she's always loved that

literally the only thing Sarah has ever done was love and marry Brendon. She’s always polite to us, is adorable, beautiful, and is one of the most important people to someone we all admire. If that fucking bothers you, then you need to figure your own shit out. Don’t go calling yourself a fan of his if you can’t even respect the immense amount of love he has for HIS WIFE. 

She's the one

She’s the one that no matter where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing she’s just on my mind. Every second, minute, and hour of everyday. She’s the reason why I have a smile on my face and when I’m talking to her time just seems to fly but yet freeze and I’ve never thought that was possible. She’s the one that I constantly want to talk to day or night and if she’d call in the middle of the night, I’d be there for her. She’s the one that tells me I’m the most “beautiful girl in the universe” even when I don’t feel it or others don’t tell me. She’s the one that tells strangers about me and just can’t stop talking about how lucky she got with having me in her world when honestly I’m the lucky one here. She’s the one that I talk about my future and life goals with, hoping that one day we’ll be together again and forever. She’s the one that I lose sleep over just thinking about her beautiful smile or glowing beautiful blue eyes that made me fall so deeply in love with her just by the look she gives me. She’s the one that looks at me like she truly is in love with me and that she sees no one else but me and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. She’s the one I wanna pick up from the airport after a long time that seems like forever of not seeing her, and she’s the one that I wanna come home from work to. She’s the one I wanna raise puppies with but also have a family with. She’s the one that I wanna buy my first ever house with and spend the rest of my life in that house with her and our family that we decide to build. She’s the one that lights up my cold dark world with simply smiling and saying “hi” when I talk to her. She’s the one that makes me feel okay inside when I no longer want to be alive. She’s the one that gives me constant reminders that she loves me and that she’s there for me no matter what is going on without me having to ask her. She’s the one that supports me and tells me to follow my dreams and my heart. She’s the one that notices that I’m not okay or I’m down and out and she sees if I’ll talk about it but if I don’t want to that if there’s anything she can do even if it means siting in silence on the phone. She’s the one that genuinely cares about me and wants the best for me when I can’t even say the same for some of my “best friend” on the daily basis. She’s the one that I get to call my best friend and my girl at the same time. She’s the one that gets jealous just by someone looking at me because I’m hers and she doesn’t want to share but is also proud to call me hers. She’s the one that makes me feel special and like I’m the only girl in the world. She’s just simply the one.. She’s the one that’s meant for me. Everything just fits when I’m with her, everything just feels so natural and is easy flowing even though there may be a few bumps in the road that no matter what she’s just the one for me and we’ll get through it, together.

-C (me about the love of my life)

It's Been Too Long

I wrote this a few weeks ago on ao3 & figured I should post it here as well. It’s a drabble, only around 300 words, but I hope you like it. 

Caroline calls Klaus, he thinks she’s in trouble. (Spoiler Alert, she’s not.)

The name in her phone stared back at her.


They had talked a few times in the past several years but she had never instigated the call, always him.

She wanted to call him. To tell him she loved him too, she was ready to see what the world had to offer her.

But, she couldn’t bring herself to. She was too afraid of what he might say. Was it too little too late? Had he given up on her ever coming? He had said a century but a centruy is a long time to wait for someone.

She locks her phone. Maybe tomorrow.

She misses him a lot more than she would ever let on. She misses the way he challenged her, questioned her, loved her.

So she presses his name.


She takes a deep breath opening her mouth to respond, but no words come out.

“Are you there, love?”

She nods her head, “Yes. Yeah.” She takes another deep breath. “Hi.”

“What’s wrong?” His voice laced with concern. “Has something happened to you? Have you been bitten again?”

Caroline laughs lightly, “Actually… I just miss you.” She hears him take an unsteady breath so, she continues talking. “I wanted to hear your voice. How are you doing? How’s New Orleans? You are still there, right?”

“Yes. I’m still in New Orleans.”

“How is it?” She asks. I want to come see it. Ask me to come see it.

“Beautful, as always.” He says. “You would love New Orleans Caroline.”

She takes a shaky breath. I know. “Invite me.”

It’s silent on the other end. I love you. Please, still love me too.

“Caroline.” Klaus says, “Come to New Orleans. Let me show you everything there is to love about this city.”  

She smiles, and she can tell he is too. “Okay.”

This was my first Klaroline drabble, and hopefully it turned out okay. 

I was thinking of writing a second part, after Caroline arrives in New Orleans, but there are other prompts I want to work on, so if I do it won’t be for awhile. 

read it on ao3 | talk to me

“Here’s Chrysoprase, ready to finish the service!”

Snow + Lapis Lazuli = Chrysoprase 

Weapon: Unknown by the moment. But still have her water powers (Lapis’s part)

Like a sunshine, Chrysoprase can bring the sparkle up your day and amaze you with her magestic powers. She is really kind and gentle, also has a little maternal side for Steven and is always trying to protect her loved ones. She can also hypnotize her enemies, even if they are corrupted gems, with her belly dance. Just a little shake can call your attention.  She maybe fight you, but never killing you ‘cause for her, killing and death are not always the solution. Just give’em a lesson, soon they will learn ;3

Based on and a gift for my fellow friend here!

Thanks so much for giving me this oportunity!

We’ll be here

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Prompt: How about a Hamilsquad x reader where the reader is an orphan and used to live on the streets as a child. One day all of the boys talk about their childhoods, Alex talks about his mother, Laf about his great mansions in France e.t.c, and she gets really upset because they had lives she always wanted and somebody who loved them while she was all alone in the streets. John sees that something is wrong and confronts her, and she breaks down and tells them about her horrible childhood. Thank you 💕x

TW: Mentions of illness, and death

Word count: 1840


There were many, many things you’d kept hidden from your spouses. Yes, you loved them dearly. Yes, they meant everything to you. But…there were things you had to keep to yourself, even despite those facts. One of these…was the nature of your childhood. It…wasn’t exactly the best, and you simply felt no need to burden them with that information. But that made days like these all the harder.

It was a warm, Sunday afternoon, abnormally warm, in fact, as the summer was ending, and fall was showing it’s colors on the leaves of the oak tree behind your home, which you were currently admiring. You could hear the boys talking in the living room, from where you were. It was a rare, slow, lazy day, and you intended to enjoy having all of them at home. Lafayette was home from France for the next few months, Hercules’ shop was closed on Sundays, John was off work, and Alex had decided to take a well deserved, desperately needed break from his work to talk with his spouses. The planets had aligned for a pleasant evening. You’d even heard talk of going to a show that evening, and it made you laugh a bit, thinking they were able to surprise you with the news, when in reality, the signs were clear.

You wished you hadn’t wanted to join in on the conversation.

“My grandmaman was the sweetest.” Laf was saying reminiscently, looking up at the ceiling as he lazily trailed a hand through Alex’s hair, where he was resting in his lap. “She raised me, all on her own…which meant a lot of the chores and housework fell to me, but that was alright. She loved to bake…and in the early afternoons, when I came in for lunch, she would always have something sweet ready, and was always trying new recipes…when I got into the military, it was the happiest day of my life when I could hire a hand to help her, and pay her back for all those years she took care of me.” If you closed your eyes, you could practically see it…the warm farmhouse at noon, with a little Lafayette, sitting on his knees on a chair, while his grandmother pulled sweet buns from the oven. Oh…you could smell them too…

“My mother…I loved her so much.” Alex said, a bittersweet tone to his voice. When I was little, she’d always read me to sleep…and when I started writing, and found that I really liked it, she took the time to teach me what she knew. Arithmetic, literature, history…even a bit about the human sciences. She was a jack of all trades. And for my eleventh birthday, she saved up enough to get me a journal…a good one, with a leather binding, and my name on it. I remember being so afraid to write in it at first…but once I started, I couldn’t stop. She told me to keep that talent close, put it to good use…And I like to think that I never let her down.” He smiled a bit, and, again, you could feel it…your hands running over the leather cover, and sliding over the embossed letters of ‘Alexander’ on the cover. The smell of fresh ink…the creak of the binding as it was opened, countless times, until it was full.

“My father was the one who taught me how to sew. It didn’t matter the profession, everyone in my family learned to sew. Of course, he actually opened a shop, and wanted me to take it over. I still remember the day I sewed for the first time, and held up my project…which was a pair of pants for our pet cat.” Hercules laughed. “They were lopsided, and not quite right…but they fit! I even made a hole for his tail. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like that since. He was so proud, praising my work and declaring about how I would take over his shop someday. I knew then that’s what I wanted to do…even if things took me elsewhere before I landed here.” Sewing was a skill you’d never learned, to be quite honest. You never had the means, never had the know how…you strongly wish that you had…and you could see Hercules when you thought about it, trying to hoel his pet still long enough to get the breeches on him, as the cat squirmed and mewled indignantly. You bet Herc walked away with more than a few scratches, after that.

“My sisters are the best people in the world.” John was smiling, chin on the palm of his hand where he rested against the arm of the loveseat. He took a breath. “In the summers in South Carolina, the house always got too hot. And our father was never home, seeing how he was always busy…unsupervised kids…we get into stuff. There was this creek behind our house. Shallow on both sides, and deep only in the middle. The flow was always so gentle, that even my youngest sister, who was only about six or seven, could get in without getting swept away. So we’d run down to the creek the moment he was gone for the day, and spend hours playing, and splashing, and getting mud everywhere…” He laughed. “Just what we needed on a hot day. When I go to visit, we sometimes still go and put our feet in the water, just for nostalgia’s sake.” You could feel that, too…the chill of the water after the heat of a summer day, when even your hair was hot to the touch. Laughing, and jumping, and playing in the water with your friends, then running inside before anyone found out, and trying to hide the evidence…you bet they got pretty good at it, sooner rather than later…

The truth was…you’d had none of that. No warm sweets. No birthday gifts. No praise from your parents. No good memories. Your childhood was a black spot in your life that you’d rather forget, than relive. You instead remembered the horror you felt, when your mother, father, and younger sister were claimed by scarlet fever…and the tears that blurred your eyes as they were taken from your home, along with the other dead in the city. You had no grandparents. Your father had been a runaway, and your mother’s parent’s died a year prior. No one wanted a kid, you soon found, and you were forgotten about, and left on the street. You barely scraped by, sleeping anywhere you felt safe for even a moment, stealing food when others weren’t listening, out of baskets, and from stalls. You begged where you could, but work was so scarce for a small child, too frail for heavy lifting, and unskilled in crafting. Your only Salvation had come when the war started when you were seventeen. Without a second thought, you were enlisted, given a new, warm winter coat, and a meal, even if it, too, was meager. It was enough to survive on. You found friends. Friends whom you grew to love, and who grew to love you.

You were happy now. Those days were behind you, and they were never coming ba-

“(Y/N)?” The voice that called out your name was gently. You opened your eyes to realize that they were all looking at you. Alex was sitting up from Laf’s lap, John was sitting at attention, and Herc was standing beside you, and arm around your shoulders. You only became aware that your cheeks were wet when a thumb swiped across your cheek, and Hercules gave you a sympathetic look.

“(Y/N)?” John tried again, and you finally focused on him. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He offered his arms to you, and Hercules kiss your cheek before sending you to him. You felt too stiff, curling up in his arms. You shook your head, but only a strangled sob left your throat.

“No, it’s not nothing!” Alex insisted, coming to kneel in front of where you were sitting in John’s lap and take your hands. “Come now, we can’t help if you don’t talk to us…did something happen?” He prompted again, removing one hand in order to gently rub your arm.

You opened and closed your mouth a few times, trying, really trying to tell them, only for nothing to leave your mouth. “Deep breath.” Hercules said gently, sitting by your side and starting to stroke your hair. “In your own time…you can do this.”

“I…I didn’t have a nice home like you…” you sniffled a bit, and your breath caught on a few of the words, making you have to try once or twice or even three times more in order to force out the words that you struggled with. “I grew up with nothing, and no one, and…” You hiccuped a bit. “You…all had so much more! E-even if some of it got lost…or didn’t end how you wish for it too…you still had something! Ten years of my life were spent alone, wondering if I would see the sunrise tomorrow…I joined the army at seventeen, and I never wanted to look back, I…” You shook your head, and covered your face.

“…I’m sorry…I-I didn’t want to ruin a good conversation for you…I didn’t even realize I was crying…”

“Shhh…mon lapin, it is alright!” Lafayette cooed, easing up from the couch and moving over to you with a sure grin, and light footsteps. He was always such a beam of light… “Do not worry about that now…if you do not wish to speak on that matter, you do not have to. Instead…how about you get cleaned up, and we can all go see a show tonight!” He beamed. “I have already purchased the tickets for this evening, and I think it is just what you need. An evening out, with the people who love you more than anything in the world, no?” He gently came to you as you stood. “You have us no, mon coeur. You have a home, and a warm bed, and four people who love you dearly, who share it with you every night. You do not need to think of those days…they are behind you.” He promised, leaning in to give you a warm kiss.

“That’s right!” Hercules stepped in, slinging his arm around your waist, and making you blush, just a bit as you were pulled to his side. “Come on, I’ll help you get ready.” He teased a bit, pecking your cheek, and rubbing your hip.

“But, (Y/N),” Hercules stopped as John spoke up. “If you ever do feel like talking about it…we’ll be here…okay? So, don’t you worry.”

You smiled a bit, and let Hercules escort you upstairs. You had a show to get to, after all…and you couldn’t be late!


This was fun to write. The flow was easy from person to person, and I didn’t have to do a whole lot of research, because this was something I knew a lot about. Also, did you know that Alex’s mother was actually and extremely smart business woman? Yes, they had to scrape by, but it’s because of her that they survived at all.

Love, Rosalie

xmen as ppl from high school musical

Troy: Scott
Gabriella: Jean
Sharpay: me (jubilee)
Ryan: Sean
Ms. Darbus: CHARLES
Chad: Alex
Zeke: Kurt
Kelsi: Carmen (FOR REAL)
Martha: Lala (she’s always so peppy and happy)


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I remember when  used to love Ninetales as a kid ;v;. My first Ninetales was called Rey and i always loved her -but she was pretty shitty tbh- Bth the tails are part of her coat, i can’t draw full bodies rn because i’m lazy

I haaaaate the Instagram Panic! fandom or pretty much any bandom. With a passion. They constantly harass band members wives especially Sarah. Sarah is so so so lovely, kind and thoughtful. She’s always saying such lovely things and trying her very best to spread positivity. How about people stop being so abusive??? You can’t hide under the excuse that you’re young or that “it’s just playful banter” guys you are hurting a real life person for simply existing and loving as well as supporting her husband.

I could go on and on for hours about how all the things you’re saying contradict a lot of the values you seem to hold (hello, feminism) but honestly I’m so tired. I’m tired of people spreading hate for such silly trivial motives. I can’t imagine what it must be like receiving that much constant hate but i hope Sarah knows how many people adore her.

3x09 thoughts

I was spoiled on all the good bits. I knew about “you’re my extraordinary relationship,” “because I lover her…I always have…and she loves me” and “you’re the only one who’s good enough for me.” All still great moments nonetheless.

I also knew R*cas was going to happen. Probably for the best that I was forewarned. And I knew there would be some kind of something with J*shaya, but I was not prepared. That ship squicks the hell out of me. Like, I can understand Maya having a crush on an older boy (if I overlook a few of my headcanons,) but him reciprocating is where I draw the line. A freshman in high school and a freshman in college. Power imbalance as all get out. I do not think that this is in any way an okay thing to show to children. And you can say “oh it won’t matter when they’re 20 and 23,” but the point is that they’re not 20 and 23. They’re in two very different stages of life right now. Josh is her freaking chaperone here.

Topanga had a crush on Eric once in BMW, but Eric never liked her back. Eric was responsible in shutting her down without being dismissive of her. And the show never treated that relationship like this one. No one in their right mind would have said that Eric/Topanga would happen.

Also, Maya’s birthday is in January. Josh was born on Valentine’s Day. If this is supposed to be in the six weeks between their birthdays, then why isn’t there snow on the mountains. Why is it fall? Continuity errors are par for the course in the BGMW universe, but wow.

I’ve been high on the Rilaya gifsets and posts all week, but actually seeing the rest of this episode really brought me crashing down. Not a fan of the R*cas and J*shaya stuff that happened here. I never was a fan. And I’m never gonna be a fan. And don’t even get me started on the return of the “Maya turned into Riley” malarkey; I’ve had enough of that for one lifetime.

I hate that I’ve been down on so many episodes lately. If I continue to not have nice things to say, I may just opt not to say anything at all from here forward. I don’t like getting bogged down in the negatives. I want to focus on the parts that I like, but these past few episode have been just a little too much to silently endure.

While the Rilaya was great, the R*cas didn’t appeal to me at all. And the only ship that interests me less than R*cas is J*shaya, so this was a one-two punch of bleh for me. As I’ve said for a long time, there’s only one thing that might make going through all of this nonsense feel like it was worth it. Without that, this episode, like the rest of the show, deflates.

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Heh I actually used to call Twilight the perfect fairytale. I also think that it had to be a perfect ending not for Bella's sake (I think she actually would had handle it just fine) but because otherwise Edward "Emo" nature would had never let go of the fact that Bella gave anything up for him and he wouldn't had been truly happy. SM always said she was in love with Edward so having a daughter, making peace with Jacob and the pack and keeping Charlie was for Edward not for Bella, IMO, YMMV.

It’s weird but I think if it had just been Twilight + Breaking Dawn/Forever Dawn, as originally planned, the whole fairy tale wrapped up in a neat little bow ending might have worked for me.  I still might not have liked it all that much–I’m more of a fan of bittersweet endings personally–but I think tonally it would have been fine. 

But with the addition of the middle books, idk, it just changed the tone of the series and made becoming a vampire a darker, more serious choice, that to have to just work out so perfectly felt like “well then what was the point of Edward leaving in NM if it’s all so easy? What was the point of all the hand-wringing and compromise in Eclipse?” Edward leaving only really works if becoming a vampire IS such a terrible fate that he’d break his own heart and Bella’s to save her from it, the fact that it ends up being so easy and wonderful for her (them!)–which of course they as characters didn’t know, but SM as an author DID since she wrote Forever Dawn before New Moon/Eclipse–just, I don’t know… it tone of Happily Ever After seems ~off with the addition of the middle books. 

But that’s a great point that Bella getting everything easy was probably more for Edward’s benefit that Bella herself. The only way he wouldn’t angst about it forever (Even if SHE was over it and not angsting and happy even without Jacob, Charlie, whatever) was for her to get to keep everything he thought he would take from her. I still think there’s a more interesting story and more potential for growth if they  as a couple really had to deal with those issues though. 

I am worried that paulie won’t win this cafe a package and someone we like will but then I realized… Casual viewers love Nicole, she’s always number one on favorite house guest polls. If people vote for her because they “like her” and they aren’t thinking about how they can save her for better packages, she might get this package and I wouldn’t be mad lol.

Alone at Sea

I just want to say this, because I’m seeing a lot of debate on this and some of the debates about it is kind of gross.

Let me make it clear, both Jasper and Lapis were abuser and the victim but in different ways. A lot of people have this belief that when a person is in an abusive relationship it’s always just one innocent victim and one terrible abuser. On the news, it always seem like that, but it’s not always like that.

This might me be speaking from experience with an abusive family member, but from what I can see. Jasper is the one who forced the fusion, the toxic relationship, And Lapis agreed, first it was to protect Steven but also because she hated Jasper and found a way to over power her. And at some point, the lines blur whether Lapis was really doing this out of self defense or revenge. Jasper was also always trying to take control, and loved the power when she did. They were always fighting. Both of them made shitty mistakes, both of them were a victim in a different way. But Lapis in this case, is the one who realized that it was bad, and the hate feelings were unhealthy, and even was upset at herself. Jasper on the other hand wanted to try again, try to sweet talk Lapis back into the abusive relationship.

No one was the ‘pure cinnamon innocent roll’ victim, stop pretending like someone was.


This is Adora 💕
My daughter - She calls herself Ado-fucking-rable btw : D

She’s the daughter of a friend’s character and one of mine (Tyler mhhhh ; )) )

Also,she looks like a cute fluffball but she is really blunt and can sound mean but she’s is kindhearted!

Also she loves a nerd

💕Rebogs are always appreciated but you don’t have to!💕

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i roll my eyes at people who LOOOVVVEE tywin and hate cersei, especially because so many of them get delighted when tywin is abusive towards cersei and bully her. its like they forget one of the major reasons why cersei make so many mistakes is bc tywin is the embodiment of patriarchy and always neglected her and she was soooo hungry for his love and approval. bby!cersei had SO MUCH potential, she was clearly a precocious child, its so sad how it turned into something so bad over the years :(

Exactly! Twyin basically embodies the suffocating, neglectful pseudo-medieval Lord character. His failure to nurture Cersei’s potential as a politician, not just as a bargaining chip, and his abuse of Tyrion caused so much distress. He put all of his hopes and dreams into Jaime, who is, let’s face it, kind of simple and rash.

today marks the end of my fourth week of working at camp as a counsellor for five-year-old campers and today is also the last day for most of my campers. i am feeling a little sentimental as i’ve spent most of my time the past four weeks with them, watching them grow and learning little things from them. they are full of surprises and they always come up with something new to say, every time. what i have learnt from them is invaluable – the simplicity of happiness. the way they forget the bad things in life with a few jokes, the way they make up with each other after a “fight,” and the way they get excited about simple acts like a high-five are all what i miss seeing in myself, a “grown-up’ as they call me. 

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So there is this girl on the pulse. She thinks she’s really cool by being rude to random people, and a girl finally called her out on it. 

External image

This blew up into a huge fight, where she even told the girl she looked like she has down syndrome.

External image

After seeing a bunch of people unhappy about it, Csoi then stopped and explained why she actually did it.

External image

InShevWeTrust is now antagonizing her, calling her a rat and now making posts about it still.

External image

She also harassed and talked major shit about one of her “friends”, and this is what she said to them: 

External image

Csoi is known for being really nice on the pulse. She always says “I love you guys!” and shit to try to make people happy. InShevWeTrust usually is found by making rude comments on posts to people like the ones shown above. What do you think about this?

Honestly, good for Csoi for standing up to this toxic piece of garbage. I stand by what Csoi says and I will defend her on this blog. InShevWeTrust is a scumbag and I hope Csoi is reporting every message she sends for being harassing and violent.