she's basically made it so that i have to lean forward in the desk chair because she wants to sit in it with me

Newsies at the Muny

So, I have had the amazing opportunity to see Newsies at the Muny this week. This show is incredible, but its so impressive because the cast had ten days to rehearse/learn lines before opening night. so heres some things that i noticed that are different from the broadway productions/things i just really liked.

Here’s a picture of the two set pieces they used a lot-when they’re pushed together, they were the lodging house.

in the opening song, you can see the rest of the newsies sleeping against the poles on the bottom level while Jack and Crutchie sing.

Danny Quadrino playing Crutchie again was so amazing because he already has such a thorough grasp on the character-the ‘watch me run’ was so giddy, but directly after that he looked so sad, not only in his face but his body language made him look just…dejected i guess.

when Crutchie went down when the circulation gates opened for the first time, immediately someone (i can’t remember who) grabbed him and helped him to his feet

Les was picked up so much by everyone throughout the show-the first time being when Jack strikes his deal with him, Jay picked up Gabe and stood him on the wagon so Gabe was taller than him. 

Les didn’t look to Davey for confirmation when Jack said ‘60/40′, he just made the deal himself


instead of sounding scared on ‘is that the guy you’re meetin’?’, this Les just sounded curious, like he wanted to know what Jack was going to do

on ‘not even me, Miss Medda?’, Jay leaned over the railing and put his arms out from his sides and it was adorable

in That’s Rich (first of all Ta’rea was incredible), Les was sitting on his heels at the side of the backdrop, but kept on inching closer as the song went on

I Never Planned On You/Don’t Come A-Knocking started in the box, but Katherine moved down to stage level to watch the show from backstage, and that’s where Jack started to draw her

the line ‘they was coronas’ didn’t sound like Race was defending himself, but like he was bragging about the fact that he got coronas

after Les said ‘we got a father, too!’, one of the newsies (damon is the actor’s name, i don’t know which newsie he played) gave him a little bow

instead of writing STRIKE on the heading board, Jack wiped the chalk dust away to form the word

on ‘whaddya call these guys?’, i heard one of the guys do a sing-song ‘hellooooo’

World Will Know was just…so good

at one point in Watch What Happens, Katherine was on a wheeling chair and she pushed herself away from her desk her desk was center stage and she made it to halfway off stage on stage right i was impressed 

Seize the Day was so good

the papers were really different-instead of individual papers, they had them in stacks. There was a little bit where Les was jumping from stack to stack after each newsie dropped their stack in front of him…the noise was pretty loud

Les got picked up several times

the fighting was really good-so much was happening at once

So i realized that Morris was the one to grab Crutchie first because he yelled ‘hey Oscar, look what I got’, and then one of the Delancy brothers yelled up to Jack basically the same thing which was ‘heyya jack, lookit what we got’

Danny Quadrino’s yelling ‘jack’ broke my heart, and so did Jay yelling back ‘crutchie’ in the most desperate of voices

after crutchie was arrested, some newsies ran back onstage being chased by one or two of the strike-breakers. they looked absolutely terrified 

Santa Fe almost made me cry

Act 2!!!

King of New York was so. good

each newsie got his own pape, bc katherine didn’t just bring one, she brought an ENTIRE STACK

they didn’t start tapping until after the whole ‘lets get drunk’ bit, meaning that you couldn’t hear the taps because they hadn’t turned the stage mics on yet

on ‘barbershop haircut that costs a quarter’ the actor took off his hat and shook his hair (he had fairly long hair)

THEY MOVED THE TABLES DURING THE SONG-they were the same configuration as the broadway production at the start (one in the middle and straight and two others, one on the left and the other on the right, slanted a little) but then they moved them to all be pushed together like one long table

also on the right and left sides they had Muny teens tapping alongside the cast it was great


danny quadrino is amazing and my heart hurts

also i have made several friends cry with my stupid analyzing of that song but i won’t put it here to save y'all from that

jack angstily painting is me okay y'all

the Pulitzer cartoon wasn’t a foot, but a hand pushing down on the newsies


the ‘and i got a date!’ line was delivered so perfectly oh my lord

during the scene change, they closed the front picture-like thing the Muny has for every production, and Les, Jack, and Davey all went behind it but Katherine was pulled to stay in front of it by Pulitzer

‘which one gives us more in common?’ got a round of applause

there was such a gasp from the audience when Pulitzer said ‘my daughter’

in brooklyn’s here, about four boys started at far stage left before a spotlight hit about 17 guys that were house right-the four guys met up with them and they traveled across the house before stopping at house left for the whole ‘borough what gave me birth’ bit, before going down an aisle to get back to the stage

at the rally there was the entire cast of newsies, plus Muny teens and kids.

when jack went to stage right to get his money, it was thrown on the ground for him to pick up

when Les saw the money, he put his arms out and looked really upset. Davey just looked dejected before pushing Les away

when katherine kissed jack, it got a whoop from someone in the free seats

something to believe in sounded soooo good. also at the end, the set piece they were on spun to the back (bc the Muny has something similar to what hamilton does-a floor that can spin) and they were kissing until they stopped moving again


they did the toss thing and it was great

so they each got their papes, right? and they all headed to the top of that set piece above to sing

on ‘this is for kids shining shoes in the street with no shoes on their feet every day’, the kids who you can kind of see on the bottom of that set piece in the picture started to walk forward, oldest first. they all walked with their heads cast downwards

on ‘ten thousand kids in the square’, the lights went up and all the kids snapped their heads up from their feet

then, they all crouched/squatted/sat on ‘joe, you is gonna play fair, once and for all’

the cast that was on the set made their way down and as the whole  ‘there’s change coming once and for all. you’re getting too old, too weak to keep holding on’ thing started, they each handed a pape to a kid on the ground (each handed out like two or three)

as each kid got their pape, they would read it, and stand up with their fist in the air

on the last chord, everyone punched their fist in the air

also none of the teens/kids sang during Once and For All, it was all the cast/offstage singers

‘he doesn’t do happiness, does he?’ was SO WELL-DELIVERED

jay’s impression on ‘its a compromise we can all live with’ wasn’t as harsh as corey’s, but it was spot-on with how Davis Gaines had said the line earlier


when crutchie came back there was so much celebrating

also jack and crutchie had the BEST HUG IVE EVER SEEN I LOVE THEM    

crutchie giving snyder handcuffs was amazing i loved it


and now here’s some pics of the cast being goofballs backstage/bowing

i love jack sippel he’s great

thats during king of new york btw

in conclusion, newsies at the Muny was amazing and if they don’t do it again in a few years and have the show go for 10 days instead of 7 i will fight

also its like 2 in the morning. i started writing this at like 11:30. what.

Young!FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - Small Town Part 1

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A/N: Look, I know it’s cliché but I feel this story could be really great. I hope you guys stick around for this because I’ve got a good plan for this and I hope you like it as much as you liked ‘Oh Dear’. I rewatched the whole first season to see what I could pick up about the parent’s past and I’m trying my best to include what I can but most of this will be my own creation. 

Overall Summary: Being the new girl is hard when all the attention seems to be drawing back to you even when you’re determined to stay under the radar. 

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Alice x FP, Alice x Hal, Fred x Hermione, Fred x Mary, Hermione x Hiram, basically a lot goes on in this fic

Word count: 2,607

Warnings: Some strong language

“Honestly, Mom, you are the only woman I know who didn’t improve her situation by getting a divorce.” You shared a sideways look with your mother as you carried in the last of the boxes to your new house. 

“Stop being so dramatic, (Y/n). The town is lovely, I grew up here, everyone here is nice, it’s got a decent school. You’ll love it.” Your mom rolled her eyes at you, dusting herself down as she brought in the last box. 

“It may be lovely, Mother but it’s not Chicago or Los Angeles. Somewhere exciting. If you had just fought Dad a little harder we could have gotten enough money to live like celebrities.” You fell back onto the couch, heaving out a sigh. 

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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



You were tired and emotionally drained for what felt like the entire next week. With no classes to go to, and a job not available to you, you found yourself in the flat far more in one week than you felt you’d been there in the past month. You didn’t wear pants, drank a lot of hot cocoa, and caught up on way too much Netflix for things to be healthy.

Harry helped you clear everything from your bed – all your notes and textbooks and notebooks and extra papers and quizzes you’d kept to study just in case. He spent three days carefully organizing all of it on your desk and putting papers into folders and putting different textbooks all in order alphabetically.

You knew he was only doing it because he wanted to be near you to watch out for you without suffocating you or asking you if you were okay. You were just exhausted, and even when you walked – which was usually at a purposeful and quick speed that even Harry had to jog to keep up with from time to time – had slowly significantly to a languid and purposeless stroll.

So you allowed him to do his little organizing, stopping every once in a while to read a paper, or flip through the marked and worn pages of your textbooks. It occurred to him the ridiculous and meticulous amount of work you’d put into knowing every little thing, and he wondered if maybe it had just gotten to the point where you’d just started memorizing your textbooks. He couldn’t remember a time he’d ever worked this hard in his life. Sure, memorizing scripts or writing songs was difficult, but he always had others to back him up. And you were on your own. Your entire education was on your shoulders.

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Woman - Spencer Reid

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hello sweet cupcakes.  this one is inspired by Woman by Daddy Harry Styles and i love him more than i will ever love myself :) 


word count: 2,607

You drove Spencer Reid absolutely mad. Everything about you was so alluring, but yet most of your free time in work was spent laughing with, touching, and cutting up with one of the I.T. men, Mark. It was so frustrating to Spencer to try to court you but it had little to no effect. He was under the impression that he was a friend and nothing more.  

You worked in the same FBI building as Spencer and you basically did any and all legal paperwork that needed to be done for the Behavioral Analysis Unit to be sure that there was not any legal conflicts.  You were sort of like their own persona attorney in the building, and you were a treasured employee.  Spencer admired the knowledge you had on the legal field and he was always so interested in what you had to say.  You adored this about him, how he could sit there and listen to you speak for a limitless amount of time.  

Little did Spencer know, you were equally infatuated with him as he was with you.  Every little quirk he had, all his lame jokes and obsession with reading and Halloween, you adored it.  Spencer was the bane of your existence as he was not even aware.  Perhaps it was that you were simply horrible at giving signs, or that Spencer was mildly oblivious of any signs of affection.  Either way, it always discouraged you from him.  

On this particular day, as you pouted in you private office, you wanted nothing more than to listen to Spencer’s voice as he spoke about something you did not know a thing about.   Your head rested against the large oak desk in your office as soft music played from your desktop.  Today, you wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed, with your cat, and binge watch The Office.  Instead, you sat in your office, reading Agent Hotchner’s report on his most recent case, looking for any sort of trouble or dispute between the team and members of the local police department that called them in.  

A small knock on your door jolted you from your minor nap, and you quickly made yourself look busy as you called out, “Come in!”  

Slowly, the door of your office opened to reveal an eccentric looking Penelope Garcia and a bored Emily Prentiss.  “Can I help you?”  You asked with a faint smile.  

Penelope walked into the room and sat in front of your desk in one of the two chairs.  “Yes, actually.” 

Emily followed in suit, seemingly to be more awake now.  “About a fun topic.”  She insisted with a smirk on her lips.  

You folded your hands in front of you and narrowed you eyes.  “And what would that be, ladies?”  You asked, trying to be formal with your friends.  They saw right through your false demeanor and treated you just the same.  

“Spencer Reid.”  Emily said, raising an eyebrow. 

You furrowed your eyebrows.  “Why?  Is everything all right?”  You questioned quickly and found yourself to be leaning forward at the mentioning of his name.  Whenever they left on missions, and you got a call, you immediately worried that someone would be hurt, especially Spencer.  He was your kryptonite.  

Penelope crossed her arms full of bangles.  “If by all right, you mean a totally pitiful mess, then yes, he is all right.”  She muttered and glared at you.  You knew she was not truly mad, but just bothering you for fun.  

“Pardon?”  You asked, shocked at her words.  

Emily chuckled softly.  “What we are trying to say is that it is time for you to stop acting as if you do not have the biggest crush on Spencer.”  She reasoned and crossed one leg over the other. 

Your mouth fell open, surprised.  You had nothing at all to say, because the words would not form for you.  “Do not act like you do not know what we are talking about!  Spencer does not realize that Mark is gay and he thinks that you are head over heels for Mark instead of him!”  Penelope cried.  “It is time for my OTP to be together and if you do not accept that, I will make it happen myself.”  She threatened and pointed her finger at you.  

Uncontrollable laughter spilled from your mouth.  You could not believe the words she said!  “He really doesn’t know that Mark is gay?”  You laughed loudly, covering your face.  “The poor thing, he makes my heart so happy.”  You admitted.  You face was flushed and the two girls looked at you confused.  

“What is so funny?”  Emily asked and narrowed her eyes at you.  Obviously, she did not understand your humor.  

You straightened yourself out and sighed.  Your laughing had ceased and you had a poker straight look on your face.  “I am laughing because there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that the sweet Dr. Reid has any sort of romantic feelings for me.” You muttered and shuffled through your papers, looking for nothing in particular.  

Penelope rolled her eyes at you through her large colorful glasses. She did not speak, but instead, allowed Emily to.  “I do not understand how you got your degree and went to law school but be so foolish all the same, (Y/N).”  She said, exasperated,  and threw her hands up.  

“But, you do admit you have feelings for him?”  Penelope questioned.  

You blushed, and ducked down, looking at your papers.  “I never said that.”  You muttered and played with the corner of the document you were researching.  You didn’t actually admit it, had you?  Your worst kept secret, you finally spoke aloud?  

Emily perked up, smiling.  “You do!”  She accused and stood.  

You stood as well, walking around your desk and standing close to the two of the,  “No, no!  You will not interfere with my relationships and love life.  Remember I am your superior and all it takes is one paper to slip through the cracks and one of you could be interviewed by the board.  Especially you, Miss Garcia.”  You threatened with a blush on your face.  You never really threatened anyone because you were more peace loving than aggressive, but the situation require it in this point.  

Penelope smiled wicked.  “Not a thing will be done, my pretty face.”  She said and whisked herself from the room quickly with Emily in tow.  

Emily looked at you and mouthed a quick “I’m sorry,” as Penelope dragged her away.  

You sighed heavily and sat down at your desk again with your head in your hands.  


A week and a half has passed since your talk with Penelope and Emily and nothing suspicious has happened.  You were grateful for this, but it also took a mental toll on you.  The team had left for a big case in Atlanta and were due back any minute now, and you were rushing to finish the paperwork for them to sign and return to you to file.  Usually, you had it finished hours before they were due back and had it on their desks with more than enough time.  

This was not the case today.  

You had only Derek Morgan’s left to do, and it made you feel sick to your stomach as you rushed to finish the documents with the information Agent Hotchner had provided for you.  You finished typing away furiously, and printed the paper quickly and saved it to your database.  You paper clipped it and stood from your desk to deliver the papers to all of the team’s desks before they returned.  

After all the papers were placed on their respectful desks, you returned to your office and collapsed in your chair, immediately kicking off the black heels you wore to make yourself look taller.  You slipped your pink slipped on instead that kept their place under your desk and put your head into your hands.   

It felt like hours had passed as you breezed through work, trying to get as much done before you planned to head home at around seven o’clock that night.  Another light knock at the door interrupted you.  “Come in,”  you called and set your pen down and leaned back in your comfortable chair.  

Spencer Reid entered, not wanting to look at you.  He held the paperwork in your hand and you were alarmed.  Normally, you didn’t expect the paperwork to be finished until the next day at the soonest.  “You’ve finished reading it already?”  You asked in shock. 

Spencer nodded.  “I have, but there is one mistake that makes an entire paragraph inaccurate.”  He said stiffly as he stood at the doorway.  

“Well, come in, then.  And please shut the door, it is absolutely freezing out there.  I do not know how you handle it.”  You laughed and motioned for him to sit down in the chair in front of your desk.  

Slowly, Spencer did as he was told and sat stiffly in your chair.  “Section Six, Paragraph three you have the victim’s name incorrect.”  He said quickly and stared down at the paper.  You spun your chair around quickly to your second desk against the wall, where your computer with two screens sat.  

“Oh, I see.  Funny, I only got that incorrect on your documents.  My apologies, Spence.”  You said softly and fixed it quickly and pressing print.  You spun back around, looking at him.  He stared at your certificates on the wall, examining everything but you.  “Is there something wrong?  You are acting like I killed a puppy.”  You muttered sadly and grabbed the documents when they finished printing.  You paper clipped them and tossed them to Spencer. 

Spencer finally glanced at you with a sad look on his face.  “Why have you not told me that you and Mark were seeing one another?”  He questioned and narrowed his eyes at you jealously.  

“Pardon?”  You asked, rolling you eyes.  “Honestly, Spencer, I thought you were more intelligent than this.  Mark is gay, and I am not interested in him.  I am interested in someone else in the office.”  You tell him bitterly and crossed you arms as you leaned back in your chair.  

Alarmed, Spencer looked up.  “Who is it?”  He asked. 

“Why do you care to know?”  You retorted quickly, raising an eyebrow.

For a long time, Spencer was silent as he sat there in your office, looking for the correct words to say.  You waited patiently, picking at your nails, trying to seem uninterested and not as if you were going to throw up at any minute, which was quite the possibility.  

Spencer looked at you finally, and opened his mouth to speak.  “I would like to know who interests you because I know quite well someone in the office is very interested in you as well.”  He said dumbly and sounded nothing at all like the Spencer you knew. 

You rolled your eyes and stood, walking to the jacket hook on the wall and pulling your petticoat down.  You slipped in onto your shoulders and grabbed your purse, standing at the door.  Spencer watched you curiously, not sure on how to react.  

“Well, are you coming?”  You finally asked and smiled widely.  

Not sure what you were referring to, Spencer stood.  “Where?”  He asked and tossed the incorrect copy of papers into the bin by the door. 

You smiled coyly.  “To dinner.  There’s this great Indian place that is open 24 hours that this reallt great guy told me about.”  You offered, but smirked at your own reference of Spencer in it.  

He looked surprised, but opened the door for you and motioned for you to leave first.  “Just let me grab my jacket.”  He told you with a large smile and a blush on his face.  


As you sipped your cocktail, you watched Spencer’s mouth move with every word he spoke.  There was no doubt that you two were attracted to one another, but neither of you wanted to speak of it first.  He was babbling on about a recent article that came out about global warming and its effects.  You were not really listening, and did not really care too much, but you loved to hear him speak.  His words flowed so well and the way his lips moved so indicatively, you enjoyed it.  

“I am talking too much, aren’t I?”  Spencer finally asked as he looked down at his hands with a blush on his cheeks.  

You smiled brightly and shook your head.  “No, of course not.”  You said and swirled the stirrer around your drink.  

Spencer blushed further and shifted uncomfortably.  “I tend to not realize when I babble on.”  He told you and tucked his long hair behind his ear.  “I suppose at some points in time, I am rather loquacious.”  He said with a chuckle.  

You hummed and nodded.  “It is fine.  I enjoy hearing you speak.”  You admitted to him and glanced up through your eyelashes.  Spencer raised an eyebrow and smiled, watching your every move.  “As you were saying in my office earlier, about the colleague that had interests in me.  Do you mind filling me in as to who that is?”  You asked and watched his face change colors right before you.  You laughed gently at this. 

Your date shifted and avoided eye contact.  “I think you know the answer as well as I do, (Y/N).”   He said softly and licked his lips.  

Watching him squirm was just edging you on.  “Perhaps I do.  I would like to hear it from you, for confirmation, of course.”  You told him and bit you bottom lip slowly.  

Spencer frowned and swallowed hard.  He was silent for a moment.  “The thought of you and Mark being together made me feel so jealous.  I had never been jealous before and I did not know how to handle it.   I wish you could see, the shape I was in when I saw him touching your skin.”  Spencer said lowly and sighed.  “I wanted to be him.”  He said softly and looked away.  

You smiled softly and nodded.  “Mark has been trying to give me pointers as to how to tell you that I like you.”  You said so gently that Spencer almost didn’t hear you. 

“You do?”  He asked, hopeful.  

You nodded and blushed, smiling down to your cocktail.  “Quite a bit, actually.”  

Spencer smiled brightly and reached his hand across the table, taking yours, and rubbing his thumb across the top of your hand.  “It would be an absolute pleasure to take you on an official date.”  Spencer told you as the waitress dropped the check off.  Both you and Spencer reached for it. 

You snatched it quickly, just before Spencer could, and smirked.  “What?  Like you just said, this isn’t an official date.”  You told  him and quickly paid and left a tip before standing.  Spencer stood with you, shaking his head, and walked with you towards the exit.  

A large smile was on your face as he began to walk you  to your car.  “So, you will call me?”  You asked him hopefully as you finally got to your car.  

With a nod, Spencer smiled.  “Of course.”  He said gently.  

You smiled in return, before standing on your toes and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.  “Goodnight, Spencer.”  You said as you climbed into your car and started it up.  You waved once more, before leaving Spencer with a goofy smile on his face.  

“Goodnight.”  He murmured before putting his hands in his pockets and walking down the sidewalk to his car.  He was never as at ease until now. 

Routine Part One (Lin x Fem!Reader)

I AM SO SORRY. I would’ve had this out earlier, but I went on a band trip to Disney World. I thought I would have this done before I left but I wasn’t satisfied with it.

YAY!! MY FIRST CAST FIC!!! Also, just saying this now, I am a sucker for young Lin. Like it’s a big problem.

This is going to be a multiple part thing, so be ready for that. I really hope you guys enjoy this, love you!!

Prompt List//Request Something//Masterlist

(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)

requested: no

Prompts used:

150) It is too early for you to be this loud.

Summary: Reader and Lin have the same routine every day. Go to school, bicker all throughout 1st period, ignore each other for the rest of the day until seventh period where they bicker again, repeat. This keeps happening until one day they have to work together to save the arts program at their school. Their routine is very different after that.

Warnings: high school bullies, teen!lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everyone being a jerk

Words: 1553

Originally posted by purelintrash

You walk into your first period class on a Monday morning during your senior year with a coffee in hand, which is the only thing keeping you from keeling over from exhaustion. You say hello to your English teacher, and sit in the back row like you do everyday. 

You grab your books out of your backpack and lay your head down on the desk, like you did every morning.

And just like every morning. Lin came in singing Les Mis at the top of his lungs which makes the girls in your class swoon. Once upon a time, hearing him sing would have made you do the same thing, but now all it makes you want to do is barf.

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things about my "natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812" experience

-before the prologue, the main cast (minus josh, denee, and nicholas) came out and danced around saying hi to people

-THE PROLOGUE, everybody came up and around the aisles (i had an aisle seat). one of the ensemble dudes came up real close and sang right next to me -pierre raises his fist at the end of “pierre”. and when he sings “i’m different from you”, he doesn’t cry it out, and says kinda said it softly 

-during Moscow, denee and brittain were teasing around and making fun if marya’s entrance my bowing around and giggling when they said each other’s name

-during Moscow, Marya literally waves off Sonya’s intro; they also keep in the squeak 

-during “the private and intimate life of the house”, when bolkonski says “powdered wig”, he kinda slaps the wig, and powder flies up around him from it

-also in “tpailofh”, mary is basically crying the entire time. when she sings wondering if she’ll ever be anyone’s wife, she pulls up someone from the stage chair, and kinda shows him off to her father. and when bolkonski is looking for some “young french thing”, he too finds someone from the audience and kisses them all sloppily 

-during “natasha and bolkonskis”, gelsey and denee take stools from the side of the stage and manuever them into a table around people and pretend to be kind to each other 

-during “no one else”, denee didn’t sing as sharp as she does on the soundtrack, she sang it a lot softer and solemn. i cried at the “you and i"s. she’s bathed in blue “moonlight” the entire time. 

-when denee says “and flying away…like this,” she seems to lift herself up and somehow float down to the next step all gracefully 

-after pierre says “no i am enjoying myself at home this evening” in the opera, he fistbumps the air like he did in “pierre” 

-the opera scene is absolutely terrifying. someone in a black cape came down the aisle and scared the shit out of me

-also, after the main opera scene ends, everything is frozen and denee and brittain are up center stage, and denee jaw is open in awe

-when anatole walked in and stopped, he snapped his head with each beat, and then started walking down the stairs. he also kissed a woman’s cheek as he passed. 

-when dolokhov starts saying “drink, drink” he has glasses on a tray and a bottle, and he spins the tray and just pours the drinks and it looks pretty cool 

-during the duel, the fucking strobe lights are so intense, it was hard to see and it was fucking awesome, and a bunch of the ensemble laid down in the aisle. they were all wearing glow sticks and stuff like that 

-when pierre says “i used to love, i used to love, i used to be better”, he walks across the front mezzanine aisle, and i freaked out because josh was so close

-when helene says “he will kill you stupid husband”, she cries it out loudly and its kinda sad and intense 

-dust and ashes is absolutely beautiful 

-during “sunday morning”, when denee talks about how she sees a man in shadow, pierre is directly behind her in shadow 

-anatole sits on the piano during “the ball”. the ensemble dancers go around between the front and rear mezzanines. and girls/girls dance with each other and boys/boys dance together. and most of the ensemble have metallic animal heads on and it looks pretty cool 

-during “letters”, the ensemble passes out letters to some of the audience, and then they just sit down where they are. one of the ensemble members tried to give one to a lady and she didn’t take it so he just gave it to the lady next to her 

-also during letters, natasha and pierre sing “i see nothing but the candle in the mirror, no visions of the future, so lost and alone” and they stare at each other the whole time, and i died 

-when anatole says "just say yes…” before the last one, because natasha hasn’t answered yet, he does that impatient and “c'mon” motion with his hands

-the “whoa, whoah, whoah” that anatole does at the end of “balaga” was fantastic (i didn’t see lucas, it was josh canfield, and he was so good)

-the fucking abduction scene, so much better than the tony performance, it was so intense, the whole cast was there, it was awesome

-denee smashed the painting over balaga’s head again, but she was somehow cuter than the tony awards, which i didn’t think was possible

-marya and helene made out

-when anatole tells everyone to sit down, we could hear him whisper “here, here, scooch over” as he sat down next to one of the ladies on the stage

-when josh began his verse in “the abduction”, everyone paused, and he just chuckled before he continued

-when marya caught anatole coming in, the stage turned red, and she came through the big door at the top of the stage

-denee’s “don’t touch me”s were heartwrenching

-during “pierre and anatole”, pierre knocks over the fucking chair in anger, and knocks a bunch of books off his desk as he shakes anatole. then, towards the end, anatole, like a child, swipes all the rest of the papers off his desk. 

-after natasha drinks the poison, she screams in pain several times and runs for sonya, and it’s absolutely gut wrenching.

-during “pierre and natasha”, pierre is sort of following behind natasha as he says “open your heart to someone, not now but when your mind is clear, think of me…” and natasha turns around suddenly, and natasha and pierre are standing face to face really close,  and pierre says “pierre grew confused” pretty softly because it’s WHEN HE REALIZES THAT HE LOVES NATASHA

-denee’s cries were so fucking sad

-during the spoken bit in “pierre and natasha”, his voice broke when he said he wasn’t free, and he just barely whispered that he offered her his love (someone’s phone went off TWICE during this song and i wanted to kill them, i was so angry)

-in the final song, pierre is not fully illuminated under the comet, he is just barely illuminated by the light emitting from the comet. it looks like he’s outside. and he sang so softly.


-when she was getting passionate, denee would have a wide stance and kind lean forward, kinda like wonder woman’s stance minus the arms

-pierre followed denee a lot during her scenes when he was in the orchestra pit


Okay Anon, here it is. Side note: I had definitely wet my panties after writing this. 


It was well after 11am on a Saturday. Most on-duty members were already well into their shifts and the dauntless compound was buzzing with energy as other members went about their own weekend activities. As a senior member of Dauntless, you had the liberty to take the day off as well, but this Saturday was going to be much different than all the other Saturdays you had experienced before. 

You passed the pit and walked towards the stairs leading to the apartments; you had woken up earlier this morning to talk Tori for the last time before “it” happened, she was still cynical about it but offered you the support you had hoped she would. Not everybody liked Eric tough, straight forward, and dry character, but it was mostly because they just didn’t want to put up with it, unlike you. You were what most people called abrupt and blunt, but hey, you did and said what was necessary, even if it meant “hurting” others. 

You walked up the stairs and headed north towards the leaders’ section, your steps became more confident as you neared his door. You knocked twice before he opened the door with a stern look on his face. 

“Good morning, Eric.” You said as he moved aside to let you in. He closed the door behind you and followed you towards the leaving room. You stood there with your head held high confidently.

“Is there anything you would like to drink?” He said with the same stern face and his hands clasped in front of him.

“No, thanks. I’m fine.” You assured him.

“So?” He raised an eyebrow and waited for your answer.

“Let’s just get to it okay? I trust you with this.” You told him as you looked right into his eyes. 

“Okay, bedroom’s that way,” he motioned towards a door to the right of the living room. 

You turned your back to him and walked towards the door. He followed you in. You looked back at him as he took a sit onto a chair in front of his desk. He was waiting for you to make a move. You kind of appreciated that, he was allowing you to do this in your own pace, at least to some extent. You kicked off your shoes and put them aside. 

You looked up, caught his eyes, and started undressing. Taking off you black jacket and top to reveal your red lace bra, his eyes still locked to yours. You moved your hands lower and unbuttoned your pants, pulling it down to reveal the matching underwear. You folded your clothes and put them on the coffee table.

“I think you should lose the lingerie, it’s easier that way.” Eric said in a monotone voice. 

“Why? Don’t tell me it doesn’t turn you on a bit Eric,” you said jokingly. 

“We’re not here to get turned on Y/N,” he sent you a knowing glance. “I respect you as a potential leader, and admire your bravery, there are not many women in Dauntless who would think so freely about sex,”

“I know right? Like what does a piece of skin between my legs have to do with anything else in my life?” You shrugged as you sat on his bed. 

“Virginity is a stupid concept the old world used to suppress the most basic of human desires. Erudite scientists have already proven it to be as fake and useless as all their other ideas. like fucking democracy…What a joke.” He sounded surprised, as if he couldn’t believe the stupidity of the old world.

“I’m glad you think the same way, I know we don’t get to work together a lot and don’t know much about each other, but I appreciate having you here, as big of a pain in the ass you may be with your stoic posture and behaviour all the time, that’s why I thought to ask you to do this. I knew you’d want to get it over with as much as me.” You waited for a reaction. 

“Okay then, let’s get to business,” He got up and took off his vest. “The lingerie’s got to go Y/N,” 

You reached back and unclasped your bra as he took of his shirt. You couldn’t help but appreciate his body. You took off your panties and waited for him to finish. Once he was naked he turned and looked at you. 

“So I was thinking maybe you could tell me what you want, I’m not used to doing this kind of stuff kindly or you know…”

“Um, I don’t have much or I mean ANY experience doing this so…” You just lowered yourself on the bed and lay on your back, and move up a bit and put your head on a pillow. “Just do what you do with the rest Eric,”

“Are you wet?” He asked as he stood at the bottom of the bed looking at me. He was already semi-hard and rubbing himself to get ready for me. 

“What? No Eric what the fuck?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, I’ll just slip in easier if you’re wet. It’ll be easier for you too. You’re probably too tight down there already and we’ll need as much help as we can get, we both gotta be ready” He explained pointing at his own dick. His dick was glorious. It was almost 10 inches long and thick, surrounded by dark blonde bush. He kept rubbing it, his eyes were full of animalistic lust and he was getting impatient, but he was in full control of himself, typical Eric. 

“Ah why is this so complicated,” you huffed.

“Don’t tell me you have never masturbated before,” he raised an eyebrow in question. 

“I have Eric BUT…”

“Okay so just lean back and start rubbing your clit,” He said simply.  

You moved your hands towards your pussy, and to your own surprised found a pull of pussy juice ready to be released from behind your pussy lips. You found your clit and pressed on it with two fingers; you looked up at Eric and found him rubbing below his shaft. He was almost hard now. You shut your eyes and started rubbing your clit in circles. The sensation made you bite your lower lip and move your other hand to your nipples. You kept rubbing yourself and rolling your nipples between your fingers. You let out a whimper and opened your eyes. He was looking straight back at you now. With darks eyes and a mean look on his face, rubbing his chest with one hand while continuing to pleasure himself with the other. 

“I need you to come Y/N, your body needs to be relaxed so I can do my job properly,” He commanded.

“Ahhhh…” you moaned.

“I need you to rub yourself with more force Y/N,” he said.

Your fingers sped up and moved the wetness all over your pussy. Your walls started contracting as you bit your lips and swallowed a moan. You pushed your eyes closed and let your body ride out the waves of your orgasm. You opened your eyes as you calmed down and found Eric staring at you with an amused look, his cock still in his hands. 

“I think we can get to work now,” He leapt towards you and moved up the bed on all fours. You turned your face to the side to avoid looking at him and clenched your fists as you started feeling the warmth of his body over you as he moved between your legs. He first lowered his whole body until he had his face in the crook of your neck. You could smell his spicy yet cold scent, and his chest was almost touching your hard nipples.

Your neck was quiet uncomfortable so you decided to turn your neck to the other side, and that was when you caught his eyes trying to readjust yourself on the pillow. You looked right into his eyes and he stared back. Suddenly, you felt something pour down in your belly, and held your breath. 

“Eric I can’t, we shouldn’t. I mean I don’t want to see you when you do it,” You complained.” 

He lift himself using his strong, toned arms. You could see his leadership maze tattoos now. He looked down at you with a stern look and sat back.

“Turn around and lay down on your belly,” He commanded. You looked at him in surprise and gathered yourself after a few seconds. You list your hips and turned around, grabbing the metal headboard.

He pushed your legs together and straddled your back. He was almost sitting on your thighs just below your ass. You could feel his thick cock pressing against your ass.

“I will need to touch you Y/N,” He said. It was almost as if he was asking for your permission. 

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “Eric you’re going to fuck me for God’s sake, of course you can touch me,” you sounded a bit agitated. “You are allowed to touch me, yes.”

And with that he grabbed your hips and raised your ass towards his crotch. He started kneading your chicks in his hands, moving one hand up your spine to hold a shoulder. He used his other hand to move your ass chicks aside so he could access your pussy and touched you with his fingers. He played with the entrance of your vagina and got a bit of your pussy juice on his fingers. Then he moved his hands to his dick and rubbed his dick again, using your cum as a lubricant.  

“Here we go,” he said as he put his tip on your entrance and used his hands to guide him forward. His dick burned through your entrance and stretched your small hole, he did not hesitate to go all the way in a swift thrust forward past your barrier, and then stayed still. You curled your toes and bit into the pillow under your face to hide a scream. His grip on your shoulder tightened as he moved a bit back and then forward full force. You could swear you heard his balls slap your thighs.

“Ah shitttt…” You heard him hiss as he started to continue his movement in and out of your pussy. You were stinging down there and could feel his balls hit your thighs as he moved himself within you. Eric was losing his shit over your tight pussy. His breath was ragged and he was kneading your ass with his free hand, you knew he would leave bruises there. 

You started to moan as you got used to his consistent movement. “Mhmm fuck, Eric,” you said as you lift your head up and arched your back. Suddenly, his hand moved away form your shoulder and grabbed your neck and pushed you forward into the pillow. He sped up his movement and started slapping your butt with his other hand. You could hear him groan and rumble with every thrust. “Ah shit, fuck,” you couldn’t think about anything anymore.

The only thing you could see was your own hand clinging to the bed frame, the only sounds you could hear were his groans and the bed rocking. You were sweating. He grabbed your hair and wrapped it around his wrist and turned your head to the side. He lowered his torso just enough to see your face. He wasn’t good at communicating during sex, so he was checking to see if you were alright. After reassuring himself, he turned your face towards the bed frame and held his grip on your neck. 

He pumped in and out of you like a rabbit from behind with both his legs on either side of you. Your own legs were stuck together with sweat and you could feel his every single movement, in and out of your tight pussy, up and down your thighs. He was moving at the speed of light. In and out, in and out, in and out. 

You felt your pussy starting to clench around his cock as a knot formed in your lower stomach. Your pussy walls started to stroke his cock, and he muttered swear words under his breath. You were loosing your vision as he fucked your brains into oblivion with each thrust. He started to thrusting with his whole body as he neared his own climax.

You felt like losing your mind as your pussy started to clench almost non-stop around his thick dick. You were panting and biting your lips as you got closer to your orgasm, he kept up his fast pace, not caring at all about anything but driving his dick into your warm, wet pussy. You let out a short scream as your cum gushed out of your pussy, and rode out your orgasm with his dick still pumping you. You let go of your body and he grabbed both your hips and pulled your ass towards him with each thrust. His thrusts became shorter and faster and he pushed his nails into your hips as he came with loud, animalistic grunts. 

He stayed silent and still for a few moments before pulling out of you slowly and pulling himself up. You rest your head on his pillow and relaxed. You heard his bathroom door open and close, and then a faucet opening. He came out after a few minutes, you could hear him put on his clothes so you turned and lied on your back. 

He moved  to the side of the bed and bent down, with his hands on his knees. Then he moved his right hand down towards your thighs and pushed your left leg open. He moved further down the bed and examines your pussy. 

He noticed streams of blood and cum all over your pussy. He looked up into your eyes with a joyful but predatory look in his own, and smiled with satisfaction.

“Your cherry has definitely been popped Y/N.” 

Brats- A Zach Herron Imagine

Drabble: a short piece of writing around 100 words

Anna’s version of drabble: a medium short piece of writing around 1000 words

*As requested by @bessonbitch a.k.a my girl Kayla who’s lane IS NOT Zach Herron*

Drabble Prompt:

“If you were any shorter you’d fade out of existence.”

Warning: Foul Language (like a lot I’m v sorry but if you know Kayla she has the mouth of a sailor)

Word Count:1677

In which an unlikely power couple forms between a witty boy with letterman’s jacket and an affinity for teasing pretty girls, and a foul-mouthed girl with a leather jacket and an affinity for clever insults

(basically just an insult fest that ends kinda lowkey cute??)

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“Sharpie” Poly!Sincerely Three x Reader


Poly!Sincerely Three x Reader

Request: Hi! I hope I’m not bothering you but I was wondering if I could request a Sincerely three x reader? Like the reader is involved in a really bad car crash and the hospital wrongly report her death to the boys but they find out that the reader is actually alive and it was just a case of mistaken identity? I love your writing and I hope you have a lovely day! Xx

Thanks so much for the request! I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing Poly!Sincerely Three x Reader, it’s one of my favorite ships to write tbh.


Anyways, sorry I was a bit evil when writing this >:), but I hope you enjoy! Feel free to request anything else, my ask box is always open!! :D

Warnings: Depiction of a car crash, very sad times, descriptions of injuries, heavy swearing.


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mattsunflower  asked:

"wow, i didn't think you could make me smile this big" OR "you were a big piece of inspiration for this, honestly" with EITHER; iwaoi (obviously gotta have the Fave), tensemi (do you like this ship? i cant remember), bokuaka (🙏🏻), OR if you're up for a CHALLENGE!!!! S4!

5 times Iwaizumi can’t make Oikawa smile and one time he does.

(or alternatively: 5 times Iwaizumi doesn’t have his shit together and one time he does)

1. Oikawa’s smile is beautiful when it’s genuine. It’s more uncertain than his 24-karat of white teeth that he shows his countless of fangirls and the curious news reporters who started flocking around him since he made starter in the second half of his first year of high school. When it’s genuine, his eyes smile too, his cheeks dimple and he looks radiant; Iwaizumi always felt the need to look away. Look way before he falls in a hole so deep he can’t get back up.

Oikawa isn’t smiling at him right not, hasn’t smiled at him in that genuine pretty way in more weeks Iwaizumi can’t count.

Oikawa is frowning, his lips are pressed shut, pulled downwards, and there is a little crease between his eyebrows. He seems tense, every muscle on his body pulled tight like a spring. Iwaizumi stopped asking after the fifth or sixth Oikawa avoided answering.

Fukuhara clicks his tongue, “Earth to Iwaizumi!”

Iwaizumi’s attention snaps back to the girl in front of him. She’s leaning way into his personal space across his desk with curious eyes peeking from behind her bangs. “I lost you there for a second.” She smiles easily, prettily, and pushes a strand of hair behind her ear.

Fukuhara sits at the desk right in front of Iwaizumi. She’s friendly and carefree and the moment they’ve discovered their mutual love of action movies and ancient seinen manga, they’ve fallen into an easy, breezy friendship.

And somehow, the more she smiled, the more Oikawa frowned.

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Bolder Part 5

A/N: Hey sorry its taken so long I just had trouble getting into my writing groove. I hope that you guys are doing well and I am gonna ask that if I am tagging you in stuff if you will reblog it to get my stuff out there if you dont mind. This part is a little more angsty than the others but this entire series is supposed to have alot of emotion and insecurity in it. Its just really supposed to be part of the readers character. Anyway I wanted to shed some light in this story for what you are like and what you feel about being part of the Burr family.

Title: Bolder Part 5

Ratings: Teen

Warnings: The reader goes into something akin to a break down/ panic attack

Pairings:  Father!aaron burr x Daughter!reader, phillip hamilton x reader

Word Count: 1472 (a longer one since it took forever to post)

Editor:  @emocomrade-jpeg

Part 1, Part 2,Part 3 , Part 4

Age 17

    I hadn’t seen my family in weeks. This wasn’t uncommon for them but my parents took off time to help us prepare for our graduation. I had yet to buy a party dress to wear under my robe for afterwards but Phillip promised we would go out soon. My parents have been ecstatic about Theo getting into college and started coming home more often. I started skipping my house and not coming home till late just to avoid them. However, today I came home early because Phillip had to go out with his family. They did invite me, but, I just felt like they needed some family time.

    As I walked up the porch i heard talking and laughing coming from inside. I popped open the door trying to be as quiet as possible but it got jammed on the panel, and with a shove I made my presence known. The talking stilled before a shout rang out.

    “Y/N honey, are you home? It’s only 6 o’clock,” I heard my mom say with an emotion akin to shock lacing her voice. I straightened my shoulders and put a picture perfect smile on my face walking into the doorway where my sister and parents were sitting on the couch with the TV on.

    “Clubs finished and I decided to come home.” I replied. They looked at me like a stranger.

    “I didn’t know you were in any clubs.” my father said with curiosity. I felt like I was on display.

    “Yeah, Y/N participates in a lot of after school activities.” Theo jumped in directing her statement to mom and dad with a ton of energy.

    “ Okay, well I am gonna go up to my room.” I stated trying to turn and walk up the stairs. The sun was shining in the room. Mom, Dad, and Theo looked like the definition of a modern family and I felt out of place. It wasn’t like the Hamilton’s where everything was large and lively. Something was always happening there. Here is just felt quiet.

    “Wait! Come sit down. How was your day?” Theo jumped up and gestured to the chair. She seemed almost frantic in her movements and it left me on edge. I let my smile faltered slightly at the weird proposal but quickly fixed it set down my bag before taking swift purposeful step and carefully lowering myself into the chair with perfect posture. Once my sister confirmed I had sat down, she slowly lowered herself and slumped onto the couch in between mom and dad again.

    “My day was good.” I replied to her question and swiftly crossed my legs at the ankles. My sister nodded her head and cocked it to the side with a sickly sweet smile that made her look like a doll.

    “Did anything interesting happen?” My mom aided my sister.

    “Not really, just a normal day.” I said. I really just wanted to go up in my room and lay down with a book on supreme court cases. I glanced over at the stairs.

    “Do you have a lot of work tonight?” my father spoke up looking at my sister curiously for an answer. With that the attention in the room quickly shifted to her and away from me. My sister seemed to scramble for a minute.

    “I have some work for English. What work do you have Y/N?” She shot out looking back at me. I was confused why she kept talking to me. “I heard you won in a match for your debate club.” I was thrown off and desperately tried to recover my composure. Why was she bringing up my debate club match? More importantly how did she know about it? I never talk to her about anything.

    “Uh, yeah.” My parents attention snapped to me with shock. Realizing the attention was on me I recovered myself. I flicked my hair away from my face and put back my smile. “I don’t have a lot of work tonight. I’m pretty far ahead.”

    “That’s good honey.” My mom praised me with a sincere smile on her lips and my stomach dropped. I barely managed to keep a straight face. I quickly stood up and walked back toward my bag and the doorway. I heard Theo stand up behind me.

    “Y/N …” She called with her hand stretched about to step around my mom but was blocked by the coffee table.

    “Sorry, I have a book that I would like to start and I did promise to send a piece of my writing to the english teacher.” I said not looking up as a I grabbed my bag and walked out. I began cursing myself for the small ramble about my activities. They didn’t want to hear it. I made it up the stairs and walked along the hallways quickly slipping into my room and finally letting my shoulders sag with a calm breath. I almost laughed as I felt the ache in my back.

    Originally, I had been so used to keeping my posture perfect. A Lot of the time I still do, but when I started hanging out with Phillip he kept telling me to relax and slouch a little. Normally, I couldn’t around my family. I just couldn’t. Theo did. Theo was always relaxed.

    I felt my frustration grow as I looked around the room. The perfectly straight binders on my desk and the bed perfectly made with basic stark white sheets. The room was spotless and the closet was slightly open with a view of perfectly ironed clothing. Stiffly I straightened a pair of shoes that were on a rack  by my door.

    Theodosia  …

    I am nothing like her. I work hard. Unlike her I actually have posture and etiquette. Unlike her I have perfect grades. Unlike her I keep things clean and orderly. I work hard. Everything I do has a rhyme and reason… Everything I do is the product of careful execution and planning. Everything I do is actually important.

    I sit on the edge of my bed feeling my face get red and tears prick at my eyes as i lean forward and set my elbows on my knees huffing out air. I stand up my head spinning as I walk over to my desk and notice the perfectly lined journals and my tablet evenly sitting in the center of the cleared space. My fist hit the wood of the table.

    I do everything right. I am president of the debate club and every single thing I participate in is intellectually stimulating and extremely physically challenging while she is captain of a stupid cheerleading squad. I have taken college courses throughout my entire highschool career and she barely even passed statistics class. I win political based debates and go toe to toe when arguing with treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton while she reads a freaking classic literature book.

    I sank to my knees and drew breath into my lungs as my stomach churned. I felt sick and my hair was frazzled while framing my face. The sun from my window seemed to beat down on me and only served to make me even more tempered. I felt as if I had just run one of my Junior ROTC obstacle courses and my heart had taken up acrobatics.

    Theodosia …

    Mom and dad talked to her all the time while they barely managed to make conversation with me. They ask Theo random questions about her life and get involved with everything she is doing while they just blindly sign any paperwork I ask them to without reading it or caring. They take her out to dinner for getting into college but haven’t even bothered to ask me what I want to do when I graduate.They love her. Everyone loves her. Then there is me.

    I lean with my back on the desk and drag my knees to my chest. Tears freely fall down my face as I stare straight ahead at my plain white door. Just outside that door is my family who are probably discussing what’s for dinner and what theo’s plans are for tomorrow before moving on and talking about how my dad’s work has been going.Tears continue to fall down my face as the pain in my chest escalates. All I can think about is the family memories, or lack thereof, and how all the attention in those memories was on Theo and how well she does. How much they care for her. How great she is. How they never seem to notice me.How in my 4 years of accomplishments I have only ever gotten one whisper of praise from my parents

    “You’re still not good enough,” I choke out with a whisper into the perfect little room.


    I will never be her.


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anonymous asked:

Ahhh that last little part of leave right now was so good!!💗💗 would you ever write more?? I love them.

Thank you! :) ps this is the longest little part yet woo!


Most years, February 14th is just another day to you. But now, with you actually seeing someone, it was just like Christmas. You weren’t about to go and make a big deal about it though, so instead you settled with the short and sweet tect from Harry and went off to work. 

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Study Buddy (Jaemin Scenario)

↳ characters: Jaemin x reader

↳ genre: Fluff

↳ word count: 1,425

↳ summary: [request] hello!!! can i request a thing abt u and jaemin where u volunteer @ the library on the same day every week nd one week jaemin happens comes in to study while ur volunteering nd uhm yea! u can go wherever u want w it tbh + thank you for writing!!! i love your jaemin posts!!!

↳ author’s note: first of all im so sorry this took forever (as most my posts do) im just one admin and my writing sucks lol, also i had testing this week and was super stressed but I thank you massively for waiting and for showing my jaemin posts love!! It means the world to me that you enjoy my writing and love NaNa as well :”)) please tell me your thoughts on this imagine once you’ve read it! I’d really appreciate~ also side note: The song You & Me by Kisum reminds me of Jaemin cause its so cute like him, I love him so much okay sorry.

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The King Is Back Part Two

Title: The King Is Back Part Two

Catch up on Part One here: xxxxx

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Cas, Crowley

Word Count: 1,650

Warning: Talks of death and trying to figure out they’re going to do

A/N: Enjoy! Let me know if you want to be tagged in part three!

“I…Dean…I’m pregnant.”

Mary’s hand flew to her mouth as she gasped. Sam’s eyes went wide as the words settled in. Cas closed his eyes letting his head fall back. Dean just stared at you. And you, you broke down and sobbed.

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She’s No Angel (Part 3)

Originally posted by trashwilldo

A/N: Just don’t get between a girl and her food.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

Running. That’s what you were doing. You had to run so you wouldn’t be dragged as he stomped down the hall. Holding the data pad tight to your chest, you focused on your breathing. Even though you didn’t look it, you weren’t as fit as you used to be. Back in the academy, you were one of the top players on two varsity sports teams. You thought about how ridiculous those uniforms were. The shorts were always rising. Mid-thought and Kylo Ren’s grip tightened, lifting you off the ground a little. A turn of the corner and you were in his “office”. Once in, the door shut behind you. Catching your breath you observed there was only one chair and it was behind his desk. ‘Guess I have to stand.’ “Don’t be so lazy consultant.” He spoke while sitting in his chair. You tentatively took a step forward to begin.

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Sounds Like A Cheat

I got this prompt through and it made me open a new file:

Owen believes Amelia is cheating on him. Any timeline, can be true or not. :o)

Canon, it takes place sometime in the near future and covers a span of a few weeks, and Amelia has come back home to Owen. I have no idea how this is going to go down as I don’t write much angst but here it is…

WARNING: language you’ve all seen, heard and spoken I’m sure

Click, click, click

That is the continuous clicking of a pen in Amelia’s hand right now. We’re in the middle of a meeting and I can see her thumb going up and down, up and down, in time with the clicks she’s creating. The sound has gone unnoticed to most in the meeting but to the few of us that have accidentally tuned our ears into the continuous click click click, all eyes are on her.

I expect her to be looking directly at me, staring me down under a lustful gaze and hooded brow like she used to, but when I try to make eye contact with her her eyes are distracted and darting to anything that they can find including the pen, her pad of paper, Bailey, the desk, her chair swinging from side-to-side.

Alex Karev speaks up about the issue being raised and suddenly she stops. She stops everything- the darting eyes, the expression of disinterest, the gnawing of her lips, the swinging of her chair and the relentless clicking of that fucking pen.

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 16

“Everytime we have to come here I feel like I need to go to confession for a week and take a bath in bleach.”  Kyle commented as he and Janina took the steps up to La Boheme.  

Mr. Jensen had called early that morning to let them know the recordings of Niall entering his “establishment” were ready.  It made Janina’s skin crawl every time he described it like that.  

She stopped before pulling the door open causing Kyle to bump into her chest to chest.  Both of them stopped, eyeing each other for a moment.  

Janina finally remembered what she wanted to say,

“Let’s just get these recordings and get the hell out of here.  I have a lunch date.”

Kyle’s entire focus changed from what was behind the door to Janina standing in front of him,

“You have a…a da- a what?”  He stumbled.

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Are You Sure?


Summary: Everyone in the school thinks that Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester are a thing, but no matter what happens they always manage to dodge the question. What will it take for them to just admit it? hmm…maybe… a ring? perhaps? observant students really throw a spanner in the works, don’t they? Phan teacher au. Danisnotonfire x Amazingphil

So I really like the teacher au. I don’t know why. I just do, so I decided to write one! Yay!

Disclaimer: nope. Don’t own ‘em.

Hope you enjoy!

Words: 2941

Phan status: together

Warnings: very mild swearing, OOC-ness.


“And this is how you can see that most modern philosophers don’t just come up with their own theories, but they shape and mold other philosophers work – they modernize it and continue to question our existence” I said animatedly to the already-packed-up class.

With the exception of one or two people, everyone looked bored out of their minds. I chuckled to myself. “Alright, ten minutes left and you all look like something out of the Walking Dead. You can chat amongst yourselves.”

With that, the volume of the classroom heightened gradually as all the students began to talk. I smiled as I retreated to my wheely desk chair – it wasn’t that long ago that I was in their place, wishing school had never been invented.

My phone dinged rather loudly as I got a text from my boyfriend, Phil;

How’s class going? Fancy a lunch date? Xx - PL

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Requested by the stunning and always lovely @togreblog who sent this request so long ago it is 100% reasonable to think she may have forgotten she did it at all 😂 

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Rowan knew when he was talented at something. He excelled in the art of war, was a superb fighter, a strong magic user, and an exceptional lover.

Rowan also knew that his knowledge of cooking was… limited at best.

If it was foods from the wildlife like roasted duck or snacks made from rare reeds he could make you a feast that would make you forget that you were anywhere but the most lavish of restaurants. Rowan had the survival knowledge that meant none of his soldiers - or himself - starved while fighting a war. But although he knew how to care for a whole regimen, keep anyone away from the brink of starvation, he did not know how to make Chocolate-Hazelnut cake.

And Gods save them all if he didn’t figure it out soon.

His mate was practically radiating fire from her office in their palace in Orynth. It had been a very frustrating day and everything he normally did to calm her down or placate her wasn’t working. He had nibbled at her ears to distract her, tried to take over from her, sent Lysandra in with gossip and scones, but nothing could get her out of her foul mood. Rowan didn’t blame her, he would also be furious if there were lords still refusing to give him his crown after saving the whole world from utter destruction in a perilous war, and he hated the situation she was in as much as she did. The only difference between the two is that he’s had three hundred years to learn how to deal with unexpected pain and turmoil, and his Fireheart had yet to learn that particular skill. Rowan hoped that she never would, because that would mean that she hadn’t suffered enough pain to.

Rowan was stuck on how to make her feel better. He had just finished a patrol, where he was inspecting the guards to guarantee their skill, when he saw the statue of Aelin that a craftsman has insisted he erect after the war. It was his queen, in all her blazing glory, in as much detail as the artist could muster. It was truely beautiful - nearly as much as the real woman. The flames of his state made him reminisce on all the antics she’d caused with her flames. It made him think all the way back to Mistward when they had just started training. Then, he remembered a time when a simple cake had given her such joy after having to deal with his monstrosity of an ex-lover. And if there was anything that was able to make Aelin as made as these lords were, it was one of his ex-lovers. That was it - that was how he was going to make her feel better.

So he sent the cadre away to do his work for him, ordered Aedion to summon Elide and deal with the few lords that were still hesitant with the powerhouse that is Aelin Whitethorn Ashryver Galathynius and her reign, and then he stalked into the kitchen ready to make the best Gods-damned cake of the century.

The cooks, who were washing up after lunch, stopped what they were doing to bow to him in respect. Rowan had told them not to do it, especially when they did it multiple times a day, but it seemed like it was a habit none of them were going to break anytime soon.

“If you could all leave, I would be very appreciative.” He said in a low voice. They nodded quickly and left their dishes in the full sinks. He could’ve asked them how to make a cake, but he was pretty sure he had the basics down. And besides, maybe if he made it Aelin would feel better just because it had come from him.

He started by getting all the ingredients out - well at least what he thought the ingredients were. He lied them all out on the stone bench and then made an approximation of how much he thought he would need of each one. He mixed them together, put them in a pan and put them in the woodfire oven.

He sat there for an hour, Aelin’s thoughts flowing freely through their bond. She had been this distraught all day, and as much as Rowan wanted to run to her and tuck her safely into him he knew the most possible way to make her feel better was to get her this damn cake. This damn cake that was taking forever to bake.

Rowan inspected it closer, it hadn’t changed a bit, and that’s when he realised he had been so distracted by Aelin’s thoughts that he hadn’t set the fire that would heat the oven. His cake had been sitting in an unlit oven, and it had taken him an hour to notice. He sighed inwardly, and lit the matches to light the oven. He was a true idiot sometimes, more often than he would like to admit, and it was always when he was too distracted by his wife. Whether it was her stunning blue and gold eyes, her blonde hair he liked to wrap his hands in, the smooth curve of her breasts, the spot just below her earlobe that if you kissed undid her, the -

Stop. He needed to stop.

He could definitely see the cake baking now, and with no small amount of smugness, saw that it looked far more appetising that what Aelin had given him all those months ago. Just thinking about the cake she made for him in Mistward and its foul taste made him gag. He ate nearly the whole thing though - even then he loved her so much he would do anything for her. Back then, just him taking a small bite of the cake brought a brightness to her that was too far few and in between for his liking. His Fireheart. His love. His mate.

When he thought it was cooked to satisfaction he used his wind magic to pull it out. That way he didn’t have to bother finding the mits the cooks used, and he cooled down the cake enough so that it was ready to be eaten.

He didn’t bother with icing or any fancy decoration - he just put it on a plate with a knife and fork and swept it up to take it to Aelin.

She was still seething in her office. When he opened the door, he saw that she had her head resting on the table and her arms splayed around her. Her hair was messy, and her green dress was crumpled. She looked up at the sound of his entrance, and her focus snapped onto the plate in his hands.

“What’s that?” She breathed. Her eyes had gone so wide he could see a full ring of white around her irises.

“It’s the love of my life’s favourite cake.” Her reaction made him smile tenderly. Her fists had clenched and it was clear she was trying to refrain from snatching it out of his hands.

“Where did you get it?” She said slowly.

“I made it. I know you’re having a bad day, and-“

She interrupted his answer by launching herself at him. He nearly dropped the cake, but it held it in one hand while his other arm firmly wrapped tightly around her waist to lift her as she kissed him.

“I love you I love you I love you,” she said between peppering kisses all over his face.

“Well are you going to eat it then?” He teased.

He eased her down with a sweet kiss to her lips and as soon as her toes hit the floor she plucked the cake from his hand and went back to sit in her chair. She put in on the desk in front of her - crumbs already littering the spread out papers - and leaned in to smell the cake.

“It smells delectable.” She sighed happily. She looked up at him, a small smile gracing her lips. “Thank you, Rowan. I don’t know how you remembered it was my favourite-”

“Of course I remember! I doubt I will ever forget the time you made me eat that piece of sh-”

“Well I doubt yours is any better!” She scoffed playfully. She eyed it again, a smile playing on her lips. “How do I know this isn’t just revenge from when I served you a cake that I’d made? It could just smell deceptively good and then when I bite into it be so rancid it makes my stomach turn.”

“I would never dream of something so sinister, Fireheart.” He laughed. He approached her from behind and bent over so he was half draped over her chair. “At least not when it comes to you.”

“Rowan - I…” She pulled her hands away from the cake and reached up so she could hold tightly onto his hands that were clutching the back of her chair.


“I am so grateful, and it’s moments like this where my love for you hits me hardest… but I feel sick to my stomach, I don’t know if I can eat it. It’s wonderful though, truely. I just can’t stop thinking about…” She shuddered hard at the thoughts of the lords denying her her crown.

“Stop thinking about it, Fireheart.” He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “Just eat the damn cake.”

She tilted her head to capture him in a kiss. “As you say.” She kissed him once more before turning back to the cake on her desk.

She picked up her fork and greedily ate into it. “Oh Gods,” she moaned. “This is way better than mine. I hate you for that, but I also love you for it.”

She had eaten, not that she would admit it, nearly three quarters of the cake before she offered him any. “Did you want a taste?” She said as sweetly as she could with a mouth full of food.

“I wouldn’t mind one,” He snickered.  

Aelin cut off a piece and held the fork up to his mouth. “Did I mention I love you?” She asked.

“It’s never something I’ll say no to hearing.” He joked before swallowing the bite she held up.

As the taste entered his mouth, the absolutely putrid taste of dry cake, he choked and spat it out on the table. “What in the God’s name was that?!”

Aelin giggled and danced away from the table and him. “It seems my true calling is to be an actress. Maybe that’s what I’ll do if I can’t be Queen!”

Rowan scooped up the remnants of the cake, one hundred percent ready to throw the awful thing out. He then decided against it - it had been a while since he’d given Fenrys a gift, and he looked forward to seeing him try this ‘delectable’ cake.

“I can’t believe you ate so much of that. It was disgusting!” Rowan exclaimed.

Aelin was still prancing around the room, breathless with laughter, and didn’t stop until she had made her way back into Rowan’s arms. She didn’t stop dancing though, and simply pulled in the front of his shirt until he was swaying around with her.

“That’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.” She happily confessed.

“I’ll make sure to never cook for you again.” He grumbled - albeit, also happily.

Even if his cake had tasted like the streets of the slums in Rifhold, it had still achieved its only goal - to make Aelin happy again.