she's at least 3 yrs old


we adopted this dog and she loves henry so much it melts

this was our first day with her and already she was like
you know???

her name is cookie she’s a 3 yr old dalmatian/blue heeler

ps. she was on a stretchy rope b/c his parents’ yard isn’t fenced/we wanted her to feel at least a lil free to roam around with us out there, but we found out a few days later she is great off leash and listens!!! …just so u guys know we aren’t the type of ppl to tie up our dog outside and leave her there or anything

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He maddy I was thinking was sasuke really absent for 12 years? I mean in sarada's memory he still was there when she was learning how to walk so she already was at least 1 yr old. Plus in garden it shows that sasuke left for his mission when naruto already was hocage so sarada was approximately 3 or 4 yrs old? So he was absent for 7-+ yrs? I am so confused ...

You’re right in thinking that Sasuke was gone for around 7-8 years. Try not to listen to the extremists who claim he was gone for 12 years because they can’t count; Sarada was only 11 during Gaiden. So how they think he was gone for 12 years, I’ll never know.