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  • Magnus: How do we usually get out of these types of messes?
  • Samirah: We don't. We make a bigger mess that cancels out the first one.

I can’t believe you thought I was gonna name our baby Grunka. Grunka– the name of the spoons that I bought at Ikea. I had you going there for a minute, though.




Toyotama-hime, better known as Otohime [乙姫], is the Japanese goddess of dragons and the sea. She is the daughter of the sea King Ryujin.

Otohime lived in the sea until a young hunter named Hoori came upon her parts of the water, looking for a fishing hook that belonged to his brother. He usually hunted in the mountains, and his brother Hoderi fished, but they had decided to exchange equipment for a day. Hoori lost his brother’s best fishing hook and went under the sea to find it. Otohime saw him and asked her father to help him in his quest. He found the hook, and also found love with the goddess and they were married.

After a few years in living in the underwater palace, Hoori began to long for the world above. He convinced Otohime to go with him. She was pregnant with his child and consented, so long as he would promise not to watch when she gave birth. He agreed and they returned to the surface. Hoori built a house for them to live in, and it was not long until the time of the birth came. At first, he waited patiently outside, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he peeked inside. It was then that he saw a huge black dragon holding a tiny baby. Otohime, who had changed into her alternate form of the dragon to give birth, was ashamed that her husband had seen her in that form, and so she left him and the newborn child to return to the sea.


important background action there


Secret Forest (Stranger, tvN) - Ep.15

“Yes, you are completely right. There certainly won’t be any person by my side. For the rest of my life.” (Hwang Shi Mok)

They are soooo married! They are more married than any other married couple in this drama.

Endless List of Favorite Characters (and Mythological Figures):

Greek Myths ~ Persephone // goddess of spring, queen of the underworld

“Do you really think I ate the fruit unwillingly?” 

Last Straw

This is how I imagine Rick, Michonne, and Jadis’ next meeting will happen.

Rick stepped inside the dark cell, Michonne quietly standing behind him. “Why are you here?” His hard voice echoed against the cold walls.

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I’ll give you all a reason why zutara had a much healthier relationship than that other ship I won’t mention so people don’t get salty(even though let’s be honest the show is over and it was canon so why you feel so threatened by our ship?? Is it because our ship is so epic that it just spreads fear throughout its opposers because it is epic) anyway, off topic.

Reason 1: Zuko and Katara’s platonic relationship is based of mutual respect for each other
They might have gotten off in the wrong foot, by both respect each other immensely. When Zuko realized why Katara was mad at him, he told her what she needed to here. She wanted to face this man, and he respected that. He supported her silently, and let her do what she needed. He didn’t try to tell her what to do, he let her take the situation into her own hands. He didn’t judge her for her actions, and made no comment to her blood bending, or what she almost did to him. He let her handle the situation because in any case, he wouldn’t have judged her because he knew this was something she had to figure out for herself(something he understands very well as he was always one to learn from his own experiences). Zuko let her do what she felt was right for the situation.
A/ang on the other hand, tried to pour the wisdom he learned over 100 years ago on her, completely disregarding her needs. She needed to face this guy. This guy murdered her mother, and the only way she felt she could truly get through it was to face the man who had wronged her family. She never said she’d kill him, but he assumed that’s what she’d do. He held very little faith in his supposed “best friend”. He didn’t respect that her needs were different from his. He just assumed that monk knowledge is something everyone should follow, when it’s not. It’s only his way of life, but not Katara’s. He kept on pushing her to do the “right” thing, without even acknowledging that this was something important to her. I get it, the genocide of the monks was hard to process, but in no way can appa’s kidnapping compare to finding the man who killed her own mother.

Reason 2: they consistently support each other
Support is not just praising a person for their right choices, it’s also acknowledging their faults and their wrong choices. However support also means standing by that person no matter whether you completely agree with their actions, what they say, how they handle something, etc.

I go back to the Southern Raiders episode. Zuko had no idea what Katara was going o do when she saw this man. But he didn’t say anything, he didn’t try to force her to make a decision that he saw fit. He let her handle the situation her way, and never judged her. Also, the Agni kai. She supported him. She respected his decision to take Azula on his own, despite what she thought. She didn’t try to change his mind on it, he initial response was more shock than anything. The only reason she stepped into the arena was because he was doing something extremely dangerous(intentionally asking to be shot at with lightning my an unstable person is not the best choice a person could make). She wanted to be there in case he did something stupid or rash. And maybe it was unintentionally her fault that he got hurt(also Azula cheated)but she only did it so she was there for him if need be.
A/ang tried to make her see from his standards. And yes, he tried to help her make the overall “right” decision, by forgiving. But he failed to realize that facing this guy was something she needed, not wanted. She needed to be able to see the face of that man. He tried to change her way of thinking into his. Every time. Even quite forcibly doing it by subtly dropping hints to forgive not just any man, but a murderer. He failed to realize that forgiveness doesn’t come as easily as he portrays it. It’s hard, and it feels like sometimes you can’t do it. She needed to figure the situation out for herself, from her own experience, not from someone else’s.

Reason 3: How they care for each other
I realize I go back on the Southern Raiders episode a lot, but it is a huge episode of character development for these two characters.
No character cared as much for Katara’s mental state as Zuko. He stayed in front of her tent for a whole night, waiting for her to wake up so he could tell her when she was ready to hear the news. He could have simply woken her up in the middle of the night, but instead he waited for a time when she was awake and prepared for what he had to say. He wanted to make sure that it was the right time.
He went through all that, so she could be able to face this man. It wasn’t for selfish purposes either. Had it been, he would have mentioned something about himself, or his life, his mother, for sympathy. But he didn’t. He quietly supported every decision she made, even if it could have been that he didn’t completely agree.
As for Katara, she was the one who gave him the courage to face his uncle after everything he put him through. Yes, Toph helped. She helped him realize that his uncle cared so much for him, but in the end, even he had doubts. It was Katara who walked up to him in front of his uncle’s tent. It wasn’t sokka, or Toph. It was Katara who realized that he needed someone there to support him, and help him gain his confidence, and she did just that.

More reasons tha don’t fit into a category
Also, in the crossroads of destiny, despite the fact that zuko had turned to Azula, it was a major episode for them as well. I’m on mobile so I can’t add pictures of gifs to the middle of this, so I’ll just explain. As they are both in the crystal catacombs, zuko feels comfortable enough with Katara, to let her touch his scar. Remember they had been enemies for so long, and they hated each other, but in the moment, he felt so comfortable with her that he even closed his eyes as she felt it. She was going to use her spirit water on him, his cause was important enough to her to use it on.
Even when he first joins the gaang, she hates him, and threatens to end his life, but when the time comes, who is the one to pull Zuko into the saddle. No it wasn’t sokka, or aang, or toph, or suki. It was Katara. When his life was in the balance, she was the one to save his life.

and completely forgetting everything I just said, Katara was portrayed as a feminist icon in the show. She was independent and shut down every sexist remark made towards her and other women. Zuko respects that she is independent, and doesn’t try to tell her how to think, what to do, and in a fight they are equals(sozins comet part 1 I think)

However when she gets with a/ang in the comics, she becomes a co dependent character. When she has her own opinion on something(the promise) she’s even skeptical to tell a/ang about it because it differed from his POV, when in the show she wouldnt have given two shits. In the comics she is hardly portrayed as a waterbending master, and instead it is her boyfriend who receives to the spotlight. She never fights unless her boyfriend is in trouble(and don’t even try to tell me she doesn’t like fighting because all of season 1 would then be a complete waste)she’s half the character she was in the show to make room for male dominance. However every time we saw her and Zuko together in a fight, we see that she and him are equals on the battle field. There is no male entitlement, just two warriors having each other’s backs. She single handedly took down Azula, but when she’s in a relationship with a/ang all she is, is sidelined. She hardly ever gets any badass scenes with him, and she almost seems scared to express her own feelings if they differ from his. Does that show signs of a healthy relationship? I think not.

Sorry if this was so long, but I just felt the need to show why zuko/Katara in a relationship would have been much healthier than the ones they ended up with in canon.


I completely understand that he was doing what he though would best fit her situation, but he didn’t take into account on what she needed. He didn’t realize that some people need to make decisions for themselves and based on their experience, not just off what they are told. The way of the monk is only one way of life, and is not for everyone. Katara needed to figure out what she needed for herself, and she didn’t want to be told how to handle her own situation.

I also apologize if this was hard to understand I’m really bad at wording, so if you’re confuzzled i get it my wording probably got fucked up somewhere along the line

fem!Cullen Rutherford: Commander of the Inquisition

Rutherford Aesthetic, 4 of  4  5

Exactly like canon Cullen Rutherford, except she’s terrible at braiding hair and has to have the Inquisitor and Josie teach her how to braid.


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“I was going to say I wished we’d never come. But I don’t, I don’t, I don’t. Even if we are killed. I’d rather be killed fighting for Narnia than grow old and stupid at home and perhaps go about in a bath-chair and then die in the end just the same.”

Who you should fight: RVB Freelancer edition

Connecticut: Shit man I mean??? Why would you?? She’s just trying to do what’s right and she saw how fucked up pfl was so like. Leave her alone??? Do not fight Connecticut.

Carolina: holy fuck man do you really think you can live??? She’s a badass and could kill you??? Also like she’s been through enough, she lost practically everyone just. Fuck. Do not fight Carolina.

Florida: haha. Dude. You did see this guy like. Pull a fucking hatchet out of his shoulder and keep fighting, right? Why would you think this is a good idea. Also like he’s so good to everyone and super positive even tho he could kill you in like three seconds?? Do not fight Florida.

Georgia: Don’t. He’s already pretty much the joke aboard the MoI (“You don’t wanna end up like Georgia!”) and he got flung through space I mean. If you want to punch him go for it but. Be nice. Do not fight Georgia.

Idaho: You can punch Idaho. But only once. Any more than that and you’re just cruel. Fight Idaho.

Iowa: Fuck you pal!!! Why would you want to do this!!!! Leave Iowa alone!!!! Do not fight Iowa!!!

Maine: HAHA. WOW. You’re really considering this, aren’t you. First of all, ask yourself this: WHY??? Why in god’s name would you want to fight Maine????? Fuck!!!! Not only is he super tall and probably buff as shit, he’s a huge nerd and has been through enough!!! If you wanna punch someone punch Sigma!!!! Leave Maine alone!!!! DO NOT FIGHT MAINE!!!!!!

North Dakota: North once shot a guy in half. He also uses two sniper rifles at the same time like what the fuck is with him?? What is with this unnecessary dramatic flair?? Why is he such a nerd??? Punch North once. Right in the got damn face. Fight North.

Ohio: Why would you? Girl’s just trying her best to get noticed. She’s a huge nerd but I mean there’s nothing wrong with that and she owns it so?? I mean, on the other hand she might be into being punched? There’s that whole thing with Sherry so? Fight Ohio?

South Dakota: Holy FUCK!! WHY?? South could kick your fucking ass!!!!! Do not!!!!! This has bad idea written all over it!!!! Do not fight South!


Utah: I mean….I guess?? Idk he almost suffocated when he got the domed energy shield so I mean? Maybe don’t? If you want to tho I won’t stop you. Do not fight Utah?

Washington: Fuck!!! You!!! Leave Wash alone!! He’s done a lot of shitty stuff in the past but at least he’s working toward doing not as shitty things!! He’s a pretty cool dude who lost all of his friends!! Leave Wash alone!!! Do not fight Washington!!

Wyoming: Fuck with that mustache literally who wouldn’t want to. If you want to punch Wyoming I won’t stop you. Fight Wyoming.

York: He’s already dead!!!! Stop!!! He may have really bad pickup lines but just!!! Don’t!!!! He just wanted the best for his friends!!! He’s a nerd!! That’s why he was paired with Delta—THEY’RE BOTH HUGE FUKCIN NERDS!!!! Do not fight York!!!

Damsel in Distress|| Sam Drake X Reader ||

Characters: Sam Drake x Fem!Reader

Fandom: Uncharted 

Request: Yeah! Another one WOO! xx Love your work! Can I request an imagine with Sam Drake where the reader is extremely shy/reserved until she suddenly busts out some ninja moves when saving Sam or something lmao, thanks! 😘

Prompt: You have always been reserved and to yourself, that’s just who you are as a person and Sam has come to know that even after a few years you just are a genuinely quiet person. However instead of you getting caught as you so often did, Sam does and you have to save him and he is pleasantly surprised. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit 

Warnings: Its a bit gory, only a little bit with blood and that. Swearing. 

Word Count: 1,462


Calm, cool and collected was Y/N despite what had just happened. She sucked in a breath and contemplated what she was going to do, she could contact Sully easily… but god knows how long it would take him to get to her location in the middle of absolute nowhere. 

Sam Drake had somehow miraculously pissed off yet another rival army, getting himself captured in the process while she was ducked behind a bush trying to re-read the map they were following. She hummed in thought and decided that perhaps it were best to track down the men who took him and sort it out herself.

After all she was quite the remarkable marksman and combatant. She followed the tracks of broken branches, footprints and crushed leaves to help navigate through the thick forest. 

They were on search for Arcadia, a supposed mythological greek province but with the clues they uncovered it had to be somewhere at their location. Y/N was careful, that was just a trait that had come due to her introverted personality, she was always observing her surroundings, ensuring that there wasn’t any nasty surprises.

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Thinking about WDDM Chloe makes me think what she would though pf Adrien's crush on Nette. "Soo... you like a younger girl. Why?" "You wouldn't understand" *Chloe sees Mari, she's beeing adorable/badass* "Okay, eighter you gonna make a move or I'm gonna spread my gay vibes" "You're not even gay" "I could be for her" *idk don't mind me, I just need to go to sllep*

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If we didn’t already have plans for Chloe, this would be a hilarious conversation idea for them!  XD

Oh jeez y'all were enthusiastic (bless u omg). Its not anywhere near coherent or finished being developed but I’m working on it.

Okay so the vampire/god thing was born of me wanting to create my own massive pantheon of gods, and also catching vampire fever around the same time, and they kind of bled into each other. The big question I asked was, what happens if you drink the blood of a god? Well, you get stronger, probably, and faster, and just all around better. People would kill for that power, wouldn’t they?

But I figured that if you didn’t keep it up, it would probably fade, right? Or at least the first few times you fed. From that thought process, I ended up with the idea of a species that sprung up after discovering the benefits of feeding from the gods, whose bodies had been altered permanently by this consumption of the gods’ blood. They aren’t… traditional vampires, not really, as in un-dead, but they do drink blood, need it for survival. Feeding off of humans works, but its usually taboo unless the situation is dire. The gods didn’t appreciate being seen as nothing but walking blood bags, however, so getting a constant supply isn’t easy, until the vampires kidnapped the moon god. In retaliation when he couldn’t find his brother, the sun god cursed the vampires, saying any who had drunk from his brother’s blood to be burned alive when his sunlight touched them. By that point most had b/c convenience, so most of them are screwed.

My plot at this point is mostly non-existent, but this is set some time after the curse has been cast, and the vampires are split about whether or not to release the moon god or to keep him since he’s their only steady supply of food. I know there’s a demigod child of the sun god who is trying her best to find the moon god to earn her father’s favor, and something about a lesbian vampire (I call her my vampire (les)bean because she is my smol bean) and I know those two have interactions, plus a clueless human who stumbles on all of this and is kinda sucked in, and then kept around as an emergency blood bag, and they spend the book making moony eyes at the moon god (who might be making moony eyes back.) Plus some politics I haven’t figured out yet. Because I hate figuring out politics.