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I saw the top image awhile ago in this Urbanite post (though they unfortunately didn’t credit the source and while I did my best to find the original with a Google reverse image search, I didn’t have any luck.), which was actually for the Louboutins. I could never walk in skyscraper heels, so while I appreciate them from a certain viewpoint (that viewpoint being that they’re worn by anybody but me because I would break all of my leg bones and my neck), my eyes went right to that heart-stopping red lips clutch instead.

I didn’t know who made it, so I just Googled “red lips clutch” and found it right away. And look! It’s only $420!!!!!!!!!!

Go fuck yourself, Lulu Guinness.

Do you think you’re more of a Shay or a Kenzi?
“I will always love Kenzi and she will always be a huge part of me but I spent almost six years creating her. Characters are like people—they grow and change and evolve. Shay is very new to me, I like her and the fact that she is the complete opposite of Kenzi, but it will take some time for me to really get to know her.”

Until I took an Arrow to the knee.

So this one was supposed to be a little different when I started writing it, but I had to change a few things along the way for it to work better. Anyway, I hope that you’ll like it.

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Felicity always wanted a dog. She loved dogs, but her mother never let her have one in fear for her shoes and dresses. So the first thing Felicity did when she moved out to her own apartment, she decided to adopt a puppy. When the day finally came, she couldn’t hide her excitement. She was basically bouncing, around the house while making breakfast and coffe. 

She called Caitlin early in the day, to ask if she’d come with her to the animal shelter. The brunette happily accepted Felicity’s offer, cause she had nothing to do that day. She was visiting Starling City because of some Bio Convention, but it ended yesterday evening and Caitlin had still a lot of time to kill, before her train back home.

“Great! I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.” Felicity said happily, already grabbing her purse and car keys. The excitement skyrocketing even higher, cause now, she was going to adopt a puppy AND spend the day with one of her best friends.

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Dear Taylor

Hey taylorswift I know it is very hard to reach you but I’m just concerned for my best friend. She’s been through a lot in her life including losing some people that were very close to her and I know she’s hurting inside and missing them so much. And she’s been in a really bad funk cause its very hard for her to get through the loss of her family members. She’s usually a very upbeat, happy person and it just hurts to see her this upset. Its not just a regular sadness its like when you’re in a bottomless pit.. You just keep falling continuously into it and can’t stop. I was hoping maybe if you could give her some words of encouragement to help lift her spirits. She would appreciate it so much and so would I because she is my best friend and I would do anything to put a smile on her face. I know how much she adores you and loves you. You’ve always been there through all those hard times, the cruelty, the bullying, the anguish, and the pain for her. I do everything I can to be there for her as a best friend should do! I’m positive that with your help you could truly help her even more than I possibly could. I hope you see this and consider this request. I love you so much & thank you for your time. Just knowing you read this, like it, or anything would just mean everything to us, especially my best friend brookeswiftie through the hardships right now. taylorswift love you taylorswift

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and beca would be so adamant on always making sure Emily knows how much she loves her and Chloe bc her parents and stuff omg I think I'm gonna cry

beca would honestly be the BEST most COOLEST mom EVER

“So I broke the news to Don…” Dori cried to Katrina over the phone. “…And he didn’t seem too thrilled!” she paused. “Don’t you cry Dori, I’m coming over!”

The two sat outside talking about Katrina’s new love life and Don not being used to being a one woman man. “He’ll come around Dori, if he doesn’t I’ll get him in check for you” Katrina said jokingly, trying to put a smile on Dori’s face.

After her visit with Katrina she went out back and grilled some fruit. She’s been craving lots of fruits this pregnancy. “Mmm” she thought as the aroma teased her nose.

After dinner with the kids she decided to paint. Painting has always been Dori’s first love. She contemplated quitting her job to focus more on her arts. But having 2 boys and a baby or babies on the way she needed a more reliable pay. 

Don came home from work angry and went up stairs. No greeting or anything like he usually does. Instead he got on the phone and quit his job!

Don finally acknowledged Dori, “Hey baby…” he said flashing Dori a smile. She just kept painting. “Dori I’m sorry about earlier, I…” Dori turned her head and faced him. If looks could kill Don’s ass was a goner.

“Sorry you don’t want our baby? Or sorry you’re not happy being with me and only me? Which one is it DON?” Dori exclaimed. Don couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He put his hands on his face out of frustration, she wouldn’t let him get a word in. “If you’re not happy here, just go Don!”

She’s lovely. Very kind and sophisticated. She always says the right thing at the right time. But I can’t seem to summon the things that I’m supposed to be feeling for her.
—  Maybe because she’s not you.
Mother’s Sweet Bestowal

Glowing spheres of light, one bright green and the other an ultraviolet color, entered the room where Azuriann was meditating. She knew the lights were not separate from her, but part of her.  From that moment on, her heart was opened to new possibilities of life and would continue to open wider each day. The Divine was guiding her, she knew to trust in the light no matter what darkness was to come in to her and Kairos’s life. So much energy would go into the responsibilities, preparations and duties that were to follow in the weeks to come, but she knew the Divine would keep her grounded and keep her connected to the light that resided within her heart. The light had always led her through the outer circumstances in ways that were hard to believe from the viewpoint of others. As she relaxed further the Divine spoke as always, guiding and loving her through the scariest of moments. “My child, I am here to give you inspiration to help you find peace within your heart, nothing needs to be done to bring change; it will happen automatically and with grace.” Azuriann felt light in heart, as she rose from her meditations, it was the confirmation she needed. She felt renewed and confident, ready to start her new life alongside of Lord Kairos Sunseeker.

“That was… peaceful,” the voice whispered, though audibly a woman–an aged woman. The crystals that cascaded light through the room in a visual ensemble did not breach beyond the once torch-lit entryway that spanned but a few feet from the door to the meditation chamber. With cautious steps, the black, leather boots became known, soon followed by blackened leather leg guards, belt, gloves, and a tightly bound tunic. They mimicked that of a faded shadow, though the form was shadowless. Perhaps it was a shadow. In the final, collected steps of silence, however, the simple, yet polished, round spaulders of a hardened leather rested beside the concealing cloth that wrapped around the figure’s face, serving as a modest guise of deception. Strangely, however, the mask could not consume graying locks of crimson that were perhaps meticulously arranged to bleed through the mask. The woman had a great deal of hair.

“Do not be alarmed, dear,” she spoke tenderly, her unarmed, leather bound hand reaching up to unravel the midnight cloth that concealed her features. As but a second passed, the crow’s feet, laugh lines, and ruby lips were revealed unto Azuriann. The mature features were far from old, however. The stranger held a rare beauty. Despite the years deepening the craters of fate into her smile and gaze, she was as she likely always had been–truly beautiful. She’d not the look of a vain nor bitter, aging woman. Her look was a fond, maternal one. It was one that didn’t dread over the inconsequential. It was quiet… she was quiet. “I trust you have found some peace?” Her hands folded in front of her, revealing she had no weapon visible. The chamber’s draft caused the shadowy angel’s obsidian cloak to dance along her back.

 Azuriann had been tending to her crystals when she heard the woman’s voice, it was strange, she had not heard a sound from within the room, nor felt a presence with her either. She was much better than all the amateurs that usually watched her and Kairos. Turning quickly, and slightly startled she took a step back, but as the woman revealed herself, she could feel that she was not in any immediate danger. Azuriann dipped her head slightly as she began to calm.

“I-I didn’t…I mean…how?” Catching a small breath Azuriann shook her head, more to gain clarity than anything. “What I mean to say is yes, I have found peace, I always do in my meditations. I do apologize, but usually the way to enter someone’s home is a formal announcement. However, I do think you intended on having the element of surprise.” Smiling softly Azuriann stepped forward extending her hand. “I am Doctor Azuriann Ab’Adiania, but I gather you already know this, how may I be of assistance my lady?” Azuriann could tell that the lady was well to do just by looking at her leathers, and the way she held herself. However, when she looked into her eyes she caught a glimpse of familiarity, but she could not place it… not yet, anyway.

 The woman elevated a hand, though she faced her palm at Azuriann and slowly shook her head. “I am well your senior, Lady Ab’Adiania. I am of the old ways of our people. Ladies do not shake hands,” she smiled, though apologetically as she curtsied. “I will not leave you riddled with mystery, dear child. It is not in my nature to be imposing, though I am most gifted in the ways of the rogue.” Bowing deeply, her locks fell over her shoulder until she rose, causing them to remain unfurled around her like a smokey fire in the woods. “I am Marchioness Leigh Sunseeker, First Lady of the Tempest, Grand Matron of House Sunseeker, Wife of Lord Paresh Sunseeker the Third, Mother to High Guardian Kairos Sunseeker, Lord of House Sunseeker.” Despite her just titles, the smile that followed her introduction was the epitome of modest.

Stepping forward, she looked Azuriann over, doing a once around as she circled the woman until she returned to her place once more. “You are without a doubt the radiance of Quel’Thalas’s sun to the realm. Lord Sunseeker is a very lucky man to have one so profoundly beautiful of mind, body, and spirit.” She took a moment to sigh, her smile dampening as she recalled her children. She missed them. “I might be so bold–or daft–to presume that the letter from my husband made it to your betrothed? Perhaps, too, you have heard the words offered to my son by his father?” Her question was astute, though it was clear she did not much get away from her duties at home. Words forming together almost poetically demonstrated a clear desire to hold conversation with another.

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Korra holds Kuvira's hand. The gloves are still there, and Korra doesn't know why she wears them. She slowly pulls one off, and Kuvira jerks her hand away at the bare touch, but Korra takes it again, and Kuvira looks in her eyes. Korra has somehow reminded her to close the distance from those who want to help her.

yes omg and Kuvira would feel self-conscious about not wearing the gloves because she feels vulnerable without them since she got so used to wearing them as the Great Uniter but Korra just reassures her that it’s okay and that she loves every part of Kuvira and unf feels god bless anon

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1 thing you hate about the Kardashians and jenners

I wouldnt call it hate but maybe the fact they all have favourites. Like Kris has said many times Kim is her favourite daughter and you can tell Khloe and Kourt go through phases where one of them will like Kylie better than Kendall and vice versa. I hate that! I think its just because I was brought up with my mum always saying she loves us all equally and in different ways. Xx

Three Last Words

Pairing: Max/Chloe (Pricefield, Time is Hella Cash)

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,295

Genre: Angst, Romance

Notes: Haha going to graduation sucks and kodiesleeps sucks too; prompt was, “just imagine Max finding Chloe on the ground covered in blood, after some accident. Chloe is near death and Max is holding her tight, not giving 2 shits if her clothes are stained with blood. Chloe telling Max that she loves her and will always be there, even if Max can’t hear her voice. Max rewinding right before Chloe dies over and over and over again just to hear her voice one last time.”

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they stop at a gas station and chloe REALLY wants a sugary unhealthy snack and chloe is being a child and wants all the unhealthy stuff and Beca is just like "chlo you have to eat SOMETHING with nutritional value" and Chloe picks up those sugar peach candies and says its a fruit and beca does that thing where she just looks down and chuckles becAUSE SHE IS SO IN LOVE

chloe being an absolute GOOFBALL and always having an answer to everything until beca is like FINE OKAY DO WHATEVER YOU WANT


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遅くなっちゃったけどふうちゃんの生誕祭もできてよかった^ ^
It was Fuuchan and Nao’s final Team A show!
Good work the both of you
It was rather late but it was great that we were able to celebrate Fuuchan’s birthday ^^

And also, Sakiko announced her graduation… >_< …
I’m really, really, really sad
I love her, she has always been my emotional support.
I don’t want to see anyone off to their  graduation

once upon a time there was,

a girl. 

and her heart was beautiful and people didn’t look to see it so sometimes they hurt her but her heart was big enough she loved them anyway and people didn’t always understand so they turned away and her heart was good enough she loved them anyway and people were really just people and her heart was humble enough she loved them anyway. because she was good at loving. she was so good at loving and that meant that she also knew she could always get better.

i love her s O MUCH