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Do you or Lily bake? What's your favorite baked good? ~ironing Anon

Hello Ironing Nony! How nice to see you again! How has your Friday been going? I’ve been doing laundry of all things! XD

Lily, aka @writegowrite, is the baker in our happy Jedi/Sith family. She always bakes me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday because she is a sweetheart and the cake is yellow like her Sith eyes. XD She can make biscuits from scratch and has been known to make a mean nutella waffle. She’s also pretty damn good at cooking too and is continually threatening to make me some kind of apple pie that is baked in bag? I’m not sure I’m remembering that correctly. She also makes a delicious San Francisco chicken. X9 

My single and solitary claim to baking fame is The Bread (an eggy, sweet challah bread), which I make for holidays and family get-togethers or when I feel the need to frantically call my mother at 8 o’clock in the morning and beg for the recipe for the tenth time and make sure that the dough is not too wet and that I added the ingredients in the right order and where in the world is the yeast?!? Oh god! Is the mixer supposed to be making that noise? HEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!

I am firmly convinced that there is some kind of unwritten spell in recipe of The Bread and that if I do not call my mom in a half panic, trying to microwave butter and boil water at the same time while Lily offers to help that The Bread will not rise and whatever meal it is being prepared for will be RUINED.

Happily, Mom always picks up, hooting with delight at being called up from the Long Distance Mothers League and proceeds to patiently walk me through my yearly Gluten Trial By Fire. 

Mom also deserves a special mention because one of my parents first dates was to go see Star Wars, which she thought was going to be silly and came out ADORING. The first thing she said to my Dad, who was rocking a truly epic seventies ginger fro, was “When can we see it again?” And if that doesn’t encapsulate me and my entire family’s approach to Star Wars, then I don’t know what does.

Thanks for swinging by and letting me take a walk down memory lane, Nony! Have a lovely weekend! ^___^/”)

  • Random arrogant guy: My girl is the fucking best I tell you, she cooks for me and it the hottest human being I ever seen.
  • Gajeel: *chuckles*
  • Guy: Oh? You think that's funny?! Do you have a girl?
  • Gray: Pipe your mouth, we all do.
  • Guy: Oh okay, well then tell me Mr. Fuzzhead, what makes yours so special.
  • Natsu: I start *clears throat* She is a spirit user mage, she has endured adventures with me even those far beyond her level at the beginning. She endured being kidnapped and beaten. She got a lot stronger though, I saw her summoning mini planets to attack people with and now she can use the spirit's power for herself while summoning them. She took care of me while I was unconscious and dying twice and she never ran away even when the situation looked bad.
  • Gray: *takes his shirt off* Mine is always by my side, she is the most loyal girl you ever meet. She has baked me cookies, cupcakes, cakes. She helped me ease my pain of losing my family by defeating a necromancer demon that used my father as a weapon. She stayed with me for 6 months and understood why I vanished for a secret mission. She even tried to sacrifice herself when the only option was "kill or be killed".
  • Gajeel: *eats a piece of iron and gulps it down* Even though I was a complete asshole at the beginning and I hurt her a lot. She accepted me in her life, she cares a lot for me. When I was nearly drowning she gave me air and when I fought alone she summoned iron for me to eat. She saw me nearly die in a vortex and wanted to jump in to save me. When we met again, Gihiii~, she kicked me and tackled me. She is a bookworm so she is probably one of the smarter ones you ever met.
  • Jellal: Nobody is tougher than mine. *Puts down his cup of tea* She had endured getting her eyes stabbed out and years of sadness because I was possessed and threw her away. When we met again she tried everything to help my memories back to normal. She even let me get arrested when I said that she should let me. It wasn't easy for her. What I heard, she got tortured and survived that. The guys are even scared of her because she is probably one of the most powerful girls out there.
  • Gray: Didn't she cut a meteor ones?
  • Jellal: Point proven.
  • Guy: ...
The Boy Next Door

Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by @natasha-baggins - “Hello! Could you write this au with Jason please? “You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” and Jason has a thing for the reader? Please and thank you!“

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind hun, sorry it took so long!! I really hope you like it!

Tagging: @jadedhillon @laryssa-the-jedi


You had lived in Gotham all your life. It was dirty and crime-ridden and teeming with social problems, but it was familar and comforting and beautiful in the way only home could be. That was why when you finished school and offers came from Metropolis and Bludhaven and Jump City, you turned them all down in favour of Gotham University.

People called you crazy, but you didn’t care. It was a little too far from your neighbourhood to commute everyday so you’d still had to move, but it’s proximity to home meant that you could visit your mom as often as you liked. Which, admittedly, was often. Growing up it had just been you and your mom, and now that you were in college she was living on her own. You knew that she didn’t mind too much, but she had always been your number one confident and best friend, and you missed her company more than you would admit.

It was during one of your routine nightly phonecalls that she told you about her new neighbour. You were sitting at your new kitchen table (student standard, nothing to brag about) drinking hot cocoa in your pajamas.

“We have a new neighbour by the way,” “Oh yeah? Have you met them yet?” You drummed your fingers on the tabletop absently. It wasn’t an unusual statement, people were moving in and out of the house next door all the time. Apparently the roof leaked, and the landlord was a pain. The news didn’t exactly surprise you. “Mmhmm. I met him just this morning, even though he says he’s been living there for almost two weeks now I’ve never seen him before. He’s a very nice young man.. and handsome too,” You could hear the teasing tone in your mom’s voice, and groaned exaggeratedly.

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Siblings Galore

Anonymous Asked: “Thanks for the former-close-brothers-now-enemies prompts! Could I have some more please?”

Anonymous Asked: “Could you please do a dialogue prompt between a brother and a sister (twins)? <3″

The Good

1. “We’ll be okay. We always are. You and me against the world.”

“I can’t believe you remember that. We still had that old treehouse.”

2. “Why does everyone ask if we’re identical?”

“Because that’s the only kind of twin they can think of.”

3. “Have you gotten Dad something for his birthday yet?”

“I’m… Going to do that. Eventually.”

“We’re going shopping. Right now.”

4. “I love you.”

“I know. Twin powers, remember?”

5. “Hey, remember that time we couldn’t go to the family reunion?”

“Yeah, you were sick right?”

“Well… Our parents thought so.”


The Bad

6. “Why would you do this? We’re family!”

“Yeah? Funny, because no one treats me like family. I’m the extra no one wants.”

“That isn’t true. That was never true!”

7. “I hate you!”

“You don’t mean that. Please, you can’t-”

8. “Forgive me. I’m begging you, whatever I did, please forgive me.”

“Too little, too late.”

9. “Are you coming to the family reunion?”

“Why would I ever?”

10. “I miss you.”

“You don’t even know me.”

11. “When we were little, I-”

“What? Looked up to me? Wanted to be like me?”

“Trusted you.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

The Banter

12. “Do you remember when we were kids, and-”

“Let me stop you right there. We’re never talking about this again.”

“I have pictures.”

13. “You are the weirdest sibling ever.”

“You know you love me.”

14. “Oh, my gosh. You have a date.”


“So? I have to meet and terrorize them! Sibling code!”

15. “Do you still cheat at hide and seek?”

“We’ve been over this. There is literally no way to do that.”

“That’s a yes, then.”

16. “Come on. You know I’m Mom’s favorite.”

“She baked me a bigger birthday cake.”

“Once. Eight years ago.”

17. “You broke it!”

“You’re still saying that? I remember what happened, okay?”

~I hope these help!~

My Mom

My mom never told me I was fat.
But whenever she went on a diet, she asked if I wanted to do it with her.
If I gained weight she’d say I shouldn’t get too heavy because people will treat me different.
She said it’d be harder to get a job and be taken seriously.
She told me I should love who I am.
But when she would bake a cake for my birthday, she’d caution me if I went for a second piece.
My mom never told me I was fat.
But she didn’t have to.

Written for Us

A/N: yeah, yeah, i know… nevertheless, i love him! sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the pic. DAT LIPS!) X

Pairing: Arno Dorian x Reader

Warnings: angst

She didn’t come to their meeting. She didn’t come for the meeting, they have been engagement previous night. He noticed, that she behaved differently than usual lately. Like she was becoming distant, avoiding him, though he thought it was only his imagination. He felt, that her kisses weren’t the same as always, that she didn’t make love to him like always. His heart started filling with worry. However, when she didn’t come, he feared that something might have happened, that someone might have mugged her, while she was on the way to their meeting. She always let him know, if she couldn’t come, that they couldn’t see each other.

Assassin paced the way, she usually took for the meetings, looking for her everywhere, looking for any traces, which could evidence, that something has happened. When he hasn’t found anything, he went straight to her house. She lived with her grandmother, who she took care of and who was her only family.
He climbed building’s wall, which was illumed by Moon’s light and silently jumped on the balcony. When she couldn’t leave, he came to her. Her bedroom window was opened at that time, so he could comfortably come in. But that time it was closed. Assassin had no idea why, so carefuly knocked on the glass and waited for a while. When she didn’t come, he moved his face closer and crinkled his eyes to catch a glimpse if his beloved was inside. He took a look in the direction her bed was situated, in which they spent so many nights together, filled with hours of love making, ecstasy and sighs.

The light of the silver globe let him saw a glint of her (Y/H/C) hair, tossed on the pillow, which he remembered smelled just like her. He knocked once more, but again met with no answer. He sighed and leaned on of his palms on the pane. He was searching in his memory, if he has done something what could hurt her, scare away. The girl was very delicate, like flower petals. Her ruddy cheeks, took even more vibrant shade, when he was paying her compliments and telling her how much he loved her. He loved her, he was sure about it just like he was sure he was alive. Despite fact, that Elise came back to his life, who he loved as well. Woman, who accused him of her father’s death. She came back, when he lived with her loss and found happiness once again. Feeling of conflict took up a residence in his heart. He could not hurt (Y/N). He would never forgive himself, if her beautiful face was marred with tears caused by him. He dropped his gaze and exhaled.

He smiled a little on the memory how he met the woman in who he found happiness and love, after Elise left him.

He stood in the shadow of one of the monuments, watching the market. He was prearranged with informer, who was already late, but his attention enchained young girl in simple, muslin dress. Her (Y/H/C) hair was taied in a loose bun from which few strands escaped. There was something in her, he couldn’t quite describe, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was carrying in her little hands heavy basket with different supplies. She was stopping once in a while to rest and change the arm. Obviously, she was struggling with basket’s weight. Corner of his lips lifted up at this  sight. Unseen and with grace, he approached her.

‘’Maybe I can help you, mademoiselle? This basket seems to be very heavy.’’ He said calmly, leaning to her ear.

Girl jumped lightly alarmed and with quick move turned her head in the direction of his voice. Her eyes were wide open and her face showed mix of panic and suprise. His lips twisted in light, but honest and sincere smile and when the girl realized she was still staring at him, she lowered her head blushing at the same time. Assassin acknowledge that as a lovely sight.

‘’N-non, merci, Monsieur.’’ She didn’t lift her gaze and her cheeks blushed even more. ‘’I can handle myself. Thank you.’’

‘’I insist on helping you. I couldn’t forgive myself, if I didn’t help damsel in distress.’’ His voice confident and soft.

Young girl apparently hesitated and slowly raised her head up. Sun rais shone in her (Y/E/C) eyes and his lips parted as that sight. She looked at him for a minute and then shyly nodded her head. Her full and lovely curved lips filled with cofused and uncertain smile.

’Excellemment !’’ Assassin wanted to reach for the basket, but stopped in the middle. ‘’Where is my good behaviour ? My name is Arno. Arno Victor Dorian, and you, mademoiselle?’’ He took her small, smooth palm in his larger one and placed soft, almost unnoticeably kiss on her knuckles.

Girl blushed again and lowered her head. ‘’(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).’’ Her voice shaky and cushy,.

‘’Beautiful!’’ He said with detectable smile in his voice. Carefuly released her palm and took the basket. It was heavy, very heavy. How could she even lift it? He was sure, that every time, when she was carrying it, way home took her a lot of time.

On the way home, Arno was main initiator of their conversation. (Y/N) was quiet an shy, her head was lowered all the time, not grace him with a single glare. However, it didn’t bother him. He was captivated with this view and he cought himself, that his stares at her were sometimes too long, what could cause even bigger embarrassment in her. Nontheless, he could notice all different details of her appearance. Her full, almost red lips, long, black lashes and little scar running just above her left brow.

‘’It’s here.’’ Her quiet, sweet voice ripped him from his thoughts.

‘’Acually, I was hoping, it was a little further.’’ He smiled seductively. ‘’And I was counting, I could be a bit longer in your lovely company, (Y/N).’’

(Y/N) smiled awkwardly and intertwined her fingers. ‘’You helped me, so I should thank you properly.’’ She said hesitantely. ‘’Maybe, you would like to come in and drink tea with me. My grandmother baked a very good cake.’’ She started to stutter. ‘’I-I mean, if you want…’’

‘’It is an amazing idea (Y/N), but unfortunately I had a meeting I have to attend.’’ Arno said with a clear disappointment in voice. ‘’I hope, I will have a chance to see you again soon?’’

Young woman nodded her head and smiled lovely. He could swear, that gazing at her smile, would never get him bored. Arno took her palm in his again and kissed it, looking straight into her eyes. ‘’Thus, see you very soon, (Y/N).’’

Since that time, they started to meet regulary. (Y/N) opened to him more and more, she stopped to be so shy and taciturn, however she still was blushing on every kind word from Arno. They shared stories of their lifes. She told him, that her parents passed away because of critical illness, when she was very young and her grandmother took care of her. He told her about his father death, his relationship with Elise, how she accused him of his father’s death and confessed that he is an Assassin, asking her at the same time to keep it as a secret. When he told her about it all, she hugged him. Just simply hugged him, without any word. She suprised him, but he felt how his hear skipped a beat. Arno smiled and snuggled into her, requiting the embrace.

His eyes saw a move. (Y/N) moved on her bed and her face was illuminated with Moon’s light. She looked so peaceful, but something distressed young Assassin. He didn’t quite know what, but features of her face, didn’t express the same things, which he knew so well when he slept next to her. On his finger tips, hidden in leather gloves, Arno felt tingling, which he always felt when he touched her smooth and warm skin. On his broad chest, he felt so familiar sensation left only by her hair and lips.

He leaned his forehead against cool pane and closed his eyes. There was long and quiet exhale from his lungs, which left disappearing after a while blotch of vapor on it. ‘’Mon amour, what have happened? Have I done something wrong?’’ Arno whispered to himself. He looked in her direction with sad eyes, first putting his hand on his lips and then to the window. Seconds later, he was gone.
Arno was observing her from the rooftop, hiding in the shadow of the chimney. Just like the very first day he met her, she was coming back from the market. Her beige-brown dress was vawing with her every step. Delicate tied up (Y/H/C) hair shone in the Sun. He adored watching her. He was doing it quite often, when he wasn’t busy with missions for the Brotherhood. He was simply worried about her, about her safety. He didn’t want her to get hurt. He couldn’t allow himself for loss of another woman who he loved. However, Arno had to get to know, why she started avoiding him.

Not taking his eyes off of her, he followed. When she was approaching one of the side alleys, he quickly jumped from the roof, grasping the walls of buildings and when his boots softly touched pavement of the alley, he hid in its shadows. In the same moment she was getting by, he caught her arm and dragged her in the dimness. Her back softly, almost soundless hit the wall and the basket fell from her hands. Arno covered her lips to avoid needless screams, preoccupation of passer-bys and guards. (Y/N) had squeezed eyes and her body was shaking strongly.

‘’(Y/N), it’s me, Arno.’’ He said moving his face to her ear. His nostrils full with scent of wind, bread and lilac.

She carefult opened her eyes and looked into his chocolate ones. Arno lowered palm from her lips and she took air in her lungs.

‘’Why are you avoding me, mon cherie?’’ Have I done someting wrong?’’ He asked with calm voice, resting one hand on her smooth, rosy cheek, stroking it tenderly.

(Y/N) leaned her head down and kept silent. She started toying with her fingers. Arno knew that too well. She did it whenever she was nervous. Her breath quickened a little. Assassin didn’t want to hurry her, but in his heart was growing even bigger anxiety with every second when she didn’t open her lips to tell him what was going on.

‘’I am never going to be good enough for you, am I?’’ It immediately foxed him. It was not what he expected to hear from her lips.

‘’Désolé, but I do not understand, mon ange.’’ He furrowed. ‘’Why wouldn’t you be good enough for me ? I love…’’

‘’Love?’’ She interrupted him rising her head and looking at him with watery eyes full of pain, anger and disappointment. ‘’But who, Arno ? Me or her ?’’

‘’(Y/N), I love you, you know that perfectly.’’ He asured her, but he vividly knew, who was on her mind.

‘’I saw you with her. I saw you kissing her.’’ Her voice was cracking. Tears were running down her bonny face.

How did she get to know that? There was no one around them, even though something flushed out the pigeons on the ground, but he and Elise didn’t pay any attention to it. They thought it was only a cat or a dog. But it had to be (Y/N). She had to see them. But how did she get there? Arno was looking for an answer, when it shot him like a lightning. (Y/N) got by there, when she needed medicined for her grandmother. And at that time she had to see them.

Arno was surrounded with feeling of huge guilt. Meeting with Elise and her words about her love for him brought back old memories. He didn’t noticed when their faces moved closer and their lips met in a tender kiss. It was unexpected for him. Moments later, when he closed his eyes, he saw (Y/N)’ smiling face and immediately broke the kiss. It confused Elise. He remembered, how he excused himself and left her by her own.

He was hit with another answer, why (Y/N) was avoiding him. And he broke the promise, he vowed to himself, that she would never know the suffering coused by him.

‘’(Y/N), forgive me, I…’’ He moved closer to her, but nestled her back in the cold, stone wall and shook her head.

‘’I fell in love with you knowing, that there is another woman in your heart.’’ She said quietly, brushing away hot tears from her cheeks clumsily. ‘’Everything I dreamt about…me, you…I lived delusions all the time.’’

‘’(Y/N), je t’aime, I really love you!’’ Arno tried to convince her with begging and cracking voice. ‘’Elise is in my heart, but I love you more! You took care of me, gave me closeness, support. I regret what I have done, because I promised myself, that I would never hurt you. Forgive me, please.’’

‘’Arno, I…’’ She took a deep  breath. ‘’I love you more than anything in the world and I never told you that, but you, Arno, are the love and light of my life and even if it is not written for us to be together, I will always love you, untill the end.’’

‘’Mon amour…’’ He whispered. His brown eyes started to sting from incoming tears.

‘’Promise me only you will be happy, Arno, please.’’ It was what he feared the most.

‘’I will be happy only with you.’’ In fast move he took her face in his palms. ‘’Tell me this is not the end, please…please!’’

She slowly rised her head up and looked into his sad eyes. ‘’Je t’aime, Arno, pour l'éternité.’’ She placed her palm on his chest, stood on her tip toes and left on his lips gentle, tender and filled with unconditional love kiss.

Assassin closed his eyes and gave back the kiss, wanting to show her, how much he loved her and how much he desire her not to leave him. Moment later, young woman broke the kiss. Faces inches apart. Surprisingly for Arno, (Y/N) lifted her basket from the ground and bypassed him warily, not looking at him even once. Assassin, quickly grabbed her wrist softly, but resolutely, making her stop in the middle of the step. She didn’t turn to face him.

‘’Please…’’ whisper full of hope and desperation. He believed, that it was not the end of them, that she would turn around and snuggle into him and let him fix everything. But still, she lowered her head and walked away, slipping her wrist from his grasp.

A/N: drama queen is here! hope you liked it and let me know if you want a part two, because i have and idea and after all i don’t want them to suffer and be heartbroken… X

Sorry for the Tahlia’s quote spam there where some bloody good ones today folks.

A Little Busy

Summary: The perfect moment with Bucky at a very imperfect moment
Warnings: language, fighting, injuries
A/N: Based on this scene

Neither of you paid attention to the movie playing in front of you. It was something about two friends, but – of course – they wouldn’t be just friends by the end. You and Bucky were stretched across the couch, tangled together. He was playing with the ring on your left hand, a dazed smile on his face. “You know, doll,” he said, pressing his lips against your fingers and into your palm. I’m gonna give you a big wedding. We’ll get married in that church you you like with the stained glass windows and you’ll wear that dress I know you and Nattie already have picked out. I’m gonna give you all of it, baby.” The wedding was all the two of you had discussed for weeks.

Your wedding.

You blushed and inched up in his arms, kissing him slowly. His hand dropped yours and wound around you middle. “Promise you’ll wear that blue suit I like, Jamie?”

“I’ll wear anything you want me to, doll.” Bucky smiled and sat up, pulling you onto his lap and keeping his arms tight around you. “Tony’s already promised a reception. We can get cupcakes from that little place down the street where we went on our first date and we can dance all night if you want.” You pressed your lips to his again, overwhelmed by the love you felt radiating from him. His hands grabbed your hips tightly and he moved away just long enough to whisper, “I’m going to give you everything you want,” before kissing you harder.

“As long as you’re there,” you pushed your forehead against his so you could speak, “I’ll have everything I want.”

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Homemade Ice Cream

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Homemade Ice Cream

Leo Fitz X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Hi! Could you write me a Leo Fitz imagine please? I think he’s very precious and adorable. Maybe something about the reader goofing off and singing? Thank you! I love your blog. Looking forward to your masterlist. Sorry this message is so long! 😳

Notes: Hello anon! I hope you like it, it went in a different direction than I had planned but I still like the outcome! This was very fun and lovely to write, especially since I love Fitz <3

Warning(s): None.

Leo Fitz had managed to find the equilibrium between paying attention to his partner, (y/n) (l/n), and attending to his work. He was working on a new type of stealth gun, and so far it was coming along nicely. He hummed as he worked, (y/n)’s content rambling helping to provide a steady background noise. He was paying attention to the words, don’t worry.

“And so I could really care less, but that’s mainly why I think that homemade ice cream is better than store bought ice cream. Sometimes.” You played with one of his other inventions on the table next to you. He grabbed them and set them down before returning to the stealth gun. You grabbed another device and the cycle continued.

“Really? If you want home made ice cream we could totally do that, a little bit of ice, a little bit of ice cream salt, some paper bags, some milk, flavoring and color dye, and sugar….and then shake it up, I think.”

“Wow Fitz, I’m surprised you remembered all that! I thought you said earlier that you hadn’t made ice cream in a while.” (Y/n) swung their legs against the table, seeing as they were sitting next to Fitz’s work space. The Scottish man continued to converse, the now dull vibrations from their legs on the table legs comforting as he worked.

Eventually (y/n) had to leave, seeing as there was work to be attended to elsewhere in the facility. Fitz smiled to himself, it was their birthday in a few days. Perhaps a surprise of homemade ice cream and a cake would add an extra pep to their step on their special day.


You dragged yourself to yours and Fitz’s shared apartment a few days later. It had been a long day at work, with annoying co-workers and multiple problems that just wouldn’t solve themselves. Fitz had been holed up in the lab working on a serum for something on Coulson’s request and thus you hadn’t the chance to see him. Just the thought that you hadn’t gotten to eat lunch with your boyfriend had your stomach twisting a little, seeing as you would have liked the company on your bad day. It turned around, though, at the surprise that greeted you in the apartment.

“Happy Birthday!! You didn’t think I would forget, would you?” Fitz asked, hugging you close, despite the shock. You laughed, holding him tight once your senses came back to you, “Fiitz! Thank you so much…I’ve really needed this, my day’s been kinda bad…”

“Yeah I know, Daisy came and told me about it. That’s why Simmons and I, mainly Simmons though, baked you a cake. And she helped me with, ta-da! Homemade ice cream, just like you were talking about a few days ago.” The engineer smiled brightly, seemingly proud of himself. He was, and especially grateful for Simmon’s help.

Leo grabbed the candles and put them onto the cake. He lit them before hugging you from behind, his head on your shoulder as he sang. You sang with him, the two of you slightly out of tune but more than loveable to listen to anyways.

“Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday dear (y/n), happy birthday to you…” Leo kissed your temple and watched as the candles were blown out. The combined chorus of your celebration meant it was time to dig in and eat cake and good ice cream.

“What’d you wish for?” He asked between mouthfuls.

“Hm? Oh, for a happy end to a bad day…And it seems I’ve gotten one.” You grinned and shared a kiss with Leo, the rest of the night lost to cuddles and the Doctor Who marathon on TV.

My fave coffee shop suddenly closed & never re-opened a couple years ago and I’m still sad. I wish I knew what led to it because I cared about the staff. A husband and wife team ran it, she made incredible cakes every day and he made the best white choc mocha I’ve ever had. The shop had lots of local art for sale and the business helped support the baker’s dad, who had an art studio above the shop.

 It had an old wooden staircase, none of the steps were even and they were all super narrow. On my 18th birthday, the birthday I got Mayli, my mum surprised me with a whole red velvet cake she’d asked them to bake for me. That was my best birthday. 

Thanks. x 

probably-going-to-hell-2  asked:

I wonder what the 2ps would do/think/say if they found out that the reader was scared of them 😏😆

((awwh, then she’d unknowingly be afraid of a bunch of dorks.))

if a 2P found out you were scared of him

2p!america: seriously? *..smirks* that’s kinda hot, do you know where i can find her? *laughs lowly and goes to hit on you, later admits you have nothing to be afraid of*

2p!china: scared? of me? huh… *chuckles* that’s so cute. she’s probably an innocent little thing, yeah? hmm… do you have her number? *sends you silly texts to mess with you but eventually wants to start getting to know you + prove he’s a good guy that would never hurt you*

2p!england: *tilts head* excuse me? i don’t understand…? *after being told again, he looks down somberly* but why would anyone be scared of me… ;; n ;; oh… i’ve got a fantastic idea!~ she will no longer be intimidated by me if i bake her a scrumptious cake, yes?? :’DDDD

2p!france: i’m not surprised

2p!russia: isn’t everyone?

2p!italy: *laughs quietly* how precious. however… she understands i am not going to do her any harm, correct..?

2p!germany: the fuck? lmao??! *looks at you, shouts:* PROBLEM BITCH? *laughs at your expression, then proceeds to notice you’re legitimately afraid* oh hey… *voice softens* you can be scared of ole’ ludwig, but i’m totally nice, got it? *awkwardly pets your head* yo, let’s start over. i’m lutz and i think you’re cute! ;)))))

2p!japan: *rolls eyes* lots of people are intimidated by me. i think it just means they’re weak.

2p!canada: huh? *makes weird face* uh… like, why?

2p!romano: *snickers* is that so… *halsey voice*  “goddamn right, you should be scared of me~!” *eventually stops snickering* ah, kidding! where is the little darling? i’ll show her how fabulous and friendly i truly am~

2p!austria: *cue sadistic grin* how interesting…..,, i cannot deny that this information is pleasing~ however, tell that angel that i am not planning any malicious intent regarding her, okie doke?

2p!prussia: ……..,,, *cONFUSED NOISES??* a-are you sure she’s talking about me..??

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I thought you'd appreciate this story. I opened this morning and, as usual, was barely awake. Around 8:15 AM, a chipper, rather hard-of-hearing old lady came up and asked when the pharmacy opened. I told her it opened at 9. She cheerfully informed me she'd already baked a cake this morning(!!!) because she thought it opened at 8, but that's okay! She can do her shopping now! This lady is now #goals. #goals I will never achieve because I will never be awake enough to bake at 7 AM. :'(

I’m genuinely impressed like I’m rarely even asleep by that point and there’s this lady being more productive before eight than I am in an average day

Let’s bake a cake!

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Haru walked into Tsuna’s house with a bag of supplies. She looked all around, but she couldn’t find Bianchi anywhere. Had she gone out? Maybe she had some business to attend to and forgot to be here for her. Oh well, Haru could handle making a simple cake. She saw that Tsuna was sitting in the living room, and she approached him with a smile. 

“Tsuna-san~ Would you like to help Haru bake a cake? Bianchi-san said she would help me but it doesn’t look like she’s in right now.” She could handle making the cake on her own for everyone to enjoy, but baking was much more fun when you had someone to have fun with! Besides, she found that baking was a great way to forget the stress! Might as well help her or Bianchi may come back and decide to show her how it’s really done. 

Oh, the Places You'll Go – Chapter 1

A/N: idk why i’m embarking on another chaptered fic bc i’m so bad at updating oh my god but i’m kinda really excited for this one so fingers crossed ^-^

Summary: Dan Howell, an awkwardly pessimistic teenager with a passion for nothing, has always lived in his famous brother’s shadow—not wanting any attention or fuss. But when his family hires his brother a new agent, Phil Lester, will he help Dan to change his views on fame…and maybe himself, too?


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This is for FuckYeahPhilinda’s Philinda 24 Kisses Challenge. BT-Dubs I am super excited to be kicking this off. Hopefully it meets your expectations.

Cake ~

It was familial, the smell that woke him. It was comforting, almost soothing. Turning over to look at the clock that lay on his bedside table, Phil groaned as he saw it was 3:18 am. In the past few weeks, he’d gone without having an episode, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t wake up in a cold sweat every couple of days. He can usually wipe them off and roll back over to go to sleep.

But this was different.

He wasn’t sweating. He wasn’t panting. And he wasn’t in any pain. He’d just woken up, and he had no idea why. The smell continued to invade his senses, causing him to sit up and slowly get out of bed. He made his way down the hall, simply wearing grey sweatpants and a thin white cotton shirt. He padded towards the kitchen area, wiping the sleep out of his eyes before he turned the corner, taking in the sight before him.

He watched as she twirled around the kitchen with ease, light on her feet like always. He’d often dreamt about these types of moments, and he could even picture it with a glance in her direction. He’d dreamt that he’d walk up behind her and wrap his arms around her slim waist before taking in the aroma of her skin as he buried his nose in her neck. This was something he’d fantasized about a thousand times, and he would do it a thousand times more.

He hadn’t realised he’d been staring at her until she spoke. It was soft and gentle, caring and warm, the Melinda he knew she was “Couldn’t sleep?” she asked, and glanced to meet him eyes briefly before looking back down at the mixing bowl in her hand, wooden spoon in the other.

He sighed under his breath as he made his way to the kitchen stool, sitting down to rest on his elbows, facing her, but looking at the brown mixture in the bowl “Not really,” he replied, the looked up at her, noticing that she was looking at him with worry written all over her face, like she always did “What about you?” he asked her “What are you doing up at this hour?”

She gave him a small smirk before looking down at the bowl in her hands, continuing to mix the batter through “What does it look like?”

He smiled slightly at her reply “Yeah, but why?”

“It helps me relax,” she said as their eyes locked “You should try it,” she said quietly, not removing her gaze from his, and pushed the bowl towards him. He grabbed the bowl with both hands, brushing over hers in the process. After a few seconds, he finally broke eye contact, trying to focus his attention on mixing, instead of the beautiful woman in front of him.

He stirred slowly, and began to pick up the pace as his mind flooded with thoughts. He remembered the first time they met, at the academy, always pulling pranks. He’d been reluctant to join her, because he always followed the rules. He remembers watching her in Sausalito, in the red dress. She’d been so pissed on that mission, probably because she’d been stuck in the bay for five hours. He remembered her yelling at him whilst he was trying to get her warm, and he has to stop himself from smiling the whole time-.

His thoughts were interrupted by two hands covering his own, ceasing his movements “Phil,” he shot his head up to see her frowning with worry. He hadn’t realized that he’d been mixing so fast that he’d flicked some of the batter on himself, and even on her “Are you okay?”

He nodded, looking away from her gaze “Yeah-yeah, I’m good,”

Melinda, of course, didn’t believe him, but decided not to push the subject. So she turned to the sink and grabbed a cloth, wetting it slightly before moving around the counter spin him on his stool, making him face her. He looked up at her in surprise as their eyes locked once again, feeling her wipe the mixture away from his jaw and neck. She looked away briefly to dab the cloth on his shirt, where brown batter had splattered, his eyes never leaving her face.

All he wanted to do was lean up, just a few inches, just enough to kiss her. Just enough to make her melt into him. But this was Melinda, his best friend. Beautiful, amazing, smart, badass Melinda. He couldn’t lose her, not again. After Bahrain, things between them had changed. She’d taken the job in D.C. and as much as he’d tried to be there for her, he’d lost the Melinda he’d fallen in love with at the academy. When she’d joined the BUS, he’d finally got her back, sort of. She was still the caring, incredible woman he’d always known, but she was closed off. She was emotionally distant, created a barrier between herself and the rest of the world, in order to shield everyone else from her pain.

He was, once again, broken from thought as she looked back at him, brushing her knuckles against his cheekbone “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked, worry lines over her face “Do you feel like having another episode because you know that I’ll-“

He cut her short by grabbing her hand that was currently stroking his cheek “I’m fine,” he assured her, giving her a smile “I promise,”

Nodding reluctantly, she pulled away and returned to the other side of the counter before looking at him again with somewhat of a smirk on her face “You know what you need?” she asked rhetorically before turning around, grabbing something off the other bench and turning back again, placing it in front of him, a small smile now resting on her face.

He looked down at the slice of cake in front of him, his smile growing full blown on his face “You didn’t,” he said as he looked back up at her.

“I did,” she replied with a nod, her smile growing at his excitement.

“So this is what I could smell, vanilla raspberry,” he said and looked back down at the cake.

“Your favorite,” she said quietly, before grabbing the bowl of mixture and pouring it into a cake tin.

Phil moaned as he took the first mouthful of cake “Oh my god, this is so good,”

“I’m glad you like it,” she chuckled as she put the batter in the oven, and turning back around to face him, to see him already looking at her with a soft smile on his face “What?”

He shook his head before replying “I can’t believe you remembered,”

“How could I forget?” she asked softly, their eyes never breaking contact, until Phil stood up, cake in hand and walked towards her.

“You need to try this,” he said as he stopped a foot or so away from her, holding up a spoonful of cake for her.

“I’m okay, thanks,” she replied, looking at the cake in front of her.

“Seriously,” he said, still holding out the spoon “You need to have some, you won’t regret it,”

She contemplated it for a moment before enclosing the spoon with her mouth and pulling back, savoring the taste of the dessert in her mouth “Not bad, even if I do say so myself,” she smirked.

“I told you,” he smirked, seeing the vanilla frosting left on her lips “Didn’t I tell you?” he asked, causing her to roll her eyes at him.

“What are you so smug about?” she asked him with a raised eyebrow “I’m the one who made-” she was cut off by a pair of lips crashing onto her own. Freezing slightly, her eyes widened before they closed, sinking into the kiss. It was soft yet firm and she tasted like vanilla.

As she pulled away, he was thankful that she didn’t move “You had a bit of frosting…” he said and cupped her jaw, running his thumb over her slightly parted lips. She looked down at the plate still in his hand and took it from him, placing it on the counter before turning back around and grabbed the sides of his face, leaning up and pressing their lips together again.

It was faster, and full of passion as all their emotions molded into the one kiss. He snaked his right arm around her waist and the other tangled in her hair, their tongues fusing together. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer as he pushed her back against the counter. For the moment there was nothing else, just the two of them, wrapped up in each other.

Finally breaking for air, they looked at each other, panting “You must really have liked that cake,” she smirked at him.

“You have no idea,” he replied as he stepped closer, pushing her back harder against the counter and kissed her again.

After breaking away from their make-out, she chuckled breathlessly as she said “Remind me to bake more often,” and once again, pulled him in for a kiss.

“That won’t be a problem,” he murmured against her lips as he smiled. This was way better than what he dreamt.

thenworld gave me many cool prompts (thanks babe), plucked out one of them (for now, yes yes). pls help me bake this cake for my mum’s birthday. she arrives at 8 

[ Received 17:15 ]

Emergency. Come to Baker Street immediately. - SH

[ Received 17:16]


She expected a body, an experiment gone wrong or even Mrs Hudson in hysterics over ‘another moron who she pointlessly pursued in her attempt to cling to her youth’, but she was handed a wisp. “Umm, you said it was an emergency?” she said frowning at the wisp. 

“It is. It’s my mother’s birthday-,”

She snorted and he glared in return. 

“…Meaning what?”

“I need to bake a cake,” he said looking down at the kitchen table, studiously ignoring her gaze, as he straightened the bowl that was there. The other kitchen supplies weren’t your regular fare, but things she recognized as lab equipment. A buret filled with milk - an Erlenmeyer flask with flour and so on. 


“Birthday,” he said with a tone. 

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