she's been very patient

So I’m slugging through my drafts folder at the moment, and I’m seeing all these half-finished prompts that I should have finished by now, and I’m actually properly editing them. So y’all probably know what this means. 

Yep. New fics coming soon. 

Don’t hold your breath though, folks. 


anonymous asked:

"It’s NOT a shipper just because she posts from the shipper side." Not sure what this means. By shipper, I mean one who ships S&C, which she clearly does. I'm not accusing her of being on tumblr-I wouldn't know. She has tumblr shipper followers though. I don't understand why so many seem so adamant that trolls can't be shippers. She is both. Sorry about the pedantic semantics. You have been very patient and generous in answering my asks. 🙂

I don’t care whether or not she wants Sam and Cait together or not. She is still not a shipper even if she wants it, because she is a troll and a troll can be neither shipper nor non-shipper. A troll is just that: A troll who needs to be ignored and  who shouldn’t get any attention from anyone. 

BTW I see Shatner as a troll, too. His only goal is creating anger and bitching about others. He’s a troll and deserves nil attention. He needs to be ignored.

I do both. Ignore the trolls who claim to be shippers and I ignore the trolls, who claim to be non-shippers. Both are equally disgusting. 

The Governor glances up at Enid over the humble, flickering flame of their dying fire. The night has long since taken hold over the word, blanketing everything in a dark black-blue dotted with starry-whites and - despite the fire - otherwise illuminated only by the pale blue of the reflected moon. A small smile dusts the Governor’s lips, something he’d rarely show unless necessary, but ever since he had found the teen shaking and shocked from whatever trauma she’d had to have lived through, he’d been very quiet and patient with her, only pressing her for company - or to talk, even - when the situation demanded it. 

Now was one of those quiet moments, Enid, as he had learned, looking determinedly at the fire and him looking at her, remarking silently on how her features resembled those of Penny’s had she lived long enough to grow into a teenager. 

Even now, though he knows little about what’s happened to her, they’ve been together ever since: looking after each other and watching each other’s backs. 


When I started EMBER 9-ish yrs ago, Laia appeared on the page first. Elias showed up shortly after. I knew EMBER was their story. Then another character walked into my head. Good with blades. Smart as hell. Fast. Crown braid. She was inspired by an old friend and has been waiting very patiently to share her side of the story. 

Nutshell version: I CANNOT WAIT to share a brief excerpt from my beloved Helene Aquilla. Details below! 


Our cow Tom has given birth to a fine young bull calf! Over the moon with this smol moo

She’s been showing signs of calving for the past couple of weeks, her udder “bagged up” with milk and her back end got quite floppy. She also got a lot soppier - usually she isn’t too keen on us being close but she’s been letting us scratch her all over and was very patient while we watched her calf take his first steps. He managed to suckle then fell straight asleep! Since a tiny cute moo

L’appel du Vide (Chapter 1)

Part 1 of The Miraculous Adventures of Adrienbug and Chat Mari, a powerswap AU that I could not stop.

Also available on: Ao3 | FF

Chapter Title: The Lucky Bug
Summary: After seven nights of running across the rooftops of Paris, Ladybug could confidently say he was beginning to get the hang of things.

Adrien was still getting used to the whole superpowers thing.

After all, it’s not every day he’s approached by a tiny sprite who tells him that he’s been chosen to bear the mantle of Ladybug before pressing a magical stone into his hand. A stone that turns into a white ring before his eyes that fits perfectly and just so happens to be a conduit for superpowers.

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