. “I’m fine.”

Jimin raised a dark, sceptical eyebrow. Another wave of dizziness rolled through you. You swayed momentarily, the sickness returning to your stomach. “Dizzy?” Jimin asked.

You felt utterly powerless, but you still told him an 'I’m okay’.

“No, you’re not.” He said back.

You raised your chin, though you could hardly make yourself look taller than him. “I think I know when I’m okay and when I’m not, Sir.” Calling him 'sir’ seemed strange…foreign.

Jimin sighed wearily. “Untie your shoe.”

You frowned. “What?”

“Untie your shoe, Miss (Surname).”

“Why?” You asked. They were perfectly fine.

“Why not?” He countered. You confusedly sat down, wondering what on earth he was doing. Picking out the knot in the ribbons your shoe fell loose.

“Now tie it up again.” He said, gesturing to your shoe. Your head throbbed as you grabbed the ribbons.

You looked up at Jimin as you tied. “What is the point of this?”

Jimin was looking at your shoe, his eyebrows raised. He nodded to it. “To prove that.”

You glanced down. The ribbons weren’t the neat 'x’ and circle that you’d been easily doing. Instead, they were a loose, useless tangle, just like this morning. You sighed exhausted. You couldn’t tell right from left, you couldn’t remember the steps for your solo, you couldn’t keep in time with the music, you couldn’t even tie up your own pointe shoes! What the hell was wrong with you?

“Mrs Shin, would you please look after the class for a few minutes?” Jimin asked her. Mrs. Shin pushed up her glasses and smiled a yes.

Jimin looked back down to you. He offered you his hand and you tentatively took it.

Electricity suddenly shot up your hands, and Jimin and you locked eyes. There was nothing teacher-student about it. At that point, it was as if Jimin and you were together, as one. Becoming entirely equal within a single look, equal, and connected. But that was impossible. It seemed you both shared the thought, and the both of you snapped out of it.

He pulled you up and then let go as quickly as he could. He turned and was quickly at the door. For just a second, you thought he was storming out again like last time. You felt a horrible pain blossoming in your chest, but then he turned again, holding the door open for you. Hurrying past him, into the cool corridor, you yanked off your loose shoes and held them, confused and slightly, bedazzled.

Jimin leaned back into the studio for a second. “I want to see that combination perfected by the time I get back, yes?”

“Yes, sir.” You heard your classmates chorus.

He shut the door and began walking. You had to take long steps to keep up with him as he led you to the stairs.

“Where are we going?” You asked, feeling like a child.

“To Doctor Hill’s office.” He replied shortly.

“I’ll get better.” You said. The last thing you needed right now was for this Doctor Hill to deem you unfit for classes for even just a day. You could not miss another tech class, not when your solo piece was in shreds. “I don’t need to go.”

“You do.” Jimin said sharply as you reached the stairs.

“I can’t.” You said, stopping.

He turned around, looking incredulous. “Why not? You have a concussion, you have to see a doctor.”

You bit your lip, looking down at your feet. “You don’t know if I have a concussion.”

Jimin nodded, conceding. Then looked up at you. “Which is why we’re going to the doctor, to find out.”

You sighed, exasperated, and continued down the stairs silently.

The third door on the right of the stairs held the plaque:

Dr Martin Hill, Physiotherapist

Jimin knocked. “Come in.” Came a man’s voice.

Jimin opened the door and you went in. It looked like any other doctor’s surgery. A high bed with just a pale blue sheet, a couple of armchairs, several cupboards and many posters on the mint green walls.

Ballet: the Art of Arthritis.

Eating Disorders for your Échappés.

Pointe Shoes: The Danger in Pink.

The Truth about Tutus.

Ballet befriends Bulimia.

Tondues and Tendinitis.

What on Earth? Since when did posters like these end up in a ballet school?

Doctor Hill sat at a corner desk, a laptop in front of him. He turned in his chair. “Ah, Park Jimin.” he said, standing up. He wore studious horn-rimmed glasses and his neat brown beard was flecked with grey, as was his balding hair. His face was podgy and round, but not unpleasant. He was very short, though. Only a little taller than you. “Another torn muscle?” He inquired.

Jimin grimaced and shook his head. A torn muscle? That had to have put him back a few months. “Miss (Surname) has a concussion.” He said.

Doctor Hill turned to you. “Hello Miss…(Surname) is it?” You gave a half-hearted smile. He looked at you over the top of his glasses, inky black eyes scrutinizing you. “Tell me, Miss (Surname) did you do your warm ups today?”

“Yes sir.” You nodded. You’d managed to do those, at least.

He shook his head distastefully. “Warm ups are extremely dangerous.” He said. “And to do them without teacher supervision as you do in this academy is truly ridiculous.” You blushed and looked down at your hands. He waited a moment longer. “Have a seat.” You slipped gratefully into a chair. Jimin sat next to you, but made sure your shoulders didn’t touch. “So.” He began, sitting back in his own chair and crossing his legs. “How did you get this concussion?”

“I probably don’t even have one.” You told him. “Just a headache.”

He pressed his lips together in disdain. “How long have you had a headache for?”

“Since breakfast, maybe?” You tried to work out if you’d felt anything last night. You did want to get your headache away.

“Have you experienced any dizziness or nausea?”

You bit your lip. “Yes.”

He nodded slowly, writing something down on a clipboard he’d produced out of nowhere. “Have you had any trauma to the head recently?”

“No.” You told him.

“No falls, fights or so?”

You shook your head. “Nope.” The word 'fall’ sparked a memory though. Jiwoo, she’d fallen. You remembered it now, her swaying, and then crashing, crashing into…

You looked up at Doctor Hill hesitantly. “I can’t quite remember what happened, but I think I blacked out yesterday, after Jiwoo’s fall. She fell into my partner, and he lost his hold on me and I fell, but he caught me, and then.” You frowned, what had happened next?

“Wait, you were in that accident?” Jimin asked incredulously.

You nodded. Before Jimin could say anything else, Doctor Hill butted in. “Temporary memory loss is a sign of concussion. If you fell, then it’s quite likely you hit your head on the ground.”

“How serious is this?” Asked Jimin.

Doctor Hill shrugged. “As Miss (Surname) hasn’t had any further black-outs, I would say it was grade two at the most. The memory loss is a little worrying, but there is little we can do to get that back. No vomiting?” He asked looking at you.

“No.” You said.

He reached into a drawer and pulled out a torch. “Just lean forward for me.” You complied, and he shined the little torch into your left eye, then your right. Satisfied, he clicked it off and put it back in the drawer. “The strong effects of a concussion don’t last too long. Rest until Saturday at least and you should be fine.”

“You mean no ballet?” You asked sharply, though of course that was what he meant.

“None.” He said, then pointed to one of his posters. “Stay away from ballet, your life gains a year every day.”

“I can’t stay off that long.” You told him, giving a mental eye roll at the damned poster. This was exactly what you had feared. This could not happen, not before the review.

“You will, Miss (Surname) Doctor’s orders.” He gave a twisted smile. “Now I’ll go and get you a prescription of Tylenol.” He stood up and went through a door by the desk, labelled 'Staff Only.’ As soon as the door shut, Jimin turned to you.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell anyone?” He demanded. “I had no idea there was anyone other than Jiwoo and Kwangsik involved!”

You huffed. “I think a girl screaming on the floor with a broken shoulder is slightly more important.”

Jimin stared at you with disbelief. “A concussion could be just as serious.”

“But it isn’t.” You pointed out. “I’m fine. And I’m not the one in hospital.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. “This is just like with Kihyun. I couldn’t believe you didn’t tell him anything.”

“I didn’t know what it was meant to feel like! I’d never done Pas de Deux before!”

“God, everyone know it’s a responsibility to say if something’s not right!”

“What?” You snapped. “After last week I just assumed that walking out the door was how that worked.”

That stopped him short, and he glared contemptuously at the floor. Finally he looked at you. “I walked out because I realized that I had taken you way out of your depth.”

“What, you thought I wasn’t coping?”

“You could hardly cope with the simple lift Madame Zhang wanted. I saw the fear in your face. I did an over head, without any warning, with a first year. And worse, a first year who has no background in Pas de Deux or the trust or the emotion that comes with it.”

“What the hell?” You exclaimed. “So you just assumed that I was – ”

“Interesting conversations you ballet dancers have.” Doctor Hill had returned from the other room, a pill bottle in his hand. With his other hand, he pointed to another poster. Would you sacrifice mental stability for flexibility?

Worn raw with anger, you stood and stuck your hand out for the pills impatiently. “Take one every two hours, no less. Take two if it gets very bad. And remember, no ballet until Saturday. I’ll explain to your teachers.”

“Thank you, Sir.” You said mechanically, then spun on your heel and launched out of the door, eager to get away from him. Out in the entrance hall, people were heading through to dinner. Taking a deep breath to try and compose yourself, you fought against the tide of students coming down the stairs.

You had your pointe shoes in hand, and your iPod lay upstairs in your trunk. You rolled shoulders and lifted your chin.

By Sunday night, you would prove to Park Jimin that you were not an inexperienced, clueless first year.

Black Cat, Red Night

Chapter 1: Zeroes

Commission for @xenethis-chimera

For any of you who have every watched Teen Titans from way back when you might find one of the characters in this familiar ;) but if you don’t it is still totally readable- I encourage all of you to follow this- great things to come!

Hawkmoth leaned back in his desk chair, pressing his fingers together contemplatively. Detransformed, he sat in the shadows of his office using the darkness to disguise himself as he prepared to answer the video call scheduled to come in any minute now. The situation with Ladybug and Chat Noir had grown tedious. His akumas had failed him time and time again and so it would seem that Hawkmoth needed more than an akuma at his disposal to defeat the infuriating adolescent duo. Hawkmoth had done his research, looking far and wide for just the right person for the job and he had finally found someone with the kind of remarkable skill set he required.

The beeping from his computer brought his attention back to the screen. Hawkmoth clicked on the answer key before settling back into his chair. On the screen sat a shadowed figure in a seemingly dark and plain room. Hawkmoth smirked to himself. I guess evil minds think alike.

“Fancy meeting you here, come here often?” The man’s raspy voice sounded through the computer’s speakers in fluent French.

“I’ve heard many things about your particular skill set,” Hawkmoth’s voice stayed even and serious. All business.

“What can I say, word gets around,” He said playfully.

“I have to say I’m quite… interested…” Hawkmoth said slowly.

“I’ve got a lot of people interested, what makes this job so worthy of my talents?” He snorted. Hawkmoth smiled knowingly.

“Oh I think you will find this job particularly … challenging,” Hawkmoth taunted. The man leaned forward in his chair.

“I’m listening,” He rasped. Hawkmoth grinned wickedly. How the simple minded were so easily manipulated.

“Have you ever been to Paris M. X?” Hawkmoth began. The man smiled slightly before letting out a low dark laugh.

“You could say I’ve spent some time there before,” He said coyly.

“Well in the past year Paris has developed a bit of a… hero problem you could say. There are two heroes who go by the names of Ladybug and Chat Noir,” Hawkmoth started to explain.

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Alice in Wonderland

How curious! I put dupes and hope you don’t mind


  • White Rabbit
  • The White Rabbit has a strong loyalty to the Queen
  • I believe Yoosung carries that same loyalty.
  • But they’re both nervous and anxious. Yoosung is that high strung college student and Mr.Rabbit is well the same but times ten.
  • Both are also adorable!


  • The Doorknob
  • Zen is like the most neutral one in MM like how The Doorknob is the most neutral in Wonderland.
  • The Doorknob helped save Alice at the end and Zen saved MC.
  • Based on the April Fools DLC, Zen appeared to be the “true” route in some theories.
  • There are also theories that the Doorknob is Alice’s true savior. 
  • Although I didn’t read much about the Doorknob’s theory.
  • I think they’re both fitting knights


  • White Rabbit
  • The way Jaehee works for Jumin, she is high strung and disheveled beyond words.
  • If she falls behind schedule, she won’t go home and she doesn’t want that.
  • I believe they hold the same personality type only Jaehee is calmer.
  • Both Good and Neutral in temperament.


  • Cheshire
  • While Jumin doesn’t carry the same cunning as Cheshire, they are both have a lot of power.
  • Even the Red Queen fears Cheshire
  • With Jumin’s status, he is a force to be feared.
  • Jumin also is hard to understand like Cheshire.
  • He just needs someone with an open mind who would be able to understand him.


  • Mad Hatter
  • Charming, funny, crazy, gentle and a scatterbrain.
  • Lord help Mad Saeyoung get his life together.
  • They are both nice and often distracted.
  • They’re both also filled with useless and useful information.
  • You just need to chat and find out!


  • Queen of Hearts
  • They’re both unstable. 
  • Even though everyone in Wonderland is mad, I believe these two are the worst in their own worlds.
  • The main difference is a stable Saeran would never intentionally kill someone and the Queen of Hearts would.
  • Something I love that they both have in common is that they need support.
  • The Queen of Hearts has the King of Hearts and Saeran has Saeyoung C:


  • Cheshire
  • Cheshire is mysterious like V.
  • Although the one thing that made Cheshire immediately snap to mind was the fact that Cheshire does not fear the queen.
  • Just like how V does not fear Rika, but he loves her.
  • They can stay calm in many situations.
  • They are both also very deceptive.
  • V protects the RFA bu deceiving them.
  • I’m also sure Cheshire protected Alice by bring a trickster too. 


  • Caterpillar
  • Although Vanderwood isn’t as chill, wise, and sensitive as Caterpillar, they share the same serious, stuck up, and grouchy qualities.
  • They both do have a kind demeanor about them.
  • I don’t think either of them want MC/Alice to die and would help them if needed.

Bonus: Rika

  • Flowers of Wonderland
  • These flowers are hostile if you are not a flower.
  • Same way Rika would throw you in a dungeon then brainwash you if you weren’t part of Minteye.
  • Pretty but deadly.
Anything For You, My Love.

Masterpost: {x

Pairing: Hamliza

Summary: Eliza just found out she was pregnant and she’d only been married to Alexander for five months. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be too thrilled, but he was determined to prove it otherwise.

Warning: hella fluff

Word Count: 3,498

“One spoonful of sugar or two?”

The words were nearly drowned out by the copy machines buzzing behind her. Not only that, but her eyes were weighed down from the exhaustion she was facing.

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Requested by: @faithfulinmysins

After being locked in a room for days, she finally let me out. Mud in my hair and solid on my skirts, dirt under my fingernails and bruises littering my arms and hands. She ordered her guard to drop me at her feet. She looked down from her throne, careful not to let her crown slip from her hair, she locked eyes with someone on the other side of the room, and nodded. Then she stood. Her skirts falling behind her and following her with each stride.
She gestured for her maiden to move me so I was facing her and the crowd crammed in the hall. They wanted to see a witch hang. It didn’t matter that I was halfway innocent. It didn’t matter that I never hurt anyone or ever had the intention to hurt someone. All anyone card about was the evidence found in my hut. That’s all she cared about as well. And for the chance to prove that she is Queen.
“Kaia.” She starts. Looking at the chains around my ankles and hands. I could only imagine the state my hair was in if my dress was a dirty as it was. “I am Queen now, and I do not condone witchcraft - of any kind.” She cocks her head and locks eyes with Ivar. A deceiving look flashed in her eyes. “I do not appreciate that you would try to conjure Aslaug from the dead.” A collective gasp was heard from bystanders. “Or that you would try to get me killed, so your husband’s brother can become King.”
I tried to say something, but a sword was placed under my chin.
“Let her speak!” An array of voices cried from the crowd. Lagertha nodded, turning to face me again. The sword was taken away, and I was forced to get off my knees and stand.
“I was not conjuring the Queen.” My voice was hoarse and raspy. The other side of the room had to strain to hear anything. “I did not what I did in malice-”
“You admit to witchcraft?”
“Everyone knows that witches have been in my family for generations. We practice in the name of Frigg we are decedent’s from Odin!” I cry out in desperation. The chains feeling tighter by the second. “Your husband claimed he was a descendant from Odin also.”
Her expression turned cold at the sound of Ragnar’s existence. “My husband was bewitched by Aslaug. She cast a spell on him.”
“She did not!” Ivar roared from his seat. “He loved her more than he loved you and you were so blind you could not see it for what it was, but for witchcraft.”
Voices talking over one other caused an up roar and horns were thrown as ale spilt everywhere. Lagertha had to yell out for there to be silence. “I do not condone witchcraft. Not after what Aslaug has done to my city. To my home.” She pauses, looking at the walls of the halls and the throne she stole to call herself Queen. “There is evidence that you were conjuring Aslaug late into the night only last week. There was evidence when the walls were breached that witchcraft was involved,” she sits down on her throne, and clears her throat. Her eyes narrow and sink into my skin. “You and your husband, are nothing but sad children. You are hurt over Aslaug’s death. I understand. I am hurt over Ragnar’s death, but there are some things that I need to have made clear; I am Queen. I am in charge. The sons of Ragnar are not in line for the throne, but my son Bjorn. I will not let myself be put in danger by followers of Aslaug and their witchcraft. I will not let anyone conjure Aslaug to try and bring me down- and I will not let someone take my right and usurp my rule. From now on; anyone accused of witchcraft will be put on trial. Anyone proved guilty, will be strung up outside and made a lesson of.” An audible gasp left everyone’s lips and silence fell.
The eerie silence was broken by the heavy doors banging open. Floki stalks into the hall. He takes a standing by Ivar and crosses his arms. The seer shuffles in, his cloak covering his face and whispers leaving his lips. Everyone stayed silent.
“You accuse a girl of conjuring the dead?” His voice, though soft, bounces off the walls. “There was once a time when you asked me of life and death.” He points and bony finger at her. “No one should be on trial here.”


And when she needs to shelter from reality she takes a dip in my daydreams

Images from The X-Files Season 1, Episode 2, “Deep Throat.”Lyrics from “Arabella” by Arctic Monkeys.
Reaching Out, Moving On

I don’t know where this will go, but I’ve sat myself down at my computer, brought up a blank page and dipped my pen into the fire burning inside me. It’s a toxic stew of angst, loss, confusion and indescribable pain. Whenever things in my life become untethered and upside down, like the past week has been, I have always found some direction and sense through writing. I have no expectations here of what will come out of me. I suspect it will be raw and unstructured, with no real direction or point. This will be completely off the top of my head.

The Bunker/3:17am

Oliver was sitting in Felicity’s chair, her computers turned on. Images from their past danced on the screens, images that sent memories into his heart like snow gently falling on the world.

It was quiet in the Bunker. No sounds of crime fighting or superheroing going on. Just Oliver sitting alone and thinking about the past couple weeks. He had managed to enact one of his special talents during that time—driving people closest to him away. Thea, John, Quinton—and more recent, Rene, Curtis and Dinah. Oliver thought about the argument he had with Felicity just before he went to break John out of that Federal prison. She assumed that he was lying to her again, and sarcastically said that she admired his consistency. Consistency—that was a good word to describe Oliver. He was consistent. In making bad decisions, in misplacing his anger, in taking unnecessary risks.

But his biggest mistake was Felicity. For over a year now, Oliver had pretty much kept his distance with her. At first, he thought he was honoring her need for space. But over time, it wasn’t that anymore. It grew into this distance, a distance he created in the first place when he lied to her about William and basically stomped all over her trust and abandonment issues. He hurt her in the worst way he could have thought of, if he intentionally made the decisions he did. It was not different than what Merlin or Slade or Ra’s or Darkhe would have done. It was villainous. And every time he left her and went to Central City, he was ruining the best thing that had ever happened in his life. And he knew it.
On one of the computer screens if front of him, Oliver felt another lurch in his heart as he watched his very public proposal to Felicity. It was a magical night, for both of them. He really was the happiest man on the face of the earth. The way Felicity lit up when he got down on his knees and asked her to be his wife—it was a moment he had thought about a lot over the past year. And then Felicity was shot and paralyzed and everything changed. Oliver tried to refocus on taking care of her, but at the same time, he wasn’t willing to give up on his visits to William and getting to know him. And he paid for it with the decisions he made.

On another screen, Oliver watched he and Felicity travelling the world together, a little video montage that Felicity put together. It was almost too painful to watch the scenes. Both of them were extremely happy during this time, coming together and sharing themselves with each other in a way both wanted for so long. Oliver completely lost himself in Felicity during that time. He was in love, perhaps for the first time in his life. It was all consuming and it opened up a part of himself he denied his heart for so many years.

Finally, Oliver switched to the last screen. It showed his impeachment hearing, and the reason he was now alone down here in the Bunker. When the vote came back and they stripped him of his Mayoral duties, Oliver felt like the final piece of Prometheus’s victory had fallen into place. Island Oliver reared his ugly head and five years of growth was ripped away. He started to push his loved ones away again. He went into survival mode. Thea took the biggest brunt of this, leaving town and disappearing from Oliver’s life again. He blamed her for his political fall. She had gone behind his back and used Felicity to do her dirty work. The cover-up he and Adrian enacted over Detective Malone’s death basically made Green Arrow a fugitive again. John and the rest of the team began to live in a vacuum where Team Arrow was concerned. All of them were at risk now, whenever they put on their costumes and went out to save the city. Everything Oliver had built over the past five was now compromised. He could no longer be a hero in the light of day as Mayor and he could not save the city at night as Green Arrow.

All of it was his fault. He made bad choices—with Susan Williams (which cost her her life,) with Thea, (which drove her out of his life) John and the rest of the team (which forced them to go underground.) Oliver had never been one to quit, but watching everything he built over that fife year span crash down around him, the dejection was overpowering. He actually was thinking of leaving Star City, his life and legacy. Yeah, Felicity would be proud of him for that move.

Oliver suddenly reached out and switched off the computer screens. There was nothing left for him on them. He pushed back from the console and was just about to climb out of Felicity’s chair, when he heard the opening of the elevator door and the clicking of heels across the Bunker floor.

It was the sound of his past coming to haunt him. The ghost of his failures.


Felicity knew she would find Oliver here. She also knew that he was probably blaming himself for all that has happened.

“Oliver, what’s going on? Talk to me?”

Oliver spun around to face her. “Talk to you?” he said to her, an expression of doubt crossed his face. “Now you want to talk. Felicity, we should have “talked” months ago.”

Felicity shook her head. “Oliver, don’t give me that crap. You were wrapped up in Susan then, and before that, I had Billy. Talking was not on the menu.”

“Felicity, you insisted that we both move on. I never wanted to. I’ve always felt, and kind of still do, that what happened between us was not worth putting both of us through this past year’s hell.”

Felicity looked back at him, as if she needed to explain herself to a five-year old. “Oliver, I told you that I wasn’t going to listen to any more lies.” A sudden anger went through her. “Goddamn you, Oliver.  You made me feel so not wanted in your life. You some woman you slept with ten years ago over me. I thought we had found or niche together.”

Oliver lowered his head. “Felicity,” he mumbled.” “I’m sorry…”

“What?” she asked him.

Oliver looked up and into Felicity’s eyes. “I said I’m sorry. You’re right. You had nothing to do with what happened between us. I am so sorry that I put you through that.”

Felicity stared back at him and that sudden anger vanished. “Oliver…I…uh…I’m sorry too.”

“What for? I just said that you didn’t do anything wrong.”

She shook her head. “Yeah, I did,” she said to him. “I’m sorry that I ruined the fantasy you wanted in Ivy Town. I loved…I love you and it wasn’t fair.”

Oliver did not know what to say.

Felicity reached out and put her hand on his shoulder. “Oliver, both of us contributed to what happened. It does take two. I have this habit of running away when pain takes hold of me. After William, that’s what I did. I have discovered that this is another thing we have in common. You had your island and I had my past.” Felicity paused and let out a sigh. “Oliver,” she went on. “I have a place now where I go when something or someone makes upsets my life.”

“What are you talking about?

“Well, when Billy died, I felt a darkness go through me. It was frightening, but it also seemed familiar to me. Like I had seen and felt it before. And I did, Oliver. I saw it in you. Over the past five years, I learned to recognize it. I always felt it was my job to pull you away from it. But it’s not. So, when I felt my own start to consume me, I was scared that there was no one to pull me back. I burned those bridges and let it take me over.”

Oliver looked at her and understanding softened his features. “Felicity,” he replied. “I never wanted that for you. I never wanted you to experience that part of my life.”

Felicity smiled at him. “Oliver, you did not make those choices for me. I decided to come into your life. I decided to take the bad with the good. I told you in Nanda Parbat that you changed my life. You did. If anything, your darkness made it possible to recognize my own.”

“So what now?” Oliver asked her. “Do we hug or kiss or just acknowledge that we are damaged people?”

Felicity removed her hand from his shoulder and touched his face. “Oliver, that would be wonderful. But we still have work to do.”

“Work…I don’t think…”

“Oliver, I told you that there is not a chance that I was going to leave. I’m still here.”

Oliver smiled at her and reached up to cover her hand.

Felicity removed it from his face and stood still in front of him. A look of determination crossed her face. “Oliver, I want you to marry me and I want to have your kids. But first, that son of a bitch Prometheus is still out there.”

Oliver could only look back at her, dumbfounded and happy at the same time.

“Let’s go root that bastard out,” she said to him. “We are a team, and I am not letting you go through this alone.”

In that way, both Oliver and Felicity moved on.

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I’m sorry that I didn’t tag all the people following me. You all know who you are. I also wanted to thank everybody for the well wishes and prayers sent my way. It hasn’t really helped much, but I know that I am not alone.

Hinata's character development and its "dependence" on Naruto

Hating on Hinata has always been a thing but now that NH has become canon and is the main focus of the Last, it seems that it has picked up remarkably. No surprise I guess. Some of people’s favorite accusations against her are along the lines of: “her whole character revolves solely on Naruto" , “she only cares about Naruto”, and ”she’s all Naruto-kun” which not only are false but also criticized out of proportion.

So as per popular belief, Hinata’s character development immensely revolves around Naruto. And…that’s an outrageous and definitely rare thing in a manga called ‘Naruto’, about Naruto striving for people’s acknowledgement. What about Neji’s character development revolving almost entirely on Naruto? What about Gaara’s character development relating almost exclusively to Naruto? Practically every character in the manga that has been influenced by Naruto has their development tie with him, more or less. Then again, what about Sasuke’s character thoroughly revolving on Itachi? What about Sakura’s character revolving on her feelings for Sasuke? What about Obito revolving on Rin?

It seems like it’s totally fine to do so unless you are Naruto’s love interest.

Claiming that Hinata only ever cares about Naruto is a shameless fallacy. In the occasional screentime she’s had as a side character, she has shown interest and concern about other people and situations, whether they pertain to Naruto or not, and this can be seen in several circumstances.

Starting off with something simple from before her character’s progression begins. During the Chunin exam preliminaries, she refrains from cheering on Naruto (which only Team 7 and probably Lee would do, the others just expected to see Naruto ridicule himself)  because she is considerate of her teammate Kiba and how he would feel if someone from his own team cheered on his opponent instead.

When the fight is over, she offers medicine for Kiba, even though he’s already in medics’ care. She’s worried about her teammate and wants to aid in his recovery of her own too.

Later on, during the war, we see that Hinata cares about what Kiba has to say and acknowledges the importance of his statement when everyone else doesn’t seem to be paying attention to him or mind at all. She supports her friend when he seems to be ignored.

In Hinata’s dream inside the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Neji is very much alive and spying on her date with Naruto along with Hanabi. This genjutsu allows people to live whatever they crave their reality to be, and Neji is a big part of it.

Moving forward to situations that directly involve Naruto.

Hinata hated the way she was, that’s no new. She hated her weak self and she was even casted aside by her own father because she didn’t come up to Hyuga’s prowess. And although she was trying, she always failed. She didn’t have confidence in herself, nor faith in her strenght. But Naruto’s not letting his flaws and his failures discourage him inspired her to believe in herself and keep trying. His determination made her muster the courage to overcome her weakness and change into the confident person she would like to be. For her own sake, not Naruto’s.

She wanted to change so that she would feel satisfied and confident with herself. Standing up against Neji to prove that she’s not bound to be a failure is a very decisive step in her character progression, and the driving force for her to make that step was her aspiration to grow stronger and break free from her shell, not her feelings for Naruto. Naruto’s determination was the push for her to gather the courage and keep trying, not her reason to change. He inspired her like he has done with various other characters, with the notable difference that in most cases (if not all), Naruto made them discover a purpose to fight for, while at this stage Hinata had her own purpose to achieve.

And Hinata changed into what she wanted, she turned from a shy girl who stutters and fidgets, a wierdo as Naruto called her, to a teen who bravely stands up for her beliefs and the people she loves without needing emotional support from others anymore, who has the guts to slap the person that would always make her a blushing mess back to reality, who’s now the one to inspire and support Naruto of her own. 

This brings me to another big subject in her character development, ch.615, about which people often seem to dismiss something very important. Hinata slaps Naruto, reminds him of his nindo and bolsters his spirits, alright. But she didn’t only do it just so Naruto would stay true to his ideals. 

She did it because if he gave up, Neji’s death would be in vain. Because if he gave up, the shinobi alliance was doomed. They wouldn’t be able to fight against Obito and Madara without him. Everyone was putting their hopes for victory on him, all their effort into backing him up any way the could, and if Naruto gave up, he would be betraying all these. This is Hinata being considerate of Neji’s sacrifice, of everyone who was fighting on Naruto’s side and the very future of the shinobi world. If she only cared about being with Naruto, she might as well surrender to Obito’s motives and live her fairy tale with Naruto inside the Infinite Tsukiyomi. She could watch the world fall in despair doing nothing and in reuturn she would get what she wanted without even trying. 

True though, Hinata is thinking about Naruto a lot, like every girl in love naturally does. In fact, during the war arc, we saw her think about Naruto 4 different times:

# Number 1

Hinata makes herself a promise to be by Naruto’s side and 

even hold his hand

, which she did an amount of chapters later. If that was not clear foreshadowing about what would occur in ch.615… She’s been chasing after his shadow for years, and this is the first sign that she’s now ready to cut free from that part of herself and make another step forward into becoming the kind of person she wants to be. 

# Number 2

Hinata thinks that she can’t slack off when the person she admires has been trying his best, she doesn’t want to fall behind again now that she has reached him. Once again, Naruto’s growth and determination inspires her to keep going in the path she has set for herself.

# Number 3

Upon realizing that Naruto is at death’s door, she rushes to his aid (although it’s highly unprobable that she would be of any help), but trips and falls. Other than increasing the suspense about Naruto’s condition, this scene is plain showing us that Hinata is fairly worried about his well-being, as anynone would feel if the life of the person they love was in great danger.

# Number 4

Before she’s completely trapped inside the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Hinata mentally calls out on Naruto. Another scene showing us that Hinata is still at it.

Now, we know that Hinata loves him, why bother to show that 4 different times in a single arc, which also happens to be the final one?

To imply that Hinata only cares and worries about Naruto to the verge of obsession? Na-uh, absolutely not.

It was Kishimoto’s friendly reminders to a certain doubtful part of this fandom and not only that despite promises of a lifetime, misleading parallels, and girlfriend jokes, NH was still sailing stong. Because, as it turns out given the canon pairings and his recent interviews, when Kishimoto showcases a girl’s persistent romantic feelings, he means business. It really was no coincidence that the first time she contemplates about him in this arc occurs after Naruto’s feelings, his promise to Sakura, as well as the first parallel to Kushina were brought up, while the following three times took place after the girlfriend comment. It was to show that she never ceased to be there for him.As it has been confirmed, Hinata was intended to be Naruto’s mate since the early stages of the series. Plus, she was a side character in the manga and as such, she didn’t have endless individual screentime. It’s only normal that in the overwhelming majority of the times she appeared, it would be something associated with Naruto. So cut her some slack already!


or basically “i trust you.”