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So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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hey um. consider a stevens university au where the gems actually react realistically to steven bubbling bismuth:

  • pearl shrieks “you did WHAT?” and slaps a hand over her mouth, looking horrified
  • garnet clenches her fists and has to take a deep breath
  • she kneels down and holds steven’s shoulders and says “i know you were scared, and i’m sorry that we put you in that situation. sometimes we forget that you’re a child and there’s still so much we haven’t told you about the war. steven, bismuth wasn’t wrong to want to shatter the diamonds. the diamonds aren’t like you or me. what they’ve done… they deserve to be shattered. now, let’s unbubble bismuth, and then we can talk, okay?”
  • then they unbubble bismuth
  • she’s confused and angry; she didn’t think she’d come back so soon after the last time. there are tears in her eyes.
  • garnet and pearl wrap her in a hug as soon as she comes out
  • steven apologizes to her for poofing her and bismuth says “it’s okay, steven. i know now that you’re not rose quartz. my anger at her shouldn’t stop us from being friends.” steven holds out a hand to shake hers and she pulls him into a hug instead.
  • then they sit down on the floor and the gems tell steven about the war and about rose shattering pink diamond.
  • bismuth stays a member of the crystal gems and steven has the chance to learn more about his and his mother’s history!
  • (bonus: amethyst is feeling left out by all of this and when they sit down, she goes to sit on the couch instead, but bismuth grabs her hand and says “where are you going, girl? you’re a crystal gem too! come sit down next to me.”)

i want to make a list of movies/books/etc where a major plot point is “mom helps daughter kill a man who hurt her, or at the very least helps her hide the body” but in general that is never what the actual plot is about, so it’s huge spoilers, which is ACTUALLY KINDA WEIRD now that i am thinking about it. with dad movies it’s the whole plot of the things, SOMEONE HURT HIS DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY’RE GONNA PAY

but i read a book once that was entirely about a girl going back to her hometown after twenty years and trying to reconcile with her mother after The Incident. then they finally reveal 80% of the way through the book that The Incident was that protag thought she’d killed her date rapist and had been scared to come back because she’d somehow made it twenty years without consequences, but actually she’d only seriously injured her date rapist. protag’s mom had found the guy while looking for her wayward daughter, realized what happened, and ran him over with her truck and buried the body under her garden. she never said anything because of Mom Code.

there was no indication at any point prior to this that this was a book about a murder. it was a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a woman entering her middle years learning to better understand her mother. that just happened to include covering up a murder. protag thought her mom was just an obsessive gardener.

Things I Want to Know by the End of "Samurai Jack"

- What is Jack’s real name???

- What is the Scotsman’s real name, for that matter? Is it just “Scotsman”???

- Whatever happened to that baby that Jack looked after for a while? Is she coming back as an adult? She’d be like, at least 50 by now, did she become a samurai as well?

- Who’s motorcycle was that before Jack got it??

- What hair care regimen is Jack using to keep his hair that luxuriously thick and flowing after 50 years??

Uneasy || Grayson Dolan

SUMMARY - on tour, Grayson gets a lil sick  and doesn’t know what to do, so he calls you up.

WARNING - nothing, just cute fluffy Grayson.

WORD COUNT - roughly 1,000

AUTHOR’S NOTE - requested by an anon. i hope you like it and have a good day my lovessss.


Grayson paces his hotel room as Ethan sits on the corner of his bed, watching him. They were in Chicago, and had just finished up a show. Tomorrow, they would set off to their next destination. There’s only five more shows on the American leg of the tour until they come back home to Los Angeles, where she’d be waiting for him. 

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So my teacher is a young woman, about in her late twenties. She has two very young children and a husband.

The thing is, her husband is dying of cancer. He has two to five days left to live.

My teacher and I had bonded over Metalocalypse in the past. It’s one of her favorite shows and she absolutely loves Nathan Explosion. You don’t have to, but if you make her any fanart I’d love to show her when she comes back. I know it won’t mend her broken heart but hopefully it would at least make her feel a little bit better.

It doesnt even have to be fanart, it could be anything that has to do with Metalocalypse. I just really want to do something nice for her.

Edit: I’m a doofus, I should have included the fact that she’s our art teacher! All your art is appreciated

According to my calculations

It has been at least a year since Serena Campbell left to go on secondment/ drink all the wine in the South of France/binge watch all the lesbian TV programmes in existence (shouldn’t take long) so I’d say she can come back now. Okay thanks bye. 

My Shot

A/N: A request where the reader was a member of the BAU, but took a hiatus to pursue a lifelong dream, in this case, singing in a Broadway play (Hamilton). The team comes to see the show again near the end of her run, and she tells them that she’ll be coming back to work. @coveofmemories


Growing up, you’d had two passions in life, singing and law enforcement. Complete and total opposites - but you couldn’t help it. Those two passions had forever been emblazoned in your soul, but you’d always steered more toward law enforcement because the likelihood of a job in the field was more likely than striking it big in music. 

But one day, about nine months earlier, an old friend of yours, who’d always known how much you loved singing, asked if you wanted to try out for Hamilton: The Musical, because she could get you in for an audition. You figured why the fuck not. Since you loved to sing and never really got the chance to do it, you assumed this would be as close as you’d ever get to the music business - a Broadway try-out.

Much to your surprise, you got called for a second try-out, and then a final one. “Wait…you want me to play Eliza Hamilton?” you asked, the reality not actually sinking in. You would never get an opportunity like this again, but you worked full-time for the BAU - and you did love your job. 

The day you were offered the role, you asked them to give you a couple of days to think about. Thankfully, they did - giving you a deadline of three days later before they would offer it to the next person on the list. When you’d walked into the BAU to tell the team about where you’d been going on those nights they asked you to come to dinner and what had actually transpired, they were all ecstatic for you. “But what am I supposed to do?” you’d asked. “I’m a profiler with the BAU, not a Broadway singer.” Were you supposed to just up and leave? That didn’t feel right. But you also didn’t want to give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Talk to Chief Strauss,” Hotch had suggested much to your surprise. “Ask her to liaise with us for the entirety of your run, that way you’re technically still employed and in what is it, six months, you can come back as long as you want to.”

“Really?” Everyone had nodded their heads, saying that if this was a passion for you, then you should try and find a way to make it happen; you’d regret it if you didn’t. And you would have. But thankfully, Chief Strauss had been okay with the idea, insisting she be invited to watch the show along with the rest of the team.

Fast forward to right now, five and a half months into your six-month run, and the team had been to see you twice already, and tonight they were coming for a third time. JJ was bringing Will and Henry (who’d never been before), Emily and Penelope would be there, Hotch would be bringing Jack (who’d also never seen it), Rossi would be bringing a cigar he could smoke during intermission, Derek would be there with his date for the night, and Spencer would be coming along with Chief Strauss in tow; her car had broken down and Spencer lived closest to her. 

Although you hadn’t heard much about the book or play before you tried out, you fell more in love with the musical every night you performed. The musical about the life of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, transcended its time period, making valid points that still reflected the world you lived in today. And the music you got to sing, well, it was amazing. You’d always imagined that singing the same songs day in and day out would cause that feeling of elation to go away, but it still hadn’t left you. “Hello, my loves,” you said, dressed in your opening outfit as your friends got there early, as they had both times before. “Looking forward to seeing this for the third time?”

“Absolutely,” Garcia said, already looking like she was about to cry. After both performances, she’d done the fanning-your-face-so-your-makeup-doesn’t-run move, failing miserably both times to keep herself from looking like a raccoon. Spencer gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, something that had only started recently (making you wonder if seeing you in this new light made him feel differently toward you). By the time you’d given everyone a hug and kiss, thanking them for coming to see you yet again, it was nearly time to start, so you headed backstage, leaving them in the front row. 

As the show started, you danced backstage while waiting for your time to shine. After The Schuyler Sisters, Helpless was your next song. That one was always fun.

Grab my sister, and
Whisper, “Yo, this
One’s mine.”

My sister made her way across the room to you
And I got nervous, thinking “What’s she gonna do?”
She grabbed you by the arm, I’m thinkin’ “I’m through”
Then you look back at me and suddenly I’m

The show continued on, with you being ushered on and off stage with ease. At this point, after more than 100 shows, you knew exactly where you had to be and when. You even some of the lines that weren’t your own. Without a doubt, your favorite song to sing, was Burn - the song Eliza sang after finding out about Alexander’s betrayal.

I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza
Reacted when you broke her heart
You have torn it all apart
I am watching it
Watching it burn
The world has no right to my heart
The world has no place in our bed
They don’t get to know what I said
I’m burning the memories
Burning the letters that might have redeemed you
You forfeit all rights to my heart
You forfeit the place in our bed
You sleep in your office instead
With only the memories
Of when you were mine
I hope that you burn

After finishing the song, you always received roaring applause, your team members the ones soaking in the most tears. It always warmed your heart to see how excited they were for you. Your heart would always feel lighter than air as you left the stage, and by the time the end came around, and you walked onto the stage to a standing ovation along with the rest of your cast, you’d be on cloud nine, insistent you’d never be able to come off it. “How are you all?” you asked, descending the stage stairs as you walked over to the team. Penelope was once again in full raccoon makeup, composing herself while everyone else gave you a hug. 

“Phenomenal once again,” Morgan said. “Who knew you had such rhythm?” He’d said the same thing the first two times, but apparently it still stunned him that you had rhythm.

“I did, you just never believed me.”

Emily stared toward the stage in awe. “I can’t believe how seamlessly you fit in with the BAU and here. It makes no sense. It’s so different.” 

“I’m just weird like that,” you replied. “It’s been amazing. They did actually offer to keep me here for another six-month run.”

“Really?” JJ said. “That’s amazing.”

It was flattering to have been offered, but you had already declined. You could tell your voice was starting to strain and didn’t want to crap out in the middle of another run, and more than that, you did miss your team and your job. Singing was a passion, probably your biggest one, but your job was who you were, and you didn’t want to be away from it any longer. “It is. And I’m flattered, but I already told them no. I miss you guys too much.”

“Thank god,” Penelope said hugging you, finally composed after her cry fest. “We’ve missed you too. Occasionally, you might have to sing for us though.”


quick leorai doodle before bed 

Because Bruce is too busy, Alfred picks Cass up from her dance classes(whether ballet or not, up to the fans to imagine :D). When she comes back home, she sometimes demonstrates what she learned in class while in the foyer; pirouetting after Alfred as he walks into the kitchen to fix up a post-practice snack.

(submitted by @zai-nu )

Definitely some ballet. I think her favorite dance class though is interpretive hip-hop. It’s how she told Bruce the story of how Jason has been sneaking in to steal brownies. It’s much more sophisticated than charades. 

Bloodborne 2 …

The plain doll is still there to help you except she’s tired of the good hunter’s shit and every time you die she says something sassy

You’d come back to the hunter’s dream after dying and the doll is sitting there drinking some tea glaring at you

anonymous asked:

Hm. While I feel that equestria might be safer for the baby... what of their own lives? Could they really take X months off of their jobs like that?

I can’t say for sure, but if you think about it, they both work for Principal Celestia - if it came to it I’m sure she’d let them take off 5 years and come back, seeing as how many times they’ve saved the school.

Or maybe not? These are all factors they’d definitely need to consider if they wind up going this route. Twilight would need to take a maternity leave anyway, (though not a full 8-9 months obviously). As for sunset, she could probably still guard the portal from the other side and if she’s really needed celestia could give her a call, but hopefully it wouldn’t come to that!


Beth didn’t show up. Honestly, i’m not really disappointed because I still believe she’s alive somewhere. I thought if she didn’t come back tonight, it’d be it, I’d stop believing but I don’t. There’s still so many unanswered questions. One of them being wHERE THE HELL IS HEATH?!?!


Update 4/13/17: Chapter Nineteen

Summary: When Oliver Queen dies to protect his sister, Felicity Smoak becomes a widow at the tender age of twenty-seven. She doesn’t expect she’ll ever get married again, but Tommy Merlyn has always been someone who defies her expectations. For four months, her marriage to him gives her a joy she’d never thought she’d experience again…

…and then her first husband comes back from the dead.

Word Count: around 7,000 this chapter; around 90,000 so far.

Rating: Mature (Mild Language, Canon-Typical Violence, Sexual Content)

Pairings: Olicity, Flommy, Toliver, Smoaking Billionaires, various minor background pairings

Author’s Note: I have no idea when the next update will be. I just gotta be honest with you all.

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Previously: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.Thirteen.Fourteen.Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen.

Read below or on AO3.

Felicity wakes up in perfect contentment. She’s warm and safe. She turned herself around at some point during the night, because when she cracks open one eye, she’s looking at Oliver’s sleeping face, rather than Tommy’s.

She hasn’t woken up to his face in a long, long time. Behind her, Tommy shifts. His chin rubs against the back of her neck, causing his stubble to scrape against her skin.

“Morning,” he whispers, right against her ear. She shivers. That particular tone of his has always promised great things.

Great things that cannot happen this morning. For just a second, she imagines Tommy continuing to kiss the side of her neck, his body pressing against hers and Oliver opening his eyes and moving closer to kiss her mouth.

Felicity shuts that thought down quickly. She keeps her palm pressed against Oliver’s chest, right over his heart. He seems to be deeply asleep. She’s not sure he is. “I hate knowing that he went through so much and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Tommy kisses her shoulder. “I know, sweetheart. I do too.”

“Thank you for loving him,” she whispers.

“Honey,” Tommy says, pressing another kiss to the nape of her neck. One of his hands absently cups her breast, just, Felicity suspects, because he can. “You don’t have to thank me for that.”

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