she's cleaning


Moving day…….

Chloe: “Don’t let Mom see you eating that while we are supposed to be helping.”

Ethan: “She told us to clean the fridge out. So, I’m helping.”

Chloe: “……you’re right, she did. I’ll help you.”

Ethan: “Once we’re done we can throw everything else out!”

Chloe: “We better hurry, though, just in case she comes to check on us…..”

Ethan: “Good idea.”

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what if allura fucking hates chores....u would never know bc she helps clean up and stuff when everyone else is doing it but u see her alone and shes mumbling rude words at the dirty dishes

i can relate to this honestly? and i think the team would see this and like. just ban allura from chores. because she already has so much on her plate and whatnot and they’re all like “um??? you don’t have to wash dishes it’s okay.” but allura is just like “no i want to help” so she does chores willingly but is just really mad about it

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Yeri for starters: Red Velvet's Instagram admin, likes to take aesthetic pictures of herself, Ariana Grande fangirl, is sassy and savage af, form the 'evil maknaes' with Joy, is reeeeaally gay especially this comeback (wanted to kiss Seulgi on multiple occasions e.g. She wanted to clean crumbs off Seulgi's face with a kiss), is pretty much becoming RV's fashionista

Noice, I’m gonna go follow them on Instagram actually and stalk all of Yeri’s selfies cause if I’m gonna go down this rabbit hole, I’m going all in

“What about her last known whereabouts?” Mortimer asked. He was starting to feel a slight sense of panic. “Surely Mr. Lothario is a suspect.”

“He was, but we don’t have any real evidence to back up that theory. Yes, Bella was at his house. No, she didn’t come home. Mr. Lothario willingly let us search his estate, but everything came up clean. She was there, that much is true. Her fingerprints were found on a few pieces of furniture. But as for signs of a struggle? Or anything malicious? Zero.”

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while she isn't looking, he's gonna steal a small portion of her infamous pie. is he ashamed? apparently not, he's sitting right there enjoying it. // mtt adoring toris cooking tho listen to me

or so he thinks that she doesn’t see. 

toriel is a mother and was a queen, and therefore has eyes on the back of her head. 

metaphorically speaking, of course.

but she does notice the movement from her peripheral vision while washing her plate after eating a slice of pie. toriel takes it as a huge compliment, that someone like mettaton enjoys her cooking. 

an amused grin appears as she sets the now cleaned plate onto a dish rack besides her to dry. 

“you can take a pie back home with you if you’d like, mettaton. there’s plenty to go around, you know.” 

have you ever taken a moment to realise that in planning her world tour, Taylor Swift spent hours on end thinking about us as fans and what we all collectively go through in our day to day lives, as she wrote an essay’s worth of encouraging words that she would later voice to thousands upon thousands of people in hopes we’d learn to love ourselves a bit more wow she cares for us far too much I love her

Peridot is anything but common

Sherlock was always upset that he couldn’t have a dog because his dad was allergic.

He comes back after his long, horrible absence and not only has Molly “moved on”, she’s getting a dog with old Meat Dagger McGee.

The internal heartbreak:


Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)