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you steal the air out of my lungs (you make me feel it)

[supercorp; uni au: kara is a barista & lena is exhausted with her honors thesis & also with the cute girl at the coffee shop who doesn’t seem to understand flirting. at all.]


you steal the air out of my lungs (you make me feel it)

you’re 100% sure kara is in when you get to your favorite cafe at 7 am and there’s already carly rae jepson blasting, which, under normal circumstances would be even more exhausting than your life already is this early in the morning but then.

kara smiles this megawatt thing at you when you walk up to the counter, way too bright for this early, but you smile back anyway. it’s a nice cafe, open and airy and in an old loft, with a nice patio with urban garden planters and decent, onsite pastries; they even collaborate with a small bookstore, so the walls are lined with camille paglia and roxanne gay. this should be a clue to kara, you think, as should like most people in the cafe, but it’s an unofficial queer hangout, basically. which isn’t exactly why you frequent it—it’s close to your apartment and their hours are outrageous—but it doesn’t hurt, exactly. kara smiles at you like she’s the sunrise herself, in a big sweater, pushes her glasses up.

‘good morning, lena!’

‘hi, kara,’ you say.

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Hi! I've read many of your posts and they're awesome! Think of this one! If the Dragon Riders were in a Modern AU what would be their hobbies? What kind of animals will their dragons be?

Thank you so much!

There have been lots of different interesting modern AUs whereby the dragons have become cats, dogs, or even horses. There’s some good appeal to each idea. Personally, I wouldn’t mind making the dragons based upon the creatures they were designed from; so, Toothless would be a cat, Stormfly a bird, Meatlug a dog, and… I guess Barf and Belch would be a snake and Hookfang a lizard or something.

Now for hobbies…


Hiccup is the inventive powerhouse of Berk. In a modern AU, Hiccup would likely be just as revolutionary - and the area where our greatest technological development is currently… is computers. I can easily imagine Hiccup as someone who constantly fiddles around with both computer hardware and software. He’s built his own machines. He knows how to program in multiple languages. I like to imagine modern!Hiccup as a techie who spends a lot of his hobby free time playing around with computers.

If we want, we could also suggest that Hiccup has other hobbies in other areas of invention and creating. Maybe Hiccup is decent at fixing cars, too, or at the very least knows the basics. Maybe he’s taken a woodworking class in high school. His high school physics projects were possibly a little over the top. If Hiccup enters any club at his high school, it’s the robotics club.

Another significant area of hobbies for Hiccup is going to be the arts. Hiccup is canonically a talented artist in the DreamWorks franchise. There’s no reason why Hiccup wouldn’t enjoy sketching and drawing in the modern world, too. His preferred art style is probably realism, with an emphasis of making the image more photorealistic as versus developing a recognizable artistic style. He’s probably drawn a lot on paper, but given as he loves the latest technology, does a bit with digital art, too.

I don’t think Hiccup would have gotten into sports. Stoick might have tried to put his kid into a few sports when he was younger, and maybe Hiccup tried some other sports on his own volition in the desperate attempt to appear “cool.” No success. Hiccup would not be an athlete growing up. The one potential area of exception is equestrian sports. Even if I do like Toothless as a cat best, there’s still something fun to be said about Hiccup having an ability to ride an animal extremely well in a modern AU. Hiccup could be quite talented riding horses, capable of competing in every event from jumping to dressage.


Astrid, unlike Hiccup, is an accomplished athlete. She tried soccer/football at a young age and was pretty good at it. She stuck with it for a number of years until she switched to rugby. On top of that, Astrid has trained as a gymnast since she was very young, and also tried her hand at several martial arts. Even for sports she has not officially competed in, she still manages to perform impressively. She steals the day for informal volley ball matches she has with friends, and everyone wants her on their team for ultimate frisbee. Heck, she’s probably wrestled some of her friends to the ground on random occasions, too.

Astrid spends so much time on her academics and competitive sports that she doesn’t have too many hobbies outside of these. She’s never had the time and attention to develop her cooking skills, though on the rare occasion she tries to make eggnog, everyone in the family runs frantically away.


Snotlout in the DreamWorks franchise seems to be accomplished with the needle. Maybe this translates to a modern world, too; Snotlout actually knows how to cross-stitch and work a sewing machine and knit scarves (which he always claims are made by his aunt, not him).

Snotlout also mentions working out in the first HTTYD movie. I bet Snotlout loves going to the gym to lift weights and tone his hot body several times a week. He’s probably not that talented at actual team sports (despite trying to sign up and show off on a few of the most popular sports), but he can make up for his embarrassing year of football by lifting impressively at the gym. Well, he thinks it’s impressive, anyway. And it’s not bad. Though… Astrid can outlift him.


DreamWorks’ biggest nerd will be a nerd in the modern world, too. To be honest, Fishlegs’ hobbies are really easy for me to imagine!

Fishlegs plays Magic: The Gathering and has even been to a few local tournaments. He knows all the ins-and-outs of the game, the most expensive cards, the best tactics, you name it. You get him started talking about MTG… and he won’t shut up for another few hours. He’s also a huge video game lover and can be seen on the PC or console several hours a day. Especially, he’s obsessed with League of Legends.

Fishlegs enjoys watching nerd culture movies and knows a decent amount of comic book material. He’ll watch superhero movies and get into debates about which hero would beat who in what sort of competition. You’ll find him at the occasional local comic or sci-fi convention. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Teen Titans… he’s enjoyed them all.

In high school, Fishlegs enjoyed a few academic competitions, especially in the sciences. I am sure he’s participated in both Science Bowl and Science Olympiad. He’s probably gotten a few medals from Science Olympiad at both the regionals and state level… maybe even making it to the national competition.

It’s also fairly easy for me to see Fishlegs as a band geek and/or orch dork.


Tuffnut also seems to know a bit about needlework given comments in RTTE. He also seems to like interior decorating and other such things. Perhaps in the modern world Tuffnut has a good eye for fabric and tailorsmanship, too. I’m going to suggest this not so much because it’s in his character but because it’s amusing to consider: but Tuffnut making cosplay. That could be entertaining. Or maybe it’s just unusually elaborate Halloween costumes? It’s a holiday he and Ruffnut get a little too engrossed in.

I don’t imagine Tuffnut being involved in too many activities, especially not formal clubs or extracurriculars. However, there’s one exception: theatre. Tuffnut adores theatre, and I’m sure he’s auditioned for a few roles at his local high school. Even when it’s just English class and the teacher assigns the students into groups to act out a Shakespeare scene, Tuffnut gets… overdramatic and involved.

It’s not exactly a “hobby” but I’m sure that Ruffnut and Tuffnut spent many hours together enacting pranks at school.

If Tuffnut got involved in a sport, it’d be figure skating. He’d go for the figure skating; Ruffnut would go for the hockey.


Like Astrid, I could also imagine Ruffnut as a rugby player. Ruffnut is fierce, downright fierce, at the sport. There’s no fear. There are times that Ruffnut gets irritated and jealous that her teammate Astrid receives a lot of the credit - Astrid is a bit more popular than Ruffnut - but Ruff’s coach is fully aware of how bold and dedicated a player the Thorston twin is.

When Ruffnut enters college, she finds herself participating in some extreme experiences. She’s gone bungee jumping and skydiving multiple times and has greatly enjoyed both experiences.

The Artist

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1845

A/N: Just a short and sweet Jimin drabble~ I really hope you guys like it!

- Admin Snow

Our Masterlist

I remember the first time I saw her drawing she had her hair pulled up with a black hair tie, letting me take in all the angles and curves that made her pretty face. I also remember that being the only time I had seen her with her hair completely away from her face, every day after that her hair was neatly placed over one shoulder. Maybe it was because it was hot that day, or maybe because those locks had gotten in the way of her drawing in that moment.

Either way, as I sat across the café, the only thing I could focus on was her.

She was like clockwork. Every other day, at seven in the evening, she sat at the same table, ordered the same cup of coffee, and drew in the same dull green sketch book whose number of pages slowly decreased as the days went on.

She has something of a routine when she drew. She would draw for a good fifteen minutes, lip caught between her teeth, sit back and examine her work, make a face at it, and continue to add to her art. I wondered if she had designed any of the art decorating her left arm. The black ink started at her wrist and disappeared under the pulled-up sleeve of her black long sleeve.

There were many people who frequented the café who knew of her, people outside of the café too. The artist who would sit down, sip on her coffee and ensue to draw the customers.

Every day it would change, I’ve witness her drawing a student studying, a mother and daughter having a chat over a cup of tea, a business man having a conversation on his phone, even a couple snuggled up on the couch sharing a hot chocolate. A different art piece every day. And when she was done, coffee long gone and fingers and wrists dusted in lead, she would walk over to her subject of that day, hand them the drawing and thank them with a small smile then proceed to leave the café.

The reactions would all differ slightly, but ultimately were the same: amazement. Her drawings were beautiful and captured moments and emotions better than any photo could.

“Yeah, she sits at this café and just draws people. It’s pretty awesome! Taehyung actually has a drawing of him that she made this one time he was there. She even caught his rectangular smile perfectly.” Namjoon explained spreading his own lips in a mock Taehyung style way making the actual rectangular smiled boy push him playfully.

I learned from Namjoon that she was an art major just like the rest of us. Apparently, she also had a class with Jeongguk.

“She’s really quiet and keeps to herself a lot.” Jeongguk put in as he kicked a stray rock on the pavement. “Now that I think about it, she doesn’t really talk to anyone.”

“I think Yoongi had told me something about her being a regular at his tattoo parlor. She has this really cool left sleeve that she adds on to every now and then.” Taehyung put in.

“Oh yeah! I’ve caught glances at her tattoos. I think one of my favorites that I’ve seen on her is this phoenix looking bird.” Jeongguk added as he motioned to his forearm where Y/N probably adorned the ink.

“So why were you asking, Jimin?”

“Oh, it’s just, I think I ran into her the other day.”

“Can I have four iced americanos, two iced vanilla lattes, and one mocha frappe, all large sizes, please?”

“That’s a pretty big order.” I laughed along with the cashier as I handed over my card.

“Yeah, it’s my turn to do the coffee run.” I explained as I took back my card. I walked away from the counter and sat down patiently to hear my name. It wasn’t long before I was given the two large cup holders with all our drinks carefully placed inside. I walked out of the café, pushing open the door with my shoulder and treaded over to my car.

I hadn’t realized I was in a dilemma until I stood in front of my car, both hands preoccupied, and unable to open the car door, let alone grab my keys inside my jeans pocket. I didn’t want to place the drinks on the floor or on the car hood in fear of spilling them so I decided the best thing to do was go back inside and take the holders out one by one.

As I began to turn around and head back inside I heard someone quietly speak beside me.

“Need some help?” I turned around to face the owner of the voice. I blinked at the girl for a few seconds, not realizing fast enough what it was she had meant. She gestured towards the drinks in my hand and softly offered to hold one of the cardboard cup holders.

“Oh, um, please?” I say and slowly hand over the one with three drinks. Not wanting to waste any time, I quickly get a hold of my car keys and open the door, placing the drinks I had in my hand on the passenger seat. I turned around and took the other drinks from her hands, silently observing that she adorned tattoos on her left arm. “Thanks for your help.” I rapidly say once I had placed those drinks safely inside too.

“It’s no problem.” She said with a smile and walked away immediately after. I watched as she walked over to the entrance of the café and disappeared inside.

I remember thinking that she had seemed so nice. I also remember promising to maybe come back some day in hope that she might be there and I could run into her again. Maybe get her name next time.

By some luck, the week after, I saw her again. Unfortunately, I hadn’t caught her name because she was already walking out. I managed to make eye contact with her as she walked past me to her own car. I cautiously waved at her from my position, hoping that maybe she recognized me. Her gaze lingered for a second, making me believe that maybe she didn’t remember me. I had started to feel like an idiot before she lifted her own hand to return my hello. That wave alone had made my whole day.

I learned later from one of the baristas that she was a regular. A very special regular.

My encounters with her after that were scarce and small, but never short of amazing.

Things ranging between gentle hellos and quick “how was your day”s as we waited for our coffees to be prepared. I had begun to use the café as a study spot, in hope that I would build up the courage to talk to her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even bring myself to give her my name. And what was worse was that as time went on, I developed more and more of a crush on her, making it harder and harder to confront her.

“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that I have to divide this number into this number and that would give me my answer?”

“Yes, Jeongguk, for the hundredth time, yes!”

“And that’s the tangent?”


“But what abo–”

“I give up.” I exclaim as I slump over and bury my face into Jeongguk’s math book.

“You suck at tutoring.” Jeongguk accuses as he sips from his coffee, making slurping sounds as he finishes the iced beverage. “Namjoon is way better at this than you are.”

“Well why didn’t you ask him?!” I question, glaring at the younger boy, chin still placed on the glossy pages of his textbook.

“He said something about having to finish composing some song for a class.” He said as he opened his cup and began munching on some of the left-over ice.

“So you asked me to waste my precious time on helping you with a subject I’m only marginally better at than you?” Jeongguk scoffs at my words and leans in closer to me.

“Precious time? All you do is stalk Y/N.” At the mention of her name, I sit up quickly and glance behind the brunette’s shoulder at the tattooed girl sitting a few tables away. “You even fought me for that seat so you could look at her this whole time.”

I could feel my cheeks burn pink at his words. “I do not stalk her!” I angrily whisper. “I want to talk to her, I just don’t know how to do it.” My eyes turn back to her and I observe as she lets her pencil glide along the paper, quietly wondering who she was drawing today. Maybe it was the long-haired girl with glasses reading over on one of the couches, she looked like drawing material if you ask me.

“Whatever you say.” I was about to reprimand him for his words but he cut me off before I could. “I’m going to the bathroom. Could you order us some more coffee? I’d like some more caffeine before we start round two of this study session.” And before I could even say no, he was gone.

Huffing in defeat, I stand up and walk over to the counter to order our drinks.

“You owe me.” I say as soon as I come back, placing the two cups down. But Jeongguk wasn’t listening, instead he was beaming down at a sheet of paper in his hand. Curious, I asked him what he was looking at.

“Y/N left.”

“What?” And just as he had said, she wasn’t sat down at her usual table. Immediately, I felt a little sad that I didn’t see her leave. “Oh, she did.”

“And she left this.” I felt my heart skip a beat, realizing exactly what he meant.

“She drew you?!” I snatched the paper out of his hand instantly. Jeongguk chuckled and shook his head.

“Not me.” Looking down at the sheet of paper, I was in awe. “She drew you.”

The lines, the shading, all of it came together to create me. The me that was sitting down, pencil in hand and smiling softly at what I had been writing in that moment she had chosen to capture. Maybe it had been something Jeongguk had said, or maybe something I had been thinking about that had made me smile like that, because it sure wasn’t the math problems. I don’t think I have ever looked better than I do drawn by her hands. Is this what she sees when she looks at me?

As I continue to admire her art, I realize that along the bottom right hand corner, in pretty cursive writing, were the words,

“Jimin, I am sorry I didn’t thank you in person. I much rather do it outside of the café, maybe over dinner if you’d like.”

And underneath her short note was a ten-digit number and her name.

“Actually, I believe you owe me.”

Xavier the Blacksmith

So far to me, the most intriguing new character in Tangled Before Ever After is Xavier the Blacksmith. Why? Because he is a character who was created for an earlier version of the movie but never made it to the version of Tangled we all know and love. For the longest time, all we knew about him was what he was going to look like.

by Dan Cooper

by Dan Cooper

by Lauren Airriess

by Lauren Airriess

From this concept art, alone, it’s difficult to glean any kind of personality, let alone a purpose beyond, “blacksmith.”

But today, I sat down with a friend of mine, a former-animator at Walt Disney Animation, who worked on Tangled, and was around during the version Xavier was involved in. I had to ask what he was like, so we could start getting a possible glimpse of one of these mysterious new characters.

“He was awesome,” she told me. “I’m sure that’s very helpful.”

So, I told her the purpose behind my question - to write this speculative character review - and she got down to telling me about him. But I can’t tell you about Xavier without telling you about Bastion. 

No, not this cocky bastard

by Jin Kim

I’m talking about this lovable teddy bear

by Glen Keane

This is the version of Tangled where this giant bear of a man was our male lead.

Now, the concept art we have for him doesn’t give us much of a clue to his personality, either, so my friend filled me in.

Bastion is shy and self-doubting, though he is actually quite intelligent and strong (although he doesn’t believe this about himself). And, he is a gifted hobby inventor. When the story opens, he’s working on a miniature prototype of a flying machine.

The trouble is, Bastion has fallen in with the wrong crowd, a gang of thieves using him as muscle, and he doesn’t have the strength of character to get himself out. (Not to mention, they’re emotionally abusing him and manipulating him into staying with them - sound familiar? *looks at Rapunzel*)

Enter Xavier the Blacksmith. Bastion has been going to his smithy to get the bits and pieces and parts for his inventions. Xavier is not only seriously good at what he does, and is able to make things that others can’t seem to manage, he also has access to things like materials that a simple hobbyist can’t get his hands on.

Xavier’s forge is Bastion’s safe place, where he goes to get away from his troubles and work on his inventions. And though they don’t necessarily talk about Bastion’s life and problems, it’s good for him to be there and geek out with Xavier about mechanical/ metallurgical stuff and indulge this interest.

Xavier isn’t stupid and he knows Bastion has something else going on even if he doesn’t know what, and he’s all about trying to get Bastion out of that life and into being his own guy and having some confidence and following his dream. Xavier serves as a kind of wise man, not a Grandmother Willow type, but more in an, ‘I believe in you and you’re better than this,’ way. And he’s convincing. At the beginning of the movie, Bastion is hemming and hawing and making excuses, but Xavier’s advice and gentle prodding starts to work on him over the course of the story.

Later on, Bastion and Rapunzel are in the city, hiding from Gothel and Bastion’s gang. They take refuge in Xavier’s forge, and he (Xavier) teaches her how to make chain mail, because he’s a cool feminist like that.

This is also the version of the story where the Queen looks like this

by Jin Kim

because in this version of the movie, the Queen (and King, I presume) are badass warriors.

With Xavier’s help, Rapunzel makes an entire chain mail cowl and puts it on. Xavier suggests she dresses up like the Queen, for the fun of it (and because he’s a total Royal Family/Lost Princess enthusiast), so he digs out a crown for her to wear, and in this version of the story, this is the moment she’s recognized as the Lost Princess.

So, where does all this take us in regard to Tangled Before Ever After? How much of this past life of Xavier the Blacksmith is going to be held onto? All we know for sure at this point is that Xavier is voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. We cannot presume, but it would not be far-fetched to guess, that his character design will remain basically the same.

Since Eugene is not an inventor, he won’t be any sort of role model to him in that regard. However, perhaps Varian the Alchemist is? Alchemists tend to be wizard chemists, but that doesn’t put them outside the realm of inventor.

I can see him still being a Royal Family/Lost Princess fanboy, though, and similarly I can see him teaching Rapunzel how to make chain mail, as well as any other kinds of forging things she’d like to know. (Perhaps she’s the one with the penchant for invention! Or perhaps the invention angle will be dropped altogether.)

At any rate, this is why I’m excited about Xavier. Because he was interesting enough (and boy, was he interesting!) to resurrect him in the modern Tangled universe! I cannot wait to see the role this gentleman takes.

Paint (Pt.2) (Reader x Delsin Rowe)
Word Count: 6000 something
A/N: This work is totally unfinished. But here is part 2 if anyone is even reading it haha. There’s some AU in this. If you’ve played the game you’ll know what it is when you see it.

The both of you hadn’t even realised that the dinner had taken up a couple hours of your time. It passed by so fast. It seemed like Delsin and yourself had a lot to talk about and it never felt awkward if you both fell into silence. The city was cold in the evening, though the cool breeze was welcome after the warmth of the pizza place.

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Favorite TMNT character by each incarnation? You know, best Leo, best Raph, best Mikey, best Donnie, best Splinter, best April, best Shredder, you get the jizz :)

OOOOoooooh this sounds like fun and it will take me a while haha *cracks knuckles* Lets do it! But to make this easier I’m going to just go off the animated series. So I’ll be comparing the 1987 series, the 2003 series, and the current 2012 series. So without hesitation lets get started.


1987: This version of Leonardo was the charming superhero save the day type. He was always helpful and always wanted to do good things. He also got very carried away with things like readin, playing video games, etc. But he was still a very likable character.
2003: This version of Leonardo was probably the most well-developed so far of the 3 versions. He was very serious and focused on his training but when you see the hell he went through you understand why. Hell he gets a permanent part of his shell removed and he is so dedicated to protecting his family you can’t help but feel for the guy. He was also an extreme badass in combat.
2012: This leonardo is definitely more like an actual teenager than the other 2. He’s a big nerd and loves anime and star trek knock offs. He is a still a badass though (especially in the season 2 finale). Sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk though but its understandable when your brothers don’t listen to you and other times its cause he IS a teenager and acts like it. 
Winner: My favorite is definitely the 2003 Leo still, after you see what he goes through and how he overcomes it I cant help but root for him.

Michelangelo (my favorite)

1987: Okay I’m just gonna say it. I friggin love this Mikey. He’s so likable, he’s so funny and HIS FRIGGIN VOICE! I absolutely love Surfer voices. “CHYAH DUDE COWABUNGA” No one can give a battle cry like this Michelangelo. Cowabunga became a household saying when I was a kid at the beach and pool. The only bad thing I can say about this mikey is the fact they took his nunchucks away in later seasons cause they were “too violent” and replaced them with a grappling hook which was lame.
2003: I liked the fact this Mikey was one of the most competent fighters out of all the turtles. He was creative and had a spider-man way of talking so much his enemies could not concentrate…especially Raph. Though he had many negative qualities. Don’t get me wrong I love Mikey but this one would always make corny jokes and references and then brag how he is was a champion in an Inter-dimensional tournament. That got really irritating at times.
2012: Greg Cipes was perfectly cast as Michelangelo. He was born to be him and this Mikey is pretty fun and a likable dude. The only gripe I have with this Mikey is they make him to be a straight out idiot at times, like he needs someone to hold his hand. That is my one gripe with him. Mikey is my fav and I get that he likes to goof around but he should always have a filter of when its right to and when to be serious. They’ve been fixing that through the season so I’m not too worried.
Winner: Come on dudes it goes to the 80s Michelangelo, To me this is the greatest interpretation of Mikey we’ve had so far and GOD I LOVE HIS VOICE. No one can say Cowabunga like him.


1987 and 2003: Honestly when I go back and rewatch both series they are pretty similar. Though 1987 Donnie wanted to be excepted by the whole world while 2003 Don didn’t and just cared for making inventions to expand his knowledge and to help his brothers.
2012: This Donnie is very eccentric and excitable and he’s in love with April (eecchhh not a fan of that). He’s always making inventions like the previous 2 but his main focus is to make retro mutagen to stop the Kraang. Honestly some episodes he can get on my nerves but one episode I really loved him in was the Ep he was teaching a vigilante how to use a Bo Staff and how to train for Ninjitsu.

Winner: This is a Tie


This Raph is waaayyy different than the other 2. He’s still cynical but he’s comedic with it. He’s very similar to Michelangelo and is constantly breaking the 4th wall. He also has some of the best one liners in the series. Even though he’s different from the other 2 I like him and later on in the series they tried to make him more aggressive than the others.
2003: This Raph was like the Wolverine of the series, Always loved to fight and was constantly training. Also he was such a badass and Mikey called him their secret weapon. He also has that tough Brooklyn accent which I loved they gave the 1st Live Action movie one.
2012: This Raph has his ups and his downs to me. On one hand he is one of the strongest fighters and is a great asset to the team. But on the other hand this Raph can just be a straight up jerkish bully sometimes and I hate that. If he’s angry I get it but I don’t like him picking on his bros the way he does. I know he is growing as a character so I can’t fault him too much and he’s becoming more and more likable as the series goes on.

Winner: 2003 Raph because he’s just a badass and he’s a lot like the 1st live action movie raph which was my favorite incarnation of him.


1987: This splinter was very wise and had a great voice that fit him. He did seem like an actual martial arts sensei you could have. He just didn’t do much, sure he got into fights every now and then but it was nothing too spectacular.
2003: This splinter had a much deeper story and even had a few arcs of his own which were very entertaining. My problem with him was his voice though. It seemed like he was trying too hard to sound like an Old Martial arts master.
2012: This splinter is just incredible. You can tell he was a badass Martial Arts master and now that he is a rat he incorporates that into his fighting. His voice is awesome and his fight scenes HOLY DAMMIT CHRISTMAS! You see why he is the master of the turtles and his stories can actually be applied to actual life.

Winner: No surprise here the 2012 splinter by a landslide

April O’neil

1987: I’m just going to be blunt, I had the biggest crush on this April as a kid. She was just too frickin sexy in that yellow jumpsuit and those Tig Ol bitties….mmmmm so nice. Though she was kind of a shallow character
2003: The pale one lol I thought she was pretty cool. I liked the fact that she was also a scientist and could match Don in techno babble and intelligence. I also like how she learned martial arts from Splinter to protect herself and became not only intelligent but a warrior…..that pale skin though
2012: The Booty teen haha, unlike the others this one is actually a teenager…..and part mutant…wow. She’s got a likable personality and can defend herself since she’s learning from Splinter. She can come off as whiny sometimes but she always gets the job done…..though she does have some annoying ‘Teenage’ tendencies.

Winner: 200——-I really should give it to her, but I’m shallow and 1987 April is a hottie so that’s my personal favorite haha


1987: This shredder was only intimidating in the first 5 episodes of the show then he became a joke. And just a typical whiner of an 80s villain. It’s kind of pathetic really. Don’t get me wrong I loved James Avery’s voice but the character was too much of a wimp to be taking seriously.
2003: THE FIRST VERSION, which I guess is the Utrom one…Not the Demon one or Karai. I’ll say this. THIS SHREDDER HAD THE BEST GODDAMN DESIGN OUT OF ANY SHREDDER’s in History for his first few appearances

before we found out he was an alien. To me that took away some of the badassness of this shredder cause its kind of like. Oh I’m really good at video games so Im kicking your ass instead of training. That bugged me but the design was incredible.
2012: This version of Shredder took what I loved about the 2003 shredder and keeps it grounded. He is a lethal martial artist who was like a brother to splinter but then turned to the dark side. He even stole his daughter, that’s just cold. His suit looks meh to me though

Winner: 2012 Shredder with 2003’s armor now that would be incredible.

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Congrats on your writing anniversary! You're a rockstar. Do you think you could probably do “I make coffee cup art and I drew you yesterday I’m sorry did I make this weird you’re just really cute okay?” AU for bellarke? With just like.... loads and loads of fluff? Smother me fluff. I am ready for it. <3 <3 <3

<33 Thanks for the prompt! I hope you feel sufficiently buried in fluff, because I SURE TRIED.


Bellamy is not really that into the whole hipster coffee shop thing.

He’d be fine with staying home to make his own coffee, except there are too many distractions in his apartment for him to do the things he needs to do– clutter that demands to be tidied, a TV that demands to be watched, a cat that demands to be given attention. And it’s the cat that’s hardest to say no to, because most of the time she prefers to pretend she wants nothing to do with him.

And he’d be fine with Starbucks, or Costa, or any other big-name chain, except they’re so expensive. The Drip Shop may be far too hipster for his tastes, but it’s right around the corner from his place and he can afford to go there as much as he needs to get his grading done without breaking the bank.

So he can put up with the minimalist decor and the baristas with wooden bowties and edgy haircuts. He can live with that, can be amused instead of annoyed by it, like Ron Swanson at Grain ‘n Simple– enjoying the flannel-clad patrons in their natural habitat.

There is one thing, however, he enjoys unironically: the art.

The stuff on the walls rotates to showcase local talent, which is cool, he guesses. But the chalkboards are done by one of the baristas (his favorite, according to Octavia, though he pretends that isn’t true), and they’re always awesome– clever puns, cool designs that make him wonder how he’s even the same species when he can barely draw a stick figure.

They were actually what drew him in to check the place out that first time. She’d drawn on one of those sidewalk signs a map of their neighborhood, with a banner that said ‘coffee’ over The Drip Shop. The awesome part was that she’d filled the rest of the map with legitimately cool drawings of different dragons, another banner reading, ‘here be dragons (best not to take your chances)’.

He’d laughed and headed inside, and once he saw the prices, there was no going back.

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K Project Random Crack And Normal Head Cannons Made by Me! Part 1 HOMRA

Cause I couldn’t sleep when I thought of these and I could picture these just a little bit. They are meant to be funny and random.

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 Crack Cannon Totsuka: A long time ago Mikoto,Totsuka and Izumo got drunk and had a dare contest, one of the dares was singing karaoke. Totsuka sang quite a bunch of Cascada songs he nailed them and even sang power of love and nailed that one two. 

 Normal cannon Totsuka: Totsuka Tried making a dress for Anna though it didn’t work so he bought her one instead.

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 Crack Cannon Mikoto: Secretly Mikoto is a fan of cute simple life Anime that revolves around animals like Hamtaro and Chii’s sweet home. (Though personally this isn’t much of a crack Cannon, well to me at least since I can actually picture this just a bit)

Normal Cannon Mikoto: Likes the Anime HunterxHunter and his favorite character is Killua.

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Crack Cannon Izumo: One time out of curiosity stole a pair of his girlfriends under wear and wore it for a day wondering how it would feel. Personally he kinda liked it.

Normal Cannon Izumo: Izumo when he was 10 began to study on how to maintain a bar.

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Crack Cannon Anna: Secretly pairs the main ABC boys of HOMRA with there partners and even writes fan fiction of how they could get together. Her favorite Ships in order is Sarumi/Misaru, Izuri (Izumo and Seri) Chiwa (Chitose and Dewa), Furic (eric and Fujishima), Shoban (Shohei and Bandou). She also can’t Decide which pairing she likes more between Mikototsu or Mikorei.

(I personally don’t know the official pairing names of the ABC boys so I came up with these ones. if anyone does know please tell me)

Normal Cannon Anna: Secretly has wanted to die her hair red like Mikoto’s, when she asked Mikoto if she could Mikoto told her no she was never allowed to dye her hair, even when she was an adult.

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 Crack Cannon Yata: unbeknownst to everyone Misaki writes awesome Erotica but no one knows and Misaki wants to keep it that way. 

Normal Cannon Yata: Looks up random recipes on the internet usually super hard ones and tries to master and remember the recipe by heart in 1 week. He fails every time and it takes 2 weeks for him to remember the recipe by heart.

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Crack cannon Kamamoto: Likes to sing to female English singers when he cleans. He doesn’t care what genre they sing they just have to sound good.

Normal Cannon Kamamoto: Kama here is an awesome break dancer but doesn’t get to show off his moves cause the last time he did, he broke so many of Izumo’s wine bottles. Kama was never found out but he refuses to break dance in the bar in case it could happen again. 

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Crack Cannon Eric: Secretly likes to play pranks on Fujishima while Fujishima has no clue who keeps pranking him.

Normal Cannon Eric: Secretly likes the animals Fujishima brings in to take care of but wont admit plus there apartment is no pets allowed so they cant keep them.

Crack Cannon Fujishima: Fujishima is into furry cosplay but won’t admit it to anyone. 

Normal Cannon Fujishima: Keeps asking Eric if they can get a pet once a week, but Eric always says no.

Crack Cannon Chitose: One time he ate 2 big cakes by himself and later that evening when he was having sex he puked all over his partner. ever since then hes sworn off cake and never speaks of it again.

 Normal Cannon Chitose: One time he burned Dewa’s hat by mistake and it took him 4 days to find one that looked exactly like Dewa’s old one. Fortunately during those 4 days he convinced Dewa it was lost.

Crack Cannon Dewa: Dewa actually knows Ballet and is really good but wont admit it to anyone the only one who does know is Chitose.

Normal Cannon Dewa: Dewa knew Chitose burned his hat he just didn’t say anything because he thought it was funny seeing Chitose run around and trying to cover his tracks as he found a new one of the same brand.

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Crack Cannon Shouhei: Has a secret obsession with Alice in wonderland art. the only one who knows is Anna because sometimes he draws for her.

Normal Cannon Shouhei: Likes creating cool random logo designs. He also created the design of his HOMRA hat.

Crack Cannon Bandou: is secretly a super famous model hence why he wears sunglasses and a hoodie most of the time. 

Normal Cannon Bandou: Has sensitive skin so unless he uses a good sunblock he needs to cover himself in layers or else hell get sun burnt.

Another print for Ai-kon, this time of D.Va!!
I think D.Va is really cool and she has such a cute design too? She’s awesome.

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan || D.Va (Hana Song), Overwatch © Blizzard Entertainment
Please don’t use, edit, or repost without permission; thanks!
Want to commission me? Check my blog’s description for a link to my commission page, since Tumblr doesn’t like outgoing links!

Commentary Summary: Battle of Zaofu

Guests: Janet Varney (Korra), Zelda Williams (Kuvira)

  • In general, when Bryke and the guests are introducing themselves, they say what they do or who they play.  Zelda, on the other hand, introduced herself by saying, “and I play evil ladies!”  XD
  • Kuvira was only Zelda’s second voice acting audition.  Apparently, she had an ex-boyfriend who left a microphone at her house, and she decided to keep it and use it for auditions.
  • Zelda thinks the concept art for Kuvira looks like her, and says that her mom has a beauty mark just like Kuvira’s.
  • Bryan said that Kuvira’s beauty mark was designed as a way of getting people to notice her.  Zelda joked that a unibrow would have been really noticeable, too; Bryan called Kuvira’s eyebrows, “Mako-esque” (which is probably why I’ve thought some fem!Makos were Kuvira on first glance).
  • Bryan researched art deco jewelry for the Zaofu characters.  Apparently, art deco pulled influence from the Egyptians.
  • Zelda thinks that Zaofu and its domes remind her of this egg thing from Power Rangers.  (XD)  Bryke said it was really based on an RL temple instead (the Lotus Temple, though they didn’t actually remember the name).
  • Janet fantasizes about runway shows using the characters’ outfits.  Zelda loves the airbender wingsuit, and talked to Alyson Stoner (Opal) about it being awesome.  (In general, it seems like the girls working on the show like each other and each others’ characters a lot, which is nice to see.  =) )
  • Zelda says that, “as a girl who was bald for 6 years,” she always notes characters’ hairstyles.  Bryan said that hair was important because the characters’ silhouettes needed to be distinct.  That became a problem in Book 4 due to Korra and Opal’s similar hairstyles, which were actually different on the model sheet but ended up looking the same in execution.
  • Opal’s hair was based on a “fresh-faced German actress” named Dolly Haas.
  • The first time Janet and Zelda had a simultaneous record, they were separated by a wall.
  • Zelda’s initial read for Kuvira was “super aggro,” but it was decided that, since there were good parts to Kuvira, they “didn’t want to go full crazy” with her.  Zelda said it was tough to yell and be controlled at the same time.
  • Janet said that there was a lot of on-the-job training required on LoK.  Zelda said that she got thrown into “Bolin boot camp” because she had trouble saying his name – names were one of those things that were important to make sure the VAs were saying right.
  • Zelda referred to Kuvira in first person much if not most of the time (which kind of messed up my notes XD; ).  As such, she called herself a mean person without giving any context beforehand, heh.
  • Mike always knew that Korra wasn’t going to end up facing Kuvira until mid-season.  The idea was that there would be a lot of buildup seeing Kuvira running amok, but the result would end up disappointing because Korra wasn’t ready.
  • Zelda compared the metal sarcophagi that Su and the twins were kept in with steam room sweat boxes.  (I didn’t write this down, but they also got compared to iron maidens.)
  • Zelda loves her art deco train.  =)  That launched off a discussion of the development of said train (most of which will probably end up in the art book, so I didn’t take notes), ending in Zelda and Janet agreeing that they’d both just content themselves to have good voices and never use their hands.
  • Zelda found John Michael Higgins and Dee Bradley Baker to be awe-inspiring, and sees what they do as an art form, like conducting an orchestra.  Janet says that, if she were a kid, she’d like to open up Dee Bradley Baker to see how he works.  XD
  • Varrick’s “Head voices are liars” line was improv (they basically just had John Michael Higgins riff for a while until he came up with something good).  It ended up making Zelda laugh uncontrollably, which is something I’d really like to see (…and see someone edit into Kuvira laughing uncontrollably, too XD ).
  • Mike liked getting to make Varrick into a real person who’s aware that his actions have consequences.
  • Bryan likes Kuvira with her hair down.
  • Kuvira appearing as Dark Avatar Korra was meant to show that Korra and Kuvira were similar.
  • When Kuvira made those terrifying sickle things from her armor, Zelda joked about her picking grapes.  (Bryke didn’t say one way or the other about whether Kuvira was actually intending to kill Korra, for the record.)
  • Meelo’s portrait was kind of meant to be like Napoleon.
  • Jinora’s top bun originally came from Ryu’s design.
  • Zelda joked that, “I made everyone in my army have hipster haircuts.”  Bryan said it was actually his hairstyle.
  • Bryan designed a whole bunch of female officers for Kuvira’s army, but the designs ended up going unused in crowd shots and such.  Kuvira wasn’t actually intended to have an army of men.  (I imagine we’ll see these ladies in the art book.)
  • Kuvira can bend any metal except platinum.
  • Joaquim Dos Santos designed the mechsuits.
  • They noted that Kuvira actually covered over the Toph statue with her banners (not cool!).
  • Zelda actually referred to Baatar Jr. as “my fiance,” which threw me for a second.  Bryan called him her fiance, too.  XD
  • Bryan thinks the over-the-shoulder shot of Kuvira shortly before the end of the episode is her scariest.
Black Butterfly

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Jungkook x reader


Word count: 3.9k

Collab with Bubbletaesty who’s doing the Jimin in this story!! Check hers out

The phone blared throughout the shop, buzzing with the same ringtone at the constant tempo. It was only until it was clicked against the stand, held by the owner of the shop to answer the phone call.

“Y-elllllooo? Sin on Skin, the Tattoo Parlor, Jeon Jungkook speaking,” he spoke with a vibrant and friendly tone. Jungkook crossed his arm under the one that was holding the telephone and leaned towards the wall, awaiting the responding voice of the caller.

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So, here is finally my part two of my fanart recs! It’s going to be long, but it’s going to be worth it. So, if you like Miraculous Ladybug and you like fanart, here are these people I love and why. (now with examples!)

[also, there are hundreds of great artists in this fandom, but I am just one person. please remember that.]


I adore Starry’s work. She inspires me often because as you can see, she has soft overall color as you can see in Ladybug’s hair and suit and Adrien’s hair too. But draws the sweetest expressions and makes them glow. Look at how they are glowing in their faces, in their hair, that is the warmth of happiness right there.

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Yo! I'm really interested in trying to draw your characters, but I can't exactly find suitable references of them. If you could link me to some that I may have missed, or find the time to draw it out, that would be awesome! (I love all your work, and I can't wait to see the game when it's finished.)

Thank you! We’re currently focusing on working out the story, character personalities and building a quick demo of the game itself. I won’t be releasing full character sheets until the designs are settled upon (everything up to this point is still just a first draft of characters, and three of the characters haven’t even been drawn yet because they aren’t relevant to making the demo) For now any art in this tag is all we have online so far.

cheerful-otaku said: Is there a possibility that there would be a contest that would require the fans of No Mercy to design a character that could potentially be played?

We’ve seriously considered this actually, it’s a good possibility! That probably wouldn’t happen until later this year though.

More questions under a cut!

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Since I saw your Thoughts on all 4 turtles from the 1987, 2003, and 2012 shows what are you thoughts on Splinter, April, Casey and Shredder now?

Aight lets do it


1987: This splinter was very wise and had a great voice that fit him. He did seem like an actual martial arts sensei you could have. He just didn’t do much, sure he got into fights every now and then but it was nothing too spectacular.
2003: This splinter had a much deeper story and even had a few arcs of his own which were very entertaining. My problem with him was his voice though. It seemed like he was trying too hard to sound like an Old Martial arts master.
2012: This splinter is just incredible. You can tell he was a badass Martial Arts master and now that he is a rat he incorporates that into his fighting. His voice is awesome and his fight scenes HOLY DAMMIT CHRISTMAS! You see why he is the master

Winner: No surprise here the 2012 splinter by a landslide

April O’neil

1987: I’m just going to be blunt, I had the biggest crush on this April as a kid. She was just too frickin sexy in that yellow jumpsuit and those Tig Ol bitties….mmmmm so nice. Though she was kind of a shallow character
2003: The pale one lol I thought she was pretty cool. I liked the fact that she was also a scientist and could match Don in techno babble and intelligence. I also like how she learned martial arts from Splinter to protect herself and became not only intelligent but a warrior…..that pale skin though
2012: The Booty teen haha, unlike the others this one is actually a teenager…..and part mutant…wow. She’s got a likable personality and can defend herself since she’s learning from Splinter. She can come off as whiny sometimes but she always gets the job done…..though she does have some annoying ‘Teenage’ tendencies. also she’s got powers

Winner: 200——-I really should give it to her, but I’m shallow and 1987 April is a hottie so that’s my personal favorite haha

Casey Jones

1987: This one is a Massive Psychopath with a fetish for Breaking things and never once takes off his mask. He’s literally insane haha

2003: This one is much more tame, still has an anger issue but he’s in his right since the Purple Dragons burned down his shop. Unknowingly to him he was trained by the turtles when he was a kid getting bullied and he grew up to be a buff badass vigilante. He has an Arc and a story and he’s a likeable dude

2012: This ones a Teenager like April so he acts like it at times. The only thing I do not buy about this Casey is he’s this scrawny Hockey playing kid missing teeth and he’s fighting on par with Cyber Ninjas and Alien Robots and Buff Street thugs. Not saying he couldn’t learn but its just a shocker to me seeing him fight and beat all these foes who should outclass him haha

Winner: 2003 Casey cause he reminded me a lot of the 1st live action movie Casey haha


1987: This shredder was only intimidating in the first 5 episodes of the show then he became a joke. And just a typical whiner of an 80s villain. It’s kind of pathetic really. Don’t get me wrong I loved James Avery’s voice but the character was too much of a wimp to be taking seriously.

2003: THE FIRST VERSION, which I guess is the Utrom one…Not the Demon one or Karai. I’ll say this. THIS SHREDDER HAD THE BEST GODDAMN DESIGN OUT OF ANY SHREDDER’s in History for his first few appearances

before we found out he was an alien. To me that took away some of the badassness of this shredder cause its kind of like. Oh I’m really good at video games so Im kicking your ass instead of training. That bugged me but the design was incredible.

2012: This version of Shredder IS A BEAST just a straight up BEAST! He took what I loved about the 2003 shredder and keeps it grounded. He is a lethal martial artist who was like a brother to splinter but then turned to the dark side. He even stole his daughter, that’s just cold. GODDAMN he will fight every single Muhfugga and kick their asses by himself if he has to, SO FRICKIN BADASS!  His suit looks meh to me though

Winner: 2012 Shredder with 2003’s armor now that would be incredible.

BEYOND THE SEA: The Beginnings of BioShock’s Big Daddy

MILD SPOILERS WARNING:_ If you’ve never played BioShock before, would you kindly wait a little bit before reading this behind-the-scenes look at the Big Daddy?

Easily one of the most iconic characters of the BioShock series has got to be the Big Daddy. From the first moment one lumbers into view as you’re unconscious on the floor, there’s no doubt about it – you’re in a world of trouble. But to really appreciate the Big Daddy, you need to understand where it came from.


Before they were called Big Daddies, these hulking beasts were named “Protectors.” Makes sense. After all, these were envisioned as the guardians of Rapture before they became devoted to protecting Little Sisters – which we’ll get to in a bit. As with the enemies of Rapture, Big Daddies found their own special place of honor in BioShock as the fiction of the game grew. They turned from sluggish beasts to men in diving suits to the giant, menacing creatures we love (and fear) today.

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If a Child Stage is ever introduced, I want my kids to have personalities

And by Child Stage, I mean using a similar sprite to Jas and Vincent, and around the same behaviour.

As it is, I’m not really content with my farmer’s kids just running about the house; I want them to do more than that, have with their own sprites based on either a second character customization screen, or completely randomized based on “genetics,” and of course, their own personalities.

There’s some archetypes to start off with–“Playful” kids that are basically little balls of sunshine and happiness, “Active” kids that are always zooming around and want to fight everything, including inanimate objects, “Mellow” kids that are content to sit around and read, or “Spacey” kids that just lay about in their room, dreaming, imagining, and maybe producing their own artworks and some crude first drafts of their writings, and so on.

But more than that, I want them to have personalities based on their parents–biological or adoptive, because even adoptive parents have an influence on their kids.

Maru’s kids aspire to become scientists, either roboticists like her, or astronauts, or agricultural science, figuring out how to better grow crops, livestock, and how we may eventually turn the moon into the new frontier of farmland and adventure. Whatever the case, they love investigating things, tinkering and taking things apart, and looking up at the telescope at night while their mother adjusts the dials.

Sebastian’s kids gain his aloof, “not good with people” personality and have a real flair for mathematics and programming, or they’re rather hyperactive, super imaginative kids that love going on adventures in Solarian Chronicles and dream of venturing out into the world for real treasure, danger, and excitement, or maybe dreaming of their own escape into the city, just to see what’s out there.

Harvey’s kids want to become doctors like their dear old dad (or one of their dads, as the case may be), or just grow up to be someone that dedicates their life to helping people–politicians like the ever awesome “Grandpa” Lewis, more wholesome and less profit-focused businessmen like Pierre, or even scientists like Mr. Demetrius or a carpenter like Mrs. Robin. Or, the sky’s not the limit of their dream, if you catch my meaning.

Haley’s kids become future Prom Queens/Kings/Royals, total sweethearts with killer fashion sense, and big dreams of becoming the next top fashion designer, making their way as the Art World’s newest darling, or a seat behind a nice desk of a company that’s making real change in this world, but especially not the kind JojaCorp and its ilk has wrought.

Alex’s kids, obviously, want to become athletes like their dad, if they’re not gunning for a different, but still incredibly physical job, like becoming a soldier to serve Ferngill and protect it from the “Big Meanies of the Gotoro Empire,” becoming cowboys (or cowgirls) riding across the wilder, unsettled plains of the country driving cattle across great distances and protecting them from bandits and wolves, or taking over the farm, because man do they want to be like their father/mother who carries a backpack full of random things, produce, artisinal goods, and several units worth of construction material like it was nothing, and never seems to need a break from all that running around everywhere. Or maybe they aspire to more intellectual pursuits, while still sitting on their father’s lap while they cheer on their favourite Gridball team, not future players but dedicated fans nonetheless.

Sam’s kids discover his old guitar, or “borrow” his skateboard, or sit in during Solarian Chronicle gamenights with wide-eyed rapture, and suddenly put all of that genetic hyperactivity to pursuing dreams of becoming superstars, pro skaters, or the author of The Next Great Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel; and Sam himself is constantly conflicted as to how to temper his kids’ passion with the harsh realities of being an artist/musician, along with how to explain to his kids he didn’t “give up” on his dream of becoming a musician, he just realized there was something more important than that.

Elliot’s kids constantly beg their father to tell them stories, often ones he has to make up on the spot, or real accounts after he changed a few details and names, make people into monsters, and a certain Farmer into a brave adventurer, a courageous knight, or a daring creature of myth. They also pretty much demand to have a beach day every Sunday, where they spend almost all of their time wiggling their toes in the sand, playing in the water and splashing to their little hearts’ delights, or fishing out the treasures of the sea. They also keep long, scrawling accounts of these for “the book” they’re going to write, even if they can barely form coherent, grammatically correct sentences and spell “potato” as “popato”.

Penny’s kids are either calm, cool sweethearts like their mother who just want to read, learn, and help others, or they’re extremely hyperactive, reckless, and irresponsible kids who regularly cause damage to your house that you can measure in gold like a hurricane. She’s constantly worried and almost tearing her hair out either because they’re not making friends and enjoying the great world out there, or they can’t sit still for five seconds, but she loves them all regardless, gently guiding them to be the wonders of the real world that inspired the fictional world, or prepared to bandage them up, ice bruises, and kiss boo-boos when their adventures inevitably go wrong.

Leah’s kids inherit their mother’s calm, laid back disposition, along with the flair for the arts or an interest in a sport, or their own greenthumb. Most of their time is spent learning exactly how to paint well and make the images in their head match the ones on their medium of choice, or being mentored in how exactly their other parent manages to get so much done in the day, and why people pay such top dollar for the jelly they spread on their toast every morning, or why crops are always quite a bit more vibrant on their farm.

And finally, Abigail’s kids turn out almost exactly like their mother, right down to the arguing with her about their decisions and what they want out of life, which is good because she loves that they’re strong-willed, adventurous, and don’t want to just “settle” or do things how others want them too, but also hates because they are REALLY difficult kids. She soon realizes exactly why her parents always thought and acted the way they did with her when she catches her kids playing with her Ouija board under her nose, when she sees that her little ones have some very out there fashion sense indeed, or she catches them terrorizing the “monsters” on the farm with their own homemade weapons of sticks, paper, and rocks while they go on their “adventures.” The biggest disagreement so far, however, is their inexplicable need to make their hair “look right” and dye it purple, blue, or green, rather than the light chestnut they have or the Farmer’s own hair colour.

I just want my kids to be more than just cute distractions; I want them to actually be their own characters, and become part of Pelican Town like my Farmer has.

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bellarke + “I work at the photo center and you have the best christmas cards ever. it was an honour to print out 50 cards of you dressed as a gladiator, slaying a christmas tree” AU

Clarke was honestly sort of surprised she could still get a job at a print shop, which she guesses is a function of being both rich and artistic in her own right. She’s had a printer capable of doing whatever she wants to do for basically as long as she can remember, plus photoshop and a decent amount of skill, so she thinks of graphic design as something basically anyone can do, if they want, but within a week of working for Lincoln, she finds this is just not true at all. Which is nice, honestly. Her job involves helping little old ladies put together cards to send their grandchildren, advising high-school and college students on how to put together presentation posters, and judging people who do this stuff without getting her advice. It’s perfect. She likes it.

The first time Bellamy comes in, it’s late September, and he needs help with signs.

“Uh, hi, do you do consultations, or do I just have to use the shitty files I have?”

The question would make her smile even if he wasn’t really, really hot and vaguely flustered. Based on the messy hair and crooked glasses she sort of figures he’s overslept and is panicking, but later encounters will teach her that’s just who he is as a person.

“I can do a consultation,” she says. “What are you trying to do?”

“I’m a high-school teacher,” he says. “I’ve got an event this weekend and I’ve been so busy I’m just getting to the signage. Right now it’s just, like–72-point Times New Roman, and my students are definitely going to make fun of me for not being more creative.”

“So, what I’m getting is that you’re not creative, but you want your students to think you are, so you want me to help you lie to them.”

“It’s not lying,” he says, but he sounds amused. “Just deception.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s cool then. Do you have a flash drive? I love deceiving teenagers.”

That gets a laugh out of him, quick and surprised. He’s stupidly cute. “I do have a flash drive, yeah. But, seriously, I’m pretty sure we don’t actually have to work from it. My designs are bringing absolutely nothing to the table.”

“Well, they have the text,” she teases. “That’s an important first step.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m an artist.”

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