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i just have a lot of feelings about peter and mj so here we are. (part two can be found here)

  • peter is not looking forward to junior year
  • he somehow ended up signing up for like 3 different AP classes that he definitely did not remember signing up for
  • but being spiderman, he barely sleeps so his memory has been out of sorts lately
  • anyways so the first day of school rolls around and his first class is AP bio, and ned was his partner in regular bio but Ned is taking environmental science this year
  • and ned is peter’s only friend
  • so our spidey boy is without a lab partner, until michelle walks in right as the bell rings, drops her bag right next to Peter’s laptop on the lab counter, and begins reading catcher in the rye
  • she’s read it multiple times, just fyi
  • peter is shook
  • because he and michelle are friends now? i mean she’s caption of decathlon now that liz is gone and he’s sort of one of the best on the team and they are sort of partners there too
  • so peter rolls with it
  • and michelle ends up making AP bio fun, for example she and peter come up with names for everyone else in their class since they sit at the back of the room
  • flash is named: “dumbass”.
  • not original, but it works for them
  • AP bio is usually after lunch, and so often if there is a quick decathlon meeting during lunch, peter and michelle find themselves walking together
  • it’s not until peter realizes he’s low on webs that he realizes the problem
  • Michelle is sort of his ‘other ned’ if you will
  • basically, she never leaves him alone
  • and she doesn’t know he sneaks into the labs to make more webs
  • this is a situation, because how is peter supposed to distract her long enough to sneak into the chem labs?
  • cue ned the chair guy
  • peter gives ned one job, JUST ONE JOB, to keep michelle distracted during lunch so he can sneak into the chem lab, test out his new webs, and get out.
  • but the only thing ned can talk about is his new lego millennium falcon
  • and michelle is not into hearing ned talk about that for more than 5 minutes because he isn’t peter
  •  so somehow she escapes and finds herself wandering around the halls when she realizes where the hell is peter?
  • eventually she finds herself downstairs and she hears a strange noise from a nearby door. 
  • so she peeks into what looks like the chem lab and low and behold peter parker is shooting webs out of his hands
  • it clicks
  • the bruises, the sudden disappearances, decathlon, why spiderman was in DC out of all places…
  • next thing peter knows, michelle is in front of him, and she’s pissed
  • like, REALLY pissed
  • peter doesn’t catch much of what she’s saying besides the occasional “you could be killed” or “NED knows and i DON’T?” or “is this the damn stark internship?”
  • and peter is staring with his mouth open because even though she just found out his deepest darkest secret in the most obvious place (did he learn nothing from the aunt may incident?) her eyes are a gorgeous shade of brown and she’s kind of adorable when she’s mad
  • but that’s not that point
  • it takes peter the rest of lunch period to calm her down and to convince her not to tell anyone, not that she would, but you never know
  • and it takes him even longer to reassure her that he is perfectly safe and that the suit is very, very, reliable
  • she demands to see it, and peter refuses because they’re in the damn chem lab for god’s sake
  • eventually they head to AP bio, and Michelle doesn’t ask anymore questions. In fact, she doesn’t ask anymore questions for a while
  • peter thinks she forgot, or that she doesn’t care that much, but then a major accident happens in downtown in the middle of the night a few days later and spiderman is seen pulling people from a burning building, but no one saw spiderman come out before it collapsed. 
  • he skips school the next day because he’s “sick” and ned brings him his homework. he doesn’t ask about michelle, because he thinks that if she really doesn’t care after all, it’s better that he doesn’t know
  • he’s proven wrong – because when he does go back to school and walks into AP bio, Michelle launches herself into his arms in front of the whole class. 
  • and while afterwords she makes some joke about how peter saved their project that isn’t due until the end of the semester, peter starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. 
  • and maybe, just maybe, michelle feels them too

So I was listening to Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, and I had a (literal) revelation. Eliza, our cinnamon roll, never really mentions her story anywhere until the very end of the entire musical. She puts everyone else before her. For example, in Burn, she says that he (Hamilton) has ruined “our lives”. Not “my life”, even though she’s the one who’s hurt most out of the whole situation. She still cares about Hamilton and his precious legacy. Then later in the show, in the song that sparked (haha get it cause Burn… Sorry, anyway) this, she literally tells everyone else’s story first, other than saying she puts herself back in the narrative. First Hamilton, then Angelica, Washington. “I speak out against slavery,” trying to add to Jefferson’s story. And then the orphanage, which is more about the children’s future legacies. Only after she mentions everyone else does she acknowledge her life, her legacy, her story. I just wanted to address that. Eliza is such a selfless cinnamon roll.


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Another smutastic masterpiece brought to you by my fabulous co-host @wildegreenlight 

There were only two things that made Ministry functions bearable: appetizers and Hermione in a dress, well, more accurately, taking Hermione out of her dress at the end of the night. Dancing wasn’t bad either, as long as it was his wife and not some old crone who wanted to babble on and on about his “war hero” status.

He had managed to escape two of those this evening and avoid a rather forward witch who was interning in his Dad’s department. Kingsley had cornered his beautiful wife half an hour ago, and he was now scanning the crowd trying to locate her.

A moment of unease furrowed his brow; even though he knew it was a bit silly, he always felt better when he knew she was safe, especially in large crowds. Before he could work himself up too much, Ron felt a hand on his back and another one slip into his pocket.

“Looking for someone?”

“Yeah, my wife, you seen her?”

“Not sure…what’s she look like?”

“You couldn’t miss her: she’s the most gorgeous witch here.”

“She must be to land a catch like you… not be too bright though…leaving you unattended…there’s all manner of birds swarming about. I’m sure they’d love to get their hands on such a fit specimen as yourself.”

Ron turned around, chuckling as he gazed into his wife’s eyes; they sparkled in that playful way he adored.

“Thank Merlin you’re back! I was positively afraid for my life out here alone.”

“You poor thing! How can I ever make it up to you?”

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Callout Post: Shivisdivis


  • Probably the best fan and supporter I’ve ever had the pleasure to know in any fandom I’ve been a part of
  • Seriously anytime I find a new Zutara fic posted or anytime I post something new on my writing blog she’s already favorited, bookmarked, liked and left a sweet comment on it
  • IDK how she has time to do it. She reads everything everyone’s written and comments or reblogs every single one. 
  • What an encouragement????? Holy heck it brightens my day any time I get a notification from her
  • I’ve never talked to her before but I’d be willing to bet money that she’s that one friend who bakes people cookies or something on HER birthday
  • I just wanna let u know I appreciate u  

Originally posted by minmiin1d

So, I used to work at this food market that had a bakery, entrees, meats, and seafood, etc. And there was a girl who worked there (I’ll call her H) who was the head chefs favorite and would literally get away with anything and I hated it. Here’s a few examples.

She would always work bakery (because everyone wanted to work bakery) but she never wanted to close so I tended to close for her (either because I was scheduled to our just because SOMEONE had to) and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times, while closing, I’d find half eaten cake slices I KNOW she didn’t pay for. It was infuriating.

I can get along with anyone, even people I don’t like, not to mention I’m pretty anti-confrontational, so typically I got along well with H, but there was one time I fucking REAMED her. We had a semi-new employee, she’d been there like a month (I’ll call her k). She was sweet but very anxious and I really liked her so I tended to look out for her. So one day she left before closing but was going to open the next day. She’d left something out or messed something up, I can’t remember exactly, but H decided to write her a really snotty and rude note and taped it up for her to find the next morning. I saw it she it was so mean, I knew it’d make her cry and it set me right off. I don’t like rude people. So I ripped it off the shelf and walked up to her (as she giggled about it to a coworker).
Me: did you write this? (knowing full well)
H: Yea? Why?
Me: this is a really mean note. K’ll be really hurt if she reads this.
H: well maybe she shouldn’t be such a fuck up.
Me: how dare you? Do you have any idea how fucking cruel this is? You’re lucky I don’t take this to the owner. Instead, instead I’ll just let you live with the fact that you’re a horrid bitch. But next time, I won’t be so kind.
I crumpled it up and tossed it at her gaping face. She just watched me do it. It was so satisfying. She didn’t fuck with K again after that.

TLDR: bitchy coworker gets away with everything but I told her off once and it was amazingly satisfying.

SU’s way of writing a sympathetic asshole

im just gonna complain talk about lars and blue diamond because this conversation really has me thinking a lot

but tl;dr - this show does a terrible job at confusing the audience into thinking who they should root for

i still don’t fault people who disliked lars. every time the show tried to develop him, it felt as though they were reverting him back to normal. it didn’t help that a lot of lars episodes focused on just him interacting with either sadie (someone he has a really poor relationship with) or steven (someone he straight up bullies), and not enough of him interacting with others. You would think The New Lars would show that at least SOMEONE likes this kid, but everyone acts uncharacteristically mean to him, including the Cool Kids, who were unhappy to see him, despite showing several times they enjoy his company and even invited him to a potluck.

With that said, the justifications and the aggressive defense squad he has don’t want to criticize his stagnant writing WHILE pointing out that the narrative can be unbelievably cruel to him. Of course the audience is going to hate him. excluding bad episodes like The New Lars and Island Adventure, Lars has been in lack of a better words, an incredibly self centered dick. he ruins a friendship and refuses to apologize to someone after making an incredibly nasty comment and running off, he snaps at Steven whenever he tries to interact with the Cool Kids, he used Sadie, etc.

He did have the potential to be an emotionally complex teenager, but because the writers just hate subtlety, we need Lars to constantly remind us that, oh yeah, he has depression and feels like an outcast.

And oddly enough, i cant help but compare him to BD. 

they’re both incredibly emotional and get defensive when their feelings are challenged

And yet the biggest difference, which sympathizes with Blue Diamond more, is because unlike Lars, BD is actually treated like a victim.

  • she cries. constantly. People will actually justify her behavior in the answer because the constant defense is “oh well she was probably grieving over PD” or “her emotions were high” like she’s a teenager. She gets a song dedicated to her emotions, she gets outside help to cheer her up.
    •  the one time Lars full on cries (before the special of course), he’s later reprimanded because he was suspicious that sadie trapped him on an island to get closer to him, which she ACTUALLY DID
  • you don’t get to see her do bad things enough. Excluding the Answer, I really want someone to point me to one bad thing that BD did that’s painted in a negative light. You can’t. You could include kidnapping Greg, but it’s seen as her making a kind gesture towards him, since she believes the Earth is about to explode. You don’t see her intimidate her Pearl like YD has. You don’t see her speak negatively of Earth or even the Crystal Gems. She doesn’t even berate lower class gems. Hell, her natural abiility is just making others cry, that’s it. She’s straight up non-intimidating, which is why the fandom  paints her like this poor depressed woobie
    • Lars on the other hand, is constantly being an asshole, and as a result, usually seen as one. in a lot of cases, it’s completely fair! bullying a kid, manipulating your best friend, ruining a friendship over a stupid conversation. but then there’s other instances where Lars just can’t win, no matter what. He’s painted as petty and irrational near the end of Island Adventure. 
    • Everyone hates him in The New Lars, even the Cool Kids (which also makes the Good Lars seem either silly-because Lars has spent time with the cool kids and they enjoy his company- or make his fears seem fair and realistic- because the show decided that the cool kids hate him). To a point where everyone literally gives lars shit for being upset that Steven was controlling his body for a day
  • Blue Diamond gets help and sympathy. Sure she’s still criticized by YD, but she still has a song telling her to suck it up and move on. Her Pearl clearly shows no slight disdain in helping her (because we cant make slave ownership look too bad now can we). And Steven later calls out his mother claiming she hurt “”Everyone””.
    • I don’t think I really need an example for this. Because everyone pretty much knows that Lars doesn’t get proper help from his peers. Steven does motivate him and push him to be more open, but otherwise? there’s no proper acknowledgement or addressing of the fact that he’s depressed and feels like an outcast.
    • Well scratch that, Sadie claimed in Island Adventure she trapped Lars on an island to “help him”. And when Lars criticizes her for doing something without his consent, Sadie snaps at him, hits him and tries to guilt trip him by saying lars kissed her first

So I bring this up because now I wanted to talk about The Good Lars and the entirety of Wanted. Because i can’t be the only one who noticed that Lars was…. uncharacteristically nicer. And in fact, the narrative is softer with him.

  • lars gets to cry, AND doesn’t get discouraged for his emotions. It isn’t like Island Adventure with the creepy implication that Sadie trapped him there to finally vent out his true feelings, and then having Sadie yell at him and hit him for being angry about the lie. He cries because he has no other choice. Topaz wasn’t interested in moving and Steven had no way in helping him. They both end up venting to each other, and you can tell Lars actually gets to grow from it.
  • he actually gets support and help. Both Steven and Sadie encourage him to overcome his anxiety and fears and go to the party. When Lars doesn’t show up, Steven actively looks for him. Steven cries with him and they emotionally bond admitting to their fears and struggles with the situation.
  • he randomly just, stops being an asshole. He isn’t snarky, resulting in name-calling, wanting to do his own thing, etc. He just follows Steven along and acts surprised rather than fearful or angry

and when I look at all of this and compare their treatment I can’t help but go…… This isn’t really good. Like at all.

Stagnant characters who randomly get a sudden turn around isn’t good writing. A character who is supposed to be a violent dictator spending her free time mourning and crying for the sake of sympathy, isn’t good writing. Hell, Steven’s Racist Uncle got better development, because at least he had his development kept to one episode, instead of some off screen situation or a new personality that makes 0 sense.

It also makes me sad for Lars, because at the end of the day, he’s still a teenager, who shouldn’t be saying things like “You’re always trying to help me. You brought me back to life. Just let me be somebody who deserved it”. Or have his entire personality, internal struggles and flaws stripped away simply because slowly making someone less of an asshole (like i dunno, PERIDOT) and work through their mental issues (like idk, connie???) is apparently too much work for the writers. 

It also makes me sad for Blue Diamond, because she’s so non-intimidating it hurts. Not only is her design ridiculous, but so is her behavior and how she reacts to those around her. She’s somehow unafraid to show emotion and weakness to her enemies, and literally needed a fucking break because Steven made her cry.

its a shame really because it really wouldn’t be that hard for the show to do better. But then again its Steven Universe, and according to the fandom, its wrong of me to have higher expectations

Different Slytherin

She was perfect. No, she wasn’t … She is perfect. The way her ssmile is so bright, the way her perfect hair bounce everytime she moves or the way her laugh is so loud.  She screamed Gryffindor or even Hufflepuff, she screamed fun,love and everything that poets love.

The first time  he saw her it was in the Great Hall, in the line that he knew very well,  she had arrived and everyone was so excited to discover which house she would belong, which house everyone there would belong.

She was one of the lasts. She was there, when almost everyone was sorted, smiling and with her arms crossed. And when her name was called everyone in the room hold their breath and no surprise she just smiled and somehow he knew the she would go to Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. She is so bright of course she belongs there.

Everyone was paying so much attention. It was impossible not to when she was smiling so big while sitting in this chair where everyone seemed to be so afraid of. It was the big time of everyone life include hers.

When the hat was placed in her head, above her mess of hair, everyone was in silence.

The girl was moving her feet and just smiling while her eyes was looking at everyplace she could.

It passed longs minutes when the hat screamed the name of house she would belong. The house where she would made her friends and maybe even met the lover of her life.

“ SSLYTHERIN” The hat screamed and she smiled again,  cause even if everyone just met her she seemed to be the type of girl who is always smiling.

She jumped out of the chair and walked to the very green table. She sat and then he lost her in the middle of a lot of Slytherin students.

He was not happy with that… She was so beautiful, so shinning and how that kind of girl could belong to a such horrible house. How could that happen?

- Are you okay,  PadFoot? - James asked looking ate his friend that still had his eyes at Slytherin table.

-Yeah, I am okay. Just so surprised that this girl is a Slytherin. -He said shrugging his shoulders.

- And You will never guess. -One boy, the one that was jut sorted like the beautiful girl, said.

-What? -Peter asked curious.

-She is not a pureblood.

-What? -The marauders screamed, even Remus who was quiet before. - That’s impossible. -Sirius completed.

The boy just nodded his head and turned to listen Dumbledore speech and letting all the boys still shocked and a Sirius with wide eyes looking at the girl talking to Severus and Lucius and right after smiling  at the boy besides her, his brother who was sorted a few moments before her.

Some years passed anyway, and the girl still was the girl who always smile, but now it was a little more private. The smile was smaller and her long and black hair now was short and so much more curlier, lot of locks of curls. She was a example to everyone.

The girl that Sirius didn’t know the first name after all this years was polite and always classy, wearing the most perfect clothes and her hair always perfect. She was almost a angel in the middle of lot demons.

- (Y/L/N) did it again. - Peter said sitting next to his friends. - She defended the Hufflepuff’s first year from Malfoy.

- Why the hell she is a Slytherin? - James asked confused. -For the first time I think the Hat made a mistake.

- I think that too. You are here after all. -Remus said rolling his eyes and trying to pay attention to his book and his homework. - Why are you talking about this girl again?  She a Slytherin, get over it. Now can we back to our homework?

-But Moony, she is a angel. How can she be there? -Padfoot whispered

- Lucifer was too. - Remus said smiling. - Look, no one here even know her first name, we just know that maybe she is not that bad but hey, we don’t talk to Slytherin any way, so why we should bother?

Pads just sighted and went back to his book but his mind still was in the different Slytherin. He didint know why but that girl just confused him. She intrigued him so much with her eyes showing a fire but still having the sweatiest smile ever.

The day the Marauders descoverd her name it was a week after, when they was joking around Snape, giving him names that he didint like and laughing so laud that anyone near could listen.

They were having fun when James felt a tap on his shoulders making he stop laughing a little to turn around and face the Slytherin girl wearing a beautiful smile.

- Hello, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. - She said with a big smile and then looking at Snape who was on the air without any pants. -Hey, Severus. - Said waving her hand ate him. -How are you all?

- Good? -James said _ asked _ looking ate his friends confused.

-That’s very good,I was excellent a few minutes ago, if you minded. - She said sighing - But then I saw you all making fun of my very dear friend and that’s not a very polite thing to do,guys.

- And who says we care to being polite? -Peter said laughing and gaining a very sharp look of the girl.

-Well, Lucius told me that you, Gryffindor,  are not very polite but I wanted to believe otherside and now I am just regretting that. -She said looking a little sad. -If you don’t let my friend down I will have to do something that none of you would appreciate.

- And you,a Slytherin,think that you can do something to us? - James asked laughing loud and then looking at his friends. -Did you see that? This little girl think she can harm us.

- (Y/N)! You don’t have to do it. -Snape shouted.

-Its not a problem, Severus. Lucius said that I should practice a little more anyway. -She said with a smiling and then looking at the four boys in front of her.

All the boys lost their doubts about her being Slytherin when they saw the smirk on her lips and her eyes with a fire. None of them could actually tell how all of that could happened but the just blinked and they were hanging in the air, all of them, while Severus was outing his pants besides the girl.

-What the hell do you think are doing? - Sirius shouted looking at the girl who just laughed -Let us down.

- Look, Severus, They don’t think that joke is fun anymore. - (y/n) said taking of their pants. - Do you think I should let them down?

- C'mon, Snivellus, You know we were just kidding with you. - James said.

- I don’t think he will let us down. - Moony said just to his friends listen.

- Let us down now!

- Or what? Would you tell you mom, Sirius? - Snape asked.  - Wait, your mom doesn’t care about you. -He laughed

- Severus. - (Y/N) shouted looking at her friend. - That’s not a thing that you should say! - She told him while throwing the boy’s pants at the lake.

-Why that? Its not like we are their friends anyway. -He shrugged.

- Okay, guys,I think I had enough. - She said letting all the boys falling hard on the flour and walking to them. - And Sirius, you can’t have a mom but that doesn’t mean that you dont have a family. -She said smiling at The black haired boy. -Oh, please, dont meses with me friends anymore or I will do worse than that.

- She is a weirdo . -James said looking at the girl who was walking to the castle with her friend. - Who is nice and a demon at the same time?

- Yeah, a weirdo

What Sirius never told anyone that moment it was that weirdo had, maybe, stole his heart.


milla + tv tropes

A Jonsa drabble (of course, duh). A flash of inspiration thanks to the above. One shot modern AU fluff and I couldn’t resist. Sorry.


Don’t Tell (Her)

Sansa sighed loudly as she fell onto her bed in sheer exhaustion. She would take a shower after her nap. It had been a long shift and the four car pile up on the M51 motorway had sapped her of everything she had, when the victims came ushered in one after another. She had counted at least seven of them.

Seven survivors and none dead, she thought, thankfully.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, her ears registered a faint knock on her door. Sansa rolled her eyes, wishing she had her own place for the thousandth time.

“Come in.”

“Hi darling, I thought I heard you come home,” Catelyn sauntered in to greet her eldest daughter. Her bright blue eyes danced as she sat on Sansa’s bed. Sansa was exhausted beyond doubt but there was no need to brush off and dismiss her mother because of it. It was probably something she needed help with.

“So, your dad’s birthday is coming up and instead of the usual date night we always have, thought maybe we could plan something as a family. What do you think?”

Yeah, there it is.

“Right, of course, Mum. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh I don’t know love, maybe go for a short weekend getaway? Rent a ski chalet up north with the family? You’re so good at planning all these my darling, whatever you think I’m sure your dad would love it,” Catelyn suggested.

She was right. Sansa had a talent in organising family events and the most recent one was a luau for Rickon’s 12th birthday. Everything went perfectly as planned that day, even the weather cooperated. Sunny and warm, without a drop of rain. Sansa knew Rickon’s obsession with surfing wasn’t just a phase. It was one party to remember and it had earned her heaps of praise from everyone who attended. She stifled a giggle when she remembered the look on both her parent’s faces when he boldly announced his wish to be a professional surfer when he grew up. No doubt, the party anchored that dream firmly in him. Rickon with his sandy auburn hair and blue eyes would have no trouble looking the part.

“Did someone say ski chalet? Ooh can we go, can we go please?” a voice rang in excitedly as Arya who was looking for her mother, walked past her room and joined them.

Ugh. Great, leave the door open Mum, please, don’t bother ever shutting it. Ever.

“We’re going skiing everybody!” Arya bellowed, obviously trying to rally the rest. Sansa slumped back onto the headboard in defeat.

Yeah, okay call everyone in here please, how thrilling. Sleep, what sleep I don’t need sleep.

“What? Skiing? Really? When?” Bran’s head popped in seconds after. “Ricky! We’re going skiing!”

“Oh my god really? Good lord, of all freaking times..” Sansa sighed, waving her hands up in exasperation.

“Now, now, nothing’s been planned yet but I thought for Daddy’s birthday we’d do something together as a family. So I asked Sansa if she thought renting a ski chalet for the weekend would be a good idea,” Catelyn explained gently to her excited brood.

“Sansa, we have to go skiing, what’s there to think about? Get on it, will ya?” Arya demanded, plonking herself on Sansa’s bed, which suddenly felt very crowded.

Rickon and Bran leapt in and sat on the carpeted floor beside Sansa’s bed. “Yeah, can we go please Sansa? Pretty please? We rarely ever go skiing with Mum and Dad. Please?” Rickon pressed his palms together in a mock prayer to Sansa, his earnest face scrunched up adorably. In spite of herself, Sansa chuckled, how could she say no to that face.

“What’s happening? Family meeting?” Robb’s voice greeted them as he entered the already stuffy bedroom.

“Sansa’s going to plan a birthday trip for Dad. We’re going skiing!” Rickon shared excitedly with Robb, who was now already leaning against the wall next to Sansa’s bed and the boys.

“ Is that right? So does Dad get to know or is this a surprise?” Robb asked, chuckling at his brothers’ enthusiastic nods.

“We should tell him, you know he doesn’t like surprises. Plus he’s the one who needs to drive us up there anyway. So would be better if he knows,” Sansa finally spoke amidst all the enthusiasm and excitement in the air. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Well then, I guess that settles it. So a skiing getaway it is. So, I leave it to you my dear, I’ll leave my credit card details for the booking and let me know if there’s anything you need help with. Ooh, this would be such a great birthday trip for him, I know it!” Catelyn hugged her daughter and finally concluded the impromptu family meeting. Sansa nodded and smiled. She was too exhausted to say anything else and perhaps that would be a signal for everyone to get out of her room so she could rest. Sansa was seconds away from barking at them to leave but she was supposed to be a good example so she chewed on her lip instead.

“Okay everyone out of Sansa’s room, she just got home and she needs to rest. She can’t plan anything if we don’t let her rest. Come on everybody out the door now,” Catelyn playfully shooed the rest of them away towards the door and stepped out herself, as if on cue and gave a wink to Sansa. Sansa smiled back appreciatively and threw herself back on her bed and ducked under the covers.

Yes. Finally. Peace and quiet.

“Hey Sans-”

Sansa wished her bed would just swallow her up. Sansa gritted her teeth. “Oh my god, yes! We are going skiing for the weekend and yes, everyone IS going and I’ll take care of it. Now if you don’t let me sleep, I swear to god I’ll cancel the whole trip and all we’re going to do is eat breakfast at McDonald’s for dad’s birthday! Please just go away and let me rest!”

Sansa’s head popped up from under her duvet covers to see who was disturbing her this time.

“McDonald’s breakfast doesn’t sound too bad, honestly. I personally recommend the hot cakes,” Jon greeted her as he sat at the edge of her bed, watching her with an amused look on his handsome face. Sansa groaned and sat up, giving him an apologetic frown. Jon reached over and gifted her a much needed kiss on her lips. It was brief but just what she needed from her beloved.

“Don’t ask. Two words. Dad’s birthday.” Sansa shrugged and held out her arms to Jon for a hug. “I missed you.”

They hadn’t seen each other for days ever since Jon started his shift as a paramedic a week ago. Granted, it wasn’t a new relationship but it was a new job that meant irregular hours for both of them. She still missed him terribly.

“I missed you too, my love. I take it you had a long day?“

Sansa nodded as she pulled away from Jon. She must look terribly exhausted to him, but she didn’t care. Jon was here and it was all that mattered.

“Stay in with me?” Sansa pleaded with a playful pout. Jon chuckled. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to cuddle in bed with her. But they weren’t alone and it wasn’t appropriate. Even though he practically grew up with the Starks, he still respected boundaries. If they wanted to be intimate, it would be at the privacy of their own home. Which was going to be soon, since they both had decided to move in together once Jon had settled in with his new job. Plus, Ned Stark would be home any minute.

“Ah, I would love to my gorgeous girl, but you are in desperate need of a nap and I promised Bran to help him build.. Something. I forgot what he asked me to do but I said okay.”

“Oh that’s too bad. Would be nice to have you in bed with me.”

“Oh no, no. Don’t you start it, Miss Stark. You know very well what will happen if I do get in that bed with you.”

Sansa giggled and nodded. True enough, having him in her bed would be the next best thing, but she wouldn’t get any rest, if her furtive glances at the zip of his jeans were any indication.

“Don’t worry, my shift is done for today so I’ll still be here when you wake up,” Jon reassured her and pressed a kiss on her forehead. Sansa inhaled deeply, he smelled of soap and clean clothes, which reminded her of the shower she so badly needed.

“Tuck me in, then?” Sansa asked, tugging at his sleeve playfully. Jon smiled and grabbed hold of the covers as Sansa laid her head back on the pillow.

“Kiss you later, sleeping beauty.” Jon kissed her again as she closed her eyes and finally drifted off to sleep. Jon stepped out and closed the bedroom door, heading downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of the Starks were.

“So, I take it she agreed to the skiing weekend thing?” Jon asked Robb, joining him at the dining table who was watching Bran and Rickon play their video games on their tablets.

“She did. Told Mum it was an idea for Dad’s birthday and run it by Sansa. I mean, it is DAD’S birthday. And skiing. If it’s one thing we Starks do well, it’s family vacations. And we’re crazy about the cold. Which is odd to me. But yeah, great suggestion. Mum liked it. Plus, it’s Sansa. She loves planning stuff like these. She won’t say no,” Robb grinned as he rambled on, passing him a beer.

Well she better not. I’ve got everything planned out in secret to make it a weekend to remember.

Jon stuffed his hand into the right pocket of his jacket and squeezed the little velvet box he had been holding onto for the past few days.

Robb saw and smirked at him. “So, you really going for it huh?”

Jon nodded and smiled at Robb. He took out the box and opened it for Robb to see. It was worth six month’s of his salary but he knew it was perfect for her.

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hc's about ben x mal as king and queen: how they would rule together

- Ben is a ruler with a strong hand, but a forgiving heart. His queen, Mal, stands beside him with a passion for justice and a strong vision for the future.

- Mal rarely deals with paperwork. Her office is a mess. Papers scatter her floor and she gets calls every other day about later paperwork. 

- Both of them like to take daily walks around Auradon. They want to see what there people are up to and what they are doing.

- Since Evie is still trying to get the kids from the Isle back to Auradon, Mal and Ben give her a stamp of their signature because they’ve become tired of signing SO MANY PAPERS.

- Mal and Ben donating a lot of money to animal sanctuaries and making sure animal owners have enough money to keep up with their pets, because having a pet costs a lot of money

- Mal never lets her duties rule her life, she makes sure she gets enough time to rest and have a good time with her friends and have time to make art. 

- Ben consumes himself in his work. He believes a good King needs to keep his kingdom firm and he needs to be everything for his kingdom.

- So Mal usually has to usher him to bed at late hours because he’s been so consumed with his duties.

- Matching crowns with each other’s symbols on it.

- It’s actually Mal’s idea to bring Uma and her crew over. After talking to Ben, she wants them to have a new chance like she did.

- As soon as Uma, Harry, and Gil get there, Mal pulls Uma over and apologizes. Mal quickly asks her if she could be the top general of their armies. Mal wants Uma to know she trusts her now. Uma accepts.

- Ben and Mal realized their lives have changed after being King and Queen, and they’re ok with that. Mal can be the real her now, even with all the cameras. She wants to be an example for everyone that you choose your own destiny.


replied to your post

“my favorite thing about blue sargent is her compassion. i think often…”

OMG Blue is the least compassionate character ever. She is obnoxious and rude. I have read the books hundreds of times and not once have I seen her be empathetic with the exception of Noah. She is also extremely judgemental of everyone.

I mean I literally put examples of blue being compassionate in the post and i stand by them. if you don’t see them that way that’s your prerogative i guess but like. what wast he point of this reply why would you think someone who made this post would want to see your comment. like

secondly, characters can have flaws AND positive attributes! believe it or not, blue can be compassionate and judgmental at the same time! or at different times! having flaws and strengths is part of a full character. and like, ronan is my favorite trc character, i physically cannot shut up about him, but he’s rude as fuck all the time for no reason whereas blue is p much only rude when people are rude to her (i.e. gansey starting off their relationship by calling her a prostitute). tbh like…. everyone in the gang except for noah is pretty judgmental lmao, they’re all ten thousand year old brats who only like each other

blue does have a temper and she lashes out (like ronan and adam alike!) but she feels bad about it, too. after her fight with adam:

She kept replaying their words. She shouldn’t have lost her temper; she should have told him at the very beginning; she should have —

Anything but how it happened.

and then in bllb she makes an effort to connect with adam again as a friend, to show him that they’re on the same side, like when she goes with him to scry in cabeswater.

i also think her falling for gansey is hugely dependent on her compassion and empathy tbh, because it’s all about her seeing him for more than what he is on the surface, even before he’s shown a lot of that to her. putting herself in his shoes even though they’re from different worlds. seeing past the face he puts on to detect the real gansey underneath.

anyway bad reply op

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Sorry for the OOC ask, but... I'm struggling with pony names!! How do you get a 'ponysona' to be so perfect and all encompassing... when I make one, I'm happy with it, then stress that it isn't FULLY me... I can't get one I'm happy with. ;o;

DON’T APOLOGIZE, peeps don’t worry I’m just here enjoying my ponies I’ll worry about polish later when I’m physically capable of it. Right now we’re just all having a good time, talking about ponies, building up lore and worlds around them. This is a perfect question to hoof around with.

Let me answer flat out. I have no idea, Starcrossed was drawn on a goofy whim then never… changed. She’s just been exactly perfect for my personal sona and I could not be happier. SINCE I DON’T HAVE A GOOD ANSWER, WE’LL JUST REVIEW MY PROCESS! That way maybe you can try my tricks and see if you can’t find good ways to name up your ponies.

I’ve been… typing a lot lately. So as a precaution I’m going to put the rest under a read more.

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Harry Hook x Evie Grimhilde: When i grow up

Line prompt: ‘One day when i grow up i will marry you!.“


Note: 5 years younger harry and descendants 2 happened but without harry taking part.

"So what did ye wished when you blew out the candles?!?” A young excited voice was heard along the screams and giggling of the other kids.

“Well to go away from here, to go to Auradon live the big life, marry a prince."Evie responded to the younger boy that was standing in front of her wearing a big black pirate hat that was too big for his head.

The boy’s smile was erased from his tender face and transformed into a frown "Princes suck evie! You should be mine,pirates are cooler than princes.”

The blue haired giggled and pulled away his hat ruffling his brown locks making them a bigger mess than they were before “ You are such a cutie”.

“I am not a cutie” the boy mumbled snatching back his black hat placing it back to his head.

“One day when i will grow up i will marry you!”
The young boy named harry yelled out loud before running back to his sisters.

After some months Evie wish became actually true, she was granted the invitation to go to Auradon.

The poor boy harry was there looking at her getting into the big limousine leaving away forever…or the three fates would let them meet again?.

9 years had passed since then.

Now Evie was a fashion designer at her free time and the right hand of King ben, finally they got all the united kingdoms of Auradon to come in an agreement bring more kids from the isle of the lost to Auradon, giving them a chance like they had done in the past for her and her friends.

Evie was stood next to ben to greet the new kids to Auradon, she would be a good example everyone thought after all it was a goal of hers to bring more kids to build a new future for them.

“The car is here!” A student yelled from across stepping back for it to pass.

It stopped right in front of the High council with a lot of kids stepping out pushing and whining at each other.

The blue haired femme laughed to herself reminding her when she first came to auradon along with mal,jay and carlos.


Her laughter stopped when a familiar but yet unknown voice called out her name, a boy stepped out of the heavily crowed of villain kids who was wearing a pirate hand and a had a hook in his hands.

C-could it be?.

“Did i changed that much?” The boy laughed, it was little harry…little harry who would often cling on her begging her to marry him, who brought her earings,necklaces from his mother box.

“I guess i did” the boy chuckled no one has noticed a thing since all the villain kids were over at other members of the council mostly mal and ben, ssking them a bunch of questions.

Before she could speak ben’s voice was heard trying to get all the villain kids to a group to give them a proper tour around auradon.

“I’ll see you again” harry said giving her a soft kiss on her cheek “ oh and i never forgot you, i always and still think that you should be mine.” He whispered to her ear,his hot breath touching against her fair skin sending shivers down at her spine.

The winked at her before he walked away following behind the rest of the other villain kids.

“Well he wasn’t joking.” She mumbled to herself not sure if she should stop feeling safe.


Trump’s spokesdemon, Kellyanne Conway, has bounced around Washington for a number of years in various forms, and like a chameleon in a human skin suit, she has been able to mold into new roles to fit her situations. Like how she went from a pollster to a pundit, or how she joined Trump’s team after months of questioning his qualifications.

Or the time she pretended she was a stand-up comedian. Thankfully, some unnamed American hero decided to record all 11 cringe-tastic minutes.

Back in the ‘90s, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick (her old name) apparently performed a stand-up set at a charity benefit in a room filled with Washington insiders. To her credit, this appears to be original material, but it’s so schlocky that it makes you question if she had ever heard a joke before. This isn’t “Hey, it’s my first time, give me a break” – this is “I saw an episode of Jay Leno and this shit looks easy.” For example, she explains her leg cast by saying “Well, everyone knew I was gonna be in this comedy show and said break a leg, so I did.” Or this zinger: “New survey’s out that says 70 percent of men think about sex all the time. The other 30 percent are lying.” Hold for applause.

Somehow it gets worse.

5 Embarrassing Secrets Hiding In Trump’s Cabinet


The Original Version™ of the Piccadilly Caretaker Android, Porcelain and their former “owner” Mrs. Lilly Brûlée, a wealthy Piccadillian 50s styled housewife that never seemed to actually care for or even truly love anyone (not even her own husband and children).

She has an image to keep up; she only ever does anything in order to be the envy of all other housewives, to have everything that they don’t, and to seem like the “perfect” example everyone else should strive for. She continues this mantra onto her own family; her husband must be tirelessly hardworking and polite, and her kids must always excel at everything and obey their parents, no matter what. Lilly considers you now as a horrible beast that will ruin her “clean” reputation and she will do anything to get rid of you for good.

She will not be reasoned with in this matter.
Do not be deceived.

Lilly serves as the “first boss” of pip verse, as you must defeat her in order to escape from the massively guarded Brûlée Manor which is directly above the containment cell you just escaped from.

Christianity and The Foxhole Court

One of the biggest, and in my opinion most important, forms of representation in tfc is it’s portrayal of Christianity.

Now you’re probably like, “Why? Christianity is every where.”

My response would be, “No, it’s really not.”

Christianity is often portrayed to be a roadblock, something the surrounding characters believe but the Enlightened MC doesn’t. It’s often portrayed as a prejudiced religion with an angry God. A God who is mad at his children and wants to destroy the world or whatever. Fire and Brimstone. Christianity has gained a rep for being extremely bigoted, because the media no longer takes the time to differentiate between people using God as an excuse to be close minded or flat out hurt other people, and (What I call) true Christianity, That’s not what true Christianity is. 

So yes, Christianity is everywhere. But it hasn’t been portrayed positively for a long time.

So it means so much to me that, not only do we have Christian characters who work to counteract those stereotypes, but Nora also take the time to differentiate between Christianity and Bigotry. 

The first quote we have about it is in Ch. 6 of The Foxhole Court when Neil describes Renee:

“The Foxes’ senior goalkeeper had bright white hair cut to her chin. The bottom two inches of her hair were dyed in alternating pastel colors. It was interesting enough to warrant a second look, but downright odd when paired with her scant make-up, conservative clothes, and delicate silver cross necklace. Nicky had called her the sweetheart of the team. Neil understood why as he listened to her talk. He had no idea how she qualified for the Foxes’ halfway-house team.”

Which when I was first reading I was like “nice nice nice!”. So not only do we have a positive Christian character who is not an ass, we have subtle commentary on how people tend to view Christianity, through Neil calling her dyed hair “downright odd” when paired with her more natural looks, and wondering how she “qualified” for the team. I figured that would be the end of it.

I was wrong, and I’ve never been more happy to be in my life.

The big one for me was during the conversation with Nicky in the library:

“My parents are kind of crazy, you know? There’s religious and there’s super psychotic religious. Me and Renee, we’re the decent sort, I think. We go to different churches and have different ideas, but we respect each other anyway. We understand that religion is just an interpretation of faith. But my parents are the black-and-white crazy kind. It’s only right and wrong with them: hell-fire and damnation and judgment from on high.”

At which point I almost cried. This paragraph comes right after Nicky has been describing why he loves Eric, and how Eric makes him feel safe. And then he says that line:

“There’s religious and there’s super psychotic religious.”

One line. One line, and a stereotype destroyed. There is a huge difference between Christianity and Bigotry, and the media’s blurring of the two has led to toxic stereotypes that make Christianity seems like some awful demoralizing religion. You can be Christian and be gay. You can be Christian and not be a bigot who hates change. We are not the people who use our religion to hurt other people. At the base level, those who are of the bigoted religion are no better than the Islamic terrorists, hiding behind religion to justify there inhumane actions and making everyone else who practices the religion suffer for it.

Then it’s followed by NIcky saying, “Yeah we don’t exactly agree about every little detail, but we understand that religion is just an interpretation of faith.” There are thousands of sects of Christianity, because Christianity is about your individual relationship with God. There are thousands of religions because people choose to interpret the world differently. Just because you believe this bible verse should be interpreted this way, not that way, doesn’t mean you can’t get along. Because the core values of Christianity are the same, regardless of sect. 

Which leads me to my next quote(also by NIcky):

“We cannot condone the sin,” Maria said.

“You don’t have to love the sin,“ Nicky said, "but you’re supposed to forgive and love the sinner. Isn’t that what faith is about?" 

At which point I started shrieking. This is exactly what faith is about. Exactly. This is what Christianity is about. It is not your job as a Christian to tell people their sins, or tell them how to live their lives, or punish them somehow for sinning. That is the opposite. Christianity is about helping those who need help, not about saving those who you feel need to be saved. Leave the saving up to God. That’s his job. Your job is to help those who need it without preaching scripture at them. Only if they enter your church and say, “Hey, will you tell me about Jesus?” do you have any right to go throwing your belief at them. And even then you don’t go listing their sins. You tell them the message of the bible, that Jesus died for all our sins, and here’s how they can accept Jesus into their heart, if that’s what they choose to do. It’s not that complicated.

So in one sentence she effectively points out and comments on the difference between religious and Bigotry. She calls out the Bigots, literally, “If the first step isn’t tolerance, where does a pair of bigots begin in fixing a mess like this?”, but also provides a glimpse of (ill placed) reasoning when Luther responds, “Faith is following the Lord’s creed” circling back to the idea that religion is an interpretation of faith(which is a whole ‘nother post regarding that and bigoted Christianity). 

(Also stfu Luther bc I’m pretty sure sending your son to a anti-gay camp and letting someone rape your nephew and creating a toxic and unsafe home for your children/nephews is pretty damn far from the “Lord’s creed” bye.)

Then she takes it one step further with Renee. Renee is a beautiful example of what Christianity is. She is kind and nice to everyone, she gives but doesn’t expect to take, she is sweet and polite, even to the Ravens, and she is a wonderful example of Christianity in practice. The core value of Christianity is basically, try to be a decent person. Renee is someone even other Christians can look to for inspiration. 

Then there is her quote:

“I am a bad person trying very hard to be a good person.”

This is so important, because never once is Renee framed in the light of her religion. She’s just a bad person trying to be good. She’s not trying to repent or convert or condemn. She’s just trying to be a good person. Like we should all aspire to be. But that’s exactly what make her such an important character from a Christian perspective. The Bible doesn’t even really ask you to be a good or perfect person, only that you try. And that’s exactly what Renee is trying to do. 

This quote is then followed by the first glimpse you get into Renee’s past:

“…”I’m not,” Renee said…”I know I should be, but that’s still something I’m working on. I know I was directly responsible for the circumstances that led to their murders, but to be honest I hated them. On top of that, without my mother’s death I never would have ended up here. With my mother dead and my biological father in the wind, the courts had no choice but to release me into foster care after my year at a juvenile facility,” Renee said. “I made life as difficult as I could for my foster families and jumped eight homes in two years. Stephanie Walker found out about me from one of my foster mothers at her high school reunion. She put in a request for me, pushed it until it was approved, and moved me to North Dakota as soon as it was finalized.  She gave me a new name, a new faith, and a new chance at life.”

In many ways, Renee’s story is like the ultimate Christian story. She was lost, but now she is found. She is happy, safe, and healing. She has made peace with herself and her past, and she is trying to be a good person. And that’s what Christianity is all about.

Tbh @taylorswift is slaying feminism. She has set a good example for every woman out there. Today she silenced everyone who called her fake feminist, slut, snake, opportunist and money hungry. She showed everyone who called her out for her “fake/white feminism” that her feminism is real and not only when it benefits her.

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"Le.xa is the most beautiful soul in this stupid show." - nah dear anon, she isn't. She's the most OVERRATED character in the show and she was the reason S3 was a disaster and most of the critics and even the CW PRESIDENT, hated the first part of S3. She's overrated and everything she did, if it was made by a man, would be seen as ABUSE. But because she's a girl and lesbian, everyone forgives EVERY SINGLE SHITTY THING SHE DID. Like, for example, left Clarke & everyone else to DIE in MW.

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