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Until Dawn Singing Headcanons

Voice of an angel: Mike, Jess, Ashley 

Okay/not bad to listen to: Sam, Matt, Josh 

Tone deaf: Chris, Emily 

 • Emily’s an awful singer but she can rap like there’s no tomorrow.

 • Mike and Jess will always start singing duets together (mainly Disney, at first Mike was a bit embarrassed but now he totally digs it). But they’re favourite song to sing together is Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor because Jess’ voice matches so well, and Mike likes how she dances and teases him as she sings it.

 • Whenever the gang go out and there’s karaoke, Sam, Jess, and Emily will immediately go to Bang Bang. Sam does Jesse J’s part, Jess does Ariana Grande’s part, and Em is on Nicki. (They also defo made their own version of the music video for Mike’s birthday whilst he was dating Emily.)

 • Ashley won’t sing in public with her friends, but she feels happy singing in the shower and in front of Chris quietly whilst doing other things. 

 • Chris is not shy to the mic despite everyone’s protests and will sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or One Week by the Barenaked Ladies in the most over dramatic way, he’ll use actions and everything.

 • Sometimes when Chris and Ashley are together the gang with start singing Kiss the Girl from the Little Mermaid, much to Chris’ despair

• Matt will only sing for Em. Whenever Emily raps he’ll always sing the singing bits for her. Sometimes he’ll sing for her as they go to sleep, things like Toothpaste Kisses by The Macabees, or Mexico by The Staves (Bonus: He’s pretty good at the Ukulele). 

 • Mike’s voice is almost the same as Zachary Levi’s, leading mainly Sam and Chris to call him Mr Ryder. 

 • Josh likes to sing songs in popular films, he really likes to sing the Shrek soundtrack but the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is his favourite by far.

 • After only a couple of drinks at a party, Sam will start belting out every word to every song that comes on, she’ll usually convince Jess, Chris, and Josh to join in too but they never go on for as long as Sam.

 • Chris and Josh will always sing love songs from musicals together, Crazier Than You from the Addams Family Musical is one of their most popular requests. Their favourite Disney song to sing, however, is: If I Didn’t Have You from Monsters Inc.(Josh sings Sulley’s part and Chris does Mikey.)

 Click here for a little playlist of the songs mentioned (including Disney that Mike and Jess would sing, Mike’s voice double, and Josh’s favourites from the 2 soundtracks)!