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Drawing-break: Sophie Hatter, from Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle. I love the film, but I love how she talks to the hats in the book!

Guess who I drew!! Again!! Because I love her!!!!!


got to design a room for my fav mad scientist from bh6! she’s such a fun character, i need to check out the comic sometime 😊

As dark as the most fruitful soil, the Mother-Goddess Mokoš is the most adored and worshipped goddess of the old Slavs.
She is the wet earth and the burning Sun, bringing life to the Earth and caring for her children. Like all mothers, she received the highest respect and adoration from all people, for motherhood was recognised as the most important role in the society. To love the Earth is to love your Mother, and she will care for you in return.

  • Yukimura: I wasn't THAT drunk last night.
  • Shingen: You were flirting with MC.
  • Yukimura: So? She's my fiancee!
  • Shingen: You asked her if she was single.
  • Shingen: And then cried when she said she wasn't.

the crossroads have seen too many girls
willing to sell their souls
for a beauty that already belonged to them.

a liminal space
where boundaries thin like wisps of smoke
in early dawn light.

but there is beauty in this too, soft pastel colours,
a quiet empty echo of laughter and then darkness,
encompassing and heavy, pressing into lungs
but still radiant somehow.

for now demons count souls
like dollar bills held close to devil red chests, smiles curling
because they think that they’ve won.

but one day those girls will see past black ringed promises
bartered at an intersection of road,
down to the skin that was already perfect
and that quiet empty echo of a soul that had been perfect too.

hell will see.
the four horsemen are nothing
compared to an army of girls ready to reclaim what is theirs.

l.s. | LIMINAL SPACE © 2017 

Friendly reminder to never let yourself get addicted to getting new pets. It’s exciting and fun but never use that as a coping method.

  • Mari: Give me a D give me an O give me a L give me a P give me a H give me an I give me a N give me a S put them all together and what does it spell
  • Sohinki: shut the fuck up
  • Lasercorn: cocaine!
  • Boze: dick
  • Flitz: anal douching
  • Wes: tuna
  • Joven: I cant spell

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recs??


i’m so very glad you asked :’) okay but in all seriousness. there are so many talented writers in the skk fandom like i read them all and die a little each time cause bless 

Okay so i haven’t personally read this fic yet, but i’ve only heard good things about it so Find something worth dying for( and learn how to live) by Kibasix. If you’re familiar with senren on tumblr, she basically is in love with this author so i recommend checking it out! 

Basically anything and everything by Kuranoa. Do u like suffering with a touch of smut, this is the author for you. Writes such hot smut as well as beautifully done angst like oh my god, please do yourself a favor and read retrace cause im so in love with that fic. *sells soul to retrace* 

Noir  - if you’ve been in the fandom for a long time, you’ve probably heard of this fic at least once. Chuuya’s characterization is completely spot on, and the way it’s written is just so beautiful, i can’t begin to describe it with my words. Also the ending to this fic caused me so much pain, I had to suppress my memory and forget it ever happened :’) Actually anything by Adargo is a good choice. The way she paints imagery is one of the beautiful things i’ve ever read. 

The City Where the Wind Blows - A beautiful, beautiful fic with one of the most talented characterizations I’ve seen done of Dazai and Chuuya. I love this fic so much not only because of the characterization of everyone involved, but also because of the pacing of the story that hits you right in the face at its climax. Please read this. It’s such beautiful pain. 

Everything by Memos. Oh my god, their smut is so freaking hot like I melt each time I read it. Not to mention the storylines for all of them are so well done and well paced like how do you do it. please teach me. Also the dirty talking in these fics. oh my god A+++ 

Also everything by Insomnia_Productions. So one of you asked me about fluff and this is the person to turn to. They write such amazing fluff like I want to cry over how pure everything is like honestly bless all their works for the pure fluff. Especially Not Safe For Work. Don’t let the title fool you, this fic is pure fluff and I absolutely adore it. 

Every single mafia boss Dazai fic by writingfromtheshadows. Dude their smut is so hot as well like MMM LAY IT ON ME. Also I’m a huge sucker for mafia boss Dazai and their fics just nail it right on the spot,. they’re just that good. Not to mention their angst is also top notch. A++ 

Mother by whisperingwinds99. this unique fic is told by Kouyou’s point of view and is one of my absolute favorites by this author. Watching skk grow up from kouyou’s standpoint is something i’ve never seen done before, and this fic just killed it with the way it was written. also their other skk words are also really good but this is my favorite one. 

Again this is by no means a cohesive list of the many amazing fics that are out there but here are some that come to mind~ 

  • someone: i think kai has a gf bc he alwas on his phone and has driving license and also personal vehicles, and he doesn't like being followed by fans when he's outing with one of his close friends
  • people: OMG YES IT MAKES SENSE OFC HE HAS A GF OPPA HAS GF WHY /cry han river, sobbing endlessly
  • kaisoo: /whispering so close, lips almost touching the other's ear
  • kaisoo: /throwing not-so-secret glances with a kicked puppy expression if one of them plays with other members
  • kaisoo: /mentions the other's name even tho the interviewer doesn't ask about that person
  • kaisoo: /trying to catch each other attention by doing silly things - like dancing, or laughing while "accidentally" falling to the side to the other's body
  • kaisoo: /constantly touching each other - like trying to brush the other's hair but stopped bc fans screamed
  • kaisoo: /almost all the time have their bodies glued together
  • people: lol kaisoo is dead
  • someone: also remember kai said "cute person could wear cute outfit", i bet it's a sign that he has a gf
  • kaisoo: /accidentally blurted out the other is cute and ended up getting judging stare from byun baek
  • someone: oh btw exo is ungrateful to their fans and kai has ugly skin he should bleach it
  • kaisoo shippers: guys calm down, kaisoo is still alive and kai's skin is beauti-
Before her,
I never knew anything but shatter.
I was bruised knuckles and
broken glass, I'd given up
on trying to put myself back together.
But she was the purest form of
hope I’ve ever known. 
She helped me pick up the pieces. 
I owe it all to her. Her smile, her laugh,
her love, her light in the darkness.
Before her, 
I was nothing.
She’s made me so much more.
—  Before Her, for inkonapagepoetry after two amazing years of friendship by Auriel Haack