she's definetly gay

ok so

I’ve been crushing on this girl for a couple of weeks now and I felt the need to tell y’all about it?? idk, i’m just going to talk about her:

-I first saw her in my school, shortly after spring break, my exact words when i saw her were “oH I’M GAY”  and then I fell due to the power of her cuteness.

-When my classmate (and good friend) saw her was like “You mean her? Oh I know her, she’s Gema” (which literally means gem in spanish so there you go, she’s a precious gem)

-When all my other class friends found out they all wanted me to talk to her but I was TOO EMBARRASSED (i’m p shy) so we prepared this plan where I’d go with a friend to the hallway and this girl from Gema’s class that my friend knows would go too, with Gema, and we would all be like “ ayy what a coincidence, do you two know each other?????” That day I dressed up so I’d make a good first impression but the plan failed because Gema didn’t want to go to the hallway :C

-A few days later I found out the girl from Gema’s class told her I’m crushing for her and I wanted    t o  d i e. Now I’d never make a good impression, not now that she already knows I’m hella gay for her. But they told me not to worry because she thought i was??? c Ute? and she wanted to meet me but she is super shy too??? 

-So now I’m determined to talk to her but I don’t know how, I can’t just approach her like “heY I’M THE GAY WHO’S CRUSHING FOR YOU” so I ask this friend in my class if I can go with them to the Film making club they’re in with the excuse of participating in their short movie cuz Gema goes to that club too.

-That goes p well, we meet and talk, I found out we have a lot of things in common and that she likes the same shows I like. And when everything is over, we walk together to the station bUT I must say our conversations were very awkward?? we are both shy so we have problems talking to each other and idk

-The next few days I see her in the hallways but I’m too scared to even say hello

-The friday of that week, she posts a pic on her instagram stories where she says that she got out school an hour early, so I took the chance and I answered something like “omg lucky :((”

-I thought she wouldn’t answer but hours later she did, and not only that but what she said invited me to continue the conversation, so I did.

-We talked all day, and the next one, and next one. In fact we haven’t stopped talking since that day, I think we’re just way too awkward to finish the conversation or maybe we just don’t want to but it’s been like two weeks. Once again the conversations are still weird, we talk like acquaintances that randomly meet on the street and just feel the obligation to say something to each other BUT STILL, WE TALKED.

-Still, at school it’s really difficult to talk, the few times I tried were painfully awkward.

-With time our conversations got a bit more natural, we started talking about shows we watch. She said she’s watching Sherlock, so I said “hey I’ll watch it too” and so I did, and I’m loving it so that’s what our conversations are mainly about.

-Last friday when I was out with my friends she told me if I was going to la pradera (A place where a lot of people go in this time of the year because of celebrations in my country, teenagers specially go to drink) so i asked my friends if we could go and they said yes, but it started raining and they didn’t want to go anymore (the place it’s outdoors) when I told her she replied “Aw :( that’s a shame, I wanted to see you”. That day I almost die from a heart attack.

-Since then I’ve been brave enough to talk to her more casually and say things like “hey what are you doing?” (we’ve literally never asked that to each other until now) and I even told her I’d draw some Johnlock fanart for her

That’s pretty much it until now, I’ll probably uptdate this now and then just because ???? ? and who knows, maybe one day I’ll say something like “Me and Gema started dating” i hope so honestly