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tfw you wake up to discover david tennant has a hipster beard and a pierced ear in ‘you, me, and him’

Somewhere in My Dreams

Author: @somethingmorecreative1

Cover photo: grimreapercy 


This was made for Rachel as a mock book cover for her fic that she wrote for  the @pjohoobigbang . I’m honored to have gotten to work with Rachel to create this for one of many amazing fics she has written. Huge thanks to @falloutside and @percyyoulittleshit for putting this whole thing together and allowing me to be apart of it. You guys did wonderful, and thank you for all the date extensions. So without further ado, I give you the cover photo for Somewhere in My Dreams, hope you guys like it. 

Zelda and Ganon from my story The Modern History of Zelda, drawn on commission by @dibeediboop.


Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors

Every night, night after night that she stayed up puttin’ piece after piece into that coat was sown with love. It was like, Dolly, with every stitch that she was mending our family’s broken hearts. Your mama’s heart holds all the love for our family, Dolly. And her heart’s strong… but it can be broken.


Here is my Ooak Elsa doll from Once upon a time. I wanted Elsa to look like she was made by Barbie , to resemble the actress but not realistically. Elsa matches my Ariel perfectly. The repaint on this beautiful doll was made by the extremely talented @arianbutlerart … You are so smart, wonderful, amazing, creative and the sweetest person ever. You were able to do an incredible job and I’m so happy with how she turned out 😍
The outfit was done by the always so AMAZING @stardustdolls on Instagram, the fabrics you used, I would have never thought of and they are Perfect ❤️

I didn’t do much this time 😬 I just added some rhinestones to the bodice and did the reroot and hairstyle. ❄️

My lovely Fatebinder Reyvanna Viper done by Pippasaurs.

@.@ Totally what she’d look like a year or two after the end of Tyranny. LIKE DAMN! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY SHE FUCKING IS! And those sharp canines poking out…. *swoons*

Where should I start? Taylor is such a huge part of my life ever since 5 years. It’s been such a great joy watching her grow and her having such a great success! She’s always there for me when no one else is, her music helps me and has always helped me through bad days and good days. When I’m in great pain, i turn to her music. And in the opposite when I’m having te best time of my life I’m turning to her music. Her persona is just such a place to feel at home. I feel like the happiest kid talking about her and how amazing she is. She has done so much for us and also for me only with her music. It’s
incredible! So now that it’s her 27th birthday I need to share this long ass text because I’m very emotional about how time flies. Didn’t we just get the single 22? Didn’t she just wear 50’s clothes? Didn’t she just start the RED tour?…
All of a sudden you’re 5 years older than then. I’m so proud of you Taylor, for taking all those risks and staying strong through all stages in life who aren’t very easy. I’m also proud of me that I made it until now! And it defenitely was with your help, with the help of you and your music. In the worst days I’ve had, where I didn’t really see the sense of life you music brought me back to life. I love you so so much, there aren’t words who can describe this love to you. I always end up with saying that I love you, my sparkly little cupcake, but that isn’t even enough!

Enjoy your bday you adorable dork! lots of love

xx Valentina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(ps. yes I made the drawing by myself)



Imagine Fred Weasley having a crush on you. Him and George watch amazed at your quidditch skills.

Fred: Did you see that, George?
George: I don’t think that has ever been done before.
Fred: She is so amazing.
George: Honestly, Fred, I am starting to think that I should go for her too.
Fred: Don’t you even dare. 


malec appreciation fortnight: day five
        favourite part of their first kiss



Happy Birthday to one of the strongest, most wonderful women I know - pleaseletmeshowyou

Date Night (JB)

Plot: JB comes home from practice as a surprise and decides to take you out to a nice dinner and a movie, but the night comes to a more exhilarating end than you expected. - K.L.

Length: 1,766 words

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive/Almost smut

*A/N: My best friend actually wrote this for me since she knew I’ve been so stressed out with finals and working and it honestly made my entire month. I just thought you guys should read it too because it’s seriously amazing and it made me tear up so much from smiling hehe, not to mention that ending really gets you goin’. I’m still on my hiatus until this Wednesday, but this is just a treat for you guys from me and my bff :-)

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 yeaaah to make up for my awkward intervention in the stream the other night i sorta drew elentori ??? heh :D