she's evil so i can relate

ok but dave was always my favourite homestuck character and has managed to cling onto that title and sometimes i wish i could be a bit more original since he seems like such a cliched choice as silly as that sounds but just….. hes so much fun to read. 

his characterisation is so strong and consistent but it also develops. his flaws are so interesting and relatable. like today i was rereading openbound and his conversation with meenah. she goes about trying to convince people to go take on an evil almost unbeatable demon. and most people say  i want to, but its too dangerous, now isnt the right time, im not strong enough yet, or we’re making another plan, this can be plan b, but hell yeah we need to take this guy down!! 

then she asks dave and just nah. not interested. what does he want to do instead? draw comics. what has he been doing all this time on the meteor so far? finding ways to manipulate the afterlife - get this - in order to emulate one of his shitposty blogs, leaving his quotes around in ‘ebubbles’ like little easter eggs for people to find. despite most people literally being dead aliens who dont know or care about who he is. like its just so ridiculous. this kid is impossible. how insanely clever and creative and funny and yet so weird and apathetic and passive - why is he aiming so much lower in terms of heroics than all his friends? why is he so damn normal and desperate to ignore what is going on in the face of all this reality-threatening catastrophe in comparison for everyone else? 

also, may not be worth reading into, but interestingly meenah seems to account for his behaviour as being due to him ‘being down in the dumps’ or something which is just so odd since its not something dave ever really explicitly lets on and ESPECIALLY never says anything to meenah about it but implies that the ebubbles to her look sort of like… you know when ben makes that stop motion animation of himself when hes depressed in parks and rec? yeah, like that.

and he literally prattles about bro and dirk unprompted in that conversation too and also randomly brings up the fact that he also sometimes thinks about puppets (’#unrelated’) like argh

theres literally so much emotion and stuff buzzing around just below the surface and he NEVER makes it clear or explicit or easy, at least not for long but its all there and bits are always slipping out haphazardly like hes begging anyone, everyone, from his sister to some random alien ghost girl to notice, and its just so interesting

Chapter fucking 19 (spoiler alert)


Just SO shocked right now okay.

First she got stabbed (like predicted, poor girl) but there is a backstory and I don’t speak korean so I didn’t get it but I know Bum kind of related her with his high school crush

Right in the boob  wow

Look at how proud Sangwoo is

nice ass btw bum got bums; yeah  boiiii

And FINALLY This!!!! You know what I kind of saw this coming because I myself wrote a fiction like this (you can read it here) so I am just so excited/happy and sad at the same time OMG I CAN’T WAIT *evil giggle*

What I would love to see out of a redemption arc in Episode VIII and IX

I think I may have mentioned in my introductory post that I’m a mother of a large family. Six kids, five of them boys. And my little boys love Kylo Ren. I mean really love him. This morning on the way to church my five year old was insisting that his Kylo Tsum Tsum come with him and ride in his pocket.

So I realize that at least one reason that I would love to see a redemption arc is how amazing would it be for a badass villain to redeem himself and become just as badass for the forces of good? Because I think it would be really cool for my children, especially my little boys who love Kylo Ren and Darth Vader to see the cool bad guy become a cool good guy. I don’t want them to see evil as cool. Snoke is evil. Snoke is not cool. I want them to see that all of the things that make Vader and Kylo cool, all of that power, can be directed to something better than the tyrannical whims of creepy old dudes. 

But the other reason I would love a redemption arc is because of the possibilities for romantic Reylo. Yes, Rey could experience sexual attraction even to an unredeemed Kylo, and I love a lot of the fanfics that explore that, but outright love of the lasting sort has to be based on mutual understanding and respect. I can’t see that without a redemption arc for Kylo/Ben. 

But what I find really cool, and I hope happens, and I hope doesn’t get screwed up, is the possibility for the one of the best examples of a positive vision of romance since The Incredibles. 

Stay with me here.

The Incredibles is one of the best movies about marriage ever. You have an amazing romance between two super-powered people. Neither needs the other. Elastigirl didn’t need a husband to provide for her. Mr. Incredible was probably perfectly able to take care of himself, or at least use restaurants and drycleaners. Look at their mottoes. Mr Incredible says it repeatedly: “I work alone.” Elastigirl is a strong confident woman who can save the world without help, thank you very much.

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But then the avalanche of lawsuits drives the pair into living out their “secret identities as their only identities” and it fits them like a badly cut suit. Helen Parr was never meant to be a housewife. Bob Parr was never meant to be a wage slave in Cubeville. More importantly, neither was ever meant to live an utterly separate life from the other. Helen would not have been any happier if she had a “meaningful career”. She and Bob had met and fell in love as super heroes. They both were meant to battle evil. But neither had come to terms with what it meant to do so as husband and wife. 

Enter a whole lotta plot. It takes most of the movie for them to figure out that their family is more than the sum of their parts. The complementarity that has been clear to the audience from the beginning finally starts to become apparent to the Parrs as they reach the climax of the story.

Bob is preparing to fight Syndrome and the Omnidroid. He tries to keep Helen and the kids out of the fight. Helen is justifiably upset. 

Elastigirl: While what? I watch helplessly from the sidelines? I don’t think so.

Mr. Incredible: I’m asking you to wait with the kids.

Elastigirl: And I’m telling you, not a chance. You’re my husband, I’m with you - for better or worse.

Mr. Incredible: I have to do this alone.

Elastigirl: What is this to you? Playtime?

Mr. Incredible: No.

Elastigirl: So you can be Mr. Incredible again?

Mr. Incredible: No!

Elastigirl: Then what? What is it?

Mr. Incredible: I’m not…

Elastigirl: Not what?

Mr. Incredible: Not… I’m not strong enough.

Elastigirl: Strong enough? And this will make you stronger?

Mr. Incredible: Yes. No!

Elastigirl: That’s what this is? Some sort of work out?

And then Bob responds with unexpected vulnerability.

And this is the lovely moment where Helen replies that if they work together, he won’t have to be strong enough to face losing her.

This is what marriage is supposed to be. Two people with different but complementary strengths forming a union where they work together toward a common goal. It’s amazing that an animated film got marriage right where so many live action films can’t even come close.

Back to Rey and Kylo/Ben.

I love the idea of romantic Reylo because it has the potential to have a dynamic as good as Bob and Helen Parr. They’re both super-powered. They have a remarkable degree of complementarity in their talents (at least from the little we’ve gleaned on EA game leaks and inference from Rey’s latent abilities). Tell me they would be awesome to see battling together on the same team. And that only happens if there’s a redemption arc. 

Eros is powerful thing, but it generally isn’t lauded for its salvific qualities. If Ben is brought back from the dark side and finds balance, its going to be through the compassion and vulnerability of something deeper. Don’t get me wrong, I want the attraction as well, but the friendship (philia), the affection (storge), the selfless love (agape) also need to be there. So whatever would be present would actually be a much better, fuller romance than the previous Star Wars romances.

Look at Anidala. I love them. I really do. But they were a trainwreck. There was mutual attraction aplenty, and some real affection, but there was no common ground on which to form friendship. (Quick clarification: friends share common interests. Familial relationships can survive on long acquaintance, and this is why we still love some friends even after we lose common interests. They have become like family, who we love even when we don’t like them.) 

Han and Leia were a different kind of trainwreck. Again, mutual attraction. And so long as they had the Rebellion, they had common ground. But the end of the war brought that common ground to an end. Leia put the Republic before everything, including her family. Han was home more than he would have been otherwise, but he was still away a lot. They just didn’t have a common life. And Ben suffers for that. Neither parent is really there for him when he needs it. 

Reylo could be something really different. Not just a romance, but a romance between equals who understand each other completely, and who are united by common talents in a common cause. They could be like Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, working better as a couple than they could as individuals, and better as a family then they could as a couple. Because with their common history of isolation, neither would want their children to have absentee parents. Working a “family business” as magic space knights might actually be a possibility where self-actualization is not achieved at the detriment of family but instead enhances the family. 

Am I being too optimistic? Probably. But if Pixar can pull it off, I see no reason why LucasFilm couldn’t.

But there you are. Why I really want a redemption arc to be part of the endgame. Because I want my little boys to see a cool bad guy turn into an equally cool good guy and see that it’s not the evil that’s awesome, it’s the power that is so much better when it’s in service to something worthy. Because I don’t want Rey to be stuck in the role of striking down the bad guy (at least, not the relatable bad guy) when she could be showing that real power doesn’t come from a magic sword, but from compassion and courage, qualities that aren’t restricted to magic space knights. And because if romantic Reylo is a thing, it could be the most positive and balanced relationship I’ve seen on screen since The Incredibles. The potential is there. I’m hoping those involved in creating this see that same potential. 

Always happy to bleed for the Winchesters

There are many things to talk about in 12x14, so of course I’m choosing to start from the things that were not in the episode, namely Cas and Crowley, as you do. I’m kidding, this is actually about the Alpha vampire and the British Men of Letters. And Cas and Crowley. And everyone else.

Something that got my attention about 12x14 was the season 7 feels. Actually, all of season 12 hasn’t been scarce in its season 7 callbacks and references, especially in regards to Cas, but The Raid in particular had some interesting bits. @charlie-minion in this post has pointed out the parallel between Dean’s softened attitude towards Mary at the end of the episode with Dean’s attitude towards Cas in 7x01 when his body starts to drastically fail under the pressure of the Leviathan. Several people have also pointed out the parallel between Dean’s conversation with Jo in 7x04 (Hunters are never kids. I never was) and Dean’s line I never was when Mary tells him he’s not a child. And of course there was the Alpha vampire, whom we’d last seen in 7x22.

Now: why bringing back the Alpha vampire? Well, other than plot reasons (someone they’d need to use the Colt to kill) and extradiegetic reasons (the dangling thread of the Alpha vampire’s promise to “see you”), I think there are other subtextual/structural reasons. Partly related to the character’s role ins season 6 (the parallels between Samuel, Crowley, Cas, Mary, the British Men of Letters…) and partly, I suspect, related to the Alpha vampire’s role in the final portion of season 7.

My question is: can we see the British Men of Letters as a Leviathan parallel, and the process of taking the BMoL down as a parallel to the spell to send the Leviathan back to Purgatory?

The British Men of Letters don’t really seem to have much in common with the Leviathan in terms of goals and motivations, but if we look closely there are some things they kind of have in common. The professionalism in their organization, for instance; the Leviathan were different from regular monsters because they organized as a corporation, the BMoL are different than hunters because of their organization as some kind of corporation, too. There are some kind of territorial issues regarding the United States; the Leviathan’s plans were to subdue the human population of the United States (the demons could have Canada) and once the US were done, they could extend to other countries, the BMoL’s current plans are to eliminate monsters from the territory of the United States, and I guess that their intention is to do the same with other countries with “monster problems”.

There are also things that ping my radar like the fact that the tablets arc started in regards of the Leviathan, and Metatron was introduced, although only mentioned, in 7x21, and now the BMoL seem to have assumed the “meta” role of Metatron in the narrative, their reports and communications thus working as an equivalent of the tablets.

Speaking of the tablets - the Alpha vampire’s role in 7x22 is exactly connected to the instructions on the Leviathan tablet. 7x21 Reading Is Fundamental, 7x22 There Will Be Blood and 7x23 Survival Of The Fittest all feature the research for the way to get rid of the Leviathan; in 7x21, Kevin translates the Leviathan tablet:

Cut off the head, and the body will founder. Waste not thy time nor your breath upon the Leviathan herd. Point thy blade at the heart of their master, for from him springs all their messages. Leviathan cannot be slain but by a bone of a righteous mortal, as light and good as the Leviathan are hungry and dark, washed in the three blood of the fallen: a fallen angel, the ruler of the fallen humanity, and a father of fallen beasts.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the Leviathan is that the Leviathan - despite being referred to as a “they” as plural - is an actually one monster composed of different parts. That’s why hitting Dick Roman sent all the rest to Purgatory along with him - technically, Dick wasn’t one Leviathan among others, but he was the head, the most important part of the Leviathan as a whole.

I am wondering if season 12 is going to frame the “old men” in charge of the British Men of Letters as some kind of narrative equivalent of Dick Roman, minus the dick jokes (Mr Ketch seems to cover the homoerotic part efficiently…).

I am also wondering whether the “seduction” Ketch is operating (relatively successfully on Mary, not on Dean) could be paralleled to the effect of the Leviathan’s corn syrup, in a way - making the hunters docile and useful to the BMoL’s ends, via manipulation instead of chemicals.

Basically, a whole “reverse Leviathan” situation, with an organization of humans trying to eliminate monsters instead of an organization of monsters trying to make humans into food, and so on - so, why not a “reverse Leviathan tablet” situation, where the creatures involved in the spell to take the Leviathan down are victims of the BMoL instead of contributing to defeat the Leviathan?

So let’s get back to the Leviathan tablet, the Alpha vampire, and the rest.

The spell inscribed on the tablet requires the bone of a righteous human coated in the blood of a fallen angel, the king of hell, and an alpha monster. The events of collecting the bloods does not really follow that order (Cas is the first - in an episode that emphasized how the angels see Cas’ relationship with Dean as something that has corrupted him… anyway. um. let’s not digress - then the Alpha vampire also gives them his blood, then it’s Crowley’s turn) but the tablet itself gives us this specific order: bone of righteous human plus blood of fallen angel, king of hell, alpha monster.

Now, let’s put the bone of sister Mary Constant aside for a moment and focus on the creatures that give their blood for the spell: Castiel, Crowley, and the Alpha Vampire.

Basically: the last time we saw the Alpha vampire he was part of a “trio” along with Crowley and Cas. What if again he’s part of a “trio” in the narrative along with Crowley and Cas? More specifically, people who’ll get in trouble because of the British Men of Letters? And maybe, that Sam/Mary/some combination of characters will have to consider killing because of the British Men of Letters?

Let’s make a “you’re living my life in reverse” mental experiment and reverse the order on the Leviathan tablet. Alpha vampire, Crowley and Castiel.

The Alpha vampire comes first. In 12x14, he shows up, to fight against the British Men of Letters. Sam, though, sides with the BMoL, and kills him.

It’s not a difficult choice for Sam. The Alpha vampire is a monster, he’s killed many people, turned many people into monsters, and now he kills people who were in the BMoL base to do their job and didn’t have blood on their own hands. Sam allies with Mick, and the Alpha vampire dies.

What if the next big choices Sam (and Mary, and Dean, and everyone) has to make regard Crowley and Cas?

I mean, it’s pretty obvious that the whole “let’s get rid of all the monsters!!” attitude at some point will have to clash with the fact that some monsters are not evil and in fact some are family. But I expect, in particular, a progression that goes from the Alpha vampire to Crowley and Cas.

I mean, many people have been talking about this kind of issue in relation to Cas, but there also Crowley to put in the picture. Because, while Cas is seen as family by both Sam and Dean (and seemingly Mary, although of course she could rationalize eliminating Cas for the greater good) but Crowley does not possess the same status for the Winchesters. So, I can see Dean and Sam defending Cas from Mary and the rest, but can you see Dean and Sam defending Crowley?

Mary has made it clear what her perception of Crowley is - touch me and I’ll kill you - and Sam, while seemingly more chill around Crowley, does not like him any more. I can see a conflict among the Winchesters arising where Crowley is concerned. Dean, as much as he acts like he doesn’t care, does care for Crowley. It’s super complicated, it’s layered in layers of guilt and shame, but Dean has shared something with Crowley and Crowley does have a place in Dean’s virtual family table. (Maybe neither of them really realize it, definitely not Crowley, so I can see a storyline where things get clear for everyone involved.)

Sam has never tried to hide his feelings of aversion for Crowley. He’s worked with him when needed, but he’s never shared moments with Crowley except the one in the church, that was totally one-sided from Crowley’s side. Sam has acted chill towards Crowley lately because of the various circumstances they’ve been in, but Sam has never really stopped hating Crowley, hasn’t he? He’s never forgotten Crowley for the various things he blames him for (some of which definitely understandable…), including trying to steal Dean from him.

If Sam were in the circumstance of having to kill Crowley, I am sure that he would do it without really hesitating - I don’t think his feelings for Crowley have really changed since the time he used Rowena’s demon-killing instrument to try and kill him, especially if killing Crowley were presented to him as something rationally justified. Dean and Cas, on the other hand - I doubt either of them would willingly kill Crowley.

So I expect the story to go towards a place where Crowley and Cas find themselves in some sort of similar situation to the Alpha vampire - of course, in the case of the Alpha vampire the situation was completely different, because he was indeed a monster and choosing to kill him instead of letting him kill Mick was an easy decision. But if Crowley and Cas gets targeted by the British Men of Letters, if it’s decided that the Colt will have to be used against them, who will make which decision?

A reversal of “always happy to bleed for the Winchesters”, maybe? With the Winchesters sacrificing something/themselves (not necessarily lethally) for Crowley and/or Cas?

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Don't get me wrong get me wrong, I love Allura. She's an amazing dynamic character. I just feel like the fandom puts her on a pedestal of perfection/can do no wrong, which is very untrue. Mistakes are what make characters grow. I want to see Allura grow, not be stuck in the black/white and good/evil that tumblr seems to think. I hope that makes sense

Oh my gosh, I feel you completely, nonnie! Fanon!Allura honestly isn’t accurate to her actual character. I mean, yes, she is definitely badass and yes she is extremely smart and capable, but she’s also scared and lost and makes bad decisions or can be rash or hurtful to others. That’s part of why I love her so much! 

I really, really relate to her I guess - like Allura, I lost my father very abruptly when I was young, and like her it put me in a position where I had to grow up a lot earlier than I should have. Allura is in that same boat. She lost someone that meant the world to her in the middle of an already difficult, vulnerable time in her life; it forced her to have to abruptly grow up and fill his shoes and become a leader in an intergalactic war. And she did an amazing job of it, but she’s still “human” (so to speak, I mean this in the colloquial sense, in that she’s still a living, breathing creature with emotions and flaws and feelings) and is still still hurting over the loss of her father. 

She makes mistakes, she wants to be back in her father’s arms, she wants life to be the way it used to be. But it isn’t and it won’t be. This is why Crystal Venom is still one of my favorite episodes, because it really shows this flawed, scared, unsure side of Allura. 

This girl is broken and hurting and having to make choices that she never should have had to make in the first place. And yes, she’s badass, and yes she eventually makes the correct choices, which is why we love her. But she still falters and fears and makes mistakes. 

Her unwillingness to let her father go, her rash decision to put herself in the hands of the Galra and literally toss Shiro out, her poorly-thought out decision to abandon the castle because she was scared Zarkon might be tracking her (just like Keith feared about himself) and thought the paladins might be better/safer if she weren’t there (like Keith thought about his own presence in the castle),  her skepticism about Keith’s loyalties after she finds out he’s part Galra, these are all such real flaws that could literally happen to anyone. And the fact that so much of the fandom just… ignores all that for the sake of putting her on a pedestal of imperfection is such a shame… it’s ignoring a HUGE part of who Allura is. 

She’s good overall, she’s a good person - but she still does bad things sometimes, she still makes bad decisions, or behaves rashly, just like any of us might - and the true showing of the good in her is how she overcomes these hardships, how she learns. 

[it’s worth noting that the other characters on the show similarly have very complicated and multifaceted personalities and behaviors, too, just like Allura, which is part of why this show is so amazing - I just didn’t delve into them here because this post was about Allura and not about the rest of the team :) ]


Part 3

Part 1  Part 2

  For Mulder’s sake you need to say something.  You need to respond, laugh at him, tell him exactly how much he’s missed the mark, but you can’t.  You can feel Mulder behind you, hovering close, practically crawling out of his skin.  You know he’s angry with you, that’s a given, but at the end of the day he’s still Mulder and you know he’s fascinated, transfixed.

  “Let’s say I believe you Jonathan…”

  “Oh you believe me Agent Scully.  If you didn’t you wouldn’t be here.”  Mulder pulls the extra chair away from the table heaving his body on top of it, his shoulders are rigid with the tension permeating the room.

  “Then tell me Jonathan, tell me why you’ve turned yourself in.”

  “Come on Agent Mulder, who’s better than our government of thinking up new and creative ways to kill people?”

  “Fair point.”  Mulder can’t help but crack a smile.  “But there’s something more to it, there always is.”  Reems leans forward in his chair extending his arms out in an act of concession.

  “Indeed Agent Mulder there always is.  I’m no fool, I knew eventually someone would come sniffing around about the fingerprints.  Whether it was some wide eyed little agent looking to make their mark, or some crack pot conspiracy theorist all to eager to tell me how the CIA actually did this to me.  Instead I got you two.  I couldn’t have dreamed a scenario this delicious.”

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As much as I love Isak, can you please stop with the “poor baby Isak, Sana you monster” thing? 

I have no problem at all with that last scene getting such attention.

What’s freaking me out is the people who, I swear  I’m not making this up, all of the sudden hate her (???) are calling her a homophobe (what tf???), and let’s not forget those who say she deserves eveything she’s going through (wHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??).

I’ve read a lot of posts talking about Sana being cold to Isak, but can we focus on why is Sana being cold to Isak? People don’t behave the way they do out of nowhere. Everybody’s got reasons. And Sana obviously does as well. That’s the concerning thing, she’s falling apart. 

Those messages at the beggining of the clip are just too much. Can you even imagine what it’s like to be bullied, not only on school, but all the time? She’s not doing much better now. She may not be told offensive things that directly, but she’s left aside, ignored, and constantly has to listen that she doesn’t fit in.

(Also, c’mon, isn’t that cyber-bullying enough to proof Sana’s constant storm?).

If you just looked at her eyes. The way she shows herself, and the way her personal image reflects her inner-self.

I’m adding some Sana pics from all along the show, so you can maybe notice it?


Season two was kind of revolutionary? Sana is slowly opening up and she ALWAYS stand up for her friends. She’s a real friend.


So now she’s building her walls all over again, and she ends up being the bad one?? Are you for real??

I seriously wanted to point this out, cause it is hard. I literally cried with today’s clip, cause I could relate on this to her. 

I’m receiving psychological therapy because of this. Because I just can’t open up to people. Cause when I’m feeling lonely and desperate and so fucking confused, I push people away and pretend I don’t need nobody. And this makes me look like I’m mean and a bad person.

It is hard when you lock yourself under key. You do it when you’re feeling alone, when you feel like no one understands you, and you need someone more than you ever did. Ironically, you end up being more alone than ever. 

Some of you guys may have no idea what it’s like to need someone, but feeling like everyone is against you and you have no real friends. And your family won’t listen and your whole world must reduce itself to one person only: yourself. Sometimes you even do it unwittingly.

So, why am I so mad at people who are calling her homophobe, cold, mean? Cause she’s not. She’s just hurt. She’s feeling sadness, loneliness, even anger.

I’m NOT saying this is the right thing to do. It is not ok to push people away by hurting them. But, when you’re feeling like this, you honestly don’t care and don’t want to care. Sana could be acting in a better way, I’m not going to deny thaat. But I’m not going to say she’s evil, that she just walks around hurting people because she hates everyone. Cause I know she’s in a bad place right now and she might be feeling lost. And I completely understand her.

Sana being rejected or ignored or even betrayed  is what has caused that feeling and forced her to behave like tihs. She had let the guard down, she was trusting, and she got hurt. This is why.

Am I saying Isak is guilty-free? We don’t know that yet. Isak may be the first one to notice something’s going on with Sana, maybe he hasn’t payed attention to her lately, who knows. But I seriously hope their friendship gets to be shown with him helping her and being there for her. Cause that’s all Sana needs: someone who supports her, someone she can trust on, someone who may not understand what’s she’s going through, but is willing to try and listen. She just needs someone.

If you take a look to previous clips, you can see her being happy. And it hurts just how powerfully other people can influence on your life.

(BIG PARENTHESES: about that conversation Sana had with Jamilla. I think that’s the girl from season one/two I don’t remember which one? The one her brother got married with? And I think the Sana apology was because of something Sana did to her as a revenge, because someone wrote an insult on her locker, but then Sana found out it wasn’t Jamilla who did it? Cause if you check, those messages, they are from 2016.)

(sorry about the low quality) (but the text message is from 12.06.2016)

So, I guess this is just to remind you what a beautiful person Sana is, and why she’s doing what she’s doing.

You gotta stop worrying about the consequences, and start worrying about the causes.

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I know the theory isnt your cup of tea but is it even possible that Dad kogane is shiro's brother ? Like from a mathematical pov ? It was also never foreshadowed that shiro has a bro in vld at all so :/

I think the reason why people talk about it sometimes is based on the idea of:

Dad Kogane that we see looks a fair bit like Shiro- presumably his eyes are more violet than gray, like Keith’s, but they have similar hair color, hairlines, jaw shape, and build- Dad Kogane is sturdier-looking than Keith.

Ryou Shirogane is a character in Voltron Defender of the Universe- or, rather, a character in GoLion who looks quite a bit like his fallen brother, who only shows up some time after the original Shiro has died.

Technically it’s possible that Shiro could have a brother old enough to have a sixteen-year-old son, but it would mean that Ryou would have to be quite a bit older than Shiro, which happens sometimes with siblings, so I wouldn’t exactly suggest it’s a counterpoint, it’d just mean Shiro was a late surprise in his family.

I did talk about it here, though, that if this theory were the case it doesn’t seem Shiro is aware of his relations to Keith, and if he were, he’d probably be very mad at Ryou for hiding this from the rest of the family.

Other than that, it’s not foreshadowed, but the only people we have more or less a comprehensive family picture of are Pidge and Lance, and Lance’s is kind of a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” and we don’t know specifically how he relates to them, if he has a lot of siblings or is an only child with a lot of cousins or lots of siblings and cousins.

Shiro and Hunk are total unknowns for family situation. We’ve seen Keith’s dad but mom’s been only referenced and we don’t know the dead/alive status of either of them- we also don’t know anybody else who might’ve been attached there, because Keith’s parents didn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s quite possible that Keith’s mom had family among the Blade that’s still there.

My personal issues with the theory that Dad Kogane is Ryou Shirogane, which, um, got longer than I anticipated so I’m putting it under a cut:

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I need to know, why the fuck do you like Nesta? In my opinion, and experience, she is just annoying and predictable. In ACOWAR she is seen as powerful, strong, evil, brutal, and other things, but for the majority of the book she was nothing but a pest. Not only a pest, but an unpowerful one at that, though being seen as powerful even there was almost no evidence. So in conclusion she is pretty much just a completely overestimated, predictable, annoying, hopeless price of shit. ~A true hater

I like Nesta becasue I can relate to her. She feels everything and puts up walls from being drowned by it. I like Nesta because she is a trauma survivor, because she is angry, because she had watched not only one but both parents die, her sister die, her other sister be taken. 

Nesta is a complicated person. Yes, she didn’t do much at the beginning of ACOWAR but she began training. She became the emissary to the human lands, SHE WAS WILLING TO DIE WITH CASSIAN


Jerza Week 17 Day 5 - Euphoria

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A/N: Yes, I haven’t given up on writing for the week even it’s officially over. But seriously, writing this was no euphoria but simple pain. I spent a week in writing this, trying to figure out how this theme could work. The result is completely different from how I initially thought, because I didn’t really know where I should go. Too many dialogues, and I’m bad at writing dialogues. This is unsatisfactory. But effort has been spent. I can’t abandon this. So here you go.

The sun was setting when Jellal and Erza walked out from the theater hand in hand, among other audiences who also left after watching the same play. They strolled in the street, not really wanting to end their date so soon and to go back to home.

“I love this play!” Still wearing a dreamy smile on her face, Erza spoke up after the crowd of people had scattered. “I wish that one day I could play as Princess Mononoki. She’s a warrior. Maybe I could even do a better job than the actress in bringing out her fierceness. But the actress was doing great too.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw you posted something about star vs the forces of evil and I was wondering why do you think Star has devil horns? I love this show but I'm worried it has so satanic influence idk?? And the impact of these devil horns on little girls who want to be Star?? Idk I might be going crazy but I'm worried, what do you think?

Hi Anon! Thanks for asking; this is a good question!
I do want to preface this by saying that I’m a relatively new fan to Star Vs The Forces of Evil, and I haven’t really interacted much with the fandom or seen much svtfoe-related content outside of the actual show, so it’s possible that the creators have said something about this that I haven’t heard about. That being said, I’m just going to give my personal opinion about this, and anyone can feel free to chime in!

So. This is Star.

This is also Star.

I love Star Butterfly because she’s this really wonderful combination of traditionally “girly” and goofy and fierce. She likes pink and dresses but she also likes fighting and freedom and just kind of generally being a kid. I think her design is supposed to reflect that–dresses in loud colors and pink and heart cheeks and also dinosaur boots and the devil horn headband in question. Sparkles and unicorns and things that maybe don’t usually go together.

I do want to kind of talk about devils/demons and the way they’re portrayed in media/svtfoe, because the Catholic/Christian view on things is obviously that demons are EVIL and really should not be something that we joke about. I agree with that entirely, but I think that before we make judgements on the content, we should consider the context, because mainstream media doesn’t really seem to view demons the same way religious people do. I think the main difference is that here, they’re seen more as mythical creatures than anything else. 

Star Butterfly (mild spoiler alert i guess?) in the show has this demon ex-boyfriend who shows up in a few episodes and who is actually possibly my favorite character in the show, but like. He’s just a guy. He’s somewhat goth and a little creepy sometimes, but he’s a guy. The multi-dimensional story world of svtfoe is full of monsters of all kinds, and unicorns and floating unicorn heads and talking animals and all sorts of magic, but I never got the impression of anything dark behind all of that. What I did find was a surprisingly well-written show that actually occasionally addresses the ingrained bias against monsters as a class, (something i’m hoping they’ll delve further into in the future). It’s about friendship and different kinds of love, about responsibility and trust, all blended up and infused into a lighthearted cartoon with adorable art, witty plotlines, wonderfully timed humor, and substantial sub plots. I was surprised at how much i loved this show, and I was surprised at how GOOD it was.

This has meandered extensively off-topic, but what I’m trying to say is that I don’t see anything darkly influential in Star’s devil horn headband. I think it’s supposed to represent a mischievous streak and to let the audience know that this isn’t their usual kind of princess, but honestly? I think that’s all. I think little girls that dress up as Star would do so because she’s brave and funny and cool, and she shows them that they don’t have to choose between combat boots and tutus, that they can kick butt in a sparkly tiara, that they can be the goofball they’ve always wanted to be. 

I think it’s really good to be cautious about the media you consume, so I’m really glad you asked, Anon. I hope this helps a little bit! <3

Ok this is gonna sound super angsty at first (it’s not, trust me) but bear with me here. An au where Shiro makes it back to Earth but then dies when his ship crash lands. His ghost sticks around though, and then everything pretty much goes the same except that Shiro is a ghost and only Keith can see and hear him for some reason

  • At first no one believes Shiro’s really there
  • Keith: listen, guys, he was abducted by aliens and now he’s a ghost!
  • Lance: whatever you say, Ghost Whisperer. Guess now we know why you flunked out…
  • *a vase crashes to the floor*
  • Keith: damnit Shiro, that was worth more than Lance’s opinion
  • Shiro still pilots the black lion by basically haunting the inside of the cockpit, but he can’t really lead the team so Keith does it. In theory he passes on Shiro’s orders but generally he takes full advantage of this
  • Keith: so Shiro says we should just attack Zarkon head on
  • Shiro: KEITH NO
  • Keith: yep, that’s definitely the best course of action here, Shiro knows best
  • ‘Exorcism’ becomes a dirty word, do not say it in front of Keith, and don’t crack jokes about Ghostbusters if you don’t want a sword in your face

  • Hunk: uh, tell Shiro that –
  • Keith: tell him yourself, he’s dead not deaf
  • Shiro: Keith, tell Lance he did a good job today
  • Keith: *ignores*
  • Shiro: damnit Keith, I don’t want to go poltergeist on you but I will
  • Keith: I cradled you in my arms!
  • Lance: is that why there was ectoplasm all over my jacket? You better be going to wash that
  • So many Sixth Sense references. The whole team is guilty of this. Lance’s nicknames for Keith now include Ghost Whisperer, Ouija Board, Halloween, and a whole bunch of supernatural nicknames that aren’t even related to ghosts
  • Lance: hey, Frankenstein
  • Keith: that has nothing?? To do?? With anything??
  • Lance: whatever you say, Mothman
  • Hunk: drop dead, Lance. I mean shit oh no, I didn’t mean to be offensive, I’m so sorry
  • Keith: Hunk, chill. It’s ok
  • Hunk: I don’t have to make a human sacrifice to appease him or anything, do I?
  • Keith: for the last time, he’s not evil 
  • Pidge and Keith sometimes get together and insist Shiro demonstrate ghost stuff – for science
  • Shiro: *walks through Pidge so she can see how it feels*
  • Pidge: holy shit, I just got shivers! And there’s ectoplasm in my hair!
  • Shiro: oh my god, I’m so sorr-
  • Pidge: that was so cool
  • Keith: right? 
  • Lance: boy, you’ve already raised my dead

It kind of bothers me when I see some people describing Azula as “born evil.”

No. She is not “born evil.”

For on thing “born evil” does not describes her.

Bryan Konietzko: “There are obviously some truly evil people in the world, but in the case of Azula, her repressed emotions and jealousies corroded her spirit and made her become that way.”

For another, Azula was manipulated from the time of her birth to believe a certain way. She was taught to see others as inferior, and to see the inferior as inherantly weak. She was taught to use her clever mind for war strategies and manipulations, she was taught that her firebending powers were for exerting dominance and force “It is possible that she could turned out better in a healthier environment, but growing up in a royal family of a nation seeking world domination proved to exacerbate her problems.” -Bryan Konietzko. She was taught that love and emotions were weaknesses, and they must be snuffed out or there would be consequences. She was taught that trust was for fools, and fear was the only reliable way.

She was raised to be a weapon, not a daughter, probably from the moment she first showed any firebending ability. Since Azula was a natural prodigy, this was likely from a very early age. “Despite his apparent pride in Azula’s prodigious firebending skills and sheer prowess, it was clear that Ozai held little true, unconditional love for Azula. Like Zuko, she was largely a tool to further his own efforts of conquering the world.”, “Azula and Zuko had to live up to their father’s expectations, and even though Azula succeeded, she was pressured into becoming a perfectionist, settling for nothing less than what would make Ozai proud.” Avatar Wiki

In short, her entire belief system was instilled in her by her father and her upbringing. Her entire world came crashing down the moment that system failed her. After that Azula shows very palpable emotions- fear/paranoia, sadness, shame, loneliness, self-loathing.  She even shows an awareness of love during her hallucination…it’s entirely subconscious, but the fact that hallucinated Ursa admitted that she loved Azula shows that deep down Azula knows what love is, and she knows that her mother did love her, despite the neglect. And yes Ursa did neglect Azula’s emotional needs. That’s the difference between her and Zuko- Zuko very clearly felt and experienced his mother’s love. Azula did not, because Ursa favored Zuko heavily. “As ”The Beach” and “Sozin’s Comet” showed, she has a lot of unresolved issues with her mother. She really feels that her mother didn’t love her as much as Zuko, and this drives her crazy, literally.“ -Mike DiMartino .

"But you can see why she is so troubled and why she lashes out. I had a strange relationship with my own mom, so I completely relate to her wanting to get approval and how she turns that need into anger, and hurt. There’s just nothing like… a mother’s love is so important, if you don’t have that…it can mess with people.” -Grey DeLisle. Even so, I do believe Ursa loved her daughter in some way.

Anyways. None of those things add up to someone being “born evil.” That’s a lot of grey area there and “Smoke and Shadow” proves that, and proves that Azula is capable of treating her illness. And anyone’s worldview can be changed.

After all, Zuko’s was. And Zuko could have easily slipped down a similar path that Azula did. Those two are different yet very much alike. “You can deny it for a little while, but eventually you will become just like me.” -Azula to Zuko, which Bryke mentioned in an interview “Zuko and Azula can exchange roles if some events were different.”

And no, I’m not saying that Azula didn’t do horrible things. She was a villain, after all. But she’s neither “pure” nor “born evil.”


Angel and Riley: Whenever I find myself disliking something, I always question my motives. And I thought I had my motives regarding these two all figured out, until I wrote this and realized a few things.

I’ve always had this very deeply rooted dislike for both Angel and Riley. And for someone who isn’t me, it’s easy to chalk it up to me being a Spuffy shipper. But that contradicts my Fuffy and Sprusilla ships.
I’ve talked a lot about the negative subtext around both Angel and Riley in the past, where I go into detail of why I find them problematic. And while these are all large reasons to dislike them, I don’t believe it’s my main reasons. Because I’ve written equally critical posts about other characters, characters I love.
So why do I dislike these two in particular so much?

I’ve come to realize that it has almost completely to do with Buffy.

Buffy has a very dominant personality in general, and both Angel and Riley wanted to dominate her on at least some level. And Buffy let them (or at least wanted to let them in Riley’s case), because she thought that’s what it means to be a good girlfriend. Because they made her feel like this is what she had to do in order to be loved.

Angel continuously talked down to her and made decisions in her place, cause he thought she was immature. He never treated Buffy like an equal.
And with Riley she never got to be herself. Riley wanted someone compliant and simple. And it threatened him that Buffy was stronger, more stubborn, and he couldn’t get her to open up emotionally on his terms.
My dislike for their actions aside; Basically, Buffy didn’t fit the description of their ideal partner.

When it comes to being abusive I think Angel, Riley, and Spike abused Buffy almost equally, but in different ways. So why don’t I dislike all three equally?
Lets for a moment forget about the fact that I find the subtext around Spuffy’s story better. Because if it only had to do with subtext I would still be feeling too protective of Buffy to like Spike. Lets instead look at the contrast in how Spike made Buffy feel, vs how Riley and Angel made her feel.

Spike didn’t make Buffy happy back then, no. But he offered her something she needed; She didn’t have to pretend with Spike.

She got to be unapologetically angry. She got to release all this pent up anger, hate, loneliness, sadness, etc. Here’s this evil thing she can unload all this pressure on, that everyone else is just piling on her. Whether it’s by beating him up, bantering, crying, breaking a whole damn house fucking him -it doesn’t matter. Because he could give her something no one else did, something she was so deprived of, something she craved like oxygen. An outlet.
And while it’s abusive as hell from basically every angle, unlike Buffy’s past relationships which was also abusive, this wasn’t one sided.
I mean, Buffy and Spike use and abuse the hell out of each other all the way from season 2 to 6.

Since I relate so much to Buffy and as viewers we’re living these relationships with her, I can’t help but hate how Riley and Angel made Buffy feel, and made ME as a viewer feel. Like she wasn’t mature enough to make her own decisions. Like she wasn’t compliant enough to be a “good girlfriend”.

So this is why I dislike Angel and Riley. Not necessarily because they’re bad people (which they are too according to me, but so are a lot of other Buffyverse characters that are likable),

But because they made Buffy herself actually believe she wasn’t enough to be loved. And that’s unforgivable.

mikosarthouse  asked:

Arnold/Helga: 6, 7, 25, 32, 48, 54, 94, 117, 135 (arnold asking helga would be amazing) :'D feel free to pick and choose b/c it's a lot lmao

I got five for you right now and I’ll finish the last two tomorrow.  (I’m doing 135 because you were specific and I have an idea!)  Hope you like what I’ve got so far!

Also, I’m tagging @pointyobjects for #7 because I feel she can relate and therefore appreciate it. (Miss you PO!)

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Aku's Real World Origin in Samurai Jack! - Gaijin Goombah

This actually explains the Daughters of Aku cult aside from their obvious in show origins
Their masks looked humanoid but not quite, one of them was redeemed

I can really see the inspiration of the Hannya demon in them especially with obviously Ashi. If it wasn’t strongly present in Aku then his daughters do without question.

I mean hannya demons can be women who were corrupted to be demons  though in certain stages htey can be redeemed like with ashi overcoming the hate she got from her mother along with overcoming the transformation into a demon  .  

“ Might Aku have been undergoing the process related to the mask in reverse? If so, might he have even completed it? Think about it…

Chronologically in his own timeline, Aku starts as a blob of evil dark mass that gains sentience. He then fights Jack’s father, is sealed away, escapes, fights Jack, and we don’t see him again until Jack catches up with him an untold number of years into the future. It is only at this point we begin to see the more relateable aspects of Aku’s character. It could very well be he didn’t have these emotions and relateable traits in the past, but gained them over the many years between sending Jack away and meeting him again. Then Aku accidentally creates Ashi, a demonic woman who fights for evil until she is redeemed by love and compassion. Ashi winds up going back in time with Jack, and witnessing the death of Aku at Samuria Jack’s hand, at which point she says something along the lines of “I can feel Aku’s power leaving me”. Therefore, in the brief span of time between Aku dying and Ashi ceasing to exist, the only thing left of Aku, once a non-sentient and monstrous blob of dark matter, is a normal human woman. Think about it…




hermione-mak-gilmore  asked:

Do you like early seasons Rory as much as later seasons Rory? Why or why not? :)

I like early seasons Rory better, and I don’t think that’s an unpopular opinion! I personally don’t feel Rory went “evil” or became out of character, but watching her as a geeky, driven, optimistic teenager was more enjoyable than watching her turn into a unmotivated, slightly entitled, slightly selfish person. The thing is, Rory in the early years showed signs of becoming that person, so it was only a matter of time until she became that. And I can relate. Life definitely sucks at times and it becomes easy to say, “Well what’s the point? Nothing comes out of trying or being good anyway”. 

Buuuttttt, I like watching early Rory better because I love being in denial! ;)


10x19 “The Werther Project”
Dean admitting to Benny (himself) that he has been thinking about killing himself.

You know what all these scenes in purgatory reminded me of? Dean’s conversation with Tessa last season. Dean has been suicidal for a long time (far longer that the past two seasons), but more deeply explored it certainly has been in 9x22 “Stairway to Heaven” and all throughout S10. Back then Tessa had told Dean that at some point death and nothingness suddenly didn’t seem so bad anymore, but seemed quiet, because she couldn’t bear to hear the agony and pain of all of the souls unable to move on any longer. Back then, I think, Dean already could relate, but not in such measures as he can now. Just like Tessa he keeps circling around the same thoughts, the same fears, hears the “evil little steam whistle” every time the mark begs for blood - which is always. He craves the same peace of mind as Tessa, but ultimately made a different decision than her, thank god. And but isn’t it twisted and tragic still that a place like purgatory does represent quiet and peace of mind and purity to Dean’s subconscious now?

Okay, so since a lot of people (myself included) were rather underwhelmed by the story of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, I have been thinking about what changes I would make to that storyline to make it more interesting and believable. Here’s the AU (if you want to call it that) that I’ve come up with:

(Story details under the cut; obviously contains spoilers for Conquest, but probably also some for Revelations and Birthright)

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