she's as cute as a button


I had a rather cute interaction with a in Overwatch today!!!
I was looking around and getting to the objective and my team’s suddenly appeared from a back alley and she spooked me that I instinctually hit the shift button. As soon as the ice block breaks she started to use the laugh emote and probably thought it was really funny, we then kept spamming hello to each other excitedly while crouching/jumping up and down!

the thing about emma swan is that although i tag her as ‘perfect’ a lot - #ur so perfect #perfection #perfect princess, etc. - she is not actually perfect

i mean, emma screws up all the time. she lies to henry about his dad. she gets mad at her parents and acts like a sullen teenager. she lies to herself about her feelings. she holds grudges, and snaps out impatiently at people who try to break down her walls. she trusts too quickly or doesn’t trust at all. she unneccessarily doubts herself, to the point of letting friends walk all over her. or alternately, she tries to save everyone, often to her detriment or theirs


but why i’m constantly tagging emma as ‘perfect’ is because she tries so hard to improve herself. constantly

ever since s1, she has been discovering more and more about herself, expanding her knowledge and correcting her behaviors. and she has become a woman who loves easily and forgives easily, but still kicks ass and knows who she is

she’s not just some guy’s girlfriend, or the town’s savior, or the daughter of royalty, or henry’s mom. she’s all of those things - but most importantly, she’s emma. she likes florals and leather and cashmere and denim so screw consistency. she’ll put her hair up and let her hair down and wear heels or flat boots as suits her fancy. she’ll wear makeup when she damn well pleases or maybe not at all. she’ll reach for your hand if you need comfort, but she’ll stand by your side with a sword if you need that, too. and she is loyal to her last breath, loving even when she’s upset or frustrated

and she finally, FINALLY has the kind of faith in herself that all of us want to have: she is not nothing - she was never nothing! she is emma swan, and she deserves a happy ending, too

jmo said that emma is the kind of woman she would love to be friends with, and that’s what makes her perfect, to me: she’s so very, very real and frank and raw, and she’s the most heartfelt character i’ve ever had the privilege of loving


Happy birthday, Coraline! February 6th, 2009.

Makin’ up a song about Coraline! She’s a peach, she’s a doll, she’s a pal of mine!

She’s as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline!

When she comes around exploring Mom and I will never, ever make it boring! Our eyes will be on Coraline!

Yana’s twitter posts about Elizabeth (2017/01/24)

English translation:

It’s hard to make an effort and keep being the ‘lovely person someone wants you to be’. No one really wants to be stripped off of all their equipment and reveal their vulnerable part that remained at the end.

If someone told you to fight zombies - in underwear and with your set hair totally rumpled - in front of the person you love the most, it’d be totally devastating. That’s why back when I drew that scene, I kept in mind to draw her in a way that at least the readers would find cute. Considering the manga takes place in the Victorian era, the way Lizzie is dressed [in the Campania arc] can be compared to [modern women] wearing only their bra and underwear.

It’s such a trivial detail but since Ciel is smaller than Lizzie, she can’t button the jacket she borrowed from him. However, she keeps wearing it until the very end because the boy she’s in love with lent it to her. I think it’s typical of boys at his [Ciel’s] age to try to do something cool but be unable to really pull it off.


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bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

Poodle Emoji Review

A neat, proper, and composed woman. A iconic portrayal of a poodle. However, upon closer inspection I can see a face that hints at hidden stress and anxiety. I can’t help but feel concerned for her, she must have a lot on her mind. Needless to say, she has a wonderful tail pomf. The pomfiest.


Wow! What a small, soft, cute and fluffy friend. So pink and round, and wonderfully huggable.


Quite a bold and unique young lady with her distinctive pompadour hairstyle and a hint of a casual and relaxed personality with her lolling tongue. Impractical foot pomfs, however.


Soft, pure, innocent, and an overall sweetheart. Such a pleasing collaboration of white and pink, with a cute pink button nose to match. This is a cutie that loves to make people smile.


Doesn’t have the best sense of style out of the group. I would recommend for her to change hair stylists. But my biggest concern is why does she only have three legs? Her hind legs look broken too! What happened to her? Regardless of whatever it may be, she has my respect for holding her head high and soldiering on despite her physical handicaps.

2/5 overall, but 5/5 for being a trooper

Looks more like a bedlington pupper than a poodle, but still a humble friend, nonetheless.


A pretty young lady, with fur like cotton candy, but she tries too hard to be like samsung. Judging by the look in her eyes, she is insecure and constantly paranoid by how others perceive her. She needs to be assured that she is a wonderful and well-liked individual that needs to threat not by what others think of her.


What a happy pupper. Look at that charismatic smile! She looks like a supportive friend that will always be happy to see you. Pure, clean, and fluffy, like an embodiment of clouds on a bright summer’s day.


Now this looks like a cool, modern, and down-to-earth lady, with a posture that means business. Unfortunately, her stoic persona comes across to others as being a bit cold. This is not her intention however, for her heart is still in the right place. Again, she also has impractical foot pomfs.


Another serious lady, but more casual than the former. Sense of style is questionable at best; what is up with her feet? Are the paws? Pomfs? We just don’t know. She looks like she’s on the lookout, a watchdog. She may not be the pomfiest, but that doesn’t make her any less of a reliable friend who will always watch your back.


She looks so traumatised. My dear child, who has hurt you? Who has hurt this little girl? They will be catching these hands. We need to shelter this pood from the wicked at all costs.


A fashionable and self-assured girl, her hair bow and brimming smile says it all. She may not sit well with everyone; some may interpret her as smug and pompous, consumed by her own vanity. But I just call her confident.


okay people sit down and get comfy ‘cause we need to have a talk

Now as you all know, Tracer was confirmed just yesterday to be gay and the way they revealed this was by having her kiss her cute as a button girlfriend. It’s a day for celebration because not only was this what a lot of people wanted/have been saying since Day 1, but it also means that a multi-billionaire company with the hottest triple A game of the year not only recognizes the LGBT community and implements it in the lore of said game, but also that she is the very face of said game.

It’s huge. Big day for all the gays around.

Well, so it would seem.

Now unfortunately most of those who had previously shipped Tracer with someone else (and I’m specifically calling out the widowtracer shippers) are a bit disappointed. That’s fair. I was a little upset that Tracer has a girlfriend already, but I’ve known from the start of shipping widowtracer that there was only a 0.2% chance of it ever being canon. 

But it’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to want to ignore that part of canon and still focus on widowtracer. Multi-shipping isn’t for everyone. And that’s a-okay.

But then some people do things that’s not a-okay. Like asking artists to draw Widowmaker hurting Emily. Or writing about stuffing Emily dead in a fridge and leaving her for Tracer to find (it’s a legitimate fic but I won’t provide the link).

Like, what the actual fuck you guys? We can’t even have a nice thing for one day before you all decide to act like you don’t got any goddamn common sense about you.

Emily does not deserve to be treated this way. I don’t care if you don’t like her. I don’t care if she gets in the way of your other Tracer ships. Emily does not deserve to be treated this way. She makes Tracer happy. She’s done nothing wrong.

And moving past this point, to all who are making this automatically about shipping I have the feeling you don’t understand the magnitude of what has actually happened here. 

Tracer, the mascot of Overwatch, the very poster child herself that is on every box sold, is the icon of the game, is the most and easiest character to recognize from one of the most successful triple A games this year and is seen in every advertisement, has a statue of herself at the Blizzard office, and most definitely one of the most popular characters of the game is gay. The face of Overwatch is a sapphic woman… it’s honestly so mind-blowing and monumental that this has happened in such a positive light with such a world renown game, giving us the representation we’ve so badly wanted.

And you guys are….making this about shipping. So much to the point where you’re apparently so angry at Tracer’s canon gf that you want to prove a point by showing her hurt or dead because in your minds, Tracer only belongs with Widowmaker? Like, that’s honestly what it looks like and you guys need to C H I L L.

And I feel like I’m going to get the argument that “Oh but it would be in character for Widowmaker to hurt Emily”.

Yeah. If it were part of a mission and Talon told her to do it because of that age old trope where the hero’s weakest spot is the people they love. That would make total sense.

But because she’s jealous? Now you guys are being cruel. 

And yeah, I’d understand if you all did it or wrote it in a way where, yes, Widowmaker hurts Emily because of jealousy and portrayed it in a bad BAD way. If you made it clear that you do not condone Widowmaker’s actions and recognize them as cruel and evil.

But y’all don’t. You do it because you want Widowmaker to have some sort of control over Tracer’s relationships as a way of bringing Tracer closer to her and painting it in a positive light because “hey I ship widowtracer not tracer and that bitch”.

And that’s really, really not okay guys.

(more for elsewhere) The thing Karen hated the most was the uncertainty. Like that cute boy at the frat party who smiled at her, but something about his teeth was wrong and he looked… hungry. And she ended up going back to her dorm instead. Or that elevator, that some older girl reassured her was totally safe, but she had a weird gleam in her eyes, and the elevator made strange noises and didn’t always come when the button was pushed. When that new girl showed up out of nowhere, and claimed she was a transfer, but she looked too much like the painting Tom had done after he was taken. Maybe They couldn’t lie, but maybe they didn’t tell the whole truth, either. Not being quite sure was awful, because maybe that boy was nice, and maybe the elevator could let her skip 9 flights of stairs, and maybe that new girl deserved a friend. Or maybe not.

voltron shrek au

alright. alright alright alright alright.

  • KEITH is quite obviously SHREK. loner. off-putting personality. intimidating at first. probably smells weird. odd concept of what constitutes hygiene. good heart. not the best socially. puts in effort that often goes unnoticed thanks to preconceived notions. could benefit from a lot of hugs. impulsive. also: keith lives out in the desert, shrek lives out in the swamp. 
  • now this may throw some of you for a loop, but HUNK is DONKEY. anxious. tendency to ramble. appreciative of what’s important. vocal about it when annoyed or upset. supportive and loving, but ultimately aware of your bullshit and will call you on it if necessary. scares easily. aware of his own mortality. gets stuck in threatening situations because of his friends. tries to have a positive outlook. a good friend to have on your side. hilarious. genuine. would make u waffles.
  • LANCE is FIONA. critically underestimated. demands the #best out of life. a little spoiled + loves to be pampered. petty as hell. easy to toss over your shoulder. sarcasm as a pseudo-coping mechanism. actually very accepting. big heart. not afraid of Emotions. hard fucking worker. lowkey leadership skills. damsel in distress but accompanied by the trope of being Surprisingly Competent. grody jokes. certified nastie. genuinely supportive pal. will fuck u up… but at what cost… at what cost….

and did somebody say PLOT??????

  • haha too bad, i don’t have one
  • ok that’s a lie i have half of one
  • keith is the human child of a galra commander who was killed in battle. he basically raised himself on this alien planet away from everyone else because he wasn’t accepted and treated as an outsider/monstrosity
  • lance, a prophesied paladin of voltron, is kidnapped from earth and locked away in space with the discovered lion, left there to rot as bait for the other eventual paladins/lions
  • it’s surprisingly effective as a means of weeding out the rebels against galra rule
  • that is until zarkon starts taking captives instead of killing them all, because he still is no closer to obtaining the black, yellow, or green lions
  • shortly after this is when shiro manages to escape and crash land on earth, found by hunk and pidge, who are desperate in their search to recover their lost friend lance, whose disappearance (*pidge voice* ABDUCTION) was covered up by The Garrison, same as the disappearance of pidge’s family
  • (yes, this makes SHIRO the GINGERBREAD MAN)
  • hunk and pidge rescue shiro, repair his crashed ship with their beautiful genius brains, and head towards the Castle of Lions with swiped secret info + coordinates from The Garrison—- who, they find, knew exactly what happened to lance, pidge’s family, and why
  • the galra start dumping the captives for keeping on keith’s land, so that they can have them on hand for gladiatorial training, slavery, or other uses. keith is livid, but mostly because he has to deal with Change and People and Things Were Fine The Way They Were, Like, They Sucked, But He Wasn’t Dwelling On It Okay and Still, This Is Worse
  • once hunk, pidge, and shiro have teamed up with ALLURA (ARTHUR) and CORAN (MERLIN), hunk goes alone to retrieve the yellow lion, but ends up getting captured by the galra en route
  • this is how hunk and keith meet
  • hunk figures out what’s happening based on keith’s angry ranting, and when sendak promises keith that if he can find a way to use the blue paladin to lure out the rest of voltron, he can have his lonely little asteroid planet back
  • hunk uses this as an opportunity to go save lance!!!!! and good thing he does because keith needs him to help save the day on balmera thanks to his beautiful new She’s-Not-My-Girlfriend, SHAY.
  • keith doesn’t know what he’s going to do once they get there and meet this stupid, trouble-making blue paladin
  • defect against the galra? double-cross the paladins to get his home back?? was it even really a home to begin with??
  • he CERTAINLY doesn’t plan… to fall in Love…………………..

just,,, LISten ,,

  • keith: it’s no wonder u don’t have any friends? hunk: wow, only a True friend would be that Truly Honest?
  • (keith driving over a cliff) 🎶 I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY BAD REPUTATION 🎶
  • hunk: (looks between keith and lance in disbelief) he’s as nasty as you are?
  • lance: (singing) bird: (explodes)
  • when a galra in the bush grabs a paladin by the tush that’s bad that’s bad that’s really really bad
  • keith: what am i? pidge: uh… really tall?
  • keith getting shot in the butt and lance having to pull it out
  • is that a euphemism
  • i don’t know
  • mullets are like onions
  • hunk: blue flower red thorns blue flower red thorns blue flower red thorns THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF I WASN’T COLORBLIND
  • blue flower 😎 red thorns 😎 #investigate

and that’s just the first movie,,

The day they become canon:
  • DEO guard: I'm sorry ma-am, you don't have clearance to access this building not accompanied by an agent. I can't let you in.
  • Maggie: *looks down, sighing but with a smile on her face* listen carefully pal, you know agent Danvers, right? Cute, brown eyes, short hair, she happens to be your boss... you know her right?
  • DEO guard: *nods but sill with a stern face*
  • Maggie: Good, now, I'm in the process of getting into that elevator, go up to headquarters and profess my undying and undeniable love for that woman and probably kiss her like my life depends on it in front of the whole department. So if you don't press that button and let me through, I can just whistle and have Supergirl here in less than a minute, and when she learns why I'm here and that am I not being allowed up, you can bet her heat vision is gonna get pretty unstable and murderous... you don't want that... do you?
  • DEO guard:
  • Maggie:
  • DEO guard:
  • Maggie:
  • DEO guard: *presses button*
  • Maggie: Thank you, have a nice day.

anonymous asked:

yooo do you think inej wears kaz's clothes??

omg what…an image…yes. but like in the future? when they’re together and domestic….she’d wear his discarded shirts and they’d drape like dresses on her tiny frame.

the first time this happens, kaz is out early and doesn’t get back until like midday. when he returns, inej is wearing the button down shirt he’d been wearing with his suit the day before because it still smells of him and she’d missed him. 

this provokes a rare sight of kaz flustered so she makes a habit of this. sometimes she’d roll up the sleeves, tie a belt around her waist, and wear the shirt with her breeches all day. 

we know kaz prefers suits, but he owns a few other shirts. he wears these more often to see if she’d wear them after.

she does.

he thought he liked the way she looked in his dress shirts. he was not prepared for how she would look in his tshirts with her hair tied messily atop her head, sitting at the window sill, morning sun behind her, a cup of coffee cupped in her hands as she greets him good morning.

You know how Fred and George could have easily been sorted to slytherin? Or neville to hufflepuff? Or hermione to ravenclaw ? But the sorting hat does not sort the people by their… “obvious qualities”
I have this headcanon of like two girls, one in hufflepuff and one in slytherin but like, it seems like their roles have been reversed. The hufflepuff girl is super badass, a bit grungy and scary looking. She will cut a bitch if you press the right buttons and she will hex the shit ouh of you if you insult one of her friends but to her closest friends she’s a cinnamon roll. The slytherin girl is super shy and ALWAYS EXTREMELY friendly. She’s the cute lil one with freckles all over her face and a innocent smile on her face. But when you get to know her more she’s really sarcastic and can be manipulative in like the nicest way. She just knows what to say to get the information she wants
And together they are just the perfect couple because they are so similar in such a different way.
I just love the idea of that

Little Things

In which she’s a sleep and Harry thinks about all the little things he loves about her.

Hope you like it, send me requests x.

She smelled like vanilla and coconut, and he absolutely adored her scent.
He looked at her and couldn’t believe that she chose him, out of everyone she chose to love him.
He loved her eyes, her big and so dark eyes. She always complains about their shape and color, but he loved every detail.
He loved her cute button nose, he always tells her how adorable her nose is and kisses the top of it.
He loved her lips.
Oh god how much he loved her lips. He loved them in the most innocent way, he loved their puffiness, their natural pink shade, their softness, he just loved kissing her on those lips, so gently showing her all the love he felt towards her.
But he also loved her lips in the most filthy way. He loved how she bits her bottom lip when she’s turned on, he loved how she opens her lips and beautiful moans come out of her mouth, he loved her lips around his cock, he was a influenced by anything that’s involved with her lips.
He was in love and he couldn’t deny it anymore, he knew how much she’s scared from those three little words but he couldn’t hold it inside of him anymore.
He was so in love with her that he even found the fact that she’s scared from those three little words, adorable.
He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
In his eyes she was perfect, she was so beautiful for him that he loved the little pimples that formed on her face once in a while and her not perfect skin.
He loved her like he never thought that was possible.
He loved her mind, her way of thinking, her words, her opinions, how she explains herself and expresses her feelings.
Her mind was as beautiful as her face and her body.
Her body, he could go on and on talking about her amazing body. He adored every detail from her head to her heels.
He loved her long neck, her breasts, her tummy, her curves, her hips, her ass, her thighs, even her feet.
He loved seeing her body underneath him, on top of him, in front of him.
he loved to see the goosebumps that appear on her skin when he touches her, he loved to feel the heat of her skin, the softness of her touch.
He loved to see her body all desperate and in need for him, to see her trembling underneath him, he loved to see the affect he had on her.
He also loved her heart. She didn’t show a lot of people her heart, the most pure side of her, her softness, her deepest secrets, her fears, her weaknesses, and he felt the luckiest man in the world when she opened her heart for him.
He could go on forever talking about her, talking about every inch of her body, soul and mind.

“It’s pretty creepy to watch me at my sleep, Styles” she smirked with her eyes closed, while her head rested on the pillow.

A beautiful smile found its way to his lips,
“I couldn’t help myself”.

She kept her eyes closed, smiling to her self, and that was a reminder to his favorite thing in the whole world, to see her happy.

“I’m just too in love with you” he added, and her smile grew even bigger.

‘What do you think love is?’

‘Well, years ago, my dad owned a black 1934 two-door sedan.’

‘What’s that got to do with love?’

‘Well, this is what he told me: there was this really cute girl, see? She used to go for rides with him in his car. And whenever he’d call for her, he would always hold open the car door for her. After she got in and he had closed the door, he’d walk around the back of the car to the driver’s side, but before he could get there, she would reach over and press the button, locking him out. Then she’d just sit there and wrinkle her nose and grin at him. That’s what I think love is.’

—  Snoopy Come Home

Makin’ up a song about Stephanie,
She’s a peach, she’s a doll she’s a friend to me,
She’s as cute as the apple of the eyes,
of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Stephanie!
When she comes around explorning
We’ll play sports and never ever make it boring
Our eyes will be on Stephanie!

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How did Hunk and Shay meet?? *u*

Lance: IT WAS SO CUTE! I wish I had photos.

Hunk: LANCE! NO!

Lance: So Shay was a transfer student that came in our second year of Junior High. She was super nice and sweet and she shared her lunch with Hunk one day after he forgot it.

Hunk: Stooooop!

Lance: So of course, he is obsessed with her and keeps trying to repay the favor helping her out with cleanup and garden stuff and whatever.  So when we graduate…

Hunk: Please!

Lance: He gives her his Second button! Can you believe it! How cheesy is that!

( * giving a girl your second button is an older thing in japan, the second button of your uniform usually is the closest to your heart. It’s a super sweet gesture)

Hunk: ( >///////< )

Lance: They went to different high schools but they hung out all the time. Really there love is so sweet it hurts.

Hunk: You’re not much better.

Lance: Huh?

Hunk: Nothing.