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Thursday, May 9th 2017

As expected short day in the office today! Had to go to the launch of CaRST, which is basically a professional skills training program for HDR students, and which was very clearly NOT designed with Humanities students in mind, as shown by the panel of students which included 3 science students, 1 medical student, and one professions student. Cool! Why do I have to do this?

Also, I read the words “Ayn Rand inspired transhumanists” today, which made me really sad. I’m annoyed by how masculine transhumanism as an interest field seems to be, and also how the term ‘rational’ has been forever tainted for me by the internet.

I sent my draft abstract to Meg and she said that it looked “very promising” on first glance, which is awesome! I’m so happy she doesn’t think I’m an idiot baby with my stupid focus on science fiction and teen novels.

Not PhD related, but mum and I went to see Versus Rodin at the Adelaide Art Gallery this afternoon, and it was beautiful - some fantastic work, and spectacularly curated. See it if you’re around Adelaide. Also, I think Geoffery Rush was there, which would be weird any other time of year but people do show up in Adelaide during the Festival.