she's come so far

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Howcan they be mad at sakura? She is a woman from no special clan. In part 1 vs. now she has come so far. Look at her. She worked hard to not stare at her teammates backs. Hard work gets you places. Damn we should be celebrating this. Wtf fandom??

She didn’t work hard anon, it’s all hype, sannin hype lol.

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So, basically, That Man's minions are the living representations of Halloween?

If by that you mean the concepts of an “Evil Witch”, a “Trickster”, or an “Abominable Monster”, then I suppose that might be possible.

But keep in mind the stronger purposes they serve.

I-No comes from the future, so she understands events that are to come.

Raven existed far in to the distant past, so he understands the world as it once was and is.

If Jack-O’s story is anything like the “Stingy Jack” of legend… she neither exists in Heaven, nor does she exist in Hell… so in a way she represents the outside realms… the things beyond human understanding and reckoning.

Probably the Backyard.

“That Man” is not a normal human being, and his understanding of this world and it’s connection to the Backyard far outstrips any other being at this present time (with only the knowledge of the “Original Man” to match his).

Each servant has their own reasoning for serving the Gearmaker:

I-No wishes to change her dreary future.

Raven wishes to give his present unchanging existence purpose…

It’s likely that Jack-O wishes to change things for herself as well… though what that might be has yet to be revealed.

All three of them see “That Man” as the key and answer to this puzzle.


ok but have you guys seen Nichole337′s channel trailer