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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI!!! Sorry this is a day late…but I hope you like it ^-^ Here’s to another year of fawning over our wonderful, smart and talented husbando <3

See what happens when I forget to sleep… :/
I guess it’s princess Winter Hayle, little ray of sunshine and queen of my heart !

(Idk how to draw and color (is color a real verb ?) so… sorry ?)
(Her eyes, her arms ughhh…)
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If there’s one God you don’t wan’t to get steamed up, it’s Hellion.

Hellion is the God Of Deception And Control. He was created by an Elder God named Esera to represent dark energy, while Seirye was to represent light. He’s the master of manipulation, deception, trickery and lies.

Personality: Extremely smug and arrogant. Has an air of mystery and sensuality surrounding him. The other Gods often describe him as devious but so intriguing. He likes to have a sense of control in everything he does and over everyone he knows. He mostly does this by reading their minds to reveal their darkest secrets. But under the coldness, he loves fiercely and will do anything to keep the ones closest to him safe.

Powers: Like most gods, Hellion can create portals to other worlds and teleport there in a heartbeat. He can also enter a person’s mind to read and control it, to change people’s memories and manipulate them to forget specific things. He has a number of different dark powers, but no one really knows what they are. He’s done a good job not revealing too much about himself, not even to Seirye.

Some Gods think mortals would be better off without them intruding on their lives. Hellion however, among many others think that the world should belong only to Gods. He believes mortals wouldn’t be capable of living without their guidance and control.

little baby rickon witnessing an unpleasant scene in @khaleesi-in-the-north ‘s GoT au fic !

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