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Vongola boys witness their s/o's friend saying they should break up with (guardian name), only for them to refuse and stick up for said bae by listing out all their good qualities?

Bae is life

Tsuna: He’d be the most upset of the group because his self confidence is on a terribly low level. He’d turn around, afraid of his S/O’s answer, but they’d spot him before he would be able to escape. They’d walk over to where he stood and would intertwine their fingers with his before looking back to their friend.
“Tsuna may be clumsy, he may not be the brightest, and he may be scrawny, but he has saved me and others more times than I can count. He’s kind to everyone he meets, even to people like you, who don’t take notice to his kindness. He is one of a kind and I can’t imagine my life without him. So before you suggest me ending my relationship with him I suggest you yourself should get to know him. Because I promise once you do you’ll see why I love him!”
His S/O’s words would cause him to blush and gape at them with shock. He would be very thrilled by their words and I imagine that it would be the first time he’d hear his S/O announce their love for him.

Gokudera: He’d growl in irritation and would make his way towards his S/O and their friend, ready to give their friend a piece of his mind. His S/O’s words would make him stop in his tracks and stare at them in disbelief.
“Gokudera-kun is the kindest person I know! Sure he has tendencies of ditching me but I know he has a reason too! He may not always tell me the reason but I know he has one! I have faith in Gokudera and I know he has faith in me. He may be brash at times, but that’s just who he is! He’s very kind to me and even though we may fight some times I know that he’s never had the thought of actually leaving me because of them! Please reframe from criticizing him because you obviously don’t know him.”
He’d watch his S/O leave with flushed cheeks. Once he gathered himself he would chase after his S/O. His S/O would silently question his actions when he slung his arm over their shoulders but wouldn’t press on the matter for it was a rare occurrence for Gokudera to show such affection out in public. After that incident he would make sure to make some time for his S/O.

Yamamoto: He would be the only one that would call out to his S/O because I don’t think he would register the conversation right away. It would be after that that he realized what his S/O and their friend were talking about. He’d wonder what he did to cause their friend to think they should break up with him. His S/O would walk to where he stood and intertwine their fingers with his before replying to their friend’s suggestion.
“I don’t think you have the right to tell me who I can and can’t date. I know your reasons for wanting me to break up with him make sense but it should be my decision, not yours. I personally like how he devotes himself to baseball and if that means he has to spend less time with me then so be it. It’s one of the reasons why I love him. He taught me that hard work really does pay off and he encourages me to try my best.”
He’d smile like a fool at their words and would tighten his grasp on their hand. After the incident though, he would spend more time with his S/O because his S/O’s friend’s words would cause him to realize that he had been spending less and less time with them.

Chrome: She wouldn’t know what to do when she heard her S/O’s friend suggest that they break-up with her. She wouldn’t know whether to hide, run away, or just stand there and wait to be noticed. During her small panic her S/O would respond to their friend. She’d listen in to the conversation a few seconds after her S/O responded.
“So what if she’s shy and a bit too dependent on Mukuro? I love the fact that she’s shy and I’m relieved that she can depend on someone like Mukuro because I know if I’m not there to help her, he will be. She gets concerned over the silliest of things, which I find adorable, she makes sure that I’m always happy and whenever we have a small argument she’ll apologize first because she knows that due to my pride I will never apologize first. She’s the one that probably should break up with me because she’s to good for me. So the next time you feel like adding in your two sense of who I should and shouldn’t date, make sure you know whether or not you actually know them like I do. That probably won’t happen though because I refuse to break up with Chrome.”
Her S/O would notice her once they finished their conversation with their friend. They’d come over to where she stood and awkwardly ask if she’d been there the entire time. She wouldn’t say anything and instead wrap her arms around her S/O’s body and burry her head into their chest, with a deep blush scattered across her cheeks.

Mukuro: He would smirk at the words of his S/O’s friend and would wait for his S/O response. When he’d see his S/O stare at their friend with a look of contemplation on their face would cause him to worry slightly.
“Chrome is just his friend, a precious person to him and he’s precious to her. I don’t think I should break up with him just for that. And if they would see each other behind my back then I would have to accept it. Chrome wouldn’t do that though, because she’s a kind person and Mukuro wouldn’t do that because I know how much he cares for me. You’re my friend, shouldn’t you just be happy because he’s making me happy, isn’t that enough?”
He’d appear with a triumphed smirk and wrap his arm around his S/O’s shoulders and would kiss their temple just to prove his S/O’s point. That night he’d shower them with teasing remarks and gentle kisses.

Hibari: He’d scoff at his S/O’s friend and would try to make himself known to his S/O and their friend, but when they would speak he’d stop his movements and listen. I imagine his S/O would say something along these lines.
“Look, I know Hibari-kun is rough and extremely rude but he is very kind to me. He doesn’t complain or object when I ask him to do something with me. Even though he hasn’t told me he loves me, I can tell it by his actions. I appreciate your concern but I don’t think you have the right to tell me whether I should break up with him or not.”
He wouldn’t be able to hold back his smirk/smile at that point. He’d leave right away in order to compose himself and for his S/O to straighten the tension that might of been brought on by their friend. His S/O would be rather confused later on that day when he stuck closer to them.

Ryohei: Once he saw his S/O he’d open his mouth but before he could shout to them, he’d hear what their friend suggested. He’d halt all movement and even though he wanted to continue his way to where his S/O stood and stand up for himself, he would stay where he was and wait for his S/O to answer.
“Why would I break up with the person I love? I’ll agree with you that he’s a bit eccentric but isn’t that what makes him fun to be around? He’s always able to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. And does it really matter that he’s immature sometimes? We all act immature sometimes. The reason I’m dating him is because I enjoy his personality and I doubt I’ll ever want to break up with him because of it.” His S/O words would cause him to puff out his chest and give a large smile. He’d yell out his S/O name and trot over to where they stood. He’d wait for their friend to leave before he placed a kiss on their cheek.

Tyl!Lambo: He’d tear up upon the proposal his S/O’s friend made. A few tears would roll down his cheeks as he continued to listen in. His heart would thump roughly against his ribcage when his S/O responded.
“Well that’s rather rude and uncalled for. Last time I checked I never asked you for your view points on who I should and shouldn’t date. I understand that you’re my friend and you just want me to be happy but I’m already happy because he makes me happy. He cries often, yes, but that’s just because he has a fragile heart. He’s always looking out for me and whenever I don’t cry or refuse to cry, he does it for me because he cares for me. He tries his hardest to make me smile when I’m upset, he gives me extra care when I’m tired in the morning and takes my hand in his so I don’t run into anything. Hell, he’s run all the way from his house to mine because he thought I was sick when I sneezed!” He’d appear by their side a moment later and snuggle up to them, burying his face in their hair in hopes that they wouldn’t notice his tears. His S/O would notice this though from the wetness that dampened their hair and would smile up at him before grasping his hand in theirs. They’d take him to an ice cream shop to buy him some ice cream in an attempt to cheer him up.

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How would the Vongola + TYL! Lambo + Adult! Reborn cuddle?

Cute~! Ahhh, it feels good to get started writing again ( ^ - ^ ;)

Tsuna: Intimate & Tender. He’s the type of boy that enjoys being cuddled. While he loves the feeling of his partner in his arms, he greatly appreciates the feel of his partner’s arms wrapped around him, the intimacy of the position making him feel serene. He tends to be the little spoon, with his partner holding him from behind. It’s needless to say, he’s embarrassed to say that he enjoys it out loud, but the gentle smile that he flashes is enough for his partner to figure out that he doesn’t particularly hate it. After a while of being the little spoon, he gradually shifts and faces his partner, placing small kisses on their face and hair as they maintain hushed conversation,

Gokudera: Awkward & Tight. He tends to be really fidgety when it comes to cuddling. He’s very awkward with any type of physical contact, so just the thought of hugging and being hugged by his significant other is enough to send a red blush up to his ears. But he tends to cuddle the most when in a relaxing situation. When the atmosphere is very calming, his favorite way to cuddle is to have his significant other snuggled into his chest, his arms wrapped fully around their upper body as he rests his chin on top of their head. His arms wound tightly around their body, he enjoys feeling their warmth pressed against his hard chest. He also likes this position since his partner doesn’t get to see his tomato red face.

Yamamoto: Calm & Quiet. His cuddling style fits his personality, laid back and happy. He loves the feel of his partner in his arms, their body completely pressed against his. So he loves it when his significant other is between his legs, their back pressed against his chest as he rests his forehead on their shoulder. If it’s been a long day, with baseball practice or hanging out with Tsuna, he enjoys the quiet time with his partner, his arms constricting snugly against them as he peppers small kisses on their shoulders. If it’s a fun atmosphere, he won’t hesitate to tickle his lover in a show of playful affection.

Hibari: Loose & Relaxed. Being the sleepy head that he is, cuddling is probably one of the easiest ways he shows affection. Now, I’m not saying that he’s a major cuddler, because he isn’t. But if he’s taking a nap or is in a tolerant mood, his arm wrapping around his partner’s shoulder on the couch isn’t that rare of a thing. He likes having them under his arm, with their head resting against his shoulder, basking in the peaceful atmosphere as he silently rubs slow circles on their upper arm with his thumb. It’s mostly silent, and it usually only takes a few minutes of this form of relaxation before he nods off, usually with his partner following suit.

Mukuro: Teasing & Frisky. Mukuro is a tease like you wouldn’t believe. Even when cuddling, his sly personality manages to rear it’s head. Usually, he tends to enjoy spooning his partner, his body aligned with theirs perfectly from behind. Of course, he takes full advantage of this position and tends to let his wandering hands pinch and prod at places that make his significant other blush. Kisses placed on their shoulders and back while his hands playfully knead at his partner’s body are the usual things that happen, with either his lover getting exasperated and scooting away or succumbing to his teasing touches.

Ryohei: Playful & Talkative. Ryohei is much too hyperactive for regular cuddling. He’s always talking and laughing exuberantly, making his partner laugh or sigh and his antics. Because of this, he tends to cuddle his lover by placing them on his lap and wrapping his arms tightly around their middle. Through this position, he can squeeze them if he’s feeling particularly affectionate, as well as easily slip his hands to his partner’s ribs and tickle them, much to the chagrin of his significant other. If he’s not tickling his partner, he’s talking loudly about his day and asking how his partner’s was. In Ryohei’s book, cuddling doesn’t necessarily mean relaxing.

Chrome: Shy & Innocent. The mere thought of cuddling sends poor little Chrome’s heart into a frenzy. This being the case, her partner usually has to gently coerce her, eventually making Chrome smile and nod, albeit with a blush on her face. She particularly loves the feel of her partner’s arms around her, being the little spoon. Since Chrome is so timid, it’s very rare for the cuddling to lead anywhere else than a simple nap. However, Chrome enjoys the little cuddling sessions and loves the feeling of her partner being so close to her physically as well as emotionally.

Lambo: Clingy & Affectionate. Being the big baby that he is, his cuddles are usually very tight, basically clinging to his significant other. So his preferred cuddling position is usually with his significant other facing him, their arms wrapped around his torso as he presses his face into their neck. Usually, their cuddling sessions are affectionate as well, with Lambo pressing small kisses all over his partner’s faces, showing his fondness through small gestures.

Reborn: Protective & Loving. Reborn’s cuddles are usually brought on from bouts of protectiveness. It’s because of this that Reborn enjoys feeling his partner’s body in his arms. Usually, his cuddling is similar to Gokudera’s, the only difference being that he’ll usually lift his partner’s face in order to sprinkle kisses on their face. Reborn won’t hesitate to escalate things if he feels up for it and knows his partner is willing, but if they aren’t, then he can be content with just feeling his lover’s body heat emanating from them and warming him as well.

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Oh my gosh another khr blog!!! Seriously I love khr and all of the wonderful people who make these blogs like you! So anyway I was wondering how the tyl vongola and varia react to first seeing there SO, so there not yet together yet. Sorry of this is confusing to read ^~^ thanks!!

Sorry this one took so long to write! I only hope my writing is good enough!

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna sighed as he glanced around the dance floor. Another mafia family who was important to the alliance had decided to throw a high end party, and the Vongola had to make an appearance to keep ties tight. Swirling his wine lazily in the glass, Tsuna took a small sip and looked around the outer edge of the room before freezing. Who was that absolutely stunning person? He needed to know. Gently placing his glass on a random table, he slowly made his way towards them, adjusting his tie as he walked. He needed to make a good first impression on that captivating person he had seen across the room.

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera sighed as he scribbled out his signature on some more papers. Where was that new secretary his boss had hired for him? Grumbling under his breath, he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. A secretary really would make things so much easier. Walking towards the door, he reached for the handle before the door swung open, almost catching him on the nose. Cursing loudly, he stumbled backwards, shooting a glare at whoever had opened the door. But his eyes softened when he saw them standing there. They looked flawless albeit a little flustered. “S-sorry,” they stuttered out. “I’m supposed to be your new secretary, and I was already late on my first day and─” Gokudera held up his hand to silence them. “It’s alright,” he managed, still staring at them before shaking himself out of his daze. “There’s some paperwork for you on the desk. Just sort it and file it…please,” he grumbled before hurrying out of the room. “O-okay!” they called after him. Boy, this gorgeous new secretary was going to be a handful…

TYL! YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto quietly made his way down the alley, trailing after a pair of thieves who had decided to steal from a jewelry shop as he had been patrolling the town. The two crooks looked around suspiciously before vaulting the fence at the end of the alley. A shriek sounded moments later and Yamamoto sped forward, jumping over the fence as well to see the thieves threatening somebody who had gotten in their way. “Oi, step away from them,” Yamamoto ordered in a harsh voice. “And drop the stolen goods as well.” The thieves snickered, but backed away when they saw his fierce glare. “We ain’t droppin’ these jewels,” one of the thieves chuckled. Yamamoto placed his hand on the sword slung over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?” he challenged as he unsheathed it, swinging it expertly in front of him. The two men let out a small yelp as the tip swung dangerously close to their faces, and they dropped the loot before sprinting away. Yamamoto picked up the stolen jewelry before turning to the person who had been threatened. “Are you okay─” He broke off mid-sentence. They were just so…beautiful. He was at a loss for words, and they blushed before nodding and hurrying back down the street. Sighing, Yamamoto leaned on his sword, a dreamy look on his face. He straightened before putting his weapon away and jogging after them. He just had to have their number.

TYL! RYOHEI: Ryohei hummed lightly to himself as he stretched a bit before starting up his daily run, right at 6:00 A.M. Usually few people were out at this time, so it was nice and quiet. Popping in his earbuds, he continued forward, closing his eyes as he fell into a steady rhythm. Suddenly, a solid figure smacked directly into him and a small yelp sounded as him and another person tumbled to the ground. Ryohei’s eyes snapped open and he yanked his earbuds out, quickly turning to the person he had crashed into. “Are you okay????!” he practically yelled into their ear as he slowly helped them up. The tips of his ears turned a little red as he realized how attractive they were. “I’m alright,” they answered as they brushed off their running shorts. Ryohei struggled to form his next sentence, too caught up in the way their eyes shone so brightly despite their recent fall. “I-I’m really sorry,” he apologized, sheepishly looking at the ground. They only smiled before reassuring him they were okay. As they jogged off in the opposite direction, Ryohei hesitated before chasing after them. He wasn’t going to let this one get away.

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari deftly dodged another swipe of the enemy’s sword and knocked them over the head with his tonfa. More flies were getting in his way. His mission was to recuse the Arcara Family’s heir. They had gotten kidnapped, the weak herbivore. Hibari muttered under his breath as he took out three more rivals before he heard a scream from inside a nearby room. Kicking down the door, he quickly eliminated the remaining enemies before untying the captured heir. “Get up,” he commanded as they shakily stood, rubbing their wrists which had been tightly bound up. “Thank you,” they said softly. Hibari was about to snap something back when he took another good look at them. A warm feeling bubbled in his chest, and he felt as if he couldn’t look away. Scowling, he forced himself to turn away and simply let out a “hmph” before exiting the room with them following close behind.

TYL! MUKURO: Mukuro smirked from where he was lazing about in a tree. They were here again. This one person had been coming to the forest where he often took naps every day, and after a couple of times, he had begun to notice their beauty. Every time they came around, he would stay in the tree and watch as they hummed and gathered wild flowers or sat down to sketch. Today was the day he had decided to finally introduce himself. Laughing quietly, Mukuro brushed off his pants and lightly hopped down from the tree, startling the object of his current affections. “Hello beautiful,” he started off suavely. “Who might you be?”

TYL! CHROME: Chrome smiled shyly when her eyes met theirs before she blushed and turned away. The two of them had met a couple of weeks ago when Tsuna had introduced the two of them at a meeting. They were a new member of the family, and Tsuna had given Chrome the job of helping them adjust. Along with helping them get used to the mafia lifestyle, Chrome had found herself falling for them. Each time they met, she felt her heart flutter in her chest and she would turn a bright red. And now she had planned a time and date. A time and date where she would share her feelings with them and pray that it was mutual.

TYL! XANXUS: Xanxus let out another growl and threw his wine glass at the door. How dare they look so good today! After hiring a new member to fill in the spot of the cloud guardian, Xanxus found himself falling for their aloofness and, as they became more used to the rest of the members, he fell for their dry, witty humor. The new guardian was everything Xanxus wanted in a partner, and he knew eventually, he’d have to make them his.

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo quickly lopped off the head of his target and tapped into his Bluetooth device. “Boss,” he shouted, “I’ve finished up here. I’m heading ba─” But before he could finish, he noticed them standing at the end of the alley, open-mouthed as they looked from his bloody sword to the decapitated head, and then to the headless body. Grumbling under his breath, Squalo shut off the Bluetooth and stomped towards their trembling figure. “VOI! Tell anyone about this and I’ll…” The silver haired man trailed off when he noticed just how beautiful they looked and he smirked. “Eh, you’re off the hook,” he scoffed, turning around so they wouldn’t see the light blush covering his cheeks. “Catch ya around.”

TYL! BELPHEGOR: The blond prince giggled as he watched them saunter around the club, shaking their hips as they danced. They were absolutely captivating, from the way they threw their head back when they laughed to the way their hair fell and framed their face. Bel needed to know who this lovely person was, and he needed to know right now. Smirking, he slunk his way in their direction and gently grabbed their hips, grinding his own into theirs. “Well, hello princess/prince,” he mumbled in their ear. They gave him a flirty smile and grinded back. “Hello there blondie.”

TYL! LUSSURIA: Lussuria let out a howl of frustration as he shook the black leather boots in the cashier’s face. “But the price tag says they’ve been marked down!” he whined as the cashier pinched the bridge of their nose. “Sir, I understand what it says, but that sale happened last week. It’s back to the original price.” Lussuria groaned again, complaining for the manager whom the employee gladly called over as he was tired of hearing this flamboyant man sob over the price of the boots. “How can I help you?” the manager asked as they gave Lussuria a sweet smile. Lussuria froze for a moment, taking his time to do a onceover before he straightened and assumed a more calm appearance. “Well, I found these boots over there with the price tag marked down and this man here,” he pointed to the employee, “is telling me that they’re back at their original price?” The manager took the pair of boots and checked the price tag. “I’m afraid my employee is right, sir,” they started cautiously. “These boots were on sale last week.” Lussuria forced down the mini scream in his throat and smiled at the manager. “Oh, well that’s alright. In return for making me pay the full price, you’ll just have to go on a date with me~”

TYL! LEVI: Levi frowned at the new member that his boss had assigned to his squad. Why did they have to be so…so attractive? As he gave out orders, they stood at full attention and bowed politely before leaving for their mission. Levi let out a gruff sigh as he stalked off through the mansion. He needed to get a grip, he had to be devoted to his boss not some newbie who just so happened to be extremely beautiful. But as he walked away from them, he paused and turned back. Maybe he should say something soon, as other members of his squad were getting very close to them…

FRAN: Fran puffed out his cheeks and sighed as he followed the fake prince around the grocery store with a shopping cart. “Whee,” he muttered lamely as he jumped onto the cart, scooting forward until it almost flipped over backwards. “Shut up and just follow me,” Bel growled as he stalked down the cereal aisle. Fran let out a loud and dramatic sigh before turning the squeaky cart and wheeling it down the aisle. But someone stopped him short. “Whoopsie, didn’t mean to crash into you,” he apologized, eyes widening ever so slightly when he got a better look at the stunning person he’d run into. “What are you, blind?” they shot back, raising an eyebrow before turning on their heel and walking away. “Oiiii, come baaack!” Fran yelled after them as he abandoned the cart and chased after them. They let out a huff as he poked their shoulder repeatedly. “Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?” Fran held up one finger to show that they should wait before he grabbed a pen out of his pocket and scrawled his name and number all the way up their arm. “Ta-da, now you’ll never forget me,” he said in his monotone before he scooted away as they chucked a box of cookies at his head.

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mukuro and naegi relationship headcanons ?

Sure thing Anon, here you are :D

Request: Mukuro Ikusaba x Makoto Naegi Relationship HCs

- Ikusaba honestly didn’t care much for Naegi at first

- But then when she saw his smile she instantly fell in love

- She would shyly try and spend time with him, even if they just awkwardly sat around in the dining hall drinking tea

- Eventually over time they started talking a lot more until eventually Naegi asked her out

- Both of them were blushing intensely but she happily agreed

- At the start of their relationship Naegi would mostly just compliment her on pretty much everything

- “Wow Ikusaba - san! You’re so impressive, I can’t believe you’re so good at combat!”

- “I-It’s nothing really…”

- He’d often surprise her with little gifts such as a picnic lunch he prepared himself or something out of the school store (although that depended on his luck)

- She would happily treasure each of his gifts but seeing as she’d feel bad for not returning the gesture, she’d try to give him gifts too

- Turns out military knives are not the best gift

- Naegi would also be the one who would usually sneakily take hold of Ikusaba’s hand and would often bring her hand to his lips so he can kiss it

- Even though she’s slightly taller, he would often tend to hug her from behind and murmur that he loves her into her back

- Good thing he can’t see her blush

- She would sometimes question him why he chose her of all people but he’d just smile and say

- “Because you’re you Ikusaba - san! I couldn’t ask for anyone better than you!”

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No problem ^^ How about how all the guys (Vongola plus chrome) being jealous when they see you talking w/someone they don't know of the opposite gender? (ノ_<)

Yay for jealousy~! Second ask that includes Chrome :D ~! Btw, I made these as if the boys and Chrome were in a relationship with you~!

Tsuna: He really wished he could be rational. I mean, it’s not like you were cheating on him by talking to other guys. He couldn’t shelter you so much as to forbid you from talking to other men. But as he stared at your form, the distance between you and the other guy shrinking as you joked around, he couldn’t help the envy stirring in his heart. Why was he getting so close? Wait… Was he moving in for a hug?! Before he could stop, he found himself standing next to you, your hand grasped firmly in his as he stared up at the guy who he considered competition, challenging him. You merely giggled at his show of possessiveness, making a point to kiss Tsuna’s cheek. He felt his cheeks flush slightly before gazing at the guy you’d been talking to, eyes triumphant. Then, you introduced the guy. “Tsuna, meet my cousin! He’s visiting for the week!”

Gokudera: He didn’t like this. Not one bit. Why the hell were you giggling around like some child? Especially at some sketchy guy that was getting much too close to you for Gokudera’s comfort. The guy had shown up at the gate of the school, looking for you. Now Gokudera was staring maliciously at the two of you from the side of the school building, smoking a cigarrette, his glare burning holes into his head. When the guy then leaned over, placing his hand on your head as he laughed heartily at something you said, he felt something snap. He threw his cigarrette to the ground, stomping it out before walking up to the two of you, quickly tearing away from the guy’s hand, Gokudera’s hands wrapping around your middle as he shot the guy a dirty look. “Goku-kun… Why are you glaring at my brother like that?” Oh shit.

Yamamoto: It took a while for Yamamoto to decipher what he was feeling as he stared at the two of you. I mean, the boy rarely ever felt something so… heart constricting. But watching you talk to a much older guy, blushing slightly at what he was saying to you, his smile couldn’t help but fall as his eyes took a serious edge. He never thought that he’d be the jealous type. He was pretty confident in your affection for him, being reminded every day by you. But now, all he could feel was the green monster constrict his heart as your blushing face darkened. Yamamoto quickly waltzed up to the two of you calmly, playing off his intrusion with a “What’s up!” greeting to the guy in question as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and placed a kiss on the side of your head. You smiled at his jealousy, especially since it was so out of place. The guy you were talking to was a teacher, who’d been complimenting you on your papers.

Hibari:Tch,“ was the only sound that came from Hibari as he stared at the both of you. His eyebrow twitched as you smiled at him, hand reaching out for something. The grip on his tonfas tightening as the scum passed you a piece of paper, the guy chuckling slightly with a hand behind his head. Wait, a piece of paper? If the paper had what he thought was written on it, that bastard was dead. Hibari quickly took action, briskly making his way over to where you both were before snatching the paper and crumbling it up, throwing it to the side before grabbing your cheeks in his hand, planting a rough kiss on them with his eyes closed. When he knew you were too into the kiss to notice, he opened an eye, glaring at the boy until he scurried away, terrified to face the wrath of the Namimori demon. However, you couldn’t understand why Hibari was so mad. Or why he had to crumble up the notes you had let your classmate borrow.

Mukuro: For once, he wasn’t laughing his weird, arrogant laugh. All he could do was stare, hoping to glare holes into the bastard’s head. Who was he to think that he could stare at you like that? Only he was allowed to lay eyes on you. And of course, you didn’t make the situation any better by laughing at what he was saying. Finally, Mukuro had enough of this situation and waltzed up to you, wrapping an arm around your waist intimately, glaring at the guy in front of him. The hair on the back of the guy’s head stood on end, Mukuro’s glaring intimidating. You didn’t take notice as you kept talking to him, albeit a little happier at having your boyfriend there. I mean, it was innocent conversation with a classmate about how hard the test in Chemistry was.

Ryohei: The boy couldn’t be more obvious in his jealousy. As soon as he’d seen you talkng to a new guy, he had walked over to you, stepping behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your head as he stared at the guy in front of him, assessing him. “Hey babe, who’s this?” Ryohei asked, pressing a kiss on your shoulder as he glared at him childishly. When you introduced him as your tutor, Ryohei didn’t hesitate to stick out his hand. “Well, hello. I’m Ryohei. I’m [Name]’s boyfriend, as well as the captain of the boxing team. Maybe we should do a one-on-one match sometime?” He couldn’t help the smirk when the boy shakily declined. All the while, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

Reborn: Reborn’s eyes narrowed as he watched you converse with this man. Who was he? And why were you getting along so well? He didn’t appreciate the way he was staring at you. Or the way he said something and you quickly blushed, looking down. When he’d had enough, he popped up beside you, tugging at your sock. You glanced down and smiled, picking him up. What you failed to notice was the death glare he sent at the boy. “Ciaossu,” He said when the boy commented on the baby in your arms. Scowling at him, Reborn quickly placed a hand on your breast, squeezing. You squealed and scolded him. But he couldn’t help but smirk. The parasite quickly left, a blush on his face. Reborn didn’t care if he was the boy you tutored, he didn’t like you being around him.

Chrome: She couldn’t pinpoint what she was feeling in her stomach right now. Seeing you talking to that guy set her feelings array. Were you having more fun with him than her right now? Chrome’s self esteem began to fall slightly, watching you laugh with this boy as you patted him on the back. But her head snapped up, cheeks pinking as you called her over. You’d noticed her when she was busy trying to figure out what she was feeling. When she stood next to you, you gripped her hand and placed a kiss on her cheek. She felt her face flush red, averting her eyes at your affection. You simply laughed before turning to the boy in front of you and grinning. “This is Chrome, my girlfriend. Chrome, this is my teammate.” Chrome felt her blush deepen. So he was just a teammate? Thank goodness.