she's an angel on earth

The first and last woman to be hanged in New Mexico was 19-year-old Paula Angel. The crime which led her to the gallows was “as old as Eden.” On 23 March, 1861, Angel stabbed her lover, Miguel Martin, to death. Martin was a married man and a father of five who had been having an affair with Angel behind his wife’s back. Seemingly bored with the affair, Martin decided he would call it off. Within a day, Angel was apprehended for the murder and her trial was held just five days later. After being found guilty, she was sentenced to hang the following month. Her time in jail was short and torturous. It was reported that the sheriff taunted her daily by reminder her how many days she had left on earth.

As the execution date rolled around, Angel was told to sit on top of her coffin in the back of the wagon as they drove to the spot she would be killed - a tree on a cottonwood grove. There was no gallows. She was to be hanged from a tree. As the noose was tied around her neck and she was strung up to hang, it was noticed that the sheriff had forgot to tie her hands. The crowd stood in shock as Angel grabbed at her neck and tried to loosen the rope. As she was slowly being choked to death, the sheriff wrapped his arms around her waist to attempt to weight her down and facilitate her demise. The crowd booed and ordered she be cut down. The sight was unbearable.

The execution was momentarily halted so that the sheriff could tie Angel’s hands behind her back. Moments later, she was hanged once again. This time, it was successful and Angel finally perished.

call the midwife couples rated by me

Jenny/Gerald: this dude never even shows up and yet we have to deal with the heterosexual angst he caused for a whole goddamn season. might have been tolerable if we had ever gotten the details of wtf happened between them -11/10

Jenny/Jimmy: never technically dated and yet just kept coming back. Jimmy was an ok guy though so that’s something 2/10

Jenny/Alec: honestly completely un-compelling Alec had no personality at all and Jenny’s previous love interest Jimmy literally introducing her to her new love interest his friend Alec is just too much. the death would have been way sadder if Alec was actually a character at all but the effect it had on Jenny was Real so points for that also it was nice to see Jenny actually date someone after all the angst that came before 4/10

Jenny/Philip: the real ones were happily married for like 50 years or something so good for them 10/10

Peter/Chummy: adorable. precious. absolute dorks. Sister Evangelina asking Chummy out for Peter because the two of them were two awkward to do it themselves was #iconique. makes Chummy “beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure” Browne happy. “sorry mater, no longer entitled” also #iconique 9/10

Turnadette (Patrick/Shelagh): ruins basically all the other heterosexual couples on this show by being perfection personified. supportive and respectful and equal and finally get to be happy after the heartache that was s2. everyone they know seems to ship them because they belong together and it’s obvious 11/10

Trixie/Tom: never really got this one tbh it was just “hey Trixie a guy you should date him” they never seemed to have much in common or anything. still a decent supportive mutually respectful relationship that eventually turned into a nice friendship 5/10

Pupcake (Patsy/Delia): vintage lesbians in love literal perfection. use “card games” as a euphemism for the sex they were definitely having in the convent in which they live. deserve happiness more than anyone ever and better finally fucking have it 1000/10

Barbara/Tom: much better match than Trixie and Tom kinda cute but also Tom is involved so I just can’t really care that carousel was a nice touch though 7/10

Phyllis/Tommy from Spanish class: what ever happened to this storyline? idk and idc about Tommy from Spanish class but I want Phyllis to do whatever akes her happy she is an actual angel on earth 5/10

Trixie/Christopher: should be nice but I just don’t trust him. I love Trixie with his daughter though and I kind of want them to get married just so Trixie can adopt her 6/10

Jane/Rev. Appleby-Thornton: anything that makes Jane happy is good 6/10

Fred/Violet: cute mature couple who both lost their first much-beloved spouse. wonderful surrogate parents for Reggie. it’s nice to see them happy 9/10


Sister Monica Joan/Cake: the truest love ever known ∞/10


Aaliyah became one of my best friends and we were inseparable. We would dress up to the nines and dance the night away. I introduced her to her great love, Damon Dash. When I’m asked about Aaliyah I always say she was perfect, an angel on earth. For her, it was about the work, not being famous. She chose her friendships wisely, and was discerningly private, surrounding herself with empowering, down to earth people, and always gave so much to her fans. I keep a regular pen-pal friendship going with one of her fans (@aaliyahalways). And that voice – no one compares. I miss her.

She is an angel
And the heaven’s are constantly
F i g h t i n g to win her

She is an angel
That Lucifer f e l l in love with
And is trying to bring
To Hell.

She is an angel
That walks among men and beasts
And she could tip the b a l a n c e
If she wanted.

She is an angel
Who cares only for the humans
That reside on the Earth
B e l o w her feet.

She is an angel
Made of flesh and blood
Who knows not of the war
Being fought over h e r.

—  Adrian D Epps

100% inspired by @punziella

that time Caitriona Balfe is the nicest human ever

I need to preface this by saying: I think ECCC was a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed by how many Outlander fans were there today. The lines were INSANE. I waited, each time I met Sam and Cait, no less than 45 minutes and over an hour for the autographing. and by the time we had made it to the hotel after the panel, to attempt the first autograph session, it was already filled up. at like 12:15. the panel ended at noon so like….HARDCORE. I am not so hardcore. I left and came back hahahaha


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[title] History

[pairing] 1940′s!Bucky x Reader

[plot] AU in which Bucky makes it home to his girl after the war.

[warnings] language, mentions of the war

[a/n] i didn’t edit this so if there’s errors just pretend like they don’t exist.

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

[y/n] pulled her coat tightly around her, seeking relief from the cold September air. She chewed on the inside of her cheek, her eyes focused on a single crack on the concrete. Nervousness flooded her veins and occupied her entire being and he was all she thought of. Bucky, Bucky, Bucky.

She hadn’t received any news or a letter announcing the death of James Barnes, but news travels slowly and it seemed like she was always the last to know news about Bucky while he’s been away.

Blood pounded through [y/n]’s ears and all she could hear was the dramatic pounding of her pulse as the worst case scenario fluttered through her mind. So she didn’t hear the approaching train, she didn’t hear the excited squeals of the women beside her waiting for their lovers and the giggles of the children, ecstatic to see their fathers again. It was only when a woman pushed past her to get a better look at the grinning men, sticking their heads out of the train’s windows, in hopes to spot their families or just to feel the patriotic buzz that the breeze carried in 1945, that she glanced up.

Her eyes shot up as all of her senses stung her at once. The train, the cheering, the rugged, but joyful soldiers. Her eyes darted across the train windows, hoping to spot Bucky early to put an end to all of this stress. She checked once, twice, three times. Nothing. She let out an uneven breath as she tightened her grip on her coat, needing to hold onto something.

And then all the soldiers begin to pile off of the train and something rises in [y/n]’s stomach and she thinks that she’s going to throw up because she watched them all flood onto the platform and she checked every goddamn face one by one as the relieved soldiers were welcomed home and none of them were him. Him. The man that had pined after her for years before she said yes, the man that treated her like she was a fucking angel on earth, the man that had promised her a wedding proposal if he ever made it back.

(His exact words were “when I make it back”, but [y/n] knew damn well that the correct word was “if”.)

It took almost a half hour to get everyone off, but it felt like decades to [y/n]. And when no more soldiers were wrestling to get off the train, [y/n] had yet to see Bucky’s homecoming.

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Wishes For the Dead

She wipes her nose
I think he was an angel come to earth
I see again his fists in walls
Yanking hair back into fights
Chasing me down the street
Before I’d learned to hide in place

I pat her leg
Offer her a half-smile and softened eyes
It’s frowned upon to speak ill of the dead
And sometimes all we have are the lies


caerulaen  asked:

i love your s12 spn meta post, i love how you've analysed things and looked through different angles, but i have to admit. sometimes i feel that us fans of the show think more complexly about the characters and scenes than the writers themselves. they've shown continuity errors and character development mistakes time and time again, and the queerbaiting is frustrating as fuck. it doesn't make sense to me that these people are the same ones orchestrating such fantastic plotlines.

(i ran out of space for that previous ask) but again, i sincerely mean no disrespect to you or to the creators of the show. it was just my two cents. i’m sorry if you find it offensive in any way, i definitely did not mean for it to come off as rude! :(

Hi… I didn’t take it as rude, so you’re fine. :P

(I probably wouldn’t have posted it on anon, though, just because I don’t see the show as being fully of continuity errors and character development mistakes, and “queerbaiting” is in the eye of the beholder and seems a harsh statement to level against a writing staff that is comprised of several LGBT writers. Especially when they have been addressing queer characters and issues in serious ways, and absolutely not making them the punchline of a joke or dismissing them. It’s a word I would not throw around so casually.)

***On second thought, after typing ALL of this out, I feel like having spent the whole morning on it, it should be on my blog… I hope that’s okay.

Half the point of my rewatch (which, oops, I’m behind on because TNT showed a ten episode marathon the morning after a new episode aired, and the new episode had to take priority over the old) is to point out how consistent ALL of these things are.

There’s a post I like very much that I just saw again yesterday:

People should probably learn the difference between “plot holes” and “things I didn’t like” or “things the franchise plans to explain in the future” or “things film makers didn’t think they needed to explicitly explain because they thought you had critical thinking skills”

I didn’t reblog it because it’s already somewhere on my blog from ages ago, but especially relevant to s12, because of the way they’re telling the story.

99% of the time what looks on the surface like a “plot hole” is actually an expansion of canon, and yelling PLOT HOLE! or RETCON! just because something seems different means there’s a reason for the difference now.

Like the fact we’ve seen several shapshifters who don’t shed their skin like puddles of goo and can just *poof* into a new form. We’ve had shifters like this since s6 when we learned about the alphas. Truly powerful shifters don’t need to shed to change form.

(on a practical level, it makes the prop department’s job easier because they don’t have to create goo puddles, but also they’re able to use a shifter’s ability to change instantly as a plot point, and have done so several times very effectively. Like in 12.20 when Ketch was torturing “Mary” and punched her, so the shifter took on HIS form. They couldn’t have done that if they hadn’t introduced this more powerful strain of shifter before.)

Technically, everything that’s happened since 4.01 would fit the strictest definition of plot hole, because it had already been established that angels did not exist. And yet… here were angels.

Cas said in the past that angels were now walking the earth for the first time in two thousand years, so the fact he’d been down here in a vessel in 1901 must be a plot hole too… unless you assume that Cas’s previous statement was both specific and hyperbolic (which really isn’t a stretch, angels have always avoided certain truths in order to manipulate us). Angels as a whole hadn’t embarked on a unified mission to earth in the last 2000 years, but we know that Lily’s first encounter with Ishim in 1901 was because SHE SUMMONED HIM. She performed a magical spell that BROUGHT AN ANGEL TO EARTH. And the events of their relationship unfolded to the point she felt compelled to summon yet another angel (Akobel) to protect her from Ishim. Well, suddenly there’s a whole flight of angels coming to kill her, you know? It’s not the sort of story that any of the angels involved would be cheerfully chirping on about.

Point being, if Lily Sunder was capable of summoning an angel, there’s probably been OTHER people over the course of human history who’d tried it too. All of heaven may not have descended like they did in s4, but here and there, angels very well may have been watching over us.

It’s not a plot hole, it’s an expansion of canon. It refines our understanding and reminds us that we don’t know everything about the entire history of that universe.

I think there’s two kinds of people: Those who see something they think is a “mistake” in canon and scream PLOT HOLE! and get upset about it and think the writers are idiots, and then there are those who see that same thing and wonder how does that fit with the information I already have and then try to understand.

Sometimes a plot hole is just a plot hole (like the time travel nonsense in 12.13 that turns into a strange loop of infinitely decreasing returns), but most of the time it’s really really not.

As for characterization “errors”, most of the time they are incredibly purposeful. Like the whole scene at the beginning of 12.15. People are STILL shouting, “Out of character! Dean hates germs! He would NEVER do that!” and therefore MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF THAT SCENE.

Which was SAM standing there staring at Dean THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING.

Dean was putting on the performance FOR SAM. He KNEW Sam was lying to him about where the cases were coming from, and Dean’s not a moron. They visit the MoL, and suddenly a few days later Sam’s got a “magic phone app” that finds cases for him? Yeah, Dean wasn’t about to let Sam keep lying to him, and yet Sam was STILL lying to him even after two weeks of hunting, so he kept upping the Disgusting Quota trying to get Sam to break and confess. Because if he just comes out and asks Sam directly, he continues to lie and give him weak excuses. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basics right there…

The one characterization thing that actually bugs me was the scene in 9.04 where Sam and Dean are watching Game of Thrones with Charlie, and Jensen and Jared DECIDED TO SWAP LINES because they felt that Sam was the one who would read the books, and not Dean… (Robbie Thompson, who wrote the scene, is still grumpy about it, too). Because DEAN DOES READ. And in this scene HE was the one who was supposed to be mirrored to Charlie through their mutual love of this particular brand of nerdery. It sort of wrecks the entire characterization of the episode, in which Dean’s usual “performing Dean” persona was SUPPOSED to fall down in Charlie’s company, and he would casually and comfortably admit he enjoyed reading the epic fantasy series (which, really, we know Dean reads fantasy novels… he’s a huge effing nerd).

Why do you think in 11.04 (also by Robbie Thompson) he wrote the line about Dean knowing that the phrase “god helps those who helps themselves” was from Aesop and not the bible? Because Jensen COULDN’T JUST HAND THAT LINE TO JARED. He HAD to admit he read. Because Performing Dean is one thing, but when he’s not trying to project that facade, he’s brilliant.

So yeah, 99% of it is 100% intentional. It’s our job as viewers to think about why. You can absolutely watch the show as a passive casual viewer (and the most casual viewer wouldn’t even NOTICE the things that get called plot holes or characterization mistakes), or you can see those things that seem not to make sense on the surface and look for the reason they struck you as being slightly wrong. Because if you dig just a little bit deeper, it opens up an entire new level of understanding about the show.

The writing is NEVER going to hand you all of that deeper characterization on a plate. That would make for TERRIBLE writing. All they want is for the characters and the plots to stick with us, so that we DO turn these issues over in our heads, so we DO think critically about them, and hopefully come to some compelling and fascinating conclusions. Or at the very least we’re eager to tune in again the following week to see if our suspicions are confirmed.

This is a hook that writers have been using since writing was a thing. This is how stories are told. Not just in the words, but in the negative spaces. We’re not just supposed to consume stories, but in the very best way, the best stories also consume US. They make us into an active participant in the narrative, and force us to consider the world and characters on our screens as real people.

That’s how all of this works.

Forward: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Lemonade Oneshot:

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself


*6 Inch

Love Drought

Sandcastles Part 2

You were finally moving back home. Back were you belonged, as Tom packed up the car you stood in front of the mirror trying to calm yourself down. You couldn’t help but think about it happening again. “No, it’s not. We’re fine. The past is behind you.” You said to yourself. 

Best foot first just in case

You locked up the condo and he helped you in the car. You were fidgety and nervous but you just had to keep repeating that one word. 


Things were better now, you convinced yourself. He was making an effort and he was doing a damn good job. He wanted to make sure he earned your trust back. He went with you every where, he wanted you to know his every move. He refused to lose you again. Sometimes you still had thought of everything that happened and you still felt a bit animosity towards him and he knew it. You were doubtful but he was trying and so were you. 

When we made our way ‘til now
It’s time to listen, it’s time to fight

After everything I’ve done she still came back. I didn’t hesitate to help her pack her things when she said she was willing to move back. 

I waited outside for her she locked up the condo. She stepped out into the bright sun and I could’ve sworn she was an angel on earth. Her brown skin glistened with the sun and her curly hair blew with the wind. She was stunning, pregnancy never looked more beautiful. 

I could tell she was scared and so was I but I would do anything to get her to trust me again. “Are you ready, love?” I asked. She cracked a smile and waddled down to me. 

I opened the door to the house and helped her in. She got teary eyed, “A-are you okay?” I asked. She turned to me and smiled “Yeah.”

I had replaced all the items she destroyed in her rage. I cleaned up and tried to buy new furniture and try to start over. 


She slowly walked through the house and touched the new furniture, “You remembered that I liked this set, huh?”

“Of course, I thought that maybe we could use a change of scene.” I said observing her reaction. She nodded and continue to walk through the house, looking at the new pictures. She thought I didn’t notice when she quickly wiped a tear. 

We had our first dinner together in roughly 3 months. We talked and laughed, until my phone rang. “It’s my agent.” i said. Her face changed and she looked at her plate. I showed her the number, “Answer it.” She whispered. “No.” I let it ring and gave her my full attention. “Why didn’t you answer it? It could’ve been a big deal or something?” She asked. “Because, you’re more important than any role. I love you more than my job, more than anything Y/N!”

I love you more than this job, please don’t work for me

After dinner, we got ready for bed. I could tell she was a bit hesitant about laying back in our bed. She delayed with a shower, and taking a walk around the house. She had been downstairs for two hours and I went to see what was wrong. She was sitting down on the couch, just rubbing her stomach, staring blankly into space. “Aren’t you coming to bed, love?” She jumped and looked up at me. “Um, yeah.” 

I grabbed her hand and lead her back to our room. She got under the covers and made herself comfortable. I watched her sleep, she was perfect. Instinctively she snuggled into me and sighed. 

Go back to your sleep in your favorite spot just next to me

She was strong a woman and I honestly didn’t deserve her. That night as I watched the true love of my life sleeping on my chest, I knew I couldn’t screw it up. I was determined to be the best father and husband. 


Breaking Glass - OUAT/SPN Crossover

Summary: (Y/N); who has been missing for three years, calls Dean asking for an odd favour. The Winchesters travel all the way to a place they thought was fictional in order to help her. 

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 4,900

Warnings: SPN spoilers, OUAT spoilers.

A/N: This was for Mama’s 1K Followers Celebration! My prompt was Once Upon a Time, so here it is! Congratulations once again, @mamaredd123 I hope you like this; sorry it took em so long to get this done, it is extremely hard to mix these two shows considering the twists they both have.

DISCLAIMER: I changed the story line of BOTH TV shows for the sake of the story. This is set during season 4 of OUAT and after season 10 of SPN but not quite - I can’t explain myself, thank you - so please, don’t focus on the strange timings and just live with it.


Originally posted by soggyhook

“Hello?” Dean answered the phone.

“Dean, I need your help.” Dean’s lips curved into a sad smile at the sound of her voice. It had been such a long time since the last time he heard her voice… The sound of it was an old memory, the kind of memory one forgets they have until it comes back again.

“(Y/N)…” Dean whispered. The wave of emotions that crashed inside of him was more than enough to mess with his sharp mind. “It’s funny how you only call me when you need help.” He snapped bitterly as a pearly tear left his eye.

“Dean, please, there will be a lot of time to apologise after you help me. It’s life or death… Please, just come.” She begged softly. He knew he had to stay strong, he knew he had to say no or else she would hurt him once again.

“Where are you?”

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Fire and Ice - Song!Fic

Originally posted by totallysupernaturaloneshots

I love Within Temptation and when I was watching the video for this song a fic idea sprung into my head, grabbed my brain and shook me about a bit like a cocktail shaker before letting me pour out this fic. So I hope you like it.

Words: 2,682

Supernatural Lucifer x Angel! Reader
Part Two - Frozen

“Gabriel? Cas? What the hell is wrong with you two?” Dean snapped, when he was ignored he gave Sam a curious look. The giant just shrugged and focused on the frozen Angels staring into the window of a bar.
Castiel stepped forward and placed a strong hand on Gabriel’s shoulder who gulped and let out a long shaken breath.
“Hello,” Dean called tired of being ignored, “I thought we were here looking for something to help us stop Lucifer or I am the only one who remembers that the fucking world is ending?”
Castiel dropped his hand as Gabriel turned to face him, “Not this, Cas.”
Castiel’s brow furrowed but gave a tight nod.

“Want to clue us in?” Sam asked them but like Dean he was ignored.
“I never thought that it was true…” Gabriel whispered and Castiel seemed to agree with the sentiment, “We need to go.”

But when Gabriel went to step away Dean stepped in front of him only for Gabriel to seize his by the jacket and lift him into the air.
“What the fuck?!” Dean snapped.
Gabriel’s eyes blazed blue and the air left stifling, “You don’t know what’s going on here, so shut up and let the grownups talk.”
Dean glared at him as Gabriel slowly lowered the Righteous Man back to his feet and letting his eyes sink back into their normal hue. Sam was beside Dean instantly, old habits die hard when it came to the Trickster near his brother.
“You’re right, there’s clearly more going on here than we know. Maybe you could explain it to us?” Sam spoke calmly, one hand was on Dean to stop him swinging for the Angel and the other was extended out towards Gabriel trying to endear to him. Gabriel gave a small nod, his hair dropping down over his eyes when he kept his head down.
“Perhaps we should go somewhere more convenient.” Castiel suggested and with of Gabriel’s fingers they, and the Impala, were back at the motel.


“Her name was Y/N.” Gabriel started slowly. He was sat on one of the twin beds, Sam and Dean were sat to the small table each with a beer in hand and Castiel leant against the wall close to them.
“She was an Angel - an Archangel to be more precise. One of the strongest warriors I’ve ever met, she ruled courage of heart and bravery in mankind.” Gabriel explained, she sighed before continuing, “In the early days, when Hell was new, Y/N was in charge of keeping balance on earth.”

“Mankind was supposed to make its own decisions.” Castiel explained.
“She was good at it as well, much better than she should have been considering…” He drifted off.
“Considering?” Sam probed.

Gabriel rubbed his face and sighed, “She was in love with Lucifer and he said that he loved her too. None of us believed that he did, not really, until she died.” He swallowed, “She was asked by a group of Angels to accompany them to Earth to meet with some Demons, they wanted her there to keep the balance. But they were lying and the Angels killed her.”

Dean turned slightly to make sure that Castiel was okay and Sam asked, “Why would they -?”
“They couldn’t trust her because she was in love with the Devil.” Gabriel spat, “That’s when we realised that Luci really loved her, honest to Father loved her.”

“What did he do?” Dean asked.
Gabriel gave a smirk, “You’d call it the Dark Ages. You know pestilence, famine, war, and death running around free. The plague and people getting burned for being witches, there was no one to keep the balance.”

Sam sat forward, “We’re sorry for your loss. Gabe, Cas, we really are but what does this have to do with the weapon that we’re looking for to stop Lucifer?”
This time Castiel spoke, “There was a rumour that Lucifer had discovered the Angels plan and sent Demons to bring Y/N down to hell and that  she didn’t really die that day but instead Lucifer found a way to lock away all of herself within her mind and sent her away to live on Earth as a human.”

“She’s in that bar.” Gabriel concluded, “And since Lucifer is out the cage but he’s left her alone, I think that her mind can’t handle being near another Angel. It could tear her mind apart. We wouldn’t know if she could survive it until it happens.”

“She’s the weapon?” Sam concluded, “We could use the threat of hurting her to stop Lucifer in his tracks.”
“You said you got this intelligence from an Angel?” Gabriel asked and Sam nodded so he continued, “Lucifer never did manage to kill all the Angels involved in the attack. There are three left out there hiding, maybe they needed someone like you guys to help them find where Lucifer hid her.”


The pain flicked across your head again before vanishing and with a wince you pinched above your nose hoping that it wouldn’t come back.
“Your head hurting again?” Harry, your boss, asked from the other side of the bar. You nodded and continued to fill your tray with empty glasses from the bar. Harry reached over and took the tray from your hands, “Go and have a sit down in my office Darlin’.”
You gave him a small smile in thanks and walked through the back of the bar, got yourself a bottle of water from the small fridge in Harry’s office and dropped yourself down into his plush chair and took small sips of your water.

Every word you’re saying is a lie
Run away my dear
But every sign will say your heart is dead

Your head throbbed again and you put the bottle down on the desk so that you could hold your head in your hands. The door opening caught your attention but you didn’t look up until an unfamiliar voice spoke, “Y/N?”
It was a struggle to take your head out of your hands, your vision swam and you could barely open your eyes but you could just about make out a short, dark skinned man in a suit.
“Sorry customers aren’t allowed back here.” You struggled to spit the utterance out but you managed it – just.

“Come on, I know it’s been a while but don’t you recognise me?” His voice was smug and self-satisfied but in truth you could barely see him, your eyes felt like they were burning and something inside your head felt like it was being ripped apart but still, on some instinctual level, you knew you were in danger and forced your eyes open.

You didn’t mean to scream but the pain in your eyes and head along with the visions that flickered behind the man forced the sound out of you. It looked like wings.


You had to get away. Something in your head was screaming that this man with his flickering shadowing wings would be the death of you and that the longer you stayed and the clearer the wings became would mean a more painful death.

Thinking on your feet, you threw the water bottle from the desk at him, he caught it effortlessly but was too busy looking smug to be able to catch the chair that you kicked at him. It gave you enough time to dive out of the emergency exit at the back of the office. You got as far as the end of the carpark before you were knocked off of your feet and crashed to the ground on your back with the weight of the man atop you.
His hand clenched around your neck and you hissed in pain. He leaned down to your face, “The great balancer reduced to a human form – disgusting. If you had picked your alliances better then you wouldn’t have to die as a mortal.”

“H-” You coughed out but it did nothing to deter him. He smiled sickly and reached behind him, there was a flash of a blade before he wall pulled off of you and held above you by the neck. Your head was practically wailing now, the man’s wings were clear now and fluttering in panic at being held hostage.
He was being held by a blonde man and even lay down you could that his height would overshadow you, he had dirty blonde hair and he was livid.

Bury all the memories
Cover them with dirt
Where’s the love we once had
Our destiny’s unsure
Why can’t you see what we had
Let the fire burn the ice
Where’s the love we once had
Is it all a lie?

“Come out of hiding have you?” He shook the man effortlessly, “You little maggot. I’m going to make you burn.”
With each word the air grew colder and you forced your eyes open to watch the frost splay across his skin. But you didn’t stay, the little voice in your head caught your attention through the agony and made you roll onto your front, push yourself up and took off sprinting again.

It was a small town and not overly far behind the bar, however misguided the placement, was a small lake. The pain in your head overwhelming, you dropped to your knees in the mud of the bank. Bringing your hands up to wrap around yourself you fell forwards and screamed.

And I still wonder
Why heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I’m breathing but why?
In silence I hold on
To you and I

The fire in you back, it was wings you could hear them. Your wings. They’d been there the whole time hidden from even you. You screamed again as your consciousness tore itself asunder and pulled itself back together. Flashes of everything fell back into place and you sobbed.

Your lover falling from heaven.

A missing father.

Guiding humanity.

A betrayal.

A cage and hellfire.

An apology and then nothing.

Scores of memories from all your human lives poured back into your mind and overwhelmed you. Just when you were sure that it was too much two large calloused hands found your cheeks and pulled your face up.

Closer to insanity
Buries me alive
Where’s the life we once had
It cannot be denied
Why can’t you see what we had?
Let the fire burn the ice
Where’s the love we once had
Is it all a lie?

“Lucifer.” You whimpered and finally, opened your eyes, he was knelt before you in the mud, his thumbs wiping away the tears and the mud and you saw him.

Your Lucifer who had rebuilt your mind time and time again to hide you away from the Angels who wished to destroy you so that you wouldn’t fall like him and have to kill your family. His hands were cold but they warmed on your cheeks, you’d always been counterparts that way.

Fire and ice.

And I still wonder
Why heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I’m breathing but why?
In silence I hold on
To you and I

He sat back into the mud and pulled your body to his chest, his arms holding you to him and tangling his hand in your hair.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered and could feel his deep chuckle against your body.

“Don’t be, it’s those stupid Winchesters leading them straight to you.” Lucifer explained and kissed the top of your head and rocked your body slightly with him, he was trying to calm you because you both knew that you weren’t out of danger yet.
“Winchesters, you mean?” You whispered as logic fought your new memories for presence. Your head swam with so much new knowledge that you were surprised that you could speak; you should have guessed the time that you’d been brought back in just because Lucifer was out of the cage.

He just nodded

You run away
You hide away
To the other side of the universe

A tickling sensation made you snuggle into Lucifer closer and he let out a deep chuckle at your reaction to his wings coming around to encompass you both. He absentmindedly ran his hands through your feathers and you relaxed into his touch. Now you realised the aching in your human lives over the centuries had been a longing for your wings.

Now that it was all filtering back for you it was easy to see that Lucifer had people keeping an eye out for you for all these years, Crowley had found you at least one point throughout all your lives and twice of those occasions had been you, in different lives, attempting to sell your soul for the ability to bear children.
You’d been denied both times.
Now it fell into place, Lucifer had taken that away from you when he’d taken your wings, not through spite but because he knew that if you ever got to find out who you were then you’d never forgive him for letting you have children who wouldn’t know the real you. That and any child you produced with a human husband would still have been a Nephilim – he could only hide your angelic nature not destroy it.

Where you’re safe from all that hunts you down
But the world has gone
Where you belong
And it feels too late so you’re moving on
Can you find your way back home?

Threading your fingers through his you titled your head up so that he could reach down to kiss you. His lips pushed against yours and stars burst from it. His fingertips danced along your collar bone, up your neck, along your jaw and into your hair and used it to pull you closer.

Slowly you pulled away, your voice whimpered, “Lucifer I love you, please don’t send me away again.”

“I’m never going to let them touch you again.” He promised and ice breathed over your lips at your closeness.
It happened fast then.
Lucifer’s wings swished open and he was pushed you to the floor and caught the attacking Angel by the elbow, the Angel blade in his hand barely missing the tip of your nose.

“Y/N run!” Lucifer commanded as he threw one of the attackers into the other, “Gabriel’s in town, find him. I won’t let them hurt you.”

And I still wonder
Why heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I’m breathing but why?
In silence I hold on
To you and I

And so you ran. Down the muddy lake bank, your legs still burning and chest still heaving as they struggled to make the transition from humanity. There was no way you could fight off an Angel right now, you needed to get away.
You swung your fist at the rustle of feathers to your side but your attacker caught your wrist and threw it down and you followed it crashing to the floor.
“Lucifer!” you screamed but he didn’t appear as the Angel kicked you in the ribs sending you flying into the tree.

I’m never going to let them touch you again. That’s what he’d promised, where was he?!

“Lucifer!” You screamed again until it hurt, the Angel pulled you up by your hair. Lucifer appeared in front of you, his face and hair splattered with blood and his hand dripping crimson. He was snarled and the Angel hotel yanked your hair until you were stood, locked his arm around your chest and with a flutter of his wings you were both gone.
Lucifer screamed and the earth cracked beneath him.

Gone. You were gone again and his own promise taunted him.
I won’t let them hurt you.

Every word you’re saying is a lie

3 fics in 2 days I’m spoiling you guys.
Part Two - Frozen

when i was born

my mom used to listen to me beating, 
she used to breathe me deeper than addiction;
she would count my fingers and toes
so carefully, eyes wider than wonder. she reminded the others
that, a little sister did not mean casualty
a little sister did not mean a coupe on the love surrounding you,
did not mean terrorized territories on white castles
on the empires you’ve bordered & volumed
in the inventions of your dreams.
she gave them simple instructions:
“follow yourselves to the end of the edges of your thereafter—
do not get choked on the rough sentence in between.“ 
they did not know
she had just prophesied her extent.
by “sentence”, her children were too young to understand
she meant where our father would end up— twenty five to life—
how it would force us to hunt the breakneck rivers
of life, desperately pleading for gospels of growing up
upon its shores. she meant
growing up was often deeply scary.
that sometimes, it doesn’t involve god.

so she taught this lesson talking about her country;
how the softness of her people
never betrayed the thick desert that became their home
of the mountains of colour, mountains of blood
familiarized by illegal occupancy.
she reminded them
we come from a people who found angels
in the way earth shifted from darkness into light,
that they break their backs harvesting fields of western peace
to world medicine;
the poppies terribly transferring and offering pain
by their bare hands in that same angelic light.
that this is their survival protocol.

she reminded them
human beings will always create the most extraordinary,
malevolent things; that no amount of wealth can exchange time
that they should together invest in my growth
fully, openly,
that their eyes should always follow my mouth
for the arrival of muscling outwardly, trying to compose
the form of home.

—  under the floods

anonymous asked:

You said you met them

Oh yes!

Sasha: a total sweetheart and cute lil bean who took the time to talk to us and take photos.

Ashley: exactly like you’d expect her to be? Nice but definitely knew she was a queen, and didn’t talk as long

Shay: would’ve stayed longer but her body guards will pushing her to go to the photo shoot with the other girls. But extremely nice and she felt bad she couldn’t have taken more photos

Troian: a literal angel. Super down to earth, and was really lovely. Talked to us like we were her friends

Lucy: a small little bean even in heels. She talked to us briefly but was also being pushed by her body guard to go to the photo shoot.

Marlene: honestly I talked with her the most. She told me emison had sex during 5x05, and that she had big things planned for them (a baby???)


A Wayhaught Birthday

A fanfic in which Nicole is adorable and surprises Waverly for her birthday, because someone needs to remember it. And also, because I needed some Wayhaught fluff in my life.

Waverly didn’t really celebrate her birthday.

She’d never really had the chance. When she was growing up, tormented by Willa and overlooked by her parents, it tended to get swept under the rug. If her birthday was remembered, she got a store-bought cake and a couple pairs of jeans at the most. And then Willa and her parents died, and Wynonna got sent to St. Jude’s, and Waverly had tried to forget about all the missed birthdays, because for all their flaws, her family was her family.

When Wynonna had seemed to forget her birthday, briefly, Waverly didn’t mind. That much. After all, Waverly spent the following minutes getting her hand chopped off by a maniac with X-men wrists, then re-growing said hand via demonic possession. So she had bigger fish to fry. Besides, she knew that Wynonna loved her, more than anything, and that Wynonna would face down an army of revenants for her. Wynonna, after all, was human. And Waverly forgave her for her occasional lapses.

Then, along came Nicole; Nicole, with her flirty hat tips; Nicole, with her perfect dimples; Nicole, who treated Waverly like she was the most beautiful angel to grace the earth. Waverly had never mentioned her birthday to Nicole; it had never really occurred to her. And when she woke up on one very particular, very special day in November, the first thought on her mind was not celebration but the fact that it was a Thursday. The second thought, quickly overshadowing the first, was that she had grown a mustache. A giant, orange, furry mustache.

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RFA + Saeran and V (added) imagines: New Year’s kisses (& a new tradition)

AKA the thing no one asked for but I’m throwing in your face anyway. Everyone has their own MC and they’re at a member only party. More under the readmore.


  • Staring intently at his watch to make sure you two kiss at the stroke of midnight.
  • Starts off giggly and innocent enough, but he’s a little drunk and a lot comfortable and it gets more heated.
  • You two only stop because Saeyoung yells “WHOO GET IT BOY” from across the room.
    • Actually makes you both jump and Saeyoung is laughing loud now how is he so loud he has the projection of an opera singer.
  • “Ah, sorry, I… got a bit excited. I hope I didn’t embarrass you,” the blushing mess says.
  • “Mmm, no, I liked it. We’ll pick up where we left off when we get home.”
  • He shook. Client Yoosung Kim is experiencing latency issues. Lag in the form of stuttering and nervous laughter.


  • Literally dips you into a deep kiss (this extra mofo)
  • Y’all get yelled at too but you don’t care, you don’t stop. Everyone else is like “okay…” and kinda go about the party around you two.
  • He only stops when he says he has to or he’ll become a beast and he wants to be a perfect gentleman for you.
  • Besides you look so beautiful tonight and he already smeared your lipstick (which he wipes so it’s neat again,) he wants to and does admire you the rest of the night
    • Admires in a different way when you’re home know what I’m saying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Gentle kiss that becomes giggling and a bunch of little kisses while you keep holding each other tight.
  • You two are so cute and wholesome everyone else (but Jumin) might cry. Zen and Yoosung definitely cry a little.
  • She says softly in your ear that she feels so lucky you came into her life, she feels like you’re literally God sent. This woman is an angel. You tell her so. She is literally an angel.
  • Rare earth magnet strength attached to each other the rest of the night.
    • The rest of the night.

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