she's an angel

She smilez like a angel smiles..
thru tha cage of her teeth n into tha
Goes so much God!

mewling & covered in afterbirth
like me be4 she made me Clean
like tha nite she reached into sum dumpster & pulled out a perfect peach

Tha dried stump of an ex-lover’s knee
cap she severed & carries in her
Givenchy clutch. Trophies,
happy 2 be 1 of em

She smilez like a angel smiles…..
lil love drones circle my heartmeat
& wait…

It is thru Love that God Kills

It is all about conditioning kids to commit
To energy drinks, to fucking in a bed
Dribbling wit crystal catheters &
a thousand strawberry hats
Suicide–she eats pieces of agony
Pumps out diamond mines

She so much like her daddy
& I mine
She carry tha pink knife
Baseball bat horny hangin over my

On tha street we lookt like sisters
All the heaven I kissed inta her
Gone by twilight
Not a dream but to Hell I take
Full of shit & cold cream
grins as graffiti against tha tragedy
that became her love for me

Angel, ruler of tha killing kingdom
U weren’t meant to want nobody

Carnival of motherfucks & car alarms
Shotgunning to tha soundtrack of God
in Washington square park
I was jus a junky be4 ur teeth
& ur way of delicate scraping
my pussy like a spoon to ur coffee
Getting out the grounds
U felt made me ugly & unworthy of

She smiled like a angel smilez…
Like a double barrel & a gummy bud a
Like a bitch who breaks men & gives
tha bones 2 their cats
Like a purge to pass out by tha toilet
Like routine starvation to b Thin
To win against all tha other anorexics
Like liking a kill & keepin it secret

She smiled like a angel did…
She cut out my kiss
& God rushed in