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Please reblog with song recommendations of

  • Working class folk
  • Protest songs
  • Union/labor songs
  • Anything by Pete Seeger
  • Anything by Harry Belafonte
  • Anything with social justice commentary that connects historical struggle to contemporary issues
  • Anything that is explicitly anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist, and/or anti-capitalist

why am i not surprised though that liam mentioned both sophia and cheryl? like its so funny that liam was supposedly heartbroken and in such a bad place when him and sophia broke up that he turns around and knocks up cheryl soon after like im glad liam is kinda speaking up about his mental health even though we aren’t getting the full truth but the way his team is going about it is nasty as hell 

Me: maternity leave is a basic human right that new parents need to be given if they want
My mother: so I’ll be working from home till like next October lol
Me:…. i cHNGED My mnnnind

I love the idea that Taako was always bizarre weird looking kinda ugly hot, like when you’re looking at someone and you’re like “I can’t believe I…find this person…attractive,” and when he sacrifices some of his looks in The Suffering Game, he becomes conventional hot. People are no longer weirded out by being attracted to him, they just think he looks nice, and this disgusts Taako who has been many things over his long long life but he’s never been Generically Hot before, and there’s not an aesthetic more opposite to Taako’s very soul than normcore

I still cannot believe how blessed we are that we didn’t get a slow realization on both sides, no instead we got Basilton outright telling us on his first fucking day back at school that he was in full, angst ridden love with Simon Snow

you know it was a good pun if someone tries to kill you for making it


also if you ever feel alone and like you cant get anything right, even if you think taylor isnt paying attention to you…you know she will never count you out. i havent confirmed with her yet but im pretty sure taylor swift would shrink herself down and body slam every negative thought in your brain about yourself if she could. sometimes you dont need taylor to say she’s there for you as long as you can put on That Song™️ and just FORGET………sometimes that’s almost as good.


reputation + songs // part II