she's doing the thing again

Got7 reaction to gf being short


He found your height cute. Often telling you, that he loved you and your height and on the plus side he got to pinch your butt. And whenever you look search for who it was, Mark would turn away.

“Why are you so tiny?”


JB being the low key person he is would secretly love it but he wouldn’t say it out loud. Whenever he saw climbing on the counter or grabbing a chair to grab something he heart would instant break into a million pieces.

“I feel my heart breaking!”


He literally thought you were an angel brought down from heaven. He would literally worship the ground you walked on. Whenever he saw you trying to grab something he literally turn into Shakespeare.

“She’s doing it again!”

He thought it was hilarious, sometimes hiding things so it would be out of reach and that you would ask him for help. He sit there and drink his tea while you failed at getting something you needed.

“Do you need any help >>>”


He didn’t really think about it that much. Some days he would, some days he wouldn’t. On the days he noticed, he would sit there and wonder why you brought to him and how lucky he was to have you.

“What did I do to deserve you?”


He would tease you daily about your height but not harsh enough that it got you upset, only when you started to get frustrated he stopped. Cause he knows that you don’t play no games.

“Hey penguin.”


Like BamBam, Yugyeom would tease you. Him being the talk giant he is, would bring a ruler with him everywhere and show everyone your height difference. Especially BamBam and Jackson.

“Hyung look at how short >>>.”

Watching movies: fun
Analyzing and understanding the science shown in movies: not so fun

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Hi. I have a request. How would Symmetra and Zenyatta help an S/o who has autism and has over-sensory problems? I have Asperger's and I face this issue allot and only know a few things that can help. Gender neutral if possible. I'm a dude but my sister is like me to. :) I appreciate it. :D I love Symmetra allot and my sis loves Zenyatta the most. :)

I always tend to write gender neutral, unless its a romantic with Tracer (then it’s female) or it’s asked for. I have a ton of sensory problems so I’m drawing a little from that.


  • Being on the spectrum herself, she has a few problems with sensory problems as well. She’ll do the most basic thing when you have an overload, pulling you away from the stimulation.
  • She’ll darken the room, making it quiet and will find other ways to calm you down.
  • She’ll do her best to prevent the situation from happening again.
  • Making things clean and orderly and quiet.
  • Just the way that she prefers it herself as well.


  • He senses it immediately when you have a sensory overload, seeing the way you freeze up or lash out at the stimulation.
  • He’ll pull you from the problem, making sure the room that you go to is quiet. It’s usually where he mediates, finding it a calming place.
  • He’ll rub your arms if you’re okay with it, his metal touch giving you the pressure you want while keeping away that infuriating human touch.
  • He’ll teach you methods of calming yourself down and finding that balance. His go-to method would be meditation but he knows that isn’t for everyone.
  • He’ll also suggest taking breaks when you need to, finding somewhere to calm down.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

a request!

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Ai Yazawa End-of-Book Notes 1-21

So at the end of every volume of NANA, Ai Yazawa has a brief paragraph about the manga or just some introspection about her life. They give great insight into the series and I think only a few are found on the scans of NANA online, so I thought I’d share them all!

Volume 1

The creator, Ai Yazawa, told us, “I created this story so that it could be enjoyed as a stand-alone and, at the same time, have a complete ending that could be connected to an ongoing series.  I hope you’ll look forward to the future of the two Nanas!”

Volume 2

A note from Ai Yazawa: “I had thought that if the two Nanas met each other, they would probably be constantly fighting, but they seem oddly friendly.  What’s up with that?!  It’s one of me (not so) seven wonders (ha-ha).”

Volume 3

Since childhood, the artists I’ve looked up to haven’t been writers and illustrators, but mostly musicians.  Music provides me the most emotional effect and excitement.  If there was no music, I don’t think my creative juices would boil.  Music is that important to my life.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 4

I realized one day that there are hit songs with the same names as the main female characters, NANA, JUNKO, and SACHIKO (the kanji for JUNKO is different, though).  It’s not that big a deal, but I sometimes just hum the melodies longingly.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 5

In the initial drafts, Nana’s band was a rockabilly band like the Stray Cats.  But due to various circumstances, I didn’t keep it that way.  But if they were rockabilly, Ren, Nobu and Shin would have had pompadours.  And Yasu too?

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 6

When I was a child, I used to take piano lessons.  Even after I stopped taking lessons, I bought sheet music I liked and continued playing.  I’ve had my hands full for several years now, but one of these days I’d like to learn how to play jazz piano, which I’ve wanted to do for years now.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 7

I had an opportunity to interview a group of professional musicians.  I showered them with questions, but they answered willingly, and it was very helpful.  I was having problems balancing the fictional world of manga-like simplicity and gorgeousness with a sense of reality.  But I realized again that what’s important is the humanity of the characters.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 8

When I was in high school, there was a cool girl in my class who was a lone wolf.  I was really into a foreign New Romantic-type band then, and when she asked me one day, “Do you want to go to their concert together?” I was overwhelmed.  My heart fluttered more than when I was with my boyfriend (☺).  Have you had a Hachiko experience like that?  - Ai Yazawa

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Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3


We f i g h t every night for s o m e t h i n g —
but when the sun sets, we’re both the same . (x)


An invisible red string of fate, tied around their pinky fingers, connects two people who are destined to be together from the moment they are born. The string can be stretch and tangled but can never be broken. Soulmates. 

If you ever feel sad just remember Alucard, The No Life King,  Son of the Dragon, Bird of Hermes, The Night Walker, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, once put his newly born baby daughter in a burrito blanket

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen


just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now

Day #12

So yesterday was a real emotional roller coaster.
I was thinking about #MothersDay and my thoughts were all good at first, I have a few mother like figures in my life that I am so blessed to have. But then, all of a sudden my brain took a detour and I was literally boo-hoo crying at the thought that one day, my moms, the women who very much contributed to who I am today, will one day pass. … I have never NOT been able to control my emotions like this. I have always been one of those people that in times of high anxiety or stress, something in me switches off, and I show little to no emotion. But yesterday… It was like every time I thought I had it together, thinking good thoughts… nope, brain detours back to traumatic thoughts and she is crying again. So basically I cried a lot yesterday over Mother’s Day.

Good News!
Today I feel better.
I have plans to have dinner with My mom tomorrow, going to go where ever heart desires. She has transformed her life lately with a knee surgery and some major life changes that have got her out camping and doing the things she loves again. It is a beautiful thing honestly, it has inspired me so much to take charge of my own body, mind & spirit. Then on Sunday, We are going over to cock dinner for George’s Mom, she has been in okay health as of late, so not good but not awful. So we are going to go spend some time over there. She doesn’t know we are coming so we hope she is pleasantly surprised. We also managed to get his sister’s in on it, and together were going to grill out and we created a meal with all of the things that his mom can eat. She has a lot of diet restrictions, so getting together for a family meal is a little more difficult, but I think George & his sisters really pulled something nice together, I’m excited.

HRT is a huge milestone for me and I wonder often, how in the deep south I managed to be blessed with not only a loving and accepting birth mother, but in my 24 years I have met and been loved & accepted by so many other mom’s.
Love on your Mama this weekend!

-Elliott Alexander

Trini and Kim patch up their room together after accidentally damaging it in a make out session. (via @rufflesstuff )

“Seriously, you guys? Again?”

Both women turn at the sound of his (slightly exasperated) voice, but of the two, only Trini has the decency to look even the slightest bit contrite (or, to blush — at least — which, when combined with the small smile that also forms, probably means something else entirely); Kim just smirks, looking far too smug for someone standing in front of a half-repaired hole in the wall.

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