she's come so far

So many people will see this and just think that she’s hot… But when I look at this, all I feel is happiness and just so much respect. She’s come so fucking far and I am so proud that I could be there to see the beginning of her career to right now! I love her so much and she is so fucking strong with all of the hate she’s been getting and everything that happened to buddy… I know she doesn’t have a Tumblr or anything, but just in hopes that she might see this somehow, I’m gonna say: KEEP KICKING ASS DEMI!


ok but have you guys seen Nichole337′s channel trailer



Speak Now World Tour : 

“I see some of you brought thing that light up but what if, what if everybody who has like a cell phone or a flashlight, i dont know who carries around a flashlight, but if you do, could you put it up in the air for me? Oh that’s pretty!”

1989 World Tour:

I'm extremely emotional about how far Michonne has come.

When we first met her she was closed off and unable to make real emotional connections with anyone (other than Andrea). She would barely talk, barely smile, she couldn’t be around a baby without breaking down.

And now we’re seeing her smiling and forming connections and fighting for them to not just survive but to live.

I absolutely love what they’ve done with her character, it’s beautiful to watch.