she's an idol

-Chyler Leigh

For those of you who don’t know, Chyler came from a difficult past. She came from a broken family, her parents divorcing when she was 12. To cope, she became a drug addict and when asked what was her drug of choice when she was 17 to 19 years old, she replied: “Everything, there are a lot of times we really shouldn’t have survived. He (Nathan West, her now-husband) and I have literally been through hell and back” She started the recovery process when the director of Not Another Teen Movie told her she was becoming too thin while they were filming. It was a two year battle from drug addiction with Nathan, who she met when she was 16 and he was 20, the fight nearly cost them their lives.

“We went through about two years of complete obliteration. It came down to, ‘Do you want to choose to live, or do you want to choose to die? And we chose life.”

Don’t be surprised why she represents her character, Alex, so well when she herself is a bloody brilliant, resilient and strong person herself, if not more.

Shit My 11 Year Old Sister Says: K-Pop Edition
  • “Hey look it’s EXO! Oh wait, that’s just a piece of dirt.”
  • *referring to my Suga poster whilst I was fangirling over watching Seventeen’s Highlight MV*  “He looks so betrayed.*shudders*
  • “Yugyeom is a coconut and Jungkook is his coconut boyfriend.”
  • *After my dad finished asking us to ‘stop with those chinese boys’* “Sorry, Jackson, you heard him, you’re illegal in my house.”
  • *whispers in my ear* “Yugyeom’s leather pants”
  • “Mark and Jackson are the example of relationship goals.” *I explain that they’re probably not really dating and that it’s just a ship* “Wow…” *shakes her head for a moment* “…never thought my big sister would be this blind.”
  • *Burns herself on stove after I told her for the 100th time to get away from there ajhdgja* BULTAOREUNE!*soft crying* “…fire…”
  • “Look, I get to do a presentation on Mark’s American friends!” *shows me poster she made about snakes*
  • “Aw sis you’re so pretty and your hair is so nice and wavy.” *before I can even say thank you* “too bad your personality sucks and Yugyeom will never love you.”
  • *Bursts into my room* “Chae Hyungwon is Pepe the Frog!” *Runs out in tears*
  • “Do you think Jeonghan and S.Coups make out with each other as friends?”
  • “If Jooheon says ‘let’s get it’ one more time, I’m flying to Korea just so I can slam dunk his head in a pool.”
  • *Walks into my room as I fangirl for the 2748923484th time* “…this is why dad doesn’t love you.”
  • “How long does it take to run to Korea?”
  • *comes into my room with a picture of Rapmonster on her phone, chanting* “sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice!”
  • “Bet you I can lift my leg up as high as Jimin can, watch.” *Kicks her leg up so high that she loses balance and faceplants the floor*
  • “Jackson thinks he’s so good at everything, like, he is, but shut up about it, some of us are potatoes.”
  • “Blackpink’s songs are good but they never wear black or pink therefore they’re fake and I’m unstanning.”

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ナルバキスン (look at me gwisun) ☆ d-lite

one of my fave things about australian politics is that it’s almost entirely made up of old white men who have no idea what they’re doing, no-one trusts them, they’re all racist fools who put us in debt, every single one of them has been thoroughly humiliated on tv at least once

and then there’s penny wong, a left-wing malaysian lesbian who is quite literally the only australian politician i know of never to have made a fool of herself. she’s never lost a debate. she is five feet of rage, climate change action, and whoop-ass. everyone i know wants her to be prime minister but she’s literally said she doesn’t think australia could handle it. i love her


“Who are you calling a child?”

Did anyone order up some non-silly D.Va headcanon? No? Ah well, just leaving this here then.