she's beyond cute


Casca appreciation post feat shots from chapter 347. I think she looks beyond cute and I adore how long her hair is. It looks so nice. I’m so excited and positive for her revival. She’s such an amazing character despite being mute for half the manga and I have nothing but high hopes for her healing and her return! If guts has held on to faith for fixing her then so can I!

AU in which Erin is a physics teacher at a high school and Holtz is the eccentric evening janitor who just so happens to be a genius engineer in her free time. They run into eachother most days, because Erin always stays late at work and Holtzmann’s shift starts after her last class is over. For some reason, Erin starts finding reasons to stay later and later in her classroom.

@fatalcookies @timelordsandkittens cropped bcus i messed up pretty much everything else but HERE YOU GO..

rose gets dragged out by some village folk to get rid of an ‘evil spirit’ and finds…..pearl……..breaking into the library of a big country manor ????