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Happy birthday to @phuijl, organizer of the YuGiOh Reanimate project I’m participating in! It’s no longer her birthday since I had to hold back posting this–it’s actually part of a larger collaboration from a large amount of contributing animators on this project. I had so much fun with this, hehe. And she really deserves a good gift! She’s been very patient with me and I admire her ability to organize such a large group of people. Check out both pages, please!



Photography: Raul Romo / Styling: Sarah Paulsen / Grooming: Ernesto Casillas / Words: Josh Jenks

My mind sometimes wanders away from the fantasy on the television or movie screen, and instead focuses on the truth: There is no spoon. (Clap your hands for The Matrix, people). No —the truth is: what I’m watching isn’t real. As much as these award-winning Hollywood fantasies may strike an emotional chord, I am sometimes reminded, even before the credits start rolling, that a team of people are paid to sit down and write ideas and scripts that entice me to keep watching… to continue feeling and wishing I could be a part of that fantasy. 

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I would like to make a shout out, if you will, to @candycuntkiss. She and I have been chatting a little bit for a while and I’m oh so happy for it! She is, of course, way, way above me and so out of my league. Even so she has been very patient with me, even when my dumb self mess up, taking time out of her day to teach a loser like me my place and how I can be useful. For a fuck-up and no life loser such as myself it’s very much a privilege to get this opportunity. She is the most exciting thing that happened to me all summer and I am thankful 💕

The Experiment

[Pure fluff]

Juvia was a patient woman. For example, she could handle waiting in line for unreasonable amounts of time; she could wait for her food at a restaurant without getting annoyed, and if she was asked to, she could probably sit around and watch paint dry. She had been patient with Gray Fullbuster for a very long time, and every day she got through the agonizing wait by telling herself that maybe—just maybe—he would look at her differently, like she was special to him. But every day, she was let down.

It was hard for her to keep believing in him when he gave her nothing to work with. He stopped the rain and he filled her life with light. He was the love she always wished for. But she was getting tired of him constantly blowing her off.

Maybe I should try something else; Juvia thought to herself one morning, maybe Gray Sama will never love me and I should just accept it.

And with that, she got out of her bed and marched into the guild hall confidently, determined to go the entire week without speaking or doting on the person she held most dear. If she tried to go this long without him, maybe she could free herself from the suffocating prison called one-sided love.


It had been three days.

Three days that Juvia had succeeded in ignoring Gray to the best of her ability.

And he was getting antsy.

On the first day, he had thought that maybe she had just felt sick and had forgotten to greet him in the beginning of the day. He ignored it. On the second day, he had gone up and asked her if she was feeling better (since he had previously thought she was ill), and she nodded stiffly without looking him in the eye before quickly gathering all of her things and hustling out of the guild hall. He was a little hung up on it for a while, but then got over it. Then, on the third day, things got really out of hand.

She walked into the guild hall like normal, and greeted everyone happily. Judging the signs, Gray felt confident that he wouldn’t be given the cold shoulder.

“Hey,” He had said, “What’s up?”

For about a split second, Juvia looked like she was going to burst into tears. But as quickly as the expression appeared, it vanished, and a blank stare took its place. She didn’t answer him.

“Uh, Juvia?” He tried again, with the same result. She looked at the ground and held both of her hands together behind her back, twiddling them furiously to release some frustration. She really wanted to answer him, but she kept telling herself to be strong. Getting over him would be like freedom.


“Juvia doesn’t wish to speak with Gray Sama right now,” She said a little too bluntly, before pushing past him and escaping to a booth with Gajeel and Levy.

Now it was day four, and Gray was determined to get to the bottom of this predicament without embarrassing himself any further.

He was sitting in the guild hall next to Natsu, who was busy teasing Lucy about the new eyeliner she had on, when he watched the blue-haired water mage walk through the guild doors. She was wearing her usual outfit with her usual soft curls spilling off of her shoulders, and anyone who looked at her wouldn’t suspect anything at all. But Gray could, and that day the first hint he got was when she turned and looked directly at him, but didn’t bother saying anything even when he waved hello.

Instead, she bit her bottom lip, gave a disappointed pout, and walked to the other side of the room to sit down.

“It makes you look funny,”

Gray’s confusion-stained daze was broken by Natsu’s loud voice.

“It’s pretty!” Lucy punched his arm to show her frustration.

“For a clown, yeah,”


“Guys,” Gray finally snapped, broke up the fight and leaned back in his chair, still staring at Juvia. “Is there something wrong with Juvia?”

Natsu pushed Lucy off of him so that he had a clear view of the girl, and then studied her as best as he could from where he was sitting.

“I don’t think so,” He answered, “Do you think she’s sick or something?”

“No, but she just seems kind of cold, don’t you think?” Gray shrugged. He had chosen the wrong time to say that, because at that moment, Gajeel walked up to her and she greeted him with a friendly wave and a smile.

“Nope, she seems normal to me,” Lucy said bluntly. Gray bit the inside of his cheek and inhaled loudly through his nose, getting more and more pissed by the second.

“I don’t mean does she ‘seem’ normal, I mean is there something wrong with her?” He repeated.

“Whoa, man, calm down, I’m sure it’s nothing—“

Natsu was cut off when Gray slammed down his drink a little too harshly and sprung to his feet. He wasn’t going to just sit there and ask questions to people who truly had no idea what he was talking about. Instead, he walked over to Mirajane and Cana, who were busy gossiping about who knows what.

“Yeah, and apparently the guy is really hot. I wonder who asked who out in the first place, she really wasn’t clear on that part of it, don’t you think?”

This was the very first thing that Gray heard as he approached them, and he was immediately interested.

“What?” He asked, pulling up a stool. Cana, who had spoken first, smirked and swirled the drink in her hand seductively to match her dramatic tone:

“Juvia’s got a date,” She whispered lowly, winking at him.

Gray didn’t know why, but as soon as the words slipped out off of her lips, he felt his heart plummet down to his feet and through the floor. A date?! Was that the reason why she had been ignoring him, because she wanted to spare his feelings? And what feelings did she think he had?

“O-oh,” He choked, gagging on the air drying out the inside of his mouth.

“Jealous?” Mira said in a teasing tone. She had meant for it to be a joke, but as soon as he blushed and started to cough uncontrollably on what seemed to be nothing, she knew the answer to her question.

“Ah! You are jealous!” She squealed, her hands letting go of the tray she had been holding and flying up to her reddening cheeks. Cana suddenly saw the signs and gasped loudly.

Ohmygosh he totally is!” She agreed, leaning forward over the bar to look him dead in the eyes.

“W-what? No, I—“

“Don’t even deny it, Gray, for the past few days all you’ve done is stare at her 24/7. You know I’m right. When did you realize you’re in love with her?” Cana asked eagerly, trying to soak up any new juicy gossip to spread around the guild.

“Love? What the hell, I’m not in love with her; I am just worried because for the past three days, six hours and twenty minutes she’s done nothing but avoid me.” He rubbed his temples and sighed.

“How long did you say she’s been avoiding you?” Mira asked, a hint of laughter lining her voice. Cana snickered and piggybacked on what she was saying.

“Yeah, how long exactly?”

“Three days, six hours and twenty minutes?” Gray answered innocently, gazing up at the two of them. Mira and Cana couldn’t even believe how oblivious their friend was, even after endless amounts of exposure to Juvia’s stalker mode.

“MY PRECIOUS GRAY,” Cana practically leaped over the bar so she was mock-hugging him and sobbing from laughing so hard, “YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT SOMETIMES, IT REALLY BOOSTS MY SELF ESTEEM.”

“Gray, you may not be in love with Juvia, but there is definitely something there, no matter how much you deny it.” Mira took a more serious route while answering him.

Gray pushed Cana off of him and gave in, his head falling into his hands.

“Can you tell me about this date-to-be?”

Juvia had almost given up. She almost had, up until she literally ran into a brown haired guy named Nate at the market. The collision had caused her to drop all of her groceries on the ground, and Nate, who was a pretty smooth guy, said that his clumsiness had most definitely needed to be made up for, perhaps at dinner that night? And Juvia, who was 100,000% done with being discouraged having her “moving on” plan fail, reluctantly agreed—thinking that it would be a good distraction.

Then the night came, and she was once again determined about something—except this time, it was about having a fun night and forgetting all about Gray.

So naturally she would be shocked when she opened the front door of her apartment to see the exact man she was trying to get over sitting politely on her couch, wearing a suit and tie, and carrying a bouquet of roses.


Gray had jumped through plenty of hoops in order to get Erza to allow him to enter Juvia’s room in an all-girls apartment building such as Fairy Hills, which under no circumstances whatsoever any of the rules would be bent, let alone be broken. He begged and pleaded with the red head, but she wasn’t swayed until he totally broke down and screamed in her face that he was going to make a move, which was something Erza had been praying for since Juvia had joined Fairy Tail.

He had to gather up lots of courage in order to just knock on the door, but when no response came back even after he tried many times, he just opened it to find it empty.

She must have left already for her date; He thought sadly, I’ll just wait until she comes back.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait long, because about five minutes later the door opened and revealed the exact person he wanted to see. His mouth fell open as soon as he looked her up and down.

She was wearing an outfit like nothing she had ever worn before: two white stiletto heels and a dark coral colored dress that fell a little above her knee. The dress’ neckline was lower cut than what she normally wore (which looked like it choked her), and it made room on her skin to show off a beautiful crystal necklace shaped like a raindrop. Her soft blue curls were swept up professionally into a loose ponytail, leaving her bangs and two thin strands of hair on either side of her face to fall down freely, without any restraint.

“Gray Sama?” She stammered and backed up into the door she had shut behind her. “What are you—?”

“I thought you were on a date tonight,” He interrupted.

“Juvia did too,” She crossed her arms and aggressively avoided his gaze. “And she had been waiting outside the building for a while before he showed up saying that he suddenly had other plans.”

Gray stood up and clutched the roses in his hand tightly, swallowing down any fear.

“But now you’re here… with roses…?” She trailed off as he began walking closer to her.

“You’ve been avoiding me, Juvia.” He stated.

“No, it’s not—“

“Shh, I know you have. And it’s okay, because I totally deserve it. But I came here tonight because… because I didn’t want you to go out with him.” He sheepishly held out the roses and smiled genuinely, “I wanted you to go out with me instead.”

The look on Juvia’s face when he said those words was absolutely priceless. Her clear blue eyes widened to be three times as big, and her lips parted in a small gasp.

“Gray Sama,” She whispered as she took the roses with shaking hands, “Juvia, Juvia is so happy!”

She jumped up and down a few times before grabbing him by the tie and pulling him in for a tight hug.

“Thank you so much, Gray Sama!” Her eyes welled up with tears, because for the first time in the forever she had loved him, he had finally responded. Gray sighed and leaned into her embrace.

“That guy, Nick?”

“It’s Nate, but continue.”

“He’s an idiot. A blind idiot.”

“And why is that?”

“Because if I ever saw a girl as gorgeous on the inside and outside as you, nothing would be more important than us being together.”

“The Gray Sama from this morning would have never said something like that to Juvia,”

“Well the Gray Sama from this morning finally grew up,” He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek softly, “Sorry it took so long.”

Here you go, sorry it took so long :)

a+ seductive technique, victor

Yu-ri,” says Victor, standing in the doorway of Yuri’s hotel bedroom after the first day of the qualifier. Yuri freezes inside his cocoon of blankets. He is starting to develop a tic in reaction to that particular tone of voice. Yuri, let’s drink together. Yuri, let’s take a bath together. Yuri, tell me everything about you! Yuri, let’s sleep together in your bed, which is the exact same bed where you jerked off for the first time ever when you were twelve while staring at a poster of me, because that’s not weird!

Yuri has to remind himself about twelve times a day that Victor doesn’t know about the jerking off. The posters, yes, because Yuri’s sister is a heartless traitor, but not the jerking off, so calm down, Katsuki, and don’t embarrass yourself. 

Every day with Victor as his coach is a complicated exercise in Yuri trying not to embarrass himself. It’s hard to do while also being completely, utterly, embarrassingly overwhelmed by the fact that Victor exists and keeps giving him compliments - ahhh! thinks Yuri’s inner twelve-year-old - along with the kind of real considered criticism that means he takes Yuri seriously as a skater - ahhhhhhhh!!! thinks Inner Yuri, at every age, honestly. 

As if that wasn’t enough already, it is so hard not to embarrass himself when Victor keeps proposing ridiculous, terrible, wonderful things in that voice. Yuri loves it, but also: Yuri is mentally weak already, and if he isn’t going to let Victor down horribly in the free skate tomorrow he needs to sleep right now.

“I’m tired, Victor,” he says, in a voice he developed for ducking out of club nights with Phichit. It’s his best mature voice. Very quelling.

“Me too,” says Victor, sitting on the edge of Yuri’s bed, right in Yuri’s space, and also coincidentally weighing down Yuri’s tangle of blankets in such a way that Yuri couldn’t wiggle away from him if he tried. If he wanted to. He does want to. He does, because if Victor stays there too long Yuri will die, and also he will close his eyes and go to sleep right there in Victor’s lap, which will be really embarrassing in the morning. “I’m so tired, Yuri,” says Victor piteously. “And I can’t sleep.”

“Oh?” says Yuri. He sympathises, he really does. He knows how that feels. 

“My bed’s too empty,” Victor explains.

Don’t blush, Yuri wills himself. Do not blush! It’s not what it sounds like. It’s just Victor. Victor is the sort of man who turns up naked in your family’s hot spring and proposes a business relationship. He’s just shameless, that’s all.

“…without my dog,” he hears, and realises Victor was still talking. Yuri mentally reviews the last few seconds. Victor said he can’t sleep without his dog. That makes sense, and also is nothing like Yuri’s dirty, unjustified assumptions. Stop doing that, Yuri scolds himself. 

“I’m sorry,” he says out loud. Come to think of it, Victor normally does sleep with Makkachin under his arm. She puts up with it very patiently. Vicchan would never have been able to lie still that long. But then Vicchan was a very lively dog who always wanted to play, so - oh no, dangerous line of thought. Yuri needs to sleep tonight, not cry hysterically about his dog. He already did that. “We’ll go back soon,” he says, putting his hand on Victor’s. “You’ll see her then.”

“It’s so lonely without her,” Victor says. “You look comfortable.” He lies down next to Yuri. His head is on Yuri’s pillow. His face is very close. He is now holding Yuri’s hand. “Can I sleep here?”

witchy-oates is really amazing lemme just say

So this post is about @witchy-oates, a very lovely and kind witch that I got an energy reading from the other day. She does, very amazing paid readings (which are worth your money definitely) that are in depth, personal and very accurate. She helped me figure out some things about myself and continue on with my own spiritual journey that I’ve been struggling with. She’s very kind and patient and her readings are extremely helpful and informative. 
She also doesn’t just do energy readings, she does tarot, pendulum, and reverse adoptions too! More information about it all is here, in her post: Readings for Sunny
And if you do end up getting a reading or doing a reverse adoption, you can mention that the profits are for Sunny, and it will go to medical expenses for a kitten that she had taken in recently!

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Prompt: Fluermione cuddling and comforting each other after one of them has a nightmare. Also, Fleur flirting/and being affectionate openly with Hermione in public to make her flustered.

This was like 98349384 years ago because I’m a horrible writer and an awful person and I’m so sorry.

Fleurmione AU

If you’re on your third year in law school, it means 30 minutes of sleep over the course of 24 hours is lucky.

And Fleur has absolutely no idea how her girlfriend does it, but she understands and she worries, and even though she has to be at the hospital for a midnight shift, she had quietly made a call to come in for another hour more. Gabrielle will be there to take care of her patients, she isn’t very worried.

Hermione had been up for a little over 36 hours, she supposes even the extreme amounts of caffeine intake that Hermione have had couldn’t keep her tiny brunette self up at that point– something which Fleur was extremely grateful of.

However said tiny brunette had chosen to curl up on Fleur’s lap, intending to close her eyes  for ‘fifteen minutes only, Fleur. Please wake me up if my alarm does not; if I fail my civpro class I am not marrying you’. Cue: stern glaring. So Fleur only smiled and nodded her agreement, wrapping her arms around the brunette tightly and rubbing small comforting circles on her back.

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My Mom

She has MS and type 2 diabetes. Neither one she makes an effort to treat.

I spent the last 2 years encouraging her to eat better. We got the MFP app to log food so we can figure her macros and micros to fix her diet. I made doctor’s appointments for her she never kept. She’s rapidly declined over the last two years. Much of this year, refusing to get out of bed to the point where she doesn’t have any muscle tone left to hold herself up without difficulty.

She sneaks food when my grandmother and I are still trying to get her better. I found a 4 pack of Twix, the empty wrapper, in the bathroom cabinet because she knew that’s the only place she could eat it without us yelling at her (believe me, we’ve been very patient for a very long time.) And she just ate the lunch I packed for work tomorrow.

She isn’t getting better, she’s not even managing. She doesn’t seem to want to. It’s like watching a loved one very slowly kill themselves. And the MS is a degenerative disease, I get that, but the diabetes is out of control and makes everything worse. I don’t know what to do anymore.

the-seeker-cassandra  asked:

How are you now?

Pelle greeted Cassandra’s inquiry with a warm smile. Despite the fact that he had been in a weird haze for the last couple of weeks, Pelle vaguely remembered Cassandra visiting him while he had a ear splitting headache. She had been considerably gracious for being her while Pelle could barely see a few feet in front of him without getting dizzy. She hadn’t said a single thing about him sleeping in his small clothes for almost the entirety of his time being ill. Actually she had been very patient and very kind given that Pelle could hardly function for such a long period of time. Then again she was the one who’d been told by a random soldier that they saw the Inquisitor hurl out his guts over the barracks

“I’m much better Cassandra. Ma Serrannas.” 

When I started EMBER 9-ish yrs ago, Laia appeared on the page first. Elias showed up shortly after. I knew EMBER was their story. Then another character walked into my head. Good with blades. Smart as hell. Fast. Crown braid. She was inspired by an old friend and has been waiting very patiently to share her side of the story. 

Nutshell version: I CANNOT WAIT to share a brief excerpt from my beloved Helene Aquilla. Details below! 

Friend of the Family - Luke

This is something I’ve thought of for a while, and now I hope people like it 🙈 I’ll write a Part 2 if you want one…which I hope you do!


You and Will had been best friends for what seemed like forever. Your parents were best friends, so it was only natural that the two of you had gravitated towards one another. Friendship was all it was, you had to explain this to every member of your family when they’d undoubtedly ask you how your boyfriend was. It was understandable why people thought that, you spent so much time together, it was easy to assume you were a couple. You could never look at Will as anything more than a friend though, he was more of a brother to you than anything else. Will’s actual brother, Luke, was another matter entirely..

“Why don’t you want to go out?” You ask, frowning as your hair won’t seem to do as its told.

“I do want to go out” Will defends himself, “I just don’t want to go to that club, Luke and his stupid friends will be there.” Will and Luke didn’t have the best relationship for two siblings. You didn’t blame Will for that, you understood how infuriating Luke could be. Luke was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. Everyone knew it, himself included. People were drawn to him, he had a charm about him that made people love him. This was something Will didn’t share, whilst Luke’s moodiness made him seem mysterious and irresistible, Will’s made him seem grumpy and cold.

“We can avoid them” you sigh, accepting that this was probably the best you were going to look.

“What?” Y/F/N’s head shoots up, “Will, no offence, but we’re not avoiding your hot brother. He’s…..well, hot!” Will’s scowl tells you his exact feelings on spending more time with his brother than necessary.


“Let’s dance!!” Y/F/N grabs your hand and pulls you towards the dance floor.

“We’ll go and get some drinks!” Will shouts to you, as he and his friend, Max head to the bar.

“Oh god, Luke’s over there” Y/F/N screeches down your ear. You turn and see the tall god-like man on the opposite side of the club, laughing loudly at something Calum is explaining to him, “he is so HOT!” She’s practically drooling. She has a point though. Luke’s looks weren’t something you’d been able to ignore over the years. With how close your two families were, you’d known Luke your entire life, and although no one managed to irritate you as much as he could, you couldn’t deny just how attractive he was. You can tell by the way he’s swaying, as the girl with her hand trailing down his chest whispers in his ear, how drunk he is. He isn’t interested in her, his eyes are scanning the room, doing a double take as he sees you. A grin breaks out onto his face and he starts to push his way towards you.

“Y/NNNNNN!!” His arms wrap around your waist, picking you up and spinning you around.

“Luke!” You squeal, “put me down!” Placing you back on the sticky floor, his hands stay gripped on your hips, his eyes looking much more focused as they look at you.

“Come and see my friends” he laces his fingers through yours and drags you to where they’re stood, not giving you a chance to respond to him, “guys, you remember…”

“Y/N!” Michael smirks, “boyfriend not with you?” He shoots a brief look to Luke.

“No, he’s too busy not existing” you shrug, having gained a whole selection of comebacks to the ‘boyfriend’ remarks over the years.

“She’s too good for Will” Luke shakes his head.

“Speaking of Will” you tap Luke’s chest, “he has got me a drink and I feel entirely too sober, so I’ll be going. Have a nice..”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Luke’s hand finds its way to the small of your back and pulls you to him.

“Yes?” You place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself as he stumbles.

“You look really beautiful” he whispers in your ear, and it’s only then that you realise just how drunk he is.

“Everyone looks beautiful when you’re drunk,” you chuckle, “now let me go, I need to find your brother.”

“Of course you do” he laughs, but there’s no humour in his voice.

“Look after him” you address mainly Ashton, knowing he’s likely to be the most sober of the group.

“Scouts Honour” he grins, before you walk away to find your friends again.

Luckily for Luke, you’re too far away to hear Calum shout “mate, I can’t believe you have a thing for your brother’s girlfriend”.

“What did he want?” Will glares at the part of the room you’ve just walked from. You turn your head just in time to see Luke downing a shot of clear liquid. Ashton sees you looking and shrugs. You point to your eyes, then to him, mouthing “I’m watching you”.

“Nothing, he was just being Luke” you shrug, “he’s really drunk. I’ve told Ashton to look after him.”

“He’s an adult, he can look after himself.” Will’s eyes only ever look this angry when the topic of conversation is his brother.

“He’s drunk, he’s not doing anything wrong. Leave him alone.” You regret your words as soon as you’ve said them, knowing they’ll just annoy Will more, “come on, come and dance.” You interrupt whatever he was about to say. Will was generally a laid back, fun guy, believe it or not. It was just Luke who seemed to inadvertently bring out the worst in him. Will’s soon distracted as you drag him to the dancefloor and get him to lighten up a little. Mainly, he’s laughing at your dancing. That’s understandable. You dance like Chandler Bing. You don’t notice the pair of eyes glued to you, as your friends laugh at your “moves”.

“Does anyone want a drink?” You shout, as a song you’re not a huge fan of starts playing. You’re responded to by a collection of nods, and head towards the crowded bar.

“You’re not being pushy enough” a familiar voice appears at the side of you, as you’ve been ignored by the people serving behind the bar, “OI!” he shouts and the bartender looks in your direction.

“Yeah?” Her eyes light up as she sees Luke.

“Serve the pretty girl first, she’s been waiting very patiently” he grins. The girl’s face falls, but she still takes your order.

“You’re trying my drink first to see if she’s spat in it” you poke his chest.

“You’re a really bad dancer” he blurts out.

“I’m aware” your eyes narrow at him.

“You looked hot though, you looked like you were having fun” he taps his fingers on the bar top.

“You don’t seem as drunk anymore” you notice the change in him.

“Ash made me switch to water” he chuckles, “your orders, apparently?”

“I was just looking out for you” you mumble, feeling a little overprotective. Luke was a giant, and older than you, he was more than capable of looking after himself.

“You’re so cute” he grins, before his eyes notice something behind you and the smile falls from his lips, “I don’t think Will likes me talking to you.”

“I just don’t think Will likes you” you shake you head.

“That’s true”

“I should go anyway” you don’t want to leave, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”


“Dinner? At your parents?” You knew he’d have forgotten.

“Shit, yeah” he frowns, “you’ll be there?”

“I will” you nod once.

“Then I’ll be there”


Part 2, if it’s wanted..

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Hello:) I'm absolutely in love with your Vietnam AU! Can't wait for an update, please don't make me suffer for too long;) You're very talented, I'm obsessed with all your stories. xoxo

Vietnam AU Part 1

Vietnam AU Part 2

Vietnam AU Part 3

Vietnam AU Part 4

Vietnam AU Part 5

Three days later, with the assistance of Nurse Hawkins, Claire had done the delicate work of removing all of Captain Fraser’s bandages from his back.

All of the shallow cuts had healed – and the deeper ones could be treated with bandages on the site of the injury, rather than the wrap of gauze and tape that had kept him practically immobile since he’d arrived at Chu Lai.

It had taken more than three hours to properly remove the bandages, inspect the wounds, and clean and sterilize his back. He had lay still the entire time, breathing heavily, hands gripping the side of the gurney – but never uttering a sound.

And finally when Mary had left the curtained-off partition to dispose of all the used bandages, Claire had helped Jamie sit up. He winced as the fresh, soft skin of his back stretched to accommodate his movement, and she bit her lip – hesitant to offer help, knowing that he had to do this on his own.

It was so worth it when he looked over at her – eye level with her for the first time – and smiled.

“Th – tha – thank. Thank…you. Claire.”

They shared a smile – and Claire’s heart fluttered.

“Thank yourself – you heal faster than almost any other man on this ward. You’ve made it easy for me – never picked at your bandages, always listened to what the doctor prescribed…you’re the model patient, Captain.”

He slowly closed his eyes, then opened them again. Brow furrowed in frustration, he quickly did it again once more.

Christ – was he *winking* at her?

“All done!” Mary exclaimed as she thrust back the curtain and returned with a sponge and bedpan full of water. “Now – I thought Captain Fraser could do with a bit of a bath. Dr. Abernathy was asking for you, Claire – ”

She turned to face Claire eagerly, hoping to please the nurse that was her superior and mentor. Behind her back, Jamie theatrically rolled his eyes.

Claire smiled warmly and gently lay a hand on Mary’s shoulder. “Good idea, Mary. Make sure he’s comfortable when you’re done – perhaps take him to the rec room? Some sunlight would do him good.”

“Of course!” Mary chirped, then turned to face Jamie – whose fair eyebrows had raised almost to his hairline.

“Are you ready? Now you may have to – no, no, you must let me help you – ”

Claire suppressed a laugh as she pushed back the curtain and padded down the hall to Boston Joe’s office.

Claire work early the next morning, quickly dressed in the darkness, and slipped to the mess hall for a cup of imitation coffee and bowl of what Murphy the cook claimed to be oatmeal. Looking up from her tray, she scanned the rows of tables – and smiled to see Joe sitting by himself, half-done with his second bowl of imitation oatmeal. He waved her over, and she gratefully sank across from him.

“I’m surprised to see *you* up this early,” she teased, blowing on the warm liquid so that it didn’t scorch the roof of her mouth. “And I know you were up late last night as well – ”

Joe swallowed, sighed, and belched.

“Yeah, well – it’s not every day that a three-star general is scheduled to make a last-minute visit.”

Claire nearly dropped her coffee. “A general?” she exclaimed. “Who? Why?”

Joe absently stirred the mush around in his dented bowl. “General MacKenzie – the Great Scot. He’ll be arriving by chopper at oh-nine-hundred. For an inspection of the facilities – and to award the Purple Heart to some of the men. And both a Purple Heart and Bronze Star to our Captain Fraser. His nephew.”

Claire knew this, of course – and she knew that Joe knew she knew. Damn her glass face.

Joe sipped from his own mug – tea, not coffee. “So I gotta be ready. And *you* gotta be ready, Claire – the General’s got a well-deserved reputation for being an asshole, but he’s a fine damn brave asshole and people talk that he wants to be one of the Joint Chiefs. So.”

She choked down some of the oatmeal – even with the burnt brown sugar she’d sprinkled on the top, it still tasted like glue. “So. What can I do?”

“Be with me when I greet him. And be ready to answer any and all questions about the health of one Captain James Fraser.”

She hadn’t really known what to expect – but this hulking, bald, square-jawed bear of a man looked like he’d be more at home in a Scottish castle than crammed in a tiny chopper. He was tall – dimly, Claire wondered whether Jamie had got his height from his mother’s side of the family – and his chest was dripping with ribbons.

“Dr. Abernathy?”

Joe’s dark hand disappeared into Dougal MacKenzie’s massive handshake. “It’s an honor, sir,” he said, trying his best to withhold a grimace as the general squeezed his sensitive surgeon’s fingers. “I truly never thought I’d have the pleasure.”

“Well you’re a brave man if you consider meeting me to be a pleasure – but I hear you do good work here.” General MacKenzie heartily clapped Joe on the back, actually pushing the poor man forward a few inches. “And I’m especially grateful for the care you’ve provided to my nephew. He’s almost a son to me – ”

“I completely understand.” Joe flexed his now-aching hand and settled it on the small of Claire’s back, pushing her forward a bit. “This is Nurse Claire Randall – she’s been directly supervising Captain Fraser’s care.”

The general swiveled his massive frame, squinting in the tropical sun, and smiled at Claire. Nothing like Jamie’s sunny, ear-to-ear, genuine smiles – no. This was a bit cold – calculating. Appraising.

She shivered, despite the bead of sweat trickling down her back.

Then he took her hand – tried to raise it to his lips for a kiss. But she pushed her hand down and gripped his fingers in a proper handshake.

“Pleasure, General,” she said evenly, voice strong. “He’s been a very good patient.”

The general’s eyes creased – in humor or displeasure?

But then he returned the handshake. “Indeed, Nurse Randall – he certainly doesn’t get that from *my* side of the family.”

Then he dropped her hand and turned over his shoulder to gesture at the fresh-faced aide standing smartly at attention behind him.

“Have you got the ribbons?”

“Yes, sir!” The man looked straight ahead, uniform wilting in the humidity. Claire read “MacKENZIE” on his nameplate – a relative?

The general turned back to face Joe. “A quick tour of the hospital, if you please, Dr. Abernathy – and then I’d like to do some pinning.”

“Of course.” Joe gestured behind him, where the other nurses and doctors stood up against the windows of the hospital, indoors and under the fans. “The OR is quiet – let’s start there.”

Claire followed a few paces behind, beside young MacKenzie.

“I must ask – any relation?”

The young man shifted his heavy satchel from one hand to the other. “Not that I can tell, to be honest – though he certainly enjoys it. Me, and my twin brother Angus – we both serve as the general’s aides. He gets a kick out of the fact that we’re identical – loves keeping the other generals guessing. I’m Rupert.”


He nodded politely. “Well then, Claire – let’s see what Chu Lai has to offer.”

pleading the belly.

Her sword finds the hollow of his throat, the pressure enough to break the skin and draw blood, but her gaze doesn’t lower on the crimson drops. She keeps staring at him even as she shows her teeth in a silent growl, an untold threat, as he smirks back, the curve of his lips all too familiar. So are his eyes, so blue and intense, sparkling with the perfect mix of mischief and smugness – she knows those eyes, has drowned in them more than once. Those eyes on someone else’s face – same mouth, same jaw, same freaking hair – are unsettling, and she finds herself blinking, once, hard, before remembering it isn’t him. Same lineage, same blood running through their veins, but not him.

She puts more pressure on his throat, satisfied when the smirk turns into a grimace – in that moment, a pirate through and through.

“He’s never been into blondes,” the man still dares saying – he’s got some nerve, she’ll give him that. “Always brunettes, just like his mama. Really twisted, if you ask me. But then again…”

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Arrow Ficlet: You’re Killing Me, Speedy

Just a little bit of brother-sister gap-filler fluff inspired by the announcement scene in 4x04 …

“What the hell, Speedy?” Oliver demanded, wheeling on Thea as soon as they were alone in the new lair.

“Sorry!” she said, raising her hands in capitulation. “Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

She’d fucked up, there was no denying it. Fortunately, no one but Ollie seemed to have noticed the gaffe.

“You and your big mouth, I swear to god!”

“I know! I said I was sorry!”

“I ask you to keep one secret, Thea.”

She cocked her head at him, her hands landing on her hips. “Uh, you ask me to keep a lot of secrets, bro. I think I’m doing pretty well considering.”

He threw up his hands. “You’re killing me.”

I’m killing you?” she shot back. “You’re killing me!

He stared at her in confusion. “What—”

“Three months!” she exclaimed. “That’s how long it’s been since you told me you wanted to give Felicity Mom’s ring—” Which she was totally cool with, by the way, because she is an awesome sister who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being awesome, and also because she happens to really like Felicity. “—and I have been very patiently and very quietly waiting for you guys to announce your engagement ever since. What the hell, Ollie? What’s taking so long?” Her mouth snapped shut as something occurred to her. “Oh my god—she didn’t say no, did she?”

“No!” he said defensively. And then his brows knitted together and he added, slightly sheepish: “She didn’t say no because I haven’t asked her yet.”

“Why the hell not?” Thea demanded.

“It got … complicated.”

“What’s complicated? You love her; you want to marry her. Tell her.

“I was going to,” he protested.


He rounded on her accusingly. “And I had a whole night planned: I made up this special dinner for the two of us, and then for dessert there were these little individual souffles—”

Thea’s eyes widened as realization dawned. “Oh my god—”

“—and I had the ring hidden in Felicity’s souffle—”

“No way.”

Oliver crossed his arms and glared at her. “Yes way.”

That night?” Thea said in disbelief. “Of all nights?”

“That night,” he repeated. “Of all nights.”

“Wow, talk about bad timing,” she said, shaking her head.

“Tell me about it,” he muttered.

“That’s why you were so pissy about us being there.”

“I wasn’t pissy,” he groused.

“You so were.”

“Okay, maybe a little,” he conceded, “but I had a good reason.”

Thea couldn’t help chuckling. “Wow. I mean, that’s like the ultimate cockblock: your sister and your ex-girlfriend showing up right when you’re about to propose.”

“Pretty much,” Oliver agreed darkly.

“Okay, but … that was weeks ago! What’s holding you back you now?”

Oliver sank down into Felicity’s desk chair and shook his head. “Everything’s just been crazy since we got back. Felicity’s had all this CEO stuff going on, and we were all busy trying to tack down those ghosts, not to mention things with me and John—”

“Excuses, brother. Lame excuses.”

He leaned back and sighed, running his palms over the armrests. “And now I’m running for mayor—”

“So? What? You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

“No!” he insisted.

“Then what’s the holdup?”

He frowned at a spot on the wall across the room. “I just want it to be special. And with everything else that’s going on, there hasn’t been time to arrange anything special.”

“Dude, don’t be an idiot,” Thea said. “If anyone’s meant to be together, it’s you and Felicity. That girl is crazy about you, and you—you’re like a whole new person now that you’re with her. However you pop the question, it’s going to be special.”

He looked up at her. “You really think we’re meant to be together?” 

Thea punched him in the arm. “Of course you are! Duh!”

“Ow,” he complained, even though she knew perfectly well that it hadn’t hurt.

“You need to lock it down,” she told him. “As soon as possible. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to come along, because there is no such thing.”

Oliver cocked his head at her, a smile curving the corner of his mouth. “When’d you get so smart, sis?”

Thea rolled her eyes and sighed. “I have always been this smart, bro. You were just too dumb to notice.”

Arrow 4.05 - ‘Haunted’

Closure’s a funny thing. In the strictest sense, its purpose is to bring about a conclusion, a resolution to something ongoing. There’s a feeling of finality associated with it – the sense of wiping a slate clean, or, at the very least, the closing of a door, most likely forever.

People claim that closure is necessary for humans to be able to move forward with their lives, and this is true – an open, festering wound will always draw your attention to it; preventing you from being able to think about anything else. You cannot be healthy if you are constantly focusing on what ails you. The wound needs to be cleaned and stitched up. It may never heal completely, and it may always serve as a reminder that once there was a wound, but closure gives you permission to move past it, to allow yourself to move forward.

The first five episodes of this season have been a study in the art of closure. The wounds that have festered for seasons and through hiatuses have been given their due restoration, one by one. It began with something physical – Oliver’s decision to remove the dragon tattoo forcibly etched onto his skin by Slade Wilson. Oliver’s scars and tattoos are, as much as anything, a physical representation of his wounds, and for a long time he was unable to move past what they represented, what horrors they reminded him of. When he chooses to remove a tattoo that he no longer “needs”, the implication is that he is finally allowing himself to let go of the guilt associated with it, and to move forward with his life. At the end of ‘Haunted’ we see John Constantine literally magic a tattoo onto Oliver’s skin, and this tattoo serves not as a symbol of guilt, but a potential source of help. 

Closure is emotional as well as physical. When Oliver left Starling City at the end of last season, he left behind a lot of loose ends. Several of his relationships were in various stages of disrepair. The only relationship he had that was truly “intact” was with Felicity, and that relationship has been a consistently strong undercurrent this year, as Oliver returns to a city new in more than just name, and as he navigates his way through to finding resolution and a common ground with the people in his life.

The thing about closure is that it can be a double-edged sword. Yes, it allows you to move on from things that serve no positive purpose in your life – emotions like anger and grief. But it also forces you to re-examine and let go of the things that anchor or shackle you to one spot. Closure can often mean compromise – letting go of a position that you may strongly believe in, but which is not allowing you to move forward with your life. That’s how I felt when trying to understand the Laurel-Oliver interactions in this episode. There’s so much that I could say regarding my feelings towards Laurel in this episode – and I will – but there’s also an attitude that, if this episode is in effect providing closure to the whole idea of L/O, and if we can finally move past the drama and the judgement and focus on the relationships that matter to Oliver, then, well…I’ll take it. I’ll compromise with the things that drew my ire in an effort to move on and let myself heal.

(N.B. Sections of this review will be harsh on a character that you may like. Feel free to stop here if that is something you wish to avoid.)

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Here's hopes a 3 way RP won't be a disaster

lionessamiele hanni-chan-rising
Murasaki waited patiently out on the patio. She had been very surprised to hear from Hannibal, but not at all disappointed about it. In the letter he had confessed that he had become happily wed only a month prior and was just dying to introduce his new wife to his auntie. Traditions and all that. While the letter gave no name for the bride Murasaki had a pretty good idea on who the lucky gal was…

ugh okay so *the* counseling appointment, part II.

I’m gonna start this by saying that going in, even before we started talking about autism stuff, I had very few words. The words that I did have sometimes took a little work to figure out on her part. From the time we started talking about autism onward, I was partially nonverbal. Part of me was mad at myself because it meant I couldn’t properly argue my side and advocate for myself, but also because when I’m nonverbal I feel like I’m faking and don’t have an excuse for “not talking.” Another part of me was relieved because I knew it was going to happen at some point or another (with her) and part of me was kind of glad because it was a sort of “fuck you, you think I’m not autistic? I’m so autistic I can’t even talk right now” kind of thing. 

Most of the time she avoided the word “autism” completely and instead replaced it with “this list” or “your list,” gesturing to the list I gave her of reasons I think I’m autistic. She said that she believes me that I experience everything on the list, and says she’s observed in me all of the traits that autistic people also experience, “like the sensory stuff– the sensitiviy– and the executive dysfunction, and the social piece," but that in my case, it just doesn’t add up to autism (??????). 

Really? That sounds like a really hugely contradictory statement? Yes I see that you have this six-page list of autistic traits but no I don’t think you’re autistic. um. 

she said something that she’s been thinking about a lot for the last week is this idea that all infants have this "natural autism” (multiple google searches have yielded absolutely nothing of help to me) that– from what I gathered from what little she told me– they grow out of from being nurtured by their parents, and that it really all stems from vulnerability. She said that I’ve had multiple “disruptions” in my life (she only mentioned my premature birth and abuse by 2 people/caretakers) that caused me a lot of struggles that apparently mimic autism but aren’t autism. It made a lot more sense to me when she was talking about it, but writing it down, it sounds like complete and utter bullshit (being born prematurely actually puts you at a higher risk for developing real life autism, not pretend autism?? and I was showing signs of autism long before I was ever abused??).

There were many times where I couldn’t answer her questions at all. Our meeting was punctuated by long bouts of silence where she periodically took sips of her peppermint tea and watched me stim, curled up in the armchair and staring blankly into space. there were actually a couple times where I became quite dissociated, only to be snapped back to earth by the sound of her voice. 

The silence was also occasionally punctuated by her very quiet sighs, almost imperceptible, which I read as out of frustration for my seeming uncooperativeness, which confuses me because she has always been very patient? I am quite good at reading facial expressions and tone of voice– but intentions slip by me a lot. 

Another thing that confused me: she mentioned “the autistic students I’ve worked with” (implying that she has at least MET a couple of other autistic people in real life, though she didn’t imply any expert knowledge on the subject) and when she was asking me about what I wish to accomplish from my list, I was mostly nonverbal and having a very hard time answering. I said the point of the list was to give it to people. What was that supposed to accomplish? I don’t know. Understanding? yes. What would it make easier? everything. What are some examples of things it would make easier? everything. It can’t be quantified.(Boom. Quoting river tam instead of making original words. Olly Shut Down Red Flag right there.) The part that confused me is that when I replied that way– after a little while– she referenced back to it saying that autistic people usually like to come up with lists of very specific things (UM HELLO YOU HAVE A 6-PAGE LIST RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU) and that that stuck out to her (assumedly as an un-autistically vague response) which made me mad because um??? normally I *would* be very specific but I was so shutdowny and nonverbal that it was easier to say “everything” and satisfy her with a one word response than it was to say the actual thing. She also said that if I was having trouble talking, (um yes) it might be easier for me to write things for her inbetween sessions (for some reason it didn’t occur to her that if she had given me a paper and a fucking pencil I could have written to her right then, but I wasn’t feeling amicable enough to suggest it). So I have some sort of homework assignment, which I can’t even remember by now. 

The last thing that weirded me out was that in regards to the homework assignment I can’t remember (it has something to do with goals or something) she suggested that I write it out as a detailed list “because that’s what autistic people tend to do and that’s what seems to work for you” while still explicitly stating that she doesn’t think I’m autistic. ???

She also mentioned the communication cut I did between her and the psychiatrist, stating that it was an unusual situation because normally when the university health & counseling staff are treating a student they like to do it together as a team. She was still supportive of me waiting until I was comfortable reinstating it, but it also made me mad because I had no intentions of fucking with your communication with each other until you dropped this bomb on our counselor/client relationship???????????

like she literally sat there for an hour watching her client dissociate, stim constantly, and struggle with verbality (is that a word?) and was like “naahh that’s not autism”


this is messed up you guys

I loved her, love her, sososososososososososososo much 

this is fucking awful it literally feels like I’m in the middle of a break up

this sucks

also thanks for all the support everyone, I know I spend a lot of time complaining, and all your messages + stuff make me really happy and I hope someday I can give back to the community as much support + love I have received so far. 

The ‘I’m trying to study for this stupid exam and that guy keeps staring at me from three tables over’ AU

That was the prompt! I have no idea where I found it though! (Although I think it was from thetourguidebarbie AGGGESSSS ago (but I’m sorry for tagging you if it wasn’t))… I just save prompts I see when peeps are like ‘free-for-all prompts’ or whatever, and then I’m like well whatever. (BTW this is Marina Abramović - she simulataneosly fascinates me and freaks me out) 

ANYHEY! Enjoy.

“Are you sure it’s going to work?”

“Puh-lease, Klaus, I’ve known her since the sandbox. It may take a while, but if you pay her overt amounts of attention, you’ll annoy her and she’ll bite. Stems from her craving attention, never getting it, so when she does she tends to get a little antsy.”

“Whatever you say,” Klaus said tentatively.


Caroline was frantic. As a second year, she’d just finished her third year biology exam, even though it went fine, she was still panicking. She had one to go and it was intermediate physics. Caroline love physics, but sometime the formulae just kicked her butt.

She sat down in the vast library, and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. It was business time. She was going to go through all her unit notes today so, by tomorrow, she would be ready to do practice papers.

Caroline was born to study. She was diligent, and thorough. She could concentrate for hours at a time with caffeinated aid. But today, she just couldn’t focus. There was a funny prickling on the back of her neck. She kept shifting in her seat, trying to get comfortable. After what felt like hours (but was really only 30 minutes) Caroline looked up, trying desperately to refocus her brain.

As she looked up, she caught the eye of a crazy attractive guy sitting three tables away. He had dirty blonde curls on top of his perfectly dimpled face. His rosy lips were perfect kissing size, and the stormy grey-blue eyes seemed to gaze into her, straight to her soul.

She always loved attention, so she gave the guy a flirty smile, but she then went back to her study. She really needed to get through this.

The little flirt seemed to be enough to put her mind at ease, and she managed to plough through a good hour and a half of work.


Klaus picked up his phone and dialled a number.

“Jesus, what do you want?”

“It’s been nearly two hours, and she’s only noticed once.”

“I told you, it’ll take a while. Give it another hour.”

“You better be right, or my brother will find his girlfriend kidney-less.”

“Yeah, yeah, Klaus. Always with the kidney threats.”


Before she knew it, Caroline was getting antsy again. She looked up and the same guy from before still staring at her. Caroline went back to her books, but peaked looks at him every few minutes.

After another hour, however, Caroline was utterly fed up with his little routine. So decided to storm over there and cause a fuss.


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