she's awful and i love it

so everyone was like wow why isn’t Gabby saying anything to the girls on twitter? I guess we know why now, I just hope this is the last thing she says about it because it’s awful and makes me sad to see yet another person blaming the victim. It’s never the victims fault, idk what is so hard to understand about that

to all of the victims out there, stay strong - we love you and will always support you, ignore the ignorant and rise above

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How does Ivy feel about her kids (she was the one with the hates kids traits, right)?

Aw I like this ask! Ivy loves both her twins now that they’re teens lol. She never gets any negative moodlets due “Hates Children” trait anymore so she’s been pretty happy since the twins’ birthdays. 

I couldn’t find any recent screenshots of Ivy and the boys but here’s a random screenshot of the twins walking through Windenburg in the middle of the night. I’m not sure what they since they live all the way in Oasis Springs… lol

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I just discovered UTA recently and I love the story. So beautiful, great message and just I loved everything about it. I've been a bit curious about one thing though. I don't think I ever saw Shiloh's birthday being mentioned. When was she born? Also I think she is super beautiful character.

Thank you so much! I need to update the birthday post so that it’s clearer, where I mention the opening scene happening on October 17th (the scene that results in Shiloh’s birth). That’s when it is! <3

I celebrated it last year on twitter with this:

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Scenario of: Single dad! Ushijima who has a daughter from his ex wife met his high school crush at Candy shop as her part-time job beside being a teacher. She likes his kid and could get along with her easily. His love for her (reader) get stronger everytime he sees his daughter laughs and really enjoy his crush company, maybe he tries to ask her out? Thanks

“Kaho, we need to go home soon. It’s almost time for ____-san to close her store,” Ushijima reminded as he walked over to your store’s coat rack in the front.

“Aw but Papa! ____-sama is leaving us for that coferce for school next week! I won’t be able to see her next week!” Kaho, Ushijima’s soon-to-be seven year old daughter whined with a pout. Her eyes gleamed when you giggled. “What’s so funny, ____-sama?”

“____-chan, sama is used for important people. I’m only your Papa’s friend,” you corrected with a smile. Suddenly remembering an old conversation with Ushijima’s daughter, you smiled a bit more. “And your friend too.”

“But ____-sama is someone important to me!” Kaho beamed, jumping from her seat and threw her hands around you. “I like hanging out with you, ____-sama!”

“Kaho,” Ushijima called. The two of you looked back to Ushijima, holding up Kaho’s trench coat. As she ran to her father with a frown, you stood next to Ushijima after he aided Kaho with putting on his trench coat. “Go get the rest of your stuff in the storage room. Thank ____-san for having us again.”

“Thank you ____-sama! You promise we can hang out once you get back from the coferce?” Kaho asked. Ushijima noticed his daughter’s smile was always brighter whenever you were around. And he knew you could see her mood would become more extravagant whenever you two were together.

He wondered if you could see how much happier he was with you around as well.

“____-chan, its conference, not coferce,” you reminded as you patted her head. “And I promise. Just remind Papa you want to see me.”

“Okay!” Kaho cheered then ran off to the next room to get her belongings.

“Wow, she’s gotten so much bigger in such short time,” Ushijima lips hummed in agreement. You turned to him with concern. “Are you okay, Ushijima-san?”

“Ah, yes, I am just a bit tired. Work has been quite busy lately,” Ushijima informed, eventually sighing. That surprised you. Ushijima rarely sighed.

You placed a hand on Ushijima’s bicep lightly, Ushijima’s eyes slightly widening at your smile. “You should take a break every now and then, Ushijima-san. You don’t have to come here in your free time.”

“But Kaho enjoys your company. It has… Been awhile since she has been this happy. Since the divorce that is,” Ushijima replied. When you flinched and took your hand back awkwardly, Ushijima raised an eyebrow. “Did I offend you, ____-san?”

“Oh no,” you rejected timidly. You hesitated to speak of anything on the matter, but it was Ushijima. Your curiosity was going to be the only thing that would help you ask about things he would never speak about. It is Ushijima after all. He’s been the same since high school. Missing… A lot of signs or such. “How is Nozomi-san?”

“She is good,” Ushijima answered slowly. He didn’t like talking about his ex-wife with you, not when he would rather talk about something else. Talk about you, more specifically. So he didn’t add more to that.

“That’s good. I’m still sorry about what happened though, you and Nozomi-san were… You guys were good together,” you mentally smacked yourself for saying something that didn’t need to be said. Especially something that sounds like it could ruin any chances-

“I don’t know about that,” Ushijima reassured. “It is a little difficult right now, for Kaho to adjust. But I feel…” Ushijima looked at you slowly. Suddenly he could see a high school version of you, from his easier days.


“Yes? I… I apologize. I just… How is working at the school?” Ushijima recovered. He looked back to where Kaho ran back to see her still gathering her things into her backpack. As if sensing her father’s watch, she turned back with a smile and waved. Ushijima and you did the same back to her.

“It’s good. It is still taking a bit for me to get used to standing by the board instead of sitting in the desks,” you chuckled. Your cheeks warmed when Ushijima had a small laugh along with you. He was still cute.

“But you were at the board for the presentations and helping me study back then,” Ushijima reminded. “I’m sure you will be a great teacher. You were back then.”

How could you not smile as big as you were? “Thanks, Ushijima-san.”

You didn’t want to believe how much Ushijima seemed more lively since he had been coming by your family’s candy shop. When he first came in with Kaho, it was a coincidence. You were distracted by how much Ushijima was so much more handsome compared to high school, and he was already extremely handsome in high school. You felt so lucky whenever he would go to you for study lessons. It was just another few hours to have an excuse to secretly gaze at Ushijima. But when Ushijima came in for the first time, you couldn’t help but wish he would come by more often.

It was such a surprise that he actually did come along with Kaho.

“Papa, I’m ready to go!” Kaho’s small cheerful voice brought you back to your attention. You suddenly realized you were staring at Ushijima a little too long. Was he staring at you too?

“Okay, say your goodbyes to ____-san. We’ll see you when you’re back from the conference?”

“Yeah, we will! ____-sama never breaks her promises!”

“Kaho, remember sama is for-”

“____-sama is a important person! You said she’s a important person to you too, Papa!” Kaho called out with a small cry.

Suddenly, your cheeks went warm. It blended into your neck when you saw the tips of Ushijima’s ears become pink. He coughed awkwardly just as you smiled down at Kaho. “Yes, ____-sama is an important person. Now it’s time to go for dinner and ____-san needs-”

“Can’t you eat with us, ____-sama?” Kaho completely turned to you, stars in her eyes. “Papa told me he’s b-been wanting to ask you to a dinner date, so can that be tonight?!”

“A d-dinner date?” you hid your smile behind your hand. Quickly, you shook your head and turned to Ushijima, who now had pink across his cheeks and both his ears. “____-chan, Papa just means hanging out, like we do now. He would like to eat while hanging out next time, that’s all-”

“But Uncle Tendou says a dinner date between you and Papa means like a special time,” Kaho tilted her head. Ushijima and you couldn’t help to look at each other with a red face now. “Uncle Tendou says Papa was late in school with ____-sama and-”

“Kaho, that’s enough. We need to leave so ____-san can clean,” Ushijima interjected swiftly. He swooped Kaho into his arms as she squealed excitedly, wrapping her arms around Ushijima. He couldn’t help but smile, no matter how red Ushijima had become. “I apologize, ____-san. I’ll explain to Kaho on the way home and speak with Tendou about-”

“So would my answer be late as well, if you would still like to ask me?”

“Excuse me?”

Ushijima watched you smile. Kaho squealed again as you laughed. “See Papa?! I can be a part of the dinner date with ____-sama! So can she come tonight?!”

There were three things Ushijima knew in that moment. Kaho was right when she said that Ushijima was late in high school with you. Another one was he could never really say no to his daughter when she was this excited. The last one, if he didn’t ask you out, he doesn’t think he could wait for another decade to get this chance with you.

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So I just binge-read your whole story yesterday night and it's one of the best things I've ever read ... I'm so hooked now! Just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job and I am in awe over your storytelling and editing talent :)

Y-You did?! Omg I feel so honored, lmao. Because that’s a whole lot of posts!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it and you are eager to find out what happens next - I hope to not disappoint you! :) Thanks for the compliments aww~ Dankeschön :3

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As I rewatch that amazing classic, Sabrina, I am awed by Audrey Hepburn’s grace and poise all over again. Yes, she is very beautiful, but that isn’t what impresses me. What I find most striking about her is how her character grows to like herself and see value in herself. Yes, it’s a love story and yes (spoiler alert) she ends up with the guy, but before that ever happens she learns to embrace life and live it fully with joy.

So today I encourage you to ask yourself as I will be doing, shall I focus on the joys of life or shall I allow the problems that are always there to consume my thoughts? I already know my answer, I choose joy. 

OC dancing meme

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Xalynir Trevelyan

prince charming aw yisssss

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and this because come on Ü

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bonus :D storm magic is fun !

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Aralc Mahariel

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she can’t dance but she does some moves when no one watches.

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What is your favorite thing about each of the losers?

richie: i admire his dedication to his friends
eddie: he’s so strong and brave and it’s so unassuming lol
mike: i think he’s the most patient of the losers and i rlly appreciate that
stan: stanley my manley idk even where to start cause he’s my fav character?? he’s such a good friend even though he’s always been the most mature of the losers and i’m sure they all piss him off sometimes. he’s also so fckn intuitive like i’m in awe of him.
bev: i don’t like bev as a character bc stephen king, like all men, is terrible at writing female characters and she’s so poorly written. but i do admire how fuckin tough she is like holt shit that scene where she beats up her abusive husband with his own belt?? go off sis!!
ben: love that soft ass bitch!! he’s so kind and i love his resourcefulness like the scene where he helps bill and eddie build a dam? iconic. i also love how in the book he has such a good friendship with bill and never acts jealous that bev is in love with him.
bill: he’s such a good brother?? i love his dynamic with georgie!!

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“We (she and Kali) are similar because I am very determined and driven. We also both love Eleven. I don’t even know where to start with the differences. I do not lack empathy. I smile every day, which is definitely something you can’t say about Kali. I care a lot about other people. I do not wear much make-up, and I really prefer my own Copenhagen apartment over a warehouse in Chicago.” -Linnea Berthelsen

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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything