she's devoted to him and he needs her to help support him

Gil’s Story Is My Nightmare

You know, it normally takes weeks if not months for my feelings to settle on a subject relating to fiction. Like, my first time through, it’ll wash over me, I’ll consider it a while, and then, eventually, I’ll come to a conclusion.

But Gil’s story rubbed me wrong on first run, and I easily figured out why.

Gil’s story is my nightmare as a gay man.

I know I’m not the first to sum it up, but I am SO frustrated and pissed off by this (and Mass Effect Andromeda’s handling of M/M relationships in general), I need to work it out of my system.

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My thoughts on Kalagang

I’ll admit, when I first heard about this plot-line of Sense8, about Kala being arranged to marry an Indian man but not wanting and falling in love with a white guy, I was very skeptical. I thought it would be some White Saviour narrative that would portray Desi men in a negative light and Desi women as needing to be ‘rescued’ by white men. But after watching, I am glad to see that I was wrong.

Most white saviour stories would feature a woman of colour who would be portrayed as ‘exotic’, demure, subservient, and unusually attracted to a white man whom she’ll become extremely devoted to, despite him not having done anything worth such attention or love. These stories include the operas Lakmé and Madama Butterfly, the musical Miss Saigon, and films such as Disney’s Pocahontas and the 1960 film The World of Suzie Wong. And even more, the woman of colour would usually become so helpless without the white man to save her, that when he whisks her in his arms, she’d gladly give up everything to be with him: her language, her culture, her family, etc. Even more, men of colour would be demonized in order to make her have no other choice but to run into the white man’s arms. It’s basically a way for them to project their sexual fantasies about women of colour since the days of European imperialism and colonialism.

Kala and Wolfgang, however, couldn’t be more different from the above narrative.

First of all, Rajan, Kala’s fiancé, is a good man. He genuinely cares about her and wants her to be happy. And while Kala does feel confused about the wedding, she does not feel ‘trapped’ or in need of rescue. In fact, Rajan even asks Kala if she wants to end the marriage when he sees that she’s not happy. And in no way is Kala ever ‘rescued’ from anyone, and she is definitely not a submissive person. She’s an emotionally strong person and she’s capable of taking care of herself. Kala is not subservient or portrayed as ‘exotic’, she’s human. The creators also handled the marriage situation in quite a sensitive way, showing that Rajan is a sweet man who truly cares about Kala, but her main conflict stems from the fact that she does not love him. And throughout the series, she can hold her own and is very resilient, yet a caring and gentle girl who wants to make her family proud.

Also, Kala does not give up her culture or her language at all. She’s still very much in touch with her religion and her devotion to Ganesha, which are treated respectfully. She is never portrayed as needing to be ‘saved from her barbaric culture’ or however those White Saviour narratives go. It’s actually her father-in-law who is skeptical about Hindu traditions and wishes to get rid of them, yet even so, he’s never demonized.

Now, let’s talk about Wolfgang. First of all, I am so glad that he’s not a White Saviour. Typically, these kinds of characters would have the following characteristics: learning the ways of the native people, becoming superior to them, and also find love with a woman of colour, who will still passionately love him even after he is involved with the death of a member of her family. They’re also typically cocky and dominant over the woman of colour, who all but sacrifices her entire life to be with him. 

Wolfgang, however, does not have any of these characteristics. He’s a troubled individual who needs a lot of help, and Kala’s gentle nature gives him the emotional support that he needs. However, he does not see Kala as someone to be ‘rescued’. Rather, he thinks that she should stay away from him because he is dangerous. He listens to her and treats her as an equal, and he does genuinely care about her as well. Wolfgang also listens to her talk about her culture and heritage, not to humour her, but with a genuine interest and respect in the hopes of understanding her. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, Kala actually comes across as more emotionally strong than Wolfgang. Most White Saviour narratives portray the people of colour as irrational, angry, and overly-emotional while the white people are shown as logical and smarter. Yet Kala is quite an emotionally strong character, in contrast to Wolfgang, who has issues with his anger and is constantly at war with his own inner demons of the past. Yet Kala is like a light in his life, as she cares about him and helps him out by giving him the emotional strength and support that he desperately needs.

Not to mention, their interactions are always cute and sweet to watch. Tina Desai and Max Riemelt have quite the undeniable chemistry together, and they portray their characters so excellently throughout the show. Kala and Wolfgang has quite possibly become my top OTP, and I really hope to see more of their relationship in season 2.

Tsar Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias (1868 - 1918)

“What am I going to do? What is going to happen to me, to you, to Alix, to Mother, to all Russia?“

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov was born on May 6, 1868, in the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo, south of St. Petersburg. He was the eldest son of his parents, Alexander Alexandrovich, the heir to the Russian throne, and Princess Dagmar of Denmark. Nicolas’s grandfather was the Tsar, Alexander II, known as the Liberator for emancipating Russia’s serfs in 1863. Their family, the Romanov dynasty, had ruled Russia for three hundred years. Nicholas would be the last emperor.

Unlike his soft-hearted, liberal grandfather, Nicholas’s father was a reactionary, whose conservative and religious values strongly influenced Nicholas’s beliefs. In 1891, Nicholas’s father acceded to the throne when Alexander II was murdered by an anarchist revolutionary. This murder convinced both Alexander III, and his son, against offering further reforms. Yet Nicholas’s education did not prepare him at all for his future role as Russian emperor.

Although he had a close relationship with his mother, Nicholas’s father believed his son to be silly and weak. Tsar Alexander III was a very strong ruler and saw no need to share a job with his uninterested heir. He refused to let him participate in any affairs of state; once, when Nicholas was twenty-five, a minister suggested that he be allowed to head a committee to supervise the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Alexander III was incredulous. “Have you ever tried to discuss anything of consequence with him?” asked the Tsar about his son and heir. “He is still absolutely a child; he has only infantile judgements. How would he be able to become president of a committee?”

The Romanov family in 1893. From left to right: Tsarevich Nicholas, Grand Duke George, Empress Maria Feodorovna (Princess Dagmar of Denmark), Grand Duchess Olga, Grand Duchess Xenia, Grand Duke Michael, Tsar Alexander III seated.

In neither his education nor his temperament did Nicholas show much aptitude to be emperor. He enjoyed foreign languages and history, but struggled with economics and politics. In general he preferred sport to books, when older he delighted in the military and served for a year when he was nine-teen. In 1894 he married Princess Alexandra of Hesse-Darmstadt, a German noble, with whom he had four daughters and a son, Alexei. Alexandra was an assertive woman whose personality dominated the weaker Nicholas, and she strongly reinforced his belief in autocratic rule and his resistance to democratic reforms. In contrast to his political life, Nicholas’s home life was serene. He was a wonderful family man, a devout Orthodox Christian, and devoted to his wife and children.

The same year that he married, Nicholas became the Tsar when his father died of kidney disease. The newly-crowned emperor had not expected to be thrust into the role so soon, and he panicked about running the vast Russian empire all by himself. It was the moment, he wrote, that he “had dreaded all his life.” He confessed his fears to a cousin: “Sandro, what am I going to do? What is going to happen to me, to you, to Alix, to Mother, to all Russia? I am not prepared to be Tsar. I never wanted to become one. I know nothing of the business of ruling. I have no idea of even how to talk to ministers.”

Nicholas determined to uphold the status quo as Tsar, but unfortunately evens abroad and at home forced his hand. Hoping not to be left out of the imperial scramble, Russia grew its industry in the Far East, and forced concessions from China in Manchuria. Yet Russian’s expansion provoked the Japanese, who attacked Russia’s eastern border in 1904, beginning the Russo-Japanese War. Europeans were convinced that the white Russians would easily triumph over the “yellow” Japanese, but the Japanese embarked on a series of victories ending in the total destruction of the Russian fleet at the Battle of Tshushima in 1905.

Nicholas and Alix’s engagement photo, 1894.

The defeat was a stunning humiliation for Russian prestige. At home it sparked outrage and crisis that turned to strikes and riots. In January 1905, Russian troops opened fire on demonstrators in front of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, killing many. Outrage turned to outright revolution, and eventually the Tsar was forced to grant concessions in a constitution, as well as establish an elected parliament, the Duma.

Despite some elements of democratic reform, Nicholas tightened his autocratic rule. Secret police crushed revolutionary elements in the cities, and voting laws prevented the election of radicals. A travel guide for foreigners published in 1914 warned against taking photos in rail stations - offenders would be arrested.

The Tsar’s most pressing crisis, however, was at home. His son and heir, the Tsarevich Alexei, had hemophilia, the scourge of interbred European royal families. Nicholas and Alexandra despaired for their child and sought any means to help him. They turned to an unlikely source, a disheveled mysticfrom Siberia named Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin’s monasticism belied his true character, that of a debauched womanizer and con-man. Russian noble society despised him, but Alexandra especially confided in him, and Rasputin strengthened her belief in Nicholas’s divine right to rule. His influence steadily eroded the trust Russian people felt for their Tsar.

Nicholas (left) with his cousin King George V of England. They are wearing German military uniforms while on a visit to Berlin. Despite their likeness, George refused to help Nicholas or offer him asylum during the Russian Revolution, fearing that he might be toppled as well.

Nicholas’s failing popularity received a boost in 1914, when Russia went to war against Germany and Austria. Although Nicholas was close to his cousin, the Kaiser (they wrote to each other as “Nicky” and “Willy”), Russians enlisted en masse and displayed loyalty and love for their royal family. Yet endless failures at the front burst newfound support for the Tsar, especially when Nicholas took over from his cousin as supreme commander in 1915, a position in which he demonstrated no talent. The unending string of military disaster was now firmly pinned on him. Worse, economic deprivations at home soon turned into crisis. Russia was deeply in debt and many were starving. Approval of the royal family soured; they were thought to be living in luxury while ordinary Russians died at the front or starved at home.

In March 1917 (February of the old Russian calendar), demonstrations in St. Petersburg (now Petrograd) again turned to revolution. This time, Nicholas had no army to turn to - the military was in a state of collapse, with many soldiers deserting to go back home and take part in the revolution. Helpless, Nicholas abdicated on March 15, 1917. He hoped to go to England for asylum, but the British government (fearing he might provoke the British left) refused his request. Five hundred years of Russian Tsardom ended with NIcholas.

A shaky liberal-socialist Provisional Government was set up to replace the monarchy, but the war continued to go badly. Nicholas went into house arrest in the Urals with his family. His situation worsened in the fall of 1917, when a radical communist party, the Bolsheviks, ousted the Provisional Government. Civil war began in Russia between the Bolshevik “Reds” and the “Whites”, a complex mix of warlords and political parties who opposed the Bolsheviks.

The Russian royals played no role in the Civil War, but the Bolsheviks feared that the Tsar and his family could become a symbol for the White armies to rally around. Nicholas, Alexandra, and their children were transported to a house in Yekaterinburg for safe-keeping, but in the summer of 1918 the war was going poorly for the Reds and the Czech Legion, a unit of the White army, was rapidly advancing towards Yekaterinburg.

Nicholas in captivity at Tsarskoye Selo. This is one of the last photos taken in his life.

On the night of July 16-17, as the Czechs neared, Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin ordered the execution of the royal family. What actually happened is still shrouded in some state secrecy, but what is known is that a truckload of local Bolsheviks and foreign soldiers entered the house and ordered the ex-Tsar and his family to the basement. The Empress asked for chairs for her and thirteen-year-old Alexei to sit upon. The Red commander brought in two chairs, and then informed the stunned Tsar that he had been condemned to death. “What? What?” asked the Tsar. The executioners brought out revolvers and began shooting the family. The four daughters, between twenty-two and seven-teen years old, had been hiding some of their jewels in their clothes which deflected the bullets. The Bolshevik shooters stabbed them with bayonets and shot them in their heads, and stabbed to death their maid, who had shielded herself with a pillow full of jewels.

The executioners burnt, dismembered, and buried the bodies. In 1976 a team of investigators found their grave, but did not release the information until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Rumors had long abounded that one of the daughters, seven-teen year-old Anastasia, had survived and escaped the massacre, which were put to rest. In 2000 the Russian Orthodox Church canonized the family as saints; today the place where they were buried is the site of a church.

Yet Another Victuuri Headcanon

After they’ve both finally retired, Victor and Yuuri move back to Hasetsu for good.  Victor pays to have Ice Castle renovated into a top tier facility, so that it will be able to support a stable of skating students.  The Nishigoris try to offer free rink time in gratitude; Victor and Yuuri both insist on paying rent.  The triplets get free coaching for life, though.  They and Minami are the first students.

 Victor’s not the best coach by himself (anyone not in love with him would have drowned him in the onsen after two weeks let’s be real here), but Yuuri is a master at diverting him when he starts getting too extra and they’re actually really great as a team.  

Their students are a mix of wealthy talent (to pay the bills) and kids who really really love skating but would never have the means to pay for coaching otherwise.  At first relations between the two groups are rough but it’s made clear that bullying will not be tolerated and Yuuri is fucking SCARY when he goes all mama bear.  Once the worst troublemaker is sent home in shame and a real family dynamic is established, every single skater will defend it to the death against anyone who tries to stir shit up.

They hire Minako to give the kids the dance foundation that they need to support their skating; being attached to the Katsuki-Nikiforov name solidifies her reputation as a serious instructor and she winds up with enough students that she doesn’t have to run the bar anymore.  She’s so much happier when she can devote all of her time to dance.

About half of Yutopia is converted into student dormitories, and with so many permanent residents, the onsen’s future is secure.  Hiroko is over the moon having so many under-twenties to mother and basically adopts them all.  The Katsukis would probably need to hire help, except Victor and Yuuri establish to the kids that the onsen isn’t a hotel for them and everyone is expected to clean up their own spaces and help with communal chores like cooking and cleaning the bathrooms and spring area.

Every April after Worlds is a kind of skater homecoming.  At first it’s just the “extended family” who come stay for several weeks of relaxation, catching up, and ridiculous peacocking at Ice Castle – Phichit, Christophe, Yuri, and Otabek – but it’s not long before the rest of the Russians invade, and then Phichit brings Leo and Guang Hong with him one year, and eventually even JJ is insisting that someone invited him.  As the students start competing in the international circuit and making friends with their peers the circle widens a bit further, but Yuuri’s uncomfortable with too many unknown faces (and the onsen’s stuffed to the gills with skaters already) so an invitation to Yutopia in April is an exclusive privilege outside of the core group and being in possession of one is to know that you have Fucking Arrived.

Tourism is up, the population of Hasetsu stops bleeding off and actually increases, there’s ice cream for everyone, their crops are thriving, everyone’s skin is clear, avocados stop turning into brown mush all over the world, Makkachin never ever dies, and Yuuri occasionally still worries that this is all just some kind of really long and elaborate dream that he’s going to wake up from in a minute… but only occasionally.

But seriously, who the fuck invited JJ?

Robbed (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You admittedly robbed someone of an Oscar. Lin unadmittedly was robbed of an Oscar. But you meet each other so everything turns out okay in the end.

Word Count: 1,400ish (for my first fic? yikes)

Warnings: non-existent knowledge of how the Oscars actually work, a tweet more than 140 characters, shamelessly including a dancing Matt Damon.

A/N: Hi, I’m brand new. My first fic ever. I’m nervous about posting it so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

(Yes, I am not over the Oscars yet. In my mind, Lin won and gave an acceptance speech so beautiful I wept.)

You smoothed out your dress as you posed for pictures. There was no wrinkles or folds that needed smoothing - your handler and stylist had made sure of that - but your nerves made you forget what to do with your hands and apparently smoothing the fabric that was draped around your body was the best thing you could come up with. You attempted to turn towards every direction you were being yelled at from, giving them what you hoped to be good shots, but you were too busy overthinking your every move to care about how good you looked in the pictures.

“[Y/N], Center Stage wants an interview.” your handler stepped in, adjusting the bottom of your dress so you could walk without tripping before leading you further down the red carpet. You marveled at the sheer star power you found yourself surrounded by as you walked. 

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Part 1


I’m in love with Simon but recently things changed. Not with me, with him. He’s still the same gamer who stays up all night editing and playing games, but now he’s cold and quiet. Too quiet and I’m no longer having to shout at him to be quiet so I can sleep because he’s already in bed and turned towards the wall.

He’s distanced himself.

But then he snapped back and I didn’t know how to react. I was happy to see him being back to himself but I didn’t know how to feel because I still wasn’t close to him.

“Si I’m getting up really early tomorrow.” I whisper as I stand in the doorway to the bathroom in only a sleep shirt and my pants.


“I mean I’m getting up early and wanted to know if you would join me?”

“I don’t know. I mean I have to edit and won’t be in bed for about another three hours.”

“Okay well I don’t wanna interrupt so I’m gonna go stay in the guest room. Night Si.” I walk over to the bed and grab my phone and pillow.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He calls after me and feel nauseous as the words leave his mouth. No affection or emotion.

Just apathy.

“So why on earth is there a suitcase, a girly one thats yours, by the door downstairs?”

“JJ not now.” I whisper as he follows me into the other room.

“No we’re doing this now because you’re dating Simon and he didn’t say you were leaving.”

“Cause he doesn’t know. I’m going to go stay with some friends in Brighton. I just want to be by the beach. He’ll figure out soon enough.”

“Why don’t you just tell him?”

“Because have you seen him? He doesn’t kiss me anymore and he doesn’t touch me. He doesn’t act like he’s mine JJ. He’s been like this since the New Years party and I’m trying but I can’t keep grasping onto the little bit he gives me. I told him I’d be in the guest room and he just said okay see you tomorrow.”

“Jide, I know you know. I know that you know the girl he’s been seeing and it’s nice that you’re trying to salvage my relationship, but he’s bored of me. Six years too many.”

Six years and he was bored. How could I mix it up like that new girl could? Simon and I were old news and nobody wants old news after a certain point.

“My stuff is all out of here and I have more of my suitcases in the car. So when I’m gone tomorrow morning don’t say anything. Please.”

“No that’s not what you’re doing.”

“JJ I’ve known you and Simon for years. We’ve been the best of friends for years and maybe it’s just time Simon and I aren’t. Just please do me a favor and please don’t tell him what I’m up to. I already blocked him on social media and I’m changing my number. I just need time and I have none when I’m constantly worrying about what he’s doing. You kept his secret so please repay me by keeping mine.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I need.”


I soon put the pieces together when I had time to myself. Simon because distant and quiet when it first happened. He was guilty and he felt bad for now liking someone else. Then he stopped feeling guilty and I think that’s when I needed to go. And that’s why I did go. That’s why I’m in Brighton in my own flat near my friends who support me and make me feel wanted.

But all good things must come to an end.

“You know JJ can’t keep a secret.”

Words like knives.

“He kept yours for pretty long. Probably wouldn’t have told me if I didn’t figure it out myself.” I uncross my arms over my chest while hastily going to walk away.

“Karen can you handle the store if I head home for the day.” I shout to the back of the cafe and she nods.

Who the fuck let him come down to my place of work.

“Simon I’m not gonna spend my time talking to you so walk and talk. I have other places to be and other people to see.” I motion for him to get on with it once I have my keys and bag.

“You left without notice.”

“And you cheated on me and then continued seeing her.” I snap and he looks shocked.

“Six years of dating. I was waiting for the ring Simon. I was the idiot thinking soon you’d propose to me and boy was I wrong. Simon I’ve known you for years and been by your side for so long and you cheated on me. You didn’t even just do it once, you kept seeing her and you thought I wouldn’t know or that our friend wouldn’t tell me. You had your mates keeping it a secret. That’s low Simon. Now I go home and my parents ask where you are? I tell them that you can’t make it because if I told them we were over I don’t know if I’d be able to see their faces. They’d ask questions and I’d have to tell them that you cheated on me. So instead I lie and I tell them that you’re busy with work and can’t wait to see them.”

“Simon I waited thinking you’d propose to me this year. That after New Years we’d be engaged but instead I’m single. But you’re not because you cheated and decided to still see that home wrecker. The bitch who stayed with you and slept with you knowing you had a devoted girlfriend of six years at home waiting for you. I’m sorry but I’m sick of waiting for you. So go Simon, you got to see what you wanted. You saw the girl fawning over you and begging for you to have just been better. However I’m done being that for you because I’m happier now than I was with you because now I don’t have to worry if my famous boyfriend is gonna go fuck another girl.” I finally silence myself after putting on quite the show for the people of Brighton.

“And tell JJ that he could’ve kept his mouth shut. That I didn’t need this because I was just settling in to my new home.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re not sorry Simon. You’re just sorry you got caught. There’s a difference.”

“And Gia or whatever her name is can have you because I guess she had something you wanted that I didn’t have.”

“She wasn’t looking for a ring. That’s what she had.”

“Oh so after six years you don’t think she’ll also want one? She will and I’m assuming she’ll want a much bigger one and one much sooner. All I wanted was the confirmation that you did love me and that you did want to have a family with me. That’s what the ring meant for me. It meant confirming those six years and confirming that we’d be together forever. You just couldn’t do that. Now you’re here and I don’t know why.” I take a huge breath while holding my hands at my side.

“Just… Why are you here Simon?” I ask as tears start to well up.

“I don’t know. Everyone is asking for you. You stopped social media and changed your number. The only person who knew where you were, was JJ and everyone wanted to know where you where.”

“But did you?” I ask and he looks down while avoiding eye contact.

“I don’t know why I’m here. Just forget that I came here.”

“No I want to know why you’re here? Six years together Simon. Why are you here?”

“She’s pregnant and I don’t know what to do. With every issue that came up, I came to you and I’m used to going to you. I’m panicking. I can’t be a dad. I can’t, especially now.”

And that’s when it stopped.

The world stopped when he said she was pregnant.

“Simon I’m sorry I can’t help you with that. You want your ex girlfriend to help you become a dad? When you were supposed to be my husband and the father of my kids?”

anonymous asked:

could you do the MC just graduated from high school one you were already working on?

@misschalant I love your icon.

NOTE!: she is of age and she can marry

I’m seriously surprised that this was requested TWICE, but I’m happy for it, because I like this one a lot.


  • Woot! He’s not the youngest in the RFA anymore!
  • On the other hand, how is she more mature than him? It’s not fair~!
  • On the other other hand, she is more than willing to play video games with him
  • And! She’s planning on going to Skyy University for college! So they could live together, go to school together, and come home together! ^///^
  • Plus, he feels like he gets to be the provider in the relationship
  • Her parents love him. Just adore him.
  • He’s practically perfect (young, smart, sweet, devoted, they don’t know about his gaming habits, is working towards a career, etc)
  • When he asks them for permission to marry MC, there is no hesitation when they say yes


  • So young and so confident!
  • Jaehee is genuinely impressed by MC and the kind of person she is at her age
  • She encourages MC to go to college, helps MC with homework, gives her free food (and leftovers) from the cafe so that MC doesn’t have to worry about her finances too much
  • She’s probably the least comfortable with having a younger partner
  • It’s not that she doesn’t like MC, that’s definitely not the case, she just feels odd about it
  • MC gets a business degree and, because she’s already the co-owner of a business, she’s able to graduate with flying colors
  • It’s not until MC is 20-21 that Jaehee feels comfortable furthering their relationship


  • MC is living alone at her age, and he knows full well what that feels like
  • He’s super supportive of her and definitely wants her to attend college
  • She works a couple of jobs to pay for the tuition not covered by her partial scholarship
  • MC decides to major in management so that she can be Zen’s manager, much to his glee
  • 90% of he reason Zen’s holding back “the Beast” is because he doesn’t want to push her before she’s ready
  • It’s funny because she’s about the same age as Kyungju
  • When MC and Kyungju meet for the first time at the first RFA party, EchoGirl is like a full blown Mean Girl, casually insulting MC
  • “Wow! That dress is so… unique! I never would have had the guts to wear a baggy dress to this party! It totally flatters your figure!”
  • “Thanks!” MC responds, not taking the bait by getting angry. “I really like my figure! I’m so glad I don’t have to resort to proclaiming my bust size to get a guy! :)” 
  • Zen was so turned on by her confidence and bravery in that moment
  • He will never admit that he was almost as turned on when Echogirl decided to grab MC’s hair and start a cat fight (which MC quickly ended by punching Echogirl in the neck and calling for the Tai Kwon Do security guards)
  • When they move in together while she’s studying, Zen makes sure to take her to and from school via his motorcycle (he eventually gets a car because it SO much safer and he’s so worried about her getting hurt)
  • Her classmates are super jealous that she has a hot, older boyfriend, who rides a motorcycle, and later when he starts getting even more popular, that she’s dating a famous star


  • Okay, he was… surprised
  • But age doesn’t really matter when it comes to love. It’s just a number
  • Besides, he doesn’t give a shit what the media thinks
  • MC is level headed, free thinking, and is very capable of thinking for herself anyways, so nobody can truly say that he’s a creepy older man controlling his much younger partner
  • Even then, she’s a caretaker personality, and he has to encourage to act more her age. Be selfish. Think about her own wants and needs more often
  • Her parents are super split on the issue of them getting married, but Jumin (only barely) agrees to wait until MC is done with college to marry her
  • Jumin is really good to her and takes really good care of her, so her parents warm up to him eventually


  • Well, her age was just another reason for him to push her away
  • MC was too young to be saddled with the likes of him and his emotional baggage
  • She had a bright and shiny future ahead of her
  • Once they get close, however, its memes and jokes everywhere
  • He knows he can send just about anything to MC and it will make her laugh
  • His favorite is waiting until 2am to send her something ridiculous and send her into fits and giggles


  • When he found out Rika had picked a literal teenager, fresh out of high school, to stay in an apartment with a BOMB in it, V was beyond angry
  • How could Rika take such a young, innocent life and put them in danger with so little regard for their safety and well being?!
  • He’s like a mother hen
  • He fusses over her safety and her health and always triple checks to make sure she’s taking care of herself properly
  • V’s so reluctant to get involved with her, too, worried about how the media might portray her, how they might get the wrong idea and bash him and how she might blame herself
  • But MC is patient with him, never pushing, always just there for him


  • Who cares how old she? She’s mature for her age, so she can survive this.
  • He watches her through the chats, and when the bomb threat is revealed, she stays calm in chat, but when he checks the CCTV, she’s crying, she refuses to leave the bed, too scared
  • Out of guilt and pity, he calls her, they talk, and he starts calling her every day
  • He calms her down, only talks about himself vaguely, but damnit if he doesn’t fall for her
  • When he’s ordered to take her to Mint Eye, she fights him until his voice masking system fails, then she feels betrayed
  • When she hears his story, she forgives him a little, but it’s not easy
  • After the major events of the story, she helps him return to the world, even if it’s difficult for both of them because they both have some serious PTSD
Let’s Talk About the “Second Shift”

So here’s something that’s been bothering me lately. 

I grew up in a house with traditional gender roles. My father went to work to pay the bills, and my mom was a stay-at-home mother who cooked, cleaned and kissed scraped knees all better. My parents weren’t strict, religious or conservative; my mother simply grew up in an abusive home and wanted a chance to raise her own children with love, and my father was lucky enough to have a high-paying job that could support the whole family. My parents did their best to make sure that my brothers and I learned all the skills we would need in life - all three of us learned how to wash clothes, cook a meal, change a tire and fix a faulty toilet, regardless of gender. 

There would be no outdated gender roles in my future relationships, I decided. 

My partner, on the other hand, grew up in a different kind of household. His family was ultra-wealthy, and had domestic staff - almost exclusively immigrant women - to take care of any chores that needed doing. His father was working most of the time, and although his mother also worked full-time, it fell on her shoulders to manage the household; she was the one who knew what needed doing, who needed to be paid and when, who needed to be hired, etc. And that made a lasting impression. 

Now my partner and I have been living together for almost two years. 

My partner considers himself a feminist. He votes for left-wing parties, supports parental leave and a women’s right to choose. He’s all for closing the pay gap, seeing more women in office, and tackling the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women. 

And yet it doesn’t dawn on him to do the slightest bit of housework. 

When I was in university, we learned about something called “the second shift” in sociology class. Basically, more and more women are working full time jobs and being the breadwinners in their families, but the amount of housework we do per day isn’t decreasing. Women are working a full, eight-hour shift at their paid jobs, and then coming home to do a second, unpaid shift of housework and household management. I remember learning about this and thinking that I’d never stand for that sort of thing in my future relationships. I was going to have a balanced, egalitarian relationship where both of us did equal amounts of housework, goddammit it. 

And yet here I am. 

My partner might do a couple of household chores, if he’s reminded repeatedly. Take the garbage out. Unload the dishwasher. Clear the table. But without direct instructions, it never dawns on him to do these things. He can walk past a full trash bag or step over a basket of unfolded laundry without blinking. He can put an empty jug of milk back in the fridge, take a single glass from the dishwasher or throw candy wrappers directly on the floor. He’s grown up his whole life seeing women managing the household and doing the chores, and whether he realizes it or not, those things are “women’s work” in his mind. I can argue with him about taking more initiative around the house, but it take a huge amount of energy with little reward. It’s often just less work to do things myself. And he’s not the only one like this - most of my female friends have similar complaints about their husbands/boyfriends. 

“What’s the big deal?” he asks, whenever I bring it up. “The chores get done eventually.”

It’s a big deal because the chores get done by me. Or because of me. Every time. I work full-time and do paid freelance writing on top of that, while my partner works part-time. And yet it’s still my responsibility to not only do the brunt of the housework, but keep track of everything that needs to be done. My partner considers himself “helpful” because he does chores on command, sometimes, but he doesn’t recognize the sheer amount of effort that goes into managing the place and keeping track of what needs to be done. Grocery lists. Vet appointments. Scheduling repairs. Making sure there’s clean sheets on the bed, food in the fridge, hygiene products in the bathroom and fresh towels by the shower. Doing all these things costs me tens of hours that I could be devoting to writing, or hobbies, or friends. It’s a cycle we’ve both been socialized into, and it’s proving hard to break. 

So to my ladies and femmes: Resist the second shift. Demand more of your partners. Demand time for yourself. Don’t carry that load by yourself. 

And to my men and masculines: Be an equal partner in your homes, not an underling who needs to be told what to do. Take initiative, and take pride in the work you do in the home. Remember the burden that women and femmes are still expected to bear. And if you’ve got that down, remind your male/masc friends to be better. 

Who Died: AUCas or Our Cas? SPN12X23

*rubs hands together manically*

I wanted to share my theories on
WHO DIED: AUCas or our Cas?

And also explain why I think we had an imposter (AUCas) for a good chunk of the episode. 

It helps to read along as you watch, especially as my technically challenged self can’t get pics/gifs on here for some odd reason. But anyway, I’m going to go through each Cas scene to discuss his behavior. And then give some ideas on how they’ve left it open for EITHER an alternate universe Cas OR our Cas to have been the one who died at the end. There’s no right or wrong answer because none of us actually knows. I’m no expert but this is fun and we have all summer to speculate.

So let’s get started!

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Calm of the Storm

PARING- reader x Thor 


WARNING: SMUT, ORAL, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped), little it of angst (sorry)   

Request from Anon- Hello beautiful 💕 i’d like to request some smut with thor where you’re his fiance (you are an asgardian as well) and you’re really in love with him but he doesn’t like you at first because of Jane but after some time he likes you already.. Ps. Can you pls put as well that Thor brought you to Earth to meet the Avengers??? Thank you XD THANK YOUUUU!

Another smut for you all! I was so keen with this prompt, there is some back story with this, also you are known as the Goddess of Peace and Wisdom, just because I think it’s a nice contrast with Thor being the God of Thunder! But let’s be honest you’re all just here for the smut hahaha ;) well enjoy xx 


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Family, Honor and loyalty, those were the words that your father had brought you up on. Your family were close allies to the All Father ever since your birth you had been connected with the royal family of Asgard. More specifically to one member, Thor. Ever since your birth it was proclaimed that you were to wed the young prince when the time was right, a fait that had its hold on you your entire life. You had grown up with your betrothed when you were old enough your parents sent you off to the palace with the words.

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alive and safe and with me

They’re sitting at their dining room table and Philip smiles over at Lukas, picking another piece of pepperoni off his slice of pizza. 

“Why’re you still wearing long sleeves?” Philip asks, narrowing his eyes. “It’s hot in here.”

Lukas has had a sort of quiet contentment on his face since he got home late this afternoon and he just smiles, shaking his head.

“How are you not hot?” Philip asks. “I’m hot.”

“Yeah you are,” Lukas says, grinning at him.

Philip laughs, shaking his head. “What’s up with you? You meet some new cute guy at that group project thing? You getting ready to tell me you’re leaving?”

Lukas scoffs. “As if,” he says. 

Philip knows it’s the most impossible thing, which is why it’s so easy to joke about it. “So why are you acting like you’re staring at something beautiful?”

“Well, I am,” Lukas says, gesturing towards him. He grins when Philip sits back in his seat, clicking his tongue. “Angel face, you walked into that one.”

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Request: Secrets

Request: can you write an imagine in which you are happy’s sister and juice has a crush on you?

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Everyone knew how devoted Happy Lowman was to his mother. It wasn’t a surprise when he decided to transfer to Samcro when she got ill; he wanted to stay closer to her. His brothers were happy to have him in Charming, he was a great addition to the mother charter. Juice had heard stories about the Tacoma Killer when he was just a prospect and yes, they were scary and weird, but he had learnt to respect the man. Sometimes they even teamed up to do errands, and that was one of those days.

They had finished the club tasks for that day and were heading to Mrs Lowman’s house to deliver her meds. Happy had said it wouldn’t take long, but almost twenty minutes had passed and Juice began to hear an argument coming from the house. He thought Happy’s mother was scolding him, something only she had the courage to do, but he was wrong. The Killer stormed out of the house, followed by a girl who looked completely pissed off.

“Don’t you walk away from me Hap!”, she yelled. Happy was already putting his helmet back on and ignored when the girl slammed the gate behind her.

“Let’s go”, Happy barked and started his bike. Juice did the same, glancing over his shoulder to the girl glaring at them from the sidewalk.


Happy didn’t care to explain what had happened and Juice wouldn’t dare to ask. He did noticed though, that his brother began to do errands alone after that day and wasn’t sleeping at the clubhouse often. The Killer didn’t mention what had happened to anyone and Juice couldn’t stop wondering what was going on.

He got answers a few days later, when he stopped in a diner on his way back to the clubhouse. Juice entered the place thinking about a milkshake and only noticed the girl behind the counter when she asked what he wanted to eat. She was the girl he had seen at Mrs Lowman’s house.

“I’m Y/N, I’ll be your waitress. What can I get you?”, she asked with a smile and Juice blinked, trying to speak again.

“Hm… A chocolate milkshake”, he ordered in a monotonous tone.

“Okay”, she wrote down his order and smiled again, “It’ll be ready in a few minutes”.  Y/N walked away to take other clients’ orders as Juice watched her. He had thought she was Happy mother’s caretaker, but his brother wouldn’t yell to her unless she had been doing a bad job. Maybe that’s why she was working at the diner. “Here is your order”, suddenly, she was back and he had caught staring.

“Thanks”, he mumbled, trying to keep his eyes on the glass.

“Why are you so shy now”, Y/N tapped on the counter to get his attention, “You were watching me just two seconds ago”

“I…I”, Juice stuttered, not only for being caught but because she was too close. She was so beautiful, how he hadn’t noticed that before?

“You’re cute”, Y/N smiled and then lowered her voice, “And I know who you are. I saw you with Hap the other day. Did he send you?”

“No”, Juice shook his head to deny it, “No, he didn’t. I’m here just to eat, I’m hungry and…”

“You’re really cute”, she giggled, “What’s your name?”

“J-Juice”, he stuttered again. Damn it, why so nervous in front of a beautiful girl?, “They call me Juice”

“Juice”, Y/N smirked and held out a hand for him, “Nice to meet you Juice. Enjoy your milkshake”, she winked and walked away.


Juice became a regular at the diner. Yes, lunch was only an excuse. What he really wanted was to see Y/N. She said he was cute, didn’t she? Y/N was always nice to him and Juice realized he had a crush on her. They’ve never talked about the club, though they talked about pretty much everything. Weeks passed before he have the courage to ask, “How do you know Hap?”

“I was wondering when you would ask that”, she was cleaning the counter and glanced at him, a smirk on her lips.

“Sorry”, Juice shrugged and blushed.

“It’s okay”, Y/N walked around the counter and sat by his side, “You’re a nice guy Juice. I’ll tell you, but you have to keep the secret”

“I will”, he nodded.

“Okay”, she took a deep breath and locked her eyes with his, “Happy is my brother”

“What?”, Juice creased his brow. It was a joke, wasn’t it?

“I left Tacoma years ago to study and now that I graduated and my mother is ill, I decided to live with her again”, Y/N confessed, playing and squeezing the rag on her hands, “Happy can’t stay with her all the time and a caretaker is expensive. I wanna help and take care of her”

“Is this why he was yelling at you?”, he carefully asked. This was Happy business, but Juice already had crossed the limits and would have to face his brother if he found out.

“Yes”, she admitted, “He wants me to leave, find a good job somewhere else, be safe. Nobody knows he has a sister, he says it’s better this way. He’s so stubborn. We both are”

“I’m sorry”, Juice wanted to touch her hands but he hesitated, “We can protect you. The club, I mean. Happy would have full support from the club, I’m sure”

“Thanks Juice”, she smiled and patted his shoulder as she got up, “You are a sweetheart”. Y/N returned to her place behind the counter, “Juice”, she stopped on her way to the kitchen, “Do you wanna go out? Have dinner together?”

“I…I…”, he stuttered again. Damn it!, “Yeah, but…”

“Happy doesn’t need to know”, she smirked and turned her back on him, glancing over her shoulder once as she walked to the kitchen.


They hadn’t settled a date for their dinner, but Juice was back at her work by the end of the day. He was nervous, thinking he probably looked like a teenager going out on his first date. Y/N just smiled and asked him to wait until her shift was over. Juice walked outside, sat on his bike and waited. Minutes has passed when he heard another bike. He knew, before he turned around, that Happy was there.

“What are you doing here?”, his brother barked, hopping off his bike.

“Coffee”, Juice shrugged.

Happy narrowed his eyes at him and Juice tried to think about an excuse to get out of that situation. He wasn’t so lucky though, because Y/N walked out the diner. “Hey Juice! I’m ready, where…”, Y/N stopped talking when she noticed Happy standing there, staring at her.

“Ready for what?”, Happy grunted and looked at Juice again. His brother looked like he was about to kill someone.

“We’re going to having dinner”, Y/N told her brother. She walked to Juice and held his arm, “And Hap…He knows”

“What?”, Happy clenched his jaw, already walking toward Juice.

“Happy Lowman”, Y/N held out a hand to stop him, “He knows I’m your sister and why you don’t introduce me to anybody on your little club”.

“First. It’s not a little club”, Happy explained while Y/N just raised an eyebrow at him and Juice could only watch in silence, “Second. You shouldn’t joke about your safety. And Third”, Happy pointed to Juice, “You’re off limits to him”

“I am the one who decides the limits”, Y/N let Juice go and crossed her arms, glaring at her brother.

“Y/N…”, Happy growled.

“Stop Hap”, she sighed, “I’m not going anywhere or arguing about this anymore. I’m here to take care of mom, you liked it or not. And I will have dinner with Juice. He’s gonna keep the secret Hap, but you should tell everybody, it would be easier”

Happy just grunted and stared at them, then he pointed to Juice, “If you hurt her, I’m gonna get a new happy face tattoo. Do you understand?”

“Yes”, Juice swallowed and nodded.

“Happy”, Y/N grimaced.

“What? I have to make sure he understands”, Happy shrugged.

“If he hurt me”, Y/N said over her shoulder as she pushed Juice toward his bike, “I’m gonna get me a happy face tattoo brother”

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

A biographical sketch by Georgina Schuyler, written to her niece, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

(Letter accompanying photography of a portrait of her namesake, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton)

37 Madison Ave

New York

June 21st 1908

My Dear Elizabeth

This is the day of your ___ and this letter is written to you—to give given to you when you are older, with the portrait of the lady for whence you are named, Elizabeth Schuyler, afterwards Mrs. Alexander Hamilton.  She was your father’s great-grandmother, and my great grandmother.  But though she lived so long ago, some of us still remember her, and all of us love her because she was so lovely, good and king; and we hope you too will love and be like her.

She was born on the 9th of August, 1757, and was the daughter of General Philip Schuyler, of Albany, and she, and her father, and mother, and brothers and sisters lived in a large house just outside the City of Albany, overlooking the Hudson River. It was called “the Pastures,” and is still standing, though the city streets are all about it now.

When this portrait was painted, in 1787, Mrs. Hamilton had been married eight years, and had three little children.  Two years later, in 1789, her husband was appointed by Washington Secretary of the Treasury.  The President and Cabinet then lived in New York City and at the Hamilton house there were dances and parties and many people coming and going—Wednesday evening was their reception evening.  Marie Antoinette, was then the Queen of France.  She wore the same kind of high head dress you see in the portrait—it was the Fashion of the day.  Mrs. Hamilton’s  older sister Angelica, Mrs. Church, had married an Englishman and lived in Paris and in London for many years.  Mr. & Mrs. Church knew many French people noblemen and ___.  Most sought refuge in England during the French Revolution; and a number of the gentlemen came to America introduced by Mrs. Church to her sister and brother-in-law.  Mrs. Hamilton was kind and hospitable to them and they needed kindness in exile from their country, sad and lonely, separated from their family.

For it was Mrs. Hamilton’s kindness and the nature of her disposition that attracted people.  She was not so very pretty—not as pretty as her older sister—but she was good tempered, and everyone liked her.  There was a young gentleman from Maryland, Mr. Tilghman, an aid de camp of General Washington, who stayed at her father’s house when she was a girl.  He writes that she had “the most good natured, dark, lovely eyes I ever saw,” and everyone one told him how sweet tempered she was.  She was also active and fearless.  They all went on a picnic near Albany; and he describes how Miss Betsey Schuyler climbed up the banks of the waterfall, and jumped from rock to rock, declining all assistance, and making merry at the fears of the other girls.

Mr. Carroll of Maryland was detained at the country place of her father, General Schuyler, at Saratoga, for a week, owing to the illness of old Mr. Benjamin Franklin. [He] writes what a pleasant week he had passed.  He was very much older than Miss Betsey, but he found her and her sister very good company, so bright and cheerful, and ready and glad to take not of older people. Miss Betsey was straight forward and simple in her manner.  One of the French gentleman speaks of her in later years—of her simplicity and adds that “she is a charming woman.”

So, when this portrait was painted, she had passed through a happy girlhood, and was most happily married. She was a devoted wife.  She appreciated her husband’s genius and she did all she possibly could to help him.  He had to work very hard to support his family (he was a lawyer by profession) and whenever possible, he was pre-occupied with public affairs.  But he, too, was kind and wished to help people when they were in trouble and so this is the story of the portrait:

The artist, Mr. Earle, had made debts he could not pay, and was put in the New York City Debtor Prison (such was the law of those days).  Mr. Hamilton was sorry for him and worked to get [him] out, and consulted his wife as to the best way of doing so.  She decided that she would dress and visit the Debtors Prison and ask for her portrait there, in a room that was set apart for Mr. Earle to paint her in.  She persuaded the ladies to do the same thing.  They also came to the prison and sat for their portraits; and son Mr. Earle had made enough money to pay his debts, get out of prison, and be a free man once more: Thanks to her we have the portrait, and the memory of her kind heart. This story was told to me by her son James, my Grandfather Hamilton, who loved to tell it of his mother.

In her later life she had great sorrows, and showed much strength of character.  Her husband’s death left her with many children to support and educate, and but little fortune with which to do so.  However, they all grew up and made their way, and then she thought of other children, poor children left without money or father to care for them, and she helped to found the first orphan asylum in New York City. She also took into her home a little orphan girl and brought her up and started her in life.  She lived to a great age.  I remember perfectly her sweet old face and her white hair under her cap as she used to sit in the ball at Nevis where now this very portrait hangs.

I am my dear little Elizabeth

Your affectionate

Georgina Schuyler

To Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

source: Columbia University, Hamilton Family Papers

Moving Forward - Chapter 49

Happy Easter my dear friends! Whether you celebrate Easter, I hope you all had a few wonderful and relaxing days!

I’m happy you guys liked the little drabbles I did for Eaden’s third birthday - they were a lot of fun to write.

But now to more important matters - I have a surprise for you :D Actually, @allyinthekeyofx and I have one for you, because Ally made a dream of mine come true. And I just know you guys will love it as much as I do! Just keep your eyes open :D

Thank you my dear @justholdinghandsok for the beta again - what would I do without you?!

So, without further ado - here is Chapter 49:

Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension. - Joshua L. Liebman

As a highly independent person who liked to stay in control, and one who was prone to be stubborn, it was the worst thing that, once your emotions had gotten the best of you and you basically overreacted to the point of crying, there was nothing more needed than someone else coming over and putting you out of your misery.

How pathetic, Gillian thought. And so hard to accept that sometimes, when emotions and hormones were running high, you needed another person to provide some of the confidence and stability you weren’t able to muster yourself.

While this feeling was so familiar to her, had accompanied her for the major part of her life, Gillian despised it, and would probably never make peace with it. The loss of control, no matter how small and insignificant it might’ve seemed to others, was unbearable and, for her, almost entirely intolerable.

It almost felt like falling into a million little pieces, losing one by one on her way through life. The thought that other people could somehow see all those lost pieces and judge her for the sheer amount was terrifying, even though Gillian knew that this was one of the most ridiculous illusions she had. Yet it was one that stuck in her mind for decades now. One she wasn’t able to get rid of.

No one had come after her when the sobs slowly started to subside. Sitting on that hard, closed toilet lit, her butt was beginning to hurt, and she needed to check if there was anything she could do about that smudged mascara or if her makeup was completely ruined by now. Which would mean she had to let her stylist re-do everything. How fucking embarrassing.

With a deep, hitched inhale, she reached out and ripped off another couple of sheets of toilet paper and blew her nose.

She needed to go back. They were probably ready to shoot the next scene. She just had to pull herself together one last time and get it over with for the sake of her son, who was needing her by his side. Nothing else mattered in this moment.

Getting up, she opened the lit and flushed the crumpled tissues down the toilet before turning around to unlock the door and stepped out.

And then she saw him, leaning against one of the sinks with his arms crossed in front of his chest and gaze fixated on his shoes. His expression was thoughtful and serious, his teeth were gritted tight enough that his jaw muscles flexed rhythmically.

He must’ve sneaked in at some point, and had waited patiently for her to regain some control on her own without ever leaving her completely alone.

He was always there in case she fell apart, but giving her the privacy and time she needed. There was no smothering and no pressure. David was like a silent rock. Always there, but never imposing. She could always rely on David, even when she’d been a total bitch to him.

But as much as she wanted to to go to him, and as desperately as she was yearning for his arms around her, she just couldn’t move. She was frozen in place and unable to say a word. It felt like she’d suddenly lost the ability to speak. Neither her brain nor her mouth seemed to know what to do.

She should apologize. She should explain herself. Do something to let him know she didn’t mean what she had said. But she couldn’t. She just couldn’t do it.

In her mind, she was desperately begging him to be the first to break the silence. To be the stronger one and tell her he forgave her, and that everything would be okay. She hoped he knew how grateful she was that he was there, and that he understood why she couldn’t say it.

Time was standing still as they stood there facing each other, and waiting for the other to make the first move. To say something, anything at all. Even the slightest attempt to move towards one another or a glance would be enough to break the spell, to bring her some relief.

But it didn’t happen.

Instead, his shoes made a loud, squeaky noise on the tiled floor as he turned around and, before she realized what was happening, pushed the door open and walked out of the restroom. Leaving her alone.

Once Chris and Glen had gotten wind of the ‘little incident’ with Gillian, as it was making its round, it seemed like that, all of a sudden, they had everything they needed from her for the second episode and they could give her the green light to go home to London.

David didn’t see her around for quite some time, but now spotted her, almost two hours later, taking a picture of Piper, who was quite bashfully holding a tray in front of her, apparently showing her proud mother some of the props she had made for the episode.

Gillian wasn’t wearing her wig anymore, but was now clad in a blue summer dress and her face was already scrubbed free from the heavy makeup she had to wear for the part. She looked like she was ready to leave any minute now.

He just wondered if they’d get a chance to talk before she left for over a week.

When he’d left her in that restroom, it hadn’t been because he’d intended to hurt or punish her. He was hurt, yes. And also sad. But he wasn’t particularly angry. It wasn’t that hard for him to understand what she was going through. She was a mother, and, unlike other men he knew, David was convinced that, even if there was an active, devoted father around, she was the most important person in most kids lives. And if a kid was sick, there was nothing that he needed more than his mother. And a mother didn’t want anything more than be by her child’s side to love and care for him.

That it had to be hard to leave another one in order to be with the sick child was also very understandable. Mother’s guilt was a huge topic in Gillian’s life ever since Piper had been born. Finding a balance between work and motherhood had always been a struggle for her. And with the increasing number of children and them becoming somewhat of a patchwork family, it hadn’t gotten any easier over the years. It was okay when everything was working out according to plan. But the reality was that it rarely did. And he bowed his head to everyone who was able to deal with these things in an organised, mature way. Because they surely hadn’t figured out how to do that by now.

And yet… he had enough of hearing the same things from her over and over again. He thought of himself as a supportive, patient partner. But his patience wasn’t endless, and Gillian knew her ways to reach his limits.

He would do everything for her. Absolutely everything. The problem was that she had always been too proud and at the same time too insecure to accept his help. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

Instead, she tended to use it against people. Accused them of having ulterior motives, wanting to threat her and to make her look weak and incompetent.

And that wasn’t something he would ever accept, especially not from her.

He was her partner. Her confidant. They were family.

And the one thing he really wished her to be was accepting of his support and unconditional love and to allow herself to rely on him.

He would do do anything in his power to stop all those self-doubts and the insane pressure she put on her own shoulders from ruling their lives and their relationship. And the only way he knew how to make her understand that was by giving her the opportunity to find out herself.

Which was exactly why he’d walked out of this restroom earlier.

He’d desperately wanted to hug her. Wanted to tell her that everything would be alright. That of course she could take Eaden with her, if that was what she wanted.

But he didn’t do any of those things. Despite the way she’d been looking at him, with all the confusion, desperation and sadness in her watery blue eyes, he’d made a decision he wasn’t entirely sure had been the right one.

“David!” someone suddenly called him, pulling him out of his reverie. His gaze fixated back on Piper and Gillian, and he noticed that her oldest was looking at him expectantly, neck craned and eyebrows raised high. She definitely wanted him to come over.

Gillian on the other hand seemed to avoid looking at him while he approached them, busying herself with straightening Eaden’s dress and unruly hair.

“What’s up?” he asked as blithely as possible and put his hand demonstratively on the small of Gillian’s back.

“You’re going to pull these off your shoes later, don’t they look super gross?” Piper chuckled, proudly looking down at the armada of gooey band-aids neatly lined up on a cardboard. They were in fact very, very gross.

David pulled a disgusted face. “Yeah… they’re… pretty realistic. Ugh.”

“You think you can handle it?” Piper asked, making her mother snort in amusement.

And then, to his great surprise, Gillian leaned herself against his side, and he slung his arm completely around her waist to pull her a little closer. He could literally feel the tension leaving her body.

“I don’t know, what do you think?” he prompted Gillian, grinning down at her as she lifted her gaze to meet his eyes.

“I think you can handle it just fine,” Gillian said with a nod, and he thought he could detect a tiny, sly smirk on her lips. Yeah, it was definitely there. His belly tingled in relief and anticipation. And before he could think about it twice, he leaned down and kissed her softly.


“Alright slugger, do you promise me not to make a mess while I’m in the shower? Can you do that for Daddy, hm?” David kneeled down in front of his little daughter, who was sitting on the warm bathroom floor, tiny toothbrush in hand and a mischievous spark in her eyes that usually meant nothing else but trouble.

“Five minutes, okay?” he added and tickled her sides with his index finger, making her squeal in delight.

Eaden, the master in making messes in the shortest amounts of time, was also widely known to always find something somewhere to destroy or hurt herself with, even when the door was closed and the lower cupboards baby-proofed as it was the case right now.

“Otey,” Eaden replied with a big grin, sounding almost like she’d understood his request and was actually taking it seriously, but David was sure that his sweet, innocent looking girl had already made up a plan on how to spend the next five minutes differently from what he’d asked her to.

“I don’t believe a word that’s coming out of your mouth, young lady. Which is concerning since you only know eight of them yet.”

“Mwah Dada, nononono,” she babbled and shook her head almost frantically.

“Yeah, exactly, no messes, alright? Daddy’s right back! Daddy hears and sees everything!” David said pointedly and patted his daughter’s head before he got up and walked over to the shower and started to run the water.

“Are you going to tell Daddy a story while he’s in the shower, baby?” he asked while shedding his boxers, and with one last glance down on the floor, where Eaden was occupied with her toothbrush and completely ignoring him, stepped under the refreshing spray of water.

The day Gillian left for London wasn’t completely forgotten. After their chaste kiss, they had a brief, not particularly uncomfortable but awkward conversation in her trailer in which she told him that she had purchased a ticket for the last flight out to London this evening and that Eaden would stay with him just like he’d wanted her to. He had to swallow a harsh comment on that reproachful undertone that she used to make clear that she wasn’t happy with that at all. He so badly wanted to tell her to just take the baby with her and look how she got along if she really needed to have it her way to feel better. Of course he hadn’t.

There were no further exchanges of affection between them, only Eaden got showered in kisses and hugs before Gillian placed her little daughter in David’s arms, gave his arm a squeeze while saying goodbye and that she would text him before she hopped into the cab to the airport.

The next day, he heard from Piper that Gillian had called to tell her that Oscar was out of the hospital and that she’d been able to take him home. David got a text message later that day, and another one each day, but nothing more. Which wasn’t really that surprising, yet disappointing that she was still falling back into these old musters of hers. He’d thought that they were over that by now. Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

On Friday evening, he flew back to Los Angeles, but not alone as he’d originally planned, but with Eaden. David was very aware of how lucky they were to have such a resilient, overall content and happy baby. If she wouldn’t be able to cope with the fairly regular separation from one of her parents or the traveling as well as she did, they would’ve been in some serious trouble given the circumstances.

Their Saturday was lazy and relaxed. After running some errands and getting fresh green smoothies and food for the weekend, David laid out some blankets and pillows in the garden, creating a comfortable little space for them in the shadow of a tree by the poolside. They enjoyed sandwiches and avocados for lunch, cuddled while listening to the birds and eventually fell asleep with Eaden sprawled out on David’s chest. In that respect, father and daughter were very much alike. Both were able to enjoy the simplest little things for hours without needing more than each other. Gillian was usually a little more restless in that respect, struggled with enjoying the moment and just let things be. It would’ve been so easy for him to wallow in his hurt and sulk in self-pity and loneliness only caused by the way they’d parted. He could be angry about how unnecessary this stupid fight was, just like almost every other they ever had. Instead, David did his best to enjoy what he had - a lot of free time with his youngest daughter - and to trust Gillian to come back to him whenever she felt ready.

When he opened the glass door and stepped out of the shower a couple of minutes later, his first glance went down to the floor where Eaden sat earlier, but wasn’t anymore.

With a shake of his head and a grin, David grabbed a towel off the rack, quickly dried himself and slung it around his waist.

“Eaden?” he asked in feigned concern and started to wander around, pretending not to know where she was hiding. “Where is Eaden? Where is my little girl?” He looked around the corner of one of the counters. “Oh no! She’s gone! What am I going to do without her?” he whined, and heard a soft giggle and suddenly, she appeared within the bathtub, grinning widely at him.

“Hi!” she squealed delightfully, jumping up and down with excitement while holding tightly onto the onto the tub.

“Oh, hi! There you are, thank god! Come here, sweetie,” he said affectionately and scooped her up, kissing her little cheeks before she put her head on his shoulder and let him rub her back. “You’re funny, you know that?” And so much like your mother, he didn’t say, sure that she would only get upset remembering that her favorite person wasn’t around at the moment and wouldn’t spend the day with them.

Burying his face into her soft, blonde hair and inhaling her sweet scent, he instead whispered,“I love you, slugger. Let’s get ready for the day, okay?”

For this beautiful, sunny Sunday in Los Angeles, David had dressed Eaden in a black little onesie that said “peace, love and naps”, and which was, in his opinion, just as perfect as his orange “pumpkin” shirt. But unlike Eaden’s, David’s outfit didn’t get a lot of compliments from West and her friends. For no apparent reason, they seemed to be quite amused by it instead.

Their stroll through the farmer’s market with eight teenagers and their parents, all old friends from the time they lived here as a family, was a comfortable one. When the kids were younger, and him and Téa still together, they used to do these meet-ups with other families quite often. But since they separated and had moved to New York, there weren’t a lot of opportunities to catch up anymore, but it was important to both David and Téa to keep these friendships alive, not only for the sake of the kids.

By the time they arrived back in Malibu, bellies full with burgers, fries and ice-cream, the sun had already Set, West and her boyfriend had left to spend the night at a friends house and the two remaining kids, Eaden and Miller, were fast asleep on the backseat of David’s car.

Together, they managed to wake their exhausted teenager - a task almost impossibly hard these days - and even got him brush his teeth before he went to bed. Bringing the baby to bed was easy compared to that. While Téa was with their son, David changed Eaden for the night and tucked her into his bed with her favorite stuffed animal, where she continued her peaceful slumber.

“Is she still sleeping?” Téa asked when he closed the bedroom door behind himself and walked into the kitchen while she poured herself a glass of red wine. Noticing his confused expression, she shrugged her shoulders and filled a second glass. “Sorry,” she nodded her head towards the bottle, “but I felt like we could both take one.”

“Or two,” David said with a sigh and took the glass from her. “Thanks. To our kids?”

“Yeah,” Téa nodded and clinked her glass with his. “To our wild, independent daughter and our sleepy son. And no, before you start again, he’s fine. The doctor checked his blood and told me that we should start to accept that our sweet son will do exactly three things in the next two to three years - sleep, eat and complain.”

“That sounds just wonderful,” David stated wryly.

“Yeah that’s exactly what I told him, too!” She took a big sip out of her glass before grabbing the bottle. “Come on, it’s so nice outside, let’s not waste this beautiful evening by staying in here!” she waggled her eyebrows and led the way out of the living room and through the back door.

It was indeed a wonderful night to sit outside, listen to the soft waves of the ocean near by and enjoy the pleasantly warm air.

If only he could really enjoy it. If only he wouldn’t miss her so much.

“So,” Téa prompted once they were seated on one of the loveseats on the patio. She was looking at him expectantly, and he knew exactly what it was she was dying to know.

“So?” David asked cautiously and nipped at his wine.

“Is everything alright? How’s Gillian? And how’s filming?”

“Ohhh,” David groaned and closed his eyes while letting his head fall back on the backrest of the couch. “It’s stressful. Can’t we keep talking about our sleepy, grumpy son?”

She gave him a perplexed look, but chuckled to keep the mood light. “Three weeks and you’re already stressed?”

“You know how it is! You just forget how exhausting it is and how insane the hours are… Seriously though, it’s hard, especially with a baby and all that kind of… stuff.”

Téa nodded understandingly. “I bet it is, being away from home must be especially hard for Gillian. How’s she taking it?”

David took a deep breath, closed his eyes and went quiet for a few moments.

Given everything that had happened between them in the last eighteen years, he thought they both couldn’t be more grateful for what they had right now. They genuinely loved and deeply cared for each other, yet the reason why they weren’t a couple anymore was more apparent than ever. They were both the happiest with somebody else. And loneliest without them.

However, the friendly relationship he now had with Téa was based on trust and mutual respect. They knew each other for such a long time, he couldn’t fool her into believing that everything was alright. And there was a time when it had been easy for him to go to both women and tell them about the problems he had with the other. And it was one of the most selfish things he’d ever done. Extremely unfair and disrespectful to both Téa and Gillian.

And he wouldn’t do the same mistake ever again.

“It’s harder than expected,” he nodded thoughtfully and looked at Téa before adding, “but we’re doing our best to make it work.”

David climbed into his bed little after midnight.They had emptied the first bottle of wine while he told Téa what he had planned for West and Miller during their stay in Vancouver and the second bottle while they discussed when they would start looking at colleges for West.

That was the nicest part about their relationship - being able to be the parents of two kids who were aware of their joint responsibility for them. And who liked to raise them together despite everything.

Eaden’s still sleeping soundly beside him on Gillian’s spot, her little lips making sucking-like motions as if she was dreaming of milk and, which was an ongoing joke between them, Mommy’s boobies. Although for entirely different reasons, he certainly couldn’t blame her for that.

With a soft chuckle, he pulled the light blanket over her little feet and ran his thumb down her soft cheek before rolling onto his back and turning his head towards the nightstand to his right, where his phone was blinking repeatedly.

He wanted to take a look, but he also wanted to prevent himself from yet another disappointment.

He took a deep breath and eventually reached over, grabbed his phone and squinted his eyes to the bright light as he pressed the home button.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her name appearing on the screen. She had finally called, and even left him a four-minute-long voicemail.

His fingers were literally trembling when he started to play her message.

“Hi, um… it’s me,” there was a slight pause, and he couldn’t suppress a relieved chuckle. It felt so good to hear her voice again. “I know you have someone over and I don’t even know why I’m calling now,” she paused again, and by the way her voice was trembling he figured that she’d been crying. “Well I know why… it’s because I’m too much of a coward to talk to you and I was thinking that while you had guests over, I could finally give you a call without actually having to talk to you, which is…” she sighed, “… which is stupid because I really want to talk to you. Um, god, why is this so fucking hard?” she asked and then blew her nose. “Sorry,” a soft, bashful chuckle followed. “I um, I’m meeting a friend today, because I feel like this is growing over my head and while it’s you I need to talk to and tell what’s going on, I understand if you don’t feel like that at the moment. Yeah, um… I’m seeing Jennifer today so… god, I’m sorry, I’m rambling.”

“I don’t care,” David said to himself and closed his eyes. She could read the phonebook to him and he would still enjoy listening to her.

A familiar wave of warmth and love flooded his body, replacing the pent-up anger he’d felt in the last couple of days.

“l just wanted to tell you that I wish I could go back to that kiss and just… do everything differently from that point on. I mean, obviously I can’t, but… I would do everything for that kiss right now. Or a hug…” her voice broke, and it was so hard to listen to this without being there. Without being able to reassure her that he felt the same way.

“I love you, David,” she said in a whisper, but her words were loud with longing. “And I miss you very much.”


*stretches and gets ready for a long, polite response*

And you missed my points, but that’s fine, online miscommunications happen due to lack of tone and intent. I apologize if I sound defensive about Angela, because I immediately assumed that your problem was with the ship and her assumed (and now canonically proven wrong) involvement with Genji’s cyborg weaponization process. Possibly because of how hostile you sounded. I still get the hostile vibes but for the sake of clarification and explaining things as politely as possible, I will try to keep mine civil in return in hopes we all reach an understanding. 

And because this post is now super long, a readmore is actually required :>

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Yuri on Ice BD booklet translation (with Kenji Miyamoto interview) - Volume 2

Finally a new translation… This is a full translation of the booklet contained in the BD/DVD vol.2. This time I also decided to translate the captions under the pictures in the “TOPIC” sections because some of them actually have important information (like the one about the 3 sisters). Since it would be weird to only translate some based on what they say, I just translated them all and added them to the translation of the vol.1 booklet as well (you can find that here). If you check it you will understand why I hadn’t thought of translating them in the first place…

Like vol.1, the booklet has 3 parts:
1) Character introduction for Yurio and (short ones) for most characters living in Hasetsu like Yuuri and Nishigoori’s families. By the way, regarding Makkachin’s voice actor listed as “?”, I read in a recording report on Otomedia Plus that (at least in one of the scenes) Suwabe offered to voice him, lol. (I’m writing Makkachin as “he” but actually the gender is not officially confirmed yet)
2) “Topics”, in other words random curiosities. This time this section has some interesting information, especially if you are not too familiar with figure skating. (It also clears up why Yuuri and Victor are always alone in the rink and why they necessarily need to practice very early in the morning)
3) Interview with the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. It explains more in detail some of the things that were mentioned in the commentary to the choreography footage of vol.1. The parts in round brackets are exactly like they are in the original text, it’s not something I added.

Hopefully I will be able to translate the audio commentary and choreography footage (which I still haven’t even had time to watch of course) too by the end of Sunday…

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

A beautiful monster that continues to grow

Yuri Plisetsky
voiced by Kouki Uchiyama

Height: 163 cm
Date of birth: March 1st
Blood type: B

Past record:
2 times consecutive winner of the Junior Grand Prix Final
2 times consecutive winner of the Junior World Championships

He debuts in the senior class at the age of 15 after repeatedly winning the Junior Grand Prix Final and Junior World Championships. Now a pupil of the noted scouter of young talents Yakov, he is Russia’s new hope. During his junior years he already mastered quadruple jumps, but his coach prohibited him from using them in matches. With his sharp jumps, he is in the focus of attention as everyone is curious to see how far he will be able to go in his first year as a senior.
His talent was noticed when he was still little and he left his family in Moscow to train under coach Yakov in St. Petersburg. On the ice he is as beautiful as a fairy, but off the ice he is quite mischievous and is known for the striking aesthetic sense of the outfits he wears in the selfies posted on his SNS. He’s also famous for his devoted fan group Yuri’s angels, who cheer on him wearing cat ears. His favorite food is his grandpa’s pirozhki.

Katsuki Family

Mari Katsuki
voiced by Kyouko Sakai
Yuuri’s older sister who works at “Yutopia Katsuki”. She likes idols and has a thing for blond boys. She named Yuri “Yurio” when he came to Hasetsu.

Toshiya Katsuki
voiced by Souryuu Konno
Yuuri’s father. He owns “Yutopia Katsuki”, the only day onsen in Hasetsu. He is not very familiar with figure skating and actually likes soccer.

Hiroko Katsuki
voiced by Kei Hayami
Yuuri’s mother. She runs “Yutopia Katsuki” with her husband. She knows Minako-sensei from when they were students, and Hiroko is the younger one.

Nishigoori Family

Takeshi Nishigoori
voiced by Jun Fukuyama
Yuuri’s childhood friend and former rinkmate. He works at “Ice Castle Hasetsu”, is Yuuri’s good supporter and helps him with his basic training.

Yuuko Nishigoori
voiced by Mariya Ise
She is Nishigoori’s wife, works at “Ice Castle Hasetsu” and Yuuri has always admired her. She is Victor’s fan and doesn’t only care for Yuuri but for Yurio as well.

Axel, Lutz, Loop Nishigoori
voiced by Akiko Yashima
The 3 twins of the Nishigoori family, also known as the “3 skating otaku sisters”. They skillfully use their parents’ smartphones to post on the SNS and they organized “Onsen on ICE”. Their potential is bottomless.

Minako Okukawa
voiced by Yuka Komatsu
Former ballet dancer who currently teaches a ballet class in Hasetsu, she is Yuuri’s strict but affectionate teacher. She travels around the world to support Yuuri and as a personal hobby.

voiced by ?
Victor’s pet dog, a standard poodle. He came to Hasetsu together with Victor. He is quiet and friendly to people, but is a bit greedy when it comes to food.


TOPIC 1: Skate Otaku Sisters
The triplets of the Nishigoori family. Since they can do anything people tend to forget that they’re still 6 years old kindergartners. Axel, Lutz and Loop can be distinguished by their hairstyle and personal color. The reason they are called “skating otaku” sisters is that they use their parents’ smartphones and PC to check information about skaters on the social media and enjoy watching real time live streamings of international tournaments. By watching their behavioral pattern you will be able to understand how skating otaku all around the world live. Their parents work at an ice rink, but it’s not clear whether the 3 sisters can skate too.

*Each of them has an assigned task: taking movies, pictures or uploading
*Their carefree action strongly influenced the story
*A perfect spin. Maybe they can skate…?
*They are even good at drawing, but they use crayons
*Axel has pigtails and her color is purple. Lutz has a bun and her color is light blue. Loop has a ponytail and her color is pink.

TOPIC 2: Off ice training
Of course, figure skating is mostly practiced on the ice. However, there are also many kinds of training that must be done off the ice, like fitness training, stretching exercises, core training and so on. Beside running and stretching, many skaters also incorporate ballet lessons into their basic training. In addition, some of them take lessons or hear the opinion from dancers and performers of various genres, to improve their expressiveness and understanding of the program. Sometimes they might even go stand under waterfalls to train their mental strength… maybe. There are no restrictions on the types of training, as long as they can improve their skating skills and expression.

*It’s a tough sport that requires lots of basic training
*It’s important to have a trainer that supports you
*Stretching exercises at any time
*Russia is the home of ballet
*Training your mental strength might be the hardest

TOPIC 3: Music
Choosing music is important to create a program. Cases where music is created from scratch, like for Yuuri’s FS, are actually rare, and most skaters choose existing songs and have them edited so that their length is according to regulations (in case of the men’s senior class it’s approx. 2:40 min. for the short program and 4:30 min. for the free). Usually songs are edited by either the choreographer, music professionals or skaters themselves. Most of the times they use the original title of the song, but in cases of original songs such as “Yuri on ICE” or when the skater wants to deliver a certain message they use a different title for the program.

*It’s important that the song gives you an image
*Sometimes they choose from what are called “standard songs”
*The CD is an important object that they must hand out at tournaments

TOPIC 4: Choreography
Program choreographies are commonly created by coaches or professional choreographers, but there are also skaters who create them on their own like Victor, and some who order them from professionals unrelated to the skating world, like for Yurio’s FS. When a choreography is created by a dancer or someone who doesn’t skate, usually the steps and exact footwork will be thought by the coach. Most professional choreographers aren’t always by the skater’s side, therefore skaters practice the choreography on their own and then have the choreographer come over a few times during the season to adjust it. Yuuri is really lucky to have a coach & choreographer teaching him on a one-to-one basis every day.

*Victor was already creating his own choreographies when he was competing
*Yurio’s choreographer is a legendary prima ballerina
*A choreographer that skates together with you is very precious

TOPIC 5: Ice rink
Every skater has a home rink that they use as their base, but rink conditions are very different depending on the country. In Japan, except for the rinks owned by a few universities, most rinks are open to the public, therefore if athletes want to reserve a rink for personal training they need to book it outside of normal opening hours. Yuuri and Victor also look like they’re comfortably training alone in a large rink, but actually that’s usually in the early morning or late at night**. In some countries with better conditions there are many rinks and some of them even have different training hours depending on the level of skaters, therefore some Japanese skaters choose to have their home rink abroad. Yuuri must be really grateful to Nishigoori.
[**translator’s note: for your reference, most normal rinks in the Tokyo/Kanto area are open to the public from 10:00 to 18:00]

*The Detroit rink Yuuri used to belong to
*Yurio’s home rink in St. Petersburg
*The Thai rink is downtown

Figure skating choreography
Kenji Miyamoto interview

I said that if I was going to do it I would do everything myself, and choreographed about 20 songs.

The first time I was asked about the choreographies was in the summer of 2015. The first meeting was around October or November. My first thought was that it sounded like fun. There were countless possibilities, and I thought that we might get more people interested in figure skating, therefore I was really looking forward to it. At that time I didn’t think about the difficulties, and replied that I definitely wanted to do it.
When I received the first request there were lots of songs and I was told that since it was hard schedule-wise they might have to ask someone else, but I said that if I was going to do it I would do everything myself, and adjusted the schedule.

-Choreographies were created at night, over a short period of time-

If I were working with a skater normally it would take about 3 days to create a program. We talked about the fact that it would have been difficult to create programs for dozens of songs right away, but since I was going to just skate them myself (instead of teaching them to a skater) I guessed it would have been faster. In the end I created choreographies for about 20 songs.
I left 2 weeks of my schedule free from any other job. Every day I’d sleep during the day and we’d start from 23:00, after the rink’s business hours, until about 5:00-6:00 in the morning. It was still early spring, but everyone was freezing and every time we’d come out of the rink all clad in down jackets. We must have looked like some suspicious gang (LOL).

-Programs were conceived based on the songs and a little information-

On the day I had to choreograph a song I received information from director Yamamoto and Kubo-sensei, like what kind of person the skater is, where he’s from, what kind of songs he likes, the way he usually lives and so on, and I would get into his role and create the choreography.
I only received 2-3 songs in advance, and the rest all came basically the day before choreographing. The songs were mostly original so it took longer to work on them, it was really a tight schedule. In some cases they said “today we were going to choreograph 2 songs, but 1 isn’t ready yet”, so on that day we only did 1 song and the next day we choreographed 3. If I were working with a skater it (3 songs in 1 day) would be absolutely impossible (LOL).
All songs were difficult to choreograph. I was told that the programs need to be used in tournaments and skaters must be able to get levels for them, so even though the songs were edited slightly shorter than what you would normally use in a match, they include all necessary elements (required in a competitive program such as jumps, spins etc.).
A program that was easy to picture is the protagonist Yuuri-kun’s. Also, Victor-san. About Victor-san I was told that “he is an absolute champion with a stately presence, a skater that no one can surpass”, so I created “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” as a majestic and excellent performance. I made him raise his head in a way the line of his throat would look beautiful, like a white stone statue. It’s not something I was told by Kubo-sensei and the others, I came up with that idea myself.
A program that was hard to imagine was maybe the FS of Thailand’s Phichit-kun. The reason is simply that I’m not familiar with Thai folk songs, so I had to look up pictures and movies and it took some time. Just at that time I couldn’t lift my left shoulder anymore and had my trainer come over and tape it, I guess that was really when I had the hardest time. I had to do movements for many different skaters, some of which are not movements I normally do myself, that’s why I ended up injuring my shoulder a little.

-Trying different camera angles and clothes-

There were 4-5 fixed cameras on the side of the rink, and Kanako Odagaki-sensei skated after me with another one. The sense of speed feels different when looking through a camera compared to looking normally though, so whenever I sped up I would end up going too far from the camera. In the beginning it was difficult because I kept leaving too much distance between us, but we got better with each time and in the end we were able to basically move in synchrony. For every program I told the director and the staff what the skating course would be in advance, and depending on the choreography we discussed on what would be the best way to film it, for example if it was better to film it from the center of the circle or from the outside, and I discussed with Kubo-sensei as well.
Even for the clothes, in the beginning I was skating with a pitch black outfit, but I was told that it was hard to distinguish left and right and so I wrapped tape on one side. Also, since all athletes skate with costumes, I tried to wear clothes like large blouses so that the staff could see how they flutter in the wind when you skate. I always used to set my hair, but I also skated without setting it so that they could see how it moves when you turn around, how you sweat and so on.
(We didn’t only film each program once,) I repeated every program a few times. However, doing everything again from the start to the end was difficult, also because my body wouldn’t last. (When I felt that it was difficult) there were times when I asked them to film as best as they could because I was only going to skate the full program once. If it still wasn’t enough, I skated just the parts they needed to see again the next day.
(As it also happens when I create choreographies for real skaters) sometimes I would realize that I needed to shorten the skating part, or that even though the sequence was very difficult there was still a chance that they could land a jump. The rink was small, so jumps were done differently than normal ones, and I thought it could be fun to change the curve too.

-People who started skating after watching Yuri-

To be honest, I thought that once it became animation it would look very different from the actual thing, but in fact it was almost the same. Of course flat pictures are not the same as tridimensional reality, but it got really close to the essence of skating. I was surprised at how realistically they recreated muscles and other details. The staff is seriously amazing.
Some shots were different than what I had created, because when the director, Kubo-sensei and the staff watched it they thought that another form would look better and so they changed it. It was interesting to see how different people see things in different ways. But they really did a wonderful job, because when I watched the programs they were indeed beautiful.
I see a lot of response now that the series has started airing. (The other day when I went to a tournament) a foreign coach grabbed his pupil just before they were going to skate and told them “you know, Kenji did all the choreographies for Yuri!” (LOL). I replied “you don’t have to tell them now” though. It’s great that it’s having so much response, and I’m very happy about it. I was asked to do choreographies for those songs, and there was even a boy who said he started skating after watching “Yuri on Ice”, that really made me happy. Looking back, I’m glad that I said I would do everything myself.

Kenji Miyamoto / Born in 1978 in Hyogo.
Ice dance winner of the Japan Figure Skating Championships in 2001-02.
After retiring from competition he became one of the leading choreographers in Japan, creating programs for skaters of all ages, from children to world champions, both Japanese and foreign.

Here it is...

Club Mirage 02

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

Jimin had grabbed your hand because you started to get curious and wander off. You stared at your hands before he tossed you into a room.

A room that was barely lit again but the fireplace. Weird. ‘What club has a fireplace.’ you thought to yourself. Along the walls of what you could see were whips and chains and some accessories. You were bewildered as your eyes lay upon each item that you could see. Blindfolds, ropes, and weird looking shaped objects. You almost forgot that Jimin was also in this very room.


“So….Y/N….” he starts as he makes his way around to you slowly. Watching you. Like a lion stalks his prey. “Do you understand the qualities between the masks?” he asked you. 

“Yeah, I read the paperwork Jimin. Black means dominant and white means submissive.” you say to him as if he thought you were stupid. 

He shakes his head at you. “ really must be a vanilla.” he says more to himself out loud. 

“Vanilla?” you turn to look at him now. His eyes glossy. He watches you.

He leans across the counter in the middle of the room. “You chose white for a reason Y/N and yet you claim you don’t know. Well…I guess I will be teacher Y/N.” he states as his aura starts to change.

You stared at him as you were starting to regret wearing these damn heels. The watchful gaze he had on you was making you flustered. You turned away from him. Your back facing him. “Please don’t look at me like that.” You say to him.

He made a noise but you couldn’t tell what kind it was until he pushed you against the wall you were facing. His hands held you in place as you could feel his chest pressed against your back as he leaned into your ear seductively. “And why not?” he asks. 

You gasp at his sudden contact causing you to quietly whimper against him. “It makes me feel uncomfortable.” you tell him as you try to wring your arms free from his hold. 

“Too bad sweetheart.” he states as he held you tighter. “First level of submission, giving up control.” he tells you as he brings your hands higher above your head as his free hand slowly unzips your dress. “Lesson one Y/N…you will do everything I tell you. Understood?” he asked you sternly. 

You felt your dress loosening. “J-Jimin…” you say to him above a whisper. His free hand was now pushing your dress open to get to your bare back. His hand lightly grazed your skin sending shivers down your back. “Jimin…” you whimpered. 

He ignored your start of a plea as he continued his actions. “You will do as I say Y/N.” his free hand that was on your back was now pushing it down off your shoulders. “The ones who chose the white mask, devote their entire being to the satisfaction and fulfillment of those wearing black masks.” He tells you. “Strip Y/N.” he states as he removes himself off of you. 

You turn around to look at him. His greyish blonde hair shown in the barely lit room. You stare at him. “What.” you said more as a statement. “I’m not going to take my clothes off for you.” you tell him as you tried to zip up your dress back up but he stalked up to you and you stumbled back.

“Yes you will. Strip or be punished. Trust me…you will not want to be punished.” he threatens. His eyes narrowing. “The ones who chose the white mask knows the ones who wear black, will do what he or she wants despite of what you want.” he backs you up further against the wall with your bare back pressed against the cold surface. 

You swallow. Nervous. Here before you, is your massive secret crush and fate has you in this place, in this moment. You bite your bottom lip. ‘Dammit! Why did I choose white!’ you scream internally to yourself. 

“Strip now.” he growled lowly as if he was losing his patience. “If you don’t give this a chance, I guess you’ll be a virgin forever.” he taunted knowing he hit a nerve.

“Fine..but my safe word is forbidden.” you tell him as he nods licking his lips. “And we stop if I don’t like it?” you ask him blushing not believing that you were about to do this. 

“Yes. We stop.” he states. “Now strip.”

You inhaled and exhaled as you bring your sweaty palms to your straps on your shoulder and in one swift movement the dress slides down your body exposing your bare chest leaving you in your panties only. You couldn’t look at him. It was too embarrassing.

He rids himself of his top as you looked at him in your peripheral vision so you would feel more relaxed but you still couldn’t look at him directly. “The human body can voluntarily withstand only a certain level of sensual pleasure. Since your a virgin, I’ll start easy.” he tells you as he walked up to you. He brings his hand to your chin, forcing you to look at him. You meet his gaze. And instantly regret it. Your breath hitches in your throat as one of his free hand pulls you into a deep sensual kiss. 

Distracting you. That’s what he was doing. You were too focused in the slow sensual kiss to focus on his other hand. He tugged on your lower lip with his teeth as he bit down lightly but hard enough for you to open your mouth in a whimper. He took his advances as he stuck his tongue in your mouth exploring and dominating your mouth. His other hand was playing with your breasts causing your nipples to harden from his touch. You gripped his forearms for support. And then he pulled away. You whimpered at the loss of contact. 

“It’s midnight Y/N…Come back tomorrow if you want to continue this lesson. Come back tomorrow if you want to know why you chose the white mask. I’ll keep this secret.” Jimin said to you as he got himself dressed.

You slipped your dress back on and helped zip you back up. He walks you all the way down to the entrance of which you came with F/N. He pulls you into one last kiss for the time this night. “Be here tomorrow at Ten P.M.And I will show you your darkest desires.” he whispered on your lips and pecked them before walking off. 

You stood at the entrance watching him walk off when your friend F/N came out with someone on her hip. 

“You must have enjoyed yourself if you decided to stay Y/N..” your friend teases as the guy around her kisses her goodbye and then she focuses on you. “So do you want to come back with me tomorrow?” She asks you. 

You thought about it for a few moments. You didn’t want to die a virgin but you also didn’t want to be used either because this was Jimin the frat boy. But this was also the Jimin you had your massive secret crush on. “Sure, how about ten pm. “ You suggested  and she nods in agreement as you both walked home.