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Anon: Alrighty so, I made friends with this one person months back and to be honest, I’ve adored having her being my friend because we always had a good conversation and had so much in common. We’d voice call and everything with how close we’ve become and could act as silly/random as we wanted to the other. And if I’m being honest, she’s my only friend since I don’t talk to anyone on the regular except for her.

Though a few months into our friendship, I saw how she’d do this thing where she’d ignore me for days and come back like nothing happened, her only excuse being “Oh, I wasn’t paying attention/didn’t notice” Though she’d be online and talking to other people. While it hurt a little that she started doing that, I didn’t make a fuss about it or even mind. I then noticed how she’d always try and get me to draw her stuff but when it came to me, she didn’t do the same, but would make other friends art and such. I also noticed she would do this thing of “Senpai/popular artist noticed me! Imma try and befriend them!”.. which rubs me the wrong way a little, since I’m semi-popular in my own art she’s collecting popular artist friends or something? Still never said anything though.

Recently, her and another close friend fell out and that’s when I noticed she was talking to me more and even asking advice from me/venting to me. I helped the best way I could and all was okay, till she stated she was working things out with that friend again and the ignoring became much more often towards me. And what gets me is, this friend fell out with her because she (other friend) started becoming more friendly with others and wasn’t talking to (my friend) her. But since that friend fell out with those others, she’s talking to her more often again… So my friend is kinda doing the same to me? I would try and talk to her about it and tell her how I fell, but whenever I did (or would try and vent about some other random thing), she’d ignore me for awhile and then come back at me in a conversation as if to ignore my attempts to talk to her or vent. I mean, I listen to her problems, try and help when I can, but when it came to me, she avoided it.. I then learned she doesn’t like when people try and vent/come to her about issues in their life cause she can’t handle it, but fully expects people to listen to hers. Yes, she said that to. 

Now to the bigger issue, not to long ago, she tried to show me a YT video dealing with a kind of art I wasn’t interest in learning. She kept pushing me to watch it even though I told her that, looking at the title, I wouldn’t be interested, but she kept on until I at least skimmed through it. When I told her I still wasn’t interested in it and didn’t care to try something different with my art (she kept saying how she was helping me expand my art skills though I kept telling her I didn’t want to do that), she got mad and me and said how she was “salty” i wasn’t doing as she said. She then proceeded to say how she wanted time away from me because I stressed her out (yes, about not really watching the video and wanting to do different art) and now she’s ignoring me/not talking to me, though we are both online and are in the same servers (on discord) so she’s actively talking to others. It’s been about a week and still nothing from her.  I kinda want to tell her how I felt about this and that it hurts me she’s acting this way over basically nothing, but I know she’d just ignore me cause “she doesn’t like listening to other peoples problems” even if it’s something like this. I’m torn between ending this friendship because it’s really making me depressed that she’s so quick to ignore me if I don’t do as she says, and trying to get through to her, cause I really don’t have any other friends and I’m a lonely bean.

Sorry for the massive text, I just wanted to give you a clear image of whats going on. Anywho, what would you do in this situation? What should I do? I’m really lost and just been depressed because of this to the point where I think such negative thoughts about myself and maybe it’s my fault? If you don’t really have anything to say on this, that’s fine, I just feel like I needed to talk to someone about this.


I want to disclaim that this is my personal opinion and I am not an expert on friendship and relationships. These are just what I think you should do, you can do whatever you want with my views. 

Friends, mostly over the internet needs some space and won’t respond for a few days, even if they are online. That’s natural because people have their own lives, but the rest of your story, makes me think that your friend is using you for your art skills if she’s forcing you to draw in a certain style or just asking you to draw for her in general. 

This feels like a one sided friendship where she only befriended you for her own personal gain. 

Answer this question. Really think about it. Does she make you happy? Do you feel good about yourself after talking to her? 

If yes, then talk to her again, but be firm. Tell her how she’s making you feel and tell her what you just told me. Also if she doesn’t listen to your rants/feelings, then tell her not to message you about hers. Give her a choice, to change the nature about the friendship so it can be more fulfilling for both of you. But you can’t put all the “blame” on her, you have to be willing to put up the work too. Ask her how you can make the relationship better as well and change your habits too, because with problems, it’s both parties responsibility to solve it. Remember, don’t change yourself, change how the friendship works. If you find yourself changing an aspect of your personality that makes you happy, then don’t bother with this friend anymore. But if she asks you to work on a bad habit or quality like procrastinating, being late, being insensitive, then you should listen to her. 

If you answered no to that question, then that’s a sign of a toxic relationship. You should still talk to her though, because people are often unaware of being toxic and it make give you guys another chance, but if her behavoir continues, then I don’t think the friendship is good for you. 

You might be feeling lonely if you do break if off, but if the relationship is that bad, then it’ll save you from getting even more hurt and open up more opportunities for new and better relationships. I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope things work out for you. In the meantime, take care of yourself, make sure you’re getting enough water and take nice hot showers or long baths. If you need to rant again, I’m here. :) 

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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Everyone’s saying it’s either YD or WD that shattered Pink Diamond but i present to you THE REAL CULPRIT

dun dun DUN

My theory is that Pink was saying some stuff maybe how the rebels might be right and Blue wasn’t having it. Pink was still new so relatively a whole lot weaker than Blue and in a burst of outrage Blue ACCIDENTALLY shattered Pink Diamond. 

Blue was DEVASTATED and overcome with both guilt and loss she couldn’t take it so her gal pal 

couldn’t stand to see her beat herself up over it so what does she do????

She finds a way to wipe Blue’s memory and blames it all on Rose Quartz and the rebellion! 

The reason Yellow overreacts when accused is that if the idea of a Diamond shattering Pink lingers in Blue’s head the memories might come back and she’d feel 462732364928732x worse!

That’s why Yellow wants to get it over with and have Rose Quartz executed so there’ll be nothing left to trigger those memories rising again. 

That’s my theory, do you agree? yes? no? maybe so?


The Beginning

Hannah and Baker’s first full day as girlfriends. HNITS verse. 7k. 

On that sunny June morning, when Hannah wakes up, she remembers everything is new.

It’s been less than 12 hours since Baker showed up at her house and told her she loved her. Less than 12 hours since Baker kissed her on the street, promising she’d come back first thing in the morning so they could keep talking. And it’s been less than 12 hours since Baker texted her goodnight for the first time in weeks and weeks.

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For Regency AU: We have heard about how Steve kissed Tony. When did Bucky and Tony have their first kiss and how did it go?

Gonna go back to the question @bornwithgasolineheart asked where she(?) suggested Bucky teach Tony how to ride.

They’d just come back from the first ride where Tony had galloped. He was flushed and grinning and he looked so beautiful, the rising sun making his cheeks glow brighter. He was so mesmerizing that Bucky had to reach out and grab his chin, lean off of Red Star, lean in to press a kiss to Tony’s mouth, opened slightly in a surprised ‘oh.’ Tony tastes like the apple he split with Sweetheart and the honeyed tea he’d had on the way out of the castle. Tony stared up at him as he pulled away, eyes wide, lips wet, before he shyly turned his head away and brought his fingers up to trail them over his lips.

Bucky fell off Red Star trying to lean in for a second kiss.

Puppy Love

| Request: “i have a request (if it’s fine with you): you have a shibe and you’re neighbors with dan. so your shibe runs out of the door and dan actually played with it and that’s how you guys met lol” |

| Warnings: None. |


She taped a lost dog sign to her front door before heading out to tape them around London.

Her dog, a shiba inu, ran out the door as she walked out to get her mail.

“[Y/D/N]! Come back!” She yelled, but the dog was out of her sight.

So she’d made fliers and started placing them around, hoping someone would see her dog and bring him home.


[ Dan’s POV ]


I heard barking.

Loud barking.

Close, barking.

I got up and walked to the front door, attempting to peek my head out but instead being nearly knocked over by a giant tan ball of fluff running in the door.

I turned to look at the shibe sitting in the middle of the room, tongue hanging out and fluffy tail wagging wildly.

Almost as if it were smiling.

I walked over to it and put my hand out for it to assess, it licked my hand and I began to pet it.

“Good doggo.” I smirked, noticing it’s collar, I grabbed it’s name tag, [Y/D/N], it stated, followed by a phone number and a females name.

“Did you run away?” I asked the dog, who only tilted it’s head and began barking at me again.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

I stood, pulling my phone from my pocket and dialling the girls number.

Ring, ring, voicemail.

She must not have her phone on her.

“You’re stuck with me for awhile.” I told the dog, who happily barked.


[ Normal POV ]


After plastering my dogs face all over the main part of the city, she returned home.

Throwing herself on the couch, she finally noticed the missing rectangle in her back pocket.

Not only had she lost her dog, she managed to somehow lose her phone as well.

But then her phone began ringing, following the sound to her kitchen, she picked up the phone and answered the unknown number.


“Um, yes, hi, is this [Y/N] [Y/L/N]?”

“Yes I am, who is this?”

“Hi, yeah, my name is Dan, I have your dog, did it run away?”

“Yes! Is he okay?” She spoke, relieved.

“He’s fine, he’s been in my apartment all day, I called earlier but you never answered, so.”

“Yeah about that, I lost my phone too.”

“Wow.” He chuckled.

“Where do you live? I’ll come get my dog.”

After telling her which apartment was his, [Y/N] knocked on his front door.

“Come in!” He called.

She walked in, immediately being greeted by her dog.

“[Y/D/N]!” She said between barks and slobbery dog kisses.

She looked up when she heard laughter.

“He really loves you huh?” The man spoke. He looked about her age.

Tall, slender, dark eyes, dark, curly hair.

He was cute, she couldn’t deny it.

“Thank you for taking care of him.” She spoke.

“No problem, I love dogs.” He said sincerely. “In fact it was nice having a dog around, even for a few hours.”

She smiled, thanking the man once more and taking [Y/D/N] home.

When she arrived home, her phone buzzed, a text from the same number who called about her dog.

“We should hang out sometime, maybe you could even bring [Y/D/N] around? - Dan”

She smiled, a pink tint crossing her cheeks, she quickly replied-

“I’d love that, only if you don’t steal my dog.”

Just as fast, her phone buzzed again, another text from Dan.

“Fine, but I can’t promise I won’t steal something else.”

Curiously, she replied again.

“Like what?”

Instantly he replied.

“Your heart.”

100 Ways to Say “I Love You” No. 15

“I made your favourite.”

Human!AU - slight angst with a happy ending, baking, making up


Castiel rested his head against the kitchen table with a long, strained sigh as the front door slammed closed. He knew Dean would be heading off to The Roadhouse to let off some steam. He wouldn’t drink, Castiel knew that as Dean had been sober for the past eighteen months and would probably sit in Ellen’s back office until she scorned at him enough to come back home. Castiel wished he’d never left. He wished they could hash things out like normal people rather than not talking to each other and just offering themselves to each other to reconnect.

Eventually, head aching from feeling so tense, Castiel got up. He rifled mechanically through the kitchen cupboards, pulling out ingredients to make something. He needed to do something with himself or he’ll drive himself crazy worrying over Dean. They may have argued but that didn’t mean Castiel stopped worrying over Dean.

He peeled apples and set them in a pan to boil with sugar and water and a cinnamon stick before sifting flour into Dean’s favourite mixing bowl with butter, salt and water. Kneading the dough was relaxing. Simple and mind numbing and he could feel the tension release as he baked. Laying the pastry into a tin, he blind baked it before adding the apples. Baking it with the lid on top for the final time, Castiel relaxed and a small smile graced his face as he could smell it permeating the air.

The timer beeped and he pulled the bubbling apple pie from the oven and set it upon the kitchen table. Returning to his seat Castiel stared at the steaming pie as it almost mocked him from where it sat. Of course, he’d made Dean’s favourite. Scowling at the innocent pie, Castiel didn’t even realise he’d dozed off, head resting on his crossed arms.


When Dean got back from The Roadhouse, he was exhausted, mentally and physically. He’d begged Ellen for a job to do but when she’d told him to sit in her office to cool off he’d ignored her. Instead, he let the college kid take a break and took over as dishwasher.

It was methodical and he was able to lose himself in the simple motions. If the kid sat on the chair in the corner was chatting to him, he wasn’t listening. He was thinking of every bad thing he’d said earlier that night and it ate at him.

A cuff around the back of his head by Ellen and a quick-footed teenager taking his place back had him heading home after several hours. It was dark and cold by then so opening the front door to the warming smell of apple pie was absolute heaven. Any normal circumstance he’d forget everything he wanted to say and dive right in except he spotted Castiel hunched over the kitchen table with the pie on a trivet in front of him. He was asleep and Dean knew that Castiel couldn’t be comfortable in his current position.

“Hey, Cas?” He said quietly, shaking his shoulders and pressing a light kiss to the top of his head. “Cas? Wake up…”

There was a grumble before Castiel sat up with a groan and was rubbing his neck. “ow…”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Dean said.

“Dean? When did you get back?” Sleep was still curling around Castiel’s voice and it made it more gravelly than usual.

“Not long ago,” Dean told him. Dean reached out his hand for Castiel’s and the other man took it quietly. “How about we go to bed, huh?”

“Yeah, oh… I… um… I made your favourite,”

“Thank you, I love you, Cas, you know that. Not just because you make the best damn pie in the universe but I really love you, okay…”

Castiel just nodded tiredly. Dean knew they needed to talk, knew that Castiel would want to talk, but neither of them were in much of a state to do so. They’d talk in the morning – and eat pie (for breakfast because that’s just the sort of thing Dean likes to do, especially when it tastes as good as Castiel’s).

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If Mr. Krupp pisses her off just enough, Nurse Offstill will literally and figuratively snap. In other words, she’ll take advantage of the fact that she can turn him into CU. 

The first time she did this was when Mr. Krupp was going to give detention to a sixth-grade girl who went to the bathroom and didn’t come back within five minutes (she’d gotten her period and was too embarrassed to explain). Nurse Offstill tried to explain, but when Krupp wouldn’t listen, she completely lost it and snapped her fingers. 

Offstill: Hey, captain. 
CU: Aw, Nurse Offstill! How can I be of assistance today?
Offstill: I need you to hand over that slip of paper you’ve got there.
CU: *hands over girl’s detention slip* Sure thing! Anything else?
Offstill: *ripping up slip* I need you to take this box of bandages and count them three times, really carefully. 
CU: Of course! Always happy to help my fellow protector of children! *runs off* 
Offstill: *gets the girl clean underwear and a pad* *calls her parents to come get her* 
CU: *runs back* Finished! There are exactly two hundred and fourteen bandages in this box! 
Offstill: Thanks, captain. I knew I could count on you. *splashes him with water*
Krupp: W-What?! What’s going on?!
Offstill: I’ve sent Patsy Mitchells home. 
Krupp: YOU WHAT?! You had no right!
Offstill: *grabs him by the collar and yanks him close so that he can see the raw fury in her eyes* I have every right, bub. I’m the school nurse. And when Patsy comes back to school tomorrow, you’ll leave her alone or I’ll personally call the parents of every girl who attends this school, and the school board, and the local news stations. I’m not even one percent joking here. I will end you. 
Krupp: O_______o
Offstill: *pushes him away* Have I made myself clear?
Krupp: Y-Yes. 
Offstill: *shakes head* I honestly don’t know what the hell Edith sees in you. *walks off* 
Krupp: *looking ashamed at last* 

quick leorai doodle before bed 

They Belong With You

A ficlet inspired by @kate-dammit-run and her wonderful wishlist for season 3

She was exhausted by the time they got back to the apartment. Her legs were calling for rest, but her brain was wide awake. Now that they were home - was she even allowed to call it home anymore? - everything was coming back to her. The note she’d left, telling Kurt that she was sorry but that she had to go, her tears spilling onto the paper and smudging the ink; The pain that she’d had in every inch of her body as she’d quietly slipped out of the apartment at 3am, whilst he slept soundly - and unknowingly - in their bed.

And the rings. Leaving her rings behind was the worst of all. She had quietly placed them on top of the folded note, which lay on her bedside table. She remembered how happy she’d been when he had opened the little box, the ring - simple but elegant - shining in the moonlight. And he was radiating pure joy, too; she’d never seen him so happy. She’d said yes before he could even ask her.

The memories flooding back sent a shiver up her spine. Kurt closing the apartment door brought her back to her senses. He looked exhausted, too; she wondered how long he’d travelled to find her. Days? Weeks? Months?

It was pretty late, but she was unsure whether she’d even be able to sleep. Everything was too overwhelming.

He must’ve sensed it too, because it only took one look at her face for him to know what was going on inside her head. He knew her better than anyone, even after everything that had happened.

He carefully placed a hand on her shoulder, his thumb lightly running over her shoulder blade. She resisted the urge to crash right into him and sob into his shirt.

“Jane, you look exhausted. Why don’t you get some sleep, and then we can sort all of this tomorrow.”

Us. He meant sort us.

She nodded, fighting back tears. “Okay,” she whispered, a lump catching in her throat. She couldn’t meet his eyes.

He shifted uncomfortably on his feet, not knowing whether to hug her or to keep his distance.

“I, uh, I kept all of your stuff, so um… you should be able to find everything”. She could feel the hurt in his voice, and she hated herself for being the cause of it.

“Oh, uh… thank you.” She managed to give him a tiny smile, tears still glistening in her eyes.

He squeezed her shoulder once more, then let her wander back into the bedroom. Their bedroom.

A tiny sob escaped her lungs as her fingers brushed against the familiar bed frame, along the duvet, and finally settling against what used to be her pillow. She hoped it could still be hers.

Her eyes travelled towards her bedside locker, to where the note still lay, as if he hadn’t touched it - but she knew he had. And there they were - her beloved rings, sitting just where she’d left them just over six months ago. He’d left everything untouched, waiting for her return. He’d never given up on her.

With her fingers shaking slightly, she picked up the rings, her thumb tracing over the vivid emerald on her engagement ring. “It reminded me of you,” he’d said, after she’d said yes. And now everything was broken; she didn’t know where they stood.

“Put them back on. Please.”

Her head whipped round in shock. He was leaning against the door frame, watching her, with a pleading look in his eyes. He slowly walked towards her.

“I know you left to protect me. And it hurt me, it did. But you’re back now, and that’s all that matters to me. I want you to wear your rings again, because you’re my wife, and I love you. Those rings, they don’t belong on your bedside table… they belong with you.”

She couldn’t help but smile. He still wanted her.

“Okay,” she whispered, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks, but with a smile on her face.

He breathed a quiet sigh of relief. He gently took the rings from her hand, and, one by one, slid them back onto her fingers, where they belonged.

She didn’t realise how much she had missed the feel of the rings on her fingers until they were back on them. She couldn’t control her emotions now; it was as if a dam broke inside her. She started to sob, and she threw herself into his arms. He wrapped his arms securely around her waist, silently vowing to never let her go again.

Exo Reaction~You being sassy during a fight

whitefoxgirl said:Exo’s reaction to you being like this when you fight: www(.)instagram(.)com/p/BSmaMaeDUc0/ Take out the () to see the vid Thank you~

This video made me laugh way too hard 


Would get offended and give you the silent treatment until you stopped.

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The type to pout until you stopped with the sassy attitude.

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“I know she just didn’t give me the attitude.”

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Would come back with a roast far worse than your sass could have ever come up with 


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Would get a little angry at your sass, but would come back at it with sarcastic comments.

“Fine I’ll remember that the next time you need something off of a shelf you can’t reach.”

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Would be another that I think would pout until you apologized for being sassy.

“I’ll stop pouting when you stop with the sass.”

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The master off sass, so your attitude wouldn’t be any match for the sassiness he would pull in response.

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“Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

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Would hit you with the silent treatment, only breaking the silence to give you the a pouty face and a “I’ll stop when you say sorry.”

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The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 

Chapter Eight: Our Story 

Word Count: 3503

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Thursday morning arrives and Riley wakes for school, thus marking roughly 24 hours before she was set to leave this town for the strong possibility of forever. 

Riley was smart enough to know that a timeframe made sense. Ever since Mabel brought it up the brunette stored that away as fact as it sounded very much like her mother to have things meticulously planned out. It was just a matter of how long Topanga had in mind that Riley couldn’t work out. What magic number of days, weeks or months, was it that would fix her? But, even believing the timeframe to be fact, there was something about this weekend, some feeling deep in the pit of her stomach that Riley couldn’t explain with logic. She knew when she returned to New York she wouldn’t be coming back, not to live anyway. Maybe she’d get to visit Jed but Riley knew that this was a one way ticket back to Maya, back to her old life.

That brought on a mixture of emotions for Riley. Yes, she wanted to go home desperately but it hurt to think of the people she’d be leaving behind. This is something Riley pushes to the back of her mind. Right now the brunette was just bursting with excitement to share with Lucas what she learnt last night. 

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Shar has been given eight fertile eggs (the lady who sold them to us gave us two extra).

She’s a very neurotic bird. I’d given her two (unfertilized) eggs from our flock to sit on until we could get the fertile eggs, and getting her off the nest and getting the new eggs under her was quite a process. She didn’t want to get off - she hasn’t taken many breaks beyond those necessary for her survival since she went broody.

I had to take her off the unfertilized eggs over and over again until she finally agreed to go out, and then I put the new eggs in the nest box. I brought in a can of foam sealant and sealed leaks in the coop until it looked like she was coming back.

(Shar’s cleanliness is impeccable. The two eggs I’d given her were almost spotless. I don’t even know how she did it - the leaky coop roof meant that the floor got muddy every time it rained. The roof was a lot less leaky last year, and still the eggs Spotty sat on were pretty gross looking by the time Freya hatched. Hopefully the days of mud will be behind us now.)

She wouldn’t enter the coop until I left. After I left, she went over to the nest box, saw how things had changed, freaked out, and paced back and forth until I walked away and stopped watching her. (Let no one tell you that broody hens can’t count and don’t recognize the eggs they’ve been sitting on. Shar knew the difference. Spotty would have taken this in stride, but Shar is nothing if not neurotic.)

I came back in to seal more leaks, and she freaked out again and got off the nest, so I stayed out and sealed cracks in the house siding for a while. I was able to come back to seal the coop later, when Shar had gone into a very deep broody trance.

In three weeks, she will hopefully have a healthy batch of chicks!

Out of the Frying Pan (18/?)

She’d come back.

And invited him to Henry’s soccer game.

The kid had nearly hit his head on the crossbar, he jumped so high when Killian walked in with Emma, taking up position on the sidelines and cheering when Henry made a handful of particularly impressive first-half saves.

He did it again – diving to his left and coming up with the ball in his hands and a smile on his face and Killian felt Emma exhale against him, forehead pressed into his shoulder. “He didn’t break any bones did he?” she asked.

“No, love,” Killian answered, arm tightening out of instinct. “That’s his fifth save, you know.”

AN: @laurnorder is the BEST. Like. The BEST. She read so many of my words, it is vaguely absurd. 

Hanging out on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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Times Have Changed

Chapter One: Coming Back

She’d avoided the topic for three years. Visiting. She’d refused to let her work take her anywhere near there, near him and his home. But her cousin pleaded and asked again and again, where on about the hundredth time she finally relented. Fine, she’d go to see him, her cousin that is. Hang out with him, watch a couple interviews they were due on before break. And spend time with her cousin. That was what was important right?

The thing that made her nervous was they had yet to buy a return ticket. To return home to her real life. Mainly because she felt bad bringing it up to him when he’d been so excited for her visit. Obviously it was something they’d talk about later.

She was staring at the screen in front of her, nerves knotting in her as the little electronic plane moved closer and closer to the destination.

She was anxious, biting her lip against the bile rising in her throat. jumping when she felt a hand tap her shoulder, a cool voice asking “miss would you like something to drink?” Turning she smiled as she saw the flight attendant “can I please get just a glass of champagne?” The flight attendant nodded before bringing it back to her moments later, a thank you leaving her lips as the attendant nodded.

As she left, her gaze turned back to the screen seeing the flight time left ‘20 minutes’ damn. She gulped down the champagne, feeling a little unsteady. Why did she agree to this again? She had nothing left there. She had left. Left everyone behind and didn’t look back. Everyone probably hated her.

When she left Harry she regretfully left everyone else, their mutual friends, her friends she had there, the boys. Everyone. She knew too that just because you break up with someone didn’t mean you had to break up, so to speak, with everyone.

In her defense she texted and called, when she could. It was a lame excuse at best but she did try.

The way they left things was messy and complicated but they kept it as best under wraps as they could.

Under wraps from the paps and the media and the fans, from both of their side. Harry’s management managed to wipe the questions clean of anything that had to do with you. While her management didn’t have that, but she handled things best she could, due to emotional wounds torn wide open. Telling them they had ended things on best terms and they were both really close still. A blatant lie but alas how it went.

Still, she was there to see her cousin, that’s all that mattered, didn’t it?

She smiled politely as the flight attendant asked if she needed a refill, she really didn’t, one should do it considering she was a bit of a light weight, but then something caught her eye. A girls t-shirt, the boys faces printed across it along with their name “One Direction.”

She felt the nerves choking her and nodded, eyes flickering back to the flight attendant “actually you know what? I’d love one.” She nodded and smiled, thanking her.


Twenty minutes later she was walking through the busy airport, a small smile on her face, alcohol buzzing warmly in her system as the accents buzzed around her. It was familiar. After years of bouncing back and fourth from LA to London and back, it felt almost like a second home at this point.

She pulled out her phone, listening to the dial tone until it picked up “Hello?” She smiled hearing her cousins voice on the opposite end of the line, voice caught in a mess of accents and loud beeps from the airport around him. “Liam where are you? I just got off the plane.”

She sighed hearing jumbled voices, recognizing a loud Irish accent and a thick brooming accent. Her eyes widened in horror before she closed her eyes. It was just like her cousin to bring a whole welcome parade with him, she loved him dearly but she wanted to keep it on the low. And bringing one part of One Direction with him wasn’t discreet, let along the fact they loved to tease her relentlessly.

“where are you?” She tried again, hearing his voice clearer, she smiled as she heard him say “look to your left.” Furrowing her brows she began “Li-” “shit, other left, my bad.” Giggling she said “was gonna say, unless you’ve become a mom who breastfeeds while I was gone..” she turned, smiling as she saw Liam, his arms open after pocketing his phone. She walked quickly to him, smiling as he enveloped her in his arms “good to see you.” Muffled into her hair.

She smiled, she’d missed him terribly, the pair of them always having been the closest out of all the cousins. “Alrigh’ lemme have a look at you!” Pulling her away apruptly, she frowned as he cupped her face, grabbing at her cheeks like his mom used to do to her growing up. He made a show of quizzically looking over her face before smiling, “still as precious as ever!”

She rolled her eyes swatting his hands away making him laugh. “You’re a right mom you know that?” He laughed wrapping his arm around her shoulders saying in a “Ta-Da!” Sort of way, “I’ve brought some guests..” turning them around she couldn’t help but laugh, coming face to face with Louis and Niall, holding a sign that read “Welcome Back y/n!!”

She smiled, “guys!!” Louis was the first to squash her in a hug, mussing her hair with a remark of “pain in the arse.” Making her smile as she grabbed the sign “and who’s handy works this?” Louis smiled, arm wrapped round her shoulder “s'all me.” She hummed between laughter “I’m sure, always so humble.”

She giggled before saying “it’s good to see you again.” He nodded and she groaned, feeling a bone crushing hug, lift her off the floor. She squealed in surprise “Niall!!” He laughed, letting her feet touch the ground before saying “nice to have ya back dear.” She smiled, “it’s good to be back.”


After waiting ages for the luggage carousel, they had finally got all of the suitcases loaded and were out the door, security keeping a close eye on her, as well as the boys. They were pushing through security when a shorter pip squeak of a pap flashed his camera in Y/n’s face, snapping a quick, quite unflattering shot.

She had blinked and heard Louis’s voice, wrapped up in his accent “hey mate why don’ ya jus’ go on your way, she’s here to visit family. S'not polite, can ya?” The mans response was to snap a pic of Louis, making him shut his eyes “lovely.” Y/n laughed, arm in arm with Liam.

Getting closer to the car that’s when they made a run for it, Louis and y/n heading for the car, y/n shoving him, while he shoved her back. That was the thing. In England with the boys she wasn’t 'y/n the star of that mega popular TV show’ she was just y/n. And that she was thankful for. Most days. But Louis and the boys took no prisoners and teased her till she was bright pink in the face.

Hitting the car door with their hands, they glared at each other, a round of “I got here before you!” Leaving their lips before y/n turned to Liam “Liam tell him he should let the guest have the front seat, it’s only polite.” Louis sneered “tell her, she should let me have the front seat because I GOT HERE FIRST!” She closed her eyes as he yelled the last part in her ear before she yelled “YOU DONT HAVE TO YELL!” She smacked his arm, earning a wince from him and Liam smiled “why don’ ya flip for it, y/n what’d ya call it?” She smiled “heads.” They watched as Liam threw it up in the air before smacking it down on his palm “anddd its tails.” Y/n frowned, smacking a snickering Louis before saying “you all are mean mean boys.” Liam smiled, squeezing her arm “sorry love.”

The drive to Liam’s house was relatively uneventful, Niall asleep, Louis singing along loudly to the radio, Liam making talk with y/n until they pulled up to his house where.. “mother of God Liam!” She hissed making Liam bite a smile and Louis snicker, “you didn’t tell me your parents were gonna be here!” “Love they wanted to see you, and.. how could I tell em no?” She sighed, looking out the window seeing her aunt waving hysterically a smile on both their faces, and she turned giving Louis a dirty look as he full on laughed, reaching over and squeezing her cheek “awwwhhhhh whittle prewsious baby y/n.”

Getting out of the car her aunt smiled opening her arms “there she is, my favourite niece!” She hugged her aunt “hi Aunt Karen.” She closed her eyes taking in the familiarity of her aunt, she used to love being here. Talking with her aunt, at Liam’s childhood home. They’d have long talks till y/n would fall asleep and then Liam would have to carry her up. Pulling away she smiled as he uncle opened his arms “baby!” “Hi Uncle Geoff.” Hugging him she smiled. Nothing really had changed, she still loved them more than anything. She was sad, slightly ashamed someone she had once loved more than anything had kept her away from her family for this long.

Pulling away she gave Louis a smirk as her Uncle said “well let’s get you inside, you’re probably bloody freezin’ to death. Boys can you bring the luggage in?” Louis looking gobsmacked as y/n laughed silently pointing a finger at him.


Later on that night once Karen and Geoff had gone to bed, Liam and y/n ushering them off saying they’d take care of the dishes, she’d wash, he’d dry, they had finally settled down with a glass of wine each.

“Say that was a job well done.” She smiled nodding “don’t think I knew you could wash up that good.” She laughed smacking his arm “hey! I’ve grown up! I’m a grown up.” She giggled on the last part, Liam laughing “you are. You have! You’ve become a little adult while you’ve been gone.” It was quiet and for a minute y/n thought he might have been a bit upset at her, for deciding to pick up and leave without a second thought. Sure she said goodbye to him, and her aunt and uncle, but that was about it. And sure he said he understood, but how could it be when she refused to come to London and he hardly had time with his schedule and meetings to come to LA. A bit unfair. “Are you upset with me?” She whispered, his eyes shadowed over before he shook his head, a smile on his lips “no, not upset love. I understand, and I understood then. I promise you. S'hard, but I understand.” She nodded, licking her lips before saying “I’m sorry. I should’ve made more of an effort to visit you, I knew you weren’t even in England part of the time and I still didn’t.” He shook his head, “I promise you love it’s alright.” She nodded before a smile bloomed on his face “so how’s your fancy tv filming? You’re on hiatus right?” She nodded, taking a sip of wine “yes ma’m” giggling at Liam’s reaction “and who’s your co-star wha’ that blokes name?” She smiled “Andrew?” He nodded “how’s he? He was real nice last time I visited.” She nodded “he’s good, he’s getting married.” Liam awed “wow.” She nodded “yep.” Shuffling from her seated position, she asked “how’s Cheryl are you two still going 'round?” She bit a smile as she saw heat blooming on his neck “oooooo you’ve got it bad babe!”

He laughed before muttering a shy “she’s alright.” She nodded, biting a smile adding “maybe I can meet her?” He nodded “maybe.” She gasped “maybe? Wow she must be a keeper, you’ve always shy’d away from me meeting any of your girlfriends.” He nodded before saying “she’s different.. she’s amazing.” Y/n gasped, standing up and grabbing the wine bottle off the counter “different too? And amazing? You’re in deep water.”

He smiled before asking “and wha’ bout you? Surely you know we’ve heard rumours.” She shook her head “which by the way is all they are, I’m not seeing a married man on my show, I’m not hooking up with the writers son and I’m definitely not seeing that idiot from the juice shop.” Liam laughed looking at her “ridiculous.” She nodded, taking another sip of wine before yawning, a full belly yawn, her mouth stretching in quite an unflattering way. But the only way you would yawn when you’re in the company of trusted friends or family. He laughed “tired?” She nodded, “mmm very.” rubbing her eyes he smiled, standing up and offering his hands “alright cmon babe.” Taking his hands they made their way to his guest room.

“Wow, this is the guest room? Looks more like the grand room in Cinderella.” Seeing his sheepish smile, presumably about her reaction of the lavish room she smiled hugging him “I love it, thank you.” He nodded, kissing her forehead “see you tomorrow yeah?” She nodded “good night.” “Good night my love, and my rooms just down the hall if you need anything.” She nodded “okay, love you.” He smiled “love you.” Before shutting the door behind him.

Later when she was lying in bed she tried closing her eyes. Surely the jet lag was taking over wasn’t it? Tossing and turning she finally laid flat on her back, staring up at the high ceiling. The room was too.. rich. Soft sheets, soft mattress, soft silky pillows. Nothing like her aunts house, the much used frumpy mattress, the sheets with the little tea kettles on them and mismatched pillowcase. She craved the sense of home that she always got when she stayed there visiting.

Where the guest room at her aunts house was painted a cloud sky blue while Liam’s guest room was a warm brown, which she guessed wasn’t bad, it was just different. She was just anxious. Anxious about being in London. She wondered if he even caught wind of her being in town. She guessed it was plausible, both being in the spotlight and having a past.

She sighed switching position and pulled the blankets tighter around her willing herself to sleep. Tomorrow would be a new day. Worrying about him could wait till tomorrow.

“Karen! Dear where is she?” Y/n blinked her eyes open, panic washing over her hearing the familiar voice. She heard a laugh “poor dears still up in the guest room sound asleep, should be up soon though Anne.” She sat up, blowing out a breath. What if Anne was there to yell at her for leaving Harry behind and not hearing him out? What if she was there to talk to her about how disrespectful it was to just up and leave everyone behind? “Mum relax, we’ll still see her at Lou’s surprise welcome back party.”

Gemma. Gemma being here made her even more nervous. But then a Welcome back party? Anxiety gripped her, she would see him there undoubtedly. She took a deep breath. It’s fine, what if she was there to tell her she understood? After all the reason why they broke up wasn’t one sided, they had both made mistakes. Him a much bigger one, but she wasn’t going to say that to his mom.

She bit her lip in nerves, hearing footfalls on the stairs, when the door to her room jangled open and she gasped “Li! You scared me!” He laughed “sorry Lo’ just me.” She sighed, “what is she doing here?!” He smiled “not just her Gem’s here too.” She opened her mouth when they heard footfalls and fear gripped her, both of them nervous as the door opened.

“Ey! What’re you guys on-” “shhhhhhh!” He winced as she smacked his arm, “what the bleeding hell was that fo’!” She rolled her eyes and Louis smiled, grabbing her arm “no don’t you-” she gasped in shock as he pulled her into the hall “Well look who’s up!”

Giving her a smile “Sleeping Beauty.” As Anne and Gemma and her Aunt Karen smiled up at her y/n smiled whispering through her teeth “next time you won’t have a leg to walk on.” Louis whispering in her ear “consider this payback for makin’ me get your bags.”

She smiled stomping on his foot, ignoring the groan from him before heading downstairs “Hi Anne! Hey Gemma!” They smiled, Anne shocking y/n as she engulfed her in a hug, pulling away and cupping her face “awe dear you look as pretty as ever.” She smiled, letting go of her face and Gemma smiled hugging her tightly “I missed you ya nut.” She smiled, taking in all that was Gemma.

Stylish perfume, rose scented, the cushy softness of the leather jacket she was wearing and pulling away she noted her strikingly grey hair, instead of her light pink hair. She smiled “you too babe.” She blushed quickly noting her pajamas as Anne and Gemma looked them over “sorry, I-yeah.” They laughed, Anne giving her arm a squeeze “please baby nothing to apologize for, you’re visitin’” Gemma nodding “besides think I’ve seen ya in your pajamas a time or two before.”

“Anne would you care for tea?” “Sure I’ll help you.” The four of them sat down while the mums fixed in the kitchen, Karen calling “Louis are you staying for tea?” Before he could oppose y/n yelling “he will stay.”

So they sat and talked catching up on everything, y/n’s show and Liam’s fan encounter. Gem’s new cat and Louis’s new girlfriend. Anne’s confrontation she had with a mum at the grocery who was getting a bit too nosy about Harry.

As soon as she brought up Harry she noticed how their eyes turned and watched her expectantly, to which she simply looked at Anne for more of the story.

It just wasn’t a big deal, she didn’t want anyone uncomfortable she knew they loved him just like they loved her.

“So that babe of a co-star is really getting married?” Gemma asked in slight disappointment and y/n nodded with a laugh “yeah, but you’ll be the first to call if he makes a run for it.”

She smiled, the lot of them laughing before Louis looked at his watch “well Karen as fun as this has been, and it’s been fantastic, I must be going, Liam and I have things to do.” Karen nodded, grabbing Liam and his cup “right of course dear.” Getting up Gemma gave Louis the same eye y/n would give him when she knew he was caught in a lie while Anne stood “I must be off too, got a lot of baking to do.”

Karen nodded, y/n standing up hugging her goodbye “it was nice to see you again.” She smiled, tucking hair behind her ear “you too sweetheart.” before turning to Gemma “Gemma are you staying?” She nodded, hooking arms with y/n “got to catch up”

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hi! i've just come across some racist/homophobic tweets from lily maymac and i was wondering if you knew if there's ever been some kind of psa about it? the stuff she was saying was pretty disgusting tbh

if you’re talking about the ones here and here, i’m not sure if there was a blatant psa about it but it did circulate around the rpc for a bit awhile ago, though i don’t think it’s reached everyone because i still see her being played sometimes. personally she used to be one of my favorite fcs, i did really like her especially considering she’s filipina too but after seeing this i dropped her sooo damn fast lmao she’s severely racist, homophobic and whitewashes herself over and over again it’s disgusting. i don’t claim her at all, and she doesn’t even claim herself cause she’s lied about her heritage and roots before only to come back years later after she’d reached “fame” and say she was proud of her filipino fans and i’m just like .. this is so phony lol. and it really saddens me to say that while her views are more on the extreme side of things, it’s predictable because a lot of filipinos have that sort of colonial mentality due to our history and even our pop culture today that reflects that? anyway i can’t stand her, if you’re looking for a cute pinay to stan go look up justine biticon or cleo lazuli or shay mitchell or nadine lustre or something, lily macapinlac doesn’t deserve the kind of traction she’s getting online if she wants to be that kinda person and is making no effort to change it.  

Signs of Trauma

Written for Killervibe Week, Day 6 - Future

Well, this is extremely near future, but it’s still future at the moment. Earlier this week, I woke up with this concept in my head and thought, Awww, that shouldn’t be too hard to write. I can knock it out in about 500 words.

2.5k words and no fewer than three rewrites of the ending later: Fucking hell.

It’s also a loose sequel to Forgiveness (you can’t imagine) so there’s that.

Signs of Trauma

When Cisco opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Caitlin sitting at her computer.

He was always shocked by her pale hair, even though he’d been looking at it for two and a half months now, ever since she’d come back to Central City. It always seemed as if she should be able to shed it like an unflattering wig and be old Caitlin again, dark reddish hair and no powers at all.

But she couldn’t, of course. This was who she was now.

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