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This is the first and last time I will explain myself on this topic...

I want to say that I think Camila and Lauren are both admirable human beings and amazing women. I admired the bond they displayed from a distance and enjoyed shipping the moments of chemistry captured. But this beautiful thing has turned into something ugly. Because of invasive “fans” (using that term loosely because real fans wouldn’t attack the girls or their friends and family) took things too far. With that being said, my opinion on Lauren’s tweets is simple. Do I think she should not have engaged with the trolls and entertained their madness? Absolutely. Does she have the right to respond and express her frustrations? Absolutely. I don’t fault Lauren for having a slight melt down yesterday. Nor do I think she needs to “be more like Camila” in the general sense of the word. I just think silence is the best way to handle situations like these. As we all see her words did nothing to assuage the fandoms overly invasive opinions or reactions to all that’s happened and been revealed in the last 48 hours. I was once told that the best way to deal with hate is to not give it your energy. So…while I do believe Lauren is well within her rights to be angry and fed up with the nonsense. Giving it any energy is time not well spent. There will always be creeps and there will always be trolls. She has already addressed Camren and now Laucy. She should let this be the last time she acknowledges both on social media. And let the minds of the crazies do what they do. Because she will never be able to control the thoughts or reactions of others. So why even try. If she wants us to only focus on the real and relevant issues she should continue to do what she’s been doing. Ignore the BS and promote the agenda of a equal and loving world for all humans. She has such passion and a heart for the people and she shouldn’t let anything or anyone distract her from her true gift… Activism! Hopefully my perspective is a bit more clear. And if not then I’ll leave you all to your misinterpretations. I’m only here to promote positivity and ship two amazingly beautiful and talented and intelligent young ladies. Beyond that I have a life that means so much more to me. And this world is in desperate need of love and positive people so that’s all I’m here for. I love all of you no matter your opinion and no matter your ship. 😘💕 Nikki aka✌Dean Munch 🎓 (😂)

Top 5 ships

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1.Bellarke (of course)

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I swear that they’ll be the death of me. I absolutely love their relationship, level of trust they have in each other, how they can be themselves around each other and how much they care for each other. “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list”.

2.Captain Swan

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The beauty of this ship is that they have their ups and downs but they’ve never gave up on each other. He sarcificed himself for her family and she went to hell for him. And this miracle at the end of s5 <3 Their love story is like a fairy tale. 


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Another slow burn! The tension in s3, s4 and s5 (especially) was u.n.b.e.a.r.a.b.l.e But it finally hapenned, the ship is canon and I was so incredibly happy when they got together.


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I started watching the show because of Jenna Coleman (I knew her from Doctor Who) and I fell in love with Rufus Sewel. The show itself is amazing I love every detail. The lights, costumes, acting <3 And Vicbourne above all of it. I’ll never be over this ship.


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They are so adorable. This ship has many flaws and I get they are not perfect. But I can’t ignore the fact that they’re trying their best. I don’t know how long this relationship will last so I’ll enjoy them while I can. 

I don’t want to fight with anyone, ship wars are the worst. I’m just in love with all of those ships and I respect that other may have different opinions. Just don’t hate.

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“Rest assured,“ he said, when he managed to find his voice, "there will always be a position for you on my ship.”
Her face brightened with her clever, beautiful smile. “Will you let me climb up into the rigging? Reef the sails?”
A burst of thunder rolled through him. “Absolutely not.”
She laughed again. “As if you could stop me.” 

Passenger, Alexandra Bracken

Initiative (Final Rose)

The crew of the Normandy stared at the fleet in front of them. There were ten ships, the smallest of which was larger than even the Reapers they were fighting. At the centre of the formation was an awe-inspiring sight, a ship so large it seemed to defy the laws of physics.

It was a sleek, graceful vessel, one that seemed to follow an almost cetacean design. It was also roughly seventy kilometres long, and it commanded nothing less than absolute respect. Despite its beauty, despite the elegance of its design, it was also very clearly a warship. 

A section at the front of the ship opened, and Jane Shepard saw the crackle of energies beyond her comprehension. A split-second later, streaks of impossibly bright light lanced outward. No, that wasn’t right. What she’d seen were afterimages of the actual attack because dozens of Reapers had already been struck by the attack and destroyed.

But the scariest thing was that the largest ship was not a dreadnought or a cruiser. No, it was a carrier. Thousands of smaller vessels veered across the battlefield, a collection of fighters, bombers, and other craft. Now and then some would return to the massive ship before resuming combat.

What kind of species could build a carrier so large? What kind of species could put a weapon capable of such destruction on a carrier?

Shepard swallowed thickly. She hadn’t expected to meet these strangers so soon. She’d thought she’d have to wait until she reached the planet where the footage had originated from, but evidently, these people had decided to take the fight to the Reapers.

Fight… that was the wrong word.

It was a massacre.

There were hundreds of Reaper ships against only ten, but it didn’t seem to matter. The laser batteries these ships had could scythe through the Reapers like they were made of paper. Their plasma cannons and other energy-based weapons either bypassed the Reapers’ shields or overwhelmed them entirely. Even their mass accelerators were beyond anything she’d ever seen, firing what appeared to be far heavier loads at far higher speed and with a much faster firing rate. 

And it wasn’t like the Reapers could fight back. Their attacks simply dissipated against the strange, distorted space that surrounded the other ships. Were they folding space as a defence mechanism? But that was supposed to be impossible to do on such a larger scale….

Jane shook her head. There was no point wondering about how any of this was possible. She had a job to do. She needed to establish contact, and she needed to get these people, whoever they were, to help the galaxy against the Reapers.

“All right,” Jane said, raising her voice so everyone on the bridge could hear her. “It looks like they’re just about finished with the Reapers. I want you to hail them, try every frequency, and for the sake of the galaxy, let’s hope that they’re not here to conquer the lot of us.”

There were a few dry chuckles from the others. As bad as being conquered was, it was definitely better than being harvested by the Reapers.

Five minutes later, there was nothing of the Reaper fleet left except debris and a few struggling ships that were swiftly disabled. Smaller ships emerged from the gigantic carrier and began to tow the disabled Reapers along using some kind of tractor beam. What were they going to do with it?

“Commander,” Joker said. “We might have something on communications -”

There was a brief hiss of static before every display on the ship blacked out and then reactivated to show… what appeared to be a pink-haired woman with fox ears…

“So… you’re the indigenous life forms of this galaxy.” The woman’s lips twitched up into a grin. “They weren’t lying when they said you looked a lot like us. Well, not all of you.” The woman pointed at Shepard, Miranda, and a few of the others. “But, yeah, we do look like you.”

Jane gulped. This was it. This was the moment that could make or break the galaxy…

“Oh, one sec. Our sensors indicate that one of those Reaper trash heaps isn’t quite dead yet. Do me a favour and don’t move.” The woman gestured at someone off screen, and radiant beams of raw energy surged past the Normandy, so close that Jane could have sworn she felt them passing by. The damaged Reaper near the Normandy was promptly reduced to a floating cloud of molten slag. “Okay, now we’re good. They’re either all dead or being taken back for questioning.”

“Questioning?” Jane found herself asking.

“Well, yeah. They’re basically a machine race of synthetic organic beings. Interrogating them isn’t all that hard. We can just hack into their minds and systems and find out whatever we want to know.”

“You can just… hack a Reaper?” Jane asked incredulously.

“Yeah. It took us about… what… ten minutes the first time since we were worried we might kill the thing before we found out anything useful, but we’ve got it down to about five minutes now once we’ve disabled its defences and propulsion systems.”

Jane was well aware that she was gawping like a fool, and she wasn’t the only one. They all were. Even Liara had lost anything even remotely resembling composure. The asari was busy trying to formulate words, but her mouth just kept opening and closing.

“Anyway,” the woman said. “I -” A book flew at her from offscreen, and she ducked hastily while catching the book out of the air. It was a casual display of amazing reflexes. “Could you not throw that at me? Yes, I know what protocol says about first contact, but which one of us has a PhD in Xenobiology as well as the rank of captain? Yeah, that’s me. I also have a PhD in kicking ass, so don’t throw that again.”

In response, another book hurtled toward her head.

The woman’s eye twitched, and she lifted one hand. Wisps of light coalesced around her hand although they looked almost solid -

The woman coughed. “Excuse me. I’ll have to murder my second-in-command later.” She snorted. “He’s lucky we’re related, or I’d have used my death ray on him by now.” She patted one of her pockets affectionately. “Anyway, as I was saying… yo.”

“Yo?” Jane was back to gaping, but she swiftly regathered herself. “I mean… I am Commander Jane Shepard. To whom am I speaking?”

The pink-haired woman straightened out of her slouch. “You have the honour of address Captain Luma Dia-Farron of the AESS Overrun.”

“I am unfamiliar with the designation,” Jane said. “I am from the Systems Alliance although I am currently acting as a liaison for the Council to secure assistance against the Reapers. I can send a package over to explain -”

“We are already aware of what you’re talking about. One of the first things we did after arriving was go through your entire extranet to make sure we knew who and what we were dealing with.” Luma paused. “I serve the Arendelle Empire.”

“Pardon me,” Jane said. “But we’ve never heard of the Arendelle Empire.”

“You wouldn’t have. We’re from another galaxy, and we only just go here last week.”

“…” Jane took a deep breath. “Oh. Right. I see.” She looked at the others for help. Mordin looked like he wanted to say something, but she couldn’t afford to have this turn into science talk just yet. “I… given that you are already in battle against the Reapers, would you be willing to aid us against them? I am authorised to make a variety of offers, and the Council is willing to meet with you to discuss terms if necessary.”

Luma nodded. “Yeah, we’ll help you, but I’ll be blunt. We’re not going to do it for free.”

Jane nodded. She had expected as much, and she couldn’t be angry about it. Killing Reapers was hard. Or, it was supposed to be. This Arendelle Empire seemed to handle it easily enough. “I see. Can you authorise a deal, or do you have diplomats and other personnel to handle that?”

“I cannot personally authorise a deal. However, if you continue toward the co-ordinates I am about to relay to you, you’ll find someone who can. As for me, I’ve been given orders to clear out the rest of the Reapers in this area.”

Jane mulled over this information. The captain of such a powerful ship not begin able to personally authorise a deal suggested the presence of a sizeable force and perhaps even more powerful ships.

“Are you the flagship of your forces?” Jane asked.

“The flagship?” Luma laughed. “Oh, no. You think we look impressive. Wait until you see the Fury. Heh. Although you probably won’t see the Fury in action unless something goes wrong. We wouldn’t want to accidentally blow up a system or anything.”

Jane took a moment to process that information. This Fury was a ship capable of destroying entire systems. What sort of people was she dealing with. “I… can you offer us any more information about the faction you belong to?”

“Just head to the co-ordinates I sent you.” Luma’s fox ears twitched, and she grinned toothily. “It’s the co-ordinates of the planet where you got that footage you’ve been watching.”

How did they know about that?

“We could have suppressed that footage had we wanted,” Luma explained. “We released it to try to get the attention of someone we could negotiate with. Like I said, we’ll help, but there are some things we want in return.” She cackled evilly. “Like your absolute obedience! Kneel before the power of the Empire!”

There was absolute silence. Another book flew at Luma’s head.

“Oh, come on! I thought it was funny.” Luma ducked as what appeared to be a knife flew at her head. “Fine, fine.” She looked back at Shepard and the others. “Apparently, nobody seems to think my joke was funny.” Seeing their deadpan expressions, she sighed. “Look, I was joking. We are not going to conquer you and enslave you to work in our acid mines or anything like that. We just want to talk. Seriously.”

“Oh… okay.” Jane nodded. “I believe you.” Strangely enough, she did. She’d yet to meet a slaver with this sort of attitude. “We’ll head to those co-ordinates.”

“Contact your Council too,” Luma said. “Get them to come. Oh, and by the way, we’ll even give you a lift.”

“A lift?”

“Yeah.” Luma nodded. “One of our frigates is heading back, you can hitch a ride. They’ll hail you. Just stick close to them.” She smiled. “I’ve got to go. There are more Reapers that need killing.”

As the communication ended, shouts and questions filled the air. Jane barely heard them. Instead, her mind was analysing everything, trying to put the pieces together. The captain had treated the whole negotiation like it didn’t matter much to her one way or the other. It was simply another chore for her to do. And why shouldn’t she? They possessed overwhelming firepower, and there had to be more of them. More to the point, her attitude spoke volumes about how dangerous she considered the Reapers.

“We’re being hailed,” Joker shouted. “That ship over there.”

“That’s the frigate?” Jane asked. It was more than two kilometres long. 

“Apparently so. We’re being asked to move closer to them.”

“Do as they say,” Jane said. “We need to present an offer to someone who can authorise it. But what are we going to offer them?”

“We can think of that on the way there,” Liara suggested. Next to her Miranda was silent, most likely mulling over their options. “We’re still at least another week of travel out -”

There was a sudden shift in the feel of the air, and the Normandy was suddenly surrounded by a sea of swirling, seething energy. What was going on? Was this an attack? And then, just as quickly as it had begun, they were back in regular space… next to the planet the footage had been collected on.

“Warp technology?” Mordin murmured. “Vastly superior to our own FTL systems. Perhaps superior to the Mass Relays.” He paused. “No, considering ability to use without a Relay, it is clearly superior. Also, the ability to transport another vehicle.”

Jane barely paid any attention to his words because she saw a ship that just had to be the Fury. it was slightly smaller than the Overrun had been, but it just oozed deadliness. It was as though someone had taken the tip of a spear and turned it into a giant ship that seemed to just bristle with weaponry. It was accompanied by more ships and what appeared to be a space station of some sort. Had they built it? With their technology, it seemed possible that they could have transported it somehow.

“We’re being hailed.”

“Open communications.” Shepard’s mouth went dry. 

“Good evening,” the voice was smooth, cool, collected. It belonged to another pink-haired woman, but there was an imperious, regal beauty to this one that seemed to scream royalty or nobility. “I am Fleet Admiral Claire Sigrid Yun-Farron. You must be Commander Shepard.”

Jane nodded. “Good evening, fleet admiral. I am Commander Shepard.”

“Good. We can meet on board my ship to discuss the terms for our assistance. You may bring up to four individuals with you.”

“Understood.” Jane wasn’t in a position to make demands, and if they wanted her dead, she would be. “How soon?”

“We’ll send a shuttle over in half an hour.” Claire’s eyes, a vivid, piercing blue seemed to burn into Shepard. “Choose wisely.”

X     X     X

Author’s Notes

So it begins…

Also, a note about Claire’s name. Technically, Claire is a descendant of Averia and Elsa through Sigrid. However, the surname Yun-Farron-Arendelle is typically reserved for the main Imperial Line (e.g., Empress Averia VII can use it as her surname if she wishes). Instead, Claire uses a surname that indicates her lineage as being a Yun-Farron through Sigrid’s line (hence Sigrid as a middle name of sorts). In contrast, Jahne who is descended from Diana and Jahne through Victoria would give her name as Jahne Victoria Yun-Farron.

The more formal an occasion is, the more of their names they give. For instance, at a formal ball, Claire might give her name as Claire Lightning Averia Sigrid Yun-Farron to emphasise her descent from the first three bearers of Saviour associated with the Empire since she is the current generation’s bearer of Saviour. Naturally, she thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, and in most situations she’ll actually just call herself Claire Yun-Farron.

I honestly hate how much I am fascinated by Shades x Mariah. It’s the trashiest of all my trash ships, and I am upset at myself. It’s the absolute worst thing ever

But all I can think about is Shades being a 16 year old kid, entranced by Cornell’s older cousin Mariah, thinking she’s beautiful, struck because she smiled at him that one time two weeks ago, slightly jealous because he could never be good enough for a woman like that; she is educated, well-spoken, graceful– she had standards, and a poor kid with less than a piece of gum to his name could never cut it, even without the age difference.

And when he meets her again all those years later, his schoolboy crush returns, but as something… strange. Now he sees her– and he sees the darkness in her – and he feeds off it. They feed off each other. And they will do so, until one or both of them self-destruct. 

Sigh. I’ll show myself out. 

  • pearl: calls rose beautiful, everything she did was for her, was apparently referred to as "my pearl" by rose in the past, blushes remembering rose, gets jealous of greg
  • su fans: idk man it could be a knight and royalty relationship...platonic relationships are nice too yknow
  • mayor dewey: calls pearl hot and gets nervous around her, even though pearl shows absolutely no interest in him and they don't have any means of meshing
  • su fans: hey maybe theyd be a cute couple!!

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  1. I used to love Naruto and my writing style as it is now, lyrical and introspective, became apparent/started existing around the time I wrote my ‘big story’ for that fandom.
  2. I ship one ship at a time, always, not for ride-or-die-otp reasons, but because of obsessive reasons: I literally cannot think about more than one thing at a time, because my mind automatically redirects every bit of creative effort towards this thing that I am passionate about right this moment.
  3. Which is why, usually, when I leave a fandom, I do so for good. But that only happens once I find something else to love just as much, and not spontaneously.
  4. Spring is the hardest part of the year for me, always, which is disconcerting because I love spring, its so beautiful – I love flowers, I love the green, the renewal - but my brain doesn’t rly give a shit about any of that and just wants to shut me down.
  5. I had a very… classical upbringing, I think. Piano classes, art classes, classic musical left and right, poetry, mythology books etc.
  6. I had a goth phase! Yes, I did lmao. Or was it called Emo phase? Idk. But it involved a lt of black clothes (which I still wear), thousand bracelets, the necklaces and all the works, even the dark and unrelenting makeup sometimes. The hard rock music (lmao which I still love), the un-dealt with anger silently feeding my depression before I even knew what that was, was not so much fun however.
  7. I am an excellent liar – or so evidence would suggest - and I hate that about myself more than almost anything.
  8. I am empathetic and more times than not I can understand where people are coming from and why they are saying what they are saying, but that has a ‘dark side’ so to speak, which I hate. Meaning that I know where people are coming from and my brain usually informs me of all the ways this person can be manipulated and what could be said to hurt them the most because I know where it hurts. Which creeps me the fuck out and I never do (more or less…), but it enrages me seeing other people do exactly that without the slightest awareness.
  9. I could see every person that ever abused a child dead, and never feel bad about it. That is not a metaphor or exaggeration. I would smile upon the sight of their graves.
  10. I LOVE FOOD! I love cooking – it’s the one thing that truly manages to stave off my anxiety. But mostly I love food and I love eating.
  11. Im the nicest, most breathtakingly-rage filled ball of randomness and anxiety you will ever meet, probably XD

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madelienepotter  asked:

Being true to yourself is what matters. I will always be here and I love that you are passionate about the ship we both sail. I admire your bravery to stick up for them and I will always enjoy being there for you! Just be you and do what you love because those who matter dont mind. ♡♡

I only just got the asks because I took my Mum to the cinema for Mother’s Day to see Beauty and the Beast :3 (she loved it by the way, my mum, my sister and myself all held hands and cried at the dance)

Thanks for the lovely message <3 Feeling like absolute shite, but thank you it means a lot to me <3

One should wonder just how much attention does, Ichigo give Orihime? He knows how clumsy she can be and has noticed that she gets ‘hurts almost every day.

I actually forget about this small panel here and if it wasn’t for this beautiful post here I would be be depraved of this small, yet cute moment.

One has to ask again, just how much attention does he give? I mean he knows which words people use to describe Orihime and that Cutie hasn’t been used in a while. And people say he doesn’t notice her. 

And here he is aware of that she is followed, a mere few chapters after we saw how the guys at her school were ogling her.

It’s obvious that he pays as much attention to her, as Orihime does to him. And I find that absolutely beautiful, I don’t need great declarations of  love or destiny or soul mates.

It’s always the smallest moments and gestures that count, and I am so happy that I ship a couple that not only has them in abundance but also isn’t really aware that they are doing it. It comes so natural to them, that they don’t think about it.

you have aradia, who runs a nice little channel about the supernatural and things of that sort.
you’ve got tavros who has a gaming channel but hardly actually does more than fun games or reactions to horror stuff, he always cries. always.
then there’s sollux who does gaming, mainly a lot of rpgs and games that aren’t supposed to be cheatable yet he always manages. karkat is a complete mix of everything from gaming to product reviews to just plain angry rant videos. it’s absolutely hilarious, a lot of ranting about dave being a dick.
nepeta uploads everything cats as well as shipping things, and videos of her friends. kanaya and rose run a beauty channel together, rose tends to put up some supernatural related videos at times.
terezi is one of those that just jumps in on random videos, plays games with vriska mostly. And vriskas channel is just? not a lot of videos. but she fucks around with friends when they do gaming colabs.
equius just pops in on nepeta’s videos every once in a while.
gamzee doesn’t have a channel and a lot of people are convinced he’s like this weird dude the others made up for dramatic effect. eridan had a channel but just criticized the harry potter movies and explained how the physics of magics don’t work.
feferi joins nepeta and just uploads sea life videos every once in a while, not to mention a lot of beauty things.
jake and john both have humorous gaming channels, jade is usually the one telling them to calm down. occasionally jake does movie review but he had to stop because he loved literally every movie he would review.
jane has a baking channel and roxy pops in sometimes, not to forget roxy is the ultimate girl gamer out of the bunch. beats everyone else at all of the games, frequent vlogging.
callie likes to join on janes channel, appears in roxys vlogs often as does jane, caliborn has an awful anime channel that only dirk avidly follows.
dirk has morning drawing session for fun, and he’s one that uploads music remixes and shit. not to mention horse stuff. lots of random horse related things.
and then
there’s dave
the memeing shit

I could hear it from down the hall. It resonated off the walls of the ship in a beautiful symphony of words. Walking careful as to not make any noises, I made it to the room where the sound was coming from. Leaning against the doorway, I couldn’t stop the smile that overtook my features as I watched her. She swayed slightly to the music coming from her lips as she put some of her belongings back on her shelf. Her voice was absolutely perfect, angelic, and I could listen to it forever. I had never heard her sing before and I didn’t think anyone had. God did I love her, but I never could build up the courage to say so. Everything about her was perfect. The way she tried to hide her smile, the way her hands glided over the shelves so delicately, and now her voice. I worried that this would be the only time I would ever hear it. Letting out a small sigh, I slid my arm down the doorway and leaned my shoulder on it. The moment the sigh hit (Y/n)’s hears she froze. Turning around quickly, she saw me and I gave her a smile. Red blossomed on her cheeks and she looked anxious. “Oh, God. Did you hear that.” She brought her hand up to her face, her finger grazing her bottom lip, another thing I loved. I chuckled slightly and nodded. “Oh fuck.” She slightly whispered as she covered her smile with her hand. “You have an amazing voice. I’ve never heard you sing before.” I took a step forward into the room. She turned her head away briefly and then brought it back. Shaking her head lightly, she spoke “I don’t like to sing in front of people.” “Why?” I was genuinely confused at why she wouldn’t. Letting out a small sigh, she answered “It’s embarrassing.” “How? You could probably stop the Empire with one note.” “Stop.” She said with a small laugh and a dismissing wave of her hand. I took a few more steps forward to where i was right in front of her. “I mean it,” I took her hand in mine, “It’s beautiful.” She looked up at me with a shy smile. “Oh forget it.” I spoke out loud to my self. She looked confused but didn’t have long to think before I put my lips on hers. She seemed shocked but kissed back. It was short but full of love. I smiled into it which only caused her to smile back. We broke the kiss and she broke out into a small laugh. “It’s about time, Skywalker.”

I have all these bits and pieces that have been sitting on my drive so I thought I’d give them an airing.  This one is Shoker, an early out-take from my larger work Out of Destruction.

First glance.

Commander Arelia Shepard stood on Alliance dock B65 and stared in absolute awe at the docked ship.  She’d been on ships before, even prototypes, but this … this was beautiful.

‘Pretty, isn’t she,’ a voice spoke beside her and she jumped.

‘The sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,’ she whispered reverently.

‘A woman after my own heart,’ the voice chuckled.

She turned and met the most brilliant green eyes, even hidden under his cap they sparkled with passion.  She struggled to breath and he seemed to notice if the smirk that graced his face was anything to go by.

‘Flight Lieutenant Jeff “Joker” Moreau,’ he held out a hand and that’s when she noticed the crutches.

‘Commander Arelia Shepard,’ she grinned at the wide eyed stare he gave her.  She couldn’t blame him for being surprised, she was in civvies.

‘Commander,’ he went to salute but she grabbed his hand and shook it.

‘I’m not in uniform lieutenant.’ She reminded him, ‘no need for formalities.  It’s nice to meet you and can I assume you’re the lucky bastard who gets to fly her.’  She glanced back at the ship and he laughed.

‘Yes, ma’am.’

They stood in silence for a moment absorbing the sleek, shiny frigate that was the Normandy SR-1.  Eventually Joker shuffled and moved and the spell was broken.  She watched him straighten and position his crutches before he grinned at her.

‘I guess I’ll see you on board,’ he nodded and she found herself grinning back.

‘Yes, you will,’ her eyes met his and he didn’t look away, in fact he held her gaze without flinching or without the hero worship she was so used to.

He nodded before breaking his gaze and moving away.  She found herself watching him go, amazed at how quick he moved considering he was on crutches.  She sighed as he disappeared into the airlock.  This was certainly going to be an interesting flight.  A sexy new ship and a pilot that wasn’t the least bit intimidated by her.  She picked up her duffel and walked onto the ship that she had no idea would become so much a part of her life.

At the end of the day it’s jealousy. Blatant jealousy.

Jealousy that nobody is talking about their imaginary ship but themselves.

Jealousy that nobody in the cast cares about it. Even Bob has always shipped Clexa.

Jealousy that our ship is canon and theirs isn’t. All they can do is pick for scraps and try and make out platonic actions like Bellamy holding a door open for Clarke is romantic.

Jealousy that the actress who plays one half of their ship couldn’t give a damn about Bellarke and instead absolutely loves Clexa so they try and make out “she’s lost it” or “she’s drunk” whenever she talks about it like what kind of pathetic disrespectful shit is that? Fuck any of you who dares to say those things about Eliza.

Jealousy that Clexa was a beautiful love story with tonnes of chemistry so attempt to invalidate the relationship at every opportunity to try and make themselves feel better about the fact that their ship isn’t canon.

All their remarks, all their comments is a feeble attempt to make themselves feel better about their situation. Because we got what we wanted and they haven’t. And they can’t deal with it so they try to make us feel bad with their pettiness.

You can tell yourselves Blarke is better or Blarke is happening or Eliza is talking rubbish or Lexa manipulated Clarke as many times as you like but it doesn’t change actual facts. The actual fact that Clarke and Lexa are in love, the actual fact that Eliza loved playing a part in an LGBT relationship, the actual fact that Clarke and Lexa’s relationship will always be remembered and will have a lasting impact for years to come, ten years from now nobody will remember your crack ship.

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Can I please have a Marvel ship? One male and one female? I'm 5'9. athletic and curvy, green eyes, long and wavy hair and a mischievous smile. I am a pretty tough person mentally and physically (love my netball, rock climbing and mma), I am fun and laid back and I have a hunger to learn. Very sarcastic, dry/dark humor at times. I look for the beauty in everything around me, including people. I personally like to embody the feminine power of the Goddess (pagan).

I ship you with Johnny and Natasha!


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He absolutely loves how cool and awesome you are. Super strong in every way, tough and fierce, sarcastic and badass yet kind and soft at the same time!


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She really looks up to you, but she also has so much fun around you. Natasha love how refreshing and great you make her feel with your unique personality and point of view.

A Shallura Cinderella AU has been plaguing my mind, like the thought of it is super silly but I like the idea of a hardworking, servant Shiro falling for this beautiful Princess and having issues with what he feels is insignificance to this majestic beauty of a person and Allura just being the absolute sweetest? Like, she doesn’t care that he’s just a servant and even when he gleams up for the ball she just cares about him? Like it’s super cheesy but it’s what’s been going through my brain. Also Lance as a fairy godfather.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, April.” the words apprehensive and gruff as he presented the small delicate flower held in such large, scarred hands. The variation and stark contrast between something so fragile and exquisite being treated like glass in the same hands of a person who’d fling and handle shipping containers like a normal person would a tissue box. It was a strange albeit rather beautiful combination to say the least.

Blue eyes lifted from the proffered red rose to his tense face. When April began dating Raphael only a month ago, she wasn’t exactly sure what to expect; they’d been close friends prior to pursuing a romantic relationship, but this was something neither had any experience with. She’d dated numerous guys over the course of her 26 year life and Raph had absolutely no experience with dating anyone or even had much social interaction outside of his brothers in his mere 19 years of existence. To say it was odd adjustment for both of them would be a gross understatement.

“…and I know what yer thinkin’, no, I didn’t steal it.” he said flat out in response to her silence; when in actuality, where he got it from was the farthest thing from her scattered mind.

It was so out of the ordinary that she couldn’t help but exclaim, “W-What?”

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Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. I will be absent next week, so just wanted to thank you guys for your continued support. xoxo

Jinkx's concert last night:

Jinkx was absolutely amazing last night! I’d like to give you guys some highlights:

 1. Ivy’s adorable outfit/knife throwing routine

 2. Major Scales being adorable when introducing Jinkx 

 3. Jinkx introducing Ivy by saying some thing beautiful and heartfelt to the tune of “WE NEVER HOOKED UP! IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS, SHIP SOMETHING ELSE FOR FUCKS SAKE!”

 4. Ivy being Jinkx’s back up singer but when Jinkx was talking (which was most of the time lol. I’m not complaining) she just sat there and looked really pretty

 5. Jinkx getting ‘mad’ at Ivy for waving at/distracting the audience. 

 6. Jinkx teasing Ivy about getting married and then telling us she buying them a goat named Jinkx (no joke) as a wedding gift 

 7. Jinkx and Ivy talking about Roxxxy Andrews’ only two sweet moments that were cut from Drag Race (she handed Jinkx a soda once)

 8. Jinkx talking about the great friends she made from Drag Race like Alaska and Ivy which was cute to say. Then she continued by saying that Ivy was the bottom of the barrel of friends (kidding of course) 

 9. Jinkx deep throating the microphone during Everybody’s Girl

10. Jinkx getting an audience member to moon the rest of us and then flirting with him for the rest of the show 

 11. Jinkx singing A Song To Come Home To (the album does not give her justice. That song live is so beautiful) 

 12. Jinkx and Ivy’s duet of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 

 13. Jinkx announcing her new EP 

 14. Seeing Milan from season 4! 

 15. Me standing near the beauty that is Ivy Winters 

 16. Meeting Jinkx obviously 

 17. Her bracelet getting suck in my hair😂 

 18. Jinkx, and Ivy too having conversations with audience members 

19. Me about to leave coz someone else started talking to Jinkx and her turing around and adding me into the conversation

 Fun Fact: Jinkx Monsoon buys her nails at CVS


“It’ll be you and me, chasing that horizon”

Marian Hawke - @sailortrashface
Isabela - @lady-lucrezia

So story time:
Isabela was the entire reason I first played Dragon Age. I saw her character design and it was love at first site. She was the first romance path I played in the series, I absolutely adore her. So obviously, Hawkebela, pretty important in my book. So when I was finally going to be Hawke my dear friend @pandaragas decided to be awesome and help me out by making a beautiful ship title to The Siren’s Call II, you know, just in case. And then I found @lady-lucrezia who is, by the way, amazing you guys, and I got these amazing pictures with her, because a captain needs a ship, right?

My Jolly Sailor Bold || AU || @captainofthecosmos


The seas were a really dangerous place to be if you were unfamiliar with it. If you were planning on sailing the beautiful waves, you needed to be with someone experienced. The main reason for this were two big reasons: pirates and mermaids. Now most people would think that mermaids weren’t that big of a thing to worry about, but they would be wrong. In fact, mermaids are so dangerous that even the most fearsome and terrifying pirates were afraid of them. They were unbelievably beautiful and had voices like angels, and they used said beauty and voices to lure sailors, both men and women, to their deaths.

These mermaids were the big reason why the ship Nova sailed the specific routes that she did; to avoid the mermaids.

The ship Nova was captained by the most powerful pirate in the world, the Pirate Emperor Maximillian Washington, and his ship herself was absolutely massive. She was the largest ship Maximillian had in his fleet and she was his favorite. However, even she was not free from the mermaids siren calls.

The one day Nova strayed from her usual path was the day the mermaids swarmed. 

Captain! There’s a woman in the water!” A crewmember shouted, pointing out at the waters at a beautiful woman with bright red hair staring at him. This crewmember was obviously new and had no clue about what to avoid in the sea.

“Hello there…” Her voice purred, swimming closer to the ship.

And then she started to sing.

My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold. There is nothing can console me but my jolly sailor bold…” Her voice rang out clear through the night, calling her brothers and sisters to the feast.

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