she's falling behind

Okay but can you imagine how important the Triwizard Tournament must have been to Fleur? It’s probably safe to say that all her life the thing that people noticed about her first, or even possibly the only thing they noticed about her, was her beauty. The veela in her, and not the Fleur in her. Now, finally, she’s being recognized for her skill as a witch. She is chosen as the only female participant in the tournament from among countless entrants from her school, boys and girls (side-eyes the movies), and she worked hard for this. It must have been such an amazing feeling to know that, finally, she can be recognized for something other than just her beauty. I can’t help but feel like she wanted this more than any of the others chosen because there was so much more at stake for her, and I can’t imagine how crushing it must have been for her when she began to fall behind. Even so, she didn’t let herself be disheartened by it, and I think that speaks to her true character more than anything. Fleur Delacour is so much more than just another pretty face. 



matt: keyleth puts her arms out and a bolt of lighting strikes her in one arm and she just holds it there in one place

travis & laura: OOOOOOOOH

honestly, i don’t think we appreciate enough that ron was forced to go an entire year without being able to practically try out almost any of the magic he was learning because of his snapped wand. like he still did pretty well in school overall and didn’t suffer any real lasting set-backs from all the time he missed. that’s pretty freaking impressive. 

See?  All you did was make her feel insulted.

I don’t even really blame her for feeling this way, to be honest.  Steven’s a kid.  He’s fourteen!  Amethyst has been at this for thousands of years, and she’s falling behind.  You don’t need to have a function, as I’ve said before–Amethyst is on the team because she’s a friend, not because of relative skill levels–but that doesn’t mean she won’t feel like a burden.  I don’t know if it’s occurred to her to start trying harder; when she gets there, it’ll be a rough transition, but it’ll help her in the long run.

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How old is Jake when he's first diagnosed? And how do Clexa explain it to Alex?

He gets diagnosed pretty early, probably around one or two, because Lexa “Lextra” Woods has read every parenting and child-raising book in existence and knows all the time marks for developmental achievements and the second she thinks Jake is falling behind a bit (it takes him a little longer to talk than most, and he also threw giant tantrums whenever they were vacuuming or Alex was crying). 

They start teaching him sign language along with regular english as soon as they find out, and the explanation to Alex goes somewhat like this:

“Alex, baby, your little brother is special.”

I’m special.”

“Yes you are, but Jakey experiences the world a little different from you.” And then they explain in simpler terms about how he can’t handle loud noises and might not want to talk. Alex, who talks all the time, finds this hard to fathom, but nods solemnly and asks for a book on sign language and her moms are just like we love you small pure child. 

(The first word Jake signs is sister and everyone is really emotional about it)

I noticed something about Rey’s vision.
When she falls down she looks behind her and sees Luke’s hand and R2D2, then she turns around and looks ahead and sees Kylo saving her. Then again she looks behind her and sees her young self being left on Jakku..then turns ahead and sees herself in the woods in the snow with Kylo. What if her turning back and forth is a symbolism for past and future events in that vision? Luke’s hand on R2D2 and little Rey are past and both Kylo visions are future. Symbolism….What do u think?
The belonging you seek is not BEHIND you, it is AHEAD. Kylo is her belonging (Force Bond 😍)


And when she needs to shelter from reality she takes a dip in my daydreams

Images from The X-Files Season 1, Episode 2, “Deep Throat.”Lyrics from “Arabella” by Arctic Monkeys.

Am I overreacting here? My kids were away for 10 days. When they returned, amid the chaos of unpacking, Virgata Girl couldn’t find her vocabulary workbook for a homework assignment. Not wanting to fall behind, she texted a friend who sent her a picture of the page for the assignment. Virgata Girl completed the assignment on a separate sheet of paper and explained to her teacher why this was. Her teacher is only giving her partial credit, which I think is shitty and I want to make a fuss about it.

If I’m being an asshole, please tell me honestly, but I feel like her teacher is in the wrong.

ETA: Book has since been found. It had been eaten by a duffel bag.

preview of a comic series i have planned focused around weirdmageddon

he wasn’t in love with you at first.
no one has ever seen him fall.
in fact, the earth was still un-indented,
when you left.
and there was no noise.
no breaking of bones.
just the breaking of a heart.

he had not let anyone see,
but i think he fell when you turned your back.
it wasn’t the most pleasant of ways,
but he still did.
and there’s no one there to catch him.

when i think about it today,
there’s nothing more painful than that.
than watching him fall in love,
with the ghost of a whirlpool.

you were a vortex,
bringing him down.
and no amount of pulling can get him out.
he was willing to let himself drown,
if it meant the quenching of your own thirst.

but he wasn’t angry.
i was.
god i was so angry.
i would have burned a whole village to bring you back.
i would have damned it all to hell,
i would have screamed at god,
just to tell it that you shouldn’t be alone.

that you have him.
you have me.

but there are no birds to tie this message to.
just crows hungry for flesh.

so wherever you are,
come back.
for me. for my brother.
—  for my brother | j r e f
Of Fire and Darkness AU

The world is in modern fantasy, with magic and science coexisting peacefully. Each country is ruled by a monarchy and its crystal–the origin of its people’s magic. Six elemental kingdoms and four kingdoms of seasons make up this world.

  • Vivacious and mischievous Princess Mila is the newly-crowned Ember Queen of Ardente, the kingdom of fire. The only child of the late Ember King Levan and Second Frost Princess Tatyana of Zamorazhivaniye, the kingdom of winter, she has much to prove as she is the country’s first female monarch to inherit the throne by blood. She may be the youngest ruler among the other royals, but everyone agrees that she’s not falling behind in responsibilities.
  • Somber and lonesome Lord Otabek is the shadow kingdom Qara’s emissary to Queen Mila’s coronation and week-long celebration. As his kingdom is currently strained with civil unrest, he’s going around wooing court officials for the benefit of his people—especially since His Majesty, the Shadow King Altin, is tied down with solving the mystery of the blight in their country.
  • Not even the new queen could hide her fascination with King Altin of Qara. The recently-crowned Shadow King practically exudes and embodies mystery, especially since he’s always in a smoking black armor screening his identity and has never attended any international event since his ascension to the throne—until Queen Mila’s coronation, that is.
  • Unbeknownst to many, Mila and the Shadow King have started a correspondence just before her ascension. It was simple and straightforward stuff at first—news of Qara’s struggles, tips on being a ruler, bonding on their connection through Mila’s father because of his sacrifice to Qara—but gradually, the letters became personal treasures for the Ember Queen and the Shadow King one of her closest confidantes.
  • Meanwhile, Mila and Lord Otabek form a friendship as Mila gives her and Ardente’s support to the shadow kingdom. From touring the country to sightseeing together while in another kingdom for conventions, the two naturally bond thanks to Mila’s sincerity and Otabek’s curiosity. Soon enough, rumors of a courtship between them circulate, and both positive and negative opinions arise because of Qara’s current situation, but the two just brush it off despite their friends’ teasing.
  • But truthfully, Otabek is torn between duty and blossoming affection as he struggles to continue his mission for his kingdom, while simultaneously trying to keep Mila at a respectable (and safe) distance. He’s keenly aware and highly concerned of the Ember Queen’s growing fondness for His Majesty in her letters—after all, he’s the Shadow King.

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“I always wanted kids, but my wife never thought it was the right time. She’s an accountant at a major investment bank. She was the only woman in her position, so she thought if she took time off, she’d fall behind everyone else. She always said: ‘We’ll have kids later.’ Now she’s an account manager, and her job is more secure, but she’s 46 and I think it’s probably too late. A few days ago we were eating breakfast, and a cartoon came on the television, and she said: ‘I wish we’d had a child.’ Then we started talking about adoption a little bit. She seemed unsure, but I’m up for it if she is. Maybe this was God’s way of steering us toward a less fortunate child.”