she's beautiful when she cries


You play? A little

I don’t mean to sound jealous or anything but… HOW IN THE WORLD IS MELISSA ABLE TO LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE CRIES?!!

I shit you not, every single time she started crying during 7x10, I just thought, “God she looks so majestic and flawless.” She’s always gorgeous of course but lord, she even looks like a damn goddess while crying…

I mean look at the amazing and beautiful perfection that is Melissa McBride:

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And then there’s me crying:

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She is just so freaking perfect in every way. I can’t take it!!

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Hi MN, re: Kristen's acting ability, my viewing of "Speak" was the first time I had seen or heard anything about Kristen Stewart. I watched that movie mesmerized by her talent & beauty. I felt everything she felt, I cried when she cried, I felt alone when her friends abondoned her, & scared when her attacker approached her. She conveyed on screen what it was truly like for a teenager to be raped without saying a word. Now, that's a great actress...if you can do that, you're truly great! Chloe M

Hey Chloe…I absolutely was riveted watching Speak.

It wasn’t until years later, after seeing BD1 and researching Kristen’s filmography that I put the girl from Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor, Speak, Zathura, The Messengers, In the Land of Women and Twilight as the SAME PERSON!

I’d seen ALL these films and appreciated every one of them never once questioning the acting of the young girl/woman at the time of seeing them.

It wasn’t until Twilight that ppl started questioning her acting skills. I blame this on several things and not at ALL on Kristen’s skills as an actress. Were the Twilight scripts the best? NO…

But mostly I blame this on jealous assholes. The jealous asshole Twilight fans that had a different actress in mind and never “forgave” Kristen for landing the role. Trust me when I say, NO one but the actress they wanted cast whoever that may have been, would have suited them. And though this mythical better Bella was likely different for them all they could all gather together in mutual hate for Kristen.

The other ppl I blame are the jealous fans that could not accept that Rob loved Kristen not just as a co-star but as the woman he loved! They’ve never forgiven her for this even the ones (especially the ones) that believe Rob’s moved on.

So these ppl remain butthurt and can’t admit that they are wrong about Kristen and her obvious talent.

Though I do believe that some like the grudging anon have finally had to admit that she actually does have talent but they can’t allow themselves to recognize that it’s been there all along! An actress with little to no talent that’s just “now” starting to improve would NOT have worked, with as little as a two year break, since starting her career at the age of 9 YEARS OLD!

46 CREDITS to her name thus far…that’s 2.7 movie per year for the past 17 years! I dare for someone to find me a bad actor that’s worked that steadily and consistently for so long!

I forgot to ask her bedroom walls if they had seen more tears than laugh lines. I forgot to ask her bathroom walls if they had seen more blood pour from her body than silly faces in the mirror. I forgot to ask her shower if it could see a difference between the running water and the tears racing down her cheeks.  I forgot to ask her why she never ate and why she was getting so thin. I forgot to ask her why she didn’t like talking about anything. I forgot to ask her if she knew that she was still beautiful even when she cried and when she was hurting badly and her skin was pale from feeling nothing at all.  There was a lot I forgot to ask and she isn’t here anymore for when I remember.

Bellarke week - Day 6 - Favorite chemistry moment

↳ 1x08 - Clarke convinces Bellamy to stay.

“We’ll figure something out.”

“Can we figure it out later.”

Okay, you guys are going to laugh at me, but I just got the parallel between the Stydia scene in Formality and the scene where he tells her she looks beautiful when she cries.

The first time, at the dance, Lydia is perfectly, carefully constructed. She is dressed for a formal, she is attempting to look her best, she is definitely trying to get Jackson to notice her in a positive way. This is probably the pinnacle of Lydia attempting to make herself look good, and Jackson just blows her off. But Stiles? “Well I think you look beautiful,” he says, and she melts, because she tried to and there’s this boy who is telling her that she succeeded in that, and even if it’s not the right boy, this is the one who’s here for her.

Then there’s the scene where Stiles runs up to Lydia when she’s in her car, and she’s a mess because nothing is going the way she wants it to and Jackson is treating her terribly and she’s acting insane and she doesn’t know why. She wants to hide from literally everything, which is the reason she’s crying in her car. Lydia’s life is totally out of control, and right then, nothing about her feels beautiful.

And then this annoying kid who’s friends with Allison’s boyfriend, and who once told her she looked beautiful when every hair was in place, comes up to her and wants to hear her talk and wants to tell her that everything might be okay and she can let him listen to her. And he says, when Lydia is feeling totally out of control, so un pretty, that she looks beautiful when she cries. She’s a mess, and he still thinks she’s gorgeous.

Lydia melts because she’s supposed to be put together all the time, like she was at the dance, but even when she’s not, it’s okay. Someone still thinks she’s beautiful. It’s the same guy who knows she’s smart. And still thinks she’s beautiful.

There’s kind of a pattern here, and it’s the best kind.

I watched her grow with me.
But she grew differently …
She grew more beautifully .
More beautiful than many things.
She was more like nature.
Water falls when she cried .
Trimming hair and clipping weeds.
The ocean could be calming with hardly a noticeable tide .
Or rampant with passion.
large waves like youve never seen.
She could be a calm shimmering brook.
Or the most visited forest path .
She grew into something so amazing but when mad you could surely feel her wrath .
Hurricanes, earthquakes and
tornados .
Thunderstorms , tsunamis
and volcanoes .
But i walked along side her.
Never leaving my space beside her.
Sure i needed my coat umbrella and
boat .
Sometimes i even took notes .
But i made a promise i would be there for her no matter what to help and to hold.
To carry and love.
And to watch her grow.