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TELL US ABOUT YOUR OCS. MAYBE give a brief description of who they each are? And then tell us about their role in the (hypothetical) story they're in???

Name: Day Linn

Age: 18

Weapon: Sword

Day grew in the mountains with his parents, little sister and old brother, but since the day his brother left their town to become a knight, he wanted to do the same thing too. Though he couldn’t find their older brother, he started to live in the castle town where they train to be a knight.

Personality wise, i’d say day is pretty much the biggest sass master to ever sass, But he is loyal to their friends and to what they believe in.

(also i’m going to start refering to day as male from now on ok)

Name: Magnolia Elizabeth Rorke

Age: 17

Weapon: N/O

Magnolia is a princess who is currently trying to prove herself to her father, the king. She comes from a family of long time summoners, and is competing with her siblings to take her father’s throne;

Personality wise, she’s the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet, but she’s anything but naïve. She has studied for a long time things like, laws, war tactics so she one day can take the throne and become a queen. She should believe in herself a little more though….

Name: Claret Woods

Age: 19

Weapon: Spell books

Claret is Day’s best friend, and Like they, she also decided to become a knight. The thing is, she showed potential to become a mage, so she decided to go with that instead. She lives alone with her younger brother in castle town, and her deceased mother, used to be a mage too. Her father used to be a wizard, which explains why she had so much potential in magic

Personality wise, she’s the mom of group, since she’s always so patient with everyone (she’s also the one who’s always saving day when they get in trouble)

Name: Luke Skywalker Luke Leonhart

Age: 15

Weapon: Daggers

A young thief who prefers to be called a treasure hunter; Hates knights more than anything, he decided to help princess magnolia on a secret quest though  because she promised she’d pay him good. (this and bc shes rly cute too)

personality wise, I’d say this kid is the epitome of TSUNDERE, NO JOKE. He acts all tough, but he really like cute things. Though he’s hard to approach, he’s a sweetheart with those he trusts

These are the main 4, but there are the others too, but i won’t tell much about them bc they’re spoillers kinda

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