she's been filming for about 3 weeks now

uberhaxornova x reader

prompt: “I was wondering if you could do a fic where reader is a creature, and she and James are in a secret relationship, and they accidentally say/do something really cutesy/couply while filming something, and everyone finds out about them. Thank you! <3”

after rereading the prompt just now i realize i completely misread the prompt before writing… orz 

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Jason’s Pre-Saturn Awards Periscope

I cut the stuff that wasn’t series relevant.

Is Alycia coming back?

Jason: Not telling you whether Alycia is coming back. Sorry.

When is The 100 coming back?

Jason: The 100 is coming back in mid season so we’re not sure yet if whether that’s January, February, or March. But it’s going to be mind blowingly cool.

What’s The 100 nominated for?

Jason: We are nominated for

(camera toward Joy)

Joy: Hi, can I be on this with you?

Jason: This is my wife, by the way.

Joy: Hi!

Jason: The real showrunner, the shadow showrunner.

Joy: What’s The 100 nominated for? A Saturn award.

Jason: Yeah, for Best Youth Oriented Sci Fi.

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My heart is breaking. Sharon is in pieces - she’s heartbroken. She’s so upset and so sad about all this. And she’s trying to keep a straight face and be okay, but she can’t. This has been her life for over 3 years now. And she has to be the last person on-set, and she’s had to watch everyone slowly leave the show over the last few weeks. And she’s gonna be the last one, and she’s gonna have to look around the set for the last time, taking in all the memories, and try to film that last scene. She’s the last one and she’s gotta do it today. I love you, Sharon Rooney. Big hugs and kisses. xxxxx