she's by valentine's side and she can be trusted

RFA Valentines Week Day 5! 

(feat. baehee because we love her) 

Jaehee’s pokemon team: 

  • Dewott: When she went to choose her starter she saw Oshawott playing with its scalchop and her immediate reaction was “awwwwww” 
    • This particular Oshawott was female so she was like “a pokemon that can defend itself in a badass way AND is female? i will take it” 
    • ((side note but my oshawott in black 2 was female)) 
  • Komala: She can relate. So much. 
    • It reminds her to sleep because when she pulls all nighters working for Mr. Trust Fund Kid it rolls over and will not leave her alone until she stops working. 
  • Lucario: Her sparring partner for judo. 
    • Lucario is … combat challenged, and was chased out of its pack due to its inability to utilize its psychic powers (and being weaker in general) 
    • It was eventually adopted by the judo club Jaehee goes to, and they eventually got along so well that said club was like “just take lucario, he loves you more than us” 
  • Feebas: The Pokemon equivalent of Zen merch. (Kind of.) 
    • Since Zen partners with his Milotic in a lot of his musicals, Jaehee decided to add a Feebas to her team.
    • It doesn’t seem to want to evolve though, and Jaehee still can’t figure out why. Not that it matters much. She still loves her Feebas. 
  • Medicham: It helps her Chill™ (and is also sparring partner number two)
    • When Jaehee opens her cafe, it helps out as a server of sorts by utilizing its psychic powers. 
    • It takes a while for the customers to get used to floating coffee cups and plates zooming around her cafe. 
  • Jirachi:  Jaehee’s always been wishing for something better in life
    • One night she makes a wish at 3 am over a tear stained pile of documents about Mr. Han’s next Ninetales project, and Jirachi hears her wish. 
    • Seeing how supremely unhappy she is, it decides to stay with her. Eventually she opens a cafe with Jirachi as the mascot, and by this time Jirachi is way too attached. Not like it particularly cares about that fact.

(Jaehee keeps her Pokemon in Friend Balls, because that’s what they are to her - friends and equals.) 


(wow these keep getting longer and longer lmao what even)

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