she's basically average

top thing i love about kim possible is that she’s a “basic average girl” and at no point in the whole series does KP pull the “i’m not like other girls” bullshit that always drags other girls like there’s something wrong with the other girls NO KP is proud of how basic and average she is, and how she’s able to do amazing things because of that. her abiltiies as a hero don’t come from an external source like radiation or a scientific experiement or even genetics, she teaches herself gymnastics bc she is THE BASIC AVERAGE GIRL who WERKS

Brexit is official: some updates for my international friends on what this means

Q) why did this happen? Wasn’t remain in the lead?

A) yes it was, the result was a shock for everyone - the margin of votes was tiny, less than two percent. The result has been blamed on poor turnout from pro-remain constituencies, who wished to remain but didn’t vote (???why???), and the overwhelming ‘grey vote’, ie. votes from people who will be dead before we see any of the proposed law changes that come of leaving the eu.

Q) what will happen now?

A) it is assumed that the most immediate effect of the result will the resignation of the pro-remain prime minister David Cameron (update: he has resigned), and although most liberals would normally be glad to see the back of pig boy, there’s a worrying chance that he could be replaced by Boris Johnson, the Trump of UK politics, best known as the guy who got stuck on a zip wire while waving union jacks - the uk may not get the chance to vote on this as the Conservative party have a right to choose their own replacement leader. The value of the pound has already dropped to a low we haven’t seen since 1985 (update, it’s now down by over 8%, which is about eight times worse than the average currency crash) and is likely to drop further. It is likely that we will have a major economic dip because we will lose our free trade rights with Europe.

Q) what’s the next step for the uk?

A) now the uk will begin negotiating with the EU to create a deal that will cause us as little economic and political upheaval as we can, but given that we just told them to go fuck themselves they’re not likely to be in a helpful mood.

Q) what does this mean for immigration?

A) as soon as the uk leaves the EU, the open borders policy will presumably be revoked - EU citizens cannot come to Britain without submitting to whatever travel or migration policies the uk decide upon, ie. as strict as we can reasonably be bc we’re all xenophobic af. UK citizens will also have altered conditions for travel in Europe. The effect on students and travellers will likely be felt pretty hard, not to mention the massive emmigrant British population of retired pensioners in places like Spain and France.

Q) how longs will Brexit take? 

A) it’s a long complicated process that could take up to two years to complete

Q) what does this mean for the uk’s relations with non-European countries?

A) we’ll be begging them to trade with our puny little country and in the most part they’ll be ignoring us because we’re a third of the size of Texas and our biggest export is our increasingly expensive Ivy League education. Hopefully we will be able to secure more deals with non-EU countries but personally I think we might overestimate our appeal.

Q) what are your feelings about Brexit?


Updates added as I hear more news