she's even using emotes


cora & ryder supporting/being there for each other


The endless list of things that need to be addressed Parallels

Bonnie, (about Damon after he admits to killing Zach’s pregnant girlfriend in a sulk rage) “Thinking about that pregnant lady. She had a thing for pancakes.” 


Bonnie on Post!Merge Kai and his impossible chance at redemption, “–But you did it anyway. Because even if you’re telling the truth, the old you is still inside of you.”

My prediction for Jaspers future arc

When Jasper’s future character arc get’s discussed, something I don’t see talked about much is what Rebecca Sugar said in an interview about what topic she’s going to tackle in the show next. Here is what she says:

“Love is always the core of the show, and now that we’ve talked a lot about loving relationships like the one between Ruby and Sapphire, and loveless relationships like the one between Lapis and Jasper, I’d really like to talk about identity and individuality, and self love.

I know I’m talking directly to kids, and now that we’ve said a lot about relationships, I want to tell them they do not need a relationship to know they can be loved! You will know you can be loved if you already love yourself. You won’t need someone to validate you or prove your feelings were real if you already understand yourself and your own feelings.”

This literally screams Jasper. And this has always been the case with Jasper from her very debut, even pre-Malachite…Everyone thought “I think you’re just mad cause you’re single” was just a sick burn, well it was, but Garnet had really deduced Jasper and you can see how angry Jasper gets when Garnet says it. Jasper wants to be in a relationship but she doesn’t know how to be in one because no one ever told her.

Malachite happened next and we all know what happened there. She was begging Lapis to re-fuse despite Lapis even admitting to her that she used her as an emotional punching bag and how unhealthy the relationship was. Later she started collecting corrupted gems and Rebecca confirmed in an interview that she was doing so in case she had to fuse with them. Again, another example of Jasper not knowing how relationships work at all.

The biggest piece of evidence is her line when the corrupted gem runs away and her own corruption is about to start. “Nobody I fuse with ever wants to stay”. This line itself confirms that Jasper is seeking fusion for reasons beyond just a power-up, she’s seeking companionship and she doesn’t want to be alone, but she just doesn’t know how to.

It’s also extremely worthy to note that by “coincidence” the literal next question in the interview was where Rebecca Sugar confirmed Jasper’s deep self hatred and belief that she deserves what she gets. It’s actually hilarious because it was so done on purpose.

So yeah, this Jasper arc is like 85ish% confirmed. I am personally fine with this being her arc, it’s bound to be very emotional and cathartic. I hope people realise that this also probably means Jasper will never fuse again…most likely. I’m fine with that, as long as she’s fixed at the end of this, I’m 100% for it.

As for other candidates for this arc, the only other possibility I see is Pearl. But I highly doubt they’d give her this arc, simply because she’s already been shown to be doing much better in life and because of the introduction of Mystery Girl. Plus she had the Sardonyx arc and getting over Rose arc which are both similar arcs.

TL;DR: Jasper’s future arc after being healed from corruption is very likely to be about getting over her fusion obsession and learning how to be happy without being in a relationship, this is heavily implied by interviews with Rebecca Sugar.

Link to the interview:


If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first love, protect each other like siblings, it’s meant to be.

Matilda Wormwood from Matilda
by Owen
requested by anonymous

Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
“Even if you’re little, you can do a lot! You mustn’t let a little thing like ‘little’ stop you!”
Matilda is a young girl that is always curious about the world around her. Throughout the show, she dreams of a life that’s better for her and the people around her, seeing multiple ways things could change in the future. During “Quiet”, she describes various questions she has about the world around her that she wants to answer, as her mind spins from thought to thought. Matilda also makes connections between ideas very quickly, such as when she realizes that the story she has been telling Mrs. Phelps about the escapologist and the acrobat is about Miss Honey’s parents.

Introverted Feeling (Fi)
“But I wonder if, inside of my head, I’m not just a bit different from some of my friends.”
Although Matilda is young, she has already developed inner feelings about the world around her. She has a strong moral compass of what is right and wrong, and she follows her beliefs no matter what happens. This can be seen multiple times throughout the show, such as when she stands up to Mr. Wormwood about his false car selling or when she defends Bruce before Miss Trunchbull takes him to the Chokey. Matilda has a lot of emotion that she keeps to herself, and she explores these emotions during “Quiet”, when she retreats into herself during Miss Trunchbull’s abuse.

Extroverted Thinking (Te)
“But nobody else is gonna put it right for me. Nobody but me is gonna change my story!”
Matilda demonstrates that she can use logic to put control over her life, even though she uses her emotions more. She is very, very intelligent, as shown by her expanded vocabulary and her love of reading. Matilda’s powers even stem from her knowledge, in that, as she explains, “There’s no room in my head for all my brains, so they have to squish out through my eyes.” Thus, she uses her logic to develop and carry out plans, such as her multiple tricks against Mr. Wormwood and her plan to scare Miss Trunchbull out of her power.

Introverted Sensing (Si)
“They never stood a chance; they were written that way.”
Matilda doesn’t often look to the past, instead thinking about what she could do in the future. Mrs. Wormwood and Mr. Wormwood are neglectful and abusive to her, so she spends much of her time at the library, finding that she can escape her home life through reading stories with Mrs. Phelps. She also rejects the notion of fate (as she sees in the stories she reads), instead resolving to create her own destiny. Matilda also doesn’t like routines she can’t control, such as the hurtful ones Miss Trunchbull imposes at Crunchem Hall. She does, however, live happily with Miss Honey at the end of the musical.

Anybody wanna join me for a good ol’ sci-fi and cry?


Tessa & Scott || gala shenanigans

  • During his speech @ the 2013 Worlds gala finale, Scott gives Tessa a supportive smile and wink…which she affectionately reciprocates by reaching out to him, running her hand down his arm [x] 

brittana hiatus challenge
→ 09. Naya’s strongest moment
This. Freaking. Scene. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite scene from Glee ever. Why? Because Naya is excellent in it. Naya nails this scene like I can’t even put it into words. She gives us so many different emotions that it’s easy to feel what she’s feeling. We see the shame, the hurt, the fear, the desperation. Naya does an incredible job of delivering this dialogue and giving us viewers what the writers don’t. All the awards to Naya Rivera.

Title: Wedding Bells (Chapter 3/3 of Broken and Bruised)
Ship: Pietro Maximoff x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Twincest? Not so much a warning, but yea.
AN: Yay it’s dooone! :D I changed the title a little bit because Wanda and Pietro aren’t Broken and Bruised anymore :) If you would like to read Chapter 1, it’s here and Chapter 2 is here! :D However, this can read as a one-shot as well. It would definitely be better if you read the previous chapters, but then, it’s not necessary to. :) Again, I apologize if there are grammatical and spelling errors. This was way too long to beta, haha. Enjoy! (Fic under the cut).

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Outlander Review, Episode 1x11, The Devil’s Mark

I’m going to warn you now, this review is hella long, so I suggest only read it when you have some good time to spare. Oh by the way, I’m a spoilery reviewer, so you have been warned.

Jesus I loved this freaking episode. Toni Graphia, let me just stand up and give you a standing ovation because you did the damned thing.

As a book reader, I couldn’t be happier about what these writers did with this episode. Even the deviations from the book were executed brilliantly. Ugh. I loved it all.

Anyway, this will be my first Outlander review, which is slightly remiss of me, but I just didn’t think I had it in me to do more than one review of a TV show per week. I still don’t which means that next week’s efforts might go to reviewing Lallybroch, instead of whatever shitfest Scandal comes up with. (Yeah, I’m bitter, and what?)

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

What I Hated


Moving on….


1.  The theme song.

The Skye Boat song is everything and I always get a tingle whenever Raya Yarbrough’s vocals kick in.

BTW, Does anybody else love the part in the opening when Claire is running through the woods? For whatever reason, I get extra chills watching that part of the opening credits.

2.  The starlings synchronized flying in the title credits.

How was amazing was that? And apparently, there was no movie magic involved, it was real? I need to know how they got the opportunity to film the birds doing that. What great luck.

3.  All the scenes between Claire and Geillis

These two actresses were just fantastic. The nuanced way that they both handled their scenes was impeccable. Lotte Verbeek really came into her own as Geillis Duncan tonight. There was nothing I didn’t love about the performances that she gave. Caitriona Balfe is always amazing of course, and we totally take her talent for granted because we’re so used to her being able to take us to those emotional places, but man, even she was a revelation in this episode.

4.  Claire and Geillis being literally thrown into the Thieve’s Hole.

That was harsh man, and how Geillis didn’t have a miscarriage there and then, I don’t know.

5.  Geillis:  "You only have yourself to blame for this

To be fair, she’s not even wrong. I know that this wasn’t what she meant, but let’s face it, had Claire stayed put at Castle Leoch and continued to play ‘Let’s-slap-the-bitch-who-wants-to-take-my-man,  she’d have been just fine.

6.  Claire:  ”Jeanie told me where to find you in the woods. If you didn’t want to add file to the rumors, then you shouldn’t have made it common knowledge that you were under the full moon dancing naked and burning effigies.“

Claire makes a good point to be honest.

7.  Geillis: "I started with white arsenic a few months ago. I thought it would kill Arthur off before the child began to show.

Jesus, Geillis ain’t loyal to her husband that’s for sure. But I think we already knew that. 

8.  Geillis:  "We won’t be here long. Dougal will come for us.

Erm….about that….

9.  Claire:Jamie said that Dougal told Colum all about your affair and your baby. Colum banished him. Sent him to his wife’s funeral and commanded that he stay away. And sent Jamie with him. No one is coming Geillis.

I know who Geillis is and what she becomes, but in that moment, I couldn’t help but feel for her because she suddenly realized that Dougal had chosen to obey his brother rather than stay and fight to be with her. Men are the freaking worst.  

10.  Crowd: “We’re going to burn the witches, we’re going to burn the witches.

Ugh. Basic provincial people from 1743 are basic.

11.  Claire: “Is that what I think it is?

Geillis got jokes for days. Even as they walk past the townsfolk building a bonfire for their burning ceremony. I’m pretty sure it occurs to them both that these people are erecting the stakes to burn them on, even though the trial hasn’t even begun yet. These people want to smell burning flesh real bad. 

The Trial

12.  Ned Gowan:  ”Make way, make way please. I demand to be let into the proceedings.

Yay! Ned came! I remember at this point in the book thinking that it would be Ned who saved Claire and Geillis, but then I became afraid for Claire when it became evident that he wasn’t going to be able to stop the crowd from getting their pound of flesh.

13.  Ned: ”Your honors as we’re all aware, the Witchcraft Act of 1563 was repealed by the House of Lords in 1735, I therefore submit that this entire trial is illegal.“

Yay’ Go Ned! I really loved how he played to the Scottish inclination to hate all things English by suggesting that they seemed to be conducting the trial the English way. He totally manipulated the judges presiding over the trial, and you could see that they were a tad uncomfortable at the notion that they might be abiding by laws set by the English. Lol.

14.  Jeanie testifying against Geillis.

Seriously, that bitch wasn’t loyal.  I hope Geillis makes her pay one day. Painfully. 

15.  Jeanie: ”On many occasion I have heard Mrs Duncan singing in the hall outside where Mr Duncan was sleeping. Ominous incantations to be sure, would send the kitlings running from the house. Animals have a nose for these things ya ken? They sense evil.
*The crowd murmurs*
Ned: ”Now we are to take the testimony of a cat?

Gotta love the shade from Ned there. I love how he went on to expose Jeanie for the lying, vengeful wench she was. Go and catch your eyelid on a nail Bitch.


16.  Changeling Baby’s mother:  ”She took the child in her vile embrace and spoke strange spells over it. When the sun rose, my good man and I went to see. There we found the changeling child, dead, in the hill. And no sign of our own wee bairn. It was her who’d done the wicked deed Sir, I know it in my bones.“

I know I should have felt sympathy because her baby died, but…she was the one who left her freaking baby in a tree overnight. Education is fundamental people. By the looks of her though, she was the one who passed on the disease to her little bairn. She was scratching like she had a bad case of syphilis. Just saying.

Once again though, Ned manages to cast doubt over her testimony, and he did so with so much compassion. I love that guy.

17.  Alistair Duffy: ”With my own eyes, I saw her standing in the battlements during a great storm. I saw her call down the lightning with a flick of her hand. Thunder roared as she laughed her eyes red as flames, with a look in them that would steal the soul from a man. Then the winds rose up and her cloak flapped opened around her. And she leapt into the sky and flew light a great winged bird.”

The man just plain lied. And the backwards villagers who just wanted to witness a burning swallowed his lies hook, line and sinker.

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thing i don’t understand:

many humans have malleable sexes by the time this anime takes place, meaning gender as a construct is looser to begin with. this is cool and normal in the setting.

there is even a sub-group of humans who undergo a rapid training and aging process, being young adults even though they’re only five years old.

and yet it’s still nearly impossible to consider… poly relationships… when multiple people are crushing on multiple people… why this.

Inside Out headcannon:

Riley is genderfluid, and realizes it during puberty.  She becomes the first genderfluid astronaut, and the first person to walk on the moon in generations.

Re: Scandal...I said i wasnt going to give this anymore of my time but i need to vent.

Yea yea yea if i dont like the show dont watch. Dont worry. I wont. So thanks for the advice. Good bye now. ✋😒

Anyway…i have to get this off my chest because im pissed, annoyed and frustrated AF. You dont have to agree with me but here it goes…

Im more upset that olivia was pregnant than her having an abortion. For a few reasons…

1. I already discussed this with a couple other people on here so sorry for sounding redundant if youve already read my comments…but for someone so smart, career driven AND very sexually active, u mean to tell me she wasnt on birth control? It just seemed SOOOOO very irresponsible.

2. I didnt want olivia to get pregnant without marrying fitz. I wasnt expecting some fairytale family fantasy story but i didnt want this. Im a little sensitive when it comes to black female roles. Sensitive in the fact that i hate when theyre typecasted and portrayed as stereotypes. Now, it’s bad enough that OP is his mistress and his constituents felt she wasnt “palatable” because she was black but I didnt want olivia being portrayed as his “baby mama”. There i said it. He’s a freshly divorced republican president and he’s about to have a baby with his long time mistress/current girlfriend? Some may see where im coming from, others might see the big deal but like i said, this is how I feel.

3. This literally came out of nowhere just for, what they thought would be, an OMG moment. I didnt see her throwing up, feeling queasy, fainting, etc. Yes, not everyone has the same symptoms and yes im sure they didnt want to make it obvious, but this pregnancy just didnt fit in. It doesnt make sense especially if we go back to my #1 issue above.

4. The abortion. This is such a touchy subject. Whether your stance is pro life or pro choice isnt my concern right now. My concern is the coldness and nonchalant behavior of it all. Some say that everyone grieves differently. i totally get it and agree. I wasnt expecting some huge sob session but i did expect some kind of emotion. Even if they showed us WHY she did it or show us weighing her options, i wouldve appreciated that. But no. Ol’ girl got her abortion, broke up with her boyfriend, went online shopping and drank her wine like it was just another day in the life of olivia pope. That read very cold hearted to me. Not to mention this will be another lie to add to the pile. Will she tell fitz? I doubt it but he’ll find out and they’ll break up AGAIN (honestly, if they get back together, he’s an idiot).

An anon asked if i think olivia loves fitz. i can honestly say that i dont even know and I could care less at this point. She needs to be alone and get her life right.

This episode shocked the hell out of me but not for the right reasons. I feel like im not even watching the same show anymore. I have so much more to vent about but i cant even properly organize my thoughts at the moment.